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Leave my hand, and fly away
I can lose my way without you
I just forgot you and your lies

I'm sick of your useless words
Noise that breaks my silence sweet
Insignificant notes of your false life

When your nightmares embrace you
When the night is so cold and black
At the end, you shout my name.
July 22, 2010
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Nothing but a lie
Forever until you die

Always fills your soul
Never to be whole

Saturating your mind
Not a glimmer to find

In your stare
... You're already there.
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Walking under a clear night sky,
Beneath all of the stars,
A war tears through my soul
Transforming me into the God Mars.

My anger surges forth,
As I strike down my foe,
I drop to a knee
Under the force of a mighty blow.

I strike again,
Rending his heart from his chest,
I reel back in agony...
Taking a moment to rest.

Suddenly reality sets in
And again I fall to a knee,
The realization that the enemy
Has always been me.
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So I reckon my editing has improved drastically lately :D so much so that I can say that I'm actually proud of the editing that I have done hehe ^^

So here we go, another haiku 5,7,5 structured poem
with an edited image :D

I hope you like :meow:


Stock from: [link]
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Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Forget the past
Tainted by lust
Man the mast
And sail the sea
Before you pay a hearty fee

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Forget the past
Oh you must!
Play the mouse
And flee flee flee
Before the monster catches thee

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Just give in
You've already been beat
Into the river
With your hopes and dreams
Out with hatred and misery

Ashes to ashes.

Dust to dust

I cant forget,

As I succumb to rust
This will be the last writing ill be posting for a while. I just needed to vent when I wrote this and thought it sounded kinda nice so I wanted to share it. It has many meaning to me, but it all gose back to the same thing: You cant run form the past. Itll always come back to bite you
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My soul....

My soul?

"What are you talking about?" You frowned.
We're they playing a prank on you? Classic, mess with the new girl.

"We're being serious ______. I know this sounds crazy. Just... we'll explain it later.
You need to go home and rest. You look like a ghoul."
Jane scowled at Dante, who kept his gaze fixed on the floor.
What was happening?

"I'll drive you home if you want." Jeff piped up.

"Thanks..." You muttered, following after him.
As you two headed out the front doors, Jeff turned to you.

"Sorry about all the confusion..."

"It's fine." You fake smiled.
No it wasn't. Nothing was fine.

You followed Jeff until you reached a silver Mercedes. It looked like it costed a fortune.
Jeff held open the passenger door and let you in before getting in the drivers seat. He put the keys in the ignition and drove away from campus.
It was silent for a moment before he turned to you.

"You mentioned at lunch the other day, that you like to go into the woods to sing or somethin' right?" He asked.

"Yeah." You muttered, not making eye contact.

"Did you happen to notice anything... unusual?" He had no emotion in his voice.

Unusual? Did he mean seeing Dante? Or earlier when you saw a tall figure watching you?

"Um... not really, other than yesterday." You looked up at him.
He hummed in response and focused on the road. After a few awkward minutes, he spoke.

"________, you consider me a friend right?" His tone was gentle, but serious.
What was he getting at.

"Sure I do Jeff. Why do you ask?"

He paused.
"You really shouldn't go in the woods behind your house. It's dangerous."

Evergreen woods? They were the most peaceful woods you've ever been in.
How were they dangerous?


Jeff frowned.
"Just trust me on this one. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Promise me you'll stop going there."

You pouted.
"Fine, I promise."

"Good." He smiled "Let's go get some Ice cream!"

Jeff turned the car into town and drove until he reached a Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlour. 
You followed Jeff inside, up to the counter. He asked you what flavour you wanted and you chose (Favorite). Jeff ordered a caramel fudge sundae and you both ate at a table near the window.
Jeff looked up at you and smiled warmly.

"I Iike you ______, you're gonna be my new little sister okay? I always wanted a little sister. Anything you need I'll be more than glad to help. In fact, let's come here every Thursday and get ice cream. My treat.

You looked up at Jeff and nodded, smiling adorably.

"Okay... Big Brother."

Jeff seemed taken aback and blushed furiously. He tried to hide his face but failed miserably making you giggle.

"You're too adorable!" Jeff beamed, rustling your hair.

After you and Jeff had finished the ice cream, you got in his car and headed for home.
Jeff popped CD into the player and turned up the volume. Nine in the afternoon by Panic! At the Disco stared blasting through the radio. You and Jeff sang along like goofballs.
You both talked about simple things like favorite foods and colors, Anime and funny viral videos.

"I'm legally blind how am I supposed to drive a gateway car?" Jeff said in a mock ghetto girl accent.

"Are you saying you can't see?" You asked in your best interviewer voice.

Jeff tried his best to keep it together.
"I'm legally blind, I can see; BARELY."

The two of you cracked up laughing, Jeff could barely hold on to the steering wheel.

"Ohmygawd that had me in tears the first tIme I saw that video!" You snickered.

Finally the car slowed to a stop in front of your house. You unbuckled your seatbelt and opened the front door.

Thanks for everything Jeff!" You beamed.

"No problem at all ______! Stay safe! I'll see you around!"

You closed the door and waved as Jeff drove off. A few yards away he beeped the horn playfully and sped out of sight.
You smiled to yourself and headed up the driveway.
You opened the front door and ran into Tira. She looked at you with concern.

"Miss ______? You're home early. Are you feeling all right?"
You nodded slightly.

"I wasn't feeling well. I'm going to go rest."
You walked upstairs and sat on your bed, thinking heavily.
What was it in those woods that Jeff wanted you to stay away from so badly.
He seemed very suspicious.
You decided to sleep on it for a bit, you lied down on the bed and relaxed, sleep eventually came to you and you drifted off slowly.

~Five hours later~

You awoke, feeling a bit lightheaded. Sitting up you checked the time on the clock.
6:43 pm.

It was pretty late.
You looked out the window. The sky had already begun to get dark.
 Then something caught your eyes.

A glowing light.
Coming from the woods.

Quickly you stood and ran to your closet, dressing in a pair of black jeans, a grey hoodie, and converses. You grabbed your cell phone and snuck out the back door.

Jeff had told you not to go into the woods. You promised and now you felt a little guilty for breaking that promise.

But you had to see for yourself what was really going on.

You just hoped that Curiosity wouldn't kill he cat.
Finally it's here! After I made you all wait SO FREAKING LONG! (I'm sorry TTATT)
Anyway I wanted to have the reader bonded with the Creepypastas so here is a little time with big brother Jeffy.
But of snap you're going back to the woods!

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff the killer, Slenderman, Jane the killer, Eyeless Jack, Masky, BEN Drowned, or anybody else.
blah blah blah you get the idea.
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A/N Woo~! Another chap already! I'm on a roll~! XD But I don't have much to say about this but the fact that so many people have liked this! YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME~! I felt bad that me leaving you on that cliff made you guys think that I wasn't continuing this X3 I didn't think that people would think I'd be that evil~! So here you are, another chap of 'Entertaining Interest'~!

If you didn't already know, THIS IS A YAOI! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE! Please and thank you :3 But if you DO like yaoi, please read on my lovely Fujoshi's~!

