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actually it before sleep lol
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Incomplete colored version. I still liked the softness of the colors for this one though. Will finish soon. Lacia i love you so much! ≧▽≦
Lacia (c)redjuice
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Contest entry for :iconanime-manga-oc:'s mascot contest

This was inspired by the idea that an artists skill doesnt come from the kind of tablet they use, their mouse, their brush, their pen, crayons, pastels, or the pencil--it comes from the hands of the artist. In these hands lie the experience of years of practice--the hands that have struggled, adapted, and conquered in the journey of an artists life. While it is our imagination that inspires us, its these hands that bring the magic to life and spread it to the world~

Hope fully that doesnt sound too corny :iconheehee-plz:

Anyway! This is my contest entry!

She's my OC that i have been thinking of for a while (inspiration being this contest).

Her name is Crescent

And I found out her name can mean "one who creates", which i found TOTALLY appropriate for the theme of this pic! Really, i had to do some research to find the right name for her >.> Luckily i found one! :iconilikeitplz:

Each one of her fingernails is a color of the rainbow along with black, grey, and white. These colors or variations of them are the ones used in almost every form of art, and since she's the creator and its her hands that create, ribbons of rainbow symbolizing creativity and art stream from her hands.

I'm actually pretty giddy about how this came out :iconloveloveplz: And I found a new drawing style! As you can see that the style of this pic is slightly different....and i like it haha! It was a last minute thing but i like it very much!

Thank you once again dear Lord for another successful piece of art :heart:

Expect more like this in the future X3
Link to commission info: [link]

Anyway, Crescent is the lovely essence of the spirit of an artist--she represents an artists talent and imagination.

Crossing my fingers that she wins the contest!
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"It is worse than I had imagined... although I see you in this image... I am scared for what your about to do to me... I can never understand why you of all people... my only disciplinary figure and protector... I only ask... why must you do this to me? "*tears*


Well this is a start for Myuto. Just a small chibi character I had done in a long time ago. She was in that noodle days sketch. :P

Myuto stands for mute.
The reason why she became mute is because a "monster" put so much fear into her heart. Now a days, Myuto still walks around her home alive and well but... she will never say a word ever again... Will she ever encounter this "monster" again? We'll never know...

Myuto is by me.
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Name: Idelian Lavoloff
Age: 27
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 158 lb
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Ability: Ice/Frost
Personality: wicked, sadistic.

-Small pupils, emerald-colored eyes.
-Pale, grayish skin tone.
-Light bluish-gray hair color.
-His body temperature is low and doesn't feel coldness.
-Is the firstborn son of the high-class family (noble and wealthy), but ran away from home.
-Later became a combatant of government space fleet, but quit.
-Now enjoys everyday life of doing nothing.

Likes: Fun things, making fun or other people, snacks, sweet things, rainy day.
Hates: warmth, hotness, other people touching his stuff.

OC - Idelian Lavoloff by Cadavirus Old uniform
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chroma frame 2
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Owner : TerraTerrific

SB : 300 :points: / 3 USD
MI : 100 :points: / 1 USD
AB : 1000 :points: / 10 USD [ bonus headshot ]

Auction ends when the highest bidder keep their place within 24 hours

• reply in " BID HERE " Comment section
• do NOT resell and claimed the design as yours
• If the winner do not send the payment within 24 hours, i will gave the chance for the second highest bidder 
• Full resolution picture without watermark will be sent after i received the payment

Thanks a lot for dropping by! >/////<
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I had to repeat this all over again 3 times cuz I kept loosing it's file :iconorzplz:... started working on the first one since 3 months and after leaving it sit on my computer for a long time I finally decided to finish it.  
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Ahh Hyunsooo~~ ; 3 ;
I finally redrew him ; u ; even tho this is just a sketch I'll update it when i finish ; u ;
Altho it looks nice sketchyyy <3
ahhh~~ he looks more manly ; 7 ;
compared to before OTL [link]
My cousins kept telling me he looked like a girl ;^;
Or a guy's head on a girls body orz
;-; anyways i plan on updating the app soon
and i'll draw more of him with Tae ; 7 ;
and his past probably ;-;

Guyysss RP with meee i wont bite ; 7 ;
Notes and comments are fine ; 7 ;
make sure the comments are on his pictures tho orz
I'm still not that comfortable going into group chat... TT^TT
But i'll go in with Ruru every once and awhile~

but dont be afraid to send me notes LOL
Lets all be friends~~~
:iconhyunsooplz:: Please take good care of me~ *bows*
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yayyyy~~ she is the second mage for :iconmagus-phantasia:

Name: Mairielle
Nickname: Mairi,
Element: Thunder
Stone Color: Gold Yellow
Race: Chevres
BG Story: A shy, timid, but really sweet girl. Nobody could get angry over her, and she makes every man wants to protect her. XD Her power is the greatest when she feel nervous or panic, so it's better not to mess with her
-best friend with Asta and water mage, since they always protected her from her admirers
-only feel comfortable around the quiet steel mage, but shows curiousity toward wood mage's intense affection
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