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A stream of thoughts
Bombard my soul
And I know
I've found
The one

The way we met, our past
The intense feelings we have, our present
The life we'll live together, our future
My one and only;
The girl of my dreams
The one I want to make happy
Until the world ceases to exist

Joy and Happiness entwined
Forever hung around my neck
The kiss like glittering stars on my skies
Your embrace my only peace of mind.

For ages and centuries
The dream of seeing you
The reason I held on strong

Remember that fateful day?
When I held you in my arms
Warm and soft
Like a sunlight bath
Our lips locked
And I felt alive

Feelings I've never felt before
Electricity and warmth on my veins
Oh the feeling of being with you
The feeling...
Of being in love
I know...
You are the one
Not as good as the "Days of True Love" poem I'd say
But I like it
Loving the lovey dovey feeling :)
Love my girlfriend <3

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I can feel your presence in my heart,
Anywhere you go

Whether it be across the world
Or right in my home

The smell of you hair and the touch of your skin
Is imprinted in my mind

If I close my eyes and think about you
I learn your not hard to find

Nothing will ever change between us
I've loved you from the start

No mountains, oceans, or distances
Can keep us apart

I want you to know that I've been faithful
I know you've been true to the test

Because if your here in my heart
Then you've never truly left
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Se sting luminile palide-n oraş
Zori de praf se-aştern încet, încet
Şi-n final, răsare şi soarele
Aruncând umbre peste oraşul dement.
Însa tu nu-l vezi.

De mâine, juri, ai să faci ceva
Ai să te ridici, ai să fugi undeva
Ai să spui tot ce te-apasă, ai să fugi…
Sub un soare viu, sub un cer senin
Ai să-ţi aminteşti să trăieşti
Ai să ştii să simţi, să iubeşti.
Încet, încet, încetişor…

Dar nu azi. Azi e altă zi de beţie
De revoltă închisă-n suflet,
De-o frântură dintr-o nebunie.
O altă zi luminată de soarele
Desenat neîndemânatic pe perete…
Te speli iar in noroiul din televizor
Te-nchizi între vise care, totuşi, dor.

Şi nu eşti doar tu, e-un întreg popor!
Plictisit, sătul, dezamăgit, nefericit
Care soarbe otrăvuri sub un nor
Cianuri de la Roşia Montană ţi-s hrana!
Cu aripi de ceară, va crede că zboară.
Popor ce caută ieşiri prin uşi
Pictate, aiurea, pe ziduri grele…

Închide-ţi ochiul orb, priveşte-n jur
E ce vrei să fii, să ajungi?
E ce vrei să crezi, să visezi?
Nu te minţi şi acum…
scrisa pentru un concurs. Daca ma ia jandarmeria, macar stiu de ce...
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I-am văzut ieri, pierduţi în cenuşi
Închişi în celulele limitării şi normalităţii

Şi îi văd şi azi: oameni trişti, oameni gri
Care au uitat să se bucure de a fi
Încuiaţi în televizor, între nelinişti ce dor
Stau, stau, stau si otravă ei sorb…

Stăm închişi între zidurile acestei societăţi
Mediocre, naive, reduse şi de mult pierdută
Neavând curajul de a dărâma această redută
Pe care ne-o creăm prin ignoranţă

Laşi, laşi, laşi, înrobiţi zi de zi
Morţi, morţi, morţi, dar încă vii
Pierduţi în nelinişti ce dor
Vedem clipele ce prea mor

Alergăm, alergăm, alergăm şi ne pierdem in noi
Căutăm, căutăm, căutăm soare dar găsim doar ploi
Îngheţaţi, îngheţaţi, îngheţaţi privim la nori!

Ne amintim dar nici nu zâmbim
Căci viaţa asta este mai degrabă moartă
Iar când începem într-un final sa o trăim
Este deja prea târziu.

Şi-am vrea să ştim să trăim
Să fim ceea ce vrem să fim…
Cea mai directa poezie scrisa vreodata de mine.
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Maybe if I stare a little longer,
Maybe if I wish a little harder,
Maybe if I cry a little less,
Maybe if I smile a little more.

