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Introduce yourselves.

I’m Sirius. The good looking one. PHWOARRRRR!
James: Wooo, I’m the cool one.
Sirius: No modesty there, James?
Remus: Shut up, Sirius. Like you can talk!
Sirius: And, you can tell that this guy is the cute one. Haha, right Remus?
Remus: No. I’m the moody-before-a-full-moon guy, so you just better shut your trap.
Peter: And I’m.. er… just Peter, I guess? The other’s are all hyped up today. You have been warned.

Cool! So, are you handsome?

Handsome? You betcha!! *grins*
James: Don’t worry he’s not normally THIS bad.. It’s just cos he got off with a girl about 5 minutes ago.

What's your sexuality? Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

For me there is Lily. Ahhhh.. *trance*
Sirius: And all the other girls for me!!
Remus: Leaving none for us.. *rises eyebrow*
Sirius: Noooo! Silly! There’s all the guys! Haha!

... Yes. Okay. What do people think of you?

We are the cool group that everyone—
James: *jumps on top of him to complete sentence* ---fears and respects, mwhahaha! Nahh.. Everyone just looks up to us, cos we’re at the top of our game. The best at everything, straight A’s and the class clowns, all in one fantastic hit. The perfect group you could say.

What physical attribute of yours do you like the most?

The most? Hmmmm… well… um. AH! I CAN’T CHOOSE! All my features are just too great.
Remus: Oh please, we all know that you have a small fault.
Sirius: *looks outraged* WHAT are you trying to suggest?!?!
Remus: *smirks and looks away*
James: *nods in agreement* hahahahah!
Peter: I like my feet actually..
James: WTF. Your feet? WHY?! They’re smelly, podgy! And geez! They’re like an old man’s!

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Depends if it’s booze in there or not. Cos if so, by god it would have been empty ages ago! *smiles wildly*

Virgin? (these question’s are very randomly ordered...)

Move on to the next question! Now, dammit! Before they –
Sirius: What! Bahaha! What do you think!!! Of course we’re not!
Remus: Sirius shut up! I don’t want them to know about my personal –
Sirius: Ohh hush, hush, you horny wolfman.
*Remus lunges teeth first for Sirius’s throat*

*after much co-operation, punching, swearing and one dangerous kick to someone’s crotch, this interview was able to continue*

I've had enough now... Any last words?

We solemnly swear that this interview was no good!!!
I just love doing these interviews!! They're so fun to create :giggle:
- - Interview questions are from the internet somewhere.. .. (i forget where .. HUGE apologies... ^^; )
:XD: it's quite short but i think you can see that this is the Marauder's when their personalities are on high and emphasised to scary amounts... O,O :XD:
(C) The Marauders -- Harry Potter ! :P
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  Scorpius Malfoy heaved his trunk after him as he made his way down the train. The trunk was heavy, but he hadn't found an empty compartment to dump it in yet.
  He pushed open the door to the next carriage and nearly ran into the back of a boy his age. He looked rather lost.
  'Oh! Sorry.' The boy helped Scorpius get his trunk through the door, then straightened self-consciously. 'Are you a first year, too?'
  Scorpius nodded. 'Are you looking for a compartment? I am.'
  The boy also nodded, looking relieved. 'My name's Michael Garrow. What's yours?'
  'Scorpius Malfoy.' Scorpius waited for the flinch, for Michael to recognise his surname, but he didn't. Must be a Muggle-born.
  In an unspoken agreement, they started down the train together. By Scorpius' calculations, this was the second-last carriage, so if they didn't find an empty compartment soon, they were in trouble.
  The last compartment was the emptiest they'd seen so far. There were two people in there, a boy and a girl about their age. Michael glanced back at Scorpius. His face quite clearly said: What choice do we have?
  Scorpius nodded, and Michael opened the door.
  'Anyone sitting here?' He asked, gesturing to the empty backwards-facing seats. The boy shook his head. He offered to help them with their trunks, and together they managed to lift them into the overhead baskets.
  As he sat down, Scorpius examined the boy and girl more closely. The girl was taller than him, with bushy auburn hair and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. The boy had messy black hair and piercing green eyes. He looked like Harry Potter. A lot like Harry Potter.
  'My name's Rose,' said the girl, smiling at them. 'What's yours?'
  'I'm Michael.'
  'I'm Al,' said the boy.
  Rose giggled. 'Albus!'
  Al punched her in the shoulder. 'Don't!'
  Rose saw their confusion. 'We're cousins. His full name is Albus, but we all call him Al.'
  'Are you named after Albus Dumbledore?' Michael asked. Al nodded.
  Scorpius remembered his mum mentioning in passing that Harry Potter would have a son in his year, but he'd never actually thought what that would mean -
  'Hey! You think my name's funny, do you? You can't talk!' Scorpius realised he'd been staring and flushed with embarrassment.
  'No, I... areyouharrypottersson?' Rose snorted and Michael sat up straighter.
  Al looked confused. 'That's my dad's name, yes...' He broke off as Rose descended into a fit of giggles. 'What! Why are you laughing?'
  Rose managed to control her mirth for long enough to choke out: 'You... have... no...idea...'
  Al swung round to face Scorpius and Michael. 'What's so special about my dad? I saw people staring at the station but Dad wouldn't say why.' Seeing them hesitate, he added 'Tell me!'
  'Does your dad have glasses and a lightning-bolt scar?'  Al nodded and Michael went on: 'How can you not know? Your dad is the Harry Potter, he defeated Voldemort when he was seventeen! Gosh, even I know that and I'm the only wizard in my family!'
  Al's eyes were big as saucers. He turned to Rose and demanded to know why she hadn't told him.
  'Dad told me not to,' she said simply. 'The only reason you didn't know is because Uncle Harry didn't want you to get a big head.'
  Scorpius frowned, suddenly remembering something he'd packed at the last minute. 'Do you really not know anything your dad's done?' Without waiting for an answer, Scorpius stood up on his seat to reach his trunk. He found what he was looking for and presented it to Al: Harry Potter's autobiography. Al stared in surprised, then started to read.
  The miles and hours rolled on. Somehow they never ran out of things to talk about, and Scorpius learned that Al had an older brother, a younger sister and a keen interest in wizard art. Rose had a younger brother who collected toads and Michael had an older sister who was possibly more interested in the wizarding world than he was.
  When the witch with the lunch trolley came by, Michael confessed that he'd never eaten any of the things she sold, so they pooled their money and bought some of everything. There was high hilarity when Michael's first chocolate frog card was Harry Potter, and Al got three Albus Dumbledore's. 'I've got at least ten of him, it's like he's following me around or something,' he groaned, giving a card to Michael to add to his growing collection.
  Just as Scorpius was considering raising the subject of houses, an older boy opened the door. He looked about a year older than them, with brown hair and eyes. Both Rose and Al seemed to recognise him.
  'Hello James,' said Al warily. 'This is my brother,' he elaborated. Then, to James again: 'What do you want?'
  'Just saying hello.' He grinned. 'What are you reading?' Al showed him, and James roared with laughter. 'I wondered how long it would take you. Watch out for the fan-girls, Al, they'll go for you even more than me because you look like Dad.'
  Al groaned. 'Go away.'
  'Certainly, Slytherin.'
  'I'm not a Slytherin!'
  As James ran off, Al sunk back into his seat, looking depressed. Obviously houses were a sore subject.
  'He's so certain I'll be a Slytherin. Dad says it doesn't matter, but I don't want to be one. James is a Gryffindor...'
  'He's only teasing,' said Rose soothingly. 'What houses do you two think you'll be in?'
  Michael shrugged. 'I think I'll be a Hufflepuff. It seems about right to me, anyway. What about you?'
  'Well... I never really thought about it much, but Dad reckons I've got Mum's brains, and Mum thinks she should have been a Ravenclaw, so I could end up there. But all of Dad's family have been in Gryffindor, so I don't really know. I don't mind either way.'
  Scorpius swallowed. They were all looking at him now. He inspected his shoelaces. 'All Malfoy's are Slytherins. I don't think I'm remarkable enough to break the pattern, although Dad wants me to.'
  'Well, at least I'll have someone to talk to,' said Al. It all sounded rather morbid.
  In an attempt to break the tension, Rose checked her watch and said: 'We'll probably be there soon, we'd better get our robes on.'
  They did so in silence.
Ha! I've wanted to write this for ages!
In case you're wondering, I made up Michael.
Part 2: [link]
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Everything about you now I ~ love but that's a lie. But what happens actually...  Everything about you now I ~ hate but that's a lie.  Because I actually...  I can't speak honestly.  It's too challenging for me.  So I keep lying with a catty hat.  I don't know when she came, but I feel her inside of me. e-to I~ said e-toeto.  What's important to her, she can't communicate it. That's her name Toeto.  She is a timid girl too shy to speak to you, so that's her Toeto.  She has hidden herself now.  I really want to tell you my~ feelings from the heart.  Hesitantly, Toeto said no to that proposal.  I can say it, I'll say it, I am saying, but not said.  E-to, e-to, I mean e-to, I meant e-toeto.  Red-faced Toeto.  E-to, e-to cetera.  She is regretful and she begins to cry.  "It's all because of me" she said Toeto.  There is no such thing, you know.  Please stop crying Toeto.  I love that part of you from head to toe.  I really want to tell you my ~ feelings from the heart.  Hesitantly, Toeto said no to that proposal.  I can say it, I'll say it, I am saying but not said.  E-to, e-to, I mean e-to hang in there Toeto.  At the time I really want to tell you how I feel.  Hesitantly, Toeto will bravely reach you.  I can say it, I'll say it, I am saying, but not said. E-to, e-to, I mean e-to hang in there Toeto.  There she is inside of me.  Hang in there Toeto.
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Yamamoto: Gokudera :D ~hugs~