Warning: ( if you didn't see from the first chap of this) Swearing will be thrown in at places it is needed! If you have a problem with that, I don't recommend you go any further than :3


When I finished my stumbling down the stairway, I was met with the task of pushing through the crowd. When your head is as fogged up as mine, it's a task within itself~!

After being pushed around like a rag doll, I wound up smack dab in front of the bathroom door. I think I should splash my face with water a little. Maybe that will help me brush off that strange feeling of emotions earlier? Entering the bathroom, I stood at the sinks, staring in awe at my half-dead appearance. God, I look terrible~! What's up with me...?

Shizuo's tear stained face popped into my head once again, causing my heart to lurch and my stomach to drop. It's eating me alive not knowing what had made Shizuo so upset. I've just got this weird sense of possessiveness over the blond brute. This being paired with the strong urge to hurt whoever had drove the blond to the point of tears. Ah~ what's happening to me~?

" annoying~." I just don't have these types of feelings. I never have kept someone close enough to even begin to have those feelings. I don't keep people that close. I must have finally cracked~! Yes, of course that's the answer! Hanging my head, I turned on the water, clutching my forehead in frustration. Obsessions sure are dangerous~!

Splashing my face with water did nothing to rid myself of the memory of Shizuo's pleading face, which pulled at my heart. My body craves to hold him tight till he stops making that expression! Gah! What am I even thinking?!

A small noise caught my attention. The water drowned out the clarity of it, but I think it may have been a curse. Looking over my shoulder with extreme cautiousness, I slowly turned off the water, listening intently. Rustling made my eyes snap over to the last stall. So that's where the sound came from~! Quietly, I made my way over to the stall, surprised to find it unlocked. They should know better than to leave things open like that~! With a rush of air, I slammed open the door, catching it before I smacked into the wall.

For the second time today, my eyes widened at the sight of the strongest guy in school. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, clearly from the falling of tears. His face was drawn into one of slight disappointment, but not shock like my own. Then he must have known it was me the whole time, and prayed that I didn't come in here~. Sorry to disappoint. Shizuo had a leg pulled close to himself, while the other was nonchalantly outstretched in front of him. One arm was resting on his knee and his blond hair was sprawled out in short wisps after being pushed against the wall. In short, he looked defenseless~!

" Sh...Shizu-chan..?" He shifted his eyes away from my form in the door way, looking elsewhere. This is where you ran off to when you got upset~? How girly Shizu-chan~!

"..Didn't I tell you to leave me the fuck alone, damn flea? Or did you not listen?" The blond's once demanding and raspy voice, was again soft and helpless. It's cute and so sad at the same time~!

" But I wanted to make sure my Shizu-chan was okay! I can't have you going all mopey on me. Other wise I'd have nothing better to do~!" Despite the state my mind was in, I at least sounded like I was still myself. In response to my teasing, Shizuo let out a menacing growl at me, a warning not to prod any further. As always, I took it as an invitation to push even more~!

" Don't call me that! Stupid louse! Or I'll beat your annoying face in." He put his hand to his head like he was fighting a headache while he smiled angrily. Ah~! Now he reacts to the name~! I was wondering why he didn't say anything before hand. Then again, he was pretty out of character on the roof to notice. Letting my smirk slip onto my face, I ran with it.

" But it sounds so cute Shizu-chan~! It's perfect for a monster like you~!" Finally getting into the mood, Shizuo stood, turning his head to give me a glare paired with a wicked smile. The same smile that would cause a human's blood to run cold by just looking at it.

" You must want to die really badly! Cause you're really pissing me off!" Throwing up my hands, I called surrender, wanting to know who to 'say hi' to for making my monster cry.

" Now now Shizuo~! I'm not here to fight, ..yet. I'm curious just who was it that made you low enough to cry? I figured that monsters have no tears to cry with." His violent aura fell away replaced by his guarded, sorrow filled appearance. Glaring at me like I had just slapped him, he gritted out,

" Like I said, it's none of your business Izaya. So keep your ass outta other people's lives!" Hanging my head again, I let my bangs cover my expression, which read as frustrated and heavily disappointed. In an angry huff, Shizuo tried pushing past me. Only to get stopped by my arm blocking the way out of the stall. Sure, if he really wanted to, he could simply break it and get out, but he halted like I thought he would. Laughing I tried pushing down my bubbling rage enough as to not anger the brute.

" But it is my business. ...I..I..just want to know. If you want some honesty, I felt pissed that someone, besides myself, made you cry. I was so confused and I wanted to know who did it. So please...I just want to know." Even with me not looking at Shizuo's face, I heard a small noise of surprise come from him. His face is probably showing a million different emotions, and I ache to see it, but I'm trying to make a point here. Darn~!

" I..why on Earth would I trust someone who has been giving me hell for this past week, with something like this?! You're just a no good lousy flea! Now leave me alone before I start getting mad!" My head remained down faced as I let my arm fall, feeling the brute brush past me. Why do I feel so unhappy? He's right, it really isn't any of my business who made him cry. I just...can't be happy with that answer.

My body spun around, catching a hold of Shizuo's sleeve, surprising us both. What the heck is going on with me?! This...hasn't happened before~. Ahaha~, I think this monster is getting to my head or something! Who knew that it'd be this dangerous wanting to play with a monster~? We stared at each other for a good minute before I snapped out of it. Releasing his arm, I wryly laughed, upset that I acted so strangely.

" S-sorry, I was going to say something, but forget it~! See you around, Shizu-chan~." This time it was me who walked out first. Ah what a messed up day~! Hopefully we'll go back to normal and start fighting again! I miss that right now. It helps me clear my mind, and have some fun with Shizuo while I'm at it~.

Class had already started, so I made up one excuse or another, taking a seat in the very back of the class room. The teacher started class up again, irritated that he had to stop just because I walked in. Pulling out my notebook, I started writing, not with any intention of note taking. I simply needed something to occupy my mind. Something besides the blond personification of violence, who was in class a few rooms down.

At first I was just doodling and scribbling the names of people I knew. Then, without even thinking, I started making a chart. It was like my pencil was operating of it's own accord, drawing fluid lines and words. Soon enough, I had made a complicated chart that only I'd ever get. Much to my chagrin, said chart was all about Shizuo. About the increase in strength I've noticed, and how often I have fights with him. Mostly about very random things, all having to do with the blond~.

Growling, I harshly ripped out the page, viciously crumpling it in distaste. Can't I go one minute without thinking of him~?! It makes me so mad that I can't focus on anything! Looking up, people were staring at me, bewildered at my sudden burst of violence. Forcing a smile, I made another excuse.

" Sorry, I don't have an eraser." After they slowly turned away, half-satisfied with my answer, I let my head hit the table. This will be a long day for me~!


When I went into my next class, I was met with the flea's shocked and slightly embarrassed face. Why would he be so surprised with me being in class? Doesn't he remember that I have classes here too?! Stupid brainless flea. Once I took a few steps into the class, it dawned on me that the only available seat was next to Izaya. Great...

Throwing my stuff down, I tried putting all my attention on the teacher. Only for my train of thought to drift back to the black haired male next to me. He had his usual mask on, but I couldn't help but notice how fidgety he was being. It was as if he had somewhere else to be or something.

