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Created in Apophysis

This is stock fractal image. Click download to get full 3200x2400 px resolution. Have fun :la:

Plase read and obey following terms of use:

Free license

1. Image may be altered, transformed or built upon
2. Image may be used for commercial purposes under following conditions:
a. Photomanipulation or Collage: Image must be combined with other stock images, such as photographs, vector and fractal images etc. (simple adding a texture or altering colors is not enough!). You may sell final product both in digital and printed form.
b. Graphic Design: Image may be used as a PART of graphic design (for example header of website). You may sell final product both in digital and printed form.
c. Contact me with link to your final product via DA note or e-mail (, so I can check if the rule 2.a./2.b. had been fulfilled
3. Image must be credited by link to my stock account (my name /Eli Vokounova/ and link to the used image is optional but very appreciated) when your final product is presented at DeviantArt
4. It is forbidden to upload my images to any website

:heart: Please do send me link to your final product so I can see what you came up with and fav it! :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either via note or via e-mail address mentioned above.

You can also buy Extended paid license to enable more options, for further info read the whole TERMS OF USE.

:bulletred: Gallery | Commission info :bulletred:

Find me also at: Shutterstock

Buy my prints and art gifts at: DeviantART prints | Society6

Visit my main DA fractal art account: =lucid-light

Other stock fractal images from my gallery:

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Motorola Droid | Milestone 3 .PSD (Real .PSD, not rendered.)

by Zandog (AG Design) [link]

- 6000x Resolution
- 300+ Layers
- 25+ Groups
- 126mb Zipped, 483mb unzipped .PSD (Huge Compression) Be ready to download 7zip [link]



Example of what it looks like when closed and up right:

"The Droid 3 is upon us! Well, it is if you live in China and don't mind calling it the Milestone 3. A new XT883 model has just been made official by Motorola during China Telecom's CDMA Summit, touting the tagline "the third Milestone" and a new five-row slideout QWERTY keyboard. The salient specs include a 4-inch touchscreen with qHD (540 x 960) resolution, sporting an OMAP 4430 processor capable of driving 1080p video recording, an 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, up to 32GB of built-in storage, and of course, Android 2.3 as the shipping OS. A pretty compelling package, we think you'll agree. It's coming to China this summer, though Moto could still be crafty enough to squeeze the US launch in before actual units start shipping to Yao Ming's homeland. Because, well, who's ever heard of a Milestone coming before a Droid?
Writer: Vlad Savov - Engadget

Thank you Engadget for the content and information well before the device is even out.

Thanks for the :+fav: my friends and leave a comment! If you like this .PSD, visit my main profile for a full list of .PSD gadgets I've done and watch me for more stuff like this if your a DA member!


Please go to my web store for information and pricing.
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Nexus 4 .PSD

File info
- 2420x2139 Resolution
- 38 Layers
- 8 Groups
- 9.4 Mb .psd
- 4.7 Mb .zip

Wallpaper [link]

License CC-BY (Creative Commons)
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I put a lot of time and effort and money for these stocks.  I offer them freely.   If you do not like my stocks then move on to someone else who has what you want.   I do not need rude comments to tell me if my stocks are not perfect for you as they are perfect for  plenty of others who actually appreciate FREE stocks.

There are only a few simple rules to use my stock:

:bulletyellow: Credit me in your description with a link back to the original stock photo or to my main page.
:bulletyellow: You must leave me a comment with a link to the deviation you've created. I want to see and :+fav: it.
:bulletyellow: I give full permission to use my stock in prints on DA and Outside of DA
:bulletyellow: BE CREATIVE! Do NOT use my stock if you're only going to do minor changes like changing hue/saturation, texture overlay, or only put a border around the picture, etc.
:bulletyellow: You cannot manipulate my stock to make other stock unless permission is given.
:bulletyellow: I reserve the right to request an un-watermarked copy of Manipulations using my Female and Male stock. I am keeping a keepsake book for my Kids.
:bulletyellow: Do NOT enhance and upload my photos as your own!

But most of all...HAVE FUN!!! :D

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Please follow the few rules which can be read HERE

Thank you! :w00t:

Hertford Bridge in Oxford, England.

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Use as you wish, please link back to me and leave a comment so that I can see your work.
You may use this for commercial reasons both on and off DA but please give credit.
Please also credit and leave a link if using for premade stock :D

Thanks for all the :+fav:'s they are greatly appreciated :D
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The Necropolis or "The City Of The Dead" In Glasgow
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