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Seto and kisara by korvapuusti

There are sacrifices involved. While you don’t have to sacrifice all of everything, you will have to sacrifice a lot. Never forget that. Never pretend that it comes easy. Never envy or hate those who have done it or proclaim that it was so much easier for them if you are struggling. It’s difficult. It’s grueling. Sometimes, it seems like the most difficult endeavor you have ever begun. But you are not alone and it can be done. Failure isn't falling down. It's remaining where you've fallen.
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Yami n' Yugi 001 by FanGirl-Yaoi-X3

I believe that you're great, that there's something magnificent about you. Regardless of what has happened to you in your life, regardless of how young or how old you think you might be, the moment you begin to think properly, there's something that is within you, there's power within you, that's greater than the world. It will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clothe you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence, if you let it. Now, that is what I know for sure. In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
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That's right our very first contest! Here are the ONLY rules:

:bulletred: You must be a member of this group (Beginner-Anime-Art)
:bulletorange: You must submit you art entry into the folder named "Our First Contest"
:bulletyellow: The artwork must be related to anime in any way
:bulletgreen: PLEASE, only one entry per account!
:bulletblue: BE CREATIVE!

All of the points that are in my points pool will go to the winner! (Current point balance - 239)

:bulletred: kristinaelyse: llama's to the winners and the points that she has donated for the contest
:bulletorange: Poppuk: Points that he has donated for the contest
:bulletyellow: MadGenius908: Points that he has donated for the contest
:bulletgreen: TheGreatJumbah: A llama to all of the winners

Good luck everyone! :D

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so im gonna be starting to make some tutorials soon
before that you should look up some informations

you probably noticed that in my work it is often hard to distinguish if im using a zbrush model or just painined it all in photoshop

reason for that is simple.

my realism rendering is greatly based on 3 d rendering processes.

by this i mean as i learned 3d i became aware of the stuff we usually visually take for granted.

qualities of material, importance of reflectivity, ambient occlusion, and subsurface scattering.

to any 3d  artist these are everyday terms, while 2d artists usually paint them without often even being aware of wheat they are really doing

for instance , a 3d artist will at any given point use 2 types of shadows. cast shadows from a direct lightsource, and ambient occlusion shadows which naturally appear  more intensively  the closer planes of an object are together.

i can get into this  and make it a long discussion , but easier way is to google some ambient occlusion  images and examine them hard

its not a hard thing to figure out.

then once you did ta proper  ambient occlusion   on your painting, you proceed  to cast direct light shadows.

then there is reflectivity. at any given point you are drawing characters or objects in an environment. important reminder is that environment exists even beyond the visible frame of the picture

and it reflects all over your character, amount of reflection of course dictated by the reflective nature of the surface.

look up hdri  on google

and then there are material qualities one of the usually  overseen ones and simply drawn  from a reference without even realizing it, is subsurface scattering. it is a quality you will find in different materials, among which are basically all organics. google subsurface scattering.

after you get informed on this  you will understand my videos even better once we get to spamming them :)
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  • Reading: scripts by my writer
  • Playing: diablo2
  • Eating: much less
  • Drinking: cofee
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I was occupied with some things lately like my school stuff and searching for a new car (actually used car because I have no money for a new one) so I just forgot to write this journal yesterday, like I told I will. Guys please, take all of my apologies. :-(

Since we have only 3 contest entries here in the group this year funnymarikandbakura.deviantart…, I've decided to extend the contest time. So contest will be closed on January 28th. Pretty much extra time, ha?
I know you'll be occupied with your private life on next month (winter break, Christmas and new year stuff...) as much as I will be, and you probably won't have time for making some art. Then, there are some new members here who don't know we have a contest (now they do :XD:  ), and they are also invited to participate. I'll repeat  about the themes and the contest rules for them.


There are 3 themes included in the group contest this year:

Actually this is about some funny games that Marik and Bakura play outside together, one on one, it's nothing like video games. I think the video games make people distant and that's not good. Let's see Marik and Bakura close to each other playing some game in funny situations.

Funny situations on Marik's and Bakura's first date. I think I said enough. :-)

Same like in the last year- work on the funniest Halloween costumes for Marik and Bakura and dress our boys in them. This theme is here again because you asked for it.

You may choose the one you consider the closest to you. And please pay attention on the contest rules:

:bulletred: NO BLOOD!

