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(EDIT): Fixed the horrible lag sequence by toning down the effects in the twilight scene.

Better quality version here:

Sorry for any lag experience, I'll fix that later.
I wanted to make the screen smaller, but a resizing tool, to my knowledge, does not exist. :(
Took about a month (70% procrastination) in Adobe Flash CS6 using an Intuos5 tablet. Enjoy. :P

Music: Radio Martini - Kevin MacLeod
We Own the Night - Tiesto and Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana
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Howdy everpony!
This is my third self-made animation so far.
Just Pinkie Pie and some Parasprites walking around :D
Please tell me what could be better :)

Brony Gummy
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This test animation took a long time to do. I've been working on this one on and off since October and there were a LOT of details to iron out in this one; not to mention her hair was a pain to vector. To make this one different I added 3 springs and a squee.

If anyone has a better bounce sound effects, send me a link. Also, if anyone knows a good code for a mute button for this animation, send me some info.

This bounce cycle is from Season 1 Episode 3 Ticket Master.

If you want your My Little Pony Original Character animated, then visit this page for details.

MLP FiM Animation Commission Catalog (5/16/2014) by MAJORA64

Completed Commissions
:bulletred: Starling for Squeno/Aoxis
:bulletorange: Swift Flying for outlaw4rc
:bulletyellow: Flightless for CieloRey
:bulletgreen: Short Hilt for SayaArt
:bulletblue: Raindew for thetriforcebearer
:bulletpurple: Surfing Blossom for outlaw4rc
:bulletpink: Air Guitar for Aire Geetar
:bulletred: CieloXLuna for CieloRey
:bulletorange: Ester for Captain-of-the-Guard
:bulletyellow: Phenomenon for Captain-of-the-Guard

Test Animations
:bulletred: Applejack Run Test Animation
:bulletorange: Twilight Sparkle Walk Test Animation
:bulletyellow: Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo Fly Animation
:bulletgreen: Pinkie Pie Bounce Animation
:bulletblue: Vinyl Scratch/DJ p0n-3 Head Bop Test Animation
:bulletpurple: IAmSwagg Walk Test Animation
:bulletpink: Chroma Cutter Walk Test Animation
:bulletred: Princess Luna Hair Test Animation
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Are you guys ready for a challenge? dodging obstacles and navigating your way to get the best score and conquer the leaderboard? this is the game for you. test your skills and plan your moves to make sure you can survive 5 levels of falling obstacles. each more difficult then the last and adding together making one hecktic addictive game.

controls are simple, use the arrow keys to move left and right and click to navigate the menus

vectors and background from :iconmlp-vectorclub:
Music from RainbowCrash88
and sprites from Desktop Ponies

Newgrounds version here: [link]

NOTE: i noticed the leaderboard doesn't seem to respond well. i think it's cause the newgrounds version is being updated to see if it meets newgrounds quality (Which it will) so if you want to upload your score play the newgrounds version
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No comment :D
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Con Pinkie Pie todo suena mejor XD

Bueno al parecer me a reencarnado la inspiración, espero seguir haciendo mas vectores y animaciones XD

Se agradecen los comentarios XD
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Featured on Equestria Daily! [link]

Yes! It's here! You've all been very patient.

So, obviously, huge thanks to Fifths for a number of things, including, but not limited to: writing the song, proposing that I animate it, giving me pretty much every single idea, being patient with me as I took forever, et cetera, et cetera. Make sure you go check him out on various other websites:

SoundCloud: [link]
YouTube: [link]

More thanks go out to Zedrin (:iconzedrin:) for giving me some advice when I was in a bit of a rut and to Divebomb (:icondivebomb5:) for letting me use his design for Braeburn's gun. All of the sound effects are royalty-free non-attribution, so we're good there. You could probably find them without too much trouble if you wanted to. The bottles belong to Tavish DeGroot.
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A short animation I made for the holiday season :)
MLP: Fim is owned by Hasbro (c) and Lauren Faust
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START THE MADNESS! I'll be honest, I have no idea what possessed me to make this. While I was animating I was like I HAVE AN IDEA!

Personal flash build.

The music is by Vengaboys: We like to party (SIX FLAGS OLD MAN FOR THE WIN!) --> [link]

Make sure to +watch for future upcoming animations and art.
I have recently joined Anima for their upcoming Through the Eyes of Another Pony animation project. Check them out! [link]

As well as SweeneyXoz's Cupcakes: The Musical [link]

Hasbro owns everypony and their content!
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Update 3:
-Power Up added!

-Collect 15 balloons in a row ( without missing/hitting a bird ) for a piece of candy to appear.

-Collect the candy to summon a certain green alligator to aid you :)

Update 2:
- Music

- Music Framework (more work than I thought!)

Update 1:

-Added Birds (Obstacle), Stun Pinkie when collided with!

-Redistributed Ranks

-Increased Pinkie's and the Balloons hit detection

Just what I have been working on the last week.

No music or sound effects yet, still trying to decide on those...

Thought I would toss it up to see what you guys think!

Help Pinkie Collect 150 windswept balloons and save her party!

Press Up and Down to control Pinkie Pie (explained if you wait thru title and intro)

Includes 3 endings and 8 Ranks!

Game by me (zztfox)

MLP FiM copyright Faust and Hasbro

Made using Stencyl (Thanks to
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