Maybe if I notice every detail of your pictures, one bye one. Maybe if I keep them all in my pocket, my wallet, my phone and my heart. Maybe then, I wont feel so far apart. Maybe if I look at those pictures every day, every time I want to cry, every time I want to just give in and die. Maybe then there will be a little less asking "why??".

Maybe if I replay that accidental voice message you left, over and over.
Maybe if I go through the messages I saved.
Maybe if I pull forward every memory I kept safe in my mind.

Maybe if I put on all my make up, dress all pretty, and act my sweetest. Maybe if I smile a lot, and use my soft voice. Maybe then your family wouldn't hate me so. Maybe if I dance around all sweet and swift, and never show the heaviness in my feet. Maybe if I don't stay up late, do all my homework, pull straight A's. Maybe then they will see me as worth your time.

Maybe if I breathe a little longer,
Maybe if I focus a little harder,
Maybe if I worry a little less,
Maybe if I think a little more.

Maybe if I squeeze my eyes super tight, and dream the brightest dream every night, maybe if I wish with all my might. Maybe then we can make it through this long hard night. Maybe if I cuddle super close to this teddy bear named after you, maybe then I would know what to do.

Maybe if I stand up straight and walk with grace, the people wont see the worry on my face. Maybe if I just call, maybe, just maybe, I could stop this fall. Maybe if I talk to you when you aren't here, maybe then you will feel near. Maybe if I lie awake, maybe if i slow my breath intake, maybe my own name wont feel so fake. Maybe if I stare at the sky, maybe I could numb the time going by. Maybe if I sit at the beach in the sand, I can figure out what it feels like to hold your hand. Maybe if I imagine you here, that is where you will want to be.

Maybe if I hold on a little longer,
Maybe if I try a little harder,
Maybe if I speak a little less,
Maybe if I sit here a little more.

Maybe if I write my thoughts, maybe if I record my dreams, maybe then the distance wont be as bad as it seems. Maybe if I speak your name a little more, maybe if I say it when I'm sad, maybe the hurt wont feel so bad.

Maybe if I wait for the sun, and tell myself the good times just barely begun. Maybe if I remember all the good, forget all the bad, and live for the best moments we've ever had. Maybe if I pick myself up, and tell myself we'll be OK, then maybe I will see that day.

Maybe if I stare a little longer,
Maybe if I wish a little harder,
Maybe if I cry a little less,
Maybe if I smile a little more.

Then Maybe, just maybe, I'll hold you in my arms.
MAYBE. Typed that word a TON. Anyways.. bleh
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Watch the sunset from your window
And pretend you're in the city
Pebbles and cobblestones fill your pillow
And level all simple boundaries
Imagine for a moment
That they'll never know your name
Identities came and went
All but a never ending game
Dream of the freedom
In a place that never sleeps
The sounds of the street a quickening drum
To wake you from bad dreams
Believe me my friend
You'll get there someday
Time will soon descend
To take you to the city, far away
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There's something about you
But I can't put my finger on it
You're different from the rest
But in a good way
I don't know what it is about you
But you pull me in
Maybe it's your eyes, full of happiness
Or your long, wavy hair
It could even be your smile
One that is so big and bright
I don't understand why I feel like this
Every time I see you, talk to you
Or even just imagine you with me
My heart races 10x fast
It only happens when I think of you
You entice me, make me happy
And most of all, you love me back
That must be it.. No one else could love me back as much as you do
No one else would put up with me
I guess that's also why I love you so much too
I'm glad you're different from the rest
Because compared to you, the rest are like clouds in the sky
All pretty much the same and something you see every day
Please stay different from the rest
And please stay with me too.
I love you.
Started writing with something in mind, then just let my thoughts dictate what was written.
For my girlfriend. I love her so much.

Check out my other poems: [link]

Poetry commissions: [link]
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Wells, Hugs, and Encounters

The purple miasma dissipated around them, letting her eyes view the man holding her by the waist with a possessive, yet dedicated touch. It was as if he was afraid to touch her, but at the same time, he needed to feel the warmth of her body under his trembling hands.

