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Artist Spotlights

Wed Jun 1, 2011, 3:29 PM by StephanosB:iconstephanosb:
:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #1

To Celebrate gaining 8000 members: We will be Conducting weekly interviews with members of our Group. The artist interviewed will be Featured on our Front page for a  Week.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #2

To Celebrate gaining 10000 Members: Artist of the Week, AllArtSupport will feature the Works of an Artist On the Front Page, to Give more Exposure to Our Artists. Artist of the Week will be Chosen by the Members by Voting on the Weekly Poll.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #3

To Celebrate gaining 14,000 members:  Quote of the Week, Your own Quote and Your Name will be featured on our Front Page for a Week. Leave Your Quote here… !

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #4

To Celebrate gaining 17,000 members, Each week We are Going to Create a Journal Feature with 50 Artworks and We Are going to be publish it on the Front Page of the Group, to Give more Exposure to Our Artists. Artworks will be Selected Randomly and from the Current Month.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #5

ArtWork of the Day, Our Everyday Admins will also select the most Unique submission of the Day to be featured on the front Page.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #6

Our Facebook Page… ,  shows some of the Best works of our Members and anything new about the Group.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #7

Our Tumblr Page ,  shows some of the Best works of our Members.

:bulletgreen:Artist Spotlight #8

On our front page, instead of the group's logo, we feature Artists from any kind of Arts, and by clicking on that image you will be redirected to Wikipedia to read more about them.

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Important, please read our Folder Descriptions!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 6:04 AM

Don't submit here, pick the correct folder:
• This is not for submissions, this is a default folder and everything submitted to it, will be declined, and we will ask you to re-submit to the correct gallery folder. It has a separate limit, so you will be able to re-submit anyways.
• Read about why we have this folder here:…

• Finished works
• Movies/Films
• Anything that has a moving motive
• Flash animations
• Interactive games
• GIFs
- Exceptions: stamps and emoticons, and tutorials

Crafts and Sculptures:
• Finished works
• Handmade jewelry
• Handmade costumes*
• Sculptures
• Other miscellaneous crafts/models
- Everything submitted to this folder has to be made by You. Photos of stuff that you only photographed belongs in "Photography"
* - Photos of humans wearing your full costume are considered cosplay/live/larp and belongs in "Photography" - and with full costume, we mean clothing, makeup, wigs, accessories etc. If your picture is only showing part of the costume - it's ok in "Artisan Crafts"

Digital Art:
• Finished works
• Anything made with computer programs/software. Including software on your smartphone or video gaming console.
• Photomanipulations and heavy editing - including selective coloring
• Fractals
• Stamps and emoticons
• Typography
- If you have used traditional and/or artisan crafts mediums, your submission belongs in "Multiple Artforms Used"
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks, and of your photos, does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "photomanipulations"

How to:
• Tutorials, both written and visual
• Anything else that conveys general information about the process of creating art, suggestions and tips etc.

JOURNALS for contests, commissions etc:
• Journals announcing contests
• Journals announcing commissions and art trades
• Journals promoting a group - a journal with a presentation of a group and it's general theme/purpose and rules
- This folder is only for Journals
- Important: We support only CONTESTS, not "Giveaways"

• Finished works
• Poetry and Prose
• Songs
• Fan fiction
• Screenplay, script
• Stories, fiction and non-fiction
• Visual writings - text added to drawings, paintings and photos. Credit has to be given to the creator of any text you didnt comeup with yourself - quotes, lyrics etc
• Miscellaneous, creative/artistic written works
- Any pictures used in your submissions has to be your own, or be properly credited
- Personal journals, reviews and other such miscellaneous written works are not accepted here
- Literature has to be submitted as proper literature deviation - it can't be submitted with a journal or something like that

Multiple Artforms Used:
• Finished works
• Artworks produced by using two or more of these different mediums: Traditional, Digital, Crafts - e.g. paintings, drawings, etc.
• Artworks made by putting together a photo and a drawing/painting, or adding crafts etc to a painting/drawing.
• Pure digital, pure traditional, pure artisan crafts works still goes in their own folders.
- Photomanipulations and "visual" writings are not permitted in this folder
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks, and of your photos, does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "photomanipulations"

Official deviantArt Contest Entries:
• Artworks submitted to an ongoing or past contest hosted by deviantART
- Submissions to contests hosted by members or groups of DA are not permitted here

• Digital and analogue photography
• Phone Photography
• Cosplay, Live, Larp and SFX makeup
• Body art - tattoos, piercings, hennas, drawn on body art
- Photos of dead animals/insects are strictly prohibited and continuous submissions of such will result in revocation of your membership. The only exception is skeleton parts in still life photography.
- Re-touching and small post-editing of your photos, does NOT count as "photomanipulations"

