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Ask Stumpy!

I am the creator and blogger of [link] on Tumblr.

It is an Ask Malik blog and I love running it.

Here are some of my favorite posts.


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An image which I did some years back... just some random playing around with Photoshop and some work cutting out the Fate/Stay Night logo and Saber from a poster.

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I can't remember if I posted this or not. It is a pretty old drawing. I'll post it anyways.

This is Carrielle, another Twin Goddess Chronicle character that I often use in my RPs with KC (Slarenkou). I Actually adore Carr-kun. He's all complex and emo LOL. Sadly I don' know how his story will end, but knowing his demon, it won't end well D:...</3

This is an older drawing, too. God, I hardly have anything up-to-date. This was the first image I did of him.
Name: Carrielle
Age: ‘16’; 2300
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 123 lbs
Species: Human // Warlock
Element(s): Black Magic
WOC: Magical Staff
Occupation: Corporate member; Mage
Rank: #5
Song(s): The Little Things Give You Away, Linkin Park
In Carrielle’s home-world, most of his planet was made up of humanoids very similar to humans. Most lived to be 60-100 years old, aging normally, and lived normal lives. But there were a few humans that were born with a unique trait: they could use magic. Carrielle was such a child.

His magical power was recognized before he was two years old when he began to affect his environment by will. Carrielle’s parents immediately took him to be examined by the magicians at the castle of their territory. He was quickly taken to the Rune Master, the magician that was the strongest in the area (and most their world), Avent. Avent recognized Carrielle’s talents and recommended that the boy be placed in the Temple for training. Carrielle’s parents agreed, proud that they had produced such a child, and he was placed in special courses. He would remain at the castle grounds for the next 14 years.

By the time he was 6, he had become Avent’s apprentice where Carrielle learned powerful magics under his teacher. Avent was like his father, taking care of and looking after the boy through most of his youth. They spend most every moment together, only separating when Carrielle went to visit his parents once a year on his birthday.

At 15 Carrielle passed the test to become a Rune Master and came out from under his teacher’s wing as an independent magician. He chose to keep close to Avent, still too dependent to make a life of his own.

Just past his 16th birthday, life changed in his world. War was declared between the two main Kingdoms and life was suddenly violent. Overnight Carrielle watched the green pastures of the hills be burnt down, and thousands of lives were lost every day as the two leaders fought for dominance.

Peace was dead.

Avent left the Temple to kill another Rune Master, his brother, whom worked for the Queen. He chose not to take part in the war, only hoping to stop his brother from taking more lives and to stop the meaningless war. He left behind his magicians, whom his King forced to battle. Many of them died, and many more became corrupted before doing so, becoming Black Magicians.

Carrielle was confused and devastated by the violence, leaving him open for corruption. Sensing his opportunity, the King took the chance to get the boy on his side. But Carrielle, still so young and innocent, wouldn’t take part in the war, saying that violence wasn’t the way to solve battles. But the King wasn’t so easily thwarted. He told the boy that he had Carrielle’s parents and was going to have them put to death unless the teen worked for him. The King demanded that Carrielle kill the Queen’s magicians and the Queen herself. Driven to the brink at the sight of his parents near death, he agreed to do as he was ordered and prepared himself for battle.

Carrielle was aware that the opposition was massive. There were hundreds of magicians on the other side that he was expected to kill, and the opposing Queen herself was a powerful magician. Even with all of his magic, he wouldn’t be able do what his King wanted and his parents would be killed.

This required more than Carrielle had on-hand. He'd have to find a way to become immensely more powerful and he had to do it literally overnight, or risk his parents’ death.

There was only one way he could think of to meet this need: he had to make a Pact with a demon. And not just any demon, but a Greater demon. That would provide him with the power he needed, but at what cost? Most demons demanded the souls of the magicians that Summoned them for such a request, but it was better to be his own soul than his parents’. They were innocent, and after what he was about to do he deserved to lose his soul.
With nothing left to lose, Carrielle drew the Summoning Circle and called forth the Greater Demon named Pathos, a renowned monster with massive amounts of Black Magic. Carrielle explained what he desired, power to kill the Queen and her magicians, and asked for what the demon wished for in exchange. Pathos expressed his understanding and requested not the boy’s soul but the soul of the person the boy fell in love with should they reflect that love. Such a connection of hearts creative enough energy for the exchange but required that Carrielle sacrifice the soul of a person he loved. Carrielle agreed to this and the Pact was forged. Pathos possessed the magician, lending Carrielle all of his demonic powers and immortality.

Almost immediately, it was apparent that the amount of spiritual pressure Pathos expelled was heavy on Carrielle’s soul and body. The magician’s body was directly affected by the energy, tinting his nails purple and causing them to sharpen. He grew fangs and Stain designs began to appear on his pale skin.

