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The Fractal Universe

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 8, 2011, 1:01 PM

Is a photograph only a record, something created by a machine?  Can photography ever truly be considered art?  That question seems quaint and laughable these days, but if you do a little research you will find that once upon a time it was a raging debate.  Thankfully a consensus has been reached that the agency of the photographer – his or her eye and critical mind – choosing the subject and manipulating the machine (the camera that is the art instrument) is what establishes photographs as potential works of art when created by an artist-photographer.  Pretty basic common sense, huh?  So why then is there now a debate as to whether FRACTAL ART is truly art – or just something produced by poking patterns into a computer?  Isn't it just really random e-graffiti, a fibonacci button mash?

Here we go again… Hopefully it won’t take nearly a century again before fractal art is recognized as the creative expression of artistic individuals possessing, developing and executing a distinct subset of critical-analytical, emotional, and technical skills in order to create objects that can inspire, amuse, soothe, startle or otherwise engage the mind of the beholder.  It’s art for the new age, and a most welcome new player.

My Questions for the Reader

  1. How do you respond to critics who claim that fractal art is too much of the “machine” creating the artwork?
  2. What is the extent of the artist’s human agency that makes a fractal artwork the artists vision rather than just an extension of “the machine”?
  3. Is a background in mathematics or programming something that can greatly aid a fractal artist?

While writing this article I recalled a brief but mind expanding conversation I was lucky enough to have with Ray Kurzweil last year about the coming Singularity and it made me think…

  1. When we are able one day soon to use computer chips implanted in our brains to project purely imagined images onto canvases, monitors or into the air as floating holograms – will this be accepted as genuine artistry … or will these “artists” be dismissed as mere “daydreamers”?

I have only chosen a few pieces of Fractal artwork for this article so I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Fractal Art in general and whom you might recommend as some of the more inspiring Fractal Artists on dA.

Abstract Fractal by nmsmith
HoM -Hanging on Myself- by Juniae
The Mother Ship by GypsyH
FlowerLane by coby01
Reverie by Tibodo

Since posting this article on Monday

I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Fractal art from the community behind these amazing works of art.   Most inspiring to me were the details around how the pieces are actually constructed and some of the unique history behind the origin of the medium itself.   The Fractal community here on dA is comprised of a very talented, passionate and generous group of people.   Thank you to everyone, who in the last week helped me to better understand this beautiful art form.

There has been incredibly inspiring discussion in the comments below around the questions that I posed to the community.   These are just a few of the deviants who have already contributed to the conversation in meaningful ways.




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The greatest resource on DA!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 3, 2012, 3:18 PM
I thought I'd share with you all my idea of the absolute best resource DA has to offer.

Although the tutorials are fantastic and can be found for almost any program an artist could use, it's not the best! Even though it's the reason I found DA!!

The gradient packs while so very nice and filled with all the gradients anyone could ever hope to use still isn't the best resource I've found on DA!

The parameter packs while filled with some of the best fractals for tweaking are fantastic and most new fractal artists would be lost without them, they aren't the best resource either!!

The plug-ins make life so very nice for those who do this on a daily basis and give us something different to explore and experiment with, but alas it's not the greatest resource either!!

The scripts also make tweaking and exploring new things very nice and give us a quick and easy way to the start of another tweaking expedition!! But again, it's not the best either!!!

The groups here at DA also make our artistic journey nice by letting us combine and share among folks with similar interests and tastes!! It's also so very nice for displaying your work to so many other wonderful artists here!  BUT, it's not the best resource!

The chat rooms can be very nice but I have to admit that I only go to one and it's got to be the absolute best chat out there!  BUT again, it's not the best resource!

The community event's and projects give us many wonderful things to explore and compete in! Things going on all over DA to keep anyone busy on their artistic quest! BUT, and I know you know what's coming, it's not the best resource either!!!

In my humble opinion the absolute best resource DA has to offer IS YOU!! So many kind and caring wonderful folks here so willing to care and share! It's almost like an extended family!!

I'm lucky enough to know a lady who spends ALL of her time and energy helping and sharing with others and not just here at DA!!! Every so often, for no reason at all, she'll send me one of her parms to check out and learn from!!! That usually sends me off in a completely direction (and it's great)!!

I sometimes get comments on some of my pieces that are just so great they make my whole day and maybe even the week!!! Sometimes a kind word is so very powerful!! It can lift you up even when you didn't realize you needed it!

