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Sat Jan 21, 2012, 11:00 AM

ENTRY 3647:

November something something.
I've got to come up with a better system for telling what day it is. Maybe I could scrawl numbers on the back of my shoe? Nah, that sounds like something silly that Pilot would do.

I'm currently carrying a calendar that says 2012 on it, but I am pretty sure that these days aren't correct anyway to our year and Captain keeps scribbling things in the margins whenever I get distracted enough for the calendar to be snatched out of my hands. I found the calendar more or less intact and it's kinda impressive that it lasted from way back in 2012. It must have held some sort of personal importance to it's owner to seal it away in a plastic container with words "the Mayans were wrong, trust no-one!"

I've been trying to keep track of how old I am, but I keep forgetting to check off every day in the calendar or maybe captain is messing off with me by erasing my checkmarks.
Something tells me I shouldn't be telling Captain about my birthday anyway. I would probably get some kind of ridiculous celebration with radioactive cake in my face. It took forever to clean off the last radioactive cake that was thrown in my face.

One day I found the calendar mutilated with writing all over it. Every day had some kind of nonsense inscribed on it with a black pen.
There is also a series of scribbles in red describing holidays of Captania.
Today's entry said: "FLYING DAY".
That was definitely memorable.  

Anyhow, smaller series of scribes beneath today's date told me that "TODAY ALL SUBJECTS OF CAPTANIA MUST ATTEMPT TO FLY TO PLEASE CAPTAIN'S SENSUS."

I wondered whether captain would just tell me to jump around and flap my arms or push me off a chair, since I highly doubted that Pilot's skills in actually making a human fly.

Oh, how wrong I was!

It looks like pilot had some sort of breakthrough with the "FLYING MACHINE MISSION" mission.

The breakthrough consisted of a plastic lawn chair with a whole assortment of balloons tied to it.

Where did Pilot get so many red balloons? I will never know.
Although, now that I think about it, there's probably a balloon factory round these parts somewhere with it's doors wide open for such shenanigans.

The whole terrifying contraption was discovered by captain with much joy and celebration on a nearby beach.
It looks like Pilot just left it in a hurry, but there was a piece of paper left on the chair with "USE INSTRUCTIONS" so captain " NOMINATED" me to "BE PART OF THE SOLUTION".


Then a mug full of mysterious boiling substances was used to threaten me into submission.

Damn you Pilot. Where are you hiding? This is all part of your plan to get rid of me, isn't it? You should be the one to test your own bloody flying lawn chair.

Captain then threatened me with "PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE" and proceeded to make a series of really annoying sounds like "WHOP WHOP WHOP WHOP WHOP", until I have submitted to "TESTING THE FLYING MACHINE".
I figured out I could just trick Captain and jump off the chair as soon as the supporting cables were released.
As soon as I sat on the seat, I could not escape. I think Captain smeared the seat with super-glue.

As the ground drew away from me I wondered why do I go along with this insanity.
Yet this is still somehow better than being alone. I can't stand being alone for too long, too many dark memories from my past start to waltz in my thoughts. Is this why I keep myself subject to Captain's plots? To run away from my past?
Everything looks so small from up here....
My worries floating away....

I am not sure what I worried about. I'm not falling off the chair, achieving some lift and slowly drifting away.
There can't be another PHOTOSHOP in the sky, surely?

...This is actually quite peaceful. No Captain making whoop-ing noises at me. Maybe I'll fly away, far away from the city, find some non-insane survivors...
So calm...
So serene...
The fluttering snow, glittering in the sunlight.
So beautiful...

Wait what is that in the water? A dark moving shape? A giant fish?
That can't be right... the corporations were dumping toxic wastes in here for years. I remember reports about most large fish becoming extinct.



(transmission interrupted)

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Digitally Delicious: April 10th

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 4:02 PM
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The Butterfly by ertacaltinoz

Features from the Digital Art galleries.
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Hi there everyone! Happy Saturday for you all... by the way first of all, run to my gallery I posted a new wallpaper yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, the reason I made this features is because I was just looking at someone's favourites and I found a classical looking space pic and I thought it was good. I dunno maybe my mood was for good classical space pics so I clicked it to view it and then found who was the artist then I went like oh that's awesome I've never thoght he was the one and the pic looked good and desrved a moment to look at and stuff.... so thought why not making a collection adding a good looking classical space pic of each artist that comes to my head and there you go! I made sure to choose the ones seem different to the new ones of the artists, so I hope you enjoy this collection! This journal is posted for fun and i hope you just enjoy the collection (again) and that my description wasn't too long lol, ok bye!
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You may have seen this video wandering around the web but it's quite simply brilliant.

I won't say much on it as really you need to watch the video. What I will say tho is the video is done by John McWhorter and it has a really beautiful animation.

Click on this link to watch the video.
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Wanted to share this story with you guys, and future creators: 

After getting out of a slump, I wanted to share this story of something I went through a few years back. Bit of a read, but thanks for sticking through it 

As you know, Comic-Con is arriving and as I prepare for it, I grow more and more anticipated with anxiety/joy in regards to the re-release of Last Man Standing. 