Gokudera: What the fuck? Hugs??? This is the internet; you can't hug me through the internet…

Yamamoto: People do it all the time. >.>

Gokudera: Yeah, it's called cyber sex. Cyber sex is just for stupid perverted people who can't get any real action.

Yamamoto: ._.

Gokudera: Anyways…

Yamamoto: Hey, look Ryohei is online, let join him.

Gokudera: Yamamoto, wait, no!

~Ryohei has joined your chat~

Gokudera: Crap…

Ryohei: HELLO

Yamamoto: Hey Semapi :D


Yamamoto: Um… No thanks…

~Nina has joined the chat room.~

Gokudera: For the love of god!

Nina: Hey :D

Yamamoto: Oh, hey :)


Nina: No thanks Semapi…

Gokudera: Besides, she's a chick.

Nina: What does that have to do with anything?

Gokudera: Chicks can't fight.

Nina: Yes we can

Gokudera: Not as well as us boys.

Yamamoto: Gokudera…

Nina: You wana bet?

Gokudera: I'm sorry, I don't argue with people who don't know how to spell. Last time I checked 'wana' wasn't a word.

~Nina is offline~

Yamamoto: I think you got her mad…

Gokudera: Good, I don't care about her.

Yamamoto: Aw, why do you have to be so mean? :'(

Gokudera: It's not mean if it's true. Besides, who side are you on, mine or hers?

Yamamoto: Yours I geuss.

Sorry if this one was a little stupid ._.

I tried adding a little of Ryohei's randomness at the end, sorry if I fail :/ I just felt bad for not uploading one in a while soooo, I put together something quick >.>
Chat 1: [link]
Chat 2:[link]
Chat 3: [link]
Chat 4: [link]
Chat 5: [link]
Chat 6: [link]
Chat 7: [link]
Chat 8: here
Chat 9: [link]
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[New section!] Over-mirroring aka sticking too much in patterns of the original series!


At first: No costume can save a badly made character. Your Average Joe/Jane character won't become any more interesting even if you make him/her to wear turquoise hair and odd-colored neon-color eyes. What makes character interesting is his/her INNER SIDE: his/her personality, history, skills, behavior pattern, odd traits, running gags, simply WHAT (S)HE IS. A rye bread doesn't become into a cream cake even if you put on it whipped cream and strawberries.

However, a good design may help the reader/viewer to notice, tell apart and remember the character more easily. That's why all Naruto characters are not sporting black hair and wearing those green tactical vests: if all character seemed almost similar, it would be pain for the reader to tell who of them is who. A design that is easy to remember is especially important in comics and other visual art, but it's also good in written art: the reader wants a picture of the character into his/her head.

You may think that the best way to poke viewer's eye is to make the character as shocking-looking as possible: neon colors, smexy outfits, cool band shirts and – NOW YOU STOP HERE! You also have to remember that each series are their own realms with their own fashions and laws of nature. A good design is not just something that grabs attention but also something that SUITS for the series.

But alongside eye-poking, the outer design of the character has another duty: Hinting the inner side of the character to the reader. We'll talk about this later.


I've seen in RPG forums that people like to pick a picture from Google and use it to portray their character. For example, a person used a picture of Haruhi Suzumiya as to show the looks of her Naruto OC. I've also seen pictures of game characters and miscellaneous anime character as pictures of OCs.

This is something I've never totally understood. Technically, it's legally not really bad to borrow someone's picture and use it as the looks of your character, if you are not going to earn money with your OC and you don't claim that the picture is yours. Also, the looks of the character doesn't depend on your drawing/literary skills. However, copycatting has many drawbacks.

* You can't design the costume of your OC independently: it's up to the pictures of the Internet what your character looks like.
* If the viewer of the picture knows the character you use as the looks of your OC, it may be really difficult to him/her to think your OC as your OC and not as the character of the original picture.
* Many artists doesn't like that you use their pictures without permission, even if you say that the design is not yours.
* Not too many pictures in the internet are already faithful to series you're putting your OC. Or is Haruhi's school uniform something you think as ninja clothing?

Also, as many people has said: taking a shot of from a random anime + messing it with Paint + claiming it is your very own character design = doomed to fail. Just don't do it. Re-coloring is not art.

So, no Internet pictures or their modifications? What to do, then? There are a few options:

1) Just try to draw your own picture. An original drawing – no matter how bad it is – is always far better than copycatting. If you still feel uncomfortable to draw human anatomy, you can use pixel bases as help.
2) Ask another person do draw. Don't be too shy, many artists like to have requests!
3) Describe him/her by text. Usually, this is enough if you are making a forum RPC or an OC for a fan fiction.

