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Off-Site Resources

Freeware List of Free Fractal Program
Includes links for: Mandlebrot 1.5, Fractal Explorer 2.0+, Mandlebrot Explorer 3.0, JAME 6.0+, PixelPlay 1.0, Sterling(ware)2 1.7, Mandlebrot Set Plotter 3.0, endlos 1.0, XaoS 3.1, Sierpinski Fractal 1.1, ChaosPro 3.1

Apophysis 7X + resources
The Apophyis 7X program by Xyrus-02. Here you can find the program and almost all of the resources for the program. Updated as of October 2014

Ultra Fractal - A fractal rendering program. There are many tutorials available on the site and on DA. Updated 2014.

Polyfractalisation - Inside the Mind of an Apophysisist. Great Tips and tutorials by IDeviant

Agony - A fractal Program by kelbv Updated 27 February 2011

Flam4 - A fractal flame renderer. Version 0.87 as of 18 August 2010

Incendia - by Aexion, A 3D Multiprocessor Fractal Engine
There is also a Chat room for information here…
There is also an Incendia Material Tutorial page here…
Recent version is Incendia EX V!, as of 2014

Apophysis 2.09 JK
By Jed Kelsey Lu-Kout. Updated 1 November 2009

All Apophysis files

Apophysis Z+ - last updated 3 July 2007

Apophysis Plugins Project
The latest official release of the plugin pack from the Apophysis Plugins Project. Updated 11 August 2008

Free and easy to use Apophysis Launcher for Mac. Updated January 9, 2009.

Claire Jones' Apophysis Resource Center
A large resource center operated by ClaireJones.

Amazing Seattle Fractals!
Contains various content, including introductory tutorials (using Tierazon), and a tutorial for XenoDream.

The KnotPlot Site - mathematical Fractal knots, program last updated 11 Jan 2014

Apophysis Wiki

Electric Sheep - For those who make Apophysis flames for Electric Sheep

A fractal rendering program by Vitor Bosshard, the site includes the stable version and the beta versions. Verison 1.4 as of 14 May 2011

Colour Lovers - Great place for finding gradients.

Ultra Fractal Courses by Janet Parke

Mystic Fractal
Mystic Fractal features powerful yet easy to use fractal generators with all the options you need to create intriguing high-resolution images, artwork and 3D models.
Site updated as of 6 August 2014. For information on which OS can be used click the the 'Programs' link on the site.

Fractal Explorer
An application that represents a fractal generator that will produce mysterious and beautiful mathematically-based images. Version: FE 0.9 Beta for Windows 7.

Apophysis Glossary - A glossary of terms found within Apophysis
Updated 26 October 2011

Fractal Science Kit is a Windows program to generate a mathematical object called a fractal. Has a free 30-day free trial, otherwise it's $29.95 for the program. Updated 17 March 2014. Version 1.23

Fractalia: An online fractal generator by Ladi. You can choose between Mandelbrot and Julia.

The Fractal Microscope: An online fractal generator. The site has a nifty 'how-to' for the generator.

The Julia Sets is an online julia generator. The page shows you how to use the generator.

Mandelbrot Explorer is an easy online Mandelbrot fractal generator that zooms into the fractal.

Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer is another Mandelbrot and Julia fractal generator, it hasn't been updated in long time.

TaraRoys' Basic Apophysis Tutorials

Qosmic - A cosmic recursive fractal flame editor. Great for those who work with Electric Sheep! Updated October 2011

Visual Arts Academy - hosts Apophysis classes. This costs $25 per course and begins the first of every other month, runs two months (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr,May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct). The Nov/Dec course is $40. For more information ask Platinus.

Oxidizer - a free open source fractal flame editor for the Apple Macintosh, running OSX 10.4 or greater. Verison 0.8.1 as of 3 July 2011

JWildfire - An java-based imaging program by Andrea Maschke. Go the website for current updates.

