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Very Very hope ly you like it :) enjoy
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This took FOREVER!!!! The format was really big so the flames look soo cheesy... uhg.....
Hope you like it!
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This took a long time! Hope you like it
I put a lot of my time into it!
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LineArt by sureya [link]
ColorArt by RodrigoFSilva
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Awwww!! They look so adorable!!!
Request from :iconinari-ikamashi:

Rumdas Heart belongs to :iconinari-ikamashi:

Art by me! :iconifreakenlovedrawing:
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Huuray! I'm done!
Request from :iconsally390:
InuYasha and Kagome as dogs sleeping in the shade! I think it kinda sweet
This is probably one of the best one yet! What do you think?
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Thank you so much to all my watchers, friends and everybody who faved my art!
It means so much to me (not kidding) I have been a deviant for a year now and have a 113 watchers and many friends who help me improve my drawing skills! If I hadn't joined I would still suck art... I drew this for all my friends, even for the ones who either don't have an Oc or didn't want to be in it.
Thank you so very much!
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I guess i was bored XD and wanted everyone to know what a YAOI FAN I AM ! WAHAHAHAH
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Name: Tina 'Strider Doodle' Strelka

Age: 21

Nationality: Polish, Russian, German

- A tiger-blonde girl wearing blue glasses and a hat on top of her head. For the most part she’ll keep a tiny smile on her face. Has a tendency to wear attitude t-shirts, sometimes with references to shows and internet memes. Has a thing for cargo pants, either black or blue. She doesn’t really have a fashion sense and will keep her outfits simple, unless it’s for a special occasion. The hat on her head changes each day; it can range from a purple top hat to a brown newspaper boy’s hat with a button on the side, and for the most part she will wear the hat for the whole day, unless told by a superior to take it off.

- For the most part Tina keeps to herself about where she has lived and where she came from, but when talking about her childhood, she has a tendency to ramble on and on. The youngest of five kids, she knows what its like to be the last. She has moved three times, though she won’t say where she moved too. She has a lot of crazy experiences, from almost drowning twice, seeing her sister get attacked by a leech, squirrels bothering her randomly, receiving her black belt at age 15, to finding a skeleton of a fox in the woods at the back of her house. All one has to do is ask; if she trust and likes a person, she’ll more than likely tell him or her.
- Due to a recent incident with a Space-Time Rift in a different Grim Renaissance, Tina had been sucked into an isolated realm with that Renaissance called the 'ARTS'. She was stuck in this unusual and enigmatic place for about a year, and during that time, the only way to survive was to be constantly using her Grim Arts. Oddly enough, when using your Grim Arts in the 'ARTS' the cost is reversed, instead of the usual disappearing, it allowed one to retain energy and strength to keep training and sharpening one's skills. That in itself leads those who Tina has shared this story with to believe that the 'ARTS' was created by a Lineage with a symbiotic Grim Art (the likes of which are reputed to be even rarer than those with the Triple Wing Phenomenon) for others to train in, and that the Space-Time Rifts in that neighboring Grim Renaissance must be the result of the 'ARTS' not being maintained well. Nevertheless, a year in the 'ARTS' gave Tina a considerable talent boost, and because of this boost, she was finally able to test out all the Techniques that caught her eye before. After a year of hard work, Tina finally manged to pull open a hole and return herself into he own apartment over at Renaissance 'Forgewater', with her new skills and equipment intact. However, her time in the 'ARTS' has also tampered with her ability to gauge how much her Grim cost affects her now, leading to her being legless most of the time via her Costs.

