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The…the sun is so bright… you find yourself thinking as you open your eyes to the white sky as your heart pounds against your skull. Your body hurts terribly. And why…does it smell like a Danish?

Fear creeps throughout your body, and you shoot up, realizing that the "white sky" is the ceiling and the bright sun is only coming in through the windows thrown wide-open. And the aroma of apple Danish is coming from the kitchen…but it isn't your kitchen. You're not even in your own room, your own house.

And your head hurts. You've only once ever experienced this crappy feeling, and with the lack of memories of last night, your assumptions are confirmed: this must be a hangover.

As you take in the room, you instantly know where you are when you peer around the messy room, and then you throw the covers off your body to make sure you are still fully-clothed.

You're not. You're wearing your panties and bra, but you're also wearing a large, oversized T-shirt, and taking a whiff of it, you know exactly whose it is.

You get out of the bed, headed downstairs to see if the person of this house is there, to find out where your clothing is at. If it is in his room, you've already prepared a long-distance funeral for it because you don't have the time to search through that mess.

That sweet aroma is coming from the kitchen…

Peeking your head in, you notice a plate of the apple Danishes sitting on the kitchen table next to a mug that reads I'M THE KING full of steaming, hot, delicious coffee. Your stomach gives out a rather embarrassingly loud growl, and as your face flushes red, you move forward to get one. You suspect he won't mind, especially considering he already has you wearing his shirt. That means you must've been sort of naked at one point around him, and if he got a chance to look at your goodies—and he'd probably be the first to—he can at least spare you a Danish.

And these are so good…

"Jeg vidste det!" a voice suddenly declares behind you, and you nearly drop the delicious pastry as you whip around to face the Dane.

Matthias Køhler stands at the entrance to the kitchen, his finger pointed out at you. His hair, which defies gravity, looks as awesome as ever, and you're sure his bathroom has fifteen bottles of hair products just to maintain the "King's" beautiful hair. He is in his usual black and red attire, settling for a pair of dressy, black pants and a loose, red button-up. His light blue eyes are as bright as ever. You hate to admit it, but he looks positively handsome right now.

And did he just exclaim "I knew it" in Danish?

"I'm sorry," you tell him before your hand clamps down over your mouth. You have just forgotten that you still have food in your mouth. You chew quickly and swallow before you attempt to apologize again. "I'm sorry. It feels like I haven't eaten in a week."

"I don't care," he answers as he steps towards, rapidly decreasing the distance between the both of you. "The King has enough to spare a little to his peasants," he murmurs as he nears his face to yours.

"Peasant?" you ask as you turn your head to the side. "Just because you're rich as hell doesn't mean you need to be an ass about it." You jolt your whole body away from his, placing the half-eaten Danish on the platter. He simply laughs at your reaction before picking up his mug of coffee and taking a drink. "They're…they're good, by the way. The Danishes."

"I know," he answers.

Right. You can't compliment the guy because he's so incredibly arrogant! The nerve of him!

"Do you want some coffee?" he asks you, offering the mug.

You shake your head, refusing to take any more of his hospitality. You just need to find your clothing and wallet and go home. Right now, that's all you feel like doing.

But there's something you need to ask him first.

"Why am I here?" you suddenly inquire.

"You were drunk!" he exclaims happily. "I've never seen you drunk before! It was so awesome! You are fucking awesome when it comes to drunken partying."

The blood rushes out of your face as your arms go limp, and you sway a bit before catching yourself against the edge of the table. It feels like the world is spinning around you, and you have the urge to vomit. "What?" you choke out. You know you're in hangover mode, but how the hell did you get drunk?

"Yep! Prussia spiked your drink because he said you're more fun when you're drunk! And when you began to get tipsy, you started ordering tons of alcohol and partying it up and tearing off your clothing and—oh!" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out your wallet. You wrap your fingers around it, gripping it tightly as your body begins to tremble. "So, yeah, you ripped apart the clothing you came in last night."

Last night. Alfred Jones had a party last night at his place, and you came because Alfred was your best friend. You normally didn't get drunk because you shied away from alcohol; drunk you is crazy you, and you prefer to be level-headed you.

"You certainly know how to party, (name)!" Matthias laughs. "Last night was wild! Alfred had to pry you away from the booze."

Your eyes fell on his oversized T-shirt. "W-why…why am I at your place?"

"I was taking you home, but you passed out, so I carried you here instead."

"We…we didn't do anything…right?"

He grabs you by the wrist, pulling you close to him. "Did you want us to?"

You jerk your arm back. "O-of course not! I was just making sure!"

He laughs and strokes the side of your face. "I wouldn't have minded."

Your face turns red, and you find your hands becoming clenched into fists. "I'm leaving!"

"You're not hungry?" he asks, and he seems genuinely confused at your sudden burst of anger.

My God, Matthias might be one of the densest people you know!

"Are you really going to leave in that?" he questions when you don't answer his first question.

"Well, I'm sure enough people have already seen me in less, so this should be a step up, huh?" I snap.

There is a sudden rush of feet, and you are twirled around into the arms of the tall Dane. His lips are at your mouth in a fury, and you're too stunned to move or to yell at him or to protest. He catches your lack of response, pulling away, but he presses his forehead against yours, giving you a sweet smile.

"Jeg elsker dig," he murmurs to you. "Fortæl mig, at du også elsker mig."

You can't breathe. Matthias Køhler…just told you he loves you, just asked you to tell him that you love him back… Your chest starts to rise rapidly as you break away from his embrace. There's no way he could mean that… He's teased you since middle school, and he's been with tons of other girls, tons prettier than you. You've always been a stick in the mud, not to mention your parents had never had much, and since you moved out six years ago and went to college, you quickly became dirt-poor. Your job only covers the bills and food, as lovely as your job is.

Matthias has always had the world handed to him in a silver platter. His parents have tