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dA Stamps For All To Use

:star: Art used by permission from :iconyusef-muhammed: :star:

:clap: All of my Marvel & DC Comics Universe fan stamps :clap:
Captain America [link]
Hulk [link]
Spider-Man [link]
Wolverine [link]
Mystique [link]
Iron Man [link]
Thor [link]
Scarlet Witch [link]
Vision [link]
Hawkeye [link]
Blob [link]
Magneto [link]
Quicksilver [link]
She-Hulk [link]
Juggernaut [link]
Black Widow [link]
Son of Satan - Hellstorm [link]
Emma Frost - White Queen [link]
Hobgoblin [link]
Green Goblin [link]
Beast [link]
Namor The Sub-Mariner [link]
Tigra [link]
Sabretooth [link]
Deadpool [link]
Loki [link]
Hellcat [link]
Ghost Rider [link]
Iron Fist [link]
Red Skull [link]
Black Panther [link]
Venom [link]
Sasquatch [link]
Dazzler [link]
Doctor Doom [link]
Lucy In The Sky [link]
Wolfsbane [link]
Kitty Pryde [link]
Luke Cage - Power Man [link]
Medusa [link]
Pyro [link]
Doctor Strange [link]
Carnage [link]
Toad [link]
Adam Warlock [link]
Lizard [link]
Silver Surfer [link]
Gambit [link]
Daredevil [link]
Cable [link]
Jubilee [link]
Hulkling [link]
Typhoid Mary [link]
Nightcrawler [link]
X-23 [link]
Nick Fury - SHIELD [link]
Colossus [link]
Human Torch [link]
Wiccan [link]
Psylocke [link]
Joe Fixit - Hulk [link]
Kingpin [link]
Black Bolt [link]
Boom-Boom [link]
Nocturne [link]
Rhino [link]
Punisher [link]
Brother Voodoo [link]
Mary Jane Watson [link]
Electro [link]
Rogue [link]
Hercules [link]
Conan The Barbarian [link]
Spider-Girl [link]
Thing [link]
Magik [link]
Crossbones [link]
Ms. Marvel [link]
Sabra [link]
Banshee [link]
War Machine [link]
Moon Knight [link]
Toxin [link]
Storm [link]
Angel [link]
Hammerhead [link]
Azazel [link]
Longshot [link]
Yellowjacket [link]
Wasp [link]
Havok [link]
Madelyne Pryor - Goblin Queen [link]
Falcon [link]
Marrow [link]
Polaris [link]
Spider-Woman [link]
Thanos [link]
Gwen Stacy [link]
Red Hulk - Rulk [link]
Cloak & Dagger [link]
Arcade [link]
Galactus [link]
Apocalypse [link]
Mandarin [link]
Beta Ray Bill [link]
Baron Zemo [link]
Joker [link]
Harley Quinn [link]
Batman [link]
Robin [link]
Two-Face [link]
Batgirl [link]
Penguin [link]
Riddler [link]
Poison Ivy [link]
Catwoman [link]
Solomon Grundy [link]
Superman [link]
Supergirl [link]
Lex Luthor [link]
General Zod [link]
Duece Le'Heart [link]

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Myself as Emma Frost from Marvel at KitaCon 2011. Cosplay made by yours truly.
Thanks muchly to :iconphotobasssohi: for your awesome camera skillz :).

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cosplayer: Ana Bertola

ph: Otaku no baires
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Scott the BAD wolf
art by Nick300 [link]

OK! Guys, I know it's time for Introduce myself,
that I know somebody already see most information of me before,

My Chinese name is Chen Chung Yuan.
Chen is one of the most common Chinese family names.
It ranks at the 5th most popular surname in China
and the most popular surname in Singapore and Taiwan.
Chung Yuan mean "respect the origin"

My English name is Scott Visnjic

Visnjic (Višnjić) is a Croatia surname,
my English's surname is from Goran Višnjić (voice of Soto),
(Soto is an Ice Age Movie character)
I pick this surname in 2004,

my English name Scott also from Soto,
"S" c "ot" t, Soto, Scott Soto
So, Scott Visnjic= Soto+Goran Višnjić

I come from Taiwan, a wet little island,

I born 24th, April Zhengxing Ten Year
(大寒禎興十年, 民國七十五年, 日本昭和六十一年, 1986)
I'm 24-years-old for now.

my belief?