The teacher handed out the pop quizzes that she didn't let any of us prepare for. Which I guess is the point of a pop quiz, but it still pisses me off! Glancing around, I found everybody had their head down, even the flea looked like he was concentrating on it. I tapped my pencil on my paper, my thoughts preoccupied with earliers events. In all, utter embarrassing, honesty here, when Izaya stopped me for the second time, my heart fluttered. I figured he might have heard it that it was so loud! What was he going to say? I know it was cold of me to just push him away like that, but come on! He's been nothing but a pain in my ass for a while here! What else was I supposed to say to the little flea?!

A growl slipped out in my frustration, gaining attention. Great, now look what you did Shizuo!

" stuck on a question. Sorry." Putting my head down, I mentally cursed myself a million times over. I need to learn to keep things in my head!

The teacher told everyone that the time was up, and I looked down at my, blank, quiz. CRAP! Quickly, I scribbled down a few answers before she reached my desk. That was too close. Letting my head thump to the desk, I stared at Izaya. Watching as he intently scrawled something down, putting all his energy into what ever it was that he was writing. From what I saw, it kinda looked like a chart of some sort. The raven haired male glared at the paper like it had just slapped him across the face. Before he grabbed it and ripped it to shreds, creating a mess at his desk. Has he finally cracked?

" Um...flea? Do I even want to know what's wrong with you?" He tensed like I had just jumped out from behind him. Nervously he laughed, going back to writing, this time putting a lot of pressure on his pencil. It looked like he was about to put a hole through the page! Is he okay?

" Ahaha~! I don't know what you're talking about Shizu-chan. I'm perfectly fine~!" I made an indignant sound in my throat at this. On what planet is the flea 'perfectly fine'?!

" Pft! Yeah right. You'll never be 'perfectly fine'! You little messed up louse." I grumbled, surprised that he didn't have something to throw back at me right away. He just shrugged it off and continued to abuse his note book. Damn, I wanted to start a fight with him! So I can shake off this weird aura that we have going now. " You actually don't have anything to retort? No, 'look who's talking brainless monster~!' just nothing?" He ignored me, continuing his scrawls. I felt my rage rise at the fact he was ignoring me. All I want is a good fight, and you don't even try to start it?!

Jumping up, I went over to the flea's desk, ripping his note book from him, looking at the strange markings on the page. What the hell is this? Holding it high above my head, I watched him stand, about to start jumping for it. He put his head in his hand, laughing at himself.

" I can't believe I was actually going to play your game Shizu-chan~! Aren't you a little old for playing keep away~?" My familiar feeling of anger started boiling like I wanted it to.

" Well maybe next time pay attention to me when I'm clearly trying to fight! Fucking flea!" Izaya's annoying smirk was again back on his face as he looked at me in a demeaning way. Don't look down on me!

" Aw~ Shizuo's mad that I didn't give him attention~? How cute!" Lowering my hand back down, I ignored the note book, focusing on Izaya now. Cute?! I'm not cute in anyway!

" Watch it flea! Don't call me 'cute'." He laughed at me, leaning on his desk, his head tilted to the side.

" But you are cute Shizu-chan~! An adorable little monster!" Having enough of his teasing, I threw the note book to the side, turning around and picking up my desk. Izaya had already started out the door, just barely missing getting struck by the desk. Dammit! I was so close! The class gasped as we ran out, me yelling curses at his back. " This is so much fun Shizu-chan~!" The raven haired male said as he dodged the door I had thrown at him. Will he stop moving for one second?!

After a week of attempting to keep up with the fast moving flea, I've become better at running after him. Now the gap between us is shorter than it was the first time I chased him.

" Stupid flea! Stop moving for a second! I just wanna throw something at you!" Izaya turned, now running backwards, a smirk on his face. God, when I get my hands on you...!

" Ahaha~! Silly Shizu-chan, why would I stop so you can hurt me~?"

We continued like this for a while, soon leaving the school and beginning to rampage through the streets of Ikebukuro. I lost sight of the sly blackette and gave up on killing him for today. Damn flea needs to stop being so fast! People gave me wry glares as I trudged down the side walk, they were more then likely witness to Izaya and I's 'playing'. They all can go screw themselves! It's not easy having an annoying flea pestering you day in and day out!

While keeping up my slow pace, I glanced down at my uniform, shocked at its state. When did it get all in tatters like this?! GAH! FUCKING FLEA! He must have been cutting me while we fought. I wasn't surprised to find some of the tears colored slight crimson. What ever. I'll bandage it up when I get home. I would go to school, but as I pull out my phone, it was already too late to go back. Fuck. Now I'm gonna be behind again!

Angrily shoving my hands in my pockets, I opened the front door of my house. If mom's here, she's gonna have another fit about me coming home in ripped clothing again.

" I'm home!" Testing, I yelled out, getting nothing at first in response. After a few more seconds of silence, Kasuka poked his head out, giving me a half-hearted wave.

" Welcome home Shizuo. Mom and dad are going to be gone for a couple of days. They said it was a big project for work and that I was in charge." Great, more business meetings with some over seas dick head? It didn't shock me that they left Kasuka in charge, since I can't control my anger let alone be held responsible for watching over my younger brother. With a grumble, I brushed past Kasuka and grabbed a milk out of the fridge.

"Stupid douche bag foreigner business hacks..." I mumbled, feeling pissed off again. I don't like when our family is all separated like this. It can be very lonely sometimes. " I'll be in my room if you need me." Going upstairs, I stumbled over to my room, plopping on my bed with a groan. This has been a very long day.

My chest screamed in agony at being ground on the fabric of my bed. Crap! I forgot to put something on this. My arms went to push my weight off the bed before giving up on the task. I don't care enough to be bothered to put something on it. It'll stop bleeding eventually. So what if I get a little blood on my bed. That's what washing machines are for.

I stared blankly at my ceiling, lost in thought. My eyes traced patterns in the bumpy texture. Old glow in the dark stars dotted the space above my bed, forgotten and neglected. I had almost totally forgot I didn't take those down. Heaving a sigh, I ran my finger along my healing wound, getting some left over blood on my finger.

Izaya's smirk flashed across my mind, irking me to no end. Why does he always have to make my life living hell?! Can't he pick on someone else for a change? I mean, wouldn't I get boring after a while? The muffled noise of cars and the flashes of birds went past my window. Turning on my side, the defeated face of the flea now occupied my thoughts. The way his bangs obscured his expression. How he looked so troubled and upset that I didn't tell him who made me sad. ' I just want to know...' his voice was soft and desperate. It all was an extreme contrast to his normal upbeat and mysterious attitude. Did he really mean it..? I mean he's just some jerk who repeatedly insults me. It's not like he'd suddenly care about what I'm feeling! He didn't care that he cut me with a knife the very first time we met. Why would me crying change anything?!

I pulled on my hair, letting my frustration take on a strangled sound. I'm over thinking this too much! Just go to sleep and forget about the little fucker! Pushing my face deep into the pillow, I forced myself to start drifting off. Finding that my mind was still filled with the flea, even as I fell into slumber. Dammit. I just can't get away from him, can I? Maybe this obsession is mutual...?


