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On a Cross and Arrow

By Conner Cogwork

Twilight and her five friends are transported during a botched spell, across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one that they knew. Sitting on a bench is Harpsy and Babar. The Doctoress avoids apples from an aspiring Applebuck. And in a library across town, six stallions join their forces as they try to decipher the appearance of filly look-alikes of themselves around Ponyville!
Image credit to Stellarina! Thanks SO much!

Part Nine

Under a Midnight Star


She snorted, before blinking, and looking around.

Night-time had fallen, and everypony was snoozing away. Everypony that was, except Twilight Sparkle apparently. She sat herself upright and rubbed at her eyes, taking a look at her companions.

Dash was snoring, loudly, on her back, Applejack seemingly in a contest with her to see who could make the most racket. Rarity was tucked away in a corner, in a pile of blankets, as she murmured something about dream stallions. Pinkie, surprisingly, was the most serene of the bunch, hooves curled up daintily as she snoozed.

And Fluttershy... she found herself tearing up, as she realized that the yellow pegasus had fallen asleep sitting upright, head resting upon the hutch door, as Angela snoozed as well, curled up as close as she could to the timid pony's head.

I can't do this. she then realized. They're counting on me, and I can't do this. But I can't do THAT either...

I know what I need to do.

But... I can't...

The unicorn planted a hoof on the ground, as she lifted herself quietly.

I can't... please...

She got onto all fours, looking over her friends that she'd come to love. That she'd come to trust. That had come to trust her.

I... can't...

She wasn't sure who she was pleading to. But beads appeared at the corners of her eyes, as she realized that she was beginning to walk away from the group. Towards the cave's entrance. She knew what she had to do. For all of them. But her fear... the relentless, unyielding fear...




Within minutes, the lavender pony had exited the safety of the HEDGE's shelter. The field and foliage about her was lit by the moon, giving her enough to see by. It also allowed her to see the hamlet that she had come to see her home, far in the distance...

... and the one building whose lights were still on at this time of night.

Slowly, alone, undisguised, and with a lump in her throat, Twilight began the long walk towards Ponyville.


Nopony was on the streets. She had never had cause to stroll through them at this time of night before, save that one time when she had to lull a star-bear to sleep. But she decided she had to do this more often. It was relaxing.

At least, she thought was relaxing, up to a point where she turned a corner, and spied the lit windows of the Ponyville Public Library. Then that knot returned, choking her as bad as before.

I-it's not too late. she told herself. I could turn around and go back. Yeah. I could go back to the HEDGE. Go back to sleep. Nopony would have to know. I could wait till tomorrow morning, and try the spell again. I could do that... yeah...

...but is it FAIR to them? To make them wait any longer? To have them wait on me to make a spell I have no idea how to control, that I can't reference anymore? I don't have the book. I can organize, write, and memorize... but I'm absolute crap if I don't have a book backing me up. Even if I DO cast it tomorrow, there's no guarantee, absolutely none, that I'll be able to do it successfully on my own.

I just... I need help.

But the one pony who can help in this world... can I do it?

Can I... face him?

Somewhere within that inner monologue, she had begun walking again, without even realizing it. As she looked up from the ground, she realized that she was no longer viewing the great tree from a distance. She was right at its door.

Her door.

HIS door.

She shook as she lifted a hoof... and knocked.

There was silence at first. For a second, she was hopeful that everypony inside had simply dropped off to sleep with the lights on.

Then the door-handle began to turn. She hadn't heard anypony come to the door. The knot tightened as she braced herself, coming face-to face with...

... nothing at first. The door finished its wide swing open, before an owl flapped out from behind it. The bird let its eyes rest upon her, before perching itself on the door-handle.

The unicorn took a tentative step inside, before looking back at the nocturnal avian. "I guess you're not called Owlowicious here, are you?"


She simply rolled her eyes, before looking around. Books were left open here and there, cluttering the floor, stacked on the tables, and littering the desks. And she didn't make this mess. Suddenly, she had a new appreciation of what Spike did for her, every time she went on a studying binge.

Which was apparently what her male half was doing right now. Her heart froze as she spotted him, hunched over a desk, head down low, relentlessly pouring through the heavyset text that was laid out before him.

His back was turned. He hadn't seen her come in.

Her hooves felt like lead as she stepped towards him. She could hear him speaking in a voice that was pitched low enough as not to disturb the assistant sleeping upstairs. Her ears perked forwards as she tried to make out his words.

"...there are four explanations, that each answer the question of 'why?' in different ways. These various means of explanation can be divided into the four general types of causality, as follows..."

Aristrotle, she realized, recognizing the words. He's reading Aristrotle's rules of Causality.

His head shifted as he continued reading.

"The first cause, the 'Material Cause', is the physical matter, the mass of 'raw material', of which something is 'made'. Of which the subject itself consists of."

He moved his head as he went to the next rule. "The second cause, the 'Formal Cause', tells us what, by analogy to the plans of an artisan, a thing is intended..."

"...What it is originally planned to be."
"...What it is originally planned to be."

Dusk's head rose a couple of inches. He wasn't sure, but it had sounded like somepony else had spoken the rule alongside him.

He looked back down as he recited the third rule. "The third cause, the 'Efficient Cause',  is that external entity, an outside force..." he found himself trailing off.

"...from which the rite of change, or the ending of the change, first starts." Twilight finished, behind him.

He didn't move. Didn't even budge. The stallion instead raised his head up level, as he spoke the final part from memory alone.

"The Final Cause is that for the sake of which a thing exists, or is done... including both purposeful and instrumental actions..."

The mare that was seated behind him opened her mouth, unable to stop the words from spilling out.

"The Final Cause, or telos, is the purpose, or end, that THAT something, is supposed to serve."

A moment of silence descended between the two. Neither pony moved, neither one spoke a word, but the both of them were now keenly aware of this second presence that was in the room.

Finally, the lavender stallion asked the air quietly.

"What... is your final cause? What... what do you want?"

She almost choked right there. The lump that was in her throat felt so large and swollen, it was like she would gag on it, should a misplaced word pass through her lips. What do I say? How do I even begin?

How would you want to be told?

"...All we want..." Twilight finally spoke. "All we want... is just to go home..."

Dusk remained still for a few seconds more... before slowly turning around, and looking upon his own double for the first time. His mane was slightly in disarray, purple eyes half-hidden by hair. But it still allowed the femme to see his pupils shrink, as he took her in.

He got to his feet, and walked quietly towards her, before seating himself in front of his filly-self. To her credit, she didn't bolt or freak out. Instead, they kept their eyes locked on each other, studying features and differences. Face-to-face with nopony else but him and her own self.

At length, the colt spoke again.

"My name is Dusk Shine. I am the prized student of our benevolent leader, Prince Solaris, ruler of Equestria. And I am also the librarian of the Books and Branches Ponyville Public Library."

"And... and you?"

She tried her best to swallow that lump.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am the prized student of our benevolent leader, Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria. And I am ALSO... the librarian of the Books and Branches Ponyville Public Library."

There was a pause, and then a nod. "We... we at least seem to have the same taste in bags." he attempted to joke, nervously.

Twilight looked to her side. She had been carrying her saddlebag this whole way. She didn't even remember having put it on, leaving the HEDGE. Her horn lit as she probed its contents... and found, to her surprise, a book floating out. She stared at it, before facing her doppelganger again.

"Here." she simply said, as she levitated the green volume to him. "I'm... I'm hoping it's not overdue?"

Dusk took the book into his own hold. It was the book he had been rather afraid had gone completely missing. 'Supernaturals'. He offered her a grateful smile, before hovering the book and placing it in its proper spot on a nearby shelf.

Another bout of uneasy silence descended. This is ridiculous. Dusk found himself thinking. I talk to myself all the time, and now that there's TWO of me here, neither of us can think of anything to say!

The lavender mare then whispered. "I'm sorry."

He shook his mane, and trotted a bit closer. "I've spent days looking for you."

"I know. I'm... I'm sorry we put you through so much trouble."

"Why did you hide away? We could have helped."

"We didn't want to effect your world anymore than we possibly could." She directed her eyes to the floor, a depressed look on her face. "Though if the past week has told me anything, it's that it's neigh-impossible to accomplish."

Despite the tone and situation, the unicorn stallion found himself chuckling. "How many of you are here, altogether?"

She looked back up at him. "Six. All mares."

He didn't need to make any wild guesses as to who the other five fillies were. He seated himself again as he spoke. "Butterscotch?"

"Fluttershy." Twilight nodded.

"Rainbow Blitz?"

"Rainbow Dash."


At this, she couldn't help but give her own chuckle. "No change there. Still Applejack."

"Oh... uhm, then... Elusive?"


"And... Berry Bubble?"

"Pinkie Pie. I know. I was rather frightened too."

The both of them shared an uneasy laugh, that died off as they resumed staring at each other. The silence was deafening. From above, came the soft snores of a baby dragon.

"…I had thought you had all come here on purpose. But it really was an accident, wasn't it?" Dusk asked.

A nod. "We were just trying to visit Manehatten. Applejack said she knew the place well, and I had found this book-"

"Exploring the Aether for Fun and Profit?"

Twilight's head shot up, a surprised expression on her face that made the colt smile. His horn lit up, and a book flew from the numerous stacks, over to hover between the pair of ponies. It was the same traveling spellbook

He opened the tome to the same page that contained the teleportation spell. "This is purely conjecture on my part... but you mixed up a portion of the Teleportation spell with the dimensional viewing spell that was directly below it. You tapped into our own dimension, thinking it was a leyline for Manehatten, didn't you?"

As the purple mare read over the rift-viewing spell, and its lengthy list of warnings... she found her ears burning, realizing what she could have avoided, had she not gone off at the spur of the moment. "It was the frequency." she clarified. "I tuned into the wrong one when I tried to perceive the leylines. I used the one in that view spell, instead of the one listed in the teleportation ritual."

"I found this book a few days ago." the stallion began, reading over the book as well. "When I first started reading, I was really excited to memorize some of these spells. But before I even got to this page... something happened."

Her eyes turned to the side, as she regarded her double with curiosity. "What... was it?"

"There was a surge of magic energy outside of Ponyville. I'm surprised no other unicorn sensed it. When I went to check it out, I found a hill that was soaked with leftover PKE residue."

Twilight gaped. "Our... Our teleportation spell..."

"And then, when I got back to the library, there was Butterscotch. Wrapped up in a hat and scarf." He shook his head as he chuckled. "Sounded weird. Said he was sick. Checked out 'Supernaturals'..." he then turned his own eyes to the side to meet hers. "But you already knew all that, didn't you?"

Gulping, she nodded. He then continued his spiel. "After 'he' left, I got back to the book. I found the teleportation spell, and my first thought was 'I know ten ponies... but there are five in particular I'd love to invite!'... then I remembered that Butterscotch was sick, and so, I moved on to the next spell. Once I finished reading it... well..."

"The pieces started falling into place." the femme equine finished. "You had a hunch... that something had happened."

"Yes. After I read the spell, and referenced the Rules of Causality, I decided to pay Butterscotch a visit. Turns out, he wasn't sick, and he didn't have the book he'd checked out, nor did he remember doing so. And then later that same day, Blitz flies in and tells me that our timid friend had met his 'match'..."

"And it just kept getting worse from there." Now Twilight was fully shame-faced, looking at the floor. "Dash invaded Blitz's home. Applejack got into an argument with her 'cousin'. Rarity out and tricked us, when she went to meet with herself for the express purpose of romance. And Pinkie and Berry... we very nearly dodged a bullet there."

"You've certainly made our lives very... interesting, these past few days." Dusk admitted, looking at his doppelganger, a worried expression on his face.

"You mean we've made them a complete disaster. I tried my best to leave your world untouched. And I've failed." Her entire frame seemed to sag.

"H-hey now," he started, a hoof going out towards her, almost touching her shoulder. "Even if things didn't go according to plan, you know... you still managed to save us."

Her head tilted upwards slightly, causing him to retract his foreleg. "Save you? H-how exactly?"

"Well, think about it. Either our worlds are naturally a-synchronous with each other, or you also somehow traveled back in time by about an hour. Either way, if you and your friends hadn't touched down in Ponyville... if your Fluttershy hadn't shown up in the library, pretending to be sick..."

"Then more than likely, we would have wound up in your horseshoes. I would have gathered my friends. Applejack would have suggested Manehatten, and Blitz would have donated a feather. Knowing me, I'd have botched the spell, and then we would have wound up in your world instead... Solaris's mane, there's probably another pair of dimensions out there where that's exactly what happened. We'd have wandered around Ponyville, looking at all the unfamiliar ponies, trying to find a familiar face-"

"Lyra and BonBon." the filly suddenly stated.

That drew a surprised glance. "Who what now?"

"Lyra and BonBon. The first ponies we recognized here, were your Harpsy and Babar. In our world, they're known as Lyra and BonBon."

Dusk's eyes went slightly wide at the thought, but he shook his head. "Either way, the point I'm trying to make, is this: We owe you. If you and your group hadn't come here, then more than likely, we would have been undergoing the very same thing that all of you have."

Twilight let her eyes dip low in thought. Her male self had a point there. She could easily imagine the frustrations she would have suffered, had six stallions landed themselves in her world. Her imagination relived those past few days, through a mirror as she ran around the Everfree forest, tried to track down a captured colt, and then chased a pair of fleeing stallions from the village.

"We still caused you trouble." she stated. "You must have been really frustrated, trying to find us..."

"Well... I did have my moments, yes..." he tilted his head down to look into her eyes. "But that's all in the past. You're here now, T... T-Twilight. The only thing I REALLY want to know is... why didn't you come forward sooner? I know you said you didn't want to effect our world, but… you know that we would have still helped. Why didn't you let us?"

The filly found herself stuttering as she lifted her head. "B-because... I... I was scared of you, D-Dusk." she answered, tears forming at the corners of her lavender orbs. "I was SO scared. By Celestia's Mane, I'm STILL scared of you! Can't you feel it?! I've had this lump appear in my throat, every time you've been near me. Tell me, aren't you feeling it now as well?"

The purple stallion shifted his eyes to the side as he gulped. He WAS feeling it right at the moment, actually ever since he'd heard her voice, but he had been trying his best to ignore it.

"I'm sorry D-Dusk, but I can't explain this... this irrational fear! I mean, seriously! You're ME! I'm YOU! The only differences between us are our genders, and that just... just makes things even MORE awkward! How am I supposed to FEEL about you?! Do I treat you like a cousin, like Applejack does hers? With abject aggression, like Rainbow? D-dare I even consider the route that Rarity took?! I'm... I'm so confused, and it scares me! There's no guide on how deal with situations like this, cause this situation's never happened before! At least I don't THINK there's a guide! If there is, I haven't read it yet!!"

Dusk found himself becoming a bit edgier as his reflection continued her outpour. He'd never been good with emotional fillies, and now not only was he dealing with one, it was himself in femme form. As her voice continued to increase in volume, he found himself pointing up the stairs, going 'shhh!'

Instantly her eyes widened, and hooves clapped to her mouth. They both sat in silence, looking up at the bedroom above. Thankfully, the quiet snore of a snoozing dragoness continued uninterrupted.

"Sorry..." Twilight whispered, rubbing the tears away from her eyes. "I didn't mean to... get so carried away..."

The colt shook his head. "It's alright. She's slept through worse." he assured, before a corner of his mouth quirked in a smile. "Though I imagine you already knew that."

She gave him a nod, and for the moment, they let the previous topic pass away. They were content to just sit there, listening to the sounds of Spine's breathing.

"I miss him, you know." Twilight quipped, her eyes still misty.

"Your 'Spines', you mean?"

"I named him Spike." she replied. "I left him in charge of the library. Right before we left, I told him it would probably take us... two, three days, before we came back from traveling..." she found herself sniffling again. "I... I hope he's doing alright. I-I never got him his pizza..."

"... peppers and emeralds with extra cheese?"

"His favorite!"

He found himself chuckling, despite it all. "I'm sure he's doing fine. You know how, um... how they are, when it comes to pizza." He looked back up to the loft, and sighed. "I'm willing to bet he's holding down the fort, just like Spines would, if I had left. It's a little strange to think of her as a guy… but their personalities are still the same, despite whatever gender they are, am I right?"

Twilight nodded, eyes still concentrating on the loft above them. "That's been one of the things about this world, that has comforted us. Every pony we meet here, still acts like the pony we knew back home. When I saw and heard Spines for the first time, it comforted me to no end to see how similar she was to Spike… You should be proud to have someone like her in your life."

"Believe me, I am." came the reply. "Getting Spines when I was growing up... even though she's not a pony, she's as good as a little sister, to me..."

Another bout of silence passed, before the colt turned back to his visitor. She was regarding him with a new light in her eyes. "A sibling..." she whispered. "The same with me and Spike. He became my little assistant... but he'll always be my little brother first..."

Somewhere in there, both unicorns began the same thought process. I don't know how to deal with you... you, this pony who is me, but isn't. We have so much in common. So much that we've both done. So many feelings we can't understand. If I can't think of you as a cousin, a rival, or a lover... can I think of you, as a friend? Can I overcome my fear, and think of you, as somepony close to me? Like...

Slowly, tentatively, Twilight and Dusk each extended a hoof. Their movement paused for just a second, before they finally met and touched each other, simply holding hooves, staring at each other in the library's low light.

"Dusk..." she found herself speaking. "I've tried to perform the spell again to get us back... but I can't do it. I can't find our thread. I... I need help. Please help us. Please help my friends. Help us get back home. That's... that's all I ask for. Please?"

The colt allowed a smile to grace his lips, before nodding. "Sure thing, Twilight. I'll do everything in my power to help you... sis."

And it was then that the mare suddenly found herself breathing easy. The lump in her throat had disappeared. In its place... she didn't know. It felt like something. Like a tingle, maybe. Like... a spark? She knew that whatever it was, it was bright. He really doesn't mean us any harm. He's nothing to be afraid of. He IS me. And yet... he's not. But in a good way. He's... I can think of him like this. I can think of him, like I think of Spike...

As my brother.

She returned his smile. "Thank you, b-brother. I was... I was so scared, that you wouldn't agree. I don't know why still, but... I thought that..."

The purple stallion allowed an eyebrow to raise. "It's because I'm male, isn't it? Despite how similar we are, you originally thought that by virtue of gender, my thought process would be significantly different from yours... right?"

She lowered her head, ears drooping in a nod. However, her head was tilted back upwards to face his, as he gave her a reassuring gaze. "It's okay. I know a lot of us men out there tend to be... rough. But I'm not them. I'm you. And besides occasionally exploding over a scientific conundrum, you know how that is, I try my best to not perpetuate the masculine mindset stereotype. Seriously, sis... did you really think you'd turn yourself away?"

The filly allowed herself to sit up straight, as she became more at-ease. "I did... but I know better now. Thank you, Dusk. I-I never should have doubted you. Though, I have to wonder. Did you really think we were going to invade, or replace you, like pod-ponies?"

He flushed. "You heard that? Uhm... well, you see... I didn't have a lot to work with, so..."

Twilight found his blush rather amusing, and stifled a giggle. As she did so however, it turned into a yawn. A rather hefty one at that. By the time it finished, she possessed a set of rosy cheeks herself.

"Eheh... sorry about that. It IS rather late. Guilty conscience drove me to wake up and seek you out."

"Wow." He blinked, before looking back at the door. "So... are you heading back to your friends? Going to tell them that I'm willing to help?"

"I really should." The femme student turned her head towards the door, thinking of the looooong walk it had taken from their hiding place to here, before turning her head back upwards towards the bedroom, her face a picture of longing as she thought of her own bed so close at-hoof. "But I have to think... should I wake them now, or wait till the morning?..."

Dusk caught her line of sight, and chuckled again. "You know... that bed up there, is as much yours as it is mine."

A new heat suddenly overtook Twilight's face. "Oh! Oh, no, i-it wouldn't be right of me. I mean, this is YOUR dimension, not mine. I-I can walk! It's just..." again, her body sagged from weariness. "... right on the edge of the Everfree Forest..."

"Yeah, I had figured." he replied, taking to his hooves and walking around his double. "Really, I insist. Stay for the night. I'll just drag out that second bed and sleep in it tonight. You can have mine. I'll have Owlowicious wake the both of us up in the morning before Spines does, and we can go get your friends then."

The filly grimaced. "The second bed? Isn't that thing still full of lumps from when Applejack and Rarit- um, I mean, uh, Elusive, fought inside it?" Idly, she wondered if males had sleepovers or not.

"Well... yeah, that's true... but it'll still sleep." The colt continued walking towards the stairs. "Besides, if it's that uncomfortable, there's always the floor."

"Dusk, I-I..." she bit her lip, before finally airing the words she had been thinking. "Do you want to... y'know... share the bed?"

He stopped in his tracks, and looked at her in disbelief. Slowly, he turned his body back around to give her a long gaze. She returned his look with equal curiosity.

" are you sure that'd be... proper?"

"Well... why not? Either way it's okay, I'd still wake up with myself."

"I know, I know. Still, what I mean is..." he trotted forward, placing himself in front of the lavender mare. "Do... I mean, we know each other... we know who WE are... but do you trust your own... 'brother'... enough to do that?"

Twilight stood her ground, noting that the flush she was seeing on his face, was similar to her own. "Do you trust your own 'sister'?" she asked back.

The twin purple ponies stood there, facing each other, the question lingering in the air. Around them, the night snoozed on.


"Good morning girls!"

Rainbow Dash muttered a plea for ten more minutes of sleep in some arcane language that incorporated copious amounts of yawning and mumbling.

"C'mon girls! Up n' attem!"

"Twaaaiii-light?" Applejack moaned, stretching her back out and wincing as a couple of joints popped. "What's up, sugarcube?"

"I'm up, for one. And the rest of you need to be too. Come on, let's get to it!"

"Oogh... my stars, what time is it?" Rarity whined, as she removed her sleeping mask. "Twilight, I must protest-...T-Twilight?"

Fluttershy snorted herself awake at the noise, and found herself looking around quickly, heedless of the mesh pattern that had imprinted itself into her cheekfur. The one pony whose voice they were hearing, they couldn't find anywhere inside the HEDGE.

"Wooow, are we playing hide and seek?" Pinkie bubbled, effortlessly perking herself awake. "If we are, you got GOOOOD, Twilight!"

There was a chuckle. It came from outside the entrance. "I'm not hiding, silly filly, I'm right over here!"

Twilight, outside the HEDGE? The apple farmer was the first one to scramble to all fours and gallop over to the opening. "Twi? What in tarnation's going-"

She paused as she poked her head out. There was her purple unicorn friend, standing there a couple of feet from where the cave of the warren began. She seemed well-rested, her eyes bright and open, and her saddlebag secured tightly to her midsection.

What AJ had NOT been expecting was for a stallion of similar hue and breed as her friend to have been standing a foot or so behind and to the left of the student. His own eyes were quite wide. Apparently, he hadn't been expecting anypony to actually have been hiding in there.

"TWILIGHT!!" Dash screamed, causing the orange pony to grimace from the pegasus's sheer volume. She had stuck her head next to AJ's, and had just witnessed the same scene. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING?! HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!"

Twilight blinked, and looked behind her at Dusk, who returned her blinking. She then faced her friends again, a smile on her face. "That he is, Rainbow. Why don't you come out and say hi?"

The two fillies were flabbergasted, their jaws hanging wide in absolute shock. They didn't even budge when Fluttershy squeezed past them and joined the two unicorns.

"Oh, h-h-hi. there, um, Dusk." the yellow pony spoke, her mood somewhat lighter than one would have expected. "Um, I'm... I'm Fluttershy. You probably didn't know, but, um, that day when you thought Butterscotch was sick? Um, well... that was actually me. I-I'm sorry for trick-"

He silenced her with a smile and a wave of a hoof. "Twilight told me all about it. And she returned the book. You have nothing to apologize for, dear."

"Oh, oh I'm so glad to hear that!"

"Twilight!" a grandiose voice spoke, before another pony- A certain white unicorn- squeezed itself out of the burrow. Her eyes quickly and calmly took in the sight of the colt, while Dusk did his level best to not ogle her frame. "Why, it appears to me you've been quite busy last night! Does this mean that..." her blue eyes began to glisten. "Do you... are we actually?!"

The magician nodded, before her expression turned serious. "Okay, listen up. Fluttershy, you can release Angela now. Everypony, get packing. We have about fifteen minutes before the rest of Ponyville wakes up."

"Come on, it's time to go home."


It was an interesting-looking procession that wandered through the streets of Ponyville in the early hours of that morning. Seven ponies overall, two of which looked like they could be twins. There was barely anypony out on the streets at that hour... which allowed the group a relative peace with which to use.

"So, finally went n' listened t' reason, eh sugarcube?" Applejack joked, tossing a fond smile in Twilight's direction.

"Yeah... I guess you can say I did." she admitted, a blush of shame on her face. "I'm sorry I was so, well, scared guys. But you were right. This really IS the better way."

"I'm glad you came around to it." Dusk chuckled, looking back at the group. "I still don't know why you chose to do it at one in the morning, but I'm not complaining!"

"Good heavens, Twilight." Rarity crooned. "So late at night? And you didn't even wake us?"

"I had a bad case of guilty conscience. Especially after seeing Fluttershy. You holding up okay back there?"

"O-oh, I'm fine." the pegasus assured, rubbing the spot on her cheek. The indent had almost finished fading. She looked down to her side and smiled as Angela hopped alongside her.

"Guilty conscience, huh?" Rainbow Dash questioned. A cocked eyebrow said that she wasn't completely convinced. "You sure something else didn't come up? I mean, what REALLY changed your mind? You were pretty set against having anything to do with Dusk, yesterday."

"I was... but that was the fear talking." the purple unicorn explained. "I was so worried that he wasn't going to be understanding, or accepting. If anything, I was afraid he was going to make us into enemies of the state. And it scared me, because, well, thinking back on it... I was so certain that that was exactly what I would have done, in his position. You know what they say. Sometimes, you're your own worse enemy."

"Ouch. Low blow there, sis."

"Sorry, bro. No offense meant, you know."

The exchange caused everypony in line to blink and look amongst each other. "Sis? Bro? A-ah mean, ah can see why y'all're goin' th' family route, but... really, siblings?" the farmer questioned.

"That's another thing." came the reply, as she turned her head to look at her friends. "I didn't even know how to RELATE to Dusk. Over the course of our stay, all of us have developed different relationship ideas, regarding our male selves. Fluttershy and Rarity, the both of you came to see Butterscotch and Elusive as 'partners'-"

This caused the two named ponies to dart their eyes down as they blushed. Twilight continued, unabated. "Rainbow Dash, during her short encounter, came to think of Blitz as a rival."

"Psh, as if." the pegasus piped up from her spot. "I can fly circles around that imposter any day of the week."

Many among them rolled their eyes, while the two leading ponies exchanged a whisper. "She's Blitz's double, alright." the male shared. "Have to admit, it's a bit weird to see his nature wrapped up in a small form like that!"

This got a chuckle out of the magician, before she started again. "Pinkie Pie. I could see, from the short time you two were together, both you and Berry became really fast friends."

"Well, why wouldn't we be?" the pink filly squeaked "I like to throw parties. Berry likes to throw parties. Oh, and we both enjoy sarsparilla and slushies and muffins and meringue and Pin-the-tail-on-the-pony! I mean really, what's not to love?"

"And Applejack." The hat-bearing mare perked her head up at her name. "It's mainly thanks to you that I figured out my... connection with my double. You and the Applejack of this world came to relate to each other as cousins. That the both of you shared the same family."

"Well... that's true, Twi." the applebucker conceded. "Ah admit, when mah colt-self asked me fer another chance at bein' family... ah got rather relaxed an' easy. It felt right. Like he really were mah cousin. B-but still, what's yer story? Ah mean... ah already got sibling conniptions whenever ah'm around Applebuck. You?"

The two purple unicorns gave each other a look, before the male gave his 'sister' a reassuring smile. Twilight returned the smile, before speaking again. "It's because, well... last night, when I went and took a chance... when I went and spoke with Dusk... the both of us managed to feel something powerful. It felt really strong, stronger than just friendship... Like you said, it felt RIGHT. It was then that I realized that I was feeling the same way about him, that I felt about Spike."

"And Me, the way I felt about Spines." Dusk spoke up. "Once she introduced herself to me... once we managed to actually sit down, and talk... I realized that my heart was going out for her, the same way it did with Spines. It was there that we started calling each other brother and sister."

"And it's worked really well for us so far." The filly looked back at her friends with an honest smile. "I can say that I... feel right, whenever I'm around him now, instead of having that awful knot in my larynx. Good thing too." She turned her head back forward as she breathed a sigh of relief. "Otherwise, I NEVER would've gotten any sleep last night!"

There was a tumbling noise as a miniature pony pileup occurred, the sound causing the two leaders to pause and stare in confusion.

"S-sleep?" Rarity's eyes were wide. "Twi, you... you didn't come back to the Hedge after meeting Dusk, did you?"

"Well, it was a rather long walk, and I was... well, falling apart at the end of it, to put it bluntly, but still-"

"Twilight." Dash spoke up this time, her mouth trying to wrestle the words through her lips. "You guys didn't... I mean, with Dusk? You didn't, like..."

Both unicorns raised an eyebrow at the same time. "What're you getting at, Bli- er, Miss Dash?" the stallion questioned.

"N-now now." Applejack assured everypony. "You remember Rares, Twi has a second bed, right? Ah'm shore it tweren't anythin' that were..." she then turned her green eyes to the pair and coughed twice. "*a-heh-hem* IN-appropriate. Right, Twi?"

They got confused lavender stares for a few more seconds, before they blanched, the meaning FINALLY registering in their minds. Both boy and girl students blushed furiously, before they began sputtering at the same time. "How-! Really-?! You-! With him/her?! He's/she's my brother/sister! How could you even-?!"

That was all the mares needed to know, as they all laughed at the twin's expense, slowly straightening themselves out and getting to their hooves.

"Oooo-hoho! Ooooh I'm sorry, sugarcube." the farmer apologized, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Yeah, we know you two'd never do that. But that t'were too precious. Th' both o' you! Hey Pinkie, make that thar count 'Twenty', y'hear?"


While Dusk looked at the girls in confusion, the bookfilly merely shook her head, the blush still present on her face. "Very funny, fillies. Now come on, we still have a ways left to go to the library. Barring any MORE unforeseen events, we should make it there in plenty of time."

Eventually, the great tree became visible to them, causing their pace to pick up a bit. As they drew closer to the library however, one more last unexpected event transpired.

Fluttershy yelped as she ducked down. Pinkie, who had been trotting in front of her, had seemingly suddenly bucked out both rear hooves behind her.

"Oop! Sorry about that!" the party pony apologized, before her hind legs began spinning in place. "Whooop! It's happening again~!"

"The Whopper...!" Twilight stared at her twitching friend, before quickly spinning her head to face her double, his own eyes wide open as he watched the Pinkie Sense go off. "Dusk! P-please... tell me you didn't!"

The colt looked at her, before sighing and shaking his head as he reached a hoof out to the library door. "I left a note behind for Spines, before we left this morning. I'm sorry, Twilight. You've explained things to me..."

"But the rest of them deserve an explanation too."


    To Be Continued...


"She's HERE!! She'shereshe'shereshe'shere~!"

"COLT-CRUDDER?! That sounds a bit TOO close to Colt-Cuddler if you ask me!"

"Ah'm sorry cousin. Mah name tain't JayJay... and it tain't Jonica Johnagold either..."

"You... you DID say you wanted to see my real cutie-mark someday, didn't you?"

"I-I didn't think this through. But you're right… we're siblings now. And that's just going to make this whole thing so much more… painful…"

"O-oh, I believe you Fluttershy. Angela wouldn't have… well, I suppose you would know… um, but still. You knew that I was you. And… and yet, you… like me?"


"Ah want'd y'all t' stay! Ah wanna git t' know you better! Ah wanna be FAMILY wit' you!"

"I think I love you!!"

"I think I love you t-!!"
Part 9 of 12 chapters total.

Next Chapter>[link]
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Twilight and her five friends are transported during a botched spell, across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one that they knew. Sitting on a bench is Harpsy and Babar. The Doctoress avoids apples from an aspiring Applebuck. And in a library across town, six stallions join their forces as they try to decipher the appearance of filly look-alikes of themselves around Ponyville!


I'm going to be uploading this very slowly. I've got it everywhere else, I might as well get it on up here!

Based off of, and inspired by, the Genderswap works of :icontrotsworth:
Preview image art is all credit to :iconstellarina: Go show her some love allready!
With many thanks to my editor, :icontggeko: You may be seeing some changes to the document still!
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The Crystal Empire Trilogy
– Ponies with Stratovarius

[Click here for the accompanying song]

Rediscovery (Rebirth of the Empire)

a) Ghost

Where did the world once disappear
When we were praying for freedom
The light was blinding my eyes,
Then darkness came;
Was that the end…?

What waited were the graying walls
Lifeless city and kingdom
Is this the worth of my existence
Has nothing changed?

Am I alive and trapped in the death
Or dead and lost my afterlife
Was I ever anything else
Than these crippling chains around my neck

They say time has forgotten our life
Yet the scars are still fresh in my heart
Can't I just leave it behind
Can't I just forget it all

Am I a ghost that's wandering the earth
I remember nothing more but pain
I saw the light once faded
Is there meaning to even try to escape

They say time has forgotten our life
Yet the scars are still fresh in my heart
I have nothing to hold on
Maybe there never was
Can't I just leave it behind…

b) Recall

There is so much more in you than you believe…
Once enslaved can still find the strength to fight, to live…

I remember this scene
Somehow it's seems so real to me
The sounds of fair
All the tastes and smells in the air
What is this feeling

Is this a sign
Did I recall a time
That's my real life…?