SO many people here sharing and helping each other in so many ways!!  It has got to be the people of DA that are it's great resource and asset!!!


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This is a very visual journal so if you have 'problems' looking at awesome and cool things - don't stay long on my page :lmao:
Lets start with some artists and their galleries before showing of the rest of fractal goodies :eyes:

opening by jost1

Long Forgotten by zy0rgGlasshouse by zy0rgFloria by zy0rg
Apocalypse by zy0rg

CopperCloisters by MarkJayBeeThe Drowned World by MarkJayBeeConcavities II by MarkJayBee
Strangelove's Legacy by MarkJayBee

Fairy Pearls Under the Ocean by C-91Wireless by C-91Walk Away by C-91
Prepare Yourself for the Fall by C-91

Delusion Confusion by HalTennyBig Ears by HalTennyPressure Cooker by HalTenny
Cave of Trees by HalTenny

As you can see mandelbulb artists are really 'rocking' the scene the number of the formulas grew - I would say 10-times fold and it's giving more options for getting ultimate awesomesauce designs.
There is so many great images I hope I can all fit them in here :lmao:
Ready for more of the outstanding visuals - grab a drink and have a look :beer:

Metamorphic by sjdebdaly

Fairytales and Fiddlehead Ferns by FarDareisMaiSynthetic Origins by jimmytc25degustation by chpGreen Marble Arcs by halakimokThrough Ice by FractalEuphoriaSlipping by SuicideBySafetyPin
Hitchcock's The Birds by FRATMEXTransmogrified by beaudeeleyLost and found by bib993Plastica by Jimpan1973
interconnected by sewer-pancakeThe chasm by FractalDesireMutter by mutequackyAutumn's Melody by carlx

Branched by ClaireJones

Roiling by FarDareisMaiUnen by DoubleLayerWheels and Tracks by 12GOKoan by OutsideFate
Entry by KoAltaiTeMaungaBots In The Andoan Desert by GypsyHMB-gh02 by GypsyHHaywire by Zyndara
B+W by psion005Familia de la Tierra by FractalEyesProtection by lindelokseIntroversion by heavenriverLens by FarDareisMai
Aztech City - after the Rain by MANDELWERKMetalballs high DE by bib993Long Misty Days by Len1Common Ground by Len1

Lucascape by bib993
Visual delights in fractals ;) - enjoy !!!
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I have made an installer for Apophysis 7X 15C available at

Please be aware that this installer is for Microsoft Windows only. It comes in two versions: for the 32 bit and the 64 bit version of Apophysis 7X 15C. The two versions can be installed side-by-side. Even in a single folder (but be careful - you might not want to uninstall the 32 bit version if you have the 64 bit version in the same folder so I recommend keeping the folders separate)

Unlike for the ZIP-package, 32- and 64 bit version do not come in a single file!

Currently, the german, italian and chinese language packs are shipped with the installer. The other language packs are outdated and for the vanilla version 7x15 only.

The 32 bit-installer offers you to install a collection of DC-plugins as well as two sample scripts. Please mind that upon uninstallation, these plugin .DLL-files will be removed even if they were there before. This also applies to scripts and other files. That's why you should not install Apophysis 7x over an existing version in the same folder. Choose a new folder or backup the old version first.

The installer includes the hotfix release #7 but future hotfix releases will not be included with the installer. A new installer is uploaded only on major releases (15D? 16?) so that a hotfix release is more like a "patch" and needs to be installed manually. The approach is the same as for 2.02 as the major release and 2.09 as the minor release:

1) Install Apophysis with the latest installer
2) Download the latest hotfix/patch if available and copy Apophysis7X.exe or Apophysis7X64.exe into the install folder

Installer (32 bit)

Installer (64 bit)

PS: A hotfix #8 seems likely because there is one bug remaining; apart from that, no other patch releases are planned. You are safe to consider this installer version the "final" 7x15C with a minor bug in the multithreaded renderer (known problem with "noise" and "crop"-variations)
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Fantastic Fractalicious Fractals # 16

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 19, 2012, 1:28 PM
:bulletred: Goodies