He looked desperate to have her next to him, but his actions made her question things she'd been certain about since their separation. Why he chose magic. Could it be that she'd been wrong all this time and he really did treasure magic more than anything and anyone. But his expression when he saw her again said the opposite, and his words and the way he spoke them was like a man awakening from a nightmare. He'd babbled nonsense, at least to her, and she didn't understand anything that was happening or why. She was in a strange world and a stranger, Jefferson, gave her the means to find him so he'd protect her from the queen.

He said all magic came with a price and she wondered the cost he'd have to pay. Would he reject her again when she least expected it. Would he cast her out the moment she made a mistake? She felt bad for thinking such things, but she only had their past together to draw her conclusions upon.

Rumplestiltskin moved his fingers along her waist, slow as if playing a soft, calm melody on a piano. If he continued, she'd either melt or end up cuddling in his embrace whether he wanted it or not. She forced herself not to get distracted; this time she wanted the truth. She needed to know the truth in order to save their hearts from ache.

Their gazes locked and she could see the desire for magic clinging in his eyes. She tried not to look hurt, but knew her emotions were betraying pain and doubt through her stare.

She stepped back, separating her body from his, but without breaking his hold on her waist. He looked confused. Worried.

"What happened?" he asked, his voice shaking.

She took a deep breath and gathered the courage for his future words, all the while trying not to remember the disaster that trigger her final act of bravery. When she dared to stand up to him. To call him a coward.

"Why'd you bring magic Rumplestiltskin?" He opened his mouth, but didn't speak. "I. . . I know you have your reasons but . . . is . . . was I wrong about how you feel?" She looked down, and prepared for the pain his answer would have on her.

He exhaled loudly and looked everywhere except her. A habit she knew he had when he was trying to find a way to escape something.

She stepped forward once again, letting his arm slide around her body. She placed her hand on his chest, wanting to treasure the closeness for as long as she could have it. She wasn't going to be the one to walk away. He'd have to be the one to leave.

"I know your power is important but—"

"Not as much as you." Her fingers reached up and she began playing with the buttons on his jacket. His arms tightened around her. "But I still need it."

"Will you tell me why?" She looked up at him, her eyes boring into his with a silent request to not cast her aside. For him to trust that she loved him and that he deserved to be loved.

"It was part of our deal, dear. So, like it or not, I have to fulfill it."

Her face and burden lightened, and her cheeks reddened. He buried his face in her brown hair, and took a deep breath to enjoy the aroma he'd missed so much. The freshness of a rose that he'd never allow to wither.

She happily surrendered to Rumplestiltskin's strange display of affection. She put one arm around him, and tangled his silky hair between her fingers, while the other hand kept fiddling with his jacket buttons and collar. She relished his beating heart underneath her hands.

"I always let the things I care about slip through my hands, I won't let you go again," he said. She nodded, pleased at his words. She felt his body relax around her. She pressed herself closer, a wordless gesture to give strength to him. "I need my power to protect you from the queen and make her pay for what she's done to you."

His voice was filled with pain and hatred. A hate bespeaking such a cruel revenge her mind couldn't fathom its equal. She pushed it back and encouraged him to continue the tale he hid for so long. "But that's not all," she whispered.

"No." He closed his eyes and inhaled again. "When you were in the castle with me, I told you I lost my son. That's not entirely true. It was tha—" he choked on his words. The last time he tried to tell her about his son, he evaded the subject. If she wanted him to tell her, to release a bit of the burden upon her, she had to offer her support each time his words failed.

Belle saw the anguish expressed in his eyes and his trembling lips. She moved her hand up, along his red tie, and then timidly stroked his shaven chin with her fingertips in an attempt relax his nerves.

Rumplestiltskin leaned into her touch for a moment before pressing his forehead against hers. "It's my fault he's gone. He tried to find a way to free me from the power I had. In his eyes I'd become a wretch. I said if he found a way to get rid of the powers without killing me, I'd do it. He did find a way, but I was afraid of returning to my old self and I broke my deal. He was sent to a different world. A world without magic, and without his father."

"He came to this world?"

He nodded. "The Blue Fairy made it possible with a magic beanstalk. It created a vortex that I didn't dare cross. I created this curse to come to this world, but I need magic to find my son in this vast place."

"You created the curse? I thought the queen was responsible."