Were there once a time and life without chains
When we did know joy
Where in my mind those times remain
I want them back

The shadow clouds the times before you lost your life…
Try to recall the world where you were free to smile…

They're waking up in me
Memories that I once had are here
The wistful fair
All the tastes and smells in the air
I remember this!

Familiar sight, it's warming my heart…
Like I'm welcomed home.

All the life I've known I've lived in chains
For so long I've feared
Now I can open my eyes again
See and smile…

The key of rebirth
The stairway to the skies
The answer's waiting right ahead

Our deadline's closing fast with His siege
Will you be their savior, or are you to fail the final leap
Will you guide the light or lead their downfall?

All the life I've known I've lived in chains
For so long I've feared
Now I can recall the time past despair
I can smile

Maybe I can find myself again…
…I hope so…

c) Choice

[A shadow is growing outside,]
[Everything around us is dying,]
[The darkness that emerged anew has swallowed the last dim of light…]

[Is this where the memory guided us]
[From the chains of our past, to the end of our future]
[Couldn't we be free after all?]

There is no way for me
But maybe for someone else

I am seeing the eyes of darkness
They've grown everywhere
Before us the final choice:
Live, or be erased…

… I have the right to live my life.

Don't be afraid
You hold the power over your past
Let it guide your heart…

d) Rebirth

I won't resign to chains, no more
Now that I can see
There is more in life for me
I have the strength I need

The lantern of our land
It shines so bright
And guides us through the storm
We are given the key

I have rediscovered the path
Past the pain and grief
Scars may stay, but they won't bleed
I have the right to live

I can see the edge
There is no end
But a life reborn ahead
I can move on from here

I am free…

I realized pretty early on, that “the Crystal Empire” finale wouldn’t really be that interesting as a narrative epic. Most of my epics have focused on the duality of villain and hero, and I’ve found a lot of fun in depicting the villains of MLP FiM in a dramatic heavy metal sense.

Crystal Empire, however, was different. Sombra was a different kind of villain, who had indirect presence but no direct character to go with it. The focus was clearly more on the heroes… and the victims, Crystal ponies. It was clearly more natural to depict the villain too more indirectly, through the eyes of his victims. The slavery aspect helped it even further: the real conflict of the story would be the search of identity for the crystal ponies, finding the way from the shadow of Sombra and rediscovering the past life and happiness they had nearly forgotten in their time of slavery.

Writing a song about a personal catharsis was a project I've wanted to do for a while, and the episode provided an excellent symbolic framework to explore such themes. Thus these lyrics are probably the most universal stuff I've written so far.

Stratovarius’ “Elysium” was an interesting song to me personally, as I've never been much of a fan of Stratos. However, their later works without Tolkki have grown on me, due to having some feeling of Symphony X and even Kamelot.

The Crystal Empire Trilogy
Blind Greed (Fall of the Empire) [link]
Anthem (Memory of the Empire) [link]
Rediscovery (Rebirth of the Empire) here be you!

My Little Pony © :iconhasbroplz:
“Elysium” © Stratovarius, from the album “Elysium”. Written by Matias Kupiainen & Timo Kotipelto.
Song is used as a soundtrack for the lyrical content in terms of tribute, homage, parody and ponies.
The thumbnail is “In the Lair of the Crystal Heart” [link] by :iconturbosolid:

My MLP poetry, My Little Poems, can be found here [link]
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#91) Me and my boyfriend have been bronies from the beginning and we've been thinking about having a kid. We heard somewhere that they can inject animal DNA into the womb in the first few weeks to give the child animal-like features. We think this would be the coolest thing ever but we fear others will frown on it and our beautiful pony child will be looked down upon. What advice do you have for me?

Answer: I think your sources are quite credible. You can, indeed, inject animal DNA into the womb to create animal-human hybrids. That's why you quite often see dog-boys, cat-girls and giraffe-children walking around town centres. It's becoming more acceptable nowadays, but you might want to give it a few more years before you try it out, just to avoid the beast-baby facing ridicule at school. They may have an elephant-teacher, which would help the child feel more 'normal', but if all the class-mates are human, or another form of animal hybrid, it could be difficult for them to fit in.

That's another problem to consider with this: race discrimination. Think long and hard about what animal DNA to inject into your womb before you go ahead with the procedure*. Going for something obscure, like a porcupine, might result in the animal child failing to find others of their race. Going for something more common, like, as you say, a pony, might be a good idea, as at least then they'll fit in with a large bulk of the population, which is, of course, made up almost entirely of ponies.

One thing is for sure – your parenting skills are clearly on-the-ball. You have a great understanding of maternal/paternal priority; for example, doing what is best for the child. Others may frown upon it, but you would shower that pony-baby with such immense love that it wouldn't matter. Plus, the child would hopefully inherit horse legs/hooves, much like a centaur; then other kids would be able to saddle them up and ride around. It would, indeed, be 'the coolest thing ever'.

*This writer doesn't condone injecting anything into your womb.

#92) I'm feeling depressed. I moved 6 months ago and I'm trying to find new friends. I joined this local brony Facebook group and posted my address for a meet-up. Almost everyone in that group lives too far away. One member seemed interested so I messaged him. He never replied and blew me off twice. What should I do?

Answer: Your first problem was probably trying to find new friends on the internet, rather than around your local area, even if those internet people are somewhat 'local' in the grand scheme of things. Generally, most people are capable of making some form of a friend. However, as you say that 6 months have passed and you're still searching, it's fair to assume that you haven't had much luck meeting people. I can see why you would have resorted to the internet in that case.

Now, there's nothing that can be done, really, about the bronies who live too far away. That's an unfortunate geographic problem that can't really be overcome unless you learn how to drive/teleport. As for the one member who seemed interested, I'd need to know how he blew you off to go into specifics. Then again, as you say with relative confidence that he definitely blew you off, I can infer that it was quite an obvious bluff on his part. That, or you're just upset that he cancelled on you twice, and you're assuming he wasn't being genuine. It's hard to tell, but we'll chase up the idea that he did blow you off for the sake of argument.

You say he seemed interested, which makes me think that he made the first move in approaching you. Perhaps your message in response to him was too clingy, and it put him off? If that's the case, you may wish to sharpen your approach with people. You may be desperate for friends, but try and keep your cool. It is possible that he might still feel compelled to meet up with you, so if you really believe in this person, you could keep trying to meet up with them. Don't push things too hard – hold off for a while and wait. Then, perhaps in a few weeks, ask once more if they're willing to meet up.

You might also find, if you're just looking for friends in general, that signing up to a site like Bronysquare is a good idea. Those sites tend to be full of people willing to be your friend. You may find people on there who live closer to you than you think – I know that a lot of bronies don't use Facebook as their primary means of communicating, and so you may find that you're only encountering a small amount of the bronies in your local area. Check Bronysquare and Ponysquare, and any other social networking pony-based sites you can find. Don't come off as too desperate, of course, but I'm sure if you made a case that you moved house and you're struggling to make friends, some people might be able to relate to you.

Keep looking for friends. Try your best to make friends at school, and, failing that, fall deeper into the internet. Sometimes just talking to people, even if just through an instant-messaging program, can fill that void. I firmly believe that internet friendships can be just as valuable and valid as friendships outside of the internet. Hit up those social networking sites as well – as I say, you may find people living closer to you than you think.

#93) Suppose that "Friendship is Magic" is coming to an end, regardless of the number of seasons it would take. How would you like to see this show end, in the biggest way you can think of? I personally would find it neat if a film done by the company is possible. Not just any film, but perhaps a tribute to the first two specials of the series that made it possible but in a more modernized setting, a bigger story, and done in such a way that fans will never forget it. In a way it may sound like something only a FanFic could pull off, but if such a thing is possible it could end the show on such a high note. But that's just what I think, what's your take?

Answer: I'd shy away from any self-aggrandising dalliance. I think if they try and make the last episodes into this epic finale, there's more chance of it failing to live up to expectations. It'll be very hard for people to come to terms with the show ending – with such high expectations, I don't think it's really possible for the final episode(s) to be the perfect ending that would offer everyone the closure they desire/require.

Given that people will be incredibly sad when the show rolls its final credits, I'm in two minds. On the one hand, I think it would be cool if the show just ended with regular episodes, without some massive display saying, "Yes, the show is over, and we're going to do our best to let you know it!". If the show went out with regular episodes, I'd feel like the show-makers were making less of a big deal out of it, which in turn would help the fandom come to terms with the show ending easier. By having a big display-of-an-episode, it will encourage more people to feel emotional about the climax.

However, people would complain with a regular-episode finale, as it wouldn't 'do the show justice'. Maybe I'm biased, because I'm not a big fan of the two-parter episodes, but I wouldn't be all that bothered about the show ending in an anticlimactic way. That said, if they go down the other route, they could either do a two-parter finale that resolves everything, or they could release a film. Personally, I don't really have much interest in a film – I think the show should remain as a TV series. I don't really have much opposition despite that; I guess I just don't consider the show to be 'big enough' to warrant a film. Yes, I'm aware that previous My Little Pony generations have boasted films, but I think the merits of the show are good enough to ensure that a film isn't strictly necessary.

I don't really like "Friendship is Magic" when it's trying to be 'epic'. I prefer the show when it deals with interactions between the characters. Stopping the next big villain doesn't really interest me, as the show can't really have the villain make a lasting impression. If a villain killed off a character, that would be a different story; however, as this is My Little Pony, everything needs to be resolved at the end of the episode, meaning that the 'epic' episodes feel a little watered-down to me.

I may be called a party-pooper, but I don't really want to see an episode that 'the fans will never forget'. The show has attracted so many fans just by being itself; it doesn't need to take special efforts to try and make itself cooler than it is. A good way to end, for me, would be an episode like "The Best Night Ever", which really did a lot of things right. A bad way to end would be by introducing all sorts of new plot twists, characters and villains, just for the sake of a 'badass' ending.
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Brony Advice is both an active collaboration with artists and an advice column, in the simplest of terms: I want you to send me notes if you have any problems, secrets or comments on the pony fandom of any nature. It doesn't matter how embarrassing, offensive or vicious they might be - if you want someone to comment on them in an unbiased way, send them over. Maybe there's something within the fandom that you particularly despise, or perhaps you're feeling sad and need to hear some friendly advice? Whatever the motive, send me a note with your comment or question.

I'll then respond with advice and commentary and post the answers up in future installments. Users will remain anonymous, so you don't need to worry about your feelings and thoughts getting out onto DeviantArt. You may find that some of the things that you've personally been feeling will be addressed.

Feel free to note me if you would like your questions and observations to be answered in an upcoming edition. Every edition will be engaging with three issues. The above three featured today were submitted by anonymous deviants.

Artwork by a Brony Advice first-timer: the wonderful ~CrisisDragonfly. Go check out their stuff!
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Editor's Note (PLEASE READ THIS PEOPLE!): Okay, so here is chapter one. Let me get a couple points through here before you comment. There are a couple translation errors that I know I did. If you read both versions and there are inconsistencies, comment about it. Also, since there are translation errors, the story might have some continuity issues between chapters. As the story progresses, I will probably come back to these older chapters to fix the story gaps. If some parts of the story do not make sense, go ahead and say so. One last thing, I can only translate so fast. I will openly admit that I used a translator for a large chunk, but I have some extensive basic Spanish knowledge. This is correct as of English. I know enough Spanish to see the errors (and there were LOTS in the translators), but they helped. Each English update will come out about 1 week after the Spanish version. That is all I have to say now. Thanks! And thanks for reading!