Sketches, WIPs and scraps, includes:
• Various unfinished/semifinished digital and traditional art, including literature and artisan crafts
• Doodles and sketches
• WIPs - Work In Progress
• Scraps
• Literature drafts/ideas
• Drawings/paintings on lined/checked paper
• Various memes except for those submitted to the current DA contest "Draw this again"

Traditional Art, includes:
• Finished works
• Drawings and paintings done by actual hand
• Scratchboard
• Linoleum prints etc
• Calligraphy and typography
- Re-touching and small post-editing of scans of your traditional artworks does NOT count as "Multiple Artforms" or "Digital Art"

Please put a mature content warning on your artworks that shows/tells about nudity, sex, violence/gore, and other kinds of sensitive themes. We have many very young members, show respect.

Also, remember to credit any kind of stocks, resources and references with links in your deviation descriptions!

Thanks in advance.

At the moment, we are NOT accepting:
• Screenshots
- The only screenshots we accept, are desktops, and only if it's clear to us that you yourself have actually done something to the interface.

• Personal Journals
- The only ones we accept are announcements about contests, commissions, art trades and groups. Nothing else.

• ACTA/PIPA/SOPA/CISPA or Kony 2012 art
- We support all of these causes, but we refuse such submissions because most of the times, the submissions are one and the same "sheet", that are posted over and over again by those that wants to spread the message, and they didn't create the submitted piece themselves.
Keep it original!

We're also NOT accepting artworks that you didn't create yourself.

We apologize for any inconvenience that any of this may cause you.

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 2, 2012, 6:59 AM
Want to have more chances to win? 100 MORE POINTS ADDED TO THE COMPETITION! How to win them? Read!->

- P A R T    N U M B E R   O N E   O F   T H E   C O N T E S T-
I've entered to a contest in which I have to upload a picture with Christmas theme and with an instagram edition, and so I did! But how can I win the prize (An iPhone)? I have to have the most voted picture, and here is where I need you.

- R U L E S       O F       T H E     C O N T E S T-

:bulletred: Enter to this page:…
:bulletred: Click on the button 'Votar'.  (SIMPLE!) If you don't find the button, CLICK HERE!->…
:bulletred: Write in this journal the number of your vote (To avoid people cheating ;) )
:bulletred: Fave this  journal!
:bulletred: I will write your name in a list, and the 23th of January I will use  a random chooser… to see who's the winner!

- P R I Z E S-

I thought that with just one prize it would be almost impossible to win, that's why for now there will be 4 prizes!
:bulletgreen: First person chosen by the random chooser:  50 points and a feature!
:bulletgreen: Second person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Third person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Fourth person: 10 points and a llama!
(I know that they might not be a lot of points but HEY! You just have to click a button :giggle:)

:bulletblue:-Is there any way I can magnify my chances to win?-
-Yes! If you spread the word of this contest and send me the link of the journal I will write your name in the list three times,  and if you want to win even more points, READ CONTEST TWO!


:bulletgreen: Why did I decide to make a second part of this contest?
Since the contest started I've been constantly nervous. Receiving insults from the guy who goes second and his friends. Being called a lot of names just because I am first and he's second. But this guy isn't giving up, and this weekend I must go to Madrid to see my family, and he will take that opportunity to earn more votes than me and win the contest for good. There are 9 days left of competition, but this weekend will be a nightmare for me knowing that I won't be able to 'control' him and to try him not to pass me. Plus, I've received some comments here on deviantART saying that if they vote me everyday I could add them more times to the list, so I decided to make a second contest as well in order to add all that people who votes more than once. Because I know that the boy who goes second is almost reaching me because he's got the same people voting for him everyday.

- R U L E S       O F       T H E     C O N T E S T-
:bulletred: If this will be the second time you vote for me, enter here… and click on votar.
:bulletred: Tell me the number of the vote and I will add you to the second contest.
:bulletred: Do this as many days as you can and tell me, I will add you to the competition without hesitation!

- P R I Z E S-
:iconnightofmylife07:  sooooo kindly donated me 50 points to add to the competition, so thank you VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!
:bulletgreen: First person chosen by the random chooser: 40 points and a feature!
:bulletgreen: Second person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Third person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Fourth person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Fifth person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Sixth person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!
:bulletgreen: Seventh person chosen by the random chooser: 10 points and a llama!

:bulletred: Can you vote daily in all the computers?
-Unfortunately you can't. Depending on the computer you might be able to vote just once or everyday. If you vote and it says 'Ya has votado esta foto' is because you can't vote more than once. It's all about the IP, in some PC's I think they automatically change, in others is needed to restart the router, and in others it's impossible.

