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Finally done the tutorial for fire featuring =wLadyB91's O.C Kyo. This took me longer than I thought it would as I kinda forgot how I did it :XD:
If you have any questions or get confused, just ask and I'll try to answer and help the best I can =D
I used photoshop CS3 and a bamboo tablet =)

Water Tutorial:
Air Tutorial:
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Final Picture:

The original picture is part of a calendar of 12 pictures that are done by different artist of the MLP community.
This link directs you to the page for you to order the calendar. >>> [link] <<< There are dates included in it like conventions and the birthdays of the MLPFIM staff and more importantly, all proceeds will be used to fund the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at CalArts so BUY IT!!

Other Tutorials:
"How to simplify"


Downloadable copic palette of colors for photoshop
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Download for a larger version! :la:
Please fave if you think it's useful, depending on this i might make another one :D

This is a tutorial on different pattern ideas that i use, there are plenty more where that came from but making a tutorial isn't easy so i'm not going to do it if i don't think there's much interest :)

I also added some shading examples but now that i think about it i don't think they're very necesarry in a tutorial? I don't know, tell me what you think :iconpahhplz:

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Please Download for full view!

Alas, the long awaited fur tutorial is finished! It only took 5ever but I finally got it done. :faint: I don't really consider myself an expert on this subject but quite a few people have asked me to do this so I guess I must be doing something right! xD

I was originally going do a stylization tutorial next but I scrapped the idea cuz there's just waaay too much stuff I hafta go over for that one. ^^' So if I was to do a stylization tutorial I would probably break it off into different subjects haha

I decided to add a little twist to this and added how to stylize fur, cuz I wanna encourage people to find their own unique styles while understanding the basics of course. 8) I hope my poor writing skills make sense to you guys.

I'm not a really confident tutorial maker so if you see that I've said/did something wrong, something doesn't make sense to you, or if you have questions please let me know! C: I'm probably not going to make any more tutorials unless I get multiple requests on a specific subject people would like to see. ^^;

If you're interested in other tutorials by me, I also have another tutorial on shading but its kinda outdated since I've resorted to grayscale shading recently.

IN OTHER NEWS, I got a haircut today. :B

EDIT: sasfgdsh omg oh wow thanks for the DD guise!! ;w;

Other places to find me:  
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;__; wth guys stahp faving this I don't even-


TvT Uhm so yeah this is really ugly and really sucks but I get a LOT of questions about perspective and how I go about doing it.

....xD or something.

;w; Hopefully it makes sense.....
Q 3 Q I uhh, i'm really not the best person to be teaching this because I only recently got an understanding of it myself, but....TvT W-well I want to help others as best I can succeed, so if what little I know can help then I think its worth it~
And again sorry for the ugliness, I just wanted to make something fast to help~


Finished picture from bottom sketch:
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Facebook || Tumblr || Second Original Style Account:iconfrozenviolinist:


simple tutorial


I am ill, and i got worse, temperature and stuff :/ ohhhh
i was asked a lot of times about tutorials and stuff c:
remember long long time ago, i was asked abt water tutorial ;w;
it is of course other one, but i think more effective as well.
anybody who has a tablet can make it, cuz it is very very simple)))
I more would say that it is waterbending tutorial XD

I am bad teacher and it is my first tutorial ever XD hah.
hope it be helpful. C: would be nice to see results as well.
and as you see it is SAI stuff haha C:

artwork and tutorial | me
LoK | nick

images were used and colored:
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~x666NiGhTmArE666x sent me a note asking me for help on lighting and shading. Since light logic isn't a topic that I can properly discuss without the aid of visual media, I figured I'd compile whatever came to mind in this format. This is by no means an in-depth tutorial on how to do things correctly, so please do not take it too seriously. I'm still learning a lot about these things myself, so chances are I've probably made some mistakes here and there.

These are just some of the basics I've picked up from experimentation, observation, and sitting in class. I haven't even touched some topics like different materials or colored lighting because I wanted to keep this short and sweet. I hope somebody will find this useful, though.

Wall-eyed shady face man was referenced from this picture: [link] ...even though it ended up looking nothing like David Tennant lol
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I've made a tutorial like this one some years ago but it was really short.

Thanks to my friend :iconorpheelin: and her tutorials which helped me to remember that I had to make this tutorial again for a while!

sorry but I won't translate it. I miss time, it's already hard for me to make such a tutorial since I'm french and not english speaker :)
Sorry about the possible mistakes. :)

PS: some examples of the brushes bellow have been downloaded a long time ago by me or some collegues. If you ever know who made them, please tell me so I can credit them :)
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.. More like 'tree leaves' XDD

But anyways yeah this is how I usually draw trees using paint tool SAI
I hope you all find it helpful! ;n;


See ya!
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I was asked to make up a short tutorial on how I paint/draw beach scenes so I made it up tonight.

There's really not much else I can explain on this, other than look at reference images of beaches. There's MILLIONS out there. Just practice really to get it looking right. <3

What program do you use to color/shade all your pictures? I use Photoshop CS2 for all my digital coloring needs. Nothing else. X3

So you have a tablet? What type of tablet do you use? I do have a tablet. I have a DigiPro 3"x4" graphic's tablet. This is a generic brand of tablet that I got a couple years ago for only $14 brand new off of eBay. You do NOT have to break your bank to get a decent tablet. It's not the most amazing tablet out there, but it suits its purpose perfectly. ^^
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