Eternal Winter

by zahpkiel

Translated and edited by: LegendaryMemory

Chapter 1: The End of Peace

It was early in the morning, the air was cold and fresh, the birds began singing their melody, the sun poked itself out from behind the hills as it too was in the moment of waking up. As the sun rose, its rays reached out to everything in its path, blanketing the shadows with the warmth of its light.

The subtle light made way across the valley and into a small cabin through a window that faced the beauty of the morning sun. As the morning entered the room, the sunlight kindled itself on a sleeping, young mare's face, giving her a light glow of her beautiful, white fur.

A gesture of disgust formed on her face from being disturbed from her slumber.

Her eyes slowly opened, giving a couple small flickers as she had to adjust to the light of the morning sun. As soon as she managed to adjust her view, she turned from her side away from the window to face the ceiling. Her large eyes, violet and humble as the flower of an orchid, scanned the nothingness that was the top of the small rectangular room. While she was distracted in her own world, she failed to notice somepony had entered the room. Standing by the doorway, he proceeded to make his presence known to her.

"How are you feeling?" asked the doctor, with a voice full of age and experience. He started making his way to the side of the bed.

He had a pretty built figure, despite being of late age. He was a stallion somewhat of average size, that is, if one can imagine what average would be in this world. Everything else about him was normal, solid, or the usual. One difference was that he had a beard. His beard that grew on his face was as white as snow can be, aged with years of wisdom, thoroughly brushed but remained the slightest frizzled. Further down his beard was a curl that prevented itself from touching the floor.

"I am feeling better now, thank you for asking, Crosspriest," responded the mare, slowly sitting up on top of the padded bed. Her radiant, crimson hair waved with every little movement that she did.

"If you just wanted to escape the noise, you should not have come here. Have you forgotten that this is the infirmary? Every alarm goes off as soon as someone needs help. Remember, your health and condition isn't considered stable as of yet, you mustn't be put under such circumstances," said the old stallion as he approached the bedded mare, gently helping her out and onto her four hooves. She gave silence to his words. He gave a loud sigh to try and get her attention.

"Alexandra, there are those who do not understand why you aren't like the rest of the ponies," Crosspriest repented. Alexandra merely walked to the window and examined the environment, stretching her large and beautiful wings. They glistened in the light, white feathers proudly shining.

"You should have been outside enjoying your youth, but instead, you wear armor and fight everyday. That is weight that nopony should han-"

"It is the path that I have chosen and none other," Alexandra said, cutting off Crosspriest, causing him stop. With her gaze lost in the horizon, she lightly smiled to herself and said, "My sisters rarely worried and neither should you, grumpy."

They stood there for a moment. It was quiet between the two. The sun had already fully risen above the hills beyond, situating itself on the top of one of the hills. The light of the room had a soft and light orange touch, giving a slight glow, still, to both of their coats. Alexandra broke the quietness of the room once again.

"Crosspriest, please tell me the last analysis," she requested in an elegant, serious inflection.

"Hm," he stammered as he gave thought. "I will always be grumpy, but I've come to love you all enough to know as my own daughters. I am your family doctor after all. In your examinations, you already know what I will tell you; every day that you live is a miracle. My magic is not as strong as it was before, you know that. You're taking a lot of pressure, unlike your sisters who live their lives like you should be doing. It's as if… As if you're looking for something in life to die for…" Crosspriest ended his observation with a tone of conviction moving his sight to an angle towards the floor.

"Cross, I am not perfect," admitted the young mare, her gaze constantly locked outside the window.

"You know I don't speak of that, Alexandra. Between you and your sisters, you single-hoofedly dominate your element as if it were nothing. It does not matter while it is to the queen or your commander; I've seen you control your element destroying or creating hurricanes and tornadoes with merely a single beat of your wings. You are no longer a novice in your element. I'd say, you are the first guardian to handle the element with great efficiency, if not completely effectively," responded the doctor to the unassuming words of hers.

"Nothing escapes the grasp of truth, Cross. Tell me how much time I have," she said, uninterested in his response. Silence again made its way into the room.

Another sigh finally escaped Crosspriest's mouth.

"There is not a single medicine or piece of magic that would be able to help. It is years ahead of us. Least to say, three years may hold a chance, but that's to assume that you discontinue what you are doing now to yourself," concluded the doctor. Alexandra kept her view still upon the other side of the window.

"I already see… that the colors of the Spring Prairielands are beautiful today." The doctor gave a confused and annoyed look at hearing what she had said.

"Child, you take in more to account than what I tell you. Your life is at stake here!" Crosspriest said in a climbing tone. Alexandra lost her focus of the outside and turned her head to the angered stallion to her left. Her violet eyes looked into the amethyst eyes of his as she gave a heartfelt smile to him.

"Cross, I will not worry about my time, whether it is months or years. I have enjoyed as much of my life as it is. Forgive me, but please avoid telling my sisters about my condition."

She firmly held her stance, emotion showing only from her deep and gentle eyes. Crosspriest argued her position.

"Just listen to me Alexandra. It is easy to hide secrets from your sister Lumia, but when she hears about it, she becomes easily bothered by it. On the other hand, your other sister, Aqua, is like you. I cannot hide the obvious truth from either of you two," the doc ended barely audible.

"I know. We just need to make sure that Lumia does not know of this. Aqua is mature and is already conscience of my state. She understands what is happening. Lumia though, will take this much too hard. It will crush her heart and soul. My death to her knowing will cause her to lose control of her emotions. She is much too young," she finalized before the main cabin door flung open with sharp speed.

Both turned their focus towards the door, to which they saw a silhouette of a pony. As the mysterious pony stepped in, the colors poured into the shadow, giving it form. The hair was reddish overall, but there was a navy blue type of shine to top it. The coat of the pony was white, similar to Alexandra's. Nonetheless, Alexandra and Crosspriest were interrupted from their conversation.

"Good morning. I flew a great distance and it appears that I arrived about the time that you two have woken up. How are you, Cross?" the new, familiar visitor asked.

"Good, thanks for asking Aqua. I almost had a heart attack though; would help that you knock on the door since you are a little bit late," Crosspriest said as he walked away from Alexandra.

"Aqua, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in the temple of the waterfall with the elders to learn how to control your element?" a mystified Alexandra asked. Aqua approached her sister and gently adjusted her mane.

"It went better than expected. They let me go early. Look, I just got the news that you were in the infirmary. I'd thought you'd be happier than this to see me," she answered. Her focus went back to what she came for. "Cross, tell me. How is she?"

Aqua turned to observe the old stallion. As she gazed into his amethyst eyes, he simply turned away mumbling some words. She gave up on him and asked her sister in a more, sharper tone, taking time to examine the details of her face.

"How long do you have, sister?"

"Long enough," Alexandra said with a minimal smile that faded as she continued speaking. "My time will come in months or years unknowingly, but what I do will decide my fate. You know I cannot change what I do."

Alexandra merely took a step closer to the younger and gave her a tightly knit hug. She didn't want to feel alone, even more so, she didn't want Aqua to feel abandoned by her older sister.

"If that's the case then, we can throw a little celebration for the time we have left together as a family. You, Lumia, and I together, just for good times," Aqua concluded with herself. Suddenly, Alexandra opened her wings sharply, causing Aqua to jump back.

"No! You mustn't tell Lumia! She mustn't know about any of this!" Alexandra suddenly burst out saying.

Aqua sighed and took full stance as she opened her white wings in dispute, making herself seem larger, trying to match that of her older sister.

"She deserves to know as much as we do, sister! You can't hide everything from her; she knows about your condition already and she takes it just fine! She isn't that pony anymore, Alexandra! Don't you see? She doesn't cower behind you anymore like she used to. She IS our younger sister, Alexandra, but she isn't a baby."

Alexandra put her head down from being scolded by her younger sister. She knew that her sister was right, but she wanted to deny it all. This was something that she couldn't bear to know.

"I just didn't want our sister to have to live through this," she responded in an emphasis that was barely audible.

"Do not talk about the pity of what you are doing. I would worry to know what she would do if she knew about what you're trying to do," Aqua ended as she closed her large feathered wings. She forced herself to examine the window and the outside, trying to take her mind off of the topic. From what she saw stressed her out even further. Among the prairielands was sitting a large billowing cloud over a village in the distance. It was too dark to be a regular cloud.

"I think we should make a visit to town. It seems that Lumia is causing some trouble in town," Aqua stated, sounding normal as if nothing just happened between them. Upon hearing that, Alexandra took immediate action, Aqua following soon after.

Alexandra took her helmet and said her goodbye to the old man, to which he gave no response as he was making the bed. She shrugged it off and was off with her younger sister to head towards town. The stallion nodded his head before the door shut, leaving him inside with the other patients of the little clinic.

The outside was clear and the fresh air was still cool from the morning's mint. The green fields were large and vast, nothing but an ocean of greenery of tall and soft grass that waved with whatever little wind that passed over. The sky was cloudless, free and open, blue as blue can be. While this was a wonderful sight, the sisters were too busy with their thoughts in mind.

As they neared the town, the sisters saw another Pegasus that was dressed in armor. They both flew to him and they managed to identify him when they were close enough.

"Nightriff, what is happening here?" Aqua asked first, regal in voice. She landed near the hovering guard; the eldest mare simply took position near her.

"My captain, Ms. Lumia is causing uproar amongst the public citizens. There are no deaths as of now, but there are several injuries," the soldier said as he kept in flight, low to the ground. "That is all that I know." The sisters took flight after taking in the news, a face of distaste forming on Alexandra.

"Sister, do not be bothered by this. You will not harm Lumia if you remain calm," Aqua said to try and ease the older.

Alexandra responded before they took off at full speed, "I am not angry at her… I want to tell her something."

In the midst of the town, a young Pegasus was busy showing off her powers in the center of the town. The pony of fiery red hair had a beaming glare as she eyed a villager. The villager reacted to this and ran as fast as his hooves could take him. Following up with the villager was a chain-of-events to which every other villager reacted as the first had.

She swung one of her wings forward. A fireball, formed from the air emitted, headed for the cart of fireworks and gear. The cart instantly ignited from the excitement of the heat and shot all of its fireworks out.

The fireworks flew to and fro, ramming into buildings, some exploding in midair, and some ramming into buildings and then exploding. Some leftover spectators, who failed to get the message earlier, were struck by some of the explosives that were flying everywhere. Chaos filled the air of the small and peaceful town.

After her quick reign, the Pegasus wholly laughed at her creation, her fiery mane floating in the wind as she chuckled. The town was empty of everypony, scarred with broken rubble and burnt material from the explosions and flames. She scanned the area attentively, making sure that she didn't miss anything. To her excitement, she found a rocket that she had somehow missed. She readied herself and threw a fireball towards it.

To her dismay, her fireball failed to strike, not by any miscalculation, but by a force of whirlwind that gushed itself through to catch the flaming ball, quickly putting it out. What surprised her even more was what she heard next.

"Lumia!!" the pony from across the plaza yelled with a fierce anger present in the call. Lumia reacted with a frightened laugh before making herself talk.

