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Don't know if someone already did this but oh well :'D
More Stamps that I have made!
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Okay I'll probably get flamed by Alicorn Twilight fanbronies, but I don't care. I don't have to shut my mouth for them.

The Princess Coronation aka Magical Mystery Cure is without a doubt the worst finale/episode out of the entire series.

This episode calls up: anger and disappointment.

Why do I hate it? Well first the amount of songs. I don't mind one or two songs, but seven? Is that really necessary?

But the MANE issue I have most of all with this episode is the infamous alicorn transformation of Twilight Sparkle and becoming a princess.
Why SO EARLY in the series for that matter why put it in the series at all?

The absurdity on how Twilight became an alicorn and a princess still blows my mind to this day.

If Alicorn Twilight really was the writers' idea, than I truly lost all faith in them.

I also don't like the fact that Twilight is being dragged into the political system and groundlessy accepting it. It doesn't feel right.

It would have been a decent episode if the alicorn thing was left out completely.

MLP: FiM really lost all it's meaning after the Season 3 finale at least for me.

I used to like the show, but after Season 3 finale my hopes were shattered and my interest in the show diminished ever since. At least for the actual future episodes.

One more thing I'm not happy with the way Hasbro is marketing MLP: FiM nowadays. First with Alicorn Twilight and now Equestira Girls.

I only have one thing to say: I hope it fails! Hopefully that way Hasbro will finally wake up and realize their mistakes!
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As most of you know by now, I am a Brony. I've followed the fandom ever since I finished watching 'The Ticket Master' from Season 1 and I still consider this my favourite episode of the entire series. ^^ Upon hearing about the announcement of the Season 2 finale being a two parter involving a royal wedding and a thrilling conclusion, I was hyped to see it. :D However, by the time it was over, I was feeling very disappointed with the final result. My reaction went from this;

- [link]

to basically this;

- [link]

I know that I'll be getting a lot of hate coming by way when I say this, but to me, the season 2 finale of MLP; FiM was not worthy of the hype and had too many inconsistencies involved which made me think to myself, why was this never addressed or why was this included or even, why were everyone involved acting so stupid/out of character? To help defend my point hopefully without spouting out random jargon, here are some arguments I have against the two episodes.

1. Why have we never heard of Shining Armour until now?

This seemed to bug me as I often wondered that if Shining Armour was Twilight's 'Big Brother Best Friend Forever', how and why did she forget about him so easily? It could be argued that yes maybe he didn't have much significance in the show since he was a guard based at Canterlot, but when you're not only the captain of the royal guard, the sibling to the Princess' student and in relation to a pony who saved the world on two occasions from disaster why was he suddenly thrown into the mix now? Even during the episode 'The Cutie Mark chronicles' there could have been some inclusion to him being in the background watching Twilight earn her Cutie Mark of needed. It seems a shame that someone who is so called 'As close as could be' with Twilight back in the day is brushed over so easily. You could argue that Hasbro wanted a new addition to help promote toy lines but still, if you're going to make it out that he was so special to Twilight have at least some mention before about her family.

2. What kind of voice was this to give Shining Armour?

This may seem like a minor gripe, but to me it's still worth mentioning. When I first heard his voice I didn't seem to mind it too much, but as he kept speaking and just communicating throughout the show, he sounded like a generic surfer dude more than a figurative individual. I know it’s probably not his fault that's how he talks (heck, if you listened to the way I speak, it would put you to sleep being so boring) but still, this just doesn't seem like a good choice of voice to give him.

3. The real Princess Cadence is a Mary-Sue.

Now then, I just KNOW that this will swing a lot of hate mail my way but I think this really needs to be brought up. When Twilight mentions how Cadence used to be when she was her foal sitter she seemed sweet and kind enough and seeing the real Cadence in the second episode made me feel relieved that she was found safe and well. BUT, during that song 'This Day' by the time I was finished listening to it, and saw how she did very little until the end made me think that she was less of a capable Princess and more the generic damsel in distress. This is a shame considering there are a lot of strong female leads in the show and then, this character comes along and is in full need of needing to be rescued. I know she finally does more at the end and helps to give Shining the love he needs to banish the Changelings but until that point, she did too much of nothing to be of any real use and comes off as nothing more than a weaker part of the cast. Hopefully in Season 3 she may be developed better, but this is how I view her so far based on these episodes.