- Tina is highly empathetic and pretty confident for most of the time, but she tends to have moments of dread and loss of confidence when put into new situations. She always seems to stick to the back of crowds and calmly watches the events unfold before her. She also acts differently depending upon the people and situation, but for the most part she does prefer to be alone.
- When she’s by herself or with new people, she can be polite and kind, keeping her conversations short and sweet. She won’t delve into the conversation unless she begins to show interest in the person she is talking to, but for the most part she will speak her mind and then go back to remaining silent and out of the way.
- When she’s with friends and family she is goofy and silly. She doesn’t remain serious for long, she lets her true colors show, to the point where she ends up being a bit snarky and sarcastic with people close to her. She cares greatly for those she calls friend or family, and will stick up for anyone of them. If something about a person bothers her she will let them know so that they won't have any surprises about her attitude.
- When at work, or any place serious, she will keep a stern appearance, rarely showing off a small smile. She looks like she has an enormous amount of confidence, but on the inside she is slowly freaking out, hoping she doesn’t screw up. She maintains her calm, collected demeanor until someone points out the fact she seems a bit scared. Then, she slowly starts to crack. She’ll quickly recover, but those negative thoughts will remain in the back of her head.
- After her incarceration within the 'ARTS' realm, her personality has undergone a few changes.
- Nowadays, she's a bit more open to strangers, and often tries to show off her skills to those who are looking for an Artist to hire. She has become a bit cocky and sassy around other Artists, but will try her best to remain polite. Being able to handle stress and deadlines though has shifted some; she now tends to procrastinate on projects, and will more than likely freak out (and have a slight mental break down) upon learning that said deadline is on the next day.
- On the off chance that she's completed a project early, she'll continue to revise the piece and make sure it's up to her quality standards.
- Aside her work, she has become a better time manager, and will always expect others to be as punctual as possible. If one fails to meet that arrangement, her wrath is not a pretty thing to deal with, as Josh has learned over and over again.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.
- Tina is what's known as a Low-Rank Savant, meaning she just graduated from Dilettante. She is now working hard to achieve the Virtuoso Class.

Grim Art Type:
- Fate Arts. Her expenses jeopardize her cosmic/abstract self.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Tina is knowledgeable in Combat, Gaming. She can also Draw and Paint.
- As a Savant, she her repertoire has expanded vastly. Now, it's Combat, Drawing, Painting, Film, Writing and with Gaming and Prerogative on the side. She has meddled somewhat in Music, Crafting and Theatre, but that's only to help with her Film or Drawing Aesthetics.

Grim Device/s:
- Tina, knowing that she doodles a lot on paper, uses her biodegradable pencil for her Grim Art. This pencil isn’t fancy or special – it’s just biodegradable. She also uses her tablet and pen, which she calls Wacky. This Device has just recently abandoned for a fancy version that can levitate around her. Tina's latest pencil can follow her wherever she goes, and it can fly into her hand for direct usage if need be.
- Following her Savant Graduation, Tina now has a new 'Holo-Belt Laptop' which allows her to edit and use her Digital Arts more. The screen can either be projected right in front of her or take over her glasses.
- Her hat can also cause paper to orbit around her allowing for the creation of a paper shield, and she can use said hat to summon Characters quickly.

As an Artist:
- Tina loves to show and tell stories, but since she isn’t the best at speaking sometimes, she decided to try her hand at comic books. She greatly enjoys reading and getting invested in new and interesting characters. She will sometimes go out of her way to help a friend bounce ideas off her to help them with their plots. She loves to see wacky and outlandish creations, and will try her best to draw them complicated, but it always ends up with a simplistic design for the most part. She HATES art thieves and will not spare their kind any leniency or tolerance. However, she’s alright with tracers, since she knows it is a pretty effective way to get used to other styles, as long as the Artist doesn't stick to tracing stuff forever. She likes to support new Artists and give them critiques.

As a Grim Artist:
- She is an extremely hard person to provoke, since her black belt training has taught her great self-control, which is only set aside when deal with art thieves or extremely irksome folks. She has a tendency to not let anything bother her, and to talk things out instead of fighting. But if she is some how coerced into fighting she can be pretty dangerous. She’ll start out with Martial Arts before moving onto her Grim Aesthetics. At first, she’ll be defensive and observe how her enemy fights, and from there she will devise a plan to immobilize the target and end the battle quickly. Thanks to her training, she can effectively pinpoint an opponent's weak spots. For example, if her opponent is standing with their left foot forward and is facing Tina with their left side more than their whole front, she knows that fighter has just screwed him/herself over a bit. That fighter has cut off their right side of their body, and unless they are quick with switching their feet, it'll be hard for them to attack with their right leg or hand. Not only that but they have left their back a bit undefended, and thus Tina will keep attacking the fighters back, not worrying much about their right side.

Art Costs:
- Tina’s drawback to is that each time she uses a Grim art, she will slowly vanish from Reality. Not only will she disappear from the Physical Plane, but also people who knew her will slowly forget about her completely. Curiously enough, she will remain in text and photos, but people will either not notice her, of wonder who she is. Granted, it takes about 3 high-level Grim Art Techniques, or 5 weaker ones that have been activated for an hour, in order for her to start vanishing.

