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English folk tune. My own short arrangement on a 15 string lap harp/psaltery.
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Original Art

Youtube HD Link: [link]

Email me:
More of my art at: [link]

Music Info: I've licensed all my tunes thru Audio Jungle, most are from composer Ron Passaro aka takingaction, You can find more of his music here: [link]


:bulletred: Sketchcraft - The podcast for art, design, and process junkies. - [link]
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Dropping the bass is a risky business...

Based on a comic by me, you can find it here:…
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This is an animation of all the parts coming from nowhere to form a Stratocaster.

Please comment and tell me how to improve it.

Thank you for the daily deviation and all the wonderful comments! :D

I've decided that I'm going to render this again in a higher resolution, and this time include the electronics too. :)
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An animated video done for the band Jonah Blacksmith, on their song "Entangled Strings".
This animation was done within 5 days, at a workshop held by Anim'est festival, with two trainers from Tumblehead Studio (Denmark): Peter Smith and Magnus Mĝller. Peter and Magnus are friends with the guys from Jonah and they gave us permission to use their song.

I worked on concept art, character design, backgrounds and character animation, along with 5 other students.
We listened to the song first, while writing down words the crossed our minds on sticky notes. Then we put all the notes on a wall and made a story out of them. We noticed that the words "cowboy" and "underwater" were next to each other so we thought, "hey, our character should be an underwater cowboy!" :D

The story is pretty simple: a dying cowboy is lying in the desert, when a huge bird comes from the sky and flies through him. When he wakes up, he's wearing a bird-skull mask and is underwater. He begins his journey, and after a while he reaches a mountain made of bird skulls. He climbs it and when he gets to the top, he takes his mask off and his soul departs, leaving the skull behind- another addition to the mountain.

if you're interested you can watch my animation show reel for 2012 here: [link]
I've learned so much this past year, animation-wise and not only!

Hope you like it!


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1980, an old videocassette starts. In an anonymous building, Lee, by the light of a candle, is meditating. The quiet of the night is soon perturbed by mysterious shadows running through the city. Udenaga is soon here... The ultimate fight for the Ninja force can begin.




sound design by ADENA

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For :icontheswitchoct:

Part 1:

Reference Sheet:

ALSO IN CASE IT WASN'T CLEAR..he is mute as of arriving to Phaeton. Dx

Note: Every pretty girl is his true love.

Nym & Gene: *rougeFetus
Morose/Ringmaster: *NevermoreGingitsune
Vincent/The Priest: Alexander Craddock
Misc.: *Veezibee
BGM: Kevin MacLeod (under Creative Commons)
SFX: Soundsnap
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<UPDATE> Update for new watchers or to gain more views.

UPDATE: A Flash converted to WMV for Film for faster and no lag video (Sorry for Updates teehee!)

COMING UP NEXT:: CNSY Skit#002 - Toyland

Video Safety:
For headphone users, music increase from time to time, please balance the volume of your headset to prevent ear kill.

Youtube version for those who hate flashes >>>


This is the first Club Map Skit samples available in Club for RJAce1014. Only Ranking Members are animated inside Club Map.

-- All voice acting was done by me including the girls voice. I kinda lost my Girl Pitch Tone so I have to use a software to increase it. As I grow old, my pitch starts to vanish and that's the scary part of voice talents.

-- I agree that my voice is not really that good and if you're a person who criticize someone by their voice, please don't. It's hard to hire a girl this hour to voice act my animation. Besides, girls are really hard to convince so I know that doing things on my own will be much faster.

-- Me and my BFF LS Jenalysa are music composer. We use FL Studio but on this miniskit, with didn't use our own music. We use RMXP free royalty music inside the game and I loved the mixes and syncing of the music on the video. It really is match the description. We use RMXP since I'm on a rush and I just want to show this ASAP

-- Okay, I didn't use my Toon Boom since it's not really complicated project. I simply use Anime Studio Pro 7, Paint Tool Sai, Audacity, Poser 7, and AutoTonic v.4.3
All artworks are done with Paint Tool Sai.

Small but Terrible

-- It is suggested to watch the video first before reading this section.

The skit is small but terrible about a SM Teru worrying that she may be just a fragment of hopelessness because of her height disadvantages. LS Jenalysa encourages her that not all small people are hopeless, some advantages are being attractive to guys for being adorable. As LS Jenalysa encourage to cheer SM Teru a bit, Geinst and Keddie came walking by and Keddie talk about how he hated small people and their annoying attitude. Jenalysa heard him and blasted her anger. Jenalysa then beat up Keddie till he got his face deformed. SM Teru chuckles a bit and proud of being small from now on.


Teru: *Sigh* I'm the only smallest ranking member in the group. What can someone like me can do anyways? Everyone treats me as a kid. I wish I was tall as Blizzred. *Sigh*

Jenalysa: Awwww, don't down yourself Teru, we're both the same.

Teru: *Shocks* Oh, I totally forgotten about you Jenalysa.

Jenalysa: Yup! We're both same height but I'm proud of being small though.

Teru: Huh? How so?

Jenalysa: Small girls like us are cute. Guys like small girls since they're cute.

Teru: Really?

Jenalysa: ^__^ Yup! I'm sure about that, believe me! Learn from the experience...

*Keddie and Geinst Walk up*

Keddie: What I hated the most are people that are small. These pipsqueak are annoying and wanna act tough, huh, like I care...

Jenalysa: Can you repeat that last sentence!

Keddie: Ehh (Le shocks)

*Jena beat up Keddie*

Geinst: Hihi! I gotta say, when they said small but terrible, they're actually telling the truth.

Teru: Wow, I'm proud to be small then.


SM Teru = :icontakkunotori:
LS Jenalysa = :iconjena-lysa:
LS Keddie = :iconkeddie-eddie:
LS Geinst = :icongeinstwillianamor:
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Sorry do not speak English, I speak Spanish. thanks.

OHHHHHHHHHHH hice un trailer T_T pero la verdad es que estaba obligado a hacer un video por que mi licencia para poder subir video a DEVIANTART se iba acabar, ya han pasado alrededor de tres meses sin usar esa facultad :iconcryforeverplz: y todo por mi demora en mi mega proyecto secreto y en mi vida XD.
Bueno bueno con esto se daran cuenta más o menos como va ser este proyecto :iconadorableplz:
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And I was somehow able to voice her. ^^
Should I do a full version of the song?
All credits at end of video

Wei = Hey
Baba = Dad
Mama = Mum
Xiao Long Bao = Little Dragon Bun (Shanghainese Delicacy, small steamed bun with pork and soup inside)
Lao Jiu = Wine

Yes, the last line is in Shanghainese, I had to. XD
Visuals for opening are glitchy on purpose to help with copyright stuff = A = stupid copyright
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