I'm a Christian, a Jehovah's Witnesses,
but.... Sorry to say I'm not active in our church.
many years ago, some bad thing hurt me very deep
that I don't want to join the church for now.

my Job?

I'm an artist and businessman,
I selling Stamps and ancient Chinese Coins in Taiwan Yahoo Auction,

and selling Reproduction Stamps on US ebay,

I was design some souvenir coin of our country for TCCS
(Taiwan Coins & Paper Money Certification Society),
my friend is the Executive Supervisor of TCCS,
he told me their Society already accept my designs
and ready to make the contract with Central Mint of China (CMC),
so the souvenir coin I design start on sell in January, 2011.

I'm the youngest Coin designer in Taiwan.

and creating a Comic named "Dorabimon" (哆啦逼夢)
very famous in Taiwan, HK and China about one years ago, but this comic is very dirty...

I was have very serious melancholia when I was 17~20-years old,
but I'm fine now^^

my interest?

about reading,
study Far East history (Chinese, Korea, Vietnam)
and Ocean Liner is my interest,

Drawing will be my favorite thing,
to know so many people love and enjoy my work is a very happy thing for me,
I love receive long comments from my reader,
it's very happy to know so many people love my drawings.

I love Ferrari products, Like the Ferrari team-shirts,
and Puma Ferrari Shoes^^
I love Leather Jacket and motorcycle Leather suite^^

my Favourite movies: Ice Age (I), Titanic, Pixar movies, and Addams Family

Favourite musician: Ryo Kunihiko (梁邦彥, 양방언)

Favourite genre of music: movie soundtrack, Chinese & Korea & Vietnam tradition Music

Favourite artist: Mucha, William Morris

Favourite food?
I love expensive food,
French cuisine and Japenese cuisine

my Favourite maxim:
"going too far is as bad as not going far enough"
a pure poetry form Confucius.

I never leave my country before,
but Vietnam will be the first country I want to visit.
I want to visit the Royal tomb of Emperor Khải Định (啟定帝),
Ứng Lăng(Lăng Khải Định 應陵, 啟定陵),
and the Royal City Hue.

What are you doing every day?

Ok, I get up at 8:00, starting working till 22.00,
I'm very busy every day, busy in ebay and Yahoo Auction,
and making new drawings if I got time.
I enjoy dinner in restaurant every Friday and Saturday with my younger brother.

if you don't make me angry,
please notice what I hate....

1. WAR
2. Violence
3. Raining Day
4. Rich People who always show off me what he own.

(4) Why!?
In our country, we have very serious poverty gap,
Rich people become Richer, making a lot of Poor people.
Many Rich people's children enjoy show off what they own,
it's really not fair, some people working whole life still very poor,
but those rich children never working but they own every thing they want.

to me, my family not rich, but we also not poor,
but every things I own are make by myself.
Since I can make money by myself, I never asking money from my parent.


1. 本名: Cheng Chung Yuan
2. 英文名: Scott Visnjic (史考特. 維森契克.)
3. 籍貫: 臺灣 彰化縣彰化市
4. 開始受難日: 1986. 4. 24. (現年25歲)
5. 現任坐騎: 酷龍150

英文姓氏 "維森契克" (Visnjic) 由來:
"維森契克" (Visnjic) 其實非英文,
它是一個克羅埃西亞姓氏 (原文應寫作 "Višnjić")

原由於在早期影響敝人最深的一部動畫 "Ice Age" (臺譯 "冰原歷險記")
裡頭一個最撼動我的角色, 蘇圖 (Soto).
他的配音員葛倫. 維森契克 (Goran Višnjić) 的姓氏.

英文名 "史考特" (Scott) 由來:
是由蘇圖 (Soto) 變來的,
所以我的英文名字Scott Visnjic 即 Soto + Višnjić.