At hearing her words, he laughed. "The queen is not that powerful dear, but she has a despicable heart. She had to carry out the vilest act, and she had the hatred to do it purely for revenge on Snow White. She never realized how she fell right into my manipulations." She heard gloating in his tone and looked away. "I told you I was a monster Belle," he whispered with bitterness.

She looked back at him. "You aren't. You have questionable methods of doing things, but your overall cause is noble."

"It's not always Belle. Don't be so naïve."

"So what do you feel now?" she demanded with more force than intended. She wasn't as naïve as he thought she was and hated that term when it was used to describe her.

"I have hope of regaining everything I lost. You're the proof. I thought you were dead but now… you're here." He took a shuddering breath, as if about to break into tears. "And if you still lo—" He closed his eyes.

Belle wrapped her arms around his neck. "If you were a monster then you wouldn't be able to feel what you feel or withstand having me in your arms. I wouldn't be able to love anyone that didn't have a heart."

He removed one of her hands from his shoulders, brought it to his lips, and kissed it. Her stomach tightened and her eyes burned because of the small gesture. "I don't deserve you Belle."

She shook her head and they leaned into each other, his eyes asking for a kiss, and her eyes screaming their permission. Their lips met just as they did years go, timidly with delicacy and filled with the tenderness their hearts held.

They hesitantly pulled away and trembled at the loss of contact. She withheld the urge to jump for joy. "Your magic is till intact?" she asked, worried she might have broken the spell he needed so badly right now.

"Yes, in this world we don't have to worry," he said. "Although there is magic now, my body is still one of a mere human. There is not a curse to break."

"Oh," she said, for once at a loss of words with him.

He pulled away from her and grabbed her hand. "Let's get you some clothes. As beautiful as you are, those clothes do nothing for you."

She fake pouted and intertwined her fingers with his as she let him guide her through the strange world.


As they walked out of the forest, the small town came into sight. It looked like the villages he saw after an attack by ogres. His face remained expressionless, and he could feel Belle looking at him with her always-inquisitive eyes.

"It's ironic that true love is able to cause so much destruction," he said as he led her along the lonely street that led back into the small town. He felt so much stronger having her near him now.

"Your living room was a mess when I left it, so you should've known it already."

Regret flashed through his body. "That was the product of anger Belle." He hit his cane harder against the pavement as he walked.

She stopped walking, making him stop. He looked at her. "I didn't betray you Rumplestiltskin. You know that, right?"

He swallowed hard, the pain in her face hurting him worse than anything could, and her bravery amazing him at the same time. "Yes, I know. Everything that happened to you is my fault, and I hope you can forgive me someday."

"We both have some part of the blame, but now we are here together. That's what matters. When this is over, maybe we can have a happy ending if we desire one. Being locked up for so long made me think about many things. You don't have to fear anything because I forgave you long long ago. Just not myself. I shouldn't have-"

"Forgive yourself Belle, because I don't hold a grudge against you."

"I will try if you do the same," she said.

He shook his head. "It's not easy to forget I was a beast."

"No, being a beast has nothing to do with forgiveness. You're just complex."

"Layered?" he asked, smiling with a half smile.



The small bell above the door tinkled happily when they entered the pawnshop. The blinds were still drawn on the windows, letting the darkness reign over the place filled with old memories. It reminded her of the dimly lit parts of the dark castle where Rumplestiltskin placed the objects he attained through his agreements. This room, however, was small in comparison, but that didn't make this place any less value-filled.

Belle slowly navigated her way around the shelves, crystal tables and glass cases, as she followed Rumplestiltskin to the back room where she'd found him the night before. That was when she couldn't remember anything, good or bad. Rumplestiltskin's face of astonishment now made so much sense. Her imprisonment, the lies she'd been forced to listen to, the despair at seeing her beloved in anguish through the queen's mirrors, had a lasting effect on her. She'd never forget his cry of pain echoing in her ears night after night. She closed her eyes, desperately wanting to take his hand just to make sure he was alive and safe.

The memories were torture.

She watched as he searched through the drawers in a chest he had in his office, as if desperate for something he needed to find. Sometimes she knew she made him believe he could have a happy ending, and now that things were different, he was willing to get one for her.