Crying Peacock Constructed by eReSaWBranched by ClaireJonesSolemn by LeXXeDaydream With Brianna by PlatinusBlooming Spring by SARETTA1All Xaosed Out by mutequackyPoseidons Children by GrahamSymMy roots are on FIRE !! by Fiery-FireThis way by bib993Cartophilia by FarDareisMaiIn The Middle Of The Night by Loony-LucyThe New Dawn by zy0rgexplosions by alana-mFlower Of Chaos by ClepsidrasSpark in the Night by jim373Unity by AbsttLuster by ShadoweddancerMirage by Szellorozsa77W4-Citrus Slices by AmorinaAshtonVestige by Beesknees67:thumb292874688:Hieronymus Bosch by eReSaWBeyond colors remade by TahyonAscend by jadenkananDistorted Cubism by Jimpan1973Use Rainbows not Weapons by LeichenengelMidnight Insight by OutsideFateDa Vinci's Sketchbook by LinuronGolden Flowers by ResetblueSpring Thaw by EmasworldMandel Industries by VidomAscending of the Disciples at Zero Degrees Kelvin by MANDELWERKStill Life with Seated Movement by eReSaWBroccofungus by FractKali:thumb296581859:Shroom by RowrattyTempered Soul by UniversalKinase

:bulletred: Resources, tutorials and parameters

Apophysis: Depths of the Sea by C-91Dimensions and sunbeams by Astrantia01Painting a Fractal, Part 1 by ChaosFissure49J by Prelkia

Ultra Fractal: On the Forest Floor by timemitA Simple Joy + Parameters by snow-valkyrieTextures Tutorial and Texture Pack by Jimpan1973Realistic objects in UltraFractal by raysheafGnarly Help by Kattvinge

MB3D: Fractalum Multicolour by GrahamSymCollonadium by MarkJayBee

:bulletred:Funny parameter tweaks

In November I submitted a fractal+parameters, free for tweaking. And look at the lovely results:heart:

Original parameters

A Threefold Cord  + parameters by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel

The tweaks:
Esquisse by DoubleLayerLunaria by Shadoweddancerdaigian's nut gathering by FractalEyes

:bulletred:You Can Has Progress

Render this Again meme by OutsideFate
Dots OutsideFate put this up some days ago, and I think it's a fun idea. What about whip up some of your old fractals, one of your first ones and tweak them/improve them and then put it up here? If you do so, I'll feature it in the next issue. If you want some inspiratio;  check out Iwona's Sucky Fractals articles.

:bulletred: Fractals for Indonesia

Some weeks ago guagapunyaimel and killythirsk asked for some support to their exhibition at their school A Chance To Exhibit Your Fractal ArtworkHello everyone. :) How are you? hope you are all okay. :) It's been a long time since i wrote a personal journal. :D So here i am. posting a personal journal. Well, not very personal actually. :paranoid:
I'm here to tell you about an upcoming event called "Fractal For Indonesia".  So, me and my friend, killythirsk, are organizing a workshop about fractal art, what are they, and how to create them. The workshop will be held on April 7th, 2012 at The Hall of Polytechnic of Bandung, Indonesia.
On the workshop area, there will be an exhibition, showcasing some fractal artworks. Now this is the part where i need your help. One of the mission of the exhibition is to educate the visitors that fractal art is now become a global phenomenon. People all around the world are creating fractal art and it's getting bigger and bigger. So, i need your participation to proof this fractal global phenomenon.
How to participate?
, and several the fractal artists here generously offered their works for this event, and here you can read about how this went:

Photos:Fractal For Indonesia Photos by guagapunyaimel
Media:… (in Indonesian)

Until next issue, Happy fractaling:love:

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  • Drinking: water and coffee
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TheFavouriteShowcase - the most beautiful favourites!
Purpose: to give its members the exposure they deserve.
It's the home of photographers, digital and traditional artists. We're not just hanging your works at our gallery walls! We intend to make people see them.
:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconlovesplz: :iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconlovesplz::iconthefavouriteshowcase:


This news-article has been sponsored by:
:icondalinksystem: :iconsbg-crewstock:

#dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated towards increasing artists exposure by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system.



Let's show some appreciation to our members and their Art  :iconmaxtess:

Symbolism of the color RED:
Excitement, energy, passion, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, love, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence, aggression, all things intense and passionate.


Self by Lyraina Lost by LUN2004 Thaidos by KristinaGehrmann
Red Passion by iluviarWinds by Laxmi-Arts  :thumb256284738:
Rainbow forest by FadwaAngelaAttracted to Green by tupilakOptimistic Life by precious10

Symbolism of the color PURPLE:
Royalty, spirituality, nobility, spirituality, ceremony, mysterious, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, cruelty, arrogance, mourning..