:bulletblue: Your work has to be focused on Marik and Bakura as a couple
in Angstshipping, Thiefshipping, Psychoshipping, or Deathshipping. The both of them have to be in your contest entries. Just pick your favorite shipping and go!

:bulletorange: You are free to make sketches, pics, comics (digital or traditional the choice is yours), cosplay shots... You may also write some fanfictions or even the poems if you're in the mood. We'll accept all of your art as long it's original. Remember, no abridged series or abridge related stuff, girls of any kind etc.

:bulletgreen: Submit your work (contest entries) into the  Funny Marik and Bakura Contest 2012. gallery folder. You may submit more than one entry if you like. It will be appreciated.

:bulletpurple: The contest starts TODAY on October 25th and it will be closed on January 28th, so you have a little more than a month for your work. I hope it would be enough.

:bulletyellow: Good luck to you all guys!


We will choose first 3 places by voting (more about it on January 28th), but EVERY PARTICIPANT GETS THE PRIZE!!!!!
The prizes are following:

:bulletpink:1st place: A long sleeve shirt with my original Marik and Bakura print
                                  on it (whatever you want dear)

:bulletgreen:2nd place: A t-shirt with my original Marik and Bakura print on

:bulletorange:3rd place: A tea/coffee coup with my original Marik and Bakura print on

:bulletblue: The rest of participants get my original Marik and Bakura print on the corky background.

If you have any further questions about the contest, just feel free to ask.

I almost forgot to say that last year contest participants are also invited and very welcome to participate Funny Marik And Bakura 2012. group contest. :heart:
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Wieder mal sind ein paar Tage um,warum ich nich ne woche warte?is doch egal wir machen einfach unser Ding und ziehen es durch und zeigen nun viel viele Akiza Bilder die wir gefunden haben oh wie klasse.

After seeing jack and yusei in the feature line blogs before you should maybe suppose that Akiza will be next who else?Yes this wonderful girl.

AKIZA LUVs SUMMER CLOSEUP.* by KRYSALLYSYusei x Aki by KisaraAkiRyuAkixYusei - Close to you by koreanmonk1984Aki Izayoi by YurixTheWandererChibi Rose Princess Izayoi Aki by Ayumi--Sama.:trust:. by amy-chan93Aki's fire by NeoBirchstickThe Fallen Rose by TheBlackRoseWitchAki Izayoi/Akiza Izinski by TheBlackRoseWitchVacation by TheBlackRoseWitchAkiza by Malindafan2Portrait Aki the Duellist by DevilishMirajaneIzayoi Aki by TheEgoistyzNot so happy V's Day -Aki- by XxSaorixXSexy Can I? Yusei and Aki by broken-with-rosesAkiza by cathanupto:thumb262295126:+Commission+ Aki Outfit by EXIronRobAKIZAS LOKING SAD. by KRYSALLYSIzayoi Aki by DeadSharkiAki by lulufangirlYugioh Girls by RaDazeosAki 9 by Kitek1987Aki Izayoi Suit EDITED by jcxtreemAkiza Izayoi Fanclub ID by IsakiYukihara:thumb334873824:YuAki by angelgirl132:thumb304212964:YuseixAki witch style by goodwinfangirlOne More Inch... by iheartebilAki Izayoi by EXIronRob
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  • Mood: dA Love
my contest

So I fell like showing some love to some of my favorite artist and friends

in no particular order ^^;

:iconsilver-the-kid: Silver-the-kid
She is my long time friend who I have know most of the time I have been on the internet. We met on another site then found each other on DA. Silver is a grate friend and even though she is not on as much I still love her.
DJ blow my speakers up by Silver-the-kid
The Kid ID by Silver-the-kid
Silver and Zinx strike a pose by Silver-the-kid
Selinite: Alvorian Queen by Silver-the-kid
Punki Princess Peach Redux by Silver-the-kid
its Zinx by Silver-the-kid

:iconcrazy-book-worm: Crazy-Book-Worm
I met her in collage in our 3d animation class and we became friends. I love her art and am so jealous at how good her art is for her to be so young.
Retrieval by Crazy-Book-Worm
FEZ: Mydra the Warrior by Crazy-Book-Worm
Constelation Byouki by Crazy-Book-Worm
Happy Halloween 2010 by Crazy-Book-Worm
I'm a Piranha by Crazy-Book-Worm
Byouki is a-reading by Crazy-Book-Worm
Island sunset by Crazy-Book-Worm
ID 006 - My own worst enemy by Crazy-Book-Worm
Kai - realistic by Crazy-Book-Worm

