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Some Facts About Fish:
compiled by GuyFlash

1) The skin of a fish is inside out. FACT
2) All fish are allergic to water. FACT
3) Fish have no eyelids, to clean their eyes, fish urinate on them. FACT
4) If you hold a fish upside down and hum the chorus of the song 'Good vibrations' whilst making sure the fish is looking at a map of Norway, the fish will implode. FACT
5) Fish don't breath air, fish breath childrens hope and dreams. FACT
6) Fish will only listen to a Madonna album if played through a packet of ready salted crisps. FACT
7) If you spell 'fish' backwards you get the word 'evil'. FACT
8) 'hippopotamus' is an anagram of 'fish'. FACT
9) Fish are telekinetic. they can move their bodies by the power of their mind alone. FACT
10) Male fish have 38 testes. whereas female fish only have 37. FACT
11) every 2.3 seconds, a fish gives birth to a kangaroo. FACT
12) A fish's diet will include the following;
- Tigers
- Whales
- Passing Digital radios
- Kangaroos (fish always devour their young, thats why you never see the water kangaroos)
- 48 year old men called 'Peter' (the fish aren't picky about the surname as long as it doesn't begin with a 'J')



13) For every eye a fish has, it has twelve eyes. the average fish has 38 eyes. FACT
14) This set of facts was actually compiled by a fish. FACT
14) Fish don't believe in numbers after 14. FACT
You may have heard that we know very little about what exactly goes on in the deep blue sea, here is a compilation of recently discovered facts about fish.
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All stock used in the manip are purchased from shutterstock and needs no credit. The rest are my own.
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The love inside my heart grows each day,
It flourishes and blossoms,
Nothing could ever change this,
you are my one true match.

At night I dream of you,
I dream of us together,
Holding eachother close,
Kissing you all over.

I count the days till we are together,
My heart smiles with each passing day,
I know each day I'm closer to you,
My excitement is barely contained.

I know the second I see you,
I will run to you and pounce you,
Attack you with endless kisses,
Never leaving your embrace.

Oh Lee, I am so in love with you,
I smile each time I think of you,
I worry if we do not speak each day,
I am so happy we found eachother.

I am so in love with you.
I was lying in bed last night thinking about how much i am in love and well i got out of my writers block slum and wrote this poem.

I Love you Lee!

Dedicated as always to my amazinly wonderful, greatest b/f in the whole wide world
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Astăzi am mâncat o varză.
Era mare, rotundă, verde
Şi, în general, un exemplar excelent al speciei sale de Brassica Oleracea.
De aceea am mâncat o varză.

Astăzi am mâncat o varză.
Din păcate, am avut o durere de stomac.
Sucul gastric se plângea că devenise mult prea acidulat.
Din cauză că am mâncat o varză.

Astăzi am mâncat o varză.
Atât de tragică mi s-a părut experienţa,
Încât am scris o poezie despre durerea lumii concentrată în consumul de varză.
Căci astăzi am mâncat o varză.

„Astăzi a mâncat o varză!”
A declarat un critic literar,
Impresionat pâna la lacrimi de simbolismul subtil şi ascuns al frazei
Cu mâncatul de varză.

„Eul poetic este el însuşi o varză!”,
Au declarat adepţii criticului literar,
Impresionaţi şi ei de discursul maestrului lor pe tema „Eşti ceea ce mănânci”.
Căci doar cu toţii mâncăm varză.

