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Original Art

Youtube HD Link: [link]

Email me:
More of my art at: [link]

Music Info: I've licensed all my tunes thru Audio Jungle, most are from composer Ron Passaro aka takingaction, You can find more of his music here: [link]


:bulletred: Sketchcraft - The podcast for art, design, and process junkies. - [link]
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English folk tune. My own short arrangement on a 15 string lap harp/psaltery.
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This is an animation of all the parts coming from nowhere to form a Stratocaster.

Please comment and tell me how to improve it.

Thank you for the daily deviation and all the wonderful comments! :D

I've decided that I'm going to render this again in a higher resolution, and this time include the electronics too. :)
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Here's the full animation. Film 
I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
"Full" meaning it missing like 3 last scenes. But this was as far as I got up to the due date for school back in Spring : p

All backgrounds were done in Adobe Photoshop - drawn sketches first before being digitalized and hand painted in Photoshop. Character Animation (sorry, still practicing faces) were done on Adobe Flash. Scene editing and rendering done on After Effects - with ironically final rendering done on Windows Movie Maker, haha. I was in my classroom and AE was taking so long to load all my scenes, so I wung it with Movie Maker since it was quicker at the time. Went better than I hoped.

But I'm still willing to work on it in the near future.

Um um um, what else >>> Donut Pepsi Coffeecup Brainless idiot! 
Backgrounds are based on real life locations. Sketched lots of perspective and stuff in my sketchbooks back in the winter. Old school with old rooms / favorite park with so many damn trees. I swear, sitting in the cold drawing every BALD tree was so worth it - got better at drawing nature-ish things. Had to go back and reference color pallates for the spring when I was coloring the BGs. Allergy fun!

So, not so much story I suppose. Mostly a self thing, you know? A sense of 'Nostalgia' as my teacher read it (which I can so take). But at least I got familiar with a bunch of programs.

OOOOH, the music is done by me too.
Thought long and hard about music for a long time but nothing ever clicked. Then I played on my first grand piano visiting a friend at her college. LOVED playing piano back in high school; just free playing with no real plan of a song. And after so many months of withdrawal, and just starting again ON A GRAND PIANO, I was so stoked. Nuu  Played for forever - and ironically left my camera on 'record' before my friend left me to go to class. Soooo... I had a long useless video with background music.

*click click* Headbang!  FOUND MY MUSIC.
Just for the sake of it I used Adobe Audition to help render the music. MP3 it and scrub it alongside my scenes. Worked out pretty well : ) I was happy.

And so, uh, "After School"!
Came up wit title right before rendering on Movie Maker :/ Haha, appropriate enough.
Hope you guys enjoy it if you manage to watch all of it. :happybounce: 

+fav +fav +fav +fav 

Heart Heart Heart Heart 


Point Right P R O G R A M S  U S E D Point Left 

Bullet; Purple Adobe Photoshop & Elements 11 >> digital painting for BGs
Bullet; Purple Adobe Flash >> character animation
Bullet; Purple Adobe AfterEffects >> motion graphics and scene rendering
Bullet; Purple Adobe Audition >> Music and Audio editing
Bullet; Purple Windows Movie Maker >> final rendering

And thank you very much to my teachers at SVA for my first year. I've learned so much from them - made great mentors and friends. Hope to progress even more in second year! Hug 


Bullet; Blue TUMBLR:

Bullet; Red YOUTUBE:…


Bullet; Black   FACEBOOK PAGE:…

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An animation of Skutena as the Loituma girl!
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A short sequence I animated and cleaned up for a third year graduate film, "Growing Space" by Kate Broadhurst a few weeks ago.

I researched lots of birds flying in slow-motion and Planet Earth episodes for this which really helped as it's my first time animating a realistic animal, it was very fun to draw! (Not so fun to composit as the layers are very complicated!)

I listened to Elbow's new album, "Build a Rocket Boys!" as I did this, so their first song "For The Birds" is the reason for the title!

