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[edit:] Wow... like... I don't know what to say :D THANK YOU FOR THE DD!!! This is the biggest amount of response I ever received for my work so far and you really made my day T^T
Thank you so much for all the congratulations, comments, faves and watches!!!! And a huge thank-you-hug for TimberClipse who suggested Clockwork as a DD Tight Hug 
This is so amazing Squee! 


I'm now a proud member of DeviantFilm! Thank you for accepting me! :3

So, here it is once again, my short film 'Clockwork'. One of my projects from the animation school hamburg. 
find it on Vimeo:

Backgrounds were done by the very talented :iconemmalouiselightning:
music by Casimir von Oettingen
idea and all characters (c) me
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Knights of the Black Sun
First single from the upcoming album Sonic Mass by Amebix
Directed by Fin McAteer
Animation by Andy Lefton
Written by Fin McAteer, Rob Miller and Andy Lefton

This project took a little over four months from start to finish and was a real joy to work on. Andy is Based in the US and I am currently in exile in Ireland. Rob is in Skye in Scotland. Rob and I came up with the concept and were "guided" to bring Andy in because no one else would have been able to do it. It was a true labor of love. Andy managed to work this into his already busy life and just nailed it. Many late night Skype's with me at times playing the part of the bird and everything else with Andy laughing and taking notes at the same time. Fun days. We also managed to squeeze out the artwork for the single and a teaser trailer. Just shows you what can be done with no budget but a team of pro's willing to give every ounce to the project. I hope you enjoy and are gentle with your critics. Remember we did it.
Thanks to Rob for being the bestest best mate ever.
Andy for being the most talented illustrator/animator on the planet. He is a pain in the ass but I love him.
Also thanks to Meg and Rose for their love and support.
Thanks to Roy and Stig and the Baron for making great fucking music. Thanks to Carlton for his unwavering support and also thanks to Faye for her belief. Thanks to Kim as well for her love and company on this journey.
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The larger version of the video I submitted earlier!

This time you can actually see what's going on, haha.
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Finally The artist gets a upload on Deviantart. The sequel, the Salaryman will be up on my youtube channel soon.
Check out the sequel, "The Salaryman" on youtube over at

the life that most of us artist may have experienced...
this animation should not be taken seriously. its just a visual exaggeration of how some artist maybe facing in their life.

I'm abit concern on people who may misinterpret the ending but this is my reason to the suicide scene. Because I know that suicide is a very sensitive issue to some people.

Basically, 2 guns appear in the entire animation. the shotgun and the pistol.
and, both guns appear within the room of the boss's office.

in the first scene we see the boss shoot down the artist's quote. its basically a visual metaphor of the boss not agreeing to his quote. it didnt meant literally the boss did took out a shotgun and shot it above him.

so with that said, the 2nd time we see a weapon, the pistol also happen within the confines of the boss's office. the artist took it out from his folder and shot himself.

we may say this could be literal suicide, but in the context of the first scene where the boss took out his shotgun, this scene of suicide is again a "visual metaphor" for the artist after he realise how little hes paid for the project.

also to further solidify the aspect of this theory, the rest of the scenes the artist experience is pretty much normal and nothing out of the ordinary. it only happen within the boss's office.

I play it from my personal experience of visiting the client's domain of wild thoughts going through my mind, like how the client may not take my offer or I end up blowing my proposal, its the same when I return back to get an update from them or my paycheque from them. So visually, the 2 scenes that happen in the boss's office is more or less a visual metaphor of what went through inside the artist's mind at that moment.

hope it clears up.

Music and effects by :iconskybase:

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Stop-motion, cut-out and classic animation for this acid-vintage-horror-pop videoclip

Music by Mr.Bizarro & the highway experience
check them out: [link]
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Death comes to claim a little ghost girl. (He's not great with kids.)

Shadows is my senior film at MCAD, a one-person labor of love that took about a year to complete. It's a piece that draws on my own experiences in working with kids; how it can be both frustrating and fun.

A special thanks goes to my family for supporting me, my friends for encouraging me, my teachers for making me get my rear in gear, and the kids of cabin five for inspiring me. You guys are awesome.

Created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
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PLEASE look this on [link] [link] [link] [link]
It's the good version of this short movie, with a lot of corrections !

Edit : Une DD ? VRAIMENT? Je sais pas quoi dire à part merci alors...

UN GRAND MERCIIII à :iconmikonow: et :icondameodessa: pour leur suggestion, et merci à :iconditto9: pour le feature... C'AY TROP GENIAL :la:

Bon par contre c'était la version "moche" du film... .__. Voilà le lien de la version corrigée > [link] [link] [link] [link]

Après de nombreux mois de recherches, un scientifique découvre enfin le mystérieux papillon qu'il étudie. La poursuite de celui ci l'entraine dans les profondeurs des marécages...

> C'est donc mon travail de fin d'année. Qu'elle joie d'arriver au bout !

Un grand merci à toutes les personnes qui m'ont aidée et soutenue pour ce projet, et surtout à mon chéri sans qui l'animation de mon personnage serait encore plus qu'inachevée...
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This was my junior project. It's still not totally complete. It needs music still and a couple of the holds at the beginning are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. This ball can fly for freaking ever.
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My graduating film from RMCAD 2013 - The Dollar Menu

Two best friends, a sheep and a dog, are poor and starving. So when a dollar floats by in the wind, best friends turn to enemies as the race for the dollar begins. The finish line: The Dollar Menu.


Special thanks to Jesse Litwa for a vocal-less version of his song "Snow Party"! Check out Jesse and Broadcaster here:


EDIT: WOAH! Daily Deviation! Damn!
I just want to thank everyone for the kind words and for watching my film! I'm thrilled so many people like it.

Super special thanks to ^kingmancheng for featuring and =Ottist and *cybersuzy for suggesting it in the first place! I am eternally in your debt.
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An experiment in disguising digital visual effects with analog techniques, A Flourishing Awakening presents a mythology depicting a fantastic fable of creation. Incorporating influences and inspiration from ancient creation myths, this modern folktale follows the footsteps of two Divine Creators and their journey in forging a new world. They represent the duality and balance that must be maintained in order for the universe to flourish. This dual nature echoes throughout the film as it harmonizes digital and analog. A Flourishing Awakening conveys a moral message to the audience emphasizing the importance of moderation. The fable resolves in a balancing of unbridled creative forces.


This was my final thesis project at Parsons School of Design, and took over a year to complete. It is mixed media; incorporating both digital and analog animation. Please pay no mind to the large watermark, its unfortunate but necessary.

Sound: The sound was composed by me as well, using various royalty-free sound clips, the sources of which I credited at the end of the film.

Higher quality version can be found here: [link]

Enjoy! =)

Animation © :iconzefni:
Do NOT steal.
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