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Horse ID #2136
Name: Heart of Andromeda
Nickname: Vanilla, Andromeda, Andrea
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registered: yes
Gender: Mare
Genotype: Ee aa nCr nZ nSb nPwl
Silver Smokey Black Sabino Peafowl
Age: 5 years old
her brother: [link]§ion=&global=1&q=peafowl+markings&offset=204#/d5dzagh


1. mine with *BlackGlassButterfly
2. reservedfor *BlackGlassButterfly
3. reserved for *AmigoGirl
4. reserved for =totalrandomusername
5. reserved for *OpalSkye
6. reserved for =IronFriesian
9. reserved for *BlackGlassButterfly

Kaaring: (55/200)

Coloured headshots (6)
+6 [link] Andrea Sketch

Full body no or simple background (17)
+17 [link] Andrea Sketch

Full body detailed background (3)
+1 ref sheet
+2 [link] Breaking Dawn

parents/offsprings (29)
+2 Atalante
+2 Shields on Fire
+2 Casino
+2 Uruloki
+2 Erytheis
+3 O'Mistress Mine
+2 Windspel
+2 Xiomara
+2 Daimhin
+2 Félagi
+3 Nordic Dreamer
+3 Majeed
+2 Dane's Illura

Starters related to:
O' Mistress Mine
Dane's Illura
Nordic Dreamer

------------------------------------------ SSS: Félagi 472* (starter)
----------------- SS: Casino 1239****
------------------------------------------ SSD: TRR Windspiel 79** (starter)
Sire: SBS Atalante 1678*****
------------------------------------------ SDS: OS Chancelor 1307
----------------- SD: KEC Lady Juliet 1406
------------------------------------------ SDD: Aurora Borealis 1297
------------------------------------------ DSS: (starter)
----------------- DS: DBVR Majeed 126 (starter)
------------------------------------------ DSD: (starter)
Dam: RFS Shields on Fire 1222
------------------------------------------ DSS: SC Rhyfedd 120 (starter)
----------------- DD: RFS Set Fire to The Rain 891
------------------------------------------ DDD: RDS Dane's Illura 39 (starter)

no refs used for horse pose
background inspired by cerona's [link]
Comments disabled by owner.
He is finally here. :la: My dream peafowl, tied with palomino. :3 I love him and the extremely pretty design *sateenkaarisitruuna gave him.


:star: Quality Nordanner

Horse ID: 1993
Name: Bacchus 1993
Nickname: Trickster
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registered: Yes

Owner: Bogdan Samuels
Handler: Milan Duval

Gender: Colt
Age: 5 years
Height: 178cm (17.2 hands)
Body type: classic/modern (little to no Friesian influence)

Color: silver black overo peafowl
Markings: Jagged overo markings around the head, legs and body
Genotype: Ee aa nZ nO nPwl
Notes: Always passes no restriction gene (a). Only passes peafowl when bred to another peafowl

Training: Basic riding
Tack: None yet, will gain later
Potions: None yet

Personality: Bold. Showy. Vain. Those are all words that describe Bacchus with striking accuracy. The brash colt has grown into a big, bulky stallion with the personality fit for a lord. He is a prancing peacock, and mostly concerned with looking as fabulous as possible at all times. Bacchus is quite the charmer, and a true gentleman, especially with the ladies of both human and equine species.

This showy boy does have a fierce and dangerous side, and is close to fearless in a pinch. He is always going somewhere, and dislikes waiting or being told what to do. Smug bastard, Bacchus thinks he knows the best, and likes to argue. He is a lover, yes, but also a fighter, and can be deceitful if you think pretty face is all that he is.

For Bacchus, being handled is being on a runway. He needs to be the center of attention all the time, and things must move along smoothly and quickly, or he gets very annoyed. Under saddle is extremely energetic and has a lot of power looking for direction. Fierce and prone to misbehaving if not given enough challenge.

Leader personality that does not bow down to other horses, and challenges other stallions if he feels they are weaker. Bacchus is, however, not stupid, and avoids pushing others too far. Willing to settle into the middle-tier and be popular instead. Loves company, and gets anxious alone.

X Will not, under any circumstances, go outside when it rains. He might get dirty!
X Gets nervous if turned out alone, and runs himself to sweat
X Soft mouth that tears very easily, ridden either bitless or with a very broad bit depending on his mood
X High, bouncy gaits that take some works to get going in the forward direction
X Hard to mount, humans are a bit slow for his taste

Twin brother of Prima 1992 (storywise)

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Eximius 127 :star:
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Maximus 1289 :star:
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: O’Mistress Mine 123 :trophy:
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Grenadine 443 :star:
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Breeding: Closed. Please do not ask.
May not be used to produce PwlPwl horses
Slots will open with his stars.
Send breeding requests in a note, and check my breeding rules.