Favored Moves: Tina is a great combination of both Fighter and Summoner, and now Manipulator. She can rely on lists upon lists Characters to come to her aid with everything from chores to combat, and she can bolster brute force with useful Effects.
- The first of many is Apaco, a Demon with an entity called 'The End' stuck inside her. Her job is to 'end anything and everything' when the time comes. She’s Tina’s heavy hitter, and though she might not be the smartest in battle, when given direction she can be a serious threat.
- The second is ReeBaa, the first every OC (Original Character) that she made. ReeBaa is a simple, yellow creature that has a huge appetite, and is capable of eating anything. It has three stomachs, and one of them is more or less a empty dimension. ReeBaa has a good biting and striking power too, and she can also fly and change her size. On her own she is a minor threat, but when partnered up with Tina or Apaco, she becomes very dangerous.
- The third summon is the Gritty Gul. A strange OC that has a very peculiar place in Tina's head; because of the oddness of a 'gritty seagull', the Gritty Gul can be put into any of Tina's stories to spice it up. Gritty appears to have a vast amount of trivial knowledge about nature, and he's very uncanny during a fight. Still, Tina likes to summon the bird when thinking or to scout ahead. Honestly, who looks for a seagull to spy on them?
- The fourth Summoned Character appear as a group, and they come from a collection of Characters that Tina has made for the sole purpose of Roleplaying Games, like Table-Top RPGS for example. These four characters are:
- Seth the Terror of Death: a skilled, drunken dwarf barbarian that excels in killing, attacking, being dirty, drinking, fighting, and serving justice with his might axe of Great Justice. He has very odd yet inspiring wisdom, and speaks very openly about any topic, which can often get him into trouble. But he has an irreversible hate for red cloaks. If you have one, watch out and run behind Tina.
- Maria: The strongest out of the four in terms of raw, physical power. This little, eight-year-old human girl is a Warlock, despite her innocent demeanor. She would rather not fight, but she doesn’t like to see others get hurt. Since she doesn’t use formal spells, and her powers rather demonic, her power tends to always cause trouble for anyone she goes up against. Regardless, she is a treasured darling in Tina's arsenal. Note that the 'Magic' used by Characters in the Grim Renaissance is simply them using the Prerogative of their Artist as fuel for certain Spells and Effects; their 'Magic', like their overall power an capabilities, will only be as great as their Summoner can support. The fact remains that Grim Artists can treat the mightiest form of Magic, or the Concept of Magic itself, as a figment of their Imagination.
- Teto Nina: A skilled, human Cleric who prefers to attack from a distance. Thanks to her cleric training though she also has a lot of spells and heals to dish up to anyone in need. Though she may not pack a punch in her own attacks, she proves a valuable asset to other Characters (and sometimes Artists) in battle.
- Mariposa: The deadliest out of the bunch because of her outstanding reach. Mariposa is a Cyborg Human Girl (or at least that's what Tina says; Mariposa's appearance makes it hard to tell gender) with a deadly eye. When Mariposa shoots, it's always to kill, and thanks to her Plasma Sniper Rifle, she can take out machines or creatures from about 15,000 yards away.
- The fifth Summon that Tina can call upon is an immense group of Space Fireflies. The glowing, ethereal bugs are usually passive and love to entertain people, but can make for a wonderful defensive team. For you see these are not normal fireflies, these fireflies contain the souls and dormant spirits of gods (most of them from Tina's Imagination), goddens (another one of Tina’s creations), all sorts of entities, and powerful humans. These insects are able to harness that power and make themselves invisible and near indestructible, but their true strength comes from all one million of them sticking together and forming shapes, even attacking and defending at the same time. If someone were to start capturing them and separating them their strength would diminish quickly. Tina relies on her Fireflies the most because of how versatile they are, flying around her in thick swarms, with uses ranging from carrying her, forming a shield, to turning into a hammer that she can use to crush her opponents. Outside the Renaissance, a single Firefly has been known to take out several infinities of Cosmic Beings by itself.
- One of her most powerful summons are the Space Whales. These mighty behemoths are a beautiful spectacles within the Grim Renaissance, but are not allowed outside of it. Unchecked, a lone Space Whale could devour an infinite amount of Cosmic Existences (as in, Existences as 'perceived' by Cosmic beings) including the Entities guarding them. This has actually happened once, which is why Tina has not summoned them outside the Renaissance ever since. Three species have been revealed:
- The Humpback Space Whales are the most common, and these gentle creatures wander the galaxies of a Renaissance Realm eating Space Fireflies and giving lonely souls and spirits a place to sleep in its belly. As weird as that sounds, there have been numerous reports of someone living getting eaten by these creatures, and said person would usually give an account of seeing a heaven-like dimension within the beast's stomach. Of course, no one gets to stay for long, and people are often spat out in a couple of seconds. There can be 6-12 Humpbacks in a pod.
- Orca Space Whales are a rarer sight. These creatures are more prone to attack hostile subjects. They are strongest out of all the space whales, and it's still unclear how exactly they clean up the universe/galaxies within the Renaissance. Though they tend towards in-fighting, there have been cases where they've entertained a lost Renaissance Spaceship and brought it back or close to a planet. Their pods may contain 5-10 members.
- The Space Whale Shark is the largest species ever sighted. Though on many Earths, the whale shark is not a Whale per se, but it doesn't matter so much in space. It is said they feed on the souls of dead planets and have multiple Cosmic Existences locked away in their stomach. Whale Sharks are the friendliest of all the Space Whales, and they also have the best camouflage, so unless an Artist knows what it is that he or she should be looking for it's very unlikely that they'll see a Whale Shark the first time they encounter one. They do not have pods..