Fractal Flame Editor T.I.N.A - T.I.N.A. is a fractal flame generator inspired by flam3 and Apophysis directly integrated into JWildfire. To download, just download JWildfire...the link is on the right-hand side of the JWildfire page.

Chaotica Fractals - "Chaotica is a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists." It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Fragmentarium - an open source, cross-platform IDE for exploring pixel based graphics on the GPU. Windows Vista/7 Update as of 14 Sept 2014. Where to find Fragmentarium scripts:…

Fractal Forums - A forum where you can learn and talk about fractals.

My - New project from Xyrus-02. "It works like PasteBin - paste an Apophysis-fractal into the box and you will have a short link to the fractal in the top right corner to give your friends so they can grab the flame you shared." More information can be found:…. Updated as of 11 February 2012.

Mandelbul3D - updated 2 April 2014

yFract - a software for creating puristic fractal art. Version 1.1.5 as of 5 Jul 2012

Saturn & Titan - Fractal-rendering software by Mark Eggleston. Versions: 4.1.1 for Linux & 4.1.1 for Windows 7.

Mandelbulber - 3D Fractal Explorer software. Version 1.20 for Mac OS and Windows. Updated as 28 May 2014.

Fractal Architect 2 & Fractal Serendipity - Fractal editor for Mac OS

:iconelement90:'s Saturn & Titan fractal program (Version 1.1)

Context Free Art
- Context Free is a program that generates images from written instructions called a grammar. The program follows the instructions in a few seconds to create images that can contain millions of shapes.

Kalles Fraktaler 2-"a Windows program for fast, deep zooming into the Mandelbrot set and its higher-power cousins and the Burning Ship?"

fractal eXtreme-  a 64-bit capable multi-processor enabled fractal exploration program by Cygnus Software. There is a free 15-day trial, cost is $9.95 with free upgrades, though donations are nice. Version is 2.23 as of June 2013.

Neon Flames  a tool to draw your own nebula! There are a lot of hidden fractals in this online tool.

Frax Pro a fractal app purchase for iPhone and iPad only.

:new:Mandel Machine, a Mandelbrot set explorer developed by Botond Kósa.:new:

:new:Fractorium, a Qt-based fractal flame editor. :new:

*note: If you see any broken links or know of any off-site programs/resources that are not listed, leave a comment.*
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There appears to be a fair amount of misunderstanding on the subject of stock resources so what I would like to do today is attempt to clarify several issues which are of importance to the artists who generously provide stock resources to the public for use and hopefully dispel the confusion and misinformation which is beginning to circulate.

The first issue at hand is in regards to your personal stock terms

Your Personal Stock Terms

Officially deviantART maintains only one "automatic" restriction and that is "No Commercial Use" and that particular restriction can easily be overridden by the actual stock provider.

As far as official policy is concerned each stock resource provider is free to attach any Terms of Use, restrictions or requirements that they see fit and our moderation staff will do the best we can to help you enforce your rules when you need that sort of assistance.

We only ask a few things from you in return;

  • Place your terms of use right on the deviation page so someone can't miss them.
  • Make your terms of use simple, straightforward, clearly written and understandable.
  • Don't use terms which are vague or open to interpretation.
  • Try to politely solve problems with artists not following your terms yourself before seeking staff help.

In the event that you believe someone has failed to follow your personal terms of use for a resource used in a deviation submitted to deviantART and you have attempted to get that artist to correct the problem and given them a reasonable amount of time in which to make the correction.

If someone has ignored your personal stock terms of use and they do not respond to your requests for correction within a reasonable time frame you may contact our staff at the deviantART Customer Service Center for assistance. Providing that your terms of use are fair and reasonable our staff will do their best to assist you.

Does Violation of Your Personal Stock Terms Equal Copyright Infringement?

The short answer to this one is "NO"; a violation of any of your personal rules for use does not necessarily create a situation involving copyright infringement.