Astăzi eşti tu însuţi o varză
Pentru că nu ştii să apreciezi
Geniul profund, magnific şi împurpurat ascuns în aceste supreme şi pline de profunzime
Versuri despre mâncatul verzei.
Scrisa prin ianuarie 2011. Asa de chestie.
Edit: Hai ma deviantartule, chiar trebuie sa-mi strici tu diacriticile?!
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Words To Ash

My embers burn / A dark fire roars
My suicidal war / A blaze of words

I wrote this for you...
The old me really wanted you to read it
To tell you the truth...
Of how I came to be beyond broken

But I had to keep it
Because I'll never see you again
So my wounds remain hidden
A letter deprived of hate, I forgave us in vain

I'm trying to undo what you have done
Even if its just a placebo effect
This is me trying to “move on”
From this smothering resentment
Confessions turn into infernos
You crushed my faith
A villain disguised as a hero
My lungs starts to shake
The sinner is attending church tomorrow
While this saint is endlessly praying for strength
My soul surges / A red sky clears
My resolve emerges / A cure for tears

I've journeyed through the flames...
The new me knows the reasons for your trespasses
And the way you try and cleanse your internal shame
You are the reaper of innocence

Closure drawn from a scarred heart
I will not stay in your prison
No more nights spent awake in the dark
I will not serve your sentence

The raging fires in my eyes finally burnt out
I will set ablaze the pain that was once bound
And these ashes of yours will fall down
...Scattering justice...all around...
Even though I know you won't read this
This is for you, Ash
Stock image -

This poem is written for my project, titled "The Prodigy's Suicide"
In volume six: My Letters To No One
Check out my galleries below if you want to read more.
Watch me if you think that you might like my work.
:iconsurvivingnights: :iconrecoloringlife: :iconimmortalizedlies: :icondreamsdeprived:
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As a fish, I cannot fly
Or walk
I just keep myself
Breathing water,
Hoping someday I drown.

As a goldfish, I lock myself
In a rounded bowl
No skies, no future
No waves or winds
I keep myself confined.

As a jellyfish, I go
With the flow
No matter how many
Miles away from home
Just try to be farther and farther

As a dead fish, I still
Being gray
Like storms
Too much water to fall
And grow the sea where I was born
related to this: [link]
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Câteva coroane, sfântă domniță?
Câteva coroane, brav rege?
Să pot și eu să cumpăr ceva de mâncare
pentru mine, pentru familia mea.
Să îmi schimb zdrențele de pe mine,
să îmi iau o cârpă să m-acopăr.
Dați-mi două minute din viața dumneavoastră
să vă spun povestea mea.
Scumpă domniță îmbracată în mătăsuri fine
vă puteți despărți de ceva galbeni?
Un miros de scorțișoară umple bătrâna stradă
acoperită de o pătură de ninsoare
și mizerie.
Clădirile ponegrite se apleacă încet înspre mine
parcă să mă sufoce, parcă să mă încălzească.
O, tu Lună amară, pleacă să vină Soarele.
O, tu iarnă, dispari să se întoarcă ghioceii pe pământ.
And for all of you... Number 100 it is.
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poem by me


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u zagrljaju istoka i zapada
istopiše se sva ona
i moja
i tvoja
koja su posmatrala nemo
i čekala odgovore
za kojima smo mi
zajedno tragajući
postali jedno.