1. mine
2. affiliate (closed)
3. affiliate (closed)
4. closed
5. closed
6. closed
7. closed
8. closed
9. closed
10. closed

Kaaring: +33
Reference: +1
Uncolored art = 0
Partial body = +1
Cookiemonsters by *sateenkaarisitruuna [0.5]
See you at the show [0.5]
Fullbody = +2
It's Tricky by *OpalSkye [1]
Bacchus foal reference [1]
Fullbody with background = +10
Making spirits bright collab with *sateenkaarisitruuna [2]
Lightning Bugs At Dusk by *ChildOfRome [2]
All Nights Must Come to an End [2]
War of Two Kings by ~NativeWolf330 [2]
The Definition of Power by ~abhorsen-cs [2]
Training/show entry/dragon tack = +2
See you at the show [+1]
Making spirits bright [+1]
Show placing = +2
ADLG OG Training Show liberty 2nd [2]
Animations = +6
Cookiemonsters by *sateenkaarisitruuna [+2]
Lightning Bugs At Dusk by *ChildOfRome [+2]
War of Two Kings by ~NativeWolf330 [+2]
Combined art/miscellaneous = 0
Quality/Excellent blood parents = +9
Maximus 1289 quality blood [sire] [2]
Eximius 127 quality blood [sire’s sire] [2]
O’Mistress Mine 123 excellent blood [sire’s dam] [3]
Grenadine 443 quality blood [dam] [2]
Offspring = 0


Design sheet:

Art by me
Design & redlines by *sateenkaarisitruuna
Reference… by ~ximpossible
Nordanner breed by *AgerskovArt

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Should I take the horn off, design a different horn, or leave a horn off all together? I think her red eyes came out nicely. :XD:

Mina's Kaaring Journal

Horse ID #3060
Horse name: sVa Wilhemina
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registered: Yes
Gender: Filly
Age: >1
Projected Height: 17.0hh
Color: Black
Genotype: EE aa
Active Potions: Nightshade, Bloode, Ram's Potion
Training: Halter training and Basic ground manners

------------------------------------------ SSS: BHS Ounce Upon A Time 74*
----------------- SS: EWS Volos 330*****
------------------------------------------ SSD: Silver Phantom 138******
Sire:sVa Cinder 856*
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: BHS Going Spotty 461*****
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam:Magpie 238
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

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Horse ID # 1264
Horse name: NWS Keita 1264 (meaning Forest in Gaelic)
Nickname: Kay
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registrated: Not yet
Gender: Filly
Age: 5 years (needs adult reference)
Height: Estimated 16HH
Color: Black Peafowl Fawn Bloodsplash (Flaxen Carrier)
Eyes: Green
Sire/Dam: DBVR Majeed 126… and SDS Shiya 98 silmesdragonstable.deviantart.…
Genotype: Ee aa Ff PwlPwl nFwn nBspl
Personality: Unlike her parents Kieta is very shy. You can often find her trying to hide in the tall grass or next to a tree just like a fawn would. She seems to like Daimhin, they were in separate pastures until Kieta showed NWS she could jump, clearing the fences into Daimhin's pasture. Daimhin has been able to keep her calm and more relaxed when the staff goes to check on her.
For lease: No
Discipline: Haute Ecole, Dragon Hunting, Dressage, Cross Country, Show Jumping

Potiens: None

Link to Kaaring Points…

Breeding: Closed
1. Reserved for Dark-FaNtAsY-Farms
2. Mine
3. Mine
4. Ikiuni

Breeding is Closed

Original Design: SilmesDragonStable silmesdragonstable.deviantart.…
Breed AgerskovArt :iconnordanner:
Keita (c) me
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I just adore this little guy! :love:

Name: Kaelthas 2950
Barn name: George
Age: 2 mos
Breed: Nordanner
Gender: Colt
Color: wild buckskin tabby
Geno: Ee A+a nCr nTy
Disciplines: Jumping, cross country
Personality: Smug, attention hog of a little fella. He loves the spotlight and prances constantly. Smart and calculating, he is a very good escape artist! Even when needing punishment, its hard to stay mad at such a cute guy.

Related to the following mutation starters: Marian, Cronus, and Elegant Charissma (tabby) and ArDes Desert Royalty(panda). UNRELATED to Titianess Rea.

