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Apo render, postwork Photoshop
entry for [link]
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Software used: Apophysis

Christmas... kind of late, I know :dummy:
Actually, this is my entry to contest Fractalize your Xmas Holidays.
I spent this Christmas in Slovakia, it was beautiful there (lots of snow, dreamy atmosphere) but really really cold, so I was glad to be back in Prague for New Year's Eve :)

I am quite satisfied with this fractal. I had a vision of it in my mind for weeks; actually since I made Frozen I've had the base of it already done but I wasn't very happy with it back then. It was very dark, silver and dark blue gradient, really a snowflake during funeral kind of atmosphere. Also the shape was kind of too flat and boring. So I tweaked it a bit, changed colours and waited because I was still missing something. Then I discovered ~zy0rg's star shaped blur and everything became just perfect :love:
It reminds me of how I really liked to use pie and flower variation back in 2010... maybe because these shapes always look a bit out of place and grab attention... and they fit my artistic whimsical taste, I like to make things weird :D

Thank you for all favourites, comments, critiques and devwatches! :rose: It means a lot to me.

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Similar artworks from my gallery:

Thanks to:
by ~zy0rg

Eli Vokounova (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) - Sharing my artworks with attribution (link to the image and my name) is allowed. Commercial usage of my artworks is forbidden. Altering, transforming or building upon my artworks is forbidden.
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This is a resubmission of an earlier deviation for the Sony DSLR Calendar Photography Contest.

Unlike the previous submission of the same shot, this version is cropped from the original to improve the composition. It is also submitted in a much higher resolution, as per the contest rules.

It was actually taken with a simple Casio point-and-shoot on a mountain skiing trip to Utah in 2007, but I could not find any contest rule that said it had to be taken with a DSLR.

As always, comments and critiques are very welcome.
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This is my second  Entry For the give a gift challenge

Who I would give a gift to.
I"d  Give This  Peaceful Nature Scenery  To all my On-line  friends
 Because  they  are The Most wonderful  and caring
Friends That anyone could  Have.

Programs used to Create
Incendia EX VI - To Create the grass Tree and clouds
Apophysis 7x - To create the Flower
PhotoShop Elements 10 - To layer them all down on main background
made with PSE 10.
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on a friends horse farm..

please note:

the art in this gallery is martin gillette (istarlome) and is not to be considered public domain. any use without permission from the artist is prohibited.

the resources; brushes, gradients, palettes, flames etc., that are presented as such (excluding tutorials), can be used as one sees fit. credit back to the artist is nice but not necessary.

thank you for your cooperation
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This My Entry for the give a Gift  Challenge

My most precious possession is my heart and my love in which I give to my most special - my Children
I give my heart To each of them for a life time I would even give them the Moon  and the Sky if They belonged to me.

Because They are my heart and my world.

-This is how I made my give a Gift-

Digital Art
Program I used was 

Gimp 2.8.14
2. Hardness 050 - brush
Smudge Tool
Layers 1 moon
Gaussian Blur for moon
Layer 2 made a duplicate Moon
change color to orange red
and then use mode hard light for second moon
layer 3 second clouds with slight Blur
layer 4  two hearts and use drop shadow
Layer 5 did a duplicate of hearts scaled down to smaller size and did a drop shadow
layer 6 added lighting to heart 1
layer 7 added lighting to heart 2
And then merged them all together and done.

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Hashem Kalantar (1978, Tehran-Iran)
In the Prison of Night   
Digital Drawings
در حصار شب
تقدیم به عارف نستوه محمد علی طاهری……

کلید واژه ها

نفسم گرفت ازين شب در اين حصار بشكن
در اين حصار جادويي روزگار بشكن
چو شقايق از دل سنگ برآر رايت خون
به جنون صلابت صخره ي كوهسار بشكن
تو كه ترجمان صبحي به ترنم و ترانه
لب زخم ديده بگشا صف انتظار بشكن
سر آن ندارد امشب كه برآيد آفتابي؟
تو خود آفتاب خود باش و طلسم كار بشكن
بسراي تا كه هستي كه سرودن است بودن
به ترنمي دژ وحشت اين ديار بشكن
شب غارت تتاران همه سو فكنده سايه
تو به آذرخشي اين سايه ي ديوسار بشكن
ز برون كسي نيايد چو به ياري تو اينجا
تو ز خويشتن برون آ سپه تتار بشكن

شاعر:محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی


 Special Thanks

Queenselphie (… )

Reconstruction Stock (… )

Auroradreams ( )

Nightstocker (… )


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Yep. This is THE egg. The doomy one. Process went like this:

-Wax, dye (repeat several times)
-On the last dye, I used "royal blue", which is why there are those spiffy little dark halos around everything. The denim color occurred after extensive rubbing and re-dipping.
-Finished. Melted off wax. Was extremely happy and excited.
-Varnished before emptying. I have yet to find the right kind. Every type I've tried so far has SOME problem associated with it.
-Doom. I started to empty it and it EXPLODED. A lot.
-Head explodes. Piece head back together using duct tape.
-Dry egg PIECES. Piece together using white glue and friggin' NEWSPAPER. Sob uncontrollably.
-Take pictures AFTER the fact, because I'm stupid and don't plan ahead for catastrophic failure.
-Spend hours in photoshop removing cracks XP

Mkay. So. Yes there are still some cracks in the pics. I couldn't get them all. The only thing I did in PS was remove cracks with the clone tool (praise be to ~psymansays for showing it to me!). It really did look like this before the explosion, denim and all. I swear I didn't cheat! Perhaps I should have, though... I've seen the competition for this contest. I'm thinkin' it's not happening... Oh well.
I suppose I could say I learned something from this egg, but I'm too emotionally distraught to care...

I may try to submit another one before the contest ends... Or I may have shell shock and freak out instead! "The horror!!! Yoke... everywhere... the horrorrrrrr..." :dead:

Nope. Didn't win. Not even 3rd... Oh well...
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