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You before me, angelic, this vision.
Why do dark tears fall
from those brown eyes, so beautiful?

Why does your face shy from my eyes,
and shroud itself with the hair,
through which I run my fingers?

For what reason, to what cause,
do your limbs tremble in my absence,
and discover tensity in my presence?

Good God, use your lips,
before mine reach them,
as your silence gives consent.

Speak the mind which fascinates my ears,
Spill out the heart that grips tight to my soul.
Bare the soul that mine is forever meant for.

I wish to love you more than you could comprehend,
and purge every trace of affliction...
Bare the soul that mine is forever meant for.
You know you can talk to me. I love you more than anything.

Picture Citation: [link]
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There are flames where
his head should be -
forty pieces of silver
a dressing gown, a pipe
a poem left in the fireplace.

This man promised you a winter
so warm and bountiful
spring would be ashamed.
He called you by name -
not the one that father knew
shoved under his bible

But the one left behind
in the branches,
in the bucket of brambles,
and the columbines
buried at your feet.

Stone angels on the battlefield
surrender in the grass.
What did his face
even look like behind the curtain,
counting those coins
and loosening the damp earth
from your shoes?
Wordsmiths Literature Site: [link]
Artsmith Magazine: [link]
This Disturbing Magic: [link]
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I am thirteen years old.
I am not typical.
I am not average.
I am me.

I have been in two mental facilities.
Both times for thoughts of suicide.
I am not emo.
I am not a freak.
I am me.

My mother attempted suicide about six months ago.
My sister attempted suicide when i was eight.
But, I am not a victim.
I am not tortured.
I am me.

My father had a heart attack just over a week ago.
He was hospitalized for nine days.
He recently returned to the hospital for kidney problems.
I suffer from Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features.
I have hallucinations.
I have delusions.
But I am not a disorder.
I am not my difficulties.
I am not my troubles.

I am me.
:) this is me. Who are you?
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Bringer of the Night:

Born from the kiss of a goddess
And drenched in the cauldron of lies.
He emerged as a being of entropy
Bearing the mark of flies...

His wings were made from crow-like feathers
Black as the dust of the night.
His fangs were laden with horrid infection
Made from the stone of blight.

A single bite, was poison enough
And soon they began to change...
The children loved by the lady in white
Soon they became deranged.

Powerful beings of might and magic
They soared through the moonlit sky!
They flew amongst the twinkling stars
But their gift was a burning lie...

Falling to the ground like choking insects
Crawling in the dirt with a painful thirst.
These creatures needed the taste of blood
And their friends would be the first.

Neighbours, comrades, it mattered not!
Survival become an instinctive drive.
To bite and feed was a natural feeling
And horror came when night arrived.

Men or women, children who slept;
Through windows and doors they would slither and creep.
Their fangs would pierce into softened necks
Drinking blood while their victims weep.

Slowly throughout the lands of men
This plague became a panic.
Cities and towns were quarantined
Whilst the churches were utterly manic.

Devotions rose and prophets emerged
Predicting the end of time.
But none would know of the deadly creature
Who committed the original crime...

"Aramus L'Khain, the Blood Fanged Father"

-Chen Yuan Wen, 31st March 2012

Arrr, most vampire poets like ta talk about the actual act of blood sucking or the killing and I'm sure yer pretty bored of that, so how about something about their origin. Just a peek at their early beginnings and a name ta stir ye interest ;3

-Captain Chenbeard the Pirate :iconcaptainjackplz:

P.S. I didn't want to write a generic poem about blood sucking and the usual =P


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“This is stupid,” Sollux grumbled under his breath with his familiar lisp as he waded his way into the sun warmed water. The water already reached well up to his pale bare chest, his arms lowered to trail over the surface but not under. He had his teeth clenched tightly in annoyance and his eyes, one dark electric blue and one such a dark vivid brown that it was practically red, flashed in the light of the bright summer day, his trademark blue and red glasses left back in the red-black truck.

Why he had agreed to go down to the lake with his long term friend, Eridan, on his only free Friday was beyond him. It hadn’t been his fault; going to the lake was never the plan for the day. Sollux had been planning to use his free day like any other college student: for either studying or sleeping but that plan had been put to rest when a tall blond man had burst into his dorm, yelling on and on about wanting to hang out at the lake. Sollux did his best to ignore the stupid water obsessed intruder but when Eridan jumped on top Sollux where he was lying on his bed, Sollux had finally given in just so the yelling and pain in his stomach would stop. So that’s how a rather reluctant lisping 20 year old ended up half naked at the lake with his annoying companion. Sollux still had no idea why Eridan always wanted him to go places together but it was in a way sort of nice. Not that Sollux would ever admit that to the expert swimmer.

“Oh, lighten up, Sol,” Eridan called with a chuckle and his usual drawl.

Speaking of his companion, he was already further out into the water, attempting to balance on a small freshly bought and blown up clear yellow inner tube, laughing every time he nearly toppled head long into the water. Solluxs’ eyes, which had been turned longingly back to the shore, snapped back to the mocking blond. Eridan wore black swim trunks, decorated with dark purple fish here and there, no shirt and his regular thin glasses he usually wore were safely deposited back at the truck that he had driven there. His short beach blond hair with the royal purple bangs laid flat against his head for once, water streaming down in streaks down his slightly tanned bare broad shoulders, well toned chest and flat stomach. The sunlight glinted off him like he was attracting it just by being there. His eyes were a violent purple that shined with utter happiness as he crashed into the water with a laugh.

Sollux sighed with a shake of his short ebony black hair, eyes closed in focus. Swimming in lakes, pools and even taking baths always seemed to make Eridan so happy and made him ever so slightly less annoying. This was much needed, seeing as how that Eridan could get on someone’s nerves as easily as breathing. It made being in his presence slightly more bearable and with him constantly ducking underwater gave the other person a chance to get a word in edge wise. Water was the one thing that could stop Eridan in one of his speeches of his lack of girlfriends as of late and it would always work, no matter the circumstances. Sollux, on the other hand, wasn’t that much of a water lover. Sure, he loved to go swimming and he enjoyed long peaceful baths as much as the next guy but going swimming almost every single weekend with his water crazed friend that loved to torment whoever was closest was enough to put a fish off water. Speaking of the annoyance, Sollux hadn’t heard Eridan come up for air yet.