:bulletred: Why do you need us to vote daily ?
. I know that he's everyday telling his friends to vote for him and that's the way he has of winning votes, so I know that if he keeps doing so, he will win the contest.

I know it might be so tiring to do this, and believe me guys, I wouldn't be begging for this if I had more options, but after he and his friends decided to bully me on the internet, and to call me a lot of undesirable names, I find myself wanting to win this contest no matter what.

Note: I know the picture looks kinda awful, but I had to edit it with instagram in order to enter to the contest, THANK YOU!

Summing it up:   In almost all the PC's you can vote daily, and if you vote for me and tell me, I will add your name more times on the list. The more times you vote: more times your name on the list: more chances to win  :D


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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  • Listening to: Jaded-Aerosmith
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I've been getting a lot of questions regarding modeling and posing in blender. I don't want to keep answering the same questions over and over again. And though I post this in the credits every time I know someone is still going to ask these, for all those who read this post and don't ask any of the following questions, kudos to you.

Blender Tutorial coming out soon!


Homepage Links:

Direct download links: (For Blender 2.49)
Blender 64-bit:…
Python 64-bit:…

32-bit links:
Blender installer:…

Mediafire Link:…

Blender Starter Tutorial: [link]


How did you get your characters to pose like that?
Yes, I get this question very often and though I state it in the credits I use Blender

Which version of Blender do you use?
Blender 2.49. Yes it is the very old version but it is very simple for me and I like that. Heck, I still use Microsoft 2003.

How do you get the models into Blender?
1. You need an import and export script for OGRE
2. You need to download the Ogre Command-Line Tools
3. Use the OgerXMLConverter to Convert all your .mesh files to .xml
4. Then when you open blender, there should be an option to import OGRE (.mesh.xml)
5. Import all the model meshes you converted.

Is Blender free?
Yes, blender is free to download and all the other downloads I stated before

How do poses work in game?
They are exported as any regular object you have in a map. No, they don't work like the butt swing or the head bang.

How long dose it take you to do a pose from start to finish?
I'm getting faster at it, so it takes me about two to three hours depending on the pose and getting it into the map. I'm pretty picky when it comes to poses.

How much does it cost for you to do a pose for me?
I have it in my commissions list but it is $3/300pts per character. This will be an altered screenshot by default. If you want the pose to be an object, you need to ask me specifically.

How much does the tutorial cost?
The the Full tutorial will cost $2/200pts that covers all my tricks and tips for posing models in blender and getting them into Feralheart, or there will be a free one that just covers the downloading and importing.

These are all the questions I am willing to answer. If you have a different one you must ask in a Blender session.
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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 10:55 AM
Oh hello there every one, I have decided to start a contest!!

Anybody can join, the way you join is too draw any of my characters!

Prizes :

1st place : 1 month premium membership, 40 points, and 2 free requests!

2nd place : (If I can afford it) 1 month premium, 30 points, and 1 free request!

3rd place : (Again, IF I can afford it) 1 month premium and 25 points.

The NEW due date is March 1st! Ifailatthisi'msosorrycris5ever

Characters :
~* New oc! *~ by Little-Egg-Roll

UTAU by Little-Egg-Roll

The UTAU above me can be in Human OR animal form, your choice!

First paint tool SAI drawing by Little-Egg-Roll

Thank you for all the support you guys have gave me! It makes my day ;v;v;

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Hello, Children.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 15, 2012, 8:19 AM

Hello, Children.
How are you all this morning?
I am delighted to say that this account, :iconslenders:, is under new management!
I hope the new owner pleases you as much as the original one has.
Please continue watching, and commenting, for if you comment, I watch.
I am always watching…

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 10:46 PM
Blue Journal doll by FuchsianessBlue's Dr pepper :GA: by Elvira-WolfBouncy Blue by Bunniy

I started watching Hetalia today.
All I can say is, I see why people like it so much. ;w;

It's so much cute.
Just... So much cute.
And Germany and Italy. :heart:
I lub them.

Might have to draw German's little group one day. XD


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Header by pugofpower

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110 points giveaway!The winner:

Sat Feb 16, 2013, 6:05 AM
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Hiya Guys! 



:iconforsaken-spirits: :iconsaysplz: Commission info is being updated. I'm open to questions about it though!

In Progress Commissions (note me if paying with cash):

In Progress Art Trades:
1. :iconghostly-gizmo: Evelyn and Oswald Pixel Doll by Ghostly-Gizmo
2. :iconstormswirl1: Cat Adopt // closed by Purr-Adopts (number 2)


My Wysp Page :iconheartbeatplz:

My Art Blog :iconloveredplz:

My Youtube

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