"Sister, you are well! I knew that it was all just a lie! I apologize for the mess. I didn't think that cart would become this ballistic. You have to admit, though, that it was funny to see," Lumia said, trying to retaliate herself from her little enjoyment.

Upon hearing the response, Alexandra flapped her wings once, creating a massive flow of air that forced Lumia down for a moment with its intense pressure.

"FUNNY?! Lumia, if this is what funny is to you, how would you like it if I were to crush you by the force of my element? Is that funny to you? You have caused quite a commotion here on much of the ponies, even hurting some. You are can't be arrogant, Lumia! You accept your actions and discipline, otherwise…" Alexandra slowed her sentence to a stop as she observed the defiance growing on her sister's face.

"Otherwise nothing! I am not afraid of you, Alexandra…" she paused. "I flew from far away to see you when I heard how badly hurt you were, but… But… BUT ALL I SEE IS THAT YOU LIED TO ME!" she finished, tears finally streamed from the fires that were her eyes.

She put her head close to the ground.

Alexandra knew, at that point, that Lumia was telling nothing but the truth. She gave a sigh through her nose as she took a couple of seconds to collect her thoughts. The first thing she wanted to do was release the tension that existed between them. At least, it is probably the only thing she could do.

"Lumia…" her tone became saddened, barely audible for anypony standing farther than between them. "Forgive me, my dear Lumia, but you know that I don't like it when you use your powers like that. You already caused enough trouble here; nevertheless, you had hurt somepony. Please, I want you to control yourself," she lowered her head as she ended. Lumia slightly raised hers to meet with her sister's.

"I'm sorry," Lumia said in a volume not even Alexandra can hear.

"What was that, Lumia?" she asked, not listening to what Lumia had said.

"I said I'm sorry! Okay?" she exploded. "I'm sorry… I was worried and… I just didn't want to think about any of this. I didn't mean to scare anyone or hurt anyone. I didn't want to cause anyone harm. I'm sorry…"

The larger Pegasus waited for the smaller one's charge to disperse before she took any action to cater. She opened her large wings and surrounded her sister, shielding them both from the world. It was just them two in their own world.

"Thank you for coming to see me. I was worried that Aqua was the only one to know," Alexandra said in a very soothing manner. Lumia attempted to look up, but she realized that her sister was covering her, blocking her from moving her head up. Instead, she let the large wings cover her. Somehow, she felt safe under the shadow of her loving sister, rid of the world and all of its troubles. She felt that her sister can always protect her.

They stood still, as if time had stopped ticking. Both of their eyes were closed, still huddled under the shield. The world was away and it was just them two for a moment being, safe under their little shelter of warmth and love. The only thing stopping their tenderness was a sudden pompous voice, heard from across the small town square. The two huddling mares released to look at the arrived mare. It was Aqua.

"Hm! I see you haven't changed one bit, Lumia. You still need the shelter of our big sister just to feel better? Why haven't you ever used my comfort, huh? Aren't I enough for you?"

Aqua stood just beyond the small distance of wreckage, watching what just had happened between her sisters.

"Aqua, dear sister, we are close in age. Why do you insist on teasing me?" Lumia jokingly pronounced as she went up to her sister to give her affection as she did with Alexandra.

"Lumia, you haven't changed one bit, have you?" Aqua said as she stared into the warm, flaming eyes of her slightly younger sister. As Aqua could tell, her little sister's eyes held much joy, for most of the family was present and together again. They were filled with happiness and promise, something Aqua missed seeing in either of her siblings.

The joy was not meant to last long though.

A noise came from behind one of the buildings, none of the three noticing until whatever it was came out from the back. It was a stallion, another guard, who looked very weak from all of the wounds present on his skin.

One of his wings stuck out, but it was bent in places that shouldn't be. He had armor on, but it was cracked in certain places and out of alignment, showing gaps where his dark purple fur-coat was peeking out of the armor. Some parts of the armor were also black, charred from flames.

The pony managed to limp his way up to the three that were standing, falling before them, and saying his last words before succumbing to his wounds.

"The war… It begins."

Eternal Winter

by zahpkiel

Translated and edited by: :iconlegendarymemory:

I hope you enjoy! ... and thank you very much to LegendaryMemory for their help in the translation
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The big two-parter has arrived! And My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is kicking off with the Crystal Empire two-parter.

The first part is about Celestia giving Twilight the rather monumental test of finding a way to protect the Crystal Empire upon its mysterious return from the shadowy King Sombra (meaning shadow in Spanish).

And the second part is focuses more on Twilight finding the Crystal Heart which is key to stopping Sombra.

This two parter is easily the most visually stunning two-parter yet. Everything from movement to lighting to the absolutely gorgeous looking Crystal Empire is incredibly well-designed.

And surprisingly enough, darker as well. As in, there was more liberal use of black and shadows this time around, giving some pivotal scenes more atmosphere.

This willingness to be 'dark' just means that kids get a more well-rounded entertainment. They're gonna' have to use the potty on their own one day after all.

However, that's also the double-edge sword with Crystal Empire; it's big on flash but a bit lacking in character, and character is where MLP: FiM shines.

Sombra, with the black crystals and huge swirling mass that surrounds the Empire is incredibly atmospheric, but he as a character, well, what character? At least Queen Chrysalis from the last two-parter had some personality, but Sombra practically was evil and that's all they wrote, literally.

The same can be said for the crystal ponies themselves, they looked great but no character depth.

The mane 6 were there as a supporting ensemble and there certainly were very funny bits about; particularly with Rarity going ga-ga about the crystal pony look, and Pinkie dressing as Fluttershy was one of her most bizarre gags yet.

But the second parter is easily the better of the two as the stakes were raised and the scenes with Twilight and Spike were some of the most visually creative and suspenseful. The moment where Twilight comforts Spike when he went through a door of your worst fears was quite sweet.

Something the episodes did a lot was foreshadowing big things for Twilight. Celestia and Luna are setting up something big for our plucky purple unicorn. It remains to see if it will be a big payoff or not.

But overall, certainly better than A Canterlot Wedding but not up there with the scene-stealing Return of Harmony, 'cos let's be honest, Discord is a hard one to outclass.

Review of MLP: FiM's Crystal Empire Part 1 and 2.

Link to the preview pic!

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This is a story of my OC SnapShot and his life of adventure and misery. This is only chapter one and i am creating the 2nd as fast as i can! Please tell me anything that is wrong in my story it would be great help in the future. Also if you wanna be in the story note me info and i will add you in somewhere as best as i can! Thanks for reading
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A certain pegasus flew back into Ponyville to find the entire town completely deserted. She flew all around, obviously checking the homes of her friends. Twilight’s Golden Oaks Library was all books and no ponies, every dessert in Sugarcube Corner was left untouched by Pinkie Pie, Sweet Apple Acres had no work of Applejack’s done, the Carousel Boutique had no Rarity for all those dresses, and Fluttershy’s cottage didn’t have a single living thing even living there.

Once Rainbow Dash checked everywhere else, she did find one caped figure standing in front of the town square. Next to the figure was a life sized statue of Rainbow Dash, but it was wearing a helmet, a red cape with a golden zipper, red strap on and a cloud making a yellow lightning bolt on it, and four golden gauntlets with tiny white wings for each hoof of the statue. The helmet and gauntlets were rainbow colored and had golden coverings to assure they were made of metal.

Once she flew close enough, she recognized her immediately, with her navy blue and purple hat and uniform, full sky blue eyeballs and ‘M’ badge to hold the cape around her neck, and the armor the statue was wearing. She landed just a few feet in front of her.

“What’s going on here? If that’s you Rarity, why’s the outfit I had you make me on a statue of me, not that I don’t love how cool it looks but…”

Dash froze without another word as the masked pony lifted a hoof to remove her wide brim hat and badge. It was the sight of both wings and the horn of the mare in uniform. She watched as the mare took flight and flew in place, signaling her to fly up with her.

After a second or two, Dash gained her focus back and got the message. She took flight as well and flew just high enough to her level and get in her face with anger.

“Alright Mare Do Well, I don’t know who you really are, how you got that uniform, or my cool outfit, but if you emptied Ponyville just to fight me, you’d better be ready to bring ‘em back.”

She then flew just a few feet away to put up her guard and her ‘A’ game. She watched Mare Do Well as she, for some reason, used a spell to materialize a football helmet and chest protector to wear in place of her wide brim hat and cape. She also looked down at the statue below and used her magic to bring up Dash’s ’20 Percent Cooler’ armor. She held it up to Dash so she could take them and put them on.

“Thanks,” she said after she put on her helmet last, “Now c’mon! You want some, you got it!”

With Mare Do Well’s goal achieved, she immediately teleported out of Dash’s sight. She reappeared right next to her, and double back kicked her straight in the face. She teleported again and reappeared under Dash to double back kick her in the underbelly. Mare Do Well repeated this cycle at other areas of her body until Dash remembered her black belt in karate, found an opening to dodge her and roundhouse kicked her straight in the face, breaking off the cage of her football helmet.

Rainbow Dash flew straight for her and serial punched her in the face and anywhere else with an opening. She also threw in sidekicks to the underbelly and finished off with a spinning wheel kick to the face which clocked Mare Do Well straight towards the closest bridge over the river.

Mare Do Well spread her wings and kept herself from crashing through. She then brought out a series of magic beams like a machine gun. Being far enough away, Dash flew all around the center of town to avoid getting hit until the last few eventually got her in the face and made a hole through Dash’s cape.

She then charged herself for one big magic blast. She aimed her horn straight for Dash and got her square in the entire underbody. Mare Do Well used this distraction to appear at the side of her, use a spell to materialize a lasso, and use it while Dash was shortly blinded. Luckily for Dash, her wings were still open; Mare Do Well only got her upper body.

Dash then sped herself straight up in the sky, taking Mare Do Well and her lasso with her. She flew high enough to where Cloudsdale would be at that altitude before she suddenly felt a loss of weight from the other side of the lasso. She stopped, dropped the lasso and found no mare to be seen down there.

Dash then looked around to see where she could’ve gone, but before she could think to look up, the top of her head was met with a direct blast of super condensed streamers from a party cannon which used to belong to Pinkie Pie. She was soaring down the sky like a meteor, but Mare Do Well teleported to the exact position where she could try her lasso again, but this time successfully caught her, restraining her front hooves and her wings so she can’t block anything or fly away.

Mare Do Well pulled her entire body up and double kicked her in the chest where her zipper of Dash’s strap on was. She continued the cycle like a paddleball until Dash got frustrated and used her wings to break out of the lasso.

“Think you’re so tough, try soma this!”

Dash then flew out of sight in a blink. Mare Do Well’s face was then met with an uppercut to the chin, making her whole body spin around in mid air. It then spun around the other way from a downward sidekick. She began spinning in all kinds of directions from a series of other blows like jabs, hammers, and especially a lot of roundhouse kicks. The damage was especially harmful with Dash’s golden gauntlets.

This time, she finished by flying above her and bashed her with a downward double hammer so hard to the cranium; Mare Do Well’s football helmet completely broke apart and sent her spinning and falling at the same time.

Dash could still fly past her, and got to one of the gray clouds nearby so she could kick it and get her with a lightning bolt to the horn, shocking every being in Mare Do Well’s body. Even though Mare Do Well had the prediction of danger coming, the lightning met her horn regardless. She fell straight to the town square and busted through the roof, all the way down to the first floor.

“Awe yeah! How d’ya like that, Ne’er Do Well?!”