“E.D?” Sollux said, slowly opening his eyes and searching the water surface with his eyes. The blond boy was no where to be seen; not in the water or on shore or anywhere near the trees that surrounded the small secluded area that they had chosen to swim in. Where did he go?

Sollux broke off in mid sigh that his friend was somehow drowning when he felt a pair of strong hands on his slender waist. Before he could call out in surprise, he was dragged underwater with barely enough time to fill his lungs with air. He thrashed a bit, not liking the feeling of being dragged further out into the lake underwater, unable to fight off the strong grip on his sides as the ground under his feet dropped away. Finally, Sollux broke out of the tight grip and whirled around to face his attacker. Not much to his surprise, Eridan floated there, his hair swishing around his head like a gold and purple halo and his violet eyes flashing brightly above his smirk. Sollux glared at him but felt he corners of his mouth quirk up against his will. Eridan pulled up his hands in front of him, mocking a fighting pose but Sollux only rolled his mismatched colored eyes as he kicked off for the surface.

Eridan watched his slender friend ascend with a certain glimmer to his eyes now. With his pale, slender smooth frame, midnight black hair floating around his head like a small bit of black fire, blue and red eyes that showed almost every emotion in the book, Eridan had to admit that Sollux was incredibly attractive. He had had his royal purple eyes trained on the boy from the very start but his hopes were never held that high, because of how fast it always seemed that Sollux could get another girl under his arm. Sollux was rarely without a girlfriend and when he was, he was never without admirers and could practically get any one he wanted. If only Sollux knew how much self control it took Eridan not to kiss him right then and there beneath the lake, maybe Sollux would never have had agreed to go to the lake.

Sollux breached the surface and inhaled deeply, unlike Eridan with his huge air capacity that allowed him to practically live under the water; he couldn’t stay under very long. He spotted the inner tube floating carelessly on the waters surface a few feet away but didn’t see Eridan anywhere. Sollux coughed, having accidentally swallowed a bit of water and maybe a bug or two. He was still coughing when Eridan finally surfaced right beside him. Eridan couldn’t help but stare. Water was streaming down Sollux’s face and with his hair flat against his head, over his eyes like streams of thick shadows had stuck to his face, out lined the shape of his smooth slender face. Eridan stared at him wide eyed for as long as he dared to until Sollux turned his glare on him.

“S-stop trying to drown me, E.D!” Sollux coughed harshly one last time before his lungs felt free from the weight of the water he had swallowed.

“Sorry, Sol. Forgot you can’t breathe the hot air in your head,” Eridan chuckled, though his first words were true.

He lightly swam backwards away from the fist thrown by Sollux. Sollux watched as Eridan calmly floated on his back, lightly kicking his strong legs to move faster. He watched fixated, like he was in a trance almost, as the water slowly lapped up and down Eridan’s toned body. Sollux found that his mouth was slightly agape as his gaze watched the way Eridan’s muscles moved. Sollux shook his head to clear it of the thoughts involving him swimming up to Eridan and feeling the way how water moved over his skin for himself. Sollux flinched when Eridan suddenly opened his dark eyes and met his mismatched gaze but he covered his first reaction by ducking under the water for a moment before coming back up. Was he just staring at Eridan like an ogling school girl? The lack of sleep must have gotten to him, Sollux concluded. But none the less, if he didn’t change the subject soon, Sollux wouldn’t be able to brush off his blushing as the sign that he had held his breath underwater a little longer than needed.

“Why are we here any way,” Sollux asked slowly, honestly curious. Eridan stopped kicking his feet, seeming to have forgotten why they were there too. A sudden broad smile broke out on his face and he swam over to the inner tube. He pulled his way through it and casually kicked back towards where Sollux was wading. He raised a dark eye brow as Eridan stopped beside him, still grinning happily.

“We should try to be in the tube at once. You know, sitting across from each other. It’s all about balance.” Eridan explained expectantly. Sollux frowned, not sure if he had heard correctly.

“Screw that,” Sollux stated blandly. He then turned and started to swim back to shore. Eridan fallowed him easily, leaning back in the tube.

“But, So-o-o-o-o-o-l,” Eridan whined but Sollux kicked his foot down particularly hard, sending a large splash of water into his face. Eridan sputtered for a moment, giving Sollux the chance to speak. He muttered mostly to himself, though Eridan could easily hear him as he continued to fallow with the tube around his chest.

“I got out of bed this morning so we could play stupid trust games?! This is a load of-,” Sollux cursed. “Damn it, E.D, this is my only free Friday. I could be getting some much needed sleep or, I don’t know, studying! Not wasting my time playing kid games.”

Eridan fallowed after him with a scowl, listening to every word that left Sollux’s appealing lips. He huffed quietly, wondering what he could say to get him in the tube. It may seem like a stupid plan and a pointless one at that but all Eridan really wanted was a reason to be closer to Sollux without involving sports. Eridan hated sports and he knew that Sollux wasn’t a fan either.

The idea was, that with the tube being so small, their legs would be close together and if they fell out, Eridan could make it seem like an accident if he managed to fall on top of Sollux when they lost their balance. The most Eridan was hoping for was just a single moment where he could call it an accident if he managed to place a kiss somewhere on Sollux’s body, not even expecting to get anywhere close to getting a real kiss.

“Sol, come on! It’s really fun and it takes a lot of focus, I thought only you would be able to.” Eridan started again but Sollux whirled around to face him.

“E. D, I don’t care if it’s as hard as the decent into hell. I don’t want to get in a kid inner tube with you. It’s stupid and a waste of my time,” Sollux said in an annoyed voice, as if he would be tapping his foot on the floor if there was one under him and if they weren’t in the water. Eridan pouted, sinking lower into the tube so only his eyes and nose showed.

“You’re time is already wasted. Why sit in the car when we could be havin’ fun?” Eridan muttered.

“I will drive back to the dorms.” Sollux kicked his feet so not to go under.

“I’m not gettin’ in the car,” Eridan pouted.

“I’ll leave you here then.” Sollux stated bluntly.

“You can’t drive, Sol,” Eridan pointed out, his chin now resting on the inner tube and a grin tugging at his lips.

Sollux glared at him, his hands curled into fists. He was annoyed that Eridan was trying to get him to play some type of child’s game, was it some type of joke? Was Eridan going to push him over and nearly make him drown again? Well, whatever his plan was, Sollux wasn’t interested.

“Yes, I can! I have a driver’s license, dumbass,” Sollux reminded him but Eridan continued to smirk.

“You can’t drive if you don’t have the keys.” Eridan said mockingly, chuckling at the pissed off look on Sollux’s face. Before Sollux could go off and start shouting at him for the keys, Eridan interrupted him. “If you want the keys, you’ll have to play.”

“I- That’s- Just- . . . aw, fine.”

Sollux couldn’t find any way to retaliate, he couldn’t just sit in the car like a baby and attacking Eridan seemed too childish for Sollux to justify. Out of all of his options, the inner tube thing seemed the most mature thing to do, that and it might be fun, Sollux reasoned. Eridan had to contain his joy, his plan was going to work, as he waded over to where the ground was actually under them and Sollux fallowed after with a tired sigh. Eridan instructed Sollux to the other side of the tube as he stood.

“Now, slide your legs in here,” Eridan ordered, holding the tube steady with both hands. Sollux froze a moment, just watching as the water streamed down Eridan’s chest, forcing his eyes closed a moment in order to focus. Eridan noticed instantly and took advantage of the moment to stare dead on at his wonderfully handsome face, water trickling in streams down his face to his neck, then to his slender chest and flat stomach, and finally stopping at the hem of his swim trunks. If Eridan stared hard enough he could see. . . Eridan broke off in his train of thought, ready to tackle the other boy to the ground and practically losing control for not the first time since arriving at the lake. Eridan then noticed that Sollux still had his eyes closed and an almost pained expression was on his face. “Sol?”

“Nothing,” Sollux found the strength to mutter but his voice sounded airy like his mind was on much more pleasing thoughts. In a way it was. . .

His eyes snapped open, not wanting Eridan to find out that he was fighting back the urge to stare even more at his glistening water coated chest. Sollux took a breath; his eyes pinpointed to Eridan’s forehead, and slowly placed both feet inside the inner tube. Sollux avoided Eridan’s eyes as he stood but he could still feel how close they were. Sollux could feel Eridan stare at him but he assumed that Eridan was just curious why he had suddenly spaced out like that. He felt ever so slightly ashamed for thinking such things about his friend. He had known Eridan since they were kids and they had always been good friends. Now Sollux could hardly look at Eridan because when he looked at him, all Sollux could think about was how sexy he was in swim trunks and with water dripping down his body. It was a weird feeling and Sollux wasn’t sure wither he liked it or hated it.

Eridan raised a pale eyebrow, wondering why Sollux suddenly seemed so attuned to not meet his eyes. He forcibly brushed off a feeling of dread that Sollux had seen through his plan, and slowly started to explain the next part. At the same time, they sat down opposite of each other, slightly off balance as they attempted to have even weight. They were defiantly going to fall the second they took their feet from the lake floor; it was already shaking side to side unevenly. Eridan scowled down at their legs, knee to knee wasn’t going to work at all for the balance but did he dare tell Sollux to move in such a fashion? Eridan hesitated a second but knew his plan would fall through automatically if he didn’t.

“Sol, move your left leg between both mine,” Eridan said calmly, slightly proud of how steady his voice was. Sollux finally met his eyes but they were saying something that Eridan didn’t understand and, before he could ask what was wrong, Sollux shoved his bare leg between Eridan’s. Eridan jumped at the sudden force but looked away; hoping Sollux didn’t see his flush.

“This better not fall over, fish face.” Sollux finally spoke with his voice sharp and laced with an emotion Eridan didn’t recognize at the time.

Eridan chuckled softly, moving his knees to make the position slightly more comfortable. With their legs from the knee down dipped in the water and both sitting on either side of the inner tube, Eridan pushed them away from the shore. The inner tube wobbled a bit, causing both males to press their hands to the unoccupied sides of it in order not to topple into the now slightly cooler water. Eridan glanced up, under his long lashes, and caught sight of Sollux. To say that he was breathless is a very bad understatement. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the sun fully light up the perfection that Eridan saw in Sollux. His head was slightly down, hair falling around his wonderfully angled face and streams of water tracing his body the way Eridan longed to, the paleness of his skin was beautifully enhanced in the sunlight of mid afternoon. Their legs pushed tightly together in the center of the inner tube, emerged halfway in water, causing shocks of hot and cold. When Sollux raised his head and his eyes met Eridan’s, he couldn’t help but continue to stare that the mismatched orbs of emotions and note that they made him look even more handsome if it were possible.

Sollux noticed the staring when the inner tube steadied and they were peacefully drifting atop the water. When he looked up and locked stares with Eridan, the deep royal purple as vivid and colorful as blood, he noticed that Eridan was very deep in thought. His blond hair was slicked back out of his face; the purple bangs fell loose here and there over his face, and giving him a very bed head look that was driving Sollux insane though he had no idea why. Before he could help himself, Sollux’s eyes scanned Eridan’s well toned water damp body before returning to Eridan’s face. Eridan was slightly chewing on his bottom lip with his eyes miles away, a motion that Sollux found very interesting before he could pull his gaze away. Sollux looked toward the trees, breathing heavily, slightly wondering what Eridan was thinking about. Eridan seemed to suddenly jolt out of his fantasy and stopped biting his lip, he had almost bit hard enough to draw blood.

“Told you it would be fun, I was right,” Eridan said with a mocking laugh. The sudden teasing sentence caused Sollux to gain back a bit of his confidence and he finally turned his head back to meet Eridan’s eyes.

“First time for everything,” Sollux said this sarcastically, dropping back into his normal speech pattern much to his relief. Eridan rolled his eyes but was grinning.