:iconrandomlycreativemind: RandomlyCreativeMind/ :iconalhurt: ALHurt
she is so nice and so giving sometimes I think she spoils me a little ^^;
Luciphine and Her Love by RandomlyCreativeMind
Rocker Demon? WIP by RandomlyCreativeMind
In The Forest by RandomlyCreativeMind
Happy Birthday JouYasha by RandomlyCreativeMind
Balance by RandomlyCreativeMind
Doll Practice: Fail by RandomlyCreativeMind
Porcelain Cat by RandomlyCreativeMind
Crystal Fairy by RandomlyCreativeMind
Blah by RandomlyCreativeMind

:iconcountessfoxington: CountessFoxington
I love her so much but I always have too meny messages in my mail box at once from her @___@
Agleca by CountessFoxington
Cyanide Sweets by CountessFoxington
Howling Wolf by CountessFoxington
Mini-me by CountessFoxington
Princess Montellia Zieste WIP by CountessFoxington
Make-Over by CountessFoxington
Adorable by CountessFoxington
Sara's Chillin' Time by CountessFoxington
Cat Burgalor by CountessFoxington
What... The... by CountessFoxington

:icontabitha-grace: Tabitha-Grace
I originally commissioned her cuz her commissions were cheep but she has beautful art. and after she had done 14 commissions for me I think you know I love her art.
Nezzera -  Black Fire by Tabitha-Grace
Angels and Demons by Tabitha-Grace
Happy Birthday Dad 2012 by Tabitha-Grace
Commission for Yugioh5dsfangirl 3 by Tabitha-Grace
Welcome to my Page by Tabitha-Grace
Happy Birthday Mom 2012 by Tabitha-Grace
I Don't Need A Prince by Tabitha-Grace
.::Spiked Hair::. by Tabitha-Grace
Sinister by Tabitha-Grace

:iconfeatherbug: FeatherBug
An awesome friend who is helping me improve my art. she has been helping by critiquing my art for me ^^

:iconfmaandygo5dsgirl: FMAandYGO5dsgirl
her art is slowly improving but with love and time I am sure her art will be amazing before to long ^^
Edward x Jenna by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Jenna open's her eye's [gif] by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Ed and Jenna dancing by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Jenna Schultz by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Contest entry by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
Yusei x Jenna 2 by FMAandYGO5dsgirl
FMA - Oops by FMAandYGO5dsgirl

:icondenisejulebff: DeniseJuleBFF
I keep chasing her from account to account @__@ dammit DA she is not too young Xp though she is a talanted young artist who I constantly watch her draw to help make my drawings better ^^
Aiko Takahashi by DeniseJuleBFF
Matsumoto Satoru by DeniseJuleBFF
Ayako by DeniseJuleBFF
Deni+Sato by DeniseJuleBFF
NaLu Color by DeniseJuleBFF
Sword girl: full color by DeniseJuleBFF
Kanako progress chibi by DeniseJuleBFF

:icondaphianna: Daphianna / :iconkindakrazy: KindaKrazy  / :icondaphianna-sketches: Daphianna-Sketches / :icontotally-tomboy: Totally-Tomboy
she is generous loving person who puts others before herself to often but needs to think of herself sometimes.
Deathly Hallows Earrings - With Rhinestones! by Totally-Tomboy
Rainbow Arrowhead Bracelet by Totally-Tomboy
Come at me, Bro! by Daphianna-Sketches
Doctor Walrus Eggman by Daphianna
That's Right. You Jelly? by Daphianna
Drifting Through the Universe by Daphianna
Wishing by Daphianna
Summah by KindaKrazy
Daphianna's Punkin by KindaKrazy
In Hot Pursuit by KindaKrazy
McKenzie and Justin by KindaKrazy

:iconaxxidous: Axxidous
an amazing buddy I talk to on skype like almost every day o3o
NDHS LooneyTunes mural by Axxidous
Happy Birthday Derek by Axxidous
Valentine's Day 2011 by Axxidous
Valentine's Day 2010 by Axxidous
Voice Rocker Warfare by Axxidous
Christmas 2008 - Thunder Arrow by Axxidous
Original Mascot - Vox the Fox concept by Axxidous

after 5 hours of putting together this journal I remember why I don't do meny journals :icondragondizzy:
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Well everyone! I have watched three out of four yugioh series. I have finished Yugioh DM, Yugioh 5D's and I'll soon finish GX too. Well I haven't watched Zexal yet and for the time being I don't find it...THAT attractive! (well eventually I might watch it) Well I came to this conclusion! If I put them in the top three of Yugioh favourites I would say that this would be the order

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM and Zero)
2. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Well GX is also interesting and stuff and I liked the funny Judai/Jaden but still it doesn't have the mystery and that great sunspence the other two have (only personal opinion!) Therefore the two left are my top two. Now which one I like the most and why?...Well...Yugioh original is the top to me! I admitt that 5d's had really impressive effects and really great storyline but still the original is far better to me for the following reasons!