All of a sudden, the entire building was levitating with a purple glow. Dash flew back in shock and looked in the hole where Mare Do Well fell through. She couldn’t see her in there, but could see the scraps of broken materials in there floating as well. Some of them came out from the hole and headed straight for Dash. She immediately flew away and tried to fly around Ponyville to lose them.

She flew everywhere she could, even tried to fly under a bridge or two. However, once she tried losing them by flying away from Ponyville, the entire town square building come straight for her like it was being thrown. She didn’t notice the whole building until she looked behind her and saw the spear of it just a yard or two away.

She had to react quickly enough, and she did. She sped straight upwards before the spearhead could even touch her. She looked downwards and saw the building crash into the marketplace, decimating half the stalls and a lot of necessities the ponies normally buy and sell. Dash just flew in place to watch the destruction.

“Whoa…that could’ve been me.”

Her shoulder was suddenly tapped. She looked back and was met with a punch across the face, then a double back kick to the chest, sending her crashing through the building that used to be the town square.

Mare Do Well flew down and hovered over all the wreckage. She used her magic to levitate everything she could see was destroyed or scraped, which was basically the entire marketplace. Once she could clearly see Dash, everything she levitated started to shake a little.

Rainbow Dash was still standing strong, watching everything around her rise in the air. She looked up and saw Mare Do Well about to send everything flying directly to her. At this point in the battle, she started to think about what Mare Do Well used so far in the battle, and remember what her own friends used when they were Mare Do Well.

She remembered Twilight using her magic. She remembered Applejack using her strong legs. She remembered Fluttershy flying by her. She remembered Pinkie Pie predicting when danger would happen. But then, she remembered Mare Do Well using more.

She remembered Pinkie Pie’s party cannon. She remembered Applejack’s lasso. She remembered Twilight’s magic beams. She remembered Fluttershy’s football helmet and chest protector, the ones she tried to bring with her to the dragon’s cave high in the mountains near Ponyville. She then remembered Fluttershy’s ‘stare’; the one Mare Do Well used as she levitated everything which used to be the marketplace.

“You…you stole all their skills and stuff, didn’t you?!” Dash asked in anger as she sweated slightly out of fear.

As ‘the stare’ only slightly worked, Mare Do Well proceeded; everything that floated in the sky went straight for Dash, but she had plenty of space in the sky to fly towards. All of that she sent for her collapsed upon each other, like a star dying to create a Super mass. She looked up to see Dash flying speedily around in horizontal circles in only one direction in certain angles.

Mare Do Well already knew exactly what Dash was up to as she sped faster and faster. She then created a force field around herself and flew further up in the sky. She then took off her chest protector and used a spell to turn it into a grappling rope, the kind Pinkie Pie once had when she dressed like a spy in the Crystal Empire.

As Dash spun faster and faster, everything where the marketplace used to be started circling. Everything rose in a spiral, coming closer and closer to all the clouds being swallowed up by Dash’s flying spirals. They all combined into one as a tornado formed in Ponyville.

Mare Do Well’s force field didn’t hold very well, spinning and spinning in Dash’s tornado, but still lasted long enough so she could find Dash’s area of flight and aim her grappling rope at her. She swung as she aimed until the force field broke. She took her one shot and got the hit.

Dash felt something wrap around one of her hind legs. She looked and saw a few loops of black rope. When she looked further down on it, she found Mare Do Well holding on.

“I don’t think so!”

Dash flew out of the tornado and flew in the craziest manner she could. She flew in twirls, angles, zigzags, any way she could to lose Mare Do Well. Unfortunately, no matter what she tried, all she really did was tear a bigger hole through the cape of the part of her outfit that wasn’t armor. Before she could get too frustrated, she remembered her tornado was still on the loose. She flew back to the tornado as it already destroyed most of what was around the Marketplace.

“I am so gonna pay for this later,” she said after she stopped at a good distance in front of it.

She then remembered the tugging on her hind leg. She noticed, even though she still maintained herself in the air, Mare Do Well was still holding on as the tornado was trying to suck her in. Dash got the idea to throw her as hard as she could into it. She looked to her with determination.

“This time, you’re going down!!”

This time she flew in vertical circles, picking up momentum so Mare Do Well could exhaust her grip with her hooves. Once she picked up enough speed like she did for the tornado, she flew straight forward to the tornado, then stopped right in place, making the rope snap like a whip, Mare Do Well go through serious rope burn, lose her grip and soar straight into the tornado. Dash’s cape tore in half off in the process, but it was not her focus.

“That’s right! Now for the finishing blow!”

Rainbow Dash flew as far away as she could from the tornado at around a 40 to 50 degree angle. She flew as far up as above all the clouds still getting sucked in by the tornado before it started getting bigger, eating more of Ponyville by the second. She still wasn’t far enough, so she kept on flying. She looked back as she flew off. She knew the tornado was badly eating Ponyville. She slowed just down just a point of wing power or so.

“Sorry everypony…but I’ve gotta end this.”

Once she was too far to even see the funnel of the tornado, she sped straight back. She flew as fast as she could back to all the destruction. As she flew, there was a mock cone forming around her. She was getting faster and faster, and the mock cone was getting more visible. She flew through all the precipitation, and was giving her flight everything she had.

Unfortunately, once she could actually see the tornado again, and only half of Ponyville, she saw something wrong with it. She saw colors of red, orange and yellow circling around it, and she felt a lot of heat coming from it. The heat made her sweat a few drops, adding to the sweat from fighting for so long. She still flew towards the tornado, giving all she had for what she’s still has in stock.

Just before she flew into the spirals of the tornado, a circular, rainbow colored shockwave was made. She used her rainbow trailed speed and spinned the tornado faster and faster. She ignored all the heat and sweat she was feeling, even though she felt like she was flying into the sun. She felt the burns all over, even though her armor was still protecting her cranium and hooves, but she was determined to finish off the masked alicorn once and for all.

She saw why the tornado was blazing hot with fire. All of that flame power was coming from Mare Do Well herself. Her entire body was completely on fire, like when Twilight almost turned into a Ponyta from anger, and she was hovering in the core of the funnel. Her body was also curled up, like she was going to jump off the floor like Pinkie Pie did after Cranky Doodle became her friend. The tornado just ate up her fire as she used all the magic she could to levitate in place.

The rainbow colored tornado got bigger and bigger. It started reaching higher in the sky, taking up all the clouds that could be seen. Not only did it make Mare Do Well spiral in the tornado again, more of Ponyville was getting destroyed, and faster. Eventually, it got so big and destructive, not even the forests and mountains nearby were safe from its pull.

Dash flew out before she got too exhausted, but almost her whole body and her whole cape got burnt up from Mare Do Well’s flames. She was still in enough shape to fly away from the greater destruction, but with the destructive pull of a tornado made by the wing power to reach Mach 10, this pony flying away was desperate to avoid the same burns Mare Do Well was going through.

The fly away got harder and harder as the tornado showed no signs of slowing, or shrinking. Despite her growing exhaustion, all Dash could do was keep going until she was just far enough away. This was her only focus as the colors of the rainboom tornado started getting brighter.

Dash still flew, but turned her head behind to watch what those brighter colors were about to do. It was only a few seconds until Dash figured it out, given no choice but to bust out a second best. It was hard after already giving out her Sonic Rainboom, but she had to keep pushing.

She managed to get pretty far before the colors were too bright to recognize as colors. Once they were all white, they lit into spiraling flames once again. Not only was there a massive tornado eating away Ponyville, there was the fire that burned all the scraps away.

It burned away the town center. It burned away the hospital. It burned away the schoolhouse, the train station, the clock tower and the retirement homes. It burned away all the shops and businesses. It burned away Fluttershy’s cottage, Applejack’s Sweet Apple Acres and Zecora’s Evertree Forest. It burned away every home everypony lived in, even the Cutie Mark Crusader clubhouse in Applejack’s farm. It burned away every corner, every alley, every street; it was all burned up gone. All that was left was the ashes and smokes and soot of what was only seconds ago, a warm, proud home of the elements of harmony.

Once Dash flew far enough away from the flaming spirals, she turned around and saw no longer any sign of a decent Ponyville. It was all gone from both hers and Mare Do Well’s doing. She gave a few unintentional tears. The tears ran over her face burns, not that they weren’t hurting as bad as she was now.

She stopped flying away and hovered in place, only to watch until the flame tornado show any sign of slowing and shrinking. It took a while from how much wing power was put into it, but slowly and surely, the fire died off. So did the tornado.

Everything the tornado sucked up was thrown back, all around wherever the eye could see down below. Everything in Ponyville was all gone. Not a single pony or animal was there; accept for one falling, burning, black figure in the sky. It could only be one pony in mind.

Dash gritted her teeth, shut her eyes as the tears still ran down her burns, and gave the angriest, saddest yell she could, “I’m gonna kill you!!”

She sped with everything she still had. Every tear that was on her face dried away as the wind blew them all off. She flew until she found the figure still falling from the sky, not too far above what used to be the town square.

All she noticed out of this was her chance to ultimately beat and kill Mare Do Well. What she failed to notice was the small sparks and white glowing that came from Mare Do Well were the same kinds that indicated she was about to return to her own timeline, like Twilight’s time travel spell. The white glow grew stronger until Dash finally did notice.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re mine!!”

She flipped her whole body like she was diving. Once she got close enough, she erected her body with her hind legs in front and soared straight for the burnt up pony. Before she could hit her, however, the white glow caused Mare Do Well of the future to disappear, making Dash completely miss and spiral out of control with surprise of no target hit.

She stopped in mid air and looked around to where she could’ve gone, but she didn’t get to look long. She was suddenly met with a teleported appearance Mare Do Well of the present, completely burn free. She wore her wide brim hat and cape again, which should’ve been burnt along with all else that was in Ponyville. Her uniform was pretty worn out from all the fighting, but she looked like she never even used Twilight’s fire of overwhelming anger.

Rainbow Dash looked to her opponent with the widest gasp of shock she could of Mare Do Well’s burn free uniform. She tried to use ‘the stare’ again, but was no more effective than the first time. She just flew there in mid air, ready to continue anytime Dash was.

“But…but…how did you…”

Mare Do Well swiftly took off her cape and threw it over Dash’s field of vision. It wasn’t that big, so Dash only took a second to get it off her face. Once she could see again, she met the sight of one of Twilight’s books from the Golden Oaks Library. It was titled, Daring Do and the Griffon’s Goblet.

Mare Do Well held it up for Dash to see. There were small hearts appearing around it, getting sucked into the book. With the small hearts doing their part, Dash’s eyes turned into hearts as well. Her anger suddenly melted away, and her gritting teeth turned into a geeky, fan girl smile.

“Daring Do! My favorite!!”

She gasped with delight, took off the gauntlets on her two front hooves and took the book out of Mare Do Well’s hooves. She hugged it with all the brainwashing joy. Even though her burns overdid how she looked, she had her ‘want it, need it’ and opened it to read. As her new focus turned into reading the book, Mare Do Well teleported behind Dash and placed her front hooves around Dash’s helmet, which she was still wearing.

With one twisting motion, Dash’s neck snapped out of place and the hearts in her eyes turned into ‘X’s. Mare Do Well then let go of her head and watched her and the book fall in the burnt up ashes and dust that was now Ponyville. Mare Do Well watched as she landed in both of their doing. While every pony else was safe out of harm’s way, it was Rainbow Dash who was truly gone from Ponyville.