“Like you’ve never been wrong,” Eridan snapped calmly, happy he could drift back into talking almost normally. Sollux almost crossed his arms defiantly across his chest but when the inner tube wobbled he decided to leave his hands where they were.

“I haven’t done a thing wrong in my life.” Sollux stated almost proudly.

“When you blew up that laptop in the middle of the store? Right in front of the security guards and everythin’. Kar and I had to bail you out of jail,” Eridan reminded him with a laugh. Sollux snorted as if that was the most absurd thing he had ever heard.

“There was a virus on it that would’ve infected every computer if I had let it live. Besides, I did warn the morons that I was going to right before I did.” Sollux answered with a slight sharpness.

“Yellin’ ‘fire in the hole’ a few seconds before hand is not a warning,” Eridan chuckled at the memory.

“Besides that, I haven’t been wrong,” Sollux stated stubbornly and Eridan rolled his royal purple eyes.

“You put a fire cracker in a pop corn bag and threw it into the neighbors’ yard. Those kids were traumatized.” Eridan listed though his mind wasn’t really into it.

Eridan knew this was going to be his only chance to ‘fall’ onto Sollux but he just wasn’t ready yet. It was nice to have a normal conversation with Sollux and remember back when it was slightly simpler to deal with feelings. It was great that he was able to get his mind momentarily off how hot Sollux looked with the water cooling his pale skin in the sun. It was wonderful that Sollux closed his eyes when trying to argue. Eridan could then sneak looks at his body, his face, the way how the water in his midnight dark hair ran down his face and into the corner of his lips when he spoke or shook his head. Eridan found himself staring at Sollux’s lips. They looked soft and wonderfully shaped. They looked as if they would fit perfectly against Eridans’. He jerked out of his thoughts when Sollux spoke.

“Those stupid kids stole my DS, I only returned the favor.” Sollux said, his mismatched eyes closed in thought and defiance. Eridan took the chance to trace the lines of Sollux’s chest with his eyes, each one more enticing than the last.

“You crashed a car into Auto-mart,” Eridan said and, thankfully, Sollux didn’t notice how dreamy his voice sounded.

“They said they could fix any damage.” Was the simple response, his eyes were closed for a long second to remember when he had done such a thing. Eridan traced the lines of his neck, the pulse beat like a beautiful drumbeat.

“You were drunk and had a huge hand to hand fight with Kar,” Eridan muttered, his voice getting lower with every pause. Sollux rolled his eyes again, completely unaware of Eridan’s struggle.

“I won, didn’t I?” Sollux stated proudly, his eyes closed in satisfaction. Eridan didn’t bother to correct him, too busy with his own interest. Eridan traced every line of his jaw like he was drinking in a beautiful aroma.

“Attacked that old lady in the supermarket,” Eridan whispered, his eyes already trained on his next target to trace. Sollux was once again completely oblivious to the lack of volume to Eridan’s voice.

“She was asking for it! She threw cake in my face.” Sollux said with a note of finality, meaning he would explain nothing more about the subject. Sollux closed his eyes in a way that it seemed like he was attempting to see the area without looking. Eridan’s eyes traced Sollux’s lips, so soft and somehow more beautiful than the lines of his chest, if it were possible.

“You made me fall,” Eridan muttered without meaning to, too into his tracing to notice his own words. Sollux stopped, his eyes wide open, wondering what Eridan had meant. He couldn’t recall tripping or pushing him at any recent time.

“E.D,” Sollux muttered, not understanding in the least. His eyes didn’t close this time but Eridan didn’t mind. He raised his half lidded eyes to Sollux’s wide open ones and stared into them. They were absolutely gorgeous, the colors shined and flashed with such strong emotion that Eridan felt himself being slightly pulled to them.

Sollux looked into the royal purple eyes of Eridan, the dark color so beautifully vivid that he could only stare wordlessly. When did Eridan start looking so handsome? Why did the curve of his jaw look so wonderful and why did the sound of his breathing send shivers up and down Sollux’s spine? The skin of their legs was touching and it felt like living electricity was dancing between them. It was almost overwhelming. They continued to stare at each other, feeling the same thing but not daring to hope the other was. Eridan’s head ducked lower, closer to Sollux at the same time Sollux raised his head higher, their lips were just about to meet. Sollux could feel Eridan’s hot breath on his lips and Eridan could smell Sollux’s shampoo. Their knees slid down and both fell forward, losing their seating.

“What the fu-,” Eridan shouted suddenly as both boys suddenly slipped down into the center of the inner tube with a large splash. Chest to chest, pressed tightly together by the plastic tube. Sollux cried out in surprise, the feeling of their bodies being pressed together so suddenly was surprising and breathtaking.

“What did you do?” Sollux snapped, sure that it was something Eridan had done. Eridan glared down at him, moving his hands to either side of the tube and trying to pull himself up. He was unable to move much, the tube was far too small and the movement of attempting to get out caused the entire tube to dive underwater suddenly. Sollux sputtered as they resurfaced, having swallowed even more water. Eridan scowled, maybe getting the second smallest inner tube they had wasn’t such a great idea.

“I didn’t do a thing!” Eridan hissed angrily, mostly annoyed that his plan was a total flop. He jerked sideways and attempted to pull his chest free but it was useless. He fought back an angry yell. Why did this always happen to him?

Just when he was so close, so painstakingly close, it blew up in his face. All Eridan wanted was a kiss at the most but instead all he received was being bodily pressed against Sollux. Their legs tangled together just under the surface and Sollux would be completely unable to fight back. Eridan stopped struggling at that thought. Wasn’t this what he wanted? To somehow get close to Sollux and have it seem like an accident, that was what he wanted. That seemed to be what he was gaining.

Eridan looked down at Sollux who was hissing in rage, pulling and shoving at the inner tube. Sollux was once again soaked in water, where he had been nearly dry before, his hair spiking down over his eyes and water ran down his face in tendrils, framing his flashing angry eyes. His slender pale chest was pressed tightly to Eridan’s well toned slightly tanned one; he could feel Sollux’s heartbeat through his own skin. It was a wonderful feeling, something Eridan had always longed for, the closeness of the other. The water pooled down Sollux’s shoulders and streamed quickly down his thin arms and down the front of his chest. The sun was beaming down onto the midnight black haired boy, causing the water in his hair to resemble dew on morning grass.