Be brave enough to show people your own artistic skills. You still can use Internet pictures as REFERENCE, but not as copying base. Also, if you are mainly using him/her in text format (forum RPG, fan fiction), you have to be capable to describe him/her with words!

So, ready to grab a pen into your hands? :) Let's go!


You may be often told that people are never something that they look like, but the truth is that usually the outlook may give hints of the inner self of the person. Of course the looks don't tell all: all big and angry-looking guys are not violent, and all people wearing glasses are not nerds. But sometimes we can make analysis of the outer look of the person at least in certain level.

For example, let's say we see middle of hot summer a young female wearing long trousers, windjammer and sneakers. Not very comfortable, womanly or cool, but she still does it. Why? Maybe she doesn't want that people look at her bare skin, or she simply doesn't care what she wears. Or she hates shaving her legs, and that's why she is using covering trousers to save herself from too much shaving. Thus we can determine that she probably isn't the type that likes to take big care of her looks, and say that the looks are not important to her and she has more important things to think about. Or she may be shy and doesn't want to gather attention. Also it's somewhat probable that she has burnt her skin in sun and tries to protect her skin with her jacket.

And vice versa: let's say you are a young man that likes to flirt with girls. What would you like to wear to succeed with the lady hunt? Something that gathers girls' attention, and windjammer and sneakers are not something for the task, not talking about sweaty, dirty and smelly shirts. You'd probably try to find quite tidy and cool clothes, something that make the girls find you among all the men. Maybe something different compared to what men usually wear, but something that still suits for the environment you're living? Something fine? Maybe a gentleman blouse and dark trousers, if you're going to the city? You'd also spend time to take care of your hair and have a shower and antiperspirant often enough.

To put short: How you take care of your looks is not ruled by just your genes or environment, but also by your needs, personality and goals. Even if we can't say anything with 100 percent probability about the character's personality just by looking at them, it's the fact that that the inner side ALWAYS affect to what the person looks like, except if the clothes/hairdo/other stuff are ruled by other people (like, infants can't tell their mothers what they want to wear or how they want to cut their hair, or in Japanese schools you have use the school uniform).

Usually the first thing that the viewer sees in your character is his/her looks. It's the first hint to the viewer what kind of personality (s)he might be. You can also lure the viewer to think opposite about the character to make them to surprise (like making an action gal to wear pretty dress at first before shocking the viewers), but if that is not your goal, tell openly about the character's inner self via his/her looks. It can make the viewer get interested in the character if (s)he gets known about something else than what the character looks like. Of course no person can help all aspects in his/her looks (like his/her genetics), but we humans still can do a lot to either polish our looks, ruin it, or ignore it.

Next issue: general stuff about good character design.


I try to tell something about good character design creation. There are also other tutorials about the issue, but I try to say at least something. Let's go…

CHECK OUT THE COSTUME AND THE LOOKS EVEN SUIT FOR THE SERIES!!! Check out the clothing culture of the series to avoid silly mistakes. For example, NO CHARACTER in Full Metal Alchemist uses Gothic Lolita clothing, because FMA characters live in the world with similar the era between the World Wars and not the 21th century. Be careful. (This tutorial was born as an extra when I was creating a guide to make believable Naruto character designs. You can find it via the link below.)

Remember the realism. A ninja can't use high-heeled shoes if (s)he is going to jump from a tree to tree in forests, and a student that is always struggling with his/her money issues can't buy a new cool fashion shirt always they'd like. No proper woman used shorter dresses than ankle-length in Europe in Medieval Times, and people in Feudal Japan didn't know zippers or sneakers. Just use your common sense and make enough research about the setting you're placing your character.

If you're going to make a fan character, AVOID trying to make him/her notably more eye-poking than the most of the main canon characters are! For example, in Harry Potter fan fiction, it's not a good idea to make the character even more special scars than Harry has, and/or have even odder clothes than Luna Lovegood has. The issue is different if the Big Thing of the character is his/her weird clothing compared to other characters… but use that with just a good taste. Don't ruin the sense of 'normality' of the series with your OCs. Usually a character that is about as eye-poking as most of characters in the main cast (but still has original design) is good, if (s)he is a main character of your fan story. If (s)he is a supporting character, move your eyes to the background.

If you are creating many characters for the same story setting, make them different enough. People with bad memory (like me) really approve if it is easy to tell apart who character is who. For example, I didn't like Les Bijoux, because all pretty-looking characters had similar faces and long hair, so it was pain for me to tell apart who was who, and in Alice 19th, I happily mistook two young blond boys to each others, even if one of them had straight hair and one had curly. Swapping clothes or hairdo is not enough: make different eyes, different noses, different head shapes, different mouths, different hair textures, different body builts... Studying real people anatomy helps a lot when inventing different looks. Try also make characters with notably different heights. To sum up, make sure that people can tell apart your characters just by glimpse!

Hint! In some series, artist gives a certain color (or color combination) theme to each character of certain group. The color can be used in the clothes/eyes/hair/etc. of the character, and the artist can also code the characters or stuff to relating to them with their code colors (like, bordering their speech bubbles to help the reader tell apart who is talking in each bubble). For example, in One Piece each Straw Hat Pirate has own color that is quite often used in their clothes: Luffy's is red, Zoro's green, Nami's orange, Usopp's yellow/brown, Sanji's is blue, Chopper's is pink, Robin's is purple, Franky's is teal and Brook's is black&white. Also Team 7 in original Naruto series is color-coded: Naruto's color is orange, Sakura's is red/pink and Sasuke's is dark blue (I'm not sure what to label as Kakashi's color). Code colors are more usual in series with super hero theme, like in Super Sentai and Tokyo Mew Mew, but they are handy in more "normal" series, too. But take case of that the characters look notably different by their shapes, too! Leave re-coloring to people that can't use their imagination.

Avoid rainbow cocktails, stick on max A FEW (1-4) main colors and their variations. Keeping color palette simple eases the viewer to see the character design as wholeness and not just as a collection of details. Putting too much different colors makes viewer's eyes to concentrate on too many places in the design and tires him/her easily. But using those a few main colors doesn't mean you have to use ONLY them. For example, the main colors of Naruto's Pre-Shippuuden costume are orange, navy blue and some white, but here are also some minor color areas, like red spiral in his back, green necklace from Tsunade, and blond hair (though it plays with the orange). Still those three colors rule his attire. Also, the main colors of Sakura's Shippuuden costume are red/pink, black and white, though she has green eyes and metallic forehead protector plate.

Remember to use those main colors in several parts of the costume instead of stuffing one color to one area! For example, it'd be rather boring if Naruto wore plain orange jacket and blue trousers, but making the costume orange and adding here blue areas here and there makes the costume a lot more interesting. You don't have to mix them into homogeneous mass, but just repeat the colors many times enough here and there.

Hint! Bright opposite colors are very energetic combinations, like green-red, blue-orange and purple-yellow! And using more peaceful not-so opposite colors (like pastel blue and purple) makes the color palette more peaceful. Go ahead with colors; here is no wrong color palette!

