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My entry.

"Stumme Zeugen" means silent witnesses.

As an asteroid hit the moon of this world, the moon was badly damaged. And the only witnesses to this event are the heads. No one knows who built them, no one knows what they mean...

Hit download for bigger version.

Good luck to everyone. :)
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whats the code to enter
whats the code for success
whats the code for life
whats the code for love

god shows us
we might decode it
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October is the breast cancer awareness month.
It's something I want to support as I feel strongly for the subject. It’s such an unfair disease in many ways and it hits so many women. It’s scary that you can’t prevent it from hitting you, even if you live healthy and well. Cancer is a frightening disease.

This is my entry for the Think Pink lll: [link] held by :iconjunkbyjen:
(I'm entering in the Traditional category).
I think it is beautiful what she is doing and it’s great to see many people support the project.

I wanted to create something soft, beautiful, symbolic and a bit fragile, to symbolise the whole thing.
As with many things hope and belief can do a great deal to your health and help you heal. The sky is to symbolise how sometimes our blue sky gets clouded and grey. Most of the time the “clouds” passes by and leave the sun to shine on the beautiful blue sky. Even in the worst and hardest time of our life we have to believe and hope for better days.
I used this pretty model for my drawing: [link]
Made with Caran D'ache Supracolour colour pencils.
I've worked on the drawing on and off the past 14 days, as I really wanted it to be just right.

:bulletpurple: I will be selling prints and tubes with Believe as well as my Hope drawing from last year at my shop all October month. Half the amount of everything sold will be given to the Fight against Cancer organization.

Prints available here: [link]
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in the reality, even i believe they have tried their best..

'Good' not always win against 'Evil'

its not about symbolism, its not about comparison
between Good and Evil

could they change it?
they just need more practice for next time :p

or maybe, try to win in different way :D

this piece is reflection of myself,
you can say, i experienced it in.. different way xD

"wanna be good" and "hero wanna be" though sometimes the reality is different,
i have no special ability like a fiction heroes

but being "lost" is one of great experience
by experience, spirit, and more practice, hero will be the real hero
isn't it?

so if you lose something in your life against the "evil" in your life
just remember this, and hope it will bring back your spirit to fight

A true winner knows the taste of defeat.

being good is good, enter the contest for good, but i might not win against all of the damn awesome entries haha..
well.. everyone could just give a try xD
and you could do that too :)
there's always be a chance to be win or lose
result is nothing
but you, is a hero for yourself, when you try your best

sorry for the poor english
im so hopeless :|

:+fav: and comment are really appreciated
its a big support for me :D
thank you so much :blowkiss:

guys, please dont bother with the costumes
its only to show the "hero-wanna be look"
which is i always see arround. like peoples wearing their hero costume, football player costume, basketball player costume, etc
just because they love those "heroes"
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Second entry for "Fella Valentine Contest". A beautiful rose in a garden at sunset.

First entry: :star: Unconditional Love

DOWNLOAD for fullsize.

:star: The Contest Article
:star: My favourite Entries
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Thanks muchly for the views, favourites and comments :aww:
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Hey guys, I am the Favemonster... I love to give favorites and to watch my favorite artists at deviant art! But aren´t we all little Favemonsters??? We love to search for epic art, we help our idols to be promoted and try hard to fabricate our own works.

This t-shirt is for all who love deviant art (And I guess there are a lot of you guys out there ;o)) and who love to give favorites as a sign of a compliment!!!

I hope you like my t-shirt and you are going to support the Favemonster, so that we will have the chance to have a little favemonster even at home very soon!!

Please push the „I like to wear-button“ and fave it °°...and....brrr...the Favemonster will love you!!! <3
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I hope you like it.
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Diablo 3 Reaper of Soul cinematic really inspired me and Mathael is very powerfull and  unstoppable.In this piece I got inspiration from  ancient architecture,creatures in the game.Hope you guys like it.
Thank you very much.
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