A violation of your terms is certainly a problem and you CAN get assistance for it but please do not report it as copyright infringement and do not use the DMCA copyright infringement web form in an attempt to have the violating work removed as infringement. 

To properly seek assistance with violations of your stock rules file a general "Policy Inquiry" customer service ticket found under the Copyright & Etiquette Administration section of the contact menu (this is a section which collects general tickets of all subjects so there may be a bit of a wait due to volume) and simply title your inquiry something clear (and not copyright related).

In your ticket you should take a few moments to briefly explain which terms of use were violated and if possible show us or explain to us where you tried to get this person to correct their error and we'll review. As long as the terms of use are clear and straight forward, like a requirement for crediting or linking back, we can assist you with them- and to be perfectly transparent there are some terms of use, like a general requirement for notification, which we can't assist with because we cannot verify all possible means of contacting you for that notification.

Some clarification for current stock resource related issues.
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ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.
If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group :iconprojectporkchop:.

Previous issues of PPc:
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Missing a friend...

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 8:59 AM
ForestDwellerHouses-Stamp03 by snazzie-designzForestDwellerHouses-Stamp04 by snazzie-designzForestDwellerHouses-Stamp06 by snazzie-designzForestDwellerHouses-Stamp07 by snazzie-designz
It seems I'm lost. I can't seem to find the Forest in the trees. With such a bright light extinguished, it seems that the world is a much more dull place to be. The pointless call to "Please come back" echoes in the chasm that cannot summon back such a beautiful soul from the expansion that they were destined to become. DeviantArt won't be the same without you, and it seems that the world has been overcome with an overwhelming emptiness for those of us who had the privilege of basking in your radiance while you were here.

The beautiful, unique, inspiring creations reflect their creator, and will live on eternally as a constant reminder for generations to come of the spark that burned so brightly, and left such an impact on so many.

Táim easnamh anam inspioráideach.

In Memoriam by snazzie-designz :iconforestdwellerhouses:

  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: The wind in the trees
  • Watching: The stars in the sky
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For Me for You -|- 67II10-13II10

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 9, 2013, 12:27 PM
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Drinking: Monopole & Cie ... ...
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Johnlock: A Dad's Guide to Shipping

Mon Feb 4, 2013, 9:36 PM

If, when you hear the name Johnlock, you think of the 17th century poltical philosopher, John Locke, then keep reading. This guide is for you.

My daughter, who is a freshman in high school, informs me that Johnlock is not, as I had presumed, the "Father of Classical Liberalism", but rather the "Father of All Gay Ships". In fact, it is a "gateway ship" for all sorts of "slash" couples. Confused? I was too. Like I said, keep reading.

Johnlock is John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, paired as a gay couple. More specifically, it is Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch (hence the term "slash"), in their roles as John and Sherlock, living in a fanfiction story arc (a sort of alternate universe) and being in a romantic relationship (hence the term "ship'") with each other. This is a VERY popular concept among young people (I can pretty much guaranty that my mother NEVER shipped Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce). Fangirls (and fanboys, to a certain extent), who are devoted to the BBC series Sherlock, are obsessed with this fictional relationship. Apparently, Mr Cumberbatch and Mr Freeman make an incredibly cute couple.

Shipping does not end there. As I said, for many, Johnlock is merely a gateway to shipping...that is, to fantasies about your favorite characters (or real people, in some cases) getting romantically involved with each other. Take Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins, for instance. We all saw them hug at the end of The Hobbit. Obviously, it was the start of an epic "unexpected journey" that Peter Jackson may not have intended (and JRR Tolkien certainly did not). The humble hobbit and the dwarf king, are, in fact, a very popular slash couple.

This all sounded funny to me (in both the "haha" and "strange" sense), but my daughter assures me it is not. She warns me that if the producers of BBC's Sherlock have Watson get married in season 3, there will be a major revolt among the fandom.