Avoid palette swaps, make the character be recognizable just by the shapes. The character design should be look interesting enough even if it was all gray – and at least not to look similar to other characters (were they the canon characters or your other OCs). Another good test is to take a silhouette of the character and check out if you (or your friend) can still recognize the character just by the shape.

Take care of the wholeness. Make sure all parts (or at least most parts) of the character design belong to each others. For example, it's confusing to see a girl wearing a cute neon pink cat-themed hat, tight black gothic leather corset, peaceful elf-like leaf-themed skirt, flip-flops and such. Particularly in the colors this is important. For example, a Vocaloid called Gumi (google it) has otherwise rather good (though a little pervert IMO) costume (she uses as main colors orange, pale yellow and green/turquoise, also some white), but her boots break the wholeness – they are too simple compared to other costume, and they are almost all-white! They may be in connection with her white wrist clothing, but still… Remember also that the complicatedness of the costume must be in balance!

Talking about complicatedness...

Complicatedness =/= Goodness Simple character designs are faster and easier to draw that complicated ones, and that's why they suit better for comics. It's also ridiculous to write paragraphs after paragraphs about certain character's looks, though complicated design is more tolerable in written media since you don't have to describe it again and again.

Of course sometimes complicated designs are good (particularly when designing impressive and wealthy characters), but if you are a comic artist… the more lines the design contain, the more lines you have to draw in future. And if you make your comic with fast pace, the lines are crucial. For example, originally Masashi Kishimoto wanted to add a necklace to Sasuke, but he threw the idea to a bin because it meant more lines to draw (plus, Sasuke is still rather difficult character to draw for Kishimoto, so no more difficulties for him!).

Also: too detailed costume may seem messy in the reader's eyes. If you give too much stuff to look at, the reader tires and feels uncomfortable at looking at your character. If you want to make it complicated, keep the wholeness simple and easy to perceive: For example, it's usually better to make a detailed but simply-structured cylinder-shaped bracelet instead of heaps of small and detailed bracelets, scarves and armlets as uncontrolled mass on the character's arms. A piece of advice I've seen about this issue is that you should be able to sketch your character with ten pen strokes or less and still be able to recognize him/her (those strokes are not enough for all details, but at least for the shapes).

Make some research. If you haven't enough ideas, google pictures about issues that may connect to your character. For example, if you want to make a character with exotic atmosphere, maybe some kind of research about exotic culture (Indians, Indonesians, Caribbeans...) may help you :) If you want to make a cool tribal tattoo, but you are not sure what kind of tattoo it exactly is, you can google other tribal tattoos to get inspiration. If you want to make cat-like character, google cats and try to find out why they are so... well, cat-like, and why dogs, horses, monkeys etc are not cat-like. Also, if you are drawing clothes that base on something real piece of clothing, make careful research about how that clothing really works! I've seen horrible kimono drawings in which the artist had no idea what a real kimono looks like...

Doodle many sketches enough, the first one doesn't have to be the final one! The reader doesn't know how many doodles you've done about your character design before publishing it. So you can make as many as you want. Make a sketch, have a proper break, and draw another sketch without looking at the first one. Compare them, try to find the best sides, dump the worst ones. Repeat as many times as needed, until you feel it's ready. You can also make many sketches in line, like, 'Okay, now I drew one, but I'm not satisfied with that hair. I try a braid in the next version.' After that, have a break, and then draw & look at again.

If making a comic or long written series, make a reference sheet about the character. Even if you made a simple character design, it's good to keep write - or draw - down all notes about the character to remember all details about his/her looks. For example, you may forget easily how many stripes his/her arm band has, or how long the jacket is compared to his/her torso. A reference sheet eases a lot when trying to keep the character look similar from a panel or a chapter to another!

If your character changes his/her clothes in any point, develop for him/her  his/her own fashion sense. In other words, tell what kind of clothes/hair styles/other stuff the character likes to wear generally, and develop the contains of his/her wardrobe according that. You can also give a theme for her style. Make some basic rules for his/her clothes and follow them. That gives some logic to the character's looks. Example: Tomoko's style can be described to be summer-like, easy-going and wavy. She prefers flaring skirts over trousers, but she hates thick frills and lace. She likes floral or Asian patterns, and some kind of Hawaii shirts are her favorites. Often, she sports flowers or flower-themed accessories. She doesn't like to reveal her shoulders... etc...

Poses, facial expressions and body language tell lot, too. Character design is not just in the costumes, hairdos, faces, body built or eye colors. All people don't have similar posture, facial expressions or body language: a university student with lack of sleep is often more slouched than a representative powerful queen that has to show her inner might in political issues. Often a character that is disguised to another one is easiest to tell apart by looking at how they express their bodies.

For example, in Bleach Kon uses totally different facial expressions than Ichigo when the first one is in the latter one's body. He even complains about how Ichigo can always keep his brows knitted when Kon has to act as Ichigo more believably. Kon also makes more alert stances than Ichigo in everyday situations (like sitting crouched on his toes), whereas Ichigo usually tends to have relaxed or even bored stances. Thus, Kon in Ichigo's body and Ichigo himself are able to tell apart, even if they seem similar.

Usually poses and expressions are ruled by the personality of the character, and the viewer trust most on the body language when trying to say what kind of personality the character is; Even if the character is wearing bright colors with happy designs but is slouched and frowning, the viewer trust more on the body and facial expressions than the clothes. It applies almost every case; If the character is shown standing still with hands behind his/her back and making an empty smile, the viewer hardly can say (s)he is interesting. Even in text it's wise to imply about the atmosphere that the character is creating with her body language.

Go see also other design tutorials in dA! :) Use as search words 'character design'.


In Vocaloid fandom, there is a phenomenom named Miku Formula (click). Using Miku Formula means that you model the basic structure of your female OC's (or, here, fan Vocaloid's) design according to the most famous Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku (click). Often, these designs include several typical details from Miku's outfit, including over-knee footwear, twin ponytails, detachable long sleeves, short skirt, tie, triangle-patterned belts and so on - usually several of these traits together. Many official Vocaloids are blamed for using Miku Formula, and several Vocaloid OCs here in dA (click) are culprits of this, too. However, as most Vocaloids prove, few Vocaloid's outfits resemble Miku's one (click), even if most of them follow some loose rules (bright colors, futuristic clothes and hairdos, often references to musical themes etc.).

Miku Formula is a sub category of a phenomenom that I call over-mirroring in this tutorial. Over-mirroring is visible in several fandoms: costumes of many female OCs in Naruto share resemblance of Sakura's qipao or medic-nin outfits, and not too many Chobits OCs go too far away from Chii's design. In less serious cases, many World of Warcraft OCs use only hairdos that appear ingame (those you meet when you create your playable character). At worst, over-mirroring appears in form of redrawings and not-too-much altered bases.

Over-mirroring can be regarded as an exaggerration of the "stick on the rules of the universe of series" rule I mentioned earlier. Usually, over-mirrorers pick traits from best-known characters of the universe of the series, not because they think those traits are cool, but because those traits are canon and thus they can rely on that they are logical in this universe. This often results to outfits that aren't very original: the viewer of the design can recognize the old design under your character's design, subconsciously thinking, "Meh, I have already seen this."