4. Hey Twilight, practice what you preach!

This is where things really start to bug me about the two episodes. Twilight stressed to Pinkie Pie in the previous episode (MMMystery on the Friendship Express) the importance of having solid evidence before the makes any accusations toward anyone. Well if that's the case then it’s a good thing she practises what she preaches. ¬_¬ Really? She runs right into the rehearsals and throws around wild accusations and expects everyone to believe her? What did she think was going to happen? This is NOT how Twilight is. She's always precise. She's always thinking carefully. She's always able to discover these facts through facts. She doesn't jump to throw around any wild facts without proof. What did she think was going to happen to her?

5. Twilight needs better friends. Seriously!

Going on from the previous argument, yes you could argue that she was panicked when she barged into the rehearsal and yes she was trying to protect her brother and of course the Princess too. So... you'd think that with the imposter acting so mean and cranky, everyone would at least give some support to a dear friend who helped them on so many occasions, saved their lives, saved their reputations, saved their towns, homes, credibility toward the princess and her family they would at least consider that something was wrong or a tad off since the kingdom was under the threat of attack after all and everyone had to be vigilant and since Twilight knew Cadence better than anyone else, they would listen to her and at least check things properly, right?


Instead they brush her off and abandon her to allow her brother to refuse her to the wedding. Wow, some friends you have there Twilight. :facepalm: I mean, you'd think that after episode 3 of this season they would remember to take her worries into consideration, wouldn't they? And yes, I know she was acting somewhat jealous of her brother and was acting irrational, but no support what so ever? They forgot that lesson so soon? Even the Princess who is the aunt to Cadence couldn't have checked to be on the safe side? What kind of thanks is that?!

AND something else to consider, if Twilight was wrong and if that really was just Cadence having a bad time with all the stress and worry of the wedding, they went ahead with the celebrations regardless? No protest or anything about her not being there? They would have gone ahead anyway just so they could meet up with the higher members of society during the ceremony; after all she's done for them? Those five are all horrible, horrible friends!

6. What's the point of including Luna if you're not going to do anything with her?

Again, this may seem like a minor thing to gripe about, but it still needs some mentioning. We haven't seen Luna since her own episode in Nightmare Night (and for the record, I'm just going to come out and say it, I HATE that Luna. I want the Season 1 Luna back. That Luna was not funny, not entertaining and above all obnoxious and irritating to be around. Kinda like me. =p ) But anyway, being the second ruler of Equestria you'd think that we would get more screen time with her attending something as important as a royal wedding. But nope, we see her twice in the first episode, then once in the second. Wow, so much screen time. And yes I know SHE IS THE GUARDIAN OF THE NIGHT! but really, what was she doing during the Changeling attack? You couldn't possibly say that she was away or asleep through it all could you, considering that there was a giant shield that shattered and echoed all around the place rocking the entire city of Canterlot? Look, no matter how deep in a sleep I may be, if I hear an earth shattering smash like that, I'm going to shoot up probably fouling myself! Then she comes along acting as if nothing at all happened at the end? Look, writers. It’s nice that you're trying to cater to as wide an audience of Bronies out there and try to include some fan favourites but if you aren't going to do anything creative with them, don't just plop them in there to fill in the background. And don't forget, this is the second ruler of Equestria we're talking about here, it’s not like she's a minor character in the long run.

7. Princess Celestia gets screwed over. Again!

If it isn't bad enough that Princess Celestia gets little to no real care throughout the fandom it is (with her often being referred to as Trollestia, Molestia or Tyrant Celestia etc. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes some jokes are funny, but others are just downright cruel) now a lot of Bronies out there are bashing her for being a weakling when she tried to stand up against Queen Chrysalis but lost. I am aware that it wouldn't make much sense to have a new villain introduced to be defeated so easily and it is true she fed off the love Shining had for Cadence, but come on. This is the most powerful pony of Equestria and yet she gets defeated so easily. Going down with one blow? Couldn't she have put up more of a fight then that? Maybe at least get back up to keep Chrysalis busy while the six run to collect the Elements of Harmony? I really hope she's given a better chance to prove herself in Season 3.

8. Do we really need so many songs?

This to me is really the most minor of the bunch, but it still deserves discussing. Look, I do like the songs in the show. I consider songs like 'The art of the Dress', 'Smile Smile Smile' and 'At the Gala' some of my favourites and it wouldn't be too bad if we had about two or three songs total. But five? Really? Don't get me wrong I did like listening to 'BBBFF' and 'This Day' once. But after hearing it not only twice in the show and seeing remakes everywhere when I'm trying to find any other song other than those two, it gets tiring after a while. I think that the first versions of the song 'BBBFF' and 'This day' then 'Love is in Bloom' would have been more than enough. We don't really need to have the message hammered into us about how Twilight felt she lost her brother and how Chrysalis won for the moment.

And finally, 9. Why does Shining Armour never apologise to Twilight?