------------------------------------------ SSS: AS Cronus 489*
----------------- SS: TRR Arctic Sun 1540*
------------------------------------------ SSD: Elegant Charissma 500*
Sire: Face Card 2346*
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD:ArDes Desert Royalty 506*
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Sjćlden Frost 370*
----------------- DS: RMS Little Blue Jay 1348
------------------------------------------ DSD: SKG Rĺlam 378*
Dam: Marie 1937*
------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Marian 504*
------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation

Original design gifted from :iconmaxrunn: [link]
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Nordanner Stallion Import #537.

Won in the newbie sales which can be found here [link]

I had a good look through the Nordies available but fell in love with this boy <3

His original import page: [link]

Horse ID #537
Horse name: Charismatic Storm
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registrated: Yes - 16th-17th December 2012
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years
Height: 17.2 HH
Color: Buckskin overo
Genotype: Ee AA nCr nO
Training: Basic training given, can be ridden
Tack: Daily + Dragon hunter full gear


Breed and lineart © 2012 *AgerskovArt
Design © 2012 =Rosalaun

Other art: [link]

KAARING: [link]

Note: He is not cow-hocked at all, I just like experimenting with anatomy XD

Breedings are currently closed.
Breeding payment, as suggested to me will be 800 points per slot and probably a headshot of both parents.

Breeding Rules:
If the foal owner decides to quit or kill off the design I would very much like to be given ownership of it instead.
You may enquire about a breeding slot, I won't bite anyone for asking, but I would like a sensible offer suggested if you can't afford breeding price.
Please link me back to the foals so I can see, I'd like to see Storm's babies <3
More to come.

Breeding Slots:
1. =horsy1050 Used: 3866 Royal Storm [link]
2. !Nomezy93 Used: 3397 [link] AKA 3397 Labor of Love by *WillowCreekStables [link]
3. *DarkShadowStable Used: 3572 SS Yano Motoharu [link]
4. =horsy1050 Used and changed ownership to *MazBourne 3771 [link]
5. =horsy1050 (reserved)
6. *MazBourne (reserved)
7. *Qannekke (reserved)
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Sold: To ~OfDarkestFantasies

*sigh* one of the peafowl colors washed out, I just noticed. Thats a cream color, should look a little more golden toned, not white.

Horse ID #2358
Horse name:
Dark Fiyre of the Eclipse
Nickname: Eclipse
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registered with: #Nordanner
Gender: Filly
Age: Less than 1 year
Height: Estimated.. 16 h
Color: smoky black splash spotted blanket peafowl (flaxen carrier)
Peafowl colors: Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Cream
Genotype: Ee aa nCr nf nSpl nLp nPwl
Training: TBA
To be trained: TBA
Tack: TBA

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: Golden Fate 442
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: Chariot of Apollo
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: Ulmende 149
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: Gaston Leroux 217
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Faery Fiyre 1696
------------------------------------------ DDS: NWS Daimhin 476
----------------- DD: Dabriri 806
------------------------------------------ DDD: SDS Shiya 98

Unrelated to: Majeed, Eritheis, or Eximius


Breeding Status: Closed
Breeding Slots:
1. *LadyoftheGeneral
2. Closed
3. Closed
4. Closed
5. Closed
6. Closed
7. Closed
8. Art Auction
9. Art Auction
10. Fan Art Raffle

At 200 points Kaaring:
1. Closed
2. Closed
3. Closed
4. Closed
5. Closed
6. Closed
7. Closed
8. Closed
9. Closed
10. Closed

Kaaring: Under the New Kaaring System
:bulletpurple:Total Points: 16
:bulletpurple:Points until next star:14
(For totals, tally up the :bulletblack:'s)

Registration: (1 point)
:bulletblack:Total: 1
Ref Image

Uncolored Art: (0.5 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 0

Headshots colored: (0.5 points each)

Full Body, Colored, no or plain Backgrounds: (1 point each)

Full Body, Colored, painted backgrounds: (2 Points each)

Show/Training/Dragon Tack: (+1 point each)

Show Placings:
:bulletblack:Total: 0

Special titles: (1 point each)
Total: 0

1st place: (+3 points each)
Total: 0

2nd place: (+2 points each)
Total: 0

3rd place: (+1 point each)
Total: 0

4th place or higher: - +0.5 points each)
Total: 0

Animations: (+2 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 0

Purebred Offspring reaching Quality Blood Status: (2 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 0

Purebred Offspring reaching Excellent Blood Status: (3 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 0

Ancestors with quality blood status: (2 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 12
1. Chariot of Apollo
2. Golden Fate 442
3. Faery Fiyre 1696
4. NWS Daimhin 476
5. Dabriri 806
6. Gaston Leroux 217

