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Aaaaaaaaaaaand there she goes. xD Passed RIGHT out... ^^;

I have to go somewhere right now..but she's stuck to me...I don't want to wake her up..she's too comfy. ;w; I'm not comfortable with it..though. -///- *sighs* Brai took the picture..and cracked a few jokes while he was at it. :iconfacepalmplz: CLEVER boy~

Dozing off: [link]
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Stumbled upon this meme and thought I'd try it since it seems like so much fun! Never did a meme before...Well yea, first time drawing chibis in a l-o-n-g time. I rarely draw them, but it just seemed appropriate for a meme ^^.

This is also my first CG for DA. I've cg-ed before, but I'm still new to the tablet and cg-ing. I'd like to work on my outlines next time though.

Well, enjoy!

Tagged :iconshiiso-tikku: | Original meme here by :iconkerothehetetic:

Pencil on paper
Colored in photoshop
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Finally did this one! I was much less decisive than when I did the Persona 4 meme ([link]). Possibly because I did that meme relatively quickly after first playing the game, while here I've had years to stew over Persona 3. Or I'm just flakier now. Still, it was a lot of fun.

And yeah, I forgot Theo.

And...and looking at it, I think Fuuka's the only member of SEES not pictured.

....I'm sorry, Fuuka.

Template: [link]

medium: mechanical pencil

Yosuke Hanamura from Persona IV.

Everyone Else from various incarnations of Persona III.
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Honestly, guys, go see the rest of my gallery. I'm sick of seeing only my stamps getting all the faves.

Kat: Thank you for faving this and creating an awareness against racism! If you liked this, feel free to browse my gallery and fave my actual art if you want! I'd appreciate it!

Note: I have been waiting to get this off my chest but I was afraid to do so. If you have been offended by the content, I'm sorry.

Also..."Die"(pronounced "dee") is "The" in German.
(Info above is true, but I had to change the title)

Before and understand!

Anyone who posts comments without reading what I say and without understanding the point as well will have them blocked.

First off, I do not want to start a controversy. If I have, I am afraid of it and I don't want to be a bad person.
Long story.

I really hate the fact that some people view Germans as mindless killing machines.
Well, I don't. Change your perception! World War II is over!

What else pushed me to create this...
Last year, our English teacher was explaining how he discussed a topic and used the Holocaust as an example.
After that class, a classmate asked me(let's refer to her as "She")
She: Do you like Germans?
Me: Why?
She: I don't. They killed millions of people back then.
Me: Past is past! Not all of them are violent or war-crazy!
She: I still don't like them.

And I found that extremely racist. In a negative way.
This stamp is here to say that not all Germans are violent.
I don't think they are. Most of them are nice.

Ok, some of you are already asking me why I like them in the first place. Anime/Manga fans are also fans of the Japanese, right?
Well, my reason: Blitzwing: [link]

Well, the fact that he's a villain with a German accent seems to imply something similar to what I'm ranting against.
So what if he has a German accent and he's a villain?
This does not change my perception about Germans at all.

In a nutshell: Not all Germans are violent/war-crazy.
Same applies to black people. Not all of them are gangstas.

If I have hurt anyone, I'm sorry. :no:
I'm just ranting against racism, that's all.

Title editted!
Thanks, :icontengai-skyline:! :thumbsup:

If given the chance, I would move to Germany. There are smart people there. :XD:
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i think if i had more time (after work) i could have worked out more details and atmosphere.
had to paint i over many days (and its annoying to work like this :/ ) xD

AND actually it is a remake of this old one (painted-with-mouse-pic o.O)-> [link]
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Whoo, Legend of Korra fanart.

Tarrlok decided from the start that I would love him, even though Lin is the BAMF, and Tenzin is an amazing father, and Bolin is the reason I watched all of Avatar: The Last Airbender within about two weeks so I wouldn't be behind everyone else in the fandom. OTL And then, of course, the season one finale happened, and now I can't bring myself to share that love with the rest of the cast anymore. xD; *grabby hands at him*

Avatar: Legend of Korra Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
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No comments have been added yet. finally done with this...@_@

my hand went numb @_@

ma eye is blurrry


ish gokudera XDD

i find him really fun to draw XDD but his hair turned out really weird....o-o i actually drew the lineart in pencil and traced it on i actually redrew the face O_O

cos it looked horrible on my original sketch....
so i fixed it XDD
his face looks so much better now...
i had fun colouring the skin XDD

damn u gokudera and your belt
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My poor neglected OCs :XD: So totally not gay *sarcasm* (They are quite least NIM is a hyperactive moron that loves cute things and Cyan looks like a girl....and they love each other...a lot :D)

It's just a doodle, dunno if I'll finish it or not...
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I'm on a roll! Another Hetalia-related work. I'll get both this and the other one coloured soon.


Now for some history! So many dates!

New Holland (Nova Hollandia) was the name given to Australia by the Dutch, who beat the British in discovering the Land Down Under by 144 years, in 1644. Except neither the Dutch nor the French bothered colonising this piece of sunburnt land. So when the British colonised/invaded Australia back in 1788, it was still known as such, and would be until 1824.

*Azumizai and I have talked about how young Australia is compared to the "New World" UK colonies; the USA (then only a collection of thirteen states) declared its independence from the UK in 1776 (and won it in 1781), but Canada didn't follow suit until 1867 (and even then it became the "Dominion of Canada"; full independence wasn't achieved until 1982). Australia gained full independence shortly afterwards in 1986.

So this translated into Hetalia-verse would be like England bringing back a baby Australia not long after America moved out of home after a huge fight with dad, while a young-teenage-ish Canada still lived with England.

This one took a lot less time, even after I'd gone through with researching clothing of the relevant era! Nice and boring composition, that's what.

I love Himaruya for giving Oz a drop bear. :lol:

Axis Powers Hetalia, Matthew/Canada (and Kumajirou), Arthur/England and Australia (and his awesome drop bear buddy) belong to Himaruya Hidekaz. I draw characters, not countries. Please don't take offence.
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For :icondeathnotefan:'s Feel the Music Contest.
Wasn't going to enter anything... but felt the urge to draw some sort of band art piece two days ago.
So, here we are.

Near on electric guitar (I messed up the guitar neck).
L on bass (eating all the food and constantly dropping his picks).
Mello as lead singer (who else?)
Matt as drums (Matt was added in last minute, that's why his arm is cut off).

A traditional drawing~! Cause I can't stand my mouse anymore, but now I deal with my inking pen constantly dieing. C'est la vie.

Near, L, Mello, Matt © Obata Takeshi, Ohba Tsugumi
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