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UPDATE: Fixed star upload problem. "PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FULL VIEW!" dA's uploader is a bitch.

So for this image I wanted to try a couple things I was lacking in and haven't done in awhile. Usually my images are quite light-dominated and featured during the daytime. So without further ado...

This announces the 3rd piece of my Natural Beauty series:
AND my contest entry to Eternal Reminiscence.

:bulletpurple: Night :bulletpurple:

"Night sets and the bustling world of Eden and her lovely moons ignite in awe."

I noticed recently that I have not done any planets that consisted of cityscapes in a very long time. That said, this piece is just that. Spent a lot of time on interesting compositions and redid the the rings around the main planet numerous times till they came out just right.

Please no commercial use of my pieces.
Use as Wallpapers are O.K. ^^

Comments and faving much appreciated! :D
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Heey there,
When I red about the Exotica contest I thought by myself... why not give it a shot?

Well then... I proudly present to you :bulletred: Inferno Wallpaper pack :bulletred:

Wallpaper Pack contains the following sizes:

:bulletblue: 1024x768 - (2 versions)
:bulletblue: 1200x800
:bulletblue: 1280x1024 - (2 versions)
:bulletblue: 1600x1200 - (2 versions)
:bulletblue: 1920x1200

(Please contact me for the dual-screen version)

As usual all wallpapers are without border and/or signature.

PS: Sorry for the big filesize. I hope it's worth the wait:)
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The universe is full of celestial havens - stars, planets, gases & material collaborate in a dance of colour as light & life is created - but what if there where such a place capable of producing all in the universe & more? In essence, an origin - perhaps the universe formed in a much different way, while it may have been triggered by a super massive singularity caving in on itself, the result may have been a single, shining star, unlike the form of any other; the Celestial origin.


My submission to the Exotika II contest, I'm really happy with the result of the picture, I tried to bring an interesting perspective to the piece with the nebulae - as well as bringing in the focal point as a unique star, the idea is that the star is surrounded by a shell of materials, the strong gravity of the star causes these materials to almost solidify into matter - yet instead they are in a fragile balance of pure energy, with constant matter exhuming from its peculiar circumstances. The concept is that there is only one star like this in the universe. (Note: Fictional concept devised by myself, not real :P)

All feedback appreciated. :)
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Here's my second submission to Unknown Moon contest.

Photoshop Creative Suit 3, Vue 7 for landscape, Wacon A5 for rocks formations and nebula
Wallies pack coming soon..
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A far distant moon whose ice is rich in Deuterium and Trithium is used as a fuel depo for trans galactic flights. Mining ships melt chunks of the ice away and transport them to the near planet for processing. However the process is threacherous and dangerous and many ships have been lost among the bizzare formations wich have been given the nickname "pillars of loki"

Phew, finally done. My entry for the Terraspace contest. Now a big problem i had when making this was the lack of a good TERRA programm, so i had to resort to Cinema 4d and photoshop for the terrain aswell :P
All in all im happy with the results :)

Time needed: around 8 hours all in all
Tools: Cinema 4d, Photoshop CS2

----------PRINT IS AVAILIBLE-------------
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My most recent piece of work...

Started out as a colab with =qaz2008, but we decided to scrap it and start over. I kept the parts I had made and developed it into this.

If you want other resolutions than 16:10, give me a shout :)

Sorry for the recent spree of monotone colored pieces, I'll try to spice things up for my next upload ;)

Comments more than welcome.

Update: Wallpaper pack with resolutions 16:10 and 16:9 added. And some minor flaws with the atmosphere on the planet added.

Update 2: This deviation was first submitted to the Eternal Reminiscemce contest. Than shortly thereafter removed it since I though I could do better with the theme. I now realise I won't be able to due to exams, and moving this back as my final entry for the contest.
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So here is new work from me

At first it's my kind of collaboration with Ilsur Gareev :iconifreex:
So would you like to see it from another angle of view? Go here [link]

At second it is my submission to Unknown Moons Contest [link]

Pandora it's small moon of gas giant. Although it's inhabited planet with soft climate

:bulletred: Wallpapers

:bulletblue: 1920x1200
:bulletblue: 1600x1200
:bulletblue: 1280x1024

Space station from [link]
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So, he is still alive..... Yup i'm still alive :) Finding it hard to get inspiration lately and got a lot on my hands. So art suffers from that. But... then a journal came along and spoke of unknown moons and a contest. That gave me enough inspiration to do at least one piece. It may not be my best work but i did have a lot of fun doing this.

So it's basicly built around a TG2 render of the moon wich took about 10 hours to complete. Then with photoshop i added some cracks in the surface, a little impact and some small other things. The nebula is pure photoshop with a little bit of brushwork.

I asked several people about their opinions and i want to thank them for their support!!

Altho i could probably add more stuff or change some things i think it's pretty good balanced and at a certain stage i just did more harm then good to it. So i decided to give it a rest and i'm actually quite happy with it.

So here it is, my entry for the Unknown Moons contest. Enjoy!! ;)

EDIT: a DD and so many wonderfull reactions. I want to thank you all for this. It is really appreciated!!
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