Ancestors with Excellent Blood Status: (3 points each)
:bulletblack:Total: 3
1. SDS Shiya 98


Breed © 2012 *AgerskovArt
Original design © 2012 *DemiWolfe-Stables
Pose Ref by *aussiegal7
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:new: She is now Excellent Blood!! :la: :woohoo:

:star: SKG Panthera :star:

ID: 119
Nickname: Panthera, Pantsu
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Gender: Mare
Age: 14 years
Height: 17.1HH
Owner: Routahovi
Discipline: dressage

:bulletred: = unregistered | :bulletyellow: = pending | :bulletgreen: = registered

:bulletgreen: - Registered with the group
:bulletgreen: - Registered as QB
:bulletgreen: - Registered as EB

Geno: ee Aa FwnFwn
Color: Chest Fawn
Nordanner Import 119 by Cloudrunner64

------------------------------------------ SSS: starter
----------------- SS: starter
------------------------------------------ SSD: starter
Sire: starter
------------------------------------------ SDS: starter
----------------- SD: starter
------------------------------------------ SDD: starter
------------------------------------------ DSS: starter
----------------- DS: starter
------------------------------------------ DSD: starter
Dam: starter
------------------------------------------ DDS: starter
----------------- DD: starter
------------------------------------------ DDD: starter

Calm, friendly, sweet and loving. Always looks after her foalies and takes good care of them. Never kicks or bites.

:star: Breeding Slots :star:

:bulletblack: = used breeding slot
:bulletpurple: = unused breeding slot

:bulletblack: 1. HorseGeek1997 USED
:bulletblack: 2. Nomezy93 USED
:bulletblack: 3. blaine-rr USED
:bulletblack: 4. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 6. MissStylish USED
:bulletblack: 5. KonaKinz USED
:bulletblack: 7. SilmesDragonStable USED
:bulletblack: 8. ZombieOverLoad USED
:bulletblack: 9. BlackGlassButterfly USED - foal was reclaimed
:bulletblack: 10. TsonianFieldsRanch USED

:bulletblack: 11. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 12. Kryptic-Stable-Nordy (breeding exchange (Anya)) USED
:bulletblack: 13. JC-Nordanner/joesse USED
:bulletblack: 14. soulswitch USED
:bulletblack: 15. xoSapphy USED
:bulletblack: 16. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 17. BrindleTail/NorthEast-Stables USED
:bulletblack: 18. Ikiuni USED
:bulletblack: 19. ThatDenver USED
:bulletblack: 20. Ikiuni USED

Extra slots won from competitions:
Dragon Hunt 2013: Results + Note
:bulletblack: 21. RidgewayRanch USED
:bulletpurple: 22. abosz007 - Allowed to use

:star: Offspring :star:
:bulletblue: = colt/stallion/gelding
:bulletpink: = filly/mare

1. :bulletblue: ID 314 - BAS War Horse
2. :bulletpink: ID 395 - DAS KEC Road To Mordor
3. :bulletpink: ID 378 - SKG Rålam
4. :bulletblue: ID 55 - RH Memento Mori
5. :bulletpink: ID 1240 - TWF Ceirw Fawr
6. :bulletpink: ID 1284 - GFEC Primrose
7. :bulletblue: ID 1207 - SDS Cona
8. :bulletpink: ID 1718 - LOS Lannister's Lioness
9. :bulletpink: ID 4260 - RH Iltatähti
10. :bulletblue: ID 5999 - Hell Hath No Fury

11. :bulletpink: ID 6057 - RH Olipa Kerran
12. :bulletblue: ID 3566 - City of Glass
13. :bulletblue: ID 4771 - JK's Highest Honor
14. :bulletblue: ID 3170 - Odocoileus
15. :bulletpink: ID 4460 - TK's Ysera
16. :bulletblue: ID 4032 - RH Prince Charming
17. :bulletpink: ID 4447 - ES Arwen
18. :bulletblue: ID 6472 - ADLG's Dar Moran Scathaigh
19. :bulletpink: ID 6432 - Avancyn
20. :bulletblue: ID 7714 - RH Legolas

21. :bulletpink: ID 9082 - Ayalet
22. :bulletwhite: ID ???? - name

:star: Kaaring :star:
119 SKG Panthera - Kaaring JournalNordanner Point System
15p = *
30p = **
45p = ***
60p = ****
75p = ***** = Best Mare/Best Stallion
200p = Excellent Blood = 10 extra breedings
400p = Supreme Blood = unlimited breeding spots (Unavailable prize for mutations!) + "-- owner of this horse must have created at least one hundred points."