A/N Sorry for taking so long! I got lazy and didn't want to work on it for a while. But I don't think this chap is as good as the last. But it'll get better I promise! I just can't be bothered to try much more than this for today. But I hope you guys like this anyways~! Please review and let me know if it's good or not~! :3
Yay another chap~! I found it amusing how most of you guys thought that I was evil enough to leave you with that cliffy for the end of this story! XD I may be cruel, but I'm not evil~!

This isn't very exciting, sorry! :iconfacewallplz: But please stick with me! I promise it gets better!! :meow:


Slight Language~!

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A/N Well, since FP is being an ass, you guys who are reading this story, get to have it first~! Yay!I wanted to get something out on my Birthday because I feel like I should. I hope it's okay! Slight 'things' happen in this chap, but nothing too physical. Please enjoy and comment~!

We both got home in one piece and I let out a breath I've been holding in. Keegan went to his room and felt me to stand there. I got to tell someone about this, I can't keep this in or I'll explode!

" Hey, you guys are back? That's good. I'll be back around eight tonight." The unexpected voice made me jump out of my skin. Emily stared at me in shock. " A little jump today aren't you? Someone after you?" She joked and I gave a head nod that broke her smirk off her face.

" Can I talk to you? It's important." She cautiously walked over to the couch and sat down with me. It was silent as she waited to hear what I was going to say and me thinking what I should say. Should I tell her about it all? Maybe not...but it would be nice. " There is someone at school that is trying to flirt with me and it makes me so mad, but I'm finding myself craving it and thinking about it all the time. And I just met this person! I don't know what's going on! They keep telling me dirty things that make me feel good and....I don't know what to do! They make me so pissed that I can't take it!"

" It sounds like you like this person."

" But I don't! I hate them! He's annoying and....and I want to hurt him!"

" He?" Shit....shit shit! Nice going you big idiot! Now our own sister is going to think your going gay for the man-whore!

" T-t-they. I meant they...I- okay! Fine! YES HE! IT'S A HE OKAY! A stupid man-whore that is throwing himself all over me and trying to kiss me and actually did kiss me at one point. And when he kissed me, I liked it. A lot. I know that I'm not gay but something about him drives me crazy! In every sense of the word! My head feels like it's going to explode!" Emily was smiling at me the whole time. I don't like that! I hate when people sit there and stare at me, smirking or no smirking.

" Do you think about him all the time?"

" ....Kinda...a lot."

" You got it bad little brother. I have to go, try to calm down." I grabbed her arm, barely stopping her before she left.

" Don't tell Keegan. I don't need him to think his older brother is gay. Got it?" Shrugging me off, she gave me a wave and left for her job that doesn't pay nearly enough. I'm guessing you want a little more info on us and how where here. Fine.

We all are siblings, Emily, me, and Keegan. When we were real little, our parents had a horrible accident. They were T-boned by some jerk and died at the scene while we were all at home where Emily was watching us. Emily, being the oldest of us three at age nine, answered the door and two men walked in and told us our parents died. I was only four, so I had no idea what was going on and Keegan was two so he understood absolutely nothing. I at least knew that mom and dad weren't ever coming back.They made us pack up our things, grab our cat Aidan and leave.

Emily was the one who always took care of use and helped us. She was basically our mom. I went to her for help, and still do. I didn't even cry at our parent's funeral, I didn't know what was happening. But I spent the whole night comforting Emily after.

Once Emily finished school, she got two jobs so she could support us and moved us into our own home. We got money from the Government, but not enough to support us on a weekly basis. Emily's jobs don't pay very well, but keep us going none the less. I had tried to get a job, but she said that she could do it on her own.

So there you have it. Our sad little story. And I don't want your pity so keep your ' Oh that's so sad!' 's to yourself and your ' I feel so bad for you.'. I don't need it. We're alive and well, that's all that matters.

I was sitting on the floor of our kitchen, cabinet doors open, as I searched for something to make for dinner. Aidan, our big black cat that likes to fight with me, headbutted my leg, rubbing his whole body against me, trying to get my attention. He's my buddy, what can I say. Holding my hand out, he pushed his head into my palm, purring loudly, reminding me of a motor boat.

" You don't think I'm crazy, right Ai-kun?" The cat ignored me, attempting to sneak his way into the open cabinet. But I pulled him out and he sat there. " Are you not talking to me Ai-kun?" Using two of my fingers, scratching under his chin, watching as he purred and closed his eyes. " Stupid cat... all you want is food and my attention, you little manipulative jerk. I'm not your tool." Leaning down, I wrapped my arms around Aidan and he laid down and purred. Opening one of my eyes I spotted some Ramen noodles. " Does Ramen noodles sound good for dinner Ai?" A low meow was my answer.

After popping the uncooked noodles in the microwave, I strolled back into the living room where Aidan laid on the back of the couch. He licked my hand before he tried biting me. That's what he does. He'll put you at ease by licking your hand then he'll bite you. Damn ungrateful cat! I feed you so show respect!

The microwave let out a impatient ding and I pulled out two bowls for Keegan and I. After fixing it all up, I made my way up the stairs, both bowls in hand. Using my awesome powers of balancing, I opened the door and gave him his Ramen. Aidan was weaving between my feet, hoping I would fall down the stairs and break my neck so he can claim my food. But I made it down the stairs and used my foot to lift him up and throw him behind me. Pudding behind me, he continuously meowed at me, more than likely cussing me out.

My phone buzzed wildly, urging me to pick it up. Still chewing a mouth full of Ramen, I open my phone, a number I didn't know was the sender and the text left my stomach to churn.
?: Hiya Hotty~!  ;3

There is only one person I can think of who would dare call me that.

Tony: How the hell do you have my number you creepy fucking stalker!

?: Now, now~ no need to get upset hotty~! And I have my reliable sources. :)

Tony: It was James....wasn't it.

?: Its a secret~ ;3

Tony: I hate you, creep.

Someone chose to knock on my door, getting up, I opened the door without looking to see who it was. Red hair greeted me. No...
" Hey, sexy neighbor~!"

" N-NEIGHBOR?!" Living next to the man-whore?! I think I would kill myself!

" Yeah, we moved in next door and I thought I'd swing by to say hi!" Josh leaned in, catching my lips for a second. I didn't move or anything. I blame the shock that I have to be neighbors with the man-whore prevented me from thinking clear. I would have let him kiss me again if I hadn't herd my brother's voice come from the stairs.

" Tony, who's at the door?" I started panicking.

" Nobody! Just go to your room!" He didn't ask why like the good little boy I taught him to be.

" Aw~! Was that your little brother? He's so cute~! Looks kinda like you. Same eyes. And I love the red streak in his hair!"Aidan decided that he's come and check things out and popped his head between my feet and started weaving. " You have a cat! So cute!"

" Aidan! Get in the house before I throw you out on the streets! You good for nothing feline!" Aidan pawed at my leg before strutting back inside.

" You're so mean to the poor kitty~! Can I go pet her?"

" Him." I, against my better judgement, stepped to the side, letting man-whore into my home.

" Oh? But Aidan is a girl name." He rubbed behind Aidan's ears, with him purring loudly.

