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ok so i decided to draw princess luna because she is cool
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:iconfluttershyyayplz: thanks for 200 watchers everypony (everybody)

oirginal : [link]

vector : [link]

vinyls graphics : [link] [link]
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So. Luna Journal! :iconlunashrugplz: I think the moon came out pretty well, considering. :p

See it in action here.

Luna icon is from :iconblackm3sh:. Clicking on the credit link will take you to the deviation.
Mini-Gallery code originally comes from :iconthespook:, but I've modified it a till I was happy with it.

Links are colored, hovering over them will make them change color (blue to violet).
Width is adjustable.

There is an interesting feature in CSS called Opacity. If you use it, you can make things transparent! So when you hover over the thumbnails, they pop from 0.5 to full strength! :omg: The fun has been doubled!

HTML Codes:
Headers: h3 (i.e. < h3 > Luna Is Best Pony< /h3 >)
Feature Box: h4 (i.e. < h4 > :thumbnail: :thumbnail: :thumbnail: < /h4 >

Free to use!

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Needed a deviant ID
Vector belongs to Kyute-Kitsune [link]
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So here I am! Also a comparison here with Applejack! Yes... I'm slightly smaller than a regular full grown mare... Maybe that's why I end up as AJ's snack *Shakes her head*

Anyways! Yup, I'm half vamp-pony (as someponies call them that way) and ponies not used to those wings usually tends to freak out! So I better hide them by using work clothes! :giggle: I like my clothes anyways!

My cutie mark is a lollipop! It represents... Maybe sweet personality or taste? *Giggles* I don't know! Maybe the colors represents that I love walking and vegetation and ground and stuff like that instead flying! *Mutters* Flying scare me... A lot...


ModeratorNote - wings


Lollipop design -…
Pony generator - :icongeneralzoi:…




(Vorish bio, don’t read it if don’t like it)





Nickname (s)

Mod, Note, Mod.Note, Lollipop, Candy, StormDancer





Cutie mark:

An orange/white/green lollipop



 21 years old



Father:  Fanged Starlight (Batpony) (Deceased)

Mother:  Raw Honey (Kelpie)

Half sister: Moonlit Marshmallow (Unicorn)



Lollipops, sweets, night, read, hugs, walk, talk, hugs, play, nuzzles, learn, hugs!



Bitter, spicy, sour food; crowds, being eaten, fly,  anything gross, nasty or foul.


Sexual orientation:

Bisexual (Prefer males although)



Usually joyful and polite due to her education, while nervous around bigger or menacing beings. Motherly and gentle, but physically weak and mentally dependant.

But because her batpony nature, she tends to fall into her instincts, maybe even more often than other batponies, making her meek nature disappear and turn into a cold dangerous one as her fangs magically appears and her pupils of her eyes turns into slits. Her blood thirst blooms from this state of mind, even sometimes the hunger of consuming ponies invades her. She can’t control herself, but she can remember everything after this effect ends. This wild side of her triggers sometimes with the smell or sight of blood, and sometimes when she get hungry enough to desperate seek for food. This instinct always vary in its duration, to even just a second to one complete day.

If she eats a living being (A very rare situation), when conscious, she tries to be soothing and warmly until she digests completely her poor prey. While dominated by her instincts, she is cold and cynical. She always feels guilty after hurting a living being, even if it was a mean or bad one.


Rarely preyish due to her nervousness and moral about hurting other living beings, so she always tries to keep her distance with predators. (5% prey)

Mostly a pred due to her instincts and like of a full tum(95% predator)



Born in Canterlot as daughter of a refined high society unicorn mare, Raw Honey, wife of a high rank lunar guard, Fanged Starlight. Her father being a lunar guard he worked at night and rested in house in the day, so her mother took most care of her, teaching her the rules of the high society, preparing the young filly to be part of it. In the time she went to elementary school batponies were a rare sight, giving to other ponies an opening for racism and fear, making her school life lonely while being the target of bullies. So since then uses work overalls to hide her wings, making her look like a regular earth pony, even if in the present batponies have a better reputation than before.

She was one of the last of getting her cutie mark. She got it after being eaten and regurgitated by her father when he licked her after a long night, discovering that her daughter had a taste of blueberries with sour cream. The guilt he felt made him want to repair the small bond he had with her daughter. So he bought to her the first candy that she ate in her life; this because Raw Honey prohibited candies to her daughter, and the reason was that ¨a lady doesn’t consume that kind of rubbish food ¨. The filly had her first big lollipop at the age of nine years old, then she got her cutie mark. And the bond between Fanged Starlight and Moderator Note got stronger over time since then.

At age of twelve, her father died while doing his job. Raw Honey and Moderator Note got depressed for a long time, but they had to overcome their lose because Fanged Starlight was the one who carried money to their home. Moderator Note decided to work as a candy seller since young age while still studying and working to help her mother, who also found a work as a secretary, losing completely the way of life she used to live. Moderator Note was always a small filly, and she stopped growing at age of fourteen years. She never learned to fly properly, and when tried she had an accident every single time.

At the age of twenty one years old, a mare and her daughter appeared, visiting her mother, who called them ¨The other family of your father¨. This mare had a romance with Fanged Starlight, giving birth to Moonlit Marshmallow, a voracious filly unicorn with pointy teeth or fangs. They both liked each other, and actually, loved each other as the family they never had.

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Just 1 of 30 MLP cosplay designs I am having for an event at my shop QilinDyasnty on Gaiaonline.

Base: Mine

Type of custom: Large Edited

If you're interested in RL commissioning me for one of these Qilin adopts, please view my Journal for more information.
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Protip: Luna consists of a bowling pin, a bowling ball and half a ying-yang symbol. Can you see them all?

Done in Photoshop from scratch.
Time: 3hours
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Two Of My Favorite Ponies! Fluttershy & Twilight!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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Just my idea... :iconderpyshrugplz:

Vector by :iconbigccv: ~BIGCCV
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