Are all ships gay? No, but they are far more common than hetero ships. Other than that, I wonder how different this is than other fan-based fantasies of decades ago. John Steed and Emma Peel...that was a ship if there ever was one. Major Nelson and Jeannie? Absolutely. I'm sure people were shipping Oscar and Felix, just not so openly. What about Rob and Laura Petrie? Oh wait, they actually were in a relationship, but some fans might have fantasized about them getting rid of their twin beds. If you grew up in the 60's and 70's, you know what I'm talking about.

So I thought aloud to my daughter, who of my cultural icons would I ship? For some odd reason, the first couple that came to mind was Dimitry Shostakovich and Aaron Copland. Okay, interesting couple, but no. Ishmael and Queequeg? Probably not too popular among my daughter's generation, but she assured me that it would be a good one, and probably had already been documented somewhere. I needed to think of something more modern. Call me old-fashioned, but the gay male slash thing doesn't really work for me. Maybe Black Widow and Pepper Potts?

My apologies to all those serious shippers out there, but I'm afraid it's still funny to me. My daughters and I enjoy Sherlock together, as well as The Hobbit (and even Moby Dick), and now we can also talk about shipping. I'm a lucky guy.

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Twice I have seen this, in maybe 30 years - somebody improving at such speed it belies belief.

The first time was Chris Weston, a year my junior. I landed a job as assistant to the late and very great Don Lawrence when I was 17, just edging out Chris. A year later Chris replaced me, and a year after that he was working for 2000ad. Today he's one of the finest comic strip artists in the business, as well as the best storyboard artist I have ever seen.

The second time was Ben Wolstenholme.

Don't get me wrong, Ben already had chops. He is an incredibly talented guy - and way too good looking for my liking too. He formed Moving Brands (a progressive, distinguished and award-winning branding agency) right out of college. He and I were both art scholars at the same school - he seven years my junior and following in my footsteps. He used to come round for drawing tips, and I'd draw him a Batman, or Judge Dredd, then get rid of him with a ruffle of the hair and head off down the pub.

Now he's my CEO at Madefire. Deeply annoying. :-)

Yet this isn't about his achievements in general, it's about his sequential storytelling. Ben is, as I said, very talented - but his art was very idiosyncratic, and a little rough around the edges. His figures were squat, tending towards the ugly. His linework distinctive and characterful, but unresolved and sometimes directionless. He was not, in my opinion, ready to jump into a major narrative sequence alongside some of the most formidable names in comics.

But over the weeks, then months, then couple of years it took for us to pull all our resources together and get Madefire going in earnest, something happened - You see, something else Ben is extremely good at is listening to advice! I pointed him at great storytellers, classic inkers, the best of the industry stylists. The first few pages he drew were ripe with character, but were not - yet - professional level. They felt illustrative, but tentative. However, they had a quality, a charm, that made it clear the work was going to be all right. It was going to work!

Literally five or six pages later and Ben was producing some of the most wonderful drawings I'd seen in comics for quite some time. His panorama in MONO episode 1 (check it out - it's free, right here on dA in the new Motion Books section) is, quite frankly, gob-smacking. And everything after it drips with panache, style, energy, and a will to be brilliant. It's like Clemente Coll mixed with Frank Miller via Barry Smith. It has the pure class of Gary Gianni, with the solid, weighty storytelling of Richard Corben.

I envy Ben. I envy the fact that he has come into this with a youthful will to be the very best he can be. He's untarnished by decades in a work-heavy, under-appreciated industry. He has the eye and wisdom of experience, but the energy you only get in those first few years as a pro. I wish I had that patience still. I long for that level of concentration, that concerted drive to make every. Page. Count...

I am also honoured to be the one writing his scripts for the motion books. Seeing my words come so vividly to life is thrilling. I can't wait to write more. And I know that whatever I throw at him he'll be able to handle. He really IS that good.