The masked, uniformed alicorn teleported away, knowing this battle was over.
Before writing this story, all 65 episodes of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ have been re watched and researched for accurate analysis of Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, all combined into Mare Do Well and Rainbow Dash by herself to interpret as accurately as possible who could beat who. After taking everything into consideration, the following should explain why one of them won while the other lost:

While Rainbow Dash had a huge advantage in the sky and close combat, Mare Do Well had a much greater arsenal and variation of powers, being able to use Twilight’s levitation spell to throw anything at Dash, even an entire building if necessary. Mare Do Well also had Applejack’s strength, endurance and agility to help her last against Dash’s Black Belt in Karate. Not to mention she was smarter and much more strategic than Dash, and had decent knowledge of what Dash is capable of, thanks being the combined pony of Dash's friends, minus Rarity of course.

About Mare Do Well’s explosion of fire; as should be recalled in the Episodes, ‘Feeling Pinkie Keen,’ and ‘A Friend in Deed,’ Twilight was able to combust her hair into fire and Pinkie can explode with overwhelming energy up in the sky. Combining these together with Twilight’s raw Magic Power from ‘The Cutie Mark Chronicles,’ Mare Do Well was able to create an explosion of fire and energy that added over Dash’s tornado fused with the speed of her Sonic Rainboom, making a spiral of devastation that would've easily burned away anything within the battleground and its surroundings.

Also, it should be recalled that Twilight Sparkle can use a spell which allows her to travel back in time. This would explain why, at one point, Mare-Do-Well was burnt to a crisp, but then reappeared in decent shape. She was able to give herself prep time by having her future self take her place in the tornado as she went off to get something to use the ‘Want it Need it’ Spell on, then teleport away for the time being until the tornado of fire was gone.

With that spell in mind, it was made clear in ‘Lesson Zero,’ that every pony who sees the item of target is unable to focus on anything else accept getting that item. This means even if Mare Do Well didn’t think to get a Daring Do book, she could’ve easily used anything else, like her hat or the cape she threw at Dash.

There is still a sort of paradox which is in topic here. Although technically, Mare Do Well won by throwing off Dash’s focus with the ‘Want it, Need it,’ Spell, it was herself from the future who got burned to death from swirling in her own combustion of fire, thanks to Dash’s tornado fueled with the speed of the Sonic Rainboom, which would mean she dies in the future.

MAJOR EDIT: I just recently took some further research on Rainbow Dash and found that she does in fact have a choice of Armor. In EP 14 'Suited for Success,' Rarity made her an outfit completely out of her customization. That outfit was obviously a Helmet and hoof shaped Gauntlets. The cape with a strap-on zipper vest isn't really armor, but it's still part of the outfit, so it would be necessary to include it as part of Dash's suit of Armor.

Please leave a comment below to share your opinion on how this battle should’ve played out.


All characters analyzed belong to Hasbro.
MLP: FIM belongs to Fyre-Flye.
Preview Image belongs to Vahnara.
Please share this with other Bronies for their opinions.
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There really is only one thing you should idolize. Me the Muffin Queen. Gather around as I tell you the tale of how I Derpy Hooves the TWC Muffin Queen became the Hero of Epsilon 2.
Spoiler: click to toggle
I have been a great renowned hero especially in the days of yore. For in 1823, I Derpy Hooves came to the planet of Epsilon 2, where the citizens were in an epic war against the evil muffin race. The battles between both sides were of epic proportions. Thousands would appear on the field of battle, and millions (sometimes billions) would die on that same battlefield. After 100's of years the war had come to an end. It was absolutely horrific. Trillions died, humans and muffins alike. But it was the muffins who won the great epic Human-Muffin War, and thus they enslaved the beaten humans. The dastardly cruel muffins would force the humans to produce muffin offspring. Under Muffin Law, the humans were banned from eating fruits, vegetables, breads and pastries. The humans were tortured, murdered, starved and as well as many other evil things that the cruel muffins imposed upon the powerless humans. However, what the muffins did not expect was I: Derpy Hooves. I rose up in defiance against the evil muffin overlords. Those muffins thought they could defeat me. At first they were successful (there are only so much muffins that I can eat). But then many of the humans joined me and I led them to a sweet, sweet victory over the yumtiddly yumptious muffins. However, one victory was not enough. The muffins came back in full force, defeating many of the rebel humans. It was then that I was forced on top of a brick house, the muffins climbing on top of each other to get their scrumtiddly yumptious hands on me. With nothing more to arm myself but my empty stomach and my watering mouth, I put my bib on and jumped into the muffin crowd.

There were muffins left and right, but I could not focus on that. I had to save humanity and my starving stomach. So I opened up my mouth and started flailing everywhere, smashing muffins and eating them at the same tiime. My battle against the muffins raged on for days. By the end of the after 40 days and 40 nights the King of Siam joined me to help defeat the remaining muffins. One more day passed and the epic battle was over. Trillions of muffin corpses lay everywhere. As the light of the new day shined, what remained of the human population exited their muffiny hovels to gather around the beaten bodies of the King of Siam and I. With their special voodoo gypsy magic, the King of Siam and I were healed. All was right in Epsilon 2. To honor us, the humans made a statue of the King of Siam and I defeating the evil muffins. I told them not to make it out of muffins or I might eat the statue, so they decided to make the statue out of a rare metal called raritanium. And that is how I Derpy Hooves became the Hero of Epsilon 2.
This is the tale about how Derpy Hooves became the Hero of Epsilon 2.
Yes this is supposed to be very nonsensical. The story is based off of my forumsona on the forum
Credit for the artwork goes to :icongiantmosquito:
Thank you for allowing me to use this artwork it was the main inspiration for the nonsensical story.
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"What's that?" Nightshade snarled at Copperberry, who was carrying a brown kit. Copperberry sat the kit down. Brownpelt had asked not to go back to the clan, and he understood completly. I wouldn't go back to the clan if I broke the warrior code, either. He thought and nudged Bark forward. "This kit, I found him in a cave. It scented of rogue." Nightshade snorted.

"Well if you insist.. is it awake?" Bark looked up to meet cold, sceptical eyes glaring at him. He winced and closed his eyes. "B-- This kit has comatose. One of those.. rare diseases only Starclan control." The small tom heard some light, familiar pawsteps and a familiar voice. "Hello Leafstar." Copperberry dipped his head, picked up Bark and walked inside the medicine cat's den. "Now that THAT'S over..." He set down the brown bundle of fur. "Starclan heal him, he doesn't deserve this.. does he..?" The medicine cat stared into the wall with narrowed eyes. "Huh... maybe he does.. If Starclan have decided.. when is it the half moon? Tomorrow.. right." Copperberry got up, circled his nest a bit and then finally curled up around Bark.

Bark opened his eyes and was met by green eyes. "Hello Barkkit." Barkkit? "Your mother came by and asked for the clan to adopt you, and she wants me to raise you as a medicine cat." Medicine cat!? Barkkit would've tilted his head if he could. Copperberry smiled. "They have strong belief in Starclan.. They heal their clan, it's a fantastic job and honour... wait.. how many moons are you anyway?" Three. Almost Four. Barkkit thought and blinked three times. The orange and white tom tilted his heads. "HOw many moons are yo-- three blinks three moons? Oh." He smiled and walked outside.

Two furballs smashed into him. "Hi Copperberry!" Spottedkit squealed. "Hey, be more polite Spottedkit!" Shallowkit hissed angrily and bumped into her sister. Spottedkit lowered her ears and walked away slowly, dragging her tail. "Now Shallowkit you really shouldn't--" The white and black kit was already caught up with her sister. Copperberry sighed and walked into Leafstar's den. "Leafstar...?" He lowered his ears as he saw Nightshade yelling at Leafstar. "How could you let that traitor to the warrior code ACTUALLY get to keep her kits here, and Copperberry lied about keeping that kit and..--" The leader stood up, narrowing her eyes and silencing her deputy. "Now you listen to me, one day we all fall victims to love." Nightshade rolled his eyes and walked outside, up to a gang of warriors. "I want a patrol, NOW. We're finding a brown pelted traitor."
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"Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two Regal Sisters who ruled together, and created harmony for all the land.

To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night.

Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies.

But as time went on, cracks appeared between the two sisters.

The younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. Her jealousy grew as she dwell longer and longer in her elder sister's shadow.

The elder sister meanwhile became consumed by a different darkness: out of everything else, she only desired to protect her subjects from any and all forms of harm. As her desire became an obsession, she come to see her younger sister's night as one of the things that caused it to them the most.

The elder responded with younger's desire for respect with suspicion, and the younger responded to being her elder's shadow with bitterness. Words were said that could never be taken back, mistakes committed that could never be fixed. The cracks widen until they could no longer be mended.

One fateful day, both came to blows over their desires, and both were transformed into wicked mares of darkness:

Solar Flare and Nightmare Moon.

Solar Flare vowed to plunge the world into Eternal Day until all which harmed her ponies are extinguished. Nightmare Moon swore she will plunge the world into Eternal Night until all ponies desires her night.

Evenly matched, none could prevail over one another. And thus they waged a war of domination against one another, the sisters and their armies would clash again and again without success.

It was not long before Equestria, and eventually the world, became trapped in an endless stalemate, entangled between the blistering deserts under an everlasting day and the frozen wasteland in an unending night. Ponies and other creatures would know short, brutish and terrible lives under these two tyrants. If not used as an expendable soldiers in the eternal war, they would fall prey to dark magic and monsters that were unleashed across the world.

After ten long years of carnage, six desperate heroes and heroines set out to recover and harness what would be Equestria's salvation: the Elements of Harmony.

Using the most powerful magic known to ponydom, they sealed the two sisters permanently in the Sun and Moon.

Though harmony had been restored, Equestria was left in ruins. To this very day the world remains a hostile and  dangerous place where Ponies would know hardship and hostility. Ponies would be shunned by many for the sins of their rulers, and Ponies generations since would shun both the Sun and Moon for all the suffering that followed them.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Power of Friendship, Equestria Endures, as it always had since, and Ponydom would go on carve out a place in the world without Rulers or Gods."

--- Story of the Sun and Moon, a tale widely repeated among Ponies in the Republic of Equestria.
I had just recently installed CorelDraw programme on my computer in preparation for illustrating a coursework I'm doing. I want to test it out with some cropping and pasting.

At the same time, I had this idea in my head, based upon what I have seen in fanon so far.

There are an increasing amount of artwork and fanfics showing an alternate version of the Tale of the Regal Sisters where it was Princess Celestia who went evil and turned into Solar Flare instead of Princess Luna turning into Nightmare Moon (Most famous of which is RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse series on FIMfiction).


Now that some artwork depicting the two corrupted Princesses together are emerging, a thought went into my head - what would happen if both Princesses went nightmare AT THE SAME TIME?

So I went ahead and did this - Using CorelDraw to create the preview image (I for one believed it to be ridiculously trite and un-creative), while the main content was the alternate version of the tale.

The exact details of their fall to darkness and eventual defeat are intentionally left vague, such as the heroes' identities, so i'll leave it to readers to imagine what happened.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is COPYRIGHTED to HASBRO and LAUREN FAUST.

Nightmare Moon fresco image belong to HASBRO

Solar Flare belong to ~emeralddarkness, cropped from here, which, I might add, is ridiculously awesome

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