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:bulletred: This is my method of drawing. It's not a joke.
:bulletblack: There are spelling mistakes in the tutorial (there has to be)
:bulletred: Download, +fav if you find this useful

I woke up extra early today to make sure I had enough time to make this tutorial. So after much demand, here it is :salute:

Happy drawing!

Final picture from this tutorial:

People used this technique:
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I get a lot of requests asking for a tutorial or guide or walkthrough or whatever of how I draw things. So now Iíve finally got around to making it. Iím not guaranteeing anything from this other than revealing the specific techniques I use to draw what I draw. I might get around to making another guide thatís less technical and focuses more on composition, proportion, that stuff.
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Basic brush tutorial (for digital painting).
Made for my project partners.

These are the settings I start with on all of my custom digital painting brushes. Other things I fuss with: dual brush, wet edges, smoothing...

You could ask me a million questions about how I do things... but all I can tell you is what works for me (which may or may not work for you). Experimenting is the only way to really learn.

Why keep opacity above 90%?
Because opacity fucks with the light.
Adjust the flow instead.

Made with CS6.
Please don't use my leaf image--it's not stock.
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- Download
- for Photoshop
- Contains 3 brushes. That's it, that's all I ever needed.
- must have a graphic tablet for brushes to work efficiently
- Resize your brushes to suit your needs

To install:
In Photoshop, with the brush tool selected, right click on your canvas. A Tab will pop up. On that tab, click on the sideways arrow icon on the right side. In that menu, select "replace brushes...". Find the file on your computer and tada! You got the most simple brush set in the world :D

Have fun!

Other Tutorials and downloadables:
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Feb 12, 2013: Moar content.
Jan 2, 2013: Changed name of the series for 'marketability' reasons, added a few tidbits.
Dec 3, 2012: Edited to be more objective

If there are stupid errors, bad phrasing, or anything else which makes these notes less awesome, don't be afraid to point it out.

Also check out what I've written for
...the nose: [link]
...the legs: [link]
...the ears, tail, and the core: [link]
...neoteny & acceleration: [link]

Source for photo of horse's eye: [link]
Source for photo of the girl's eye: [link]

The example I pulled as an example of a totally comical art style is from Edd, Edd, n' Eddy. Like the pics of MLP, I consider its usage fair use.
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It's been a while since my last tutorial so here's a color one!

Also included is a slight skin coloring tutorial with textures.

Currently Available Tutorials:
Eye Coloring and Lineart
Female figure
Basic Hand
Basic Expression
Arm Anatomy
Leg Anatomy

I go in step by step, because I want to differentiate this tutorial with other similar ones. Eye coloring is one of the most common tutorials out there!
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I go over how a few blend modes work mathematically:

- Multiply
- Screen
- Linear dodge (Add)

... and demonstrate how they can be used to display what I would call 'true' lighting as opposed to the usual 'making good guesses at how something would be lit'.
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One of the more theoretical things I've written but in a way, it helps make sense of a lot of things artists do. Some of this I picked up glancing around with texts about drawing manga, but luckily it turns out that my time wasn't entirely wasted.

Also check out what I've written for
... the eyes: [link]
... the nose: [link]
... the legs: [link]
...the ears, tail, and the core: [link]

And there happens to be a wiki article about neoteny: [link]

Sources for:

Pumpkin Cake: [link]
Sweetie Belle: [link]
Twilight: [link]
Twilight's dad: [link]
Fluer de Lis: [link]
Fancy Pants: [link]
Celestia: [link]
Bonbon: [link]
Twinkleshine: [link]
Luna: [link]
Big mac: [link]

Philomena: [link]
Chrysalis: [link]
Dragon: [link]
Iron Will: [link]
Parasprite: [link]
Angel: [link]

(Wow, needed a ton of vectors to be able to make visuals)

Baby stock photo: [link]
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A little perspective thing I did today. Perspective is a powerful tool to use and people dismiss of it because it looks scary, but it's something really worth spending your time on. It really helps your storytelling if used correctly.
It’s not perfect by any means but perspective is a lot based on the artist own sensibility, I merely offer a starting point.

this is `fox-orian's tutorial I'm talking about [link]

if you want to reblog this on tumblr please use this [link] so I can keep track, thanks! :D
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:onfire: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1000+ WATCHERS! :onfire: And here's my gift to you! :D
I figured that a tutorial will be the most beneficial for most of the people who watch me regardless if they draw or not.

So this is the way I colour. I thought doing of doing a digital tutorial but there are already many tutorials that explain most of the techniques i use (which is just painting, blending and using layers such as multiply,overlay on top). However I dont think there are very many tutorials that explain how to use copics AND colour pencils as one material. And that's how I colour :D

I'm sorry, this is my first time making a tutorial so I was being dumb (and photoshop too) and friggin merged all the layers because the file size was too big to work on ps. Then I realised I forgot to change the colour of the bg! DX So that's why the colour is horrible, hopefully you can read it clearly ^^;
And maybe the photos are a bit blurry also;;; OTL

I swear I was going to add a better design after I've finished placing anything but too late now >_>

Anyway hope you all enjoy this, hope you learn something! ^^

P.S Sayoko's legs at the bottom should be much darker and I completely forgot about that DX

Things I forgot to add (because im such a ditz)
:bulletyellow: I used A4 Smooth Bristol paper
:bulletyellow: For the white highlights I used a small brush and Copic Opaque white ink: [link]
:bulletyellow: On tracing: "I trace the digitally-fixed sketch to clean paper and do it lightly. Of course by tracing you won't get all the details but you will get the basic shapes and position which is all you need, and you can stop tracing and re-draw all the details in again."

Sayoko's Ref: [link]
Final artwork: [link]

:star::star:Add me to your watchlist for more artworks :+devwatch::star::star:

Find me on:
:facebook: Facebook: [link]
:twitter: Twitter: [link]
:bulletred: Tumblr: [link]
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