"The birds are the keepers of our secret
As they saw us where we lay
In the deepest grass of springtime
In a reckless guilty haze

And they wove a sweet indifference
And it settled on our skin
Till the eyes that I remembered
For the last time drew me in

The birds, though I wore your glacial patience
To a smudge of bitter dust
On the last day you embraced me
With a glistening sapling trust

Did they sing a million blessings
As they watched us slowly part?
Do they keep those final kisses
In their tiny racing hearts"
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<UPDATE> Update for new watchers or to gain more views.

UPDATE: A Flash converted to WMV for Film for faster and no lag video (Sorry for Updates teehee!)

COMING UP NEXT:: CNSY Skit#002 - Toyland

Video Safety:
For headphone users, music increase from time to time, please balance the volume of your headset to prevent ear kill.

Youtube version for those who hate flashes >>>


This is the first Club Map Skit samples available in Club for RJAce1014. Only Ranking Members are animated inside Club Map.

-- All voice acting was done by me including the girls voice. I kinda lost my Girl Pitch Tone so I have to use a software to increase it. As I grow old, my pitch starts to vanish and that's the scary part of voice talents.

-- I agree that my voice is not really that good and if you're a person who criticize someone by their voice, please don't. It's hard to hire a girl this hour to voice act my animation. Besides, girls are really hard to convince so I know that doing things on my own will be much faster.

-- Me and my BFF LS Jenalysa are music composer. We use FL Studio but on this miniskit, with didn't use our own music. We use RMXP free royalty music inside the game and I loved the mixes and syncing of the music on the video. It really is match the description. We use RMXP since I'm on a rush and I just want to show this ASAP

-- Okay, I didn't use my Toon Boom since it's not really complicated project. I simply use Anime Studio Pro 7, Paint Tool Sai, Audacity, Poser 7, and AutoTonic v.4.3
All artworks are done with Paint Tool Sai.

Small but Terrible

-- It is suggested to watch the video first before reading this section.

The skit is small but terrible about a SM Teru worrying that she may be just a fragment of hopelessness because of her height disadvantages. LS Jenalysa encourages her that not all small people are hopeless, some advantages are being attractive to guys for being adorable. As LS Jenalysa encourage to cheer SM Teru a bit, Geinst and Keddie came walking by and Keddie talk about how he hated small people and their annoying attitude. Jenalysa heard him and blasted her anger. Jenalysa then beat up Keddie till he got his face deformed. SM Teru chuckles a bit and proud of being small from now on.


Teru: *Sigh* I'm the only smallest ranking member in the group. What can someone like me can do anyways? Everyone treats me as a kid. I wish I was tall as Blizzred. *Sigh*

Jenalysa: Awwww, don't down yourself Teru, we're both the same.

Teru: *Shocks* Oh, I totally forgotten about you Jenalysa.

Jenalysa: Yup! We're both same height but I'm proud of being small though.

Teru: Huh? How so?

Jenalysa: Small girls like us are cute. Guys like small girls since they're cute.

Teru: Really?

Jenalysa: ^__^ Yup! I'm sure about that, believe me! Learn from the experience...

*Keddie and Geinst Walk up*

Keddie: What I hated the most are people that are small. These pipsqueak are annoying and wanna act tough, huh, like I care...

Jenalysa: Can you repeat that last sentence!

Keddie: Ehh (Le shocks)

*Jena beat up Keddie*

Geinst: Hihi! I gotta say, when they said small but terrible, they're actually telling the truth.

Teru: Wow, I'm proud to be small then.


SM Teru = :icontakkunotori:
LS Jenalysa = :iconjena-lysa:
LS Keddie = :iconkeddie-eddie:
LS Geinst = :icongeinstwillianamor:
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A WIP animation of an Oban Star Racers/Redline Title Parody.

Kross ship:SavTheWorld
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Dropping the bass is a risky business...

Based on a comic by me, you can find it here:…
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