This was the beginning of an abnormally long human life that would be mutated and twisted by the demon whose claws were rooted deep and cold in Carrielle’s soul.
Driven by the thought of his parents, Carrielle did what his King requested. He destroyed the opposing magicians; not only them but many of his own. The same people he'd been raised by, he ruthlessly tore apart with his magic.

Bodies covered their world, and the gods showed their pain with storms and rain.

Killing the Queen was of no real challenge for Carrielle, and he returned home with blood-stained robes, asking for his parents now that his mission was accomplished. Behind him was bloodied ground that couldn’t be tilled for another hundred years.

The King admitted to the boy that his parents had already been killed. They’d been dead for a while, killed after Carrielle had agreed to kill his enemies. Carrielle was enraged and he killed the King and the rest of those soldiers in the castle, and then left his crippled world in search of a clean start.

He had done the unthinkable. He had made a Pact with a demon, a Pact that was slowly eating away at his soul, a Pact that would not only mutate him physically but would gradually lead Carrielle towards insanity. He'd sacrificed the life of the one person in his life that should be able to depend upon him for protection, the person he was meant to be with, and the lives of countless soldiers and magicians and innocent bystanders. He was a murderer, a cursed being, and a condemned soul.

The thought of forgiveness never he'd committed.
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Engaltar Ramsden

Mage Aprentice of the Ramsden Family. Best friend of Adir since childhood, he was adopted by the Ramsden Family and worked under them as a servant, years later he started to learn magic alongside Adir.


He is Engaltar! my oc xD!

From my Alguerium project!

A free spirit, a summoner, a guy who loves making jokes and get a smile from anyone... too much info lol! xD, when you read the story you will understand.. you have to love him =]!, why? Just because he is Engaltar!!! xD!!

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so this is originally belongs to heart-sky :iconheart-sky:

and i took permission to color it
and i had fun with that :D
lineart by :iconheart-sky:
colored by : :iconsimiko:

ulquiorra belongs to :icontitekuboplz:
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First time make finished artwork use my new tablet
looks like still sketcchh. I hope can do better next time
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I'd like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly.

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,

'Cause everything is never as it seems...

Tonight, I was updating my iTunes for the first time in nearly a year and a half (Wesley, my old laptop, had HUGE issues w/iTunes, so I was never able to truly make a music library for myself...) I was putting ALL my songs into it, and I found a URL to a song on youtube that Mikey really likes, called 'Fireflies' by Owl City. I ony really listened to it twice when he first showed it to me, because usually it takes me awhile to get used to songs that I myself don't stumble across.. I'm just weird that way. So, the day he showed me this song that he loved, I really liked the tune, but I kind of dismissed it. I'm a bit prideful when it comes to music, for some really, REALLY strange reason. It's like, if I don't find it first, it's not good enough if you find it before me, and then proceed to SHOW it to me.... I'm a very unique individual, don't ask why I act this way....

but usually, w/songs that people present me, I sort of just listen to it once to phase said person, and then close youtube or whatever. But, as I was putting all my songs into iTunes, I came across this Owl City song. I smiled and figured I'd throw it into my iTunes and tell Mikey so he'd feel happy that I cared. Cause seriously, I do. The music he likes means a lot to me. and it IS a pretty catchy song, so I figured what the hell, just toss it in there...

But, when I got off the phone w/Mikey so he could go to sleep, I got back onto my iTunes to sort everything out and add album pictures to everything, I hit the play button on Owl City, it was just like, some kind of urge, I HAD to play it for some reason.

And within like, 10 seconds into the cute tune, I, started, BAWLING. and I was like, staring at my iTunes like, What the hell, WHYYY am I crying?!

And I kind of realized that, Mikey seriously loves this song, and this band, he's told me before that some days it's all he listens to, and I never really comprehended that until I pressed PLAY lol. I have no idea why, but it really made me feel as if I like, finally understood him for some strange reason. The song's lyrics are so random, but they like, make sense, in a bizarre way...

And, at first I was kind of put off by the song, because, I even still feel this way, but I feel as if he over annunciates and it sometimes gets a tad bit annoying, but, I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVE traditional instruments mixed with computer and digital sounds and instruments. Like, techo mixed with violins and pianos... I seriously like, fall in love w/songs like that, and THIS song is exactly like that, so this song now like, really runs deep w/me...

I was bawling, HARD. It takes a lot to get me to bawl THAT hard like, instantly and I was like, so shocked at myself. Music is a huge sort of, 'get away' I guess you could say, and music runs VERY VERY deep in my family, so I guess it kind of like, struck a nerve in my soul. I seriously felt like, this LOVE for that one simple boy named Michael, I've never felt that before, until now, and listening to something he really really likes is something I've never really done before, for some reason.