In many cases, however, over-mirroring happens even if the artist doesn't even think actively about the "copied" character in question. That has happened often to me: I create a design, then I notice that "OOPS, several guys / a notable guy in the series use(s) that stuff already! I didn't even think about that character when doing this design, yet he was in my subconscious!"

Personally, I feel that over-mirroring is something that is hard to get rid of. Luckily, in small level, mirroring isn't a fatal disease: if you happen to copy a not-so-unique detail, it rarely roars to the viewer "NOW THERE IS A REFERENCE TO A CHARACTER XXX!!!" And, the fact is, it is impossible to come up with something perfectly original. However, over-mirroring can limit greatly your imagination and prevent you from creating outfits that really stand out.

This trick might help you with over-mirroring: Try to see as many otfits of the series (or genre if you are working on your original series) as possible. Pay special attention to characters that are not in spotlight, like supporting characters, foreign cultures and so on. Try to figure out what are absolutely mandatory or typical issues to remember in the designs: For example, many Naruto characters use relatively simple but practical clothes, and almost all of them use ninja sandals and forehead-protectors. Fishnets and bandages are hot, and their clothers are SELDOM something you would see in your school!

As you have figured out the basic lines... everything else is free for use!


No, don't understand the title wrong. A Mary Sue can look normal, and a good non-Mary-Sue OC can be extraordinary sexy and pretty. However, you can decrease your character's Sueness by choosing him/her right looks.

Let's start by the physical looks, hair and stuff.  Don't get blinded about special-looking cases in the series you're writing about, like, in Naruto, Sakura the Natural Pink Hair or Neji the Natural White Eyes: most, VERY MOST of the Naruto characters possess just normal hair and eye colors. If you make every of your dozens of OCs to have freaky hair and eyes in series where they are relatively rare, there is something wrong. Using unusual colors is okay sometimes, but not always. Treat the special color palettes as hot spices that are not allowed to use too much without making the food taste terrible.

And about the body built: Be careful. You may want to make him/her super sexy and maybe extraordinary curvy or muscular with no flaws in their bodies. However, the top model look gives really easily "Sue!" tag onto your character – especially if the character is lacking major weaknesses in other areas and if super sexy characters are not hyper usual in the series. Ultimately good looks are very big strength for a character: it often raises his/her self-confidence and helps them interact with people, and good looks can also attract people.

As balance, you should balance your super good-looking character by making a super him/her to be super bad in something else… and I mean REALLY bad. Not like little clumsiness or fear of spiders. What if (s)he would be a terrible person or real idiot, in the blond joke fashion? But this goes to non-clothing issues, so let's move forward. If you don't want to dumb her big weaknesses, at least limit her skills to a sane area. And most importantly, give her interesting personality!

Now we get to the clothes. An important note: We are making OCs, not characters whose sole purpose is to be like 'we want to shock all grannies and make characters like fled from a bad pop music video'! Honestly, in most fandoms, making character's costume too revealing and 'sexy' causes really big danger to make the reader think him/her just as an attention beggar. At least take care of that the costume even suits to his/her personality! AVOID using sexiness as the only hook!

This doesn't mean that you're not allowed to make a big-busted character or a character wearing sexy clothes at all. In fact, sexy outlook may suit for some adult, careless characters with great self-confidence. Neither all real life women wearing mini skirts and tube tops are prostitutes, just people liking to wear those clothes and being brave enough to use them! But note that sexiness is not suitable for ALL personalities: some of them may feel uncomfortable if they are put into too sexy costume. You just have to use the outlook to show the inner personality of the character, not as a cheap hooker to attract the audience, so remember the character's personality when creating the clothes!

Think the outlooks as an advertisement: an advertisement tells about a certain product, and if the advertisement is great but the product is not something that the advertisement told, the viewer gets badly upset.


Character outlook design is not the most important part in the in the whole character creation process, like designing a bottle for a new coke brand is not the most important part in selling the new drink. The customer's won't buy the coke again if it tastes terrible, no matter how cool bottle it has. So it is with characters: no matter how cool the character design is, his/her concept has to work, or the reader gets bored with him/her.

But to 'sell' your character to the bigger audience, his/her looks have to be okay. I'm rather sure that if Coca-Cola hadn't that original bottle or weren't advertised that much, it wouldn't be as popular drink. People bought it because they know that Coca-Cola might be something good. It grabbed their attention, and they became curious.

At the best, the design can support the character and make more people to get interested in him/her. That's why character design is still something you should pay attention, if you want that people come to look at your character, especially if the character is shown in visual media. But what truly makes the character interesting is his/her inner side.

Have fun with future character creations! And if you have something to say about this tutorial, I'm glad to hear :)
NEW SECTION: A phenomenom I call "over-mirroring"

I was writing a tutorial about clothing Naruto OCs in right manner, but there was so much stuff about general character design that I decided to make very own tutorial about it. Enjoy!

I'll publish that Naruto design tutorial ASAP.

E: Here it is! [link]

EE: Words about the meaning of the body language.
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Bumblebee baby years

Before stating off here, I’d like to warn everyone. I written this to make the Autobots look like HUMANS with their insides being ROBOT. Why? Cause if they ever tried to do something in real life, then It would be wicked cool! :D So I write this story to make them look human, but are robots in the inside! ^c^ Confusing you say? Well, please deal with it, cause my crazy mind won’t have it any other way! XD
:D So…enjoy!

Loud wailing rang out into the open air, in mixing in with the blasts and explosions in the distance where fire rose to the skies from the once proud cities. Homes all around were left in ruin and were left but piles of rubble and rock. The sounds of war went on all around the destroyed city, never halting at the sad, pathetic Sparkling half buried in dirt. Its bright blue optics were shut tight as it screamed and cried.

Suddenly a shadow fell over its frail form. Upon seeing the looming shadow and towering observer over its head, the infant fell silent and waited with dread on its upcoming fate.

The tall form knelt down and pushed away the mud off the yellow sparkling and gently lifted it up into his powerful arms. The infant gave a frightened whimper but the tall one only gave a gentle chuckle that soothed the young spirit.

“There, there…” the enormous mech (or at least enormous to the little bot) cooed gently. His rugged beard and gentle eyes smiled down at the baby, rocking him slightly in his muscular arms. “You’re a lucky one, aren’t you?” he said with a broad smile. The baby finding no dander in the mech’s reassuring aura, settled between his arms and rested on his chest. His eyes drawn on the rugged beard, he made an attempt to reach for it, giving it a feeble tug. The Autobot chuckled at his meek pulls, finding it amazing that the little bot could forget hi earlier sorrows and seem so oblivious to the raging war going on all around them.

The little one seemed to have a knack to find something cheerful, even during war.

The Sparkling fell asleep instantly on the way out of the ruined homes, tuckered out from his long hours of crying. The tall mech smiled a bit sadly and a bit happily at the tiny form and tapped his ear.

“Optimus here. Report back to base. I found a survivor in the city ruins after all. Over and out.”