Out of all the things I have against the finale, this is the big one to me. OK, now remembering of course that;

- Twilight threw around accusations with no proof.
- Twilight was acting jealous and over protective of her brother.
- No one really thought about the dangers since they were too busy thinking about the wedding to consider it.
- Chrysalis boasted how they were all fooled so easily and everyone did eventually commend Twilight's efforts of learning to trust their instincts.

This still does NOT warrant the excuse that Shining Armour didn't owe Twilight an apology! Not only did Twilight admit that they never had a quarrel before in the song BBBFF and this was the first one, but Shining Armour not only allowed Chrysalis to manipulate her for so long, he chewed Twilight to pieces and forbid her to go to his wedding. His own sister, whom he loved so dearly and was only trying to protect him from danger tore out her heart and created a domino effect which led to Twilight's friends all walking out on her and even the Princess condemning her for her actions which to me leads to a scene even more tear jerking than when Fluttershy cried in 'Hurricane Fluttershy' You know the one I mean;


Now you could argue that;

- Applejack apologised on behalf of everyone.

Maybe, but to me I looked at it that she was apologising on behalf of her friends, not everyone else.

- She was made his best mare again.

This is true, but for all we know she could have just been put forward without any word about what happened what so ever.

- Shining thanked her for all the help.

No! This is NOT apologising! This is just thanking her for the wedding afterward.

Even the Princess commended Twilight's actions and comes across as an apology in disguise. This may seem somewhat high and mighty, but at least she admitted she was wrong in that regard. Shining Armour did no such thing and it really irritates me that these types of characters don't have the common decency to admit their mistake. This makes me think that Shining Armour is more of a jack ass than a decent character. You could argue that there's only so much you can cram into a 22 minute episode, but if it means that you have to remove a song (the second 'This Day' for example) and shorten the fight scene a little just to squeeze in a quick 20-30 second scene where Shining would owe Twilight a heartfelt apology then that would have been more than enough. Sort of like in this comic made by Veggie55;


Now then, with all that off my chest you may be under the impression that I hate this finale. Well, to put it simply I won't lie to you when I say I disliked it but I wouldn't say I hated it. I did actually find things that I enjoyed too.

- The Changelings are cool villains.
- I like Chrysalis as a villain (much better than Discord).
- The fight scenes were pretty fun to watch.
- The songs (the first time at least) were enjoyable.
- There is a lot of potential for these characters in Season 3 (if done right this time around).

But all the problems I noticed as I watched just kept bugging me and made me feel that these episodes were poorly constructed. You could say that I'm looking at this too deep or maybe I'm just nit-picking too much since it's a children's show at the end of the day and it is true, and that every episode has at least one or two problems with it all which is also true. (Heck some of my favourite episodes have their problems here and there) But if you are going to hype something to send off the season with a bang, you need to be prepared to cover as many holes in the plot (har har) as you can to insure you have something which is more than enjoyable to the audience.

If you still like the episodes then that's your choice. Go ahead and enjoy them as much as you want.

You still like the character’s, again that's your call.

If you changed your opinion from this stamp and my ranting, then please don't. Don't disregard the episode just because of my opinion alone, it's just how I feel about it.

If you agree with what I said and you may have noticed other problems I missed, go ahead and write your thoughts about it. I look forward to what you have to include.

If you disagree with what I said and you want to go against what I say, again go for it. You can write out what I may have missed out if you want to, but to me I'm not going to have my mind or opinion changed since this is how I still view the episodes.

You're free to your opinions, but in my humble opinion at least, the season 2 finale of My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic 'A Canterlot Wedding' did not live up to its hype and did not deserve the praise it received.
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I like Pony Fluttershy better than this Stupid bat form of Fluttershy and BTW that episode Bats was fucking Garbage.

MLP (c) Hasbro
FiM (c) Lauren Faust

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I like Twilight and all, but I don't like the idea of her becoming an alicorn. To be honest, I hope she reverts back to normal somewhere in season 4.

However, if you support Alicorn Twilight, it's alright. :] Just don't shove it down my throat, okay?)

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Just my idea... :iconderpyshrugplz:

Vector by :iconbigccv: ~BIGCCV
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Yup, another pony motivator guys but this time it's probably the most popular character (or one of THE given Fluttershy), Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And yes, season 2 is coming next month around the 17th of September.

Disclaimer: Pinkie Pie is a property of Lauren Faust, Hasbro and The Hub.
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I normally wouldn't post stuff like this, but I was bored and I spent to much time on it to not post it XD

BUUUUUT, I plan to be doing this for Kasuro soon~ :D

Pinkie (c) MLPFIM
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