下雨天, 體育競賽, 被人冷漠, 跟人作對, 等待, 沒事做,


1. 冷漠的人
2. 容易生氣的人
3. 比我會耍個性的人
4. 喜歡殺戮的人
5. 不知民間疾苦的有錢人
6. 故意要跟我作對的人

東西: 重車裝備, 軍裝, 鎧甲, 哈雷皮衣, 法拉利的衣服, 重型摩托車.
事情: 工作時間, 畫畫, 寫作, 聽音樂, 看爆笑的東西, 畫漫畫
動物: 大型貓科動物, 野狼, 鯊魚, 劍齒虎。
食物: 昂貴高級的食物, 法式料理, 日本料理.
電影: 冰原歷險記, 鐵達尼號, 獅子王, 汽車總動員, 阿達一族, 料理鼠王 (皮克斯的電腦動畫系列),
周星馳的早期電影, 搞笑的電影...
音樂: 對音樂包容度很大, 安南, 朝鮮宮廷音樂, 古典樂等少數流行樂.


1. 專業拍賣賣家

2. 自由藝術家, 業餘漫畫家
漫畫 "哆啦逼夢" 的作者

3. 業餘小說家(已完成「斯麥洛頓」共二十二萬餘字小說)

4. 皇城文化事業特約設計師

5. 臺灣幣鈔鑑定委員會設計顧問

6. 中華民國建國一百週年銀幣設計者
臺灣通寶 (民國100年元旦發行, 中央鑄幣廠鑄造):

So, Just ask me anything and I will answer you and put it in Artist's comments!!
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Art: Jim Cheung
Ink: :iconmarkmorales:
Colors: :iconxxnightblade08xx:

This is my first Marvel cover that I ever colored! Hopefully you'd all like it! And it's not official...I don't mind to color for Marvel Comics someday. :D
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If you like my work, you can follow me on FACEBOOK and FLICKR :)

- - -

Theme 86/100: Seeing Red

Pd: curious fact, the red is no p.p. neither make up... actually oily crayons and markers ... see? How High-Tech Am I!??

Other From the 100 Theme Challenge
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Art by Lak Lim
Colors by Me :)

Original at
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Myself as Blondie from Suckerpunch cosplay
Photography by Mindfall
Costume by Vengeance Designs
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners.

I saw this thanks to :icone350tb:, I noticed he did a team meme where he gave 25 slots to 25 different characters for each role. I've been wanting to try it out ever since but I never could think of anyone-that and laziness. But here it is and I chose the most useful and beneficial characters for a team.

If you want to make your own: The original can be found here.


Team Leader: Lion-O (ThunderCats 2011)

- Might as well go with the young man or catman and well, given the rest of the team, he could learn from everyone who has more experience than him. Plus, he does have sword skills and hey, it has power so why not give the slot to the guy with the magic sword?

Team Muscle: B.A. Baracus (The A-Team)

- Why not? First off, it's Mr. T. Second, not only is he the muscle but he's also a skilled mechanic (incidentally, he'd remind Lion-O of Panthro given that and his attitude and strength). He can be a nice guy if you don't piss him off.

Team Brains: The Doctor (Doctor Who)

- He has the TARDIS, he knows about various life forms and galaxies across the universe. I pick the Fourth Doctor since I felt he'd be right at home with everyone else.

Team Booty: Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

- The word "booty" has a few definitions and it can be either a verb or a noun so I went with the latter which is the "sexy" definition. So yeah, I went with Ramona as she's both sexy and is an asskicker. She also has a subspace bag and a seemingly neverending series of subspace doors.

Team Joker: H.M. Murdock (The A-Team)

- He can fly various aircrafts and he's the main source of comic relief given his insanity. Put him together with Pinkie Pie and well, chaos.

Team Mage: Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)

- Need a wizard? Gandalf's your man. I know, I know, there are other wizards just as powerful as him but I wanted to go with the guy anyway.