" Yeah but it means 'feisty one' and fit him well. Besides, I liked the name." I stood by the side of the couch where my Ai-kun was being assaulted by a man-whore.

" He's adorable! Look he's licking my hand!" On the inside, I was smirking evilly. Got for it Ai! With one more pet, he pounced, almost biting Josh on the hand. Said man-whore whined, throwing himself in my arms. " Help me hotty! He's trying to hurt me~!"

" That's what you get." He pouted and stared up at me. Before I knew it he gently pressed his lips on mine. My mind whirled and I heard Aidan meow, running from the couch. My eyes screwed shut and I allowed myself to be pushed to the couch with the man-whore on top of me. His tongue met mine and something snapped in me and I sat up, pushing Josh into the arm of the couch, heating up our make-out session. My knee ground on his crotch and my hand traveled up his shirt to tease his nipples. Why does my body go into auto-pilot when I don't want it to?! The man-whore was mewling underneath me, and, for what ever reason, I found myself enjoying it.
My hand pushed up his shirt, revealing his smooth skin as my mouth began assaulting it, nipping here, sucking there. My teasing resulted in a few hickeys. Josh was moaning and begging for more, egging me on.

" Say my name." Josh was taken aback, but was shocked out of it by my hand moving to rub on a certain part of Josh's male anatomy.

" T-Tony! More, please!" He gasped, bucking his hips. Satisfied, I slipped my hand in, running my fingers all around. We met for another heated kiss, and I felt myself crumbling away. Why is my life so dysfunctional?

" Tony?" I turned to ice. My sister. My sister is home. She's home and sees me with my hand down Josh's pants and my tongue down his throat. I can't just tell her I wasn't, since she caught me red handed...more like white handed...Flying off of Josh like he caught on fire, I stood looking at my feet.

" I...I can explain...I...can't explain. Um. Met our new neighbor." Josh smiled and waved like he wasn't just being touched inappropriately by me. Not thinking clearly, I grabbed Josh's hand and  rushed to the door, pushing him out of it and slamming the door shut behind him.
                                                                       ( Change in P.O. V)
My hand was tingling as I stood outside of the door, a smile on my face. He held my hand!! It was so soft! And man is he a tease! I didn't know he would know what to do like that. And his cat was so cute! I squealed as I skipped off the porch to head back to my house next door. I feel so high!

" You look happy." My mother greeted me, an eyebrow raised. I couldn't help but giggle again.

" I am." I danced around her and fell to the couch.

" Did you go over to the neighbor's?"

" Yup~! And they were very welcoming." I was laughing at my inside joke. I've got to tell one of my friends about this! They'll be so jealous! I sprinted up to my room, pulling out my phone and speed dialing my friend Jess.


" Hey! You'll never guess who I was just having the time of my life with~!" I cooed into the phone, choking my pillow to death.

" No way! It wasn't Tony was it?!" She gasped, guessing him right off the bat. Maybe it was my gushing that he was the hottest thing I've seen during lunch?

" Oh yeah. And he was all over me too! Tongue action, dirty talk, teasing, down the pants, it was Heaven!"

"You lucky duck!"

"Oh! I almost forgot! I took a picture of him sleeping earlier today! I'll send it to you!" I hung up the phone and found the picture of my man sleeping soundly and sent it. " Hot, right~! He looks so yummy when he sleeps!"

" Yeah! I'm sure you guys will be going out soon."

" If I can get him to start liking me. He's dead set on claiming his straightness. But you can't really call yourself straight when you have your tongue in my mouth and your hand down my pants." She laughed while saying that she had to go. After saying good-bye, I closed my phone and stared at my ceiling. I really need to get more things on Tony from his little friend, James was it? I can't wait~! I wanna know what goes through that wonderful mind...
                                                                         (Change in P.O.V)
" I c-can't explain....!" Emily stood there in an amused shock. I don't like her looking at me like that! I want it to stop! I want my life to be normal for once! For ONCE IN MY LIFE!!! " I'm not gay." I gritted out, looking at the floor.
" Hahaha!! That's a good one little brother! Not gay! Yeah and I'm sure your 'friend' there agrees that you're 'not gay'? " Giving my older sister a death glare, I growled, rubbing my face.

" Who was at the door Tony?" My younger brother called, my body jumping. My heart thumped, I can't let him know! Imagine how much respect I would lose from him! I could kiss my reputation as his trustworthy secret-keeper good-bye.

" It was no one. Just some weirdo." I dodged, turning around, hiding my shame that was on my face. God, I'm a terrible role model!

A/N Was it okay? I try not to be to terribly sucky. Please comment!
Here's another chap! Up on my Birthday none the less! Enjoy~! There's some yummy yaoi in here, so please get off my story if you don't like it. Poor Tony doesn't know what to do! XD
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It was dark in his room because he didn't bother to switch the light on and he studied his face in the mirror. The only times he liked how he looked were when he was totally down, hollow and cold inside. In such state, he was paler than usual, his richly blue eyes standing out even more against his skin. For the past few weeks, since the summer holiday ended, he would spend long minutes, sometimes even hours, sitting opposite his mirror, looking at himself because he never felt quite this unhappy before. It was as if he was trying to find in his reflection some further knowledge that he couldn't find within himself, to fully grasp the hopelessness he felt. But there were no answers to be found, neither anything new. The boy in the mirror looked back at him, with each passing day becoming more unfamiliar - he was loosing himself. Somewhere in the room, his phone rang. He ignored it, examining his light-coloured hair, nearly touching his shoulders, because he didn't care enough to get a new haircut - there was no one to force him to. The phone rang again and it got a little annoying, which was quite an achievement since he did not get irritated easily. He stood up and looked around for the phone. It was buried in a heap of his clothes on the ground.

"Yes?" he finally managed to answer it.

"Tom? Where were you today?" asked Tiff's voice.

"Ah, I don't know, everywhere," he replied with a tired sigh.

"Right, everywhere but school," said Tiff reproachfully. Tom didn't have anything to answer. He liked to save the unnecessary talking. "What do you think you're doing? Do you want to be expelled?"

"Preferably not," replied Tom calmly, but then added: "Tiff, don't worry, they won't kick me out because of one day."

"No, not one day. Do you have an amnesia or what? This is at the very least sixth time you simply didn't feel like showing up. Seriously, Tom, I'd like to talk to you," she said. Tiff had what she refused to acknowledge as a saviour complex and she was thoroughly disturbed by Tom's failure to take control of his life. When she thought about it she had to admit he was always like this - indifferent, ignorant, never smiling, always daydreaming about god knows what - but it was getting worse every year.

"I thought we already were talking," came the lazy reply.

"Tom. Stop being sarcastic, I meant in person."

"Fine, we'll meet tomorrow. We're both going to the same school, remember?" he continued in his unperturbed tone as he closely examined fingernails on his right hand. He liked how regular was their shape.

"No, we need to do it sooner. Before tomorrow," insisted Tiff. She'd been meaning to talk to him for a long time and he ruined her plans by not coming to school that day.

"What does that mean, are you asking me to come over?" he asked reluctantly.

"Well... Oh, this is so messed up. Why couldn't you go to school today? You can't come over, I'm having a party with some friends in -," she checked the time, "like one hour."