Cardinal by Bumblewalescrazy colors by angedevil Stuck on You by Kumiko-Art
Lost In Medieval Ground by VeronicaDuARTe While in Japan... by anokaxlegolas Jigoku Shoujo by angelacypher
Flower Fire by SeaSpryte  Beauty in red by Calaymo Blushing Geranium by Caloxort

Symbolism of the color GREY:
Joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold, philosophy, dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, covetousness, deceit, illness, hazard.


Paint Pot Sky by Einsilbig Colorful sunset... by adypetrisorsummer time love by angedevil
Lounge Dreams Vol.1 - Flyer by isoarts2 Optimistic Heart by Demachic rainbow-colored hope by FadwaAngela
T by rush2anthony.Goodbye cruel world. by BlackRoseMew:thumb175298224:

Symbolism of the color GREEN:
Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune..


The Head of Octavia by KristinaGehrmann Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly Last Man Remaining by KristinaGehrmann
The "B" book 3 by GrandMaster-J5 Muchness by its-saiby   WIP Bar by Frightened-Lollipop
Relaxing by Anelu Mermaid_2 by sharandulaCapricornio by Chocolatita

Symbolism of the color WHITE:
Reverence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, youth, birth, winter, snow, good, sterility, marriage (Western cultures), death (Eastern cultures), cold, clinical, sterile.


Crimson Lotus Flower by Akmona Red Rose by shirly90 red by H-e-l-y
Bloodthirst by LT-Arts Radiance by TJUArt The last three minutes by BerryBlu
Geisha by MrsButterD Fire's Daughter by CatherineNodetLily by babsartcreations

Symbolism of the color ORANGE:
Energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, demanding of attention.


Candy by messypink Old Granny by missykanga red by DeadRabbid
Evil Bitch by brunopic Nerishana y Nuck by uialwen Cupcake bunny by Makenshichrona13
Songs we luv:AreYouExperiened? by TheTEIM Sophisticated by momo-pie :thumb191487987:

Symbolism of the color BLUE:
Peace, tranquility, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, cleanliness, order, loyalty, sky, water, cold, technology, depression, appetite suppressant.


It's Complicated by OwlInTheMirror Light Within My Artful Escape by dizzylizz Light Of The Universe by ChristopherPayne
The dance of eternity by Dr-F0x G-ai by Gribouillonne108 by iveseenthefuture
:thumb263336875: Imp animated by nightgrowler Ghost Rider by KidNotorious by nightgrowler

Symbolism of the color BROWN:
Earth, hearth, home, outdoors, reliability, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, and comfort.


Red Queen by ElleChups O-Hatsu by schnurrDOSE
Birth by TiaSt Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Huguettepizzic  :thumb199660560:  

Symbolism of the color BLACK:
Power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, underground, good technical color, mourning, death (Western cultures).


Mirage in a Dream by Kancano "Pride Lands" Seasons by stargateatlSTOP. Water is precious....... by jennystokes
:thumb244418823: :thumb262021298:...old news... by Sicvitaest69

:iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz:

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Here's a little sneak preview of our sponsors gallerie: :iconpinkballoonplz:


Paper love by Ady-MUM Pink Flowers Journal by Vivirmivida :thumb226878716:
She Dreams in Colours by creativemikey Red Shine by Sabbelbina Kristin Kreuk by raijinnathan
:thumb251340394: Coping Mechanism by skyzyk Inner Turbulence by buddhakat9


:iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconpwincessnaveera: :iconcuteicondividerplz:

Thank you so much and show them your love, they all deserve it  :iconblushplz:

And of course: spread the about this article and these amazing groups  :iconplusfavplz:

Devious Folder – Aug/Sept:…
Color Crazy Folder – Aug/Sept:…
Devious Folder - July:…
Devious Folder - June:…
Devious Folder - May:…
Devious Folder – April:…
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Download for Windows 32/64bit:…

This release is mainly a bugfix release for the 0.47 beta, with many improvements to the user interface fixing issues such as the fractal not scaling when you changed resolution, imaging settings being spuriously reset and not saved properly etc. Hopefully it's a bit more friendly to use now :) It'll still crash if you try to restore state without having the original params loaded, that'll be fixed in the next release.

Another important change in this build is restored native support for bipolar, thanks to code Xyrus-02 provided from Apo7X15C beta 3. I'm hoping the small difference in handling the divide by zero and negative log etc will finally enable full compatibility - please test this and report if something looks wrong!