Drawing Aesthetics, Quick Sketch: A common method specific to this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to rapidly churn out a summon. Speed can range from seconds to near-instantly.
- Tina uses this to produce weapons (mostly bo staffs and swords) and she has 3 OCs that she summons the most, and keeps their already sketched out papers with her at all times.
- Note: Created Weapons aren't as good as Crafted Weapons, as they rely only on the Prerogative of their maker, while Crafted Weapons can tap into the Prerogative of their Crafter, their Wielder, and posses an Artist's Prerogative of their own that is imbued via their materials, brand name, quality, the processes used to make them, etc.

Drawing Aesthetics, Portal Papers: A simple Technique that allows the Artist to draw a room or place that they visit often – or practically live in – on a piece of paper. Activation of the Technique allows them to jump through said paper and end up in the room that they drew, no matter where they had been prior to entry. Great for a quick escape.

Drawing Aesthetics, Sketcher's Charge: A common Technique, similar to the Author's Charge. Temporarily fuses the Grim Artist with his or her Grim Device and dissolves both into a dark, glowing streak that rockets across a predetermined trajectory at jaw-dropping speeds before reforming at the destination. The path that the Artist took will create products of his or her Grim Art. For a Grim Sketcher the path he or she traveled through will form pictures or characters. Artists usually use this technique to quickly move from one spot to another while still unleashing their art at the same time.
- This is an somewhat dangerous move for Tina, despite having practiced with it more. She will used it sparingly, but not out of desperation.

Combat Aesthetics, Nonstop Endurance: A mandatory Technique for Grim Martial Artists. Through a combination of training and Grim Arts, it is now impossible for the Artist to tire physically below a certain level of exertion.
- Her limit is a secret, though she brags about being able to work out at the gym for days on end using this Aesthetic.

Combat Aesthetics, Striking Overdrive: A very common Technique for Grim Martial Artists. When initiated, the user can magnify the force and effects of his or her blows by striking multiple times in a single instant (literally zero time between blows) or less. This is a very stealthy way for fighters to sneak in a powerful hit; to the enemy it only registers as a single blow, but the aftermath is a lot messier. The better the fighter, the more hits he or she can land in an instant, turning what seems to be lower-level moves into duel-ending ones.
- Tina has been known to land over 50 moves at once, an increase of 15 from when she was a Dilettante.

Film-Writing Aesthetics Collaboration, Follow the Script: A selected area(stage), person or people (actors) and items(props) are specified in the script, and when all the aspects of the script come together, the unlucky actor will be unwilling and unknowingly following the exact script written out by the artist. This has a lot of pre-planning and requires lots of concentration on the artists half, but the more accurate about the “actors” clothing and the way they enter into the “stage” is on the script, the harder it will be for the actor to escape or rebel.