“I cannot believe I let you talk me into this. This is so stupid! I could be sleeping right now, not stuck like this with you. God, I’m never going to let you live this down,” Sollux vowed, cursing sharply when his hands slid down the slick sides of the inner tube.

He growled as he tried to sink below only to find that either way it was pretty much impossible to move. He was slightly torn, half way wanting free and half way reluctant to be away from the body pressed to his front. He could feel the heat from Eridan’s body and Sollux felt the urge to lean against him, to enjoy the delicious heat fully. Where their skin met, hot and cold flashed like a light switch and electrical energy made Sollux want more contact. He wanted his entire body pressed against Eridan, to trace his veins with his tongue and to taste the heat that would feel explosive inside his hot mouth. For a brief moment, he wondered what he would taste like and how much he would love it. Would he ever want to release those wonderful lips once he captured them?

Sollux scolded himself mentally. This was his friend, why did he think about him like this? Why did all of his thoughts suddenly decide how Eridan would feel? Why did he think Eridan wouldn’t mind if he just pecked his lips? Maybe because, with every second that passed with them bodily pressed together, the idea made more and more sense. Eridan wouldn’t mind if Sollux leaned forward for just a taste of his sweet looking lips. . .

Sollux tugged back viciously on the tube, no longer trusting himself to be near Eridan if his thoughts kept going like that. His sudden tug caused the tube to tilt upward and Eridan to be pulled on top of him in the water. Sollux felt his face heat up and closed his eyes tightly; afraid he might just like what he would see. Sollux was practically lying on the water, only the trapping floatation device kept him from falling completely under. Though he was positive that he was still drowning; he could hardly breathe with Eridan so close.

The tube bobbed up and down, shaking this way and that way, threatening to turn both boys onto their heads. Eridan was pushing lightly on the tube to get himself propped up properly but was unable to where his hands were, they kept slipping. Eridan calmly lowered his hands to Sollux’s chest, gently pushing his upper body off the smaller boy, causing Sollux to peek his eyes open momentarily. Sollux couldn’t help but note that his face looked darker but it must have been a trick of the light, there would be no reason for Eridan to be blushing. Streams of water rolled down his wonderfully tan chest and dripped from his halo like hair, the blond still slicked back and the royal purple bangs fell over his eyes in streaks. Sollux shut his eyes as fast as he had opened them. Eridan looked rather neutral lying on top of Sollux but Sollux didn’t dare open his eyes, though he could still fell Eridan’s burning hands on his shoulders and felt where their stomachs were pressed tightly together. Sollux bit his lip, liking the feeling of Eridan purposely put his hands on him but hating that it was only so their torsos weren’t pressed together. Eridan frowned at the almost pained expression on Sollux’s face, wondering if he was hurting Sollux in some way. Eridan was slightly enjoying this position but not if it was causing Sollux pain.

“Calm down, Sol,” Eridan said softly, leaning back further on the tube. His weight caused it to slap back down harshly; a splash of water hit the two again. When the tube landed, Sollux was thrown slightly forward into Eridan’s chest. He flinched but closed his eyes tighter; putting his hands to Eridan’s chest and pushing away with great effort though it didn’t accomplish much. Eridan’s hands dropped back down to the tube. He was slightly hurt that Sollux seemed so disgusted to be touching him in anyway. “We’ll find a way out of this. You don’t need to freak out just ‘cause we’re stuck.”

Sollux didn’t respond, not daring to tell his friend why he was really afraid to open his mismatched eyes. He also didn’t dare wonder what his friend thought of him at that moment and what he would think if he knew how Sollux was feeling at that moment. Sollux could feel the water drip around his eyes and wondered if the same was happening to Eridan. Sollux only squeezed his eyes shut even tighter, hating that he suddenly burned for another look at Eridan. He wanted to open his eyes and stare for as long as he dared but he knew it would ruin whatever chance he still had at pretending to be normal. While he was having this internal struggle of want, Eridan took full advantage, knowing that if he didn’t allow himself this small pleasure then he would loose control.

Eridan couldn’t help but take a long look at Sollux’s body and face. His pale skin was flushed at the face and his jaw was clenched tightly as if he were in pain. His entire body seemed completely tensed, as if he didn’t dare move. Eridan fought the urge to kiss the clenched jaw, relax the tense muscles with kind touches. He wanted to so badly but he couldn’t do that to a friend in such a weakened state, it would be taking advantage of Sollux. He owed Sollux for their long friendship, always backing him when it was needed. He shouldn’t even be having such ideas in the first place; Sollux didn’t deserve to be thought about in such a way by a friend he trusted. Then again, it wasn’t like Solllux ever seemed to notice the obvious feelings Eridan had for him. It was true and the fact made Eridan freeze for a moment.

He had been feeling this way for a long time and Sollux never seemed to notice. Eridan watched Sollux get girlfriend after girlfriend with the snap of his fingers. Eridan had been pining after him pointlessly. Sollux never seemed to notice the way how when he walked in the room, Eridan would stare at him. Sollux usually got what he wanted and he probably didn’t want his friend falling for him. It was almost the exact opposite for Eridan. He hardly got anything he wanted, needed, and this was one of them. It was unfair, though. Didn’t Eridan deserve what he had wanted for so long? His chance for it was right in front of him, trapped to his front and eyes closed as if waiting for what was sure to come next. What was going to come next was up to Eridan and the fact sent him over the edge. He couldn’t help himself any longer and he gave into his longing with a small growl of want. His hands found Sollux’s soft arms.

“E.D?” Sollux said in surprise, wondering if Eridan was going to try and pull him from the tube by his arms. He started to explain that he doubted pulling him would work when he felt something so thrillingly shocking. Eridan had found Sollux’s soft lips and claimed them with his own.