"Aaah, right, logical. Your friends are coming so I cannot," he said sarcastically again.

"No, I mean, you can come if you want, but I wanted to be alone with you. But, you know what? Maybe this is even better, yes, come over anyway and we'll find some time - perhaps when they are drunk enough, we could talk. And you'll finally get to meet some new people."

Tom snorted. He didn't care for meeting new people - or anything for that matter. Why was Tiff even talking to him was a question that everyone around her asked themselves. Having a friend who doesn't care whether you exist and whom you can expect to forget your name as easily as a full name of the Pharaoh of the second dynasty in Egypt is not something most people would desire. Tom was a weirdo. Extremely good-looking, yes, but the phase when all the girls thought he was mysterious and sexy was long gone. Whatever he thought or felt, even though the general opinion was that he didn't ever think or feel anything, was undisclosed and unreachable. There were still some cases of quiet, emo or new girls, who fell madly in love with him but they could never be cured since what they liked about him was his lack of normal behaviour and their infatuation was fed merely by watching and admiring his face, body and movements, as they were forever guessing what was happening inside him. Tiff was not one of those cases though. She was extremely satisfied with herself and proud that Tom talked to her of all the people. The blond boy wasn't as much quiet as he was strange, he would like to talk to people but he gradually stopped because they didn't get him. Tiff was simply the only one who tried to accept him and whom Tom found - for whatever reason - worthy of talking to. Maybe he was just lonely. However, the fact that she had the power to influence him was just her illusion.

"I don't think so, Tiff, but thanks," he said slowly.

"Tom, please. It will be a sleepover. Don't you want to spend a night out of your house?" she asked, trying not to sound too desperate. She hated when things didn't go as she planned. And she planned a lot.

Tom got back to studying his fingers, this time examining the creases on their insides. He was comparing the number of creases and smiled when he saw only one crease on his thumb. He liked rediscovering known facts. Probably everyone knows humans have one less joint on their thumb but he enjoyed realising it again by counting them.

"Tom, are you there?"

He looked at the phone that he let slip down on his bed, slightly surprised. He took it and then remembered what they had been talking about. For a second, he thought he'd just end the call because he didn't feel like talking anymore, but Tiff's last words still resonated in his ears and now finally got into his brain. Spend the night out? Yes, he would like that. Maybe he will run away from Tiff's house and eventually spend the night somewhere else, but this would be his excuse in front of mother. A weak feeling of excitement swivelled inside him, which didn't happen often. Every time it did, it allowed him to hope for a very short while, that he will once be able to live as others. But then, the emptiness, the indifference came back again.

"Tom, did you forget we're talking again? Come on, how can this even happen to someone? Tom? Wake up and pick up the phone!"

"Sorry, Tiff, I'll be there. I'll come."
"Oh, you will? Awesome! And... don't forget about it, okay?" replied Tiff elated but Tom had already put the phone away, letting Tiff talk until she realises he's not there anymore and then hang up.

He tried to go back to looking at himself in the mirror, but he didn't like his face anymore. Something, he couldn't identify what exactly, gave away that he wasn't quite as lifeless as he was before Tiff called. He was going somewhere, meeting people - that was... life. And he could see it in his reflection. The handsome blue-eyed boy looking at him was unhappy, as always, but there was a slight inclination towards normality, which Tom couldn't stand. He looked away disdainfully and went to tell his mother about the sleepover.


Tiff smiled widely when she opened the door to see Josh and Matt.

"Hey, Tiff, sorry for being late," said Josh and hugged her, kissing her cheek briefly.

"It's alright. Though, it really left me wondering," she drew Matt into a hug because he didn't seem to be initiative enough - much to her displeasure, "how come that you are living so close and you came last." She closed the door behind them, watching Mathew awkwardly looking around. Even though he was the less talkative one from the two brothers, she liked him all the more. He had an ideal ratio of shyness to friendliness for her. He still needed some saving, she reckoned, but was fine enough to date as he was. In other words, Tiff had already planned their future together

"That might be because of Josh's endless pondering about what he should wear," smirked Mathew. Josh cast him a death glare, as Tiff chuckled before entering her room.

There were Sam and Zitta, who started dating only two days ago and were a bit unsure as to how to behave in front of others even though it was strikingly obvious they couldn't keep their eyes and hands off each other, next to them sat Celia a timid plain-looking girl who lived next door and Tiff liked to think of her as a little sister to take care of. On the ground next to the bed where they all sat was Luke, with his back against the wall, sipping from a bottle of beer. His face was more like a display of all possible piercings one can get than that of a sixteen-year old high school student. Since the principal threatened to suspend him if he wore all those piercings he made up for it outside the school. Josh went to sit in the armchair, which was his usual spot and no one else dared to occupy it. Matt settled down on the ground beside him, leaning his side against Josh's leg and turned to look in the same direction as all of them. They were practically turned to face the wall with two windows. The room was dark and they were looking at the night sky - well, at least all the boys were, girls were looking at Flint. On one windowsill sat a tall lithe boy with perfectly black hair and nearly as dark eyes. One of his feet was up on the sill and the other one hang loosely down brushing the floor with his toe. Flint was looking out of the window and didn't look at them even when he spoke: "Is anyone else coming, Tiffany?"

"No, Jomats were last," replied Tiff, completely forgetting about Tom. Josh and Matt's friends referred to them as Jomat brothers or Jomats because they were hardly seen separately so there wasn't any point in separating their names.

She let herself admire Flint's dark silhouette against the night illuminated by street lights and her insides slightly squirmed. Despite his ravishing looks, Flint - very much like Tom - was out of question when it comes to love interest. She didn't know how all the girls around him perceived it because he did not attend the same school but she knew for sure he did not date. It was possible he had many one-night experiences, or so she sometimes imagined, but he never talked about this part of his personal life. She was proud to have so many good-looking friends but it wasn't a criterion for being her friend, a perfect demonstration was Celia, who was if not ugly then at least not very easy on the eyes. Flint directed his gaze on Tiff.

"Really? Because someone just stood right in front your house but then evidently changed his mind and he's walking away now," said Flint with a cocked eyebrow and turned back to the window. Tiff strode to the other window just in time to catch a sight of boy dressed in black with unusually light blond hair disappearing down the street.

"Oh, it's Tom! What the hell is he doing?" she groaned and drew her phone to call him.

"You invited Tom? What the fuck?" asked Luke and the others obviously wanted to ask the same. Except for Flint.

"Who's Tom?" he asked intrigued.

"Yes, he is my friend," answered Tiff both questions. Sam, Luke, Zitta and Josh started to protest all at once but Tom picked up and in Tiff's head a little hurray echoed because he answered his phone half the times she tried to reach him so it was always a fifty-fifty chance.

"Why didn't you come in?" she asked and everyone fell silent to listen to her phone call.

"Oh my god, Tom, seriously. You felt like coming all the way to my house on foot, but you didn't feel like coming in? Turn around and get back here, please." She heaved a deep sigh and closed her eyes, listening to Tom's even serene voice talking what was nonsense for her.

