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Entry for The Divide [[:iconthedivideoct:]]

...more info.
Brief Bio: Elm is a tree spirit who occupies a forest in a small 'fantasy kingdom.' Her forest was cursed by a witch, her lover sealed away in his tree in eternal sleep. Elm has spent centuries zipping around the forest at night to try and find some cure, but has been unsuccessful. Of course. Perhaps she might find a cure in this new land...
Personality: Soft-spoken and kind, Elm is not one for conflict, nor is she one to hold grudges. She's quick to forgive, though not forget. She speaks politely ("If you please," "I beg your pardon") and quick to address someone by her favorite name, "My dear(s)."
Because of her dislike for conflict, in battle she would mostly dodge, hide in the trees, or try to outwit and trick her opponent into defeating/disarming themselves. Hey, she IS a spirit, technically fair folk.
* Elm's poncho and hair is in constant, slight motion, as if she were underwater.
* Don't even try to get an "upskirt shot." Anyone who tries can only see pitch blackness that her legs vanish into.
* Elm is nocturnal, and must sleep in the day, waking at sunset. She occupies trees during these times.
* On the subject of trees, she is very protective of them, and won't stand for someone carving their initials in one.
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for :iconthedivideoct:

for my opponent, do what you please to little Vira. pain, paranoia, poisoning, death, the works.

NOTE: it is the necklace about her neck which she summons her armor and sword from.

I will be changing the handle of the sword to one where it'd be less awkward for her to hold.

Name: Vira, Warrior and Deputy of the Ardell
nickname: Havira (the name stuck, so that's why she's known as Havira)
Age: 57 years (but they also live to be [on average] 280 years old)
Gender: Female
Pack: Ardell, the pack of the ice plain, Asthramdell.
Status: Second in Command
Personality: As are the traits of the Ardell, she is sure-footed and fierce. Being lithe and strong leads to her overconfidence and willingness to take charge. Despite this, Havira can weigh matters calmly (she can be slightly objective or apathetic... just 'slightly' ) and will go above and beyond for her friends and pack... She usually takes a moment to think things through before actually beginning. As she has lived with the Ardell all her life, she trusts and will do anything to help them, she's much less so inclined to outsiders... Though she has many dislikes, she is a soldier, and has gained a threatening disposition, that commands respect.... even though she's small for her... well... species. Despite her battle-worn appearance, she's still somewhat of a romantic... she has an innocence and a tight bond to what she believes is right and just... (she's quite nice, though she uses excuses to provide reasons on why she does what she does)
fighting style: melee... her sword is usually used for the initial charge to hack and stab with, but is tossed aside as they mainly fight tooth and claw.

About the Ardell:
The Ardell live on the Ice plain, Asthramdell... they are one of the many packs that inhabit their world, Dyrath, a relatively primitive universe. In their world, every day is a fight to rise in power, and the Ardell, though relatively few in number, are one of the top ranking packs. They mainly hunt on the ice where they eat fish, walrus and seal like creatures called Kibiths, or in the snow forests, where they look for humans [only when there is nothing else to eat, as these animals are dirty and taste disgusting]. The Ardell worships the goddess of Ice, Qialem, and their main alter, a giant Ice Arc in the middle of the plains, is inscribed with runes, which they believe is the door to paradise. The Ardell usually have thick light grey pelts and short fluffy tails. They are quite sturdy in build and sure-footed. The average size of the members of Ardell is roughly 5ft tall and 8.7 ft long. They are also quite small compared to the rest of their race, but remain one of the fiercest warriors in all Dyrath and are formidable when threatened.

War, as I said earlier, is waged daily... as is the way of their kind... the battles are coming closer and closer towards the Ardells relatively peaceful territory, and they have begun to suit up... They are a proud race and will fight down to the last kit to protect it.

About Havira:
Havira is a young an ambitious warrior of Ardell. She is barely over half the size of her fellow pack members, but makes it up with her unrivaled ferocity (which is why she is called Havira, or ' Little Fire'). Though she had been teased (in the way older sisters would treat younger siblings) for her size, she remained respected as the best fighter in her class. The Ardell is her family, and she loves and cares about them as they do her. She fights not for her own pride, but for the honor of upholding traditions thousands of years old. She's always been in the thickest parts of the battles, pushing herself to become the best for her packs sake.