Combat Aesthetics, Fighter's Identity: This 'passive ability' allows a Grim Art to augment the physical capabilities of its Artist cost-free, of it's own volition. Artists who are more closely-bonded to his/her Art sometimes result in his/her Art boosting his/her capabilities more than others. Boosts can be different for Artists. Usually, they gain a great increase in speed, strength, stamina and reaction timing.
- Outside the Renaissance, even the simplest of boosts can have ridiculous results. Even when trying to control themselves, Grim Artists have shattered Manifold Cosmic Multiverses with an errant twitch, much to the chagrin of any survivors, if there are any.

Film Aesthetics, Grim Editor: A common Technique for those who have trained in the Film Aesthetics. While more commonly applied to Grim Products of the Film, Animation and (to a lesser extent) Gaming Aesthetics, many Artists can apply to to 'Real-World' Events with a simple flex of their Prerogative, much like how many Sketchers and Writers can naturally draw/write on thin air without requiring a formal Technique. This Technique, which is really more a Sub-Aesthetic, bestows an Artist with a vast array of controlling abilities. They can cut-and-paste events, or simply splice an occurrence out of a sequence. They can speed things up or slow things down. They can even assert control over perspectives, opacity of objects, adjust sound and light, or even create a disturbance in the vicinity akin to a small earthquake using the 'Shaky Camera' effect. As usual, overall Technique potency depends on Prerogative, and the greater the control taken, the greater the Costs.
- Tina often uses the 3 Camera Setting option while editing which allows her to be transported back to one of three different spots when she so desires. She also fiddles around with the volume levels and opacity more than any other aspect of her editing. Since fiddling with these will not be as harming to her than other adjustments. She prefers to call this Technique as simply 'Editor'.
- Also called Editor's Control, and sometimes Event Dominion.
- Individual effects, from Volume Control to Scene Deletion, are usually their own separate Techniques.
- Editing Software, whether Digital or Physical, is required. Filming Devices, like Cameras, are also required.

Film-Writing Aesthetics Collaboration, Follow the Script: An Area/Stage, Actor/Actress (or Acting Troupe if multiple participants are needed), Props and Items are specified in a Written Script. When all the aforementioned requirements of a Written Script come together, then the Target of this Technique will be forced to play out said Script, sometimes unwittingly, but usually unwillingly. This Technique needs a lot of planning and pre-planning, as well as requires lots of concentration on the part of the Artist using it. This Technique is practically an Array, and must not be disrupted. However, the more 'accurately' its requirement are met (such as an 'Actor's clothing, and the way he/she/it might enter the 'Stage') the harder it will be for those who fall victim to this Technique to escape or rebel.
- Tina may add in her Editor Technique to mess around with her Targets in order to trick them into staying on track with her script. A 'Follow the Script' and 'Editor' Technique Camaraderie may be especially-needed if a Written Script is not well defined or organized.
- This is Technique is also called Written Act Seal, or more commonly Written Act Binding, where a regular Act Seal/Act Binding only requires one to act.
- Dancers, Musicians and Tamers have their own variants and dilemmas with this.
- The effectiveness of this Technique depends heavily on its User's Prerogative. If one does not have enough Prerogative to override the will and actions of others, Control Techniques are the among easiest to shrug off, barring those from the Renaissance and Writing Aestheics.
- Tina prefers to call it 'Follow the Script'
- Note that many Lineages and Artists who use this Technique prefer a manual application of the text/script, since 'broadcasting' it from afar is not as potent as delivering it directly into one's system.

Film-Drawing Aesthetics Collaboration, Rule of Storyboards: An Area/Stage, Actor/Actress (or Acting Troupe if multiple participants are needed), Props and Items are specified in a Drawn Storyboard. When all the aforementioned requirements of a Drawn Storyboard come together, then the Target/s of this Technique will be forced to play out said Storyboard, sometimes unwittingly, but usually unwillingly. This Technique needs a lot of planning and pre-planning, as well as requires lots of concentration on the part of the Artist using it. This Technique is practically an Array, and must not be disrupted. However, the more 'accurately' its requirement are met (such as the 'Actions' of an 'Actor', and the way the 'Camera Angle' of the 'Observer' is like) the harder it will be for those who fall victim to this Technique to escape or rebel.
- Combined with Follow the Script, this Technique can grant Tina a near-total control over a planned situation. Using 'Rule of Storyboards' and 'Follow the Script' in tandem takes careful timing and planning, but often leads to success and fun for her, and a world of hurt for those she snags.
- Tina will often scan in the storyboards with her Holo-Belt, as well as use all three of her favorite Film Aesthetics together ('Follow the Script', 'Grim Editor', and 'Rule of Storyboards') to create a monstrously-powerful way of controlling her opponents. Such coordination leaves her open, though, not to mention the high Art Expenses using three devastating Techniques at once. However, if deployed right, even a well-timed ambush can turn into a sickening rout.
- This is Technique is also called Drawn Act Seal, or more commonly Drawn Act Binding, where a regular Act Seal/Act Binding only requires one to act.
- Note that many Lineages and Artists who use this Technique prefer a manual application of the sketches/ line art, since 'broadcasting' it from afar is not as potent as delivering it directly into one's system.