"Alright, what can I do to make you come back?" she asked, turning her back to everybody and lowering her voice although they could still hear her. She could imagine their triumphant faces, Tom was proving them right by his behaviour - he really was a freak. "Listen to me. Stay at the playground, I'll go and get you, okay? Just wait for me." Tom hang up. "Shit!" Tiff turned around and looked at her friends.

"We've told you," shrugged Sam and Josh nodded.

"What the hell is happening?" asked Flint, leaving his windowsill and going to the door.

"Well, Tom is a bit weird, you know and -"

"More like a total freak, he's out of it, I'm telling you," interrupted her Luke.

"He is not. When he's with me he's fine. Maybe he just doesn't want to talk to you, Luke," she replied indignantly.

"Yeah, we've just seen how normal he is with you," retorted Luke.

"Oh, shut it. He's one step away from being expelled, I really needed to talk to him," despaired Tiff even though she knew she would find no sympathy in her friends.

"Trying to save someone again, aren't you?" smirked Flint and opened the door.

Tiff smiled. Flint had this habit of making personal comments on people, sometimes even if he didn't know them very well, which usually had a great effect on girls.

"Are you going somewhere?" asked Matt.

"Yes, I'm going after Tommy, he seems interesting," proclaimed Flint casually.

"What? Flint, you can't. He's very... delicate to deal with. You can't make him come here, even I couldn't," protested Tiff, this time on the same side with her friends. But they all knew very well that when a crazy idea struck Flint, he never let it go.

"Don't worry guys, hit it off and we'll be back in no time," grinned Flint maliciously and he was gone.

He was glad to get out of the house on the fresh air. He welcomed anything out of the ordinary and this boy definitely sounded different. However, he had some experiences with Tiffany's "victims" and didn't expect Tom to be much fun but he could always make fun of him or just irritate him - that would depend on how bad he had it. Flint stuck his hands into the pockets of his black hoodie and stopped at the end of the street. Tiff told him to wait near the playground so he turned right. It didn't seem like Tom agreed to wait there, but he had surely gone in that direction. Flint realized that he gave Tom a lot of time to get pretty far away. He broke into a sprint - he was cold anyway. As he was passing the playground he saw a black figure swinging lazily. The blond hair was unmistakeable. Flint jumped over the fence and went to stop right in front of the boy on the swing, still a little out of breath.

"Hey, I'm Tiffany's friend," he said. The boy looked up to examine him with astoundingly blue eyes. They were the darkest shadow of blue Flint had ever seen in eyes. He thought they might be just a coloured lenses, he knew people who liked to wear them. The blond boy was waiting.
"Flint," he introduced himself and offered him a hand.

"I think you know my name," replied Tom and didn't bother to shake his hand.

"Yeah," confirmed Flint and withdrew his hand. Then he took the swing next to Tom's. The blue-eyed boy was looking at something in a distance or perhaps at nothing in particular at all. "So, will you go back with me?"

"Why?" asked Tom and Flint winced.

"Well, because Tiffany..." wants you to - he would have said. But Tom didn't seem to care what others wanted. "... because it's warmer than here," he said the first thing that came into his mind.

"I'm not cold," replied Tom uninterested and began drawing something on the ground with the tip of his foot.

"And if you were?" asked Flint, not really sure what he was doing. But after all, this usually happened to be his best tactics.

Tom shrugged. "There are other ways to get warmer."

"But they are more physically demanding unless you mean -," Flint luckily managed to stop himself. Tom looked at him and Flint smirked at him. The other boy seemed as serene as ever.

"There are other places to go," continued Tom but didn't take his piercing eyes off Flint's face.

"Next building opened to public is at least twice as far away as Tiffany's house," replied Flint promptly. Tom raised one eyebrow. "We are in... living area - just houses all around us," defended Flint his argument. Tom looked away again and remained silent. "Did I win?" asked Flint after a while.

"Did you win this argument? Yes, you did. Can you remember what did you base it upon?"

Flint didn't hesitate for a second, he based it upon the assumption that Tom is cold, which he claimed he wasn't.

"I really like your coat." That made Tom look at him again and there was a subtle amusement hidden somewhere underneath his poker face. Flint realised he liked when Tom was looking at him.

"So do I," said Tom and stroked the black sleeve of the coat with his fingers. "It's really really warm."

Flint let out a surprised chuckle. Was this boy mocking him? "You know, I like it so much I would buy it from you right away."

"Well, unfortunately, it's not for sale," shrugged Tom with a shadow of smile on his lips, which were truly enticing when he moved them - as Flint noticed.

"Alright then. Would you lend it to someone who was freezing to death?" Flint didn't give up.

"Yes, I suppose," replied Tom gingerly. Flint stood up abruptly and took off his hoodie, throwing it on the ground.

"I'm really cold, you know," he looked at Tom and shivered in his white t-shirt. Tom shook his head.

"There's a hoodie on the ground. Take it and put it on," replied the blond boy. Flint looked offended. He took the hoodie and looked into Tom's eyes, half mocking half curious. The black-haired boy clutched the black fabric and contemplated his options. He turned around and jumped over the fence, then ran across the road towards the nearest house. He knocked on the door.

Tom watched that strange handsome guy run to the house across the street. He felt... so interested. He couldn't remember having conversation that he liked with anyone for the past two years. Somebody he couldn't see opened the door and the lean dark boy gesticulated for a while, then went still, possibly waiting for the reply. The boy turned around and stepped aside, revealing a young girl standing in the door. He pointed right at Tom and said something to the girl, who subsequently took his black hoodie, gave him something and closed the door behind her. Flint shouted thanks and ran back to him with a triumphant grin.

"I am soo cold," he shivered again and it seemed rather genuine.

"Well, go on to that house and take your hoodie back," replied Tom.

"I cannot. She bought it from me and there's absolutely no way I'm getting it back," proclaimed Flint, smiling widely. Tom didn't believe him but it was just as well. He knew he would go back with this boy from the very moment he asked him what would he do if he was cold. But he felt like prolonging this game a little.

"Well, you still have your t-shirt. I'm sure you'll live," said Tom.

"Uh, you're unbelievable!" exclaimed Flint but when he saw it had absolutely no effect on the boy, he took of his t-shirt and stood there half-naked, this time really freezing. Tom's eyes focused on the t-shirt. Flint rolled his eyes and looked around to find some way to discard it. He sighed, grasped it firmly and pulled forcibly, tearing it apart. "Now I am literally freezing to death," he hissed. Tom's eyes lingered on his naked torso and he felt something deeper and stronger then curiosity wake up inside him. The blue-eyed boy slowly stood up and lazily took off his coat, handing it over to Flint. Underneath it he wore a shirt the exact colour of his eyes. Flint took the coat, quickly putting it on and buttoning it. They walked silently side by side towards Tiffany's house.

"I forgot your name," said Tom suddenly.

"I forgot yours too," replied Flint but he smirked when Tom looked at him. "I'm Stan, Flint or Tod. Choose whichever you like." Tom smiled - really smiled - for the first time in many months.

"I am Thomas. But don't call me that," replied Tom and this time Flint smiled. The night was truly nipping but that moment they both felt something warm grow inside them.