Thanks :)


* Changed copyright to Glare Technologies Ltd.
* Added Glare Tech's Winter scripting language (not exposed yet)
* Added batch rendering
* Fixed zillions of UI issues related to handling of parameters / state
* Fixed epsilon in cross (Thanks again to FarDareisMai), possibly some other variations
* Added native foci variation
* Using native bipolar again, please test!

* Added colour curves
* Improved image quality slightly, re-enabled SS 1 mode for large images (to allow higher max res in 32bit)
* Added IFS browser window, editable resolution / SS fields
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From Resources to Fractal Art #1

Wed Oct 10, 2012, 8:26 AM
Hi deviants !

Welcome to my new series : "From Resources to Fractal Art".

What is really interesting in the fractal community, is the way deviants interact between each others to share their knowledge with tutorial or Parameters Pong (Sharing Parameters to tweak the main fractals).
Therefore, in this article I'm going to select a resource randomly and show you how to start from a tutorial to achieve a wonderful fractal.

This week, let's take a look at lindelokse tutorial : Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial

This tutorial is an evolution of her first tutorial about 2D blooms.
Since Chiara explained us how to create bloom a lot of deviants tweaked and had fun with this technique!
Here's a lil' sample of what you can find in this category !

The master 

Un Soffio Caldo by lindelokse Queen of the Rain by lindelokse Velvet Dew by lindelokse Eternal by lindelokse

The students 

Breathe by lucid-light Valentine by lucid-light Rain of Lights by SARETTA1
Lonely in Your Nightmare by C-91 Malaise by C-91 Long Forgotten by zy0rg
Floria by zy0rg Digital Pollenation by ChristopherPayne Midnight bloom for Chiara by Liuanta
Shamans Journey 111 by love1008 Margarita by Fiery-Fire Just a Bloom by SuicideBySafetyPin 
A Tribute by SuicideBySafetyPin Narcissus Apoflora by OutsideFate Don't Scare The Fireflies by Anyzamarah 
Home Of The Air Fairies by Anyzamarah Yvette by Fiery-Fire Sparkle by obeyyourmaster
Baby Blue by moonhigh Glass flower by thargor6 burning blossom by sewer-pancake
Rubies and Gold by The-Apparition Flower Burst by karlajkitty Blossom In A Star by Mynimi94
Waterlily by Gerda1946 :thumb263495343: Young At Heart by Loony-Lucy
Secret Santa: A Flower for Liuanta by GraphicLia Fire blossoms - HDR render by thargor6 Cristal flower by hmn

And even I is a student ! :giggle:
Set fire to the digital rain by SaTaNiA

If you want don't hesitate to try this technique, you only need time and patience :)
Don't hesitate to show us your results too in the comments below!

And if you're still reading me right now (first thanks :giggle:), don't hesitate to share your skills with the community, you will learn a lot's from their results !

Thank you and see you next week ! 

Hi deviants !

Welcome to my new series : "From Resources to Fractal Art".

What is really interesting in the fractal community, is the way deviants interact between each others to share their knowledge with tutorial or Parameters Pong (Sharing Parameters to tweak the main fractals).
So in this article i'm going to select a resources randomly and show you, how to start from a tutorial to achieve a wonderful fractal.
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:bulletred: please take the time to read about this wonderful initiative by killythirsk and guagapunyaimel , and to take part, you still have five days of time so be quick quick!!! it's a wonderful opportunity with a great inspiration and goal ;)

:bulletred: there will probably be a new big contest for fractal art here on deviantART soon :w00t: what are your suggestions about it? Do you have a theme to propose? I'm sure our dear SuicideBySafetyPin would be delighted to hear your opinion and suggestions :)


Stone garden I by FRATMEX Neurons by FRATMEX Neurons Version 3.0 by FRATMEX Exit to nowhere by FRATMEX The calcium eater by FRATMEX 

Letnje noci by SvetlanaIvanova Into da fairy by SvetlanaIvanova Gor'dlogo by SvetlanaIvanova Russian churches by SvetlanaIvanova Botanical by SvetlanaIvanova 

temple of gnarl by acspear hop splice by acspear organic network by acspear life bloom by acspear tree of symmetry by acspear 

NDS M3D 105 032012 by Stillworth NDS M3D 113 032712 by Stillworth Random Platelets by Stillworth NDS M3D 111 032612 by Stillworth NDS M3D 109 032412 by Stillworth 

InfaSpiral by SidicusMaximus Oklahoma Tricorn by SidicusMaximus Fractal Field 3 by SidicusMaximus Infaforce by SidicusMaximus Tricorn Pire by SidicusMaximus 


