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A film I made in two weeks in Flash. The music is from "Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party", the song is "Love Shine" by W.W.S., and is (c) Konami. It is on Itunes.
The Deviantart version is dropping frames like mad.
A high quality and downloadable version is available at [link]
It's also on Youtube here [link]
Thanks for watching the wonkiness!
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**** Check out my new film everybody! Better than the last! ****

A play on the traditional folktales of baby-stealing canines, this film is a short story of theft and punishment, appropriately named “The Consequence”.

This piece is an experimental combination of live animation and paper cutouts. All puppets, sets, and effects were made by hand. I had a really fun time on this one. I had no idea how well my camera would record in a low light situation, so a lot of my time was spent crossing my fingers and hoping everything would turn out ok. Had I known the camera would work so nicely (and not blur things, as I expected it to) I probably would have invested more time in the scenery and puppets to add even more detail to them. They were created simply with the impression that small details wouldn’t be visible through the screen. With that one criticism, I’m very happy with this as my first attempt at planning, filming, editing, and producing an actual film.

This film was included in my portfolio to apply for Experimental Animation at CalArts (and I got in). Seeing how much of a success this turned out to be on such an extremely low budget, I’m looking forward to the films that come after this one that I have more time to invest in. Everyone, cross your fingers for me! I have big plans.

Music by Mikey Kirkpatrick (aka Bird Radio). Much thanks to him for allowing me to use his music for my film. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? You can find his website here: [link] Give him a listen. You may be hooked.



Oh my gosh you guys! I thought it was settling down at 15,000 views. The 24 hour front-page bump was over, and now this! A Daily Deviation! Thank you for everyone who recommended it! It's nice to see that people like my work! I can't wait to release my future films!
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Thanks a lot to :iconkingmancheng: for the DD!!! <3

Ozo chases NÚnÚ the crazy ostrich to get his egg back.

'Ozo' was my final project movie at Supinfocom (3D/2D CG school) with Martin Brunet, Leslie Martin, and Mathieu Garcia.
I created the project, wrote the scenario, gag ideas, did the visual development/concept art, and animated some shots (the two owl shots and most of the tiny creatures ones)

The movie is in full 3D (3dsmax), all the textures were painted by hand and post production was done with After Effects.

Music was made by Julien Begault, and sound design by Neal Williams.

If you're interested in my work, you can email me: and dont forget to check out my portfolio: [link]

Here are some animated GIFS from the movie:

By the way, do you have a story writing talent?

I'm looking for writers for my next movie and you don't even need to be a professional. I'd like to give people who want to see their ideas animated a chance.

So if you think you have an idea, you may either reply my journal [link] or simply send me an email/note :)
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YOUTUBE: [link]
VIMEO: [link]
Facebook thing: [link]


SYNOPSIS: Fire Tiger is king of the jungle, and eats magic fire berries to aid his hunting. He chases a lazy boar, thinking it will be an easy meal. However, a dangerous enemy, Acid Panther, has targeted the boar for herself. The two enchanted cats tear up the jungle as they balance the task of hunting the same boar and fighting each other off.

Everything done by me, save for some random sound effects (as credited) and the awesome music track created by Andre Bonetti.

Am proud of the achievement - hopefully the next film will be something I can enter into festivals. As last time, I'd probably like to avoid critique, as I was pressed for time and energy during this, and most of the mistakes I'm aware of.

Thanks for the support and interest, everyone! I look forward to using the knowledge I've gained from this, and Prostitute, to create a film I can truly be proud of.

Created in ToonBoom and Photoshop
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The Parlotones are a multiplatinum-selling rock band, based in Los Angeles, California (as of September 2012). They are known for experimenting with sounds and various structures in their songs, incorporating the typical doo-wop or traditional folk structures. They have just released their latest animated music video that we here at Toon53 Productions have created.

This slapstick music video takes place in a Sci-fi world of magic and mystery where society is portrayed as these weird and wonderful creatures. While the city celebrates The Parlotones, they are suddenly hit with an evil soul sucking ray that is used to power an army of evil robots. In regular Parlotones fashion they are there to save the day and help their fans.

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Well... I haven't had much luck with submitting this to festivals, and I finished this back in March, so I figured it's about time I caved and shared it with you all. I'd still like to try submitting it to some festivals next year if I could, but.

Anyway, this is my film from senior year of college. I started working on the story in my second semester of Junior year, did most of the animation in the first semester of Senior year, and got about half of the clean-up done by the end of Senior year. After I graduated I spent the summer finishing the clean-up and the layouts, and I finished most of the color in a couple weeks earlier this spring. Almost all the work on this film was done by myself. It was no small task to be sure! A lot of people are surprised at the amount of work that goes into animation. The fastest I was able to work on this project as about a second of rough animation an hour. This is for only one character in the scene. Many of the scenes had 2-5 characters in them! Clean-up took twice as long as rough animation, then color, etc.

The story is actually inspired by an event in my own life, and represents a lot of my own feelings about being an artist and being in-between childhood and adulthood.

Anyway, enjoy! My goal for the film was to create something that anyone could understand or relate to in some way, and I hope I have accomplished that if nothing else.

EDIT: Wow that was fast, thanks for the Daily Deviation!! I am serious, nothing means more to me than that people are seeing and enjoying the film. Thank you very much for all your kind words and sharing your thoughts with me. :) I'm really glad you guys like the film.
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My graduation film.
Two friends explore an ancient city floating in the air, where unexpected discoveries will put their friendship to the test.
Done in TVpaint and Photoshop.
Since a lot of people are asking: This took an entire school year to make, one semester of planning, another of production.
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You can watch a larger, less jumpy/laggy version here: [link]

I have noticed that on this player that the animation 'jumps' a bit as it skips frames, I'm not sure if this is due to an an error with the player, lag, my large file size or all of the above. I've also notice that the previews are broken and showing distorted gray things, I'll see if there's a way to get these fixed.

My final film project for school. This film was based on a story from a short children book my friend and I started making but never really finished.


I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it, this animation was really just a series of compromises for me. On one hand, I was able get it in the 4 months I had to do it, on the other hand, to get it done in that time frame I had to cut out a lot of the original story and even a character and also cut a lot of corners in terms of the animation itself; I do feel that the short suffered for it. Or maybe it's just so far from what I originally wanted it to be that I can't look at it objectively yet. Who knows, but it was a good learning experience and I think it better prepared me to do some better independent stuff in the future.


This film was created using 2D mediums. The animation itself (roughs and cleanup) is done by hand using a mechanical pencil and colored in digicel flipbook 5.

Backgrounds in this film are all drawn and cleaned up in pencil and painted in photoshop for the "real" world and painter for the "puddle" world.

Effects and post work done in Adobe After Effects and composed in Premiere.

Original composition created for this film by the very talented Trevor Hewer
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full title: Last Moon Over Ushuaia

I'm not very communicative here (or anywhere) but I want to dedicate this video to all my watchers.

Be happy! :)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE DD!! :iconcryforeverplz:

The Land of Keeping - Art, Music, Story by :iconkeyade:
It's also on youtube [link]

Half year long project done in 2011 for my GCE A level Coursework. You may notice that the quality of painting is different from what I usually upload - this was created when I first picked up digital painting in 2011, so you're seeing my first attempts at digital painting! :la:

I can never explain how much this story means to me emotionally, so I shall let you guys feel it for yourselves. :iconcryforeverplz:

Comments and critiques are very very welcome!
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