The necklace about her neck is also one such thing. The engraving of Runes is done, because runes "are the voices of the gods". The necklace has been passed down for centuries, always given to the most potent of the wearers off-spring. When active (somewhat like a portal) her armor and weapons will form about her... no one is quite sure how this works, but thus are what enigmas are like... and the stories that revolve their creation.

Dislikes: Getting her fur wet, killing/shedding blood, being beaten (even if she is, she'll get up and keep trying, even though there's probably no chance she'll win), pointless conflict, being looked down on for being so small, cheating, humidity

Likes: giant fish and squid~ <3 that's about it...

Weakness: she's relatively small for her race... melee only, not much stamina when it comes to running long distances (prefers to jog them instead), fighting on unfamiliar ground (she's never even seen the mountains, and though she has been in a forest, it was never anything tropical), Has some issues with depth perception.

Strengths: Strong swimmer, great balance (and grip) , very flexible, quick thinker, can be relatively calm and open-minded... she's been raised and trained as a dutiful warrior... if that's not a strength, I don't know what is. Also, much, much faster without her armor to hamper her

Fears: Failing as the next leader, Dying for no cause, Falling from extremely large heights

Hopes: peace... and though she doesn't seem like much of a romantic, she is...

Audition: [link]
Round 1:[link]
Round 2:
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Name: Nunzio
Occupation: Head Messenger
Race: Paixide-Cynitive Mix (hence the blue markings, hair color, and grey sclera)
Age: 16
Height: 5' 6"
Abilities: Extremely quick on his feet, for running messages. Great reflexes. Vine swinging (a popular activity among young Paixides). Climbing (a skill learned from living around large trees all of his life). Basic Combat Skills (his father made sure he would know how to defend himself if the occasion ever came up).
Personality: Nunzio is very much full of energy and is constantly moving around. Despite his age, he is rather mature and intelligent, making him ideal as the messenger. While he is rather friendly, he does have a short temper. When he gets offended it's very possibly that he'll try to pick a fight. While he's not as muscular as the Cynatives, he's quick, like the Paixides.
:bulletgreen: Has a brass earring in his right ear.
:bulletpurple: The scarf was given to him by Gyozo as a gift.
:bulletgreen: Grew up in Hovertes with his mother, and feels more comfortable around trees.
:bulletpurple: Like most Paixides, he hates wearing shoes, but he will wear light slippers if the weather gets too bad in Covidauve.
:bulletgreen: Nunzio enjoys living in Hovertes more, because he is more welcomed there.
:bulletpurple: While in Covidauve, Nunzio will wear an undershirt and leggings, for two reasons: to retain a bit more warmth, but also to cover as much of his Paixide markings as he can, as Cynatives are much less accepting.

As Head Messenger, Nunzio has been entrusted with the job of delivering messages and documents among the Paixides and Cynatives; mainly between the two leaders, Eva of the Paixides and Gyozo of the Cynatives, enabling them to communicate with each other. While he's peaceful, like the Paixides, he can have a bit of a temper at times. Even though they are on the verge of war, Nunzio is probably one of the very few people, if not the only one, who is safe on both sides.
With the portals beginning to open, Nunzio has now been appointed to find the foreign warriors and recruit them.

Any questions you may have about him, don't be afraid to ask. (:

Nunzio (c) Me
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Physical age

Real age

was human


Fun,Sweet,A "lives life to the fullest" kinda girl,optimistic,annoying at times,love's making friends,and likes to act like a little sister to all of her friends

Morgan was a foster child her mother died at her birth and her father was in prison but when Morgan was 10 she was adopted by a strange woman named Suzanne
Suzanne was a Timestress she taught Morgan everything she knows and after years of training Morgan became a full fledged Timestress but when that happened Suzanne died because when a Timestresses student becomes a master they die and pass on all of their power and knowledge to their student
Now Morgan wanders Earth to find someone she can make her student so the tradition can continue