Regalia by Cosmic-Cuttlefish Luckiest Charm by NeyoPro Fathoms Deep... by Stuart203  turtles all the way down by cyberxaos The Long Cab Ride by 2BORN02B tyring by nemitode Cornfield by MadameLuciferi :thumb290488920: FR - 1 by DiZa-74 INC 176 by scaulier69 amazonian arachnid by Dharini Plasma Stairway by plantm Surfing Sierpinski by CO99A5 Light in the Dark by livepixx Alien Flora by LiquidCandyRainbow don't touch by benjaGaiden Heart felt by apomaker Gnarls in Yellows and Greens by element90 Temple of Arham by trsor7 Sea Algorithm of Passion by Clepsidras berry animation by plantm We are still Borg by MindsEye69 FRACTAL BAROQUE by teleportsofia Artificial Society Vol. 2 by jimmytc25 Rollercoaster by neonrauschen Luca's Rotbox 12 by LeonieZurakowsky Jellyfish by Kaylian Colorado Pine Trees by C-91 Environmental sustainability by Vidom Mandelbulb5 by svenart Edges by pillemaster TRY by The-Apparition Pink Pearls by maya49m Chaos in woods3 by Ejimac Skeleton by NoEyedSquareGuy Fire on the Mountain by beautifulchaos1 Future Glass by hyakugojuuichi Fractalholic 3700 by Fractalholic Passage to the Afterlife by M2e-Fx Strange Pillars by allthenightlong Fractal Red Cells by baba49 The Face by Karkan Season by Wick5ter The Balcony by fraxialmadness3 20120227-1 by s31415 Rain's Ducky 1. by CopperColour F bird by PsySun Seeds and Branches by carlx 2.2.2 by Yourmung Humans are no longer born ... by halakimok 25 03 by kimsmile Bumpy Path by AureliusCat The House of Apollo II by rosshilbert PINK PLANET by GeaAusten Under lights by B-Spline timeshifter by rce-ordinary 74G4-Whispering Moons by AmorinaAshton :thumb292364875: le renouveau by lecristal Reflections of Easter by skyzyk Master Bulb by DsyneGrafix Terraces by fractalfiend Neptune's Rising by Hollowfication23 :thumb290102516: Vivi by afugatt Volcano's Vase by ChaosFissure Houses Of The Unholy by NilNilNil Levels by Undead-Academy Chinese ball 3 by mjdezo SPRING FLOWER by roup14 Starry Night by Mynimi94 Quaternion Unleashed by DarK--MatteR Day Dreams by rebeccaluke Another World . Departure by Kaeltyk 3D Mesh by Luc14n Exotic #02 by Spamkiller Apo Challenge 120 by GraphicLia :thumb289549394:


UF monthly challenge redux winner: 
Haute Couture by FractalEyes

Apophysis Challenge winners: 
Apo Challenge 120 by grimpotamus Trio by Margot1942 Out of the box by terforpova Solar Eggtivity by halakimok

Fractal Flowers colour of the month winner: 
ehm... who won? :confused:

Features from the fractal gallery!
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Hey guyz !
Here're all the daily deviation i've set for this awesome November month !!
I hope you've enjoyed them :la:

Faires Dreams by JCCJ756  Happy Family - One Hand Clap by jim373  Riddian Queen Of Fire by xzendor7  Golden Wheat by mehrdadart 

 M3Db11 by nachoriesco  Post Cubism by KoAltaiTeMaunga  Duckies again by dark-beam  Fandango by Len1  

Azure Spiral by Linuron  Geometry Of Flowers by Mookiezoolook  QJ+MS^3 by Mathness  The War for Jupiter by makepeaceart  

Linear Coil by milleniumsentry  Defective Collective by MrAries23  The Tower by PIXAMIGHT  vis-a-vis by waste-and-tragedy  

Labyrinthe by Digithalie  Megapole by heyday93  220 - Touch of love by russianlad  ShapesDirect 10 by Gerda1946  

DERVISHES TOURNEURS. by GalerieVirtuelle  Wonderful Things in Life by coby01  STRETCH by INITZS   Wheels by tatasz 

Magnet Dream by fractzxirus   In Motion II by LithMyathar   MB3D_0356_hd by 0Encrypted0   Fractalholic 4026 by Fractalholic   

the vivid dream of a butterfly by Dharini

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November Fractals Daily Deviation RoundUp
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