Gaming Aesthetics, Gamer's Stillness: Pauses Reality around oneself, and stops all people who are currently fighting the Artist. This allows the user to assess the situation and better prepare themselves. The better one is at this Aesthetic, the longer and more concrete the pause. Artists who have mastered this Technique can even walk around while everyone is 'paused' and resume the fight in another spot.
- Movie and Animation Aesthetics have a similar Technique. The mechanics of their Techniques may have slight differences, however.
- Tina can only activate this for about 1 minute and she is frozen into the same spot during Technique activation. On another note she tends to make the time-out sign right before using it. Why? Why not?

Gaming Aesthetics, Lawmaker Declaration: A higher-cost Technique that allows an Artist to set the rules for a scenario. The more experience one has with this Aesthetic, the more complicated and numerous one can make his/her rules. Some Grim Arts charge per person that a Rule is applied to. Other Arts charge per Rule, or Rule duration.
- Tina can only make simple Rules, and this is still considered a high leveled Grim Art for her
- Naming for this Technique is formally 'Gaming Aesthetics, Lawmaker Declaration' followed by the type of rule, and the specific rule.

- Tends to look out into space and daydream when bored.
- Loves to play videos on her free time.
- Joins too many Original Character Tournaments for her own good.
- When out for walks, she is often seen with a music player in her ears, blasting songs of all sorts of Genres.
- Will often summon her Characters when bored, maybe to talk to them, go on an adventure, play a game or spar with them.
- Never mess with her family or friends. It won’t be good for your health.
- She believes she is here to increase the awesome, and decrease the suck in the world! That is, she's a 'nerdfighter'.
- Will read at night. Not anything crappy; she reads good books, not popular ones.
- Can tolerate kids, and rather enjoys drawing for them.
- Can get scared easily, but oddly enough she still enjoys scary games. She just can’t play them alone or in the dark.
- Biggest fears are spiders, pitch blackness, and being alone or forgotten forever.
- Ruining her art is also a good way to shatter her self-control. She once played a merciless prank on an acquaintance who believed that Grim Artists were not beyond all, but had no way to prove that notion. Boiling points were reached when this Artist made the mistake of vandalizing Tina and Josh's Art. In their rage, the two Dilettantes sealed the perpetrator and all of her creations into a modified Space Whale, tinkering with their memories via several potent Gaming and Writing Techniques. The offending Artist and his creations now exist in a special dimension at the Space Whale's rectum. Within it, they believe that they have outmatched the Grim Renaissance and the Wolfgang Syndicate. To everyone else, the truth is clear: the prisoners are wallowing in Space Whale excrement. Whatever they do in the Virtual Reality that Tina and Josh have designed, they do in real life with steaming whale poop. This includes bathing, combat, having dinner, conversing, and even sleeping. Their antics are recorded and broadcasted all over the Renaissance as a shock-value entertainment. It was Tina and Josh's way of saying that no matter how grand this moronic Artist's delusion became, it was still just a delusion. Unfortunately, both Tina and Josh seem to have completely forgotten about the Space Whale they sealed him into.
- Tina has come into ownership of an adorable puppy not too long ago. She describes it as a very hyper dog, bordering on ADD, and not a very smart mutt at that. But her puppy loves people, and has a habit of jumping straight up to look his master right in the eye.


A Glance at the Renaissance: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
The Grim Aesthetics of Renaissance 'Forgewater': rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Main Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
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Main Roster 08: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 09: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 10: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 11: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 12: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 13: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 14: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 15: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 16: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Side Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 02: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 03: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 04: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 05: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…



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