Go check out his dA gallery and say hi!…


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Salmon Color Snowflake Animanted Snow by AudraMBlackburnsArt

From my faves


Through The MIrror of My Mind by catch---22

Dance Me To The End Of Love by LUCILALEYLA  Frozen In Time by sesam-is-open  Wild Beauty by DanaAnderson

A Wee Bit Busy Here by TeaPhotography I'm nervous by Alexandra35  Kittens by Winterspirit

A Long Walk Down A Short Road by Trippy4U    Forgotten Dreams by Metal-Bender

Self Kiss by ahermin

...She is Mine by Hermetic-Wings  Humanity in Print by torieyule

Predjamski Grad 1 by st2wok Winter in Tallinn by Pajunen Archers Of Sunset - Tenerife by skarzynscy

what the? by grevys Ampin' It Up by papatheo Am I not sweet? by JocelyneR

Contemplation by Tinuage08

Kimmie Forgotten Place Stock by k-i-mm-i-e The Space Between by Trippy4U Through wind by zohreh1991

Happy easter meal! by Piscisvolantis Togetherness by AStoKo Freedom in the sky for the griffon vulture by Momotte2

 Happy birthday Mario by ShlomitMessica Nature's Spiral of Life by TeaPhotography Happy Birthday Shlomit... by Tigles1Artistry 

Surprise! I'm Cute! by TeaPhotography

 Sky light by AbstractMatter One Foot In The Graveyard by Trippy4U Upward Looking Point by kombizz

Brother Of Mine by torieyule   Together Forever by piggyphoto

Sacred Land.... by Tigles1Artistry Smokepot beach by peterpateman

All things bright and beautiful - Bee-eater by Jamie-MacArthur  Wolf Pup Smile by 8TwilightAngel8  .: Wolfsbrueder :. by Frank-Beer

Wells Road treasures by Alexandra35  Being Beautiful by TeaPhotography Figs Yummy by polarpoisson

center yellow by awjay

Lady in black hat by martaraff  No Rain! by AudraMBlackburnsArt  7392 by i-see-faces

Cubism by EintoeRn    The Pink Chair by DamaInNero

Frost Magic tree by gigi50 Los Glaciares National Park by Miguel-ANGL bells by O-Gosh

Night Cabs by Pajunen

Digital Art

Wish Upon a Star by Ploopie

<da:thumb id="411902756"/>  congregation by HippieVan57  Ribbons and a Marble by Thelma1

Usa-badge by shichigoro756  Hathelm by Lirulin-yirth  Gel-enn'aian by Lirulin-yirth

MIRNA THE AMAZON by CarlosHurtadoSoriano  

Rain of Flowers on the Pyramid by LaraBLN

Asylum: madness returns by ark4n   Merry Christmas by arteandreas

  leprechaun by Elena-nenz  RETRIEVE by Ehsan-m  Revamp : Steven by Master-chan

some more ni ? by muffaelucciole Wheel-e Robot by Princess-Suki-W Tom's Back by torieyule 

F-003 by shichigoro756

Flying To The Heavens by PaMonk Space Windows by LaraBLN 2013mb1 by Xelyd

Being Green by ShannaSays    Magic frogs by SabakuNoShi

THE DUSSIAN BALL by CarlosHurtadoSoriano

Silky colours by Thelma1  Christmas by Digithalie  Heavenly by Lior-Art

   No Words Can Describe by Fainalotea <da:thumb id="422580651"/> Single Lone Rose by miapicassa

Moonflower II by FurorArt Gill on steel by DanaAnderson Wishes...  by HMissXX

an island for Kai and Jim. by isider La grotta della Sfera by claudio51 2013mb1 by Xelyd

  Gandalf and Smaug by Mundokk


SECLUSION... by chryssalis

Leopard in Accented Edges by PaMonk Wish You Were Here by Lior-Art dakota by HippieVan57

Sandworms of Dune by philippeL <da:thumb id="370299429"/>  Indian Summer by BiBiARTs

Transitions by saperlipop

Imputation by torieyule   The Heart of the Matter by torieyule   Old-time wake-Regi idok nyomaban 2 by ladyjudina 