Team Pet: Calumon/Culumon (Digimon Tamers)

- He's the mascot. He's the only cute creature of the group but can be useful for interrogation purposes and distractions.

Team Healer: Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

- Yes, I chose her based on the fact that waterbenders have healing abilities but she can hold her own in a fight. But if you look at it, she'd be the "team mom" of the group. Seventeen "sons," five "daughters" and one Digimon.

Team Mentor: Batman

- It wouldn't be the first time he took on the role of mentor given Batman Beyond.

Team Scientist: Spock (Star Trek)

- Well, he was the science officer during his tenue in the Enterprise of the Original Star Trek. He'd probably also serve as an additional mentor to the younger members.

Team Robot: R2-D2 (Star Wars)

- He'd be used to hack into the enemy's computer systems, hack into various wirings to get doors open, etc.

Team Fighter: Ranma Saotome (Ranma 1/2)

- He's a martial artist, he can adapt to his enemy's fighting style, so why not?

Team Alien: Mylene Jenius (Macross 7)

- I could've chosen Starfire but I wanted to go with someone less obvious. But she's not useless I promise, like Murdock; she's a pilot. That and she's a bassist and vocalist.

Team Demon: InuYasha

- Yeah, he was very much my only choice but hey, he can fight and like Lion-O, he has a magic sword.

Team Gunslinger: Rooster Cogburn (True Grit)

- Specifically, I went with the Jeff Bridges version. He's a skilled shooter, he doesn't screw around. I mean hey, it's The Dude as a Western character. Why not?

Team Android: RoboCop

- Maybe I should've put him in the Gunslinger slot due to his deadly accuracy but I needed someone for the Android slot and technically, I think Androids and Cyborgs are similar to each other enough so yeah. But he has super strength and guns can't kill the guy. He can walk out of an explosion unscathed.

Team Ninja: Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

- I considered a Naruto character but I decided to go with Ryu instead. I wanted a video game character so, he quailified. He has enough skills to defeat his enemies and can be stealthy.

Team Badass: James Bond

- He's the original personafication of the word even before the movies. He's a trained spy from martial arts to sharshooting. What can I say that hasn't been said about the guy?

Team Asshole: Templeton "Faceman" Peck (The A-Team)

- Originally, I was just going to just have B.A. and Murdock but I felt I should add the rest of the four so judging by what I've seen of the tv show and watching the film, I think Faceman qualifies for this slot.

Team Swordsman: Connor MacLeod (Highlander)

- Originally, I was going to put Kenshin Himura but again, I wanted to go for the less obvious. Besides, Connor is well trained to fight with a katana and has managed to win various swordfights (he even killed The Kurgan).

Team Gambler: John "Hannibal" Smith (The A-Team)

- He might qualify more for "Team Brains" than Gambler but I think his plans are just so spot on and he relies on his wit and convincing performances that you could consider them gambles. But let's just say that he and The Doctor are both brains of the group.

Team Kid: Nadia (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water)

- Often described as (actually my personal favorite is that someone from the podcast Anime World Order described her as) "self-rightous, vegan bitch" and can be distrustiung of adults but with the help of The Doctor and Murdock, she can warm up to them. How is she useful to the team? She can assist in various plans like if she poses as someone's daughter if Hannibal Smith requires one for his disguises.

And the jewel around her neck? The Blue Water, danger detector.

Team Killer: Aisha Clanclan (Outlaw Star)

- Well, she can be when she turns on her "viscious animal-werecat" mode. I can imagine Hannibal Smith basically saying "Release the attack cat" when going up against enemy soldiers or guards.

Team Undead: Angel (Buffyverse)

- Vampires are the undead, aren't they? So yeah. Had to go with him. He wants to atone for his sins, well, perhaps anyone in the team will help him do so.

Team Speedster: Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

- I had to do it. Rainbow Dash qualifies for the speedster category. She's fast, agile and can create an atomic rainbow cloud.

That's everyone, I'm quite proud of how the team turned out. The Daleks are attacking the Earth? Ther Heartless are invading countless worlds and universes? Orcs, demons, dark wizards running amok? If you have a problem, call these guys.
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