119 SKG Panthera

Total: 232.5p :trophy:
Registration Ref: 1p
+1 [link]
Uncolored Art: 1p
(0.5p each)
+0.5 [link] (Used the same linear for all pics, only changed a few details.)
+0.5 [link]
Chibi Art: 0.5p
(0.5p each)

© Art by Heidi M. (Ikiuni)
No refs used
© Design by BaliroAdmin
© Breed belongs to Cloudrunner64
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I followed him through the fields and over the hills. His pace never slowed, and he would smile back at me occasionally.
I had no clue where Mike was taking me today.
How had today been? Well, to be truthful, I've never felt so alone. Each of the beautiful Nordanners who lived here had
come to say goodbye to me at some point today.
It was hard at first, and my eyes had teared up, knowing I wouldn't see them again when I had a new owner.
Reality came back as I tripped and fell. OF course I fell, and of course it was when Mike was there. Of course.
Mike stopped and turned. "Glider, are you okay?" His worry was evident.
"I'm good.." I started to say, but then I noticed how this wasn't grass anymore.

It was sand. I could hear the roar of the salty waves not far off.

Mike had brought me to the oceanside.

"Not much farther," he turned with a quick smile and bolted off. I followed suit.
We raced among the sandy dunes, laughing as our hooves struggled to catch on the sand, just as we had over the

Finally, Mike slowed to a brisk jog. He led me up a steep pathway and onto a short cliff. The entire ocean stretched
away as far as I could see on all sides, except behind us of course.
"Mike," I started, "what is this all about?"
The sunset was amazing too, it almost seemed romantic, but we were to young for that goopy stuff, right?
"Are you really going to go?" he asked, his back to me.
"I don't have much of a choice..."
"Well, then," he turned around. His voice faltered as our eyes met. "Will I ever see you again?"
I smiled. Probably because it was better than crying. "Of course. It'll work out,"
"But what if it doesn't?"
"Then..." I was at a loss. "...Then I'll swim the ocean to find you again." It sounded pretty good.
Mike's soft eyes dazzled in the last rays of the sun.
"Then, I guess, this ain't goodbye..."

~~~~ ~~


i won. i still can't believe it.


...took like... days... :faint:

Comment before you fave, blablarantblablabla
Imma get some sleep now.

ADORABLE BABY MIKE BELONGS TO *NorthEast-Stables :iconnortheast-stables:
~ Magic Mike 1867 (because he is like the sexiest thing EVAH)

~ Sugar Glider 2416 (is now mine)

no reference :dance:
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Results: The results are here. They placed 20th. Would have placed 3th-4th based on the points for the entry itself.

Edit: Forgot to write down the previous training pics and dressage competition entries. ^^ But now it's done. ;)

Finished my animated dressage entry for the Harpg Olympics!! :iconexplodelaplz:

(Btw, if you don't see it says "Harpg Olympics, 2012, Czech Republic" on the bg and "075" on Sherlock's briddle. I have also bigger version of this, but it looked awful (thanks to dA), so I needed to submit a smaller one. ^^)

I'm so happy with this work and, oh god, so proud of my self. :happycry: And RELIEVED that it's over! :XD: It was pure pain to work with 14 different layers! D: But I was really motivated so it was alright. :3 I loved making the rain. :XD: <3 And think it looks alright and realistic? :>

Piaffe Animation WIP 6 by Ikiuni
Other WIPs you can find from my Tumblr.

We'll see if I have time to finish my other entries... :lmao: But I won't be upset even though I don't have time to finish them all. :aww: Because this animation was the most important one of them. :la: This one is my baby. :heart: :love:


I hate my sh*t lap top for being a complete assh*le, because it's battery broke and I have to use my lap top without any battery, but the f*cking charger detaches so easily so my this little bastard might shut down unexpectedly - like it did few seconds ago! :fork: But I LOVE dA and FIREFOX being so unbelievable, that they didn't destroy the information I had already written! :dalove: <3



Comign soon! My Internet connection is quite awful atm and I'm not on a writing mood. ^^ I still have the story in my mind. ;)


Starting number: 075
Event: HaRPG-Olympics
Music: The River Sings byt Enya :heart:

Horse: RDS Hey Sherlock
Age: 10 years
Gender: stallion
Breed: Rosendaler

Rider: Adelaide Pakkenen
Age: 19 years
Stable: Ikiuni Stables
Country: Finland

Inspection pic:
We Are Ready - Olympic Inspection by Ikiuni


:new: Previous Experience


Competitions… - placing 4/18… - placing 5/5… - placing 27/32


© Art, animation and characters belong to Heidi M. (Ikiuni)
No refs used
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