Sweet Liberty by Canankk

Abyss by BiBiARTs   MIND CONTROL.. by chryssalis   Lady and Young Dragons by saperlipop

Winter Rain by Stroody Where Have I Known You Before by torieyule "LONESOME WANDERER" by MoodyBlue

Evil Resurrection by rsiphotography   In A Golden Afternoon by KarahRobinson-Art   Until when? by maiarcita

The Christmas Kid by LindArtz   Waiting for Santa by LindArtz

Butterflies by motherearth01

My Monet For Beverly... by Tigles1Artistry Against the Wind by LindArtz What A Wonderful World IV by Tigles1Artistry 

Runnith Over by motherearth01   Old Man by muffaelucciole   Melody by Laxmi-Arts

Rebirth by BiBiARTs

Traditional Art

The Hand That Feeds Us by mbeckett

DOGGY by sinsenor 

native child by ADRIANSportraits Sensational  eYes by Fajralam Father Son Commission by ADRIANSportraits 

European Flower box by DClassens  yol.gece by MeralSarioglu  Guardian angel...... by TriciaS

yolak..path by MeralSarioglu

Bald Eagle by philippeL Hedge Hog Commission by ADRIANSportraits  Ravens painting by EsthervanHulsen

NUIT D'IVRESSE by ericbernut SEASONS by primalfuryan The Darkness in You by mikesblender 

The Hands of Venus by philippeL    endless wait by subhankar-biswas

Row of Trees by CarolynYM

Night Gloom in solitude and Smoke by MushroomBrain  MeltAwayILifeIllusion by HMissXX  Bela by subhankar-biswas

Christmas Cardinal ~ Mixed Media by ArtBYbeverly Catty commission by ADRIANSportraits Tiger In The Wild! by ArtBYbeverly

Lucius Malfoy traditional drawing ~ Harry Potter by AStoKo

bal masque by ShanghaiSarah   Tulip - Water Colors Practicing by A-Man-With-No-Art   Still Life by Colin2012

 Teasing Spirit in Crystal Ball by MushroomBrain  Everything is Possible by HMissXX <da:thumb id="421217433"/>  Hedgehog, Sitting into the Gloam by SethFitts  LYLA HOULA DANCE by ericbernut <da:thumb id="421071776"/>

Eagle for Flori by philippeL


Joy by torieyule

digital flora by AudraMBlackburnsArt

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I'm actually pretty fucking excited today~!! We got a Fraiser Fir, a real tree, for the first time In years! I also applied for my international passport today which is so exciting!! AAAAGH SO MANY HAPPY THINGS HAPPENING AAAAAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHHAHA
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Poemusic - Logue by Yiruma
  • Playing: Naruto: The Broken Bond
  • Drinking: Sprite
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CaptureTheCats`s Monthly Theme Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 12:14 PM

Here are the lovely winners of October Theme -  Cats in Action
(extended feature) from :iconcapturethecats:
This month`s theme
Duo Cats  

(Only 2 cats must be present in each entry)
~ more info here >>>…

photogenic cat by Mayenn big ears by Mayenn Panthera leo by Mayenn
scared by Mayenn stay back by Mayenn nhac by Mayenn

All Played Out by tychesecho Garden Cat by tychesecho Against the Wall by tychesecho
Razor, Lounging by tychesecho Up the Wall by tychesecho Window by tychesecho

Smoke by l310 ...Likes to Stretch by l310 Lazy boy by l310
in the wake of... by l310 Enjoyed the Evening by l310 ...Old Sonny by l310

:P by XxSvevaxX The S U N by XxSvevaxX Hey, did you hear?   No, what? by XxSvevaxX
Somewhere... by XxSvevaxX I'm gonna catch you by XxSvevaxX Close your eyes by XxSvevaxX

and here are the rest of the entries from the Final Poll>>>…

:thumb217360574: Skygge by Doppina Run by spmich Cats Climber by iamrock3ts

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