I felt a bit out of it this weekend and I wrote this to distract myself. Don't worry, I'll definitely continue with Miller's son, this is just a short story (even though I might be making next chapters one day). Hope you like it :)

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DRARRY! Male/male slash! Don't like, don't read!

The Slytherins were getting restless, even Harry could tell that much, and he'd never been particularly good at observing such things. They all seemed to hold their collective breaths whenever Harry came in range of their elected leader, tensing up at his approach and only relaxing once he'd left. For his part, Draco had pointedly not looked at him whenever this occurred.

Harry didn't know what to think of this behaviour, but it made him nervous.

Did they know what was going on with him and Draco? Well, good for them, because he for one still had no bloody clue. He wondered what Draco had told them in regards to the matter, if anything, and what their sharp-eyed perusal meant.

He'd taken to following Malfoy around after classes had finished, trying to get within talking (or snogging) range, but so far, their dance was on the out-swing. His fellow Slytherins had drawn in around him like an entourage and refused to let him get near.

It was the most confusing situation he'd ever been presented with.

He asked Hermione about it one day, frustration overcoming his natural reluctance in discussing the subject with anyone.

"Playing hard to get?" Hermione considered Harry's first suggestion with a frown. "I don't think so, otherwise they would have let you get closer by now, probably."

"Then what the heck is going on?" Harry threw is hands up in the air and ruffled his hair in exasperation. "This has been going on for almost two weeks!"

"Slytherins," Hermione shook her head.

"He hasn't even looked at me for days!" Harry was feeling a bit miserable by this point, not to mention he was going through something like snog withdrawal.

Ron came by not long after and asked, "Why the long face, Harry?"

"It's Malfoy," Harry sighed. "How am I supposed to court him if he's not even letting me near him? I guess I could try sending him a note by owl again. But it's risky to send such a blatant note in his direction."

"Maybe that's what he's after," Ron said, taking a pack of sugar quills out of his bag. "He wants to know how much of you're willing to let the public know about your intentions."

"How does that make sense?" Hermione frowned harder.

Harry grinned behind his hand, knowing that she got annoyed whenever Ron thought of something that she hadn't when a problem came up. Well, anyone, for that matter.

"Pureblood tradition," Ron sighed. "Official declaration of intentions and all that rot. You know, send a letter, etcetera. In this day and age, I guess it's weird to send it to their head of household like the old days, but Purebloods really like their alliances to be written down as solid proof, you know?"

"No," Harry goggled at his friend in surprise. "I had no idea whatsoever."

"Oh," Ron said, not even noticing that he'd casually solved Harry's mystery without any trouble. "Well, then, just send him a letter stating your intention to court him. It's easy, hardly needs more than a few lines even."

"How do you even know this?" Hermione asked, sounding rather put out.

"It's how my Dad started courting my Mum," Ron said, as if it were obvious. "We get to hear the story every summer on their anniversary."

Harry painstakingly wrote out the letter of intention to send to Malfoy, getting Ron to look it over before he sent it. Ron had checked it over just as carefully as Harry had written it, for which Harry was surprised. He didn't think Ron really approved of his courting of Malfoy. He had it written out, folded and stamped with wax, ready for Hedwig to take to Malfoy before Ron said anything.

"Are you really sure this is what you want to do, mate?" Ron asked.

"I think so," Harry replied quietly, tying the letter to Hedwig's leg as securely as possible.

"Be sure, Harry." Ron said, voice serious. "Cause if this isn't what you definitely want, then don't send it. You know, this letter, back in the day was like saying that you eventually wanted to marry someone, right?"

Harry hadn't known that, actually. Why was everyone around him assuming that he knew anything about proper courtship? He was basically stabbing about in the dark hoping that he got it right, and at the same time, hoping that he wasn't going to end up putting everyone on his side in danger.

He paused for a second, considering. Then, with a small sigh, continued to tie the letter, patting Hedwig reassuringly when he thought he had it firmly in place.

Even Hedwig seemed anxious, before finally taking off through his open window.

"Ron, please tell me I haven't just made a huge mistake."

"Can't say yet. You'll have to see."

The next day he was sitting in one of the outdoor courtyards on a break, wrapped up in a cloak and scarf against the late autumn chill, when Malfoy found him. For a few moments, all the two of them could do was stare at one another. Malfoy's expression was unreadable, his silver eyes not giving away anything.

"I didn't think you actually would," Malfoy said finally, eyes dropping to the ground between them.

"I wasn't sure that was what you wanted," Harry admitted, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his robes. "But I was going crazy being separated from you, so there wasn't anything else I could do."

"I was going to come back," Malfoy said, sounding almost angry. "Everyone in Slytherin knew what was happening and told me not to let me be pulled in. But still, I couldn't stand it, so I was going to just give up and come find you."

"What are we doing?" Harry asked, a tad desperately. He still didn't know, really.

Malfoy took a step forward, then another, slowly. Cautiously, he approached until he was right in front of Harry. He reached into his robes and brought out the letter that Harry had written him.

"This... this could change everything."

Harry could see the slight waver in his fingers as he held it between them.

"We could burn it," Malfoy said, not looking up. "We could continue on, as we were doing before. I... didn't mind. Because you don't have to make promises like this to get me to agree to see you."

Malfoy was giving him an out. Malfoy didn't want to scare him away with intentions that brought so much pressure and might drive him into backing off. He wasn't sure if Harry really meant it, as everyone in their right mind was asking.

But right now, Malfoy looked afraid. He could see it now that he was looking. It was there, in the tremor of his fingers, in the way he held his body rigid as if expecting rejection, and how he looked at the ground to avoid looking him in the eyes to hide the emotion in them. He was holding out the letter, giving Harry the option of avoiding the risk inherent in an intention to court him.

And he was hoping Harry wouldn't take it.

He smiled, holding out a hand. Malfoy's fingers jerked, then held very still. He reached out to give Harry back his letter, jaw stiff. Harry took his hand, turned it over, then pressed Malfoy's hand holding the letter back up to his chest.

"Keep it," he whispered.

Then he brought his free hand up to Malfoy's face, tilting his chin up to look him in the eye. When Draco finally met his gaze, hesitantly, he smiled and leaned forward. Their lips met, and he felt Draco exhale shakily. Harry gathered him close, holding him with one arm while his hand slid around the back of his neck.

The moment felt fragile, like breathing too hard might shatter it.

When he finally drew away, Draco was smiling tentatively.

"I still don't really know what I'm doing," Harry admitted. "I want to promise anyway."

Draco doesn't answer, simply leans forward to kiss him again, carefully and slowly, like he's telling Harry a secret. Harry responds, smiling against Draco's mouth. He draws back and leans their foreheads together. This isn't about seducing anymore. They don't need the fierce melding of mouths to convey meaning to their interactions.

Harry honestly doesn't know what's going to happen anymore. He got drawn in so fast, and he couldn't pull back, even if he wanted to.
Wow, guys. I had this all planned out, and now suddenly I have no idea where it's going. Well, to begin with, this was only supposed to be short, like maybe four parts??? Then it turned out not short, and I tried to plan it, and now it's taken another turn. It's like these boys have minds of their own! >.< So if you're wondering what the heck is going on now, no one knows, not even me. Heh heh. Sorry.

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