“You don’t REALLY expect us, a entire base full of MALE mechs, to take in this little 9 pound sparkling of a unknown female, who could be either dead or alive, and take him in like he was a long lost son. Right Optimus?” said the medic with a sort of desperate look.

“We have no choice Ratchet.” Optimus reasoned. He held the yellow infant mech in one arm while holding a bottle of oil in the other. “There is a war going on out there. Do you think a completely helpless baby is really going to survive it? A full geared solider barely has the chances to live past a day in that aggression.”

“But bringing in an infant?! Optimus! Be reasonable! We’re not a homeless shelter for every lost soul! You don’t really think we could take care of him, do you?!”

“Keep in mind there aren’t many Ratchet.” Optimus calmly replied. “And yes, I do.” he added, ignoring the medic’s wail. He brought the infant onto the table and let him be. “Besides, this may be good for the Autobots. A little joy and family comfort might do them some good. Some responsibility as well.”

“But we don’t even know the first thing about babies!” Ratchet argued.

“We have no choice Ratchet.” Optimus said. He spoke with authority and meant he was not to be argued with. “There are scarce survivors anymore on Cybertron, and fewer young souls alive anymore. I searched everywhere for the sparkling’s mother, but there was no one left alive in those ruins. We’re all that’s left for this little bee.” Optimus said gesturing to the giggling tiny mech who rolled on his back, hanging onto his toes.

“…Bee?” Ratchet said staring at the proud commander.

“Well, yes.” Optimus said turning away. “I think he looks like a little bumblebee, don’t you?”

Ratchet was grinning ear to ear at the male, ready to tease him some more when the guns and weapons connected to the walls began to turn on into life and were charging to fire! The room was then filled with blaster rays shooting in every possible way! Optimus and Ratchet ducked behind the table, both gracing marked helmets.

“What in the name of-Who threw the switch?!” Ratchet cried out. He glanced at the infant, feeling the blood drain from his face at the sight of its mouth drooling over the buttons of a remote, perfectly unharmed. He seemed to enjoy the flashing lights, clapping and laughing as though it was a show.

“Gimme that!” Ratchet yelled and took the chew toy away from the boy and clicked off the machines, but not before the last shot hit his shoulder, leaving a dent. “Great.” he deadpanned.

His relief was short lived as he cringed at the loud sobs erupting from Bumblebee.

“Ratchet! Don’t be so rough around him!” Optimus scolded and picked up the infant. Bumblebee continued to cry onto his shoulder, sad and confused at the toy taken away from him.

“Wha zat…who maka so merch noise?” came a tired voice from the hallway. Ironhide stood in the doorway with a humorous sleeping cap on his head and a teddy under one arm.

The baby immediately stopped at the sight of the bear and began to cry out in a happy way to it, reaching his tiny arms out to the half-awake autobot.

“Whaz a parrot donin here Optimus?” Ironhide slurred sleepily. He stepped into the room to stare face to face at the yellow thing with half lidded eyes.

“It’s a sparkling survivor Ironhide.” Optimus said calmly. He hid his amusement well as Bumblebee placed his hands over the trigger happy shooter’s face, playing with the ball at the end of his hat. The autobot didn’t seem to mind nor fazed and gave a yawn. Optimus bit down a chuckle as the yellow bot mimicked the funny look Ironhide had, opening his mouth wide like him.

“Ohm….a sparkling.” he mumbled standing up not noticing his cap being pulled off. “That’s nice.”  

Optimus and Ratchet watched the sleepy autobot walk out with his head exposed. Seconds went by and the two were wondering if the bot even heard there was a baby at all on board.

The door slid open again with a more awake Ironhide, gripping the door frames.

“A BABY?!!” Ironhide exclaimed wide eyed. Bumblebbe gave a giggle while munching on the yellow sleeping cap. “Hey! How’d he get my cappy?”

“Ironhide, please.” Optimus sighed. How long had it been since the elderly mech had a good night sleep or a vacation from these crazy soldiers he wondered.

Sometimes he hated his job.

“The baby is called “Bumblebee”. Not “it”. And second, I found him in the outskirts of Civic City. I’m shocked he had no sever injuries.” he commented and gave a bounce to the baby. Bumblebee giggled again at his new found toy and cuddled against the leader’s chest.

In a shear moment of brilliance, Bumblebee stared at the hat and gently placed it on his head. It was a little big, but Optimus figured he’ll grow into it sooner or later.

“Yeah, yeah! I can see that!” Ironhide yelled stepping into the room fully. He paused. “Wait, did you say CIVIC city? That’s impossible! That was one of the first targets for those Decpeticon scum! Everyone was wiped out!”

“More miraculous things have happened Ironhide.” Ratchet commented mildly. The door slid open again and in came Jazz, looking less alert about the situation while holding a glass of half drank milk. The medic noticed the autobot was still wearing his razor rimmed glasses, covering his optics from sight.

So he does sleep with those on.

If his shield eyes could have allowed him to, Ratchet knew they would have widened in sight of the tiny bundle held in his commander thick arms. If he was surprised, he showed little sign of it.

“Alright, I’ll give ya that. But I just wanna know how that little ankle biter took my cappy!” the weapon specialist snarled, glaring at the drool soaking up the fabric. Bumblebee stared back innocently, oblivious to the anger burning in the mech’s eyes.

“He just wants to play with it.” Optimus said in a half sigh. It was times like these he REALLY wondered why he took up the job. He looked down and grinned. “And I think he wants your teddy too.” he said gesturing to the sparkling’s outstretched arms and grabby hands.

“Ain’t no way I’m giving Blaster to a drooling little space monkey like that!” Ironhide growled hiding the bear from the baby. Bumblebee gave a small whimper and hiccupped, a sure sign for more sobs. Optimus turned his gaze to Ironhide with a pleading look. “Ironhide…”

“He’ll drool on-“ Ironhide stopped seeing tears gathering in the corners of Bee’s shining blue optics. Ratchet rubbed his head in annoyance while Jazz shifted his weight uneasily. When another whimper came from the tiny form the mech’s took precaution and covered their ears.

Bumblebee let out a whine, bottom lip trembling. Ironhide simply glared back, then groaned out loud. “Alright! Alright! Here!” he said nearly shoving the doll into the baby’s miniature fingers.

The tears vanished and the yellow bot took the toy happily, hugging it close.

“Thank you Ironhide.” Optimus smiled.

“Just make sure that greese monkey don’t mess him up ya hear? Or it’ll be ME who’ll mess you up!”

“Aw, Hide’ is worried over his wittle teddy.” Jazz taunted. Ratchet joined in the mirth and gave a small laugh. They both ignored the hate filled stares and turned to the small giggling bundle. Jazz then proceeded to make faces at the bee and earned loud giggles. The trigger happy mech stared at the laughing duo before making a grunt and left the room; hatless and teddyless. Ratchet let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding and stared at the yellow bot.

“I’m guessing there’s no way to hand the little devil over to the Decepticons?” he said, thinking solely of his poor devices he knew the little one will demolish once it starts to grow older.

Optimus gave Ratchet such a glare, it made the baby scream and Jazz jump over a meter high when he shouted, “NO!”
What happens when you have nothing but Transformers on the brain for two weeks straight? Especially after talking to this girl :iconshirozora:....You start to get a thinking of your own little stories....=w=~ Now I had to do this folks. TwT I just had to.