She has a clock in her eye with a day hand,a month hand, and a year hand
She has the entire Time space continuum insides her head (meaning she can see all that is all that was and all that could be)
When wounded she can speed up or reverse time around the wound until it's completely healed (note this does take a lot of time so she wouldn't be able to do it in battle)
She Often fades from one time and re-appears in another
She's been searching for a student for hundreds of years
She is very easily bribed with candy or any other sweets
She's super honest and blunt and say's everything that she thinks (it get's annoying when she tells you what your about to do)
she can see spirits and dead people (often she doesn't realize their dead and she'll try to have a conversation with them)
normally acts like a little kid
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:bulletwhite::bulletgreen::bulletpink:.::Hovertes; the Paixide’s side::.:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Pronounced Hah-ver-tease

:bulletgreen: The side of Synanto-Nymia mostly populated by Paixides

:bulletpink: It’s almost constantly in a summery state. That means it’s almost always hot, and rains fairly often.

:bulletwhite: Lush green jungle, with flora and fauna gone wild.

:bulletgreen: The castle that houses the Queen and her Elder is found in the middle of the dense jungle.

:bulletpink: Villages consist of huts that are built high up in the trees. They are all connected by vine-bridges, and keep the villagers safe from dangers found on the jungle floor.

:bulletwhite: There are a few merchant/trading villages found along the edge of the land, where Paixides can trade vegetation for meats and furs otherwise inaccessible to them. They get along fairly well with the Cynitives that reside in the village, and the villages themselves are considered “neutral territory”, where they are free from conflict, as per arrangement made by the two rulers of the races.

Any questions? Just ask!

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Three more contestants in :iconthedivideoct: Every time you don't join this OCT an orphan looses it's favorite toy.

Just something to think about.

Starting off the line up from :icondragonshuffle: and:iconnishichan: is Noah DeFacto and ... wait, is that? IT IS! The Myth! the Legend! The One and Only! IT'S DENTO! THE DENTO! I'm gonna get his autograph after this.
Next up we have the lovely Luna and her son Novac from :iconfreddyf202: . On a side note, Novac is so adorable that when drawing him I nearly ran out of 'D'aww'
Finnaly from :icondragol: we have Moniq who literaly took all my D'awws so I had to literally go to the D'aww Store and pay literal money to literally buy more D'awws and then she literally took all of those D'awws. Literally

So join :iconthedivideoct: now. Do it...for the chiiiiildreeeeeeeen... and also....for...friiiiiieeeeendship

Group 1: [link]
Group 2: You's is all ready there dawg.
Group 3: [link]
Group 4: [link]
Group 5: [link]
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Reo holds himself higher than the average person, though respects others to certain a degree. Considering himself to be responsible, he goes far out of his way to "fix" whatever may be wrong, playing the roll of the hero or villain should it be deemed necessary. When it comes to matter of love, he "knows" all there is to it, giving out advice in a calm manner. Proud as he may be, he will greet others with a charming smirk and humble demeanor. Though he may not agree with the opinions of others, he is an understanding individual and is aware that free will dampen any plan. Hates it when people refuse to listen to the other side of the argument and when they are to stubborn to see what they have done or getting themselves into.

Cat's Magic
Cat's magic is a potent and raw magic only cat can activate. It's considered childish and mediocre to all the Gods, but only a few of them can use it to a deadly extreme. In order for Reo to gain power in order to use his Cat's Magic, he has to acquire the energy given off by someones love. This could be any kind of love, but of course True Love is the strongest, and stalker love is the weakest. Just listening to a story about a person's endeavors with their wife or family will give Reo a bit of energy, or sitting by a boy and his pet that he cares for could supply Reo with enough energy to cast 5 spells.
The spells themselves are tougher the higher up it is on the list, spells 10-13 can drain him within minutes while spells 1-7 can be easily handled and juggled between in a battle.

More in depth in of some of the spells

Spell 3
the wires can be formed on the hands while they are in human form, and they extend from the whiskers in cat form. while the human form wire is more loose and used more for trapping opponents, the cat form's wire are straight and taut always ready to slice through something.