još samo jednog svica
miluje vetar.
full title: veče
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     Hello, my name is Polaroid SX-70 film Camera product ID EPID73228850. You may not know of me, as I am now outdated. I am old, but I have lived a very long and fulfilling life traveling the world with my many owners. Nobody uses Polaroid cameras today, since the digital camera with portable printer is so convenient… but some people still like me because I am as unique as they are. People think that we are just things they can use and abuse until we don't even work anymore but that is not true. We have feelings and all of our feelings are developed from memories on film.
     In my early life I was the biggest hit. My brothers, sisters and I were sold faster than the blink of an eye, taken all over the world or even just on family trips. Either way, we were loved and excepted with the biggest of smiles. While I was young I was taken to Japan to photograph my first owner Hector amongst modern geishas, cherry blossoms, Tokyo, and Mt. Fuji. He met a beautiful woman there whose name was Tobari Satsuna. Instantly in love but with no money to marry he moved back to America to sell all of his possessions so that he could move there to be with her. I was sold to his best friend Anthony who was mumbling about Hector's stupidity and that Tobari had married some samurai leaving Hector stuck in Japan.
     Anthony used me well, taking me to Europe on his vacation with friends and taking pictures everywhere. I was exhausted by the end of each day- I assure you. I saw London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Transylvania, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid… You name a big city in Europe I've pretty much been there staying in a hostel with Anthony. Then the dark day came: I was not needed anymore. They had come out with this amazing new camera that blew me out of the water… So for a long period of time I lived in a pawn shop… waiting. I was eventually picked up, taken to Asia then dropped back off at another pawn shop.
     A large portion of my life was spent this way, bouncing around the world in different pawn shops until I was finally picked up by a young girl by just the age of twelve in Hawaii a few years ago. Her name was Lola and I never left her side, as I was her only friend. She took me everywhere and took pictures of everything. Picture taking was her way of recovering from her parent's divorce and the teasing she got at school. She was a very smart girl, you see, which was one thing that set her apart in Hawaii and she also had both very dark and very light views of the world. People found her annoying as she was needy and lonely. For a full year she did not have a single friend, until she moved elsewhere on the island and transferred schools.
     She made friends for the first time in her life, many friends, and good ones at that. Sadly they were all a grade lower than her and she had no classes with any of them. Every day at school whenever she could she would take pictures of or with them knowing that she could look at them later and know her friends were real. Unfortunately, she was also made fun of on a daily basis. She was tall for her age, and she dressed like a boy because of her low self esteem, but the other kids at school would notsee past that so her kind and gentle heart. She was made fun of so much she would burst into tears almost every day. It broke my mechanical heart to see her this way. She left that middle school to move up to high school, leaving her only friends behind and starting anew. She missed her friends but still longed for a best friend besides me. She looked everywhere but didn't find anyone who she liked enough or that liked her enough until one day she took a picture of a girl from a distance and knew that they would be best friends.
     Her name was Amelia and she was perfect. Never in my life had I ever met someone who could make Lola smile the way she did. Many pictures were taken; at the beach, at waterfalls, in front of Lola's house at 3am… This friendship was like no other I had seen… Then suddenly Lola couldn't afford film for my anymore… and I had to be sold. She moved to a far away place and I never saw her again.
     I sometimes dream of her whilst I sit on this shelf in the pawn shop among the other cameras. None have had as many adventures as I, but they will in coming years. I, however, am aged. Nobody wants an aged camera, so I only have maybe two more journeys before my death. After living so fully, bringing joy to lonely souls, and traveling so much I feel like I could do it forever, I am old… Sadly that means no one wants me. I can survive bringing joy to one or two more people, but nobody wants to pay for spare parts. Who knows what my future holds, but unlike some people I will be remembered. Why? My memories are on people's walls and in photo albums. My love is in each memory, and so is theirs. I have captured the good and bad moments, happy and sad moments, moments of triumph and moments of shame.
     It is sad to think that in the future I will live again, perhaps love again, maybe be put on Ebay, or even put in a pawn shop. Some day I will die, and one of my previous owners will talk to me about to their children or even grandchildren. I will be remembered. A cherished memory, and I accept that gladly. My fate is close being an old camera of more than 30 years of age, but as I have brought so much joy I do not mind too much.
I am a Polaroid SX-70 film Camera, an old one, and I have lived a happy, fulfilling life. Nobody uses me today but people as unique as I am, but they have been the best people I could have ever met. I have traveled and gone from pawn shop to ebay to pawn shop again. I don't mind this so much, as I have met the best people you could have ever met. I am on ebay, if you would like to help me capture your memories forever.

I wrote this for my Junior year english class.
The assignment was a biographical short story from the perspective of an innaniment object.
I had fun with it and got top scores,
but I feel like it could have been written better.
Constructive critism is very welcome but please don't be too harsh with me...
I had fun making it and can't wait to write more.
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