As long, challenging, and mind-opening the creation of LMS was, something really stuck with me. 

Before I had created LMS, I wanted to work for WETA Workshop. To those that don't know them, they've created props, designs, sets, costumes, and more for The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, District-9, Elysium, The Hobbit and many more films. 

I was obsessed and inspired with them. The creator, Richard Taylor was always a huge inspiration to me. After viewing supplements on the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings DVDS, I knew right there: I HAD TO WORK FOR THEM.

So I always told my business partner, Stephan, that he had to get me a job with them one day. Whatever it was I'd do it! 

He replied back with: "I challenge you with this: Instead of working for them, why not have them work with you on your own project?"

I laughed, never gonna happen. Moved on and continued to craft a portfolio for Richard Taylor and WETA. Eventually, I had my shot at San Diego Comic Con 2008. I pitched myself to the amazing and very kind Richard Taylor, and he (seemed to have) enjoyed what I brought.

But he told me that if it had been earlier (the year prior) he could have brought me in, but now it would be impossible for me to go work for them, as (at the time) they were full, and he'd hate to have me on stand-by for a film. 

So we shook hands, and that was that. Wasn't mad, upset with him, or even bummed. But I went back to what Stephan said that one day....

So I continued to push, and I decided to take a crazy leap away from the companies and create my own IP, which was LMS. 

To fast forward, I met with Richard Taylor a few years later, after the book was done, and I showed him a rough copy of it and he offered something in return.


What he gave me is the photo attached from the latest copy of LMS, something I never thought possible.

Moral of the story is, never let go of your passion or gut instinct. Always trust it, push, and continue to learn and grow as a person and artist.

I need to remind myself that at times, as believe it or not, I constantly doubt myself due to pressure of wanting to succeed. It's a growing process. 

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you can find something in this.
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Anatomy of typography

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 28, 2012, 2:08 PM

01 – Anatomy of typography
02 – Ligatures
03 – Numeral sets

There have been many images going around the Internet explaining the basic elements of typography but most of these sources are incredibly basic and incomplete. That's why I decided to come up with my own version and be as complete as possible.

I excluded several things like diacritics, the different ligature types, numeral sets etc. to avoid making it look too chaotic but most of the basic elements seem to be there. I will focus on diacritics, ligatures and numeral sets later in this ongoing typography series.

Click on the image below to go to the deviation page so you can comment and/or add it to your favorites and download a zip file including a 2000px wide .jpg and an .ai vector file:

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okay so here is a tip

i have seen  in my life many artists who proclaimed they want to develop their skills, and kept bashing on everyone and everything on the way....and for some reason those guys never got anywhere...

here is why..

there is a value to different approaches, different styles. realism, manga , cartooney disney, my little pony, furries....don't waste your time tryint to bash any of the stuff you don't personally like

you are missing out, bigtime!

see there is a reason why that stuff is popular. and by that i mean on the visual side. so instead of flaming , trolling and bashing, try understanding the inner workings of it.

here are some specific examples

realism- it is a wonderfully complex base , reflects one's skill  in capturing reality, but in it there are differences between photo referenced, real life work and no reference. ALL HAVE THEIR VALUE AND IMPORTANCE! from photos you can learn alot,  gain analytic skills, develop an attention to details, so dont bash those who work from photos, ask yourself can you do it as good!

from real life you include the speed aspect to it. nature is fleeting, changing, and you are trying to capture the moment, so when  looking at a piocture you know was drawn from real life,  look at it as such, understand it's challenges

from mind-no reference. learn to recognize the skills behind this approack and be aware the people who are capable of this are actually well versed in both from photo and from real life artwork

manga- a very popular style that is unfairly summarized. there are different approaches. to some manga summarizes gestures and expressions to  facial emoticons but let's take a very popular naruto as an example. artist of it is a master of facial expressions and gesture. same can be said for genshiken. on a different side there are people like ken akamatsu who use a more polished stylized approach and uses facial emoticons to a greater extent.   you can learn from all of these approaches
look for what is useful, not for what you can hate

disney influenced general style is perhaps the best aid to learning gesticulation and facial expressions, as it generally translates well into drawing and makes expressiveness pop by making every motion just a little bit overly done

my little pony... oh yea im goiing there! never saw the series, but i appreciate the expressive nature or what i like to call gesture mapping. it presents creativity on a different level where you are taking and partially anthropomorphizing  horses in this case. the masterfullness there is the disneylike approach to  selling the character's quality through emotiveness  in animation

furries in any shape or form  they also are a creative approach. you will see people mixing different styles and influences , from disney to manga to cinematic to realism. you may dislike the fetishization of the genre. but have no  illusions they are the basis of many of the movie and videogame and comic monsters.

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This week in my MC #3

Sat Oct 13, 2012, 6:38 AM

This week in my MC is an article which aim to feature several deviations I've received in my message center via groups or deviants I'm watching.
You will find cool links to contests / important news and ART :love:
Are you ready? Let's go




Need to promote your contest ? Feel free to contact me via note  with the link to your contest! 