Sollux’s eyes shot open at the feeling he had been wanting, smooth lips against his. How Eridan was holding him, so desperately and yet so caring, would have taken his breath away if the kiss hadn’t already. How he looked at that very moment, eyes squeezed shut in determination and his head tilted so in show of how much he seemed to love this moment, stopped Sollux’s heart for a minute. He was frozen completely by shock but thawed as Eridan kissed him again and again, it lasting longer and deepening in passion with every one. Sollux’s eyes slowly fluttered shut; a happy feeling flowed through his veins, making him feel like he was flying. It was such a wonderful feeling and Eridan seemed to feel it as well.

His violet eyes slid open slightly, wondering why Sollux hadn’t pushed him away yet. Seeing that Sollux had his eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying it was such an unexpected out come that Eridan broke off the kiss completely. Sollux’s eyes blinked open, the mixed colors staring deeply into Eridan’s, the emotion there so startling and beautiful that Eridan found himself breathless yet again. Sollux had his eyes only half open, looking dazed, and his was mouth very slightly open but in a straight line. He looked as if he had just awoken from a dream, blinking up at Eridan with pink dusting his cheeks.

“S-sol, I’m sorry. I didn’t think-,” Eridan started quickly only to be instantly interrupted by Sollux, whose eyes were suddenly alit with a single emotion: want.

“Shut it, E.D.” Sollux whispered harshly with a very husky voice that was only his because of the lisp. His soft lips were back against Eridan’s within the second, simple yet passionate, and his eyes were closed lightly again.

After a moment, Eridan sighed, his eyes closed and he kissed Sollux again, tilting his head to the side. Sollux felt Eridan’s hands slid from gripping his arms to his sides gently, the inner tube preventing him from grabbing his waist. Sollux practically melted into Eridan’s arms, tilting his head slightly to match Eridan. Eridan didn’t seem to notice that Sollux was now leaning full on him. He was mostly focusing on the heat of the others lips, the wonderful feeling of finally kissing him, and the amazing feeling of having him kiss back.

Eridan was enjoying the simple kiss, lips on lips, but he wanted a bit more. Almost as if reading his mind, Sollux opened his mouth with a small sigh and his hot tongue touched Eridan’s bottom lip in a soft request. Eridan complied happily and he felt Sollux’s warm tongue tracing his within the second. This quickly became a much more passionate kiss that made Eridan feel as if he were on fire and Sollux was the only thing that could stop the fire from consuming him. Or maybe, Sollux was the fire that was eating him like one might eat delectable chocolate. Either way, Eridan couldn’t get enough of if and it was obvious that neither could Sollux as Eridan felt something else smooth and cool run over his tongue.

Sollux trailed his arms up and interlaced them around Eridan’s neck, one hand fisting the feather soft hair there passionately. He could taste Eridan, sweet and everything he had hoped for with a faint under taste of the Icy Breath peppermint gum he usually chewed. Sollux kissed back more forcibly, wanting more of him. Loving the way he tasted and the way he felt, pressing his entire body to Sollux. The way how his nerves seemed to sing and tingle every time Eridan ran one of his hands down his bare smooth back, causing soft moans to enter the air between the two.

Sollux came up for air, breathing deeply, but Eridan wasted no time. He leaned his head down, finding Sollux’s sensitive neck. Sollux gasped out loud when he felt Eridan’s tongue trail designs over his neck, stopping a moment here and there to kiss the skin deeply, causing shivers to run up and down his spine under Eridan’s fingers. Sollux stared up at the sky for a moment, giving Eridan complete access to his throat. Everything Eridan did felt like heaven itself was kissing him, leaving tingling goose flesh in its wake and a very breathless Sollux wanting more.

“E-eridan,” Sollux murmured, his voice hitching when he felt Eridan nip at his neck playfully with his sharp teeth. Eridan shivered when he heard Sollux say his real name with such emotion and kissed his neck, wanting to hear his name spoken in such a way again. He quickly got his wish and Sollux didn’t seem to mind every time Eridan bit, licked, and kissed his bare throat.

Eridan teased him for a moment more, picking the most sensitive spot and nipping at it. Sollux’s soft moan filled the air as Eridan continued his teasing, loving the sound as it filled his ears. Finally, the time away from the hot mouth he had wanted grew to be too much; Eridan seized Sollux in yet another burning kiss that he automatically succumbed to. Sollux tasted so sweet, Eridan wondered if this was what real sugar was supposed to taste like, the pure taste similar to honey danced on Eridan’s tongue. The sweet taste caused Eridan to emit a low moan as he deepened the kiss further, though he wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Sollux’s mind was swimming and his body was electrified with every lick, bite, touch, and kiss Eridan had given him.

Eridan couldn’t remember being so pleased or so hungry for the sounds of his partner. Every second was a second Eridan fought to get a moan or gasp or, most favorably, his name spoken sweetly from Sollux. Each sound he made, felt as wonderful as getting water after being without it for too long. Each sound was a prize and worth the effort for it was always returned passionately. When Sollux made him hiss with pleasure by biting his neck roughly and soothing it with his tongue, Eridan realized it was the same for him as well.

Time was suddenly irrelevant, Sollux had no idea how long they waded there but it was well into sunset that he suddenly thought of it. Things never seemed to slow, keeping a steady but fast beat with their hearts. When one needed air, the other would playfully bite or lick at the others neck or shoulders; not a moment was wasted on air intake. The cooling lake did nothing to calm the two as they felt and tasted as much as they could of each other. As thing proceeded, the inner tube prevented them from fully tasting and feeling each other but didn’t put a dent in their fun. Completely lost to time, unaware that night was falling fast on their day. When one would start to notice the proceedings in time, the other would distract them by touching sensitive spots that they had found or biting a bit too painfully for the other to ignore. The darkening sky threatened night by the time they finally broke off completely, gasping for air and still tangled together. Flushed faced and breathless, Sollux sighed contently and leaned fully against Eridan, resting his head against his well toned chest.