We both have the same taste in music, so it's kind of a given we end up liking a LOT of the same things, so, whenever I'd hear songs that him and I both liked, it didn't really mean much cause, I liked it before I knew HE liked it, so it's like, whatever, we have the same taste.... but, the ONE song I kind of tossed away, he really liked it w/o me liking it first, and, I've never really felt that kind of emotion before. I probably sound like, REALLY stupid right now, because it's a song, but, it ht me hard, and I was like, so shocked i was just like randomly bawling at this random song.

But, let me tell you, I have NOT stopped listening to this song for like, 5 hours now. I have every word memorized, and for the first hour I just like, bawled LMAO hahahha. I'm a really emotional person, so it was like, BAM 5 million different emotions ALL in ONE SONG so, it kind of hit me hard. It almost like, woke me up I guess. My love for Mikey is so strong, and even though we are THREE MONTHS shy of meeting, I believe I can safely say that I am in love with him. He makes me, SO, unbelievably happy, an I could not ask for more... He's the best boyfriend in the world, an I'm like, so shocked that, MY path, JUST so happened to cross with his, ALL because of :iconhailex: hahahha! :glomp:

...I think another reason why I started bawling over this song that Mikey really loves is, I didn't really treat Mikey too fairly last night :( I said a few things that I KNOW hurt his feelings, but I felt comfortable remaining selfish in my thoughts, and I apologized, but I guess within that moment of talking to him, I wasn't 100% apologetic... but once I heard that song, I was like, SMACKED with guilt... I was reminded that he is a very unique individual, and I wouldn't want him any other way. I love him just the way he is, and I don't know why I kind of, purposefully pushed his buttons last night.

I think since him and I are getting SO close to meeting, we're, or, I rather, am getting very tense and nervous, and I tend to say things I don't mean...

So Mikey, I apologize for what I said to you last night, I feel really bad that I upset you :( Please forgive me :forgiveme:

This picture, obviously, has Mikey in iiiiit 8D If you look closely, he's holding an open book in his lap. it's kind of hard to tell cause there's like holy hell glowing dust and pretty stuff coming out of it haha :heart:

So yeah.. This is for Mikey, my love, it's 8AM and I really just wanted to stay up late and show him that he deserves my acceptance, and my love for him. He's a strong individual, but I can't just rag on him and expect him to remain strong w/o my love and support... I'm sorry Mikey, even though our little spat was tiny and like, only 5 minutes long, it quickly turned into a big deal in my little universe once I hit play on my iTunes. I hope you're happy. :lol: :glomp::smooch::heart:

I'm going to sleep now cause Mikey is going to be calling in like 7 hours, so I should like, attack my sheets and down comforter now 8D but I NEEDED to do this for Mikey. and I'm like PRAYING he signs onto dA when he gets out of bed for the day lol. I want him to see this so badlllyyyyy :eager::heart:

Enjoy you guys ~

Time To Finish - an hour or two sitting
Medium - Photoshop CS4 and Wacom tablet
Song Inspired - Fireflies by Owl City - I suggest you guys listen to it, it's so beautiful!!

Artwork and Mikey :giggle: © :iconvyntresserdrake1991:
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At long last, I have finally completed the twin mech to the Heldread. Now, considering that I rushed this thing at the end namely because it turned out a little too mechanical for my taste, as well as being just... not quite right... at all... there are some parts that I simply didn't bother to get into incredible detail. Ah well.

As mentioned, the Solsaint is the twin to the Heldread, its design meant to be of the more balanced variety. Though its melee abilities are not as potent as Heldread, the Solsaint is still very dangerous up close and personal, thanks to its 'sword of light', and its brute strength. It is also the more capable mech of the two in terms of ranged attacks, being equipped with a wider variety of beam weaponry, amongst other things.

Some rough stats of this giant robot: Solsaint stands 50 metres tall, weighing in around the 210 tonne range. Major armaments include a protective barrier, multiple beam emitters from its wings, and the Sword of Light, a powerful energy sword capable of cutting virtually anything it touches and who's blade can extend to extreme lengths (twice as long as Solsaint is tall). Also equipped with a pair of beam manipulators on its forearms, multi-shot lasers, twin cannons on the 'joints' attaching the massive shoulder armour, and three satellites which either assist the unit with its own weapons, or enhance its firepower to extreme levels. There is more... but I can't think at the moment.
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Vector I did a while back in Adobe Illustrator from when I started watching Fate/Stay Night (cool anime by the way) found the original in a small res. to small for wallpaper so i made this so heres some Saber for ya XD.
If you fave this plz comment Thank You XD
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I spent a very long time on this, and I cannot say that I am not satisfied with the result, however some stuff went wrong because I was a bit out of practice when I started, and I got lazy towards the end "I get bored when I work too long on something, and I was on and off on this one for almost a month".
The name " Banshee" is not literal; when the whole thing was finished it just happened to remind me of an old comic character which was a banshee.
Print size at 300dpi 11.693in x 8.267in
Print size at 100dpi 35.08in x 24.8in

Download a wallpaper version here
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