Anyway, this will be ArceexBumblbee soon enough. Be patient you. This will be how Bumblebee came about the Autobots!

Also, this story is continued on! The story's the same there, so go and have fun! :wave:

As the before story says, I pictured the transformers as humans with Robot innards. :D Sounds about right to me don't you think? ^c^

ANYWAY! I wanted to draw the scene of Optimus first meeting Bumblebee. :D I'd like to say that is ash falling from the sky, but I don't know. :shrug: BB is my own version, but Optimus comes from the brilliant artist :iconbatangbatugan: and his pic here! [link] I remember once Shirozora-san mentioned that Optimus could look like Qui-Gon from Star Wars (she speaks the truth). And I have to say, Batangbat-kun sure did justice to Optimus as a human! :excited:

So...yeah. This is my small fic of how Bumblebee first came upon the Autobot rebels in the beginning of the war! :D More to come hopefully! X3 crawl under a hole and hope this cold leaves. :sleep:

Want to know the rest? Read it up on my fanfic here! :D [link]
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It was a chilly Fall afternoon. Francis was raking up some leaves, while Matthew and Arthur sat on the porch together. Alfred ran off the porch and jumped into the leaves.

"Hey, stop it Alfred, I'm trying to clean!"

"But it's fun to play in the leaves!" Alfred giggled as Francis sighed.

"Do something Arthur," Francis said as he looked over at Arthur. Arthur sighed and looked over at Alfred.

"Alfred, get out of the leaves. Come sit with me and Matthew."

"I don't want to!"

"It looks like fun," Matthew said softly. He looked up at Arthur curiously. "Can I join?"

Arthur smiled nervously. "Sure, go ahead."

Matthew got up and ran over to Alfred. Francis just sighed and walked over to Arthur. Arthur looked up at Francis.

"I guess it won't hurt to have them play for a bit," he said as he smiled. He sat beside Arthur and watched the boys play around.

"Don't tire yourselves out now. We still need to go trick or treating later!" Francis called out to the boys.

"Okay!" Alfred called back as he and Matthew continued to play.

"Alfred has a lot of energy, I doubt he'll get tired easily," Arthur said as he watched, and Francis laughed.

"You're right, but Matthew doesn't have as much energy as Alfred."

While they spoke, Alfred and Matthew just continued to play happily. Matthew threw leaves at Alfred and Alfred laughed and tackled him. Matthew fell to the ground and Alfred just laughed.


"No fair," Matthew huffed, trying to push Alfred down.

"You're going to have to try harder than that," Alfred said and Matthew tried his hardest to push him down while Alfred just laughed. Matthew finally gave up and breathed heavily.

"Giving up?" Alfred asked with a smile.


"That means I'm better than you," Alfred said as he stuck his tongue out at Matthew.

"I can be better if I tried!"

"No one can be better than me cause I'm a hero!" Alfred said and Arthur looked over.

"Boys, don't fight," he said and Francis tsked. Alfred ran over to them and Matthew got up slowly and followed him. Alfred got in Francis lap and smiled at him. Arthur looked at Matthew, noticing he looked sad.

"Are you okay Matthew?"

"Yea," he replied as he sat beside Arthur. Arthur rubbed his head and Matthew smiled a bit.

"When will we go trick or treating? I want to eat some candy!" Matthew said as he looked up at Arthur. Francis chuckled while Arthur replied to him.

"When it gets dark. Maybe around six."


"We have to finish cleaning up the yard first," Francis said as he looked at the scattered leaves.

"Want me to help?" Alfred asked as he looked at him.

"If you want Alfred," he replied. The both got up and got to work.


"Come on kids! Don't want to miss the fun," Francis called down the halls.

"Coming!" Alfred called as he ran into the living room with Matthew trailing behind him. Alfred was dressed as Superman while Matthew was dressed up as a ghost. Arthur smiled as he took a picture of them.

"Cute aren't they?" Francis asked with a knowing smile.


"Candy!" Matthew said eagerly as he grabbed Francis hand. "Let's go!"

"Alright, alright," Francis said as he laughed. Arthur took Alfred's hand and they all left the house.

"Where are we going first?" Alfred asked as he held Arthur's hand tightly.

"Down the neighborhood," Francis replied while Arthur looked at the sky. He could tell it was going to get dark quickly.


"I got a lot of candy," Matthew said happily.

"I did too!"

"Good for you."

"It's still pretty early," Arthur commented as he looked at his watch. Suddenly Alfred grabbed Arthur's sleeve.

"Tell us a scary story!" Alfred exclaimed loudly, causing some people to look over at them.

"Yea!" Matthew agreed in his soft voice.

"I have plenty of scary stories!" Francis said and Arthur gave him a stern look.

"Francis, don't scare them too bad or they'll be to scared to sleep."

"Ah... Come on just a bit?"

"Okay... Nothing to scary Francis," Arthur said as he sighed.

"Alright my darlings let's get home soon!"


After they got home, Alfred and Matthew quickly changed into their pajamas. They walked back into the living room and sat beside Arthur. Francis sat on the couch as he told a scary story. Matthew was listening closely and he was shaking. Arthur looked at him worriedly. Alfred squeezed Arthur's arm, to afraid to say anything.

"S-Stop it!" Matthew exclaimed as he began to cry. Arthur was quick to react to this, pulling the young boy into his lap.

"Are you okay Matthew?" he asked as he wiped away Matthew's tears.

"I'm scared," Matthew mumbled as he sniffed.

"Shh, it's okay," Arthur said as he hugged him. Matthew hugged back and Arthur glared at Francis.

"Ah... Sorry," Francis said as he rubbed the back of his head, laughing nervously. Arthur just sighed.

"I'm sorry," Francis said as he got up.

"It's quite alright," Arthur said as he looked at Matthew. "There's nothing to be afraid of Matthew."


"I guess it's time for bed," Francis said as Arthur nodded and stood up with Matthew in his arms.

"No way, I'm not tired!" Alfred said as a yawn betrayed his words.

"Come on Alfred even heroes need to sleep," Francis chuckled as he picked Alfred up. Alfred laid his head on Francis shoulder as he carried him to his room. He laid him down and Alfred smiled at him.

"Good night Daddy."

"Good night my little hero," he said as he ruffled Alfred's hair. "Do you need me to leave the lamp on for you?"

"No it's okay."

"Alright," he said as he turned the lamp off.

When he walked into his bedroom, Arthur was already getting the bed ready.

"Getting the bed ready I see."

"Yea," was all Arthur said as he continued to do so. After he finished, they laid down. Francis pulled Arthur close, making him blush.

"What do you think you're doing?" Arthur asked, trying to hide his blush.

"Cuddling~ Got a problem?" Francis asked as he kissed Arthur's forehead. Arthur just shook his head.

"You're too cute!"

"No I'm not," Arthur said as he looked up at him. Francis just smiled.

"Good night my love," Francis said as he hugged Arthur tightly.