“I guess you return my feelings, Sol?”Eridan said slowly, a pleased grin pulling at his slightly swollen lips. Sollux chuckled softly, one of his hands still tangled in Eridan’s soft as feathers hair and the other gripping his shoulder. He still felt small bolts of electricity where their skin touched and he momentarily wondered if he was ever going to get used to it. Eridan had one arm wrapped around Sollux’s slender sides and the other was buried deeply into his sleek midnight black hair.

“I guess, fish face,” Sollux answered in an airy voice, unable to remember a moment when he had been this at peace. With the bursts of hot and cold, the air was a wonderful warm and crickets had started their songs in the back ground. The sun was setting, sending gold and orange beams of light in every direction, giving the air a very romantic vibe. The only negative was the inner tube still stuck tightly around them. Sollux groaned, nudging the inner tube that had started this chain of events. “What are we going to do about this?”

Eridan frowned down at it, though it had given them this wonderful afternoon it still had to go. Eridan clicked his tongue angrily, a sound that jolted Sollux out of his stupor. Sollux sighed tiredly, untangling his hand from Eridan’s blond hair unwillingly. He already missed the feel of it between his slender fingers but didn’t reach up for its’ featherlike softness.

“It’s easy actually,” Eridan muttered, slowly removing his hands from Sollux’s body.

It was really so simple, Eridan didn’t know why he hadn’t seen it before. Eridan was actually grateful he hadn’t, though. Sollux raised a dark eye brow but said nothing, still thinking of the afternoon they had just had together. Eridan ordered Sollux to hold up his arms and did the same to his own. He smirked at Sollux, water still streaming down his body brightly and the sunset colors surrounding them really brought out the darkness of his mismatch eyes and midnight black hair, fighting back the urge to continue their earlier actions. Eridan winked once and, fighting his best to ignore how cute Sollux looked when his cheeks flushed, dived under, his entire body sliding down Sollux’s. Eridan slipped completely free, diving under the refreshing cool water, before swimming back. The feeling of his body against Sollux’s was stunning; it sent shivers up and down his spine when he thought of it. Eridan smiled to himself as he thought back on the day, how absolutely wonderful it was and how Sollux’s sweet honey taste still lingered on his tongue.

Sollux dunked into the water, free from the plastic pressing against his skin but he sort of missed another kind of pressure. He stared at the see through yellow inner tube he had just spent literally hours in; pressed against someone he didn’t even know he felt that way about. He had to admit, as he waded back to shore, cool water running down his bare back, that he didn’t regret a single thing about that day. Sollux looked up toward the sky when the water level had dropped down to his ankles, loving how the sunset colors clashed and shinned, it was almost as stunning as Eridan’s violet gaze that had held him so tenderly. Just as this thought passed through his mind, he felt a familiar tingle as a strong hand lightly traced his lower back where his skin had turned red with the pressure of the inner tube. Sollux jumped a bit and hissed to hide that his voice was full of pleasure, turning quickly to face Eridan where he grinned. Sollux fought to keep his breath from getting stolen, barely succeeding. Eridan’s blonde hair was soaked, falling back against his head, the royal purple matching his eyes causing the beautiful sunset to pale in comparison. The water from the lake streamed from his wonderfully messed up hair, down his shoulders, toned and tanned chest, flat stomach and stopping at the low line of his swim trunks. Without the water surrounding them, Sollux could easily see- Sollux shook his head and did his best to ignore how the water traced his skin, his muscles, and even the marks he had made himself, so perfectly.

“Don’t randomly touch me, E.D,” Sollux snapped but it lacked the normal malice. Eridan noticed and chuckled, eyes half lidded as he slid forward in the water. One of his strong hands reached out and interlaced fingers with one of Sollux’s, the other was suddenly placed on his lower back. Eridan leaned his head very close to Sollux, lips inches from each other. Sollux bared his teeth but at the same time, his free hand flew to Eridan’s shoulder, gripping the hard muscle there tightly. Eridan dipped him low, holding tightly and eyes flashing teasingly.

“Is this okay?” Eridan whispered though he didn’t really care and there was a laughing tone to his voice.

His head ducked even lower, lips just about to meet. Sollux was prepared for a kiss, expecting it and wanting it dearly but, to his surprise, Eridan’s smile faded and his eyes looked softer. He pulled Sollux bodily against him and held him there. His arms were wrapped around Sollux’s back and his head was buried in Sollux’s midnight black water soaked hair, one hand entangled in the inky blackness. Sollux was completely stunned, his heart beating loudly in his throat as Eridan held him tenderly close.

“E.D, what’s wrong?” Sollux managed to breathe out, worried for Eridan’s sudden shift in emotions.

Eridan couldn’t help but have his heart lodged in his throat as he held Sollux as close as he always wanted to. Sollux’s ebony hair smelled of honey blossoms, his shampoo, and Eridan let out a deep hearted sigh as he felt Sollux’s heart beat against his chest. Eridan couldn’t have helped himself from hugging Sollux like that if he had wanted to. Sollux had a certain look to his face that Eridan doubted anyone could resist. His dark electric blue and his vivid brown-red eyes had been flashing with such a strong emotion that it was impossible to hide. With Sollux looking at him like that and the sunset magnifying every single drop of moisture on his slender and handsome frame. With Sollux looking so handsome and wonderful and being everything he had ever wanted, Eridan couldn’t help but feel his heart throb for the 20 year old lisping college student.

“Sol, I know that I probably shouldn’t tell you but I think you need to know. I’ve . . . always felt this way about you. I have been feelin’ this way for as long as I can remember and it’s been hell. It’s always been hell but I couldn’t help it. I’ve never felt so strongly ‘bout anythin’ else in my life,” Eridan said so sadly that Sollux tried to interrupt, to stop this pain that Eridan was in. His voice stuck a bit but he forced on.

“E.D, listen. I never-,” Sollux started but was interrupted by Eridan.

“I know, I’m not much but I would drown a thousand times if you’d even think about it. It would mean the world to me if you did but I can’t make you,” Eridan’s voice broke off but his grip on Sollux tightened.

“E.D, shut up and listen,” Sollux pleaded, hating the way how Eridan sounded. Eridan interrupted yet again, his hand in Sollux’s hair fisted.