Ultra Bright Atmo Test by fizzoman The Vipers by rOEN911 fair n square by evilpj dance between the trees by piethein21 El ritual del fuego by Dibujante-nocturno Nazgul by daRoz Oppan Skyward Style by Zelbunnii Miss Piggy by vuzel 

Snowfall by Reluin Day47 by Somebodystolemynick Wendigo by Nuindaeiel Sorceress Imagine FX Cover by MartaNael Devastation by taenaron Polish autumn... by Pharaun333 London Bridge by geckokid Nicolas Cage by AmBr0 Labrador Puppy by annoKat Dreamscape II by raysheaf 

MTG: Magmaquake by samburley Commission: A shadow among shadows, Shade by Sha-H this is the future by daihaa-wyrd sbtrkt by bLuesounet Searching party by MacRebisz 

Dragon's Nest by MacRebisz The Outskirts by whatzitoya Follow the Tail by FrankAtt Autumn by jane-beata

deviantART's Softball Team by Shyree

This week in my MC is an article which aim to feature several deviations I've received in my message center via groups or deviants I'm watching.
You will find cool links to contests / important news and ART :love:
Are you ready? Let's go :sprint:
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As most of you probably know, one of my main ideas for (a.k.a. my workshop) was to create a simple platform for like-minded people to voice their opinions about many, many things, with a special focus on game stories and storytelling in general. We've recently had a few cool articles and topics you might want to join the discussion on - so allow me to point you in their direction while I write up my newest journal entry, to be published tomorrow (while I, of course, start working on another Marauder Shields ep)... So, here we go:

Ownership is the bread and butter of interactive storytelling by An Individual - here:… - an article about action & consequence ownership, controlling your characters in video games and said ownership's impact on how you perceive the games you're playing.

Game developers under fire by patent trolls by yours truly - here:… - I shortly discuss game-related patents and present the latest case of how they're used to abuse video game developers, with a 2-person indie game development team coming under fire.

The Emotion of Game Narratives by Stephen Daly - here:… - why are games approaching their stories differently than other media?

The Tale of Video Game Endings by Rafael Piñero - here:… - a short journey through the history of selected video game endings. Where do the faulty endings of current generation games come from?

Confess your gaming sins! - here:… - a community forum topic about our gaming sins. Join the discussion and confess yours, or learn more about ours.

The First Marauder Shields Community Contest! - here:… - our forum awesomite, Crul, has issued a challenge to all you Mass Effect fans out there, which remains open for a few more days (or at least I think so). Check it out if you have something to say about your companions and favorite NPCs from the Mass Effect trilogy!

As for me: time to get busy writing!



P.S. My DeviantArt Pro subscription just ended, and it'll probably take me a few weeks (hopefully not months) to renew it, so please don't mind the advertisements that popped up here and there (not sure if they were always there for ya', but I'm assuming they returned to my profile once the subscription dropped off). Once I'm back to being a so-called pro, I'll also put up a few new polls for ya' to participate in - got some important questions to ask, so to speak (hoping that the previous ones weren't simply deleted when the widget went offline).

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In a world where mostly anything has at least a measurable monetary value and where even us, human beings are valuable or not depending on our skills when we seek for jobs, its difficult, to find any trace of kindness of someone doing something for nothing, and when I mean nothing, I mean actually no reward of any sort that can be tangible; money, objects, materials, or verbal appreciation for what you are doing.

Well, it makes sense right?, why would us do something for nothing, its quite worthless, actually, quite stupid...

I am quite happy to acknoledage that this is not my case, and I am sure many people will complain or argue about that, that Im wasting my energy, wasting my potential, wasting my time or my hole life with that attitude.

Art is a great example here to put on top of the table, because we artists, not always but most of the time, make art for the sake of it, because we love it, and do not expect any kind of retribution but you from enjoying what you are seeing. I dont charge any copyright if someone using my work for the same purpouse I make my art. I have done free commissions in the past for people that needed them, were sick, or just needed some kindness for their effort. But I get to live from art so I have to charge for my time and effort. I would be a hypocrite If I dont accept that as a fact. Still lets get to the point...

I strongly counter-argue your argument to this way of life.

Because then you have never experienced the satisfaction of making someone happy just for lending a hand.

and your image of the world being ruled by monetary values is completly wrong.

You wont always get the satisfaction you need for being helpfull or lending your time to aid someone; people wont thank you how they should, people would just walk away and wont care, people wont even notice what you are doing. yes, that happends, but when it doesnt, when its the other way around. When you get to feel the gratitude of your actions, you can feel a sparkle of happiness, love, and appreciation, and to me thats priceless.

A year ago I found myself in a situation wher I had to prove myself my morals, and I did.
I took the descition to adopt this beautifull abandoned kitten, who was living in a box next to a train railroad, hungry, sick and with their 2 sisters dead from starvation.

She barely made it, but she was strong, she recovered, and she found happiness here at home. She plays with toys, she purrs with joy, and sleeps cuddling next to me. There were no apreciation words, no material retribution. but you dont need those things to know you save someone, and that someone appreciates it.

Its been a year now since you are part of my family.

welcome home again, Sofia...

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