1. The original includes the ancient Egyptian mystery and since I am kinda obsessed with egyptian mystery see why! It also includes Atlantis in it! (another guilty pleasure of mine!). In fact it was the egyptian hystory that actually made me fall in love with this anime instantly!

2. The plot seems much more interesting having an amnesiac Pharaoh inside the body of a single teen! Later on after surpassing so many duelists they finally realize that the mysterious spirit was an ancient Pharaoh that protected humankind so many years ago using increadible power! Moreover one of my favourite parts was the one with Yami sending the message to Pegasus!!!! Seriously could that be more epic?!?!?! I!

3. I don't want to insult the 5d's fans but honestly I saw many similarities into the main characters. I mean Jack...don't tell me he isn't like Kaiba?! And Aki doesn't she act like Anzu while she is close to Yusei? Or even Yusei? Even his eyes have almost the same shape with our amnesiac Pharaoh! And they act the same at times! Seriously they are almost the same aren't thay? And what about Dr Fudo's appearance the last time to help Yusei? Don't tell me it wasn't similar to the one with Aknamkanon!?

4. I really find it more exciting when someone just walks without having the slightest idea who he is! This way the others are taking advantage of it making him sink in his own doubts! (Orichalcos saga). Yusei went through tough times but at least he knew who he was and what he was living for! He had an identity anyway! Yami on the other hand not only had an identity but he didn't even have a body! He didn't know where he was going to nor why he was there! Plus he was trapped in an Item for 3000 (or 5000 in English) years!

5. The ending was more touching! (SPOILER!). Even though the gang was broken in 5ds the seperation was temporary and guys could talk to each other through the phone or something and don't forget the great technology in 5d's! On the other hand Atem left to rest in peace at last so he technically died! Therefore the others will never see him again! Never speak with him again!

6. Yami has saved the world countless times but no one even notice that! Everyone in the world saw him as a great duelist but he has saved the world many times and no one even find out while Yusei...even saved the world in public! I always loved the picture of the "unknown hero"!!!

7. I loved Yugioh because the main character wasn't perfect! Wanna proofs? He was "evil" during Zero Saga, he nearly killed Kaiba during Duelist Kingdom Saga, he did nothing to save Arkana/Pandora in Battle City, he used the Seal in Orichalcos saga and so goes on! Yusei during the series never actually did such a fatal mistake and he seemed like the the "perfect" character in the series. I honestly LOVE it when the main character is not perfect and makes mistakes! I dunno why but it seems more real!

8. The age! Yusei was an adult while Atem was left alone at a really young age to rule a kingdom and he died at the age of 15 while saving the world! He didn't have the chace to live his life and next he was trapped for milleniums without even knowing anything about himself!

9. Atem is the King of a great empire! Seriously isn't that cool enough?! No? Well here's something else! He dealed with the worst enemy ever! Himself! He fought with his doubts and fears during the series and very little people do that and win!

10. Even the enemies have a reason for doing what they're doing! Marik was tortured as a child, Dartz had sank in despair, Pegasus was desparate to see his wife/lover again...even King Thief Bakura/Akefia had his entire village slaughtered!!! Equally great enemies and equally great main characters!!!!!

Well...I already said enough and I'm sure I got you bored! The fact is that no Yugioh show has replaced the original to me and I don't think it will! Yugioh the best freaking anime ever!!!! With the greatest protagonosts equally great enemies and antagonists and with really touching messages and ideals all through Children's Card games!!!!:giggle:
I'm sorry if you don't agree!:)
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I was in the car and i went to get a soda in the supermarket and a Thug was stealing the place....
he pointed the gun at me and i panick and he laughs and thank god i took Close quarters combat training....I broke is leg and Arm and pick the gun and point at his head....
the cops thanks me for a act of valor...
But i was so scared I even pissed my pants T_T
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