Rumplestiltskin continued searching. He must have felt her questioning aura because he said, "I'm trying to find your clothing." She laughed to herself. Perhaps it would be better if he conjured the clothing so they didn't have to go from one place to another.

She walked behind him and her arms encircled his body. He didn't stop his movements until he held one of Belle's old dresses in his hands.

Rumplestiltskin looked over his shoulder.

"I heard you," she whispered. He tilted his face.

"What do you mean?"

"I heard you when the queen said I died."

Rumplestiltskin's body tensed. He clinched his teeth and she heard a low growl. She moved her hands over his stomach, tickling him. He exhaled deeply and let a tiny smile come to his lips. Rumplestiltskin dropped the clothes he had in his hands and took her hands.

"No one is going to take you away from me. If anyone touches you, I will not feel the smallest amount of guilt for what happens to them."

"Rumplestiltskin, I know how to take care of myself."

He huffed to hide a laugh, an action that made her take one of his locks of hair and pull it to shut him up. "Just why are you laughing?"

He stifled a groan and stared at her with his clever eyes. "Oh yes, I forgot you have a gift for taming beasts," he replied jokingly and turned around to face her.

She muttered at hearing him use that absurd word as a descriptor. "I will try not to approach ostentatious carriages with darkly dressed queens inside."

"You're going to make things difficult for me, aren't you?"

"You know how I am." She broke contact between their bodies and looked at the clothing he'd been rummaging through. "Why are my clothes in this world?"

He stood beside her. "It's part of the curs-" The jingle of the bell at the door cut off his words. Before she could speak, he placed a finger on her lips so she'd remain silent.

He grabbed his cane and limped elegantly towards the front of the shop. He stopped in the doorframe, watching the intruder and blocking Belle from the view of prying eyes.

"Ah, I wondered where you were," said the voice of the woman who destroyed so many lives. "I didn't think you'd continue this facade of yours. Surely you've noticed that woman has made everyone remember."

"Your Highness, coming here is a reckless thing, don't you think? Shouldn't you find a safe place to hide from your imminent capture?"

"Those idiots can't do anything to me. The magic is back. I feel it running through my veins. Don't you?" she asked and smiled loftily.

"If you've come here to kill time, you should leave. I have much to do"

"Don't be sullen, Rumple. I wanted to make a deal with you like old times."

"I won't make any deals with you your Majesty" he replied with his face strained with rage. "Leave."

"The magic has gone bad on you, Rumple. It's normal since it came so suddenly-"

"I should dismember you!" He moved menacingly towards the woman who still held a smile of joy and superiority. "But you caught me in a good mood, so get out of here...please."

The woman stopped smiling and a murderous look formed in her eyes. Magic forced her feet to move.

"Ah, and your majesty. The next time you cross paths with me, don't expect to get out unharmed," he said with a grim smile as she headed toward the door, accompanied by an unusual trembling in her legs.

With the sharpness of a hawk, Rumplestiltskin monitored her every step until her presence vanished from his territory. He clenched his fists. Belle walked up to him.

"Let's go home," she whispered as she unfolded one of his trembling fists and entangled his fingers with hers. He blinked a few times before his eyes focused on her.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded. He squeezed her hand gently. "I'm fine, just a little dazed. I didn't expect to see her so soon," she said without hesitation. She lifted her arm, which was holding one of her dresses. "I'll be better when we get home."

Without waiting another minute, they left the shop and journeyed through the deserted city, their hands still entwined.

AN: Thanks to my lovely Moon who made this possible. Hope you enjoyed and if you have time you can tell me what you think.
Fandom: Once Upon a time.
Pairing: Rumplestiltskin/Belle
Disclaimer: Characters aren't mine, they belong to their owners.
Sumary: Rumplestiltskin completes a step in his plan, bringing back magic, but now there are some truths that need to be revealed. How will these truths affect his most important relationship? Spoilers 1x22

AN: This can be considered a sequel to Ripped Hearts because there are some references.