"Good night Francis," Arthur said. He breathed out happily and they both fell asleep.
OOC: Roleplayed by me & :iconamericalovesicecream: I just made it into a story~

France, America, Canada & England belong to Hidekazu Himaruya

Picture: [link]
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It seemed as calm as an ocean could be
Almost as wide as the sea
With a mind that vast
How couldn't I dive in?
I guess that's why I decided to swim

So I delved into the deep ocean blue
I swam looking for you
I dove into the abyss
And I found this:
A snuffed out light
A heart that someone broke with all their might
A few broken parts
And some lost art
All of this caused me confusion
So I kept going to reach my conclusion
I wanted to see more
I kept straying away from the shore

After awhile I became lost
I felt my mind lose conscious thought
The water around preceded to choke me !
The lights grew darker so that I couldn't see!
I rushed to the surface to get back to land
But the water charged after me as I swam
The surface by then had turned into a storm
The ocean had taken on a horrible form
It consumed the sky and all around
There was no such thing as solid ground
The waves took me and dragged me down.....

And I felt myself float away
and begin to drown.....

Hm. I'm actually impressed with myself just a bit...

*pops my collar and wears dark sunglasses*

Side note: This is about someone I know. And no, I do not "love" him, how my friends put intrigued by? possibly. I kind of just took the whole idea from the fact that he wears (or they're his natural color. idk) dark blue contacts. And just made me think of the ocean...
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A  Generator Rex story

Warning: This story will involve Rex/Noah so if you don't like that pairing please leave now.

And please enjoy and comment.

Rating: T (just in case)

Both boys held their jackets over their heads, running for cover of a nearby tree. The rain was pouring down, soaking the baseball court they had just been playing on not moments ago.  

"gotta' love freak rain storms" Noah said as he shook water off his coat.

"Yeah try flying into one, then it really sucks" Rex commented as he whipped off water from his own jacket.

The blonde smiled at his friend, guessing that it was a voice of experience before turning his attention back to the rain "guess we'll just have to wait until the rain eases up" he said with a sigh.

"Sorry Noah, but waiting isn't really my thing…" Rex barely managed to finish his sentence before the rain started to pound down harder "… then again maybe waiting isn't so bad" He said with a fake smile as he leaned against the tree.

Noah fallowed suit, leaning against the tree before both boys let out a heavy sigh.  Their eyes setting on the basket ball they left on the court, when they ran for shelter.

"How long do these rain storms last?" Rex asked, as the blonde was much more familiar with the area then he was.

Noah gave him a shrug "from a few minutes to a few hours"

"Great…" Rex groaned out as he zipped up his jacket and stuffed his hands into his pockets, he felt like it was going to be a long one.

The Evo watched as the thundering rain rocked the orange ball back and forth on the uneven court. He then caught Noah shivering in the corner of his eye.

"You cold?" Rex asked turning his head towards the blonde.

"No I'm fine" Noah said as he crossed his arms over his chest suppressing the urge to shiver.

"You're sure?" the tanned boy questioned.

"Yes" the blonde reassured as he stopped leaning against the tree and stood up straight, as if that could proved he was fine, but it quickly failed as he shivered again.

Rex stood up and pointed at his friend "you are cold".

"Ok maybe I am a little" Noah admitted as he zippered up his jacket "but I'm ok I can handle a little chill."

Rex gave him an unbelieving look but shrugged "if you say so, Noah" his attention returning to the rain, well some of it. Rex was a little worried that Noah was getting too cold; he didn't want his best friend getting sick.

Noah suddenly yelped, causing Rex to jump and quickly turned to his friend, only to see that the blonde now had a wet hair.

"This tree doesn't like me" Noah grumbled, as he had just gotten water poured on him by a tress' branch.

Rex burst out laughing, but tried to muffle it with one hands as Noah shoot him a glare, that only made Rex want to laugh harder. Noah wasn't good at glaring.

"It's not funny Rex, that water was really cold" Noah complained with a pout, which made the tanned boy smile.

Rex then frowned as he saw Noah's shivering getting worst "oh come here you big wimp" he said and tugged Noah's jacket, pulling the blonde into his arms.

Noah stood stunned as Rex's arms were wrapped around his waist and his back pressed against Rex's chest.  

A long moment passed before his mind caught up to what Rex said, "I'm not a wimp" Noah muttered.

Rex laughed a little at that "Yeah, yeah, I know" he said brushing it off "…Feeling warmer now?" he asked.

Noah didn't dare look at Rex for fear of him seeing the blush clear across his face "yeah a bit" but not in the way Rex meant to, or that's what Noah thought.

"That's good" Rex said, glad that he could hold his friend… no, crush like this, without risking their friendship….  Just as long as Noah only thought he was doing this in a pure 'friendly' matter.

Noah shivered again and stuffed his hands between his arms to try and warm them, but once again the Evo notice the action.

"Here, give me your hands" Rex said as he extended his hands out in front of both of them.

Noah glanced back at Rex for a moment before placing his hands in the tanned boy's noticeably warmer ones. Rex smiled at this, folding Noah's hands against one another, before he started to rub his palm and fingers over them "Does that feel a bit better?"

"Yeah…" Noah said as his body relaxed against Rex's, his eyes were fixed on Rex's hands as it was one of the few times he wasn't wearing his gloves, and the first time Noah hand felt the tanned boy's bare hand.

Rex smiled and leaned against the tree again, taking the other boy with him, causing Noah to lean more weight onto him.  Rex's hands traced over and rubbed against Noah's. He couldn't help but want this moment to last for as long as it could.

Noah body stiffened some as he took a shaky breath, before he unfolded his hands and quickly intertwined his finger of his left hand with Rex's right.

Rex froze and stared unbelievingly down at the hand that Noah held "Noah?" he asked puzzled, but the blonde only held his hand tighter as he turned his head so Rex couldn't see his face.

"Noah…" Rex said softer, his hand wrapping back around the other boy's, as his other arm wrapped around the blonde's waist and held him close.

Noah turned his head and looked at their intertwined hands before looking up at Rex with a warm smile, and Rex returned it with one of his own.

Noah turned around in Rex's embrace, their hand's still entangled as he stood on his tip toes, leaning up to kiss Rex.

"Wait" Rex quickly said

Noah looked at Rex confused and a little hurt "Whaaaa-" the blonde was suddenly dragged into the pouring rain "Rex what are y--!?" but Noah was cut off as Rex grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him passionately. The blonde easily melted into the emotional kiss and could do little more then return the kiss, pouring his own pent up  emotions' into it.

The rain all but nothing as they held onto each other tightly, and share a kiss that exchanged the feelings they held for other. Only breaking apart when the basketball they left on the court bumped against their leg.

Rex gave the other boy one of his goofy smiles "Sorry, I always wanted to have a kiss in the pouring rain" He said, as the rain kept pounding down on them, beads of rain running down both their faces.

Noah smiled up at the Evo as he let out a small laugh, before Rex pulled him into another kiss this one sweeter then the last.
This is for :iconxing-2-lee: Rex/Noah contest.

Rainy weather outside
And the song 1000 words (the Japanese version a.k.a. 1000 no kotaba) [link]
I literally kept replaying it over and over as I wrote this fic.

Hope you all enjoy the story.

Noah and Rex belong to Man of Action.
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