Spell 9
The Cat's Stare is an eye piercing gaze which immobilizes the user to one spot while they look around and see everything.

Shield of Love

9 Lives info
-His body will wait to repair until conditions are ok to bring the fallen god back to life.
-It's a count down, so all Cat Gods start with nine lives and the number goes down as they get killed.
-Reo is on his sixth life, so he has
-they can repair any wounds after their death... as long as they have lives left that is.

He's a cat and there for flexible, fast, and able to do most cat like things
Cat's Magic
small size
clever, always thinking and planning ahead in a fight. NEVER fights without a plan, he'll runaway until he can think of a good way to fight back.

Can't take a hit
tires easily if he's running low on energy
if scratched behind the ears, or given catnip he'll obey your every command...
not really strong physically
Will often jump in the way to take a hit for both strangers and friends
Not good at thinking on the fly, needs time to plan.

The third generation of Gods on the small world of Elderin and the runt of the litter. From a prophecy told by the Great Cheshire, he is destined to end the Gods. Because of this, his Father, the Great Lion Rlo, sent his runt of a son out to be pecked and eaten by crows; unfortunately, Rlo didn't take into account that his daughter, Ree, would take the runt in out of pity and nurse him to health. Disgusted by Ree's actions he allowed Reo to live for a while longer as long as he could prove himself worthy. He took the Test of Gods and received his call to be the God of Love, causing more shame to come upon him. Rlo threw him out of the Great Den and The Cheshire took him in as her apperenitce. Reo trained under the Cheshire until she kicked him out of her home and onto the humans plane. This is where Reo resides now, walking the country side, trying his best to let true love blossom, in hopes that more followers will worship his father and he will be able to go home.

The Prophecy

One so small, A God so queer. With his might the world shall fear. A never ending plunge into death. The Gods will fall, though they'll try their best. For they Love this runt, this disgrace amongst us. A new era will turn, with it will come a great fuss.

this character will be used for :iconthedivideoct:

Tell me what you think!!
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:bulletwhite::bulletpurple::bulletblack:.:: Covidauve; the Cynitive’s side::.:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: Pronounced Ko-Vee-do-vuh

:bulletpurple: The side of Synanto-Nymia mostly populated by Cynitives

:bulletblack: It’s almost constantly in a wintery state. That means it gets fairly cold fairly often, and it’s not uncommon to see snow in the higher parts of the land.

:bulletwhite: Very rocky; there’s little to no plant life.

:bulletpurple: The main castle that houses the King and his Advisor can be found at the top of the 2nd highest mountain. The reasons for this vary, from strategic to defensive points of view.

:bulletblack: Villages within the lands are often built among clusters of rocky walls, as they provide shelter and protection from some of the fiercer winds and creatures.

:bulletwhite: There are a few merchant/trading villages found along the edge of the land, where Cynitives can trade meat and furs for vegetation otherwise inaccessible to them. They get along fairly well with the Paixides that reside in the village, and the villages themselves are considered “neutral territory”, where they are free from conflict, as per arrangement made by the two rulers of the races.

Any questions? Just ask!

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Just something for shits and giggles whilst the judging phase commences.

I think Teepo would get on with ~RegularFrankyFan Mira Polis. Teepo sees blacksmiths as creatives and inventors so she respects the craft.
And Moniq by ~dragol is awesome, but I wouldn't like to go up against her in the first round.
Teepo has a thing for guys with glasses and long hair lol.

enjoy :meow:
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There I go drawing busts and calling them mugshots again... /slaps own wrist.

I wanted to have something to do during the downtime before the contestants got picked, so I decided to bring back that whole mugshot nonsense I did back in 1LD before it went down the crapper.

Anyway, we have Noah and Dento up first. A character of two good friends (*dragonshuffle and *NishiChan )and also the dirtiest hippy I'm aware of.

Next is Teepo, a character belonging to fellow ZD veteran *BaGgY666. I'm most eager to have the chance to face her!

Finally is Figeous, belonging to the eponymous ~Figeous and also happens to one of the more interesting and unique entrants! Fun times ahead here I think.

As always, hope you guys like them!

For :iconthedivideoct:
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