PS: Thanks moonie for make the image ;)
You can also read it on fanfiction: [link]
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Only you caused a broken body, dead dreams, lost heart
Your existence is a chronic disease, a repetition of pain
It would have hurt less if we didn't meet at all
The greatest pain to me,
My heart aches behind these shadows
I worry that you might notice my feelings
Once the music ends, you will be with her forever
And I get scared that the gap between us would widen
only disappointments will remain
But my standard is different from you
You should be happy if you are like this
Hope you will bury our promise of being together forever
When I act like this I realize I am actually young
I may seem like I am dying but I will not die
The world tells me I cannot
I tried to be fine, trying to change the subject
A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
Found poem from all bigbang and shinee songs
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La madera rechinaba, las ramas del árbol en el jardín rasgaban la ventana cada vez que el viento emitía su agudo chillido. El cuarto olía tan extraño, un olor muy difícil de describir o de soportar, como una fuerte droga que se impregna en tus pulmones y vacía tus recuerdos, olor a cabello y aceite chamuscados, por decir algo.

La luz, se ha ido, lentamente el único bombillo fue desvaneciendo su luz, despidiéndose sínicamente para abrir paso al manto de oscuridad que borboteaba de entre el suelo.

“Nada, nada va a ocurrir” me dije mientras mi acercaba al halo de luz que entraba por la ventana. Creía estar a salvo ahí, con mis ojos clavados a la oscuridad, que ahora había tomado la habitación.  
-Cuanto tiempo sin vernos, Tom- una voz áspera se escuchó.
-¿Dónde estás?- pregunté. Puse una mano contra el cristal de la ventana y otra sobre mi corazón que taladraba con fuerza mi pecho.
-En todas partes- una figura espesa he incoherente se asomó de entre la oscuridad.
-No puedo verte-
-Claro que puedes, solo que no quieres- la figura levantó los hombros y pareció sonreír. Algo tiró del cuello de mi camisa, mis pies trastabillaron, cuando abrí los ojos, me encontré en el medio de la habitación y el halo de luz había desaparecido.
Lo veía danzando a mí alrededor, emitiendo gruñidos como canticos de grandeza.  Eso estaba aquí por mí.    
-¿Tienes miedo, Tom?- preguntó en voz alta, haciéndome saltar
- No- se burló entre dientes.
-¿Escuchas eso?- dijo con tono calmo, refiriéndose al sonido de las ramas sobre la ventana- es el sonido de tus miedos, quieren salir de donde les ocultaste-
-¿Tu que sabes? No me conoces-
-Oh! Querido Tom, claro que lo hago…-  Me encogí de hombros al sentir su mano contra mi hombro, me sujetó con fuerza clavando sus uñas en mi carne. –Yo conozco tus miedos- Intente separarme, pero no me lo permitió era demasiado fuerte o yo demasiado débil.
-¿Tienes miedo, Tom?-
-Te lo preguntare una vez más- dijo con impaciencia- ¿Tienes miedo?-
-Si- respondí con lentitud. Él sonrió con sutileza y se apartó de mi lado
-¿De qué?-
-No lo se-
-¡Claro que lo sabes Tom!- Eso, estaba comenzando a perder la paciencia
-¡No lo sé!-
-Piensa por un momento, aunque eso se te sea difícil- una vez más se burló entre dientes, pero extrañamente no me molestaba
-No estoy seguro-
-¿De mí?-
-Si- pude sentir su respiración detrás de mí oreja
-¿Por qué, Tom? Quiero que lo digas-
-Porque…tú vienes aquí a cumplir mi mayor miedo-
Se detuvo frente a mí y me miró con sus grandes y penetrantes ojos negros. Un sonido de quebradura   creó eco en la habitación, la piel de su desnuda espalda se deformó al instante, cortándose justo por en medio, donde sus huesos comenzaron a asomarse  y de su columna emergieron extensiones robustas y blanquecinas que pronto se cubrieron completamente con un plumaje negruzco y brillante. Mostró aquellas extensiones con orgullo, exponiéndose entre la oscuridad, era tan hermoso y atemorizante a la vez. Las extensiones se estiraron hasta mis lados.
-Es hora de que pertenezcas a este plumaje, Tom- una sonrisa de dibujó en sus labios y enseguida todo se tornó negro.
Por mi parte, este no es mi mayor miedo...pero si el de muchas personas, miedo a la muerte a ser llevados cuando no quieren serlo.
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