“I . . . I would understand if you don’t feel the same, though. I wouldn’t even mind if you never wanted to see me again but, at least think about the relationship we could have. . .” Eridan was finally quiet, his voice broken off without his permission.

He buried his head further into Sollux’s neck, holding Sollux as tightly a he could without hurting him. Sollux was as quiet as Eridan, not sure what to say. He was never one for emotional problems and would prefer it if Eridan just kissed him again, at least that was easy to respond to. Sollux, after a moment of awkward silence full of nothing but crickets playing, their heartbeats, and their breathing, finally settled on something to say. He allowed Eridan to continue to hold him, not minding the contact as much as the question, and spoke without moving.

“What would our relationship be, anyway?”

Sollux finally asked and Eridan couldn’t believe his ears. Did Sollux really not reject his feelings? Eridan’s grip on Sollux loosened for a moment, in wonder and curiosity. He looked up from where he had hid his head, eyes wide and face streaked with lake water like he had been crying.

“W-what,” Eridan stuttered out and met Sollux’s mismatch gaze. Sollux actually smiled softly, as if he knew that was just thing to say and he was pleased at Eridan’s reaction.

“I mean, sure, I’ve been called a boyfriend several times but it just doesn’t fit here. I defiantly don’t want to be called ‘Eridan’s Boyfriend’. I just want to be called something with a little more ring to it,” Sollux explained as if it were the only obvious problem.

Eridan’s heart stopped. Sollux wasn’t rejecting him. He was returning his feelings! Maybe not in those exact words but it was practically the same. Sollux was looking at Eridan with bright, flickering eyes, a kind smile still on his lips. This day had started with a simple hope that he could at least hug Sollux or kiss him once but here he was, after they had passionately made out for hours, talking with Sollux about the name of their relationship. Eridan slowly released his grip on Sollux and stood completely frozen for a moment or so. Finally, a large smirk pulled his lips up, and he reached out swiftly. One hand pulled the back of Sollux’s head and the other arm wrapped tightly around his waist, both pulled Sollux completely against him. Eridan kissed him in one exploding, wonderful kiss that left them both breathless. Sparks had danced their way between them, hot on their bodies but their feet were still cold from the water. Sollux had broken away breathing hard, attempting to calm his rapidly beating heart while Eridan stared into his eyes with a glittering hungry gaze.

“Lovers, we’re lovers.” Eridan said breathlessly, “I love the tongue ring by the way.”

Eridan smirked one last time before kissing Sollux again. He smiled against the pressing burning lips and closed his mismatch eyes in pure bliss. He ran his hot tongue along Eridan’s, the small black bead piercing in the center of the muscle causing river bolts of pleasure through Eridan’s entire body. Finally, something Sollux knew a thing or two about.

Hot and cold chills ran its way up and down their spines as the kissing deepened. Tongues danced, and hands touched sensitive spots, spots that they loved. Moans, sighs, and both names filled the air around them as their passion deepened. Bodies pressed so close together that they could feel every breath the other took and every beat of their hearts was the drumbeat that matched every one of their movements. They stood there, feet still in the water of the lake, feeling and tasting each other well into the night. Back out in the center of the lake was the clear see through yellow tube that had broken through the barriers that held the two from each other.
Dearest Readers,

This is my first yaoi and I hope I did well. This is Humanstuck so there isn't much of a point out to the current happenings in the comic nor is there anything that really is a reference to such a thing. I'm sorry if that was what you were looking for and this is what you received. I also know that there is a strange lack of cursing and I do, in fact, know that they curse often, I'm just not too comfortable with writing those type of words down. The story line may be a bit cliche but it seemed to fit, sorry if it annoys you. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I did well. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any ideas, suggestions or just want to comment, please leave a message down below if you like.

Sincerely Blind Butler

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie

Story (c) Blind Butler
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She replaces her wrists
with the sharp thorns
of roses and slurred


as she speaks
in an old tongued
language that whispers





She collects stars
on her knuckles,
& her dust eyes
are sad moon nebulas
starved for love.


But, the kisses
she sinks into the curve
of her lover's ribcage
by night, warm that
supernova heart.
Critique/feedback is greatly appreciated for this piece.

*AnotherPassenger requested it have a happy ending. It's honestly had a few. But, I am very happy with the end result.
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Lost and Found

Here I am walking around aimlessly
Scars surround every part of my body
Lies are all that I seem to know
Tears no longer come out
Just the supreme silence
I walk for what seems to be forever
I lose the strength that I have to stand
I was done, I was done with trying
I wanted to sit and rot
But there you were
The flickering light in my hurt eyes
You came for me...came running
At this close to dead corpse
You whispered thoughts of hope- often true thoughts
It was never merely flattery, and overreacted words
Nor was it fake for secret intentions
It was honest, kind, true
You are the only one that makes me feel this way
Because you are the first one you found ME
I want desperately to say I love you my friend
You help in me in so many ways.

-March 2, 2012-
Ever get this feeling, with someone? Not necessarily with someone that your in love with, just with someone you hold dear?
Please tell me what you think. ^__^ Comments are welcome.

And I am back....
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XD how i feel right now
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She gets lonely, but she just has to pick up a pen and then she's in a world of her own :heart:

I usually read, as I don't have the time to plan out a story and write it and be satisfied with it in the end. :nod:

A poem avec a picture! O:

Hope you like it! :)


:thumb337257234: :thumb335659267: :thumb306770687: :thumb253998663: :thumb329030297:


Pose referenced from *SenshiStock :)
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Memory is like the tide,
It swells and ebbs;
It's free and wide,
Yet ridden with dregs.

At times it's calm—
Soothing and sweet;
Like a tender balm,
A gentle beat.

It's violent, too—
Coarse and bitter;
Like a vicious coup,
A cruel winter.

In it, I do bask,
Adrift in my mind;
I need only ask
To be lost in time.
Memories -- whether good or bad -- are what make and define us as individuals. It's good to reflect and learn from them often.

"In it do I bask" is the only line I'm not happy with. Any suggestions for alternatives? ^^;

Copyright 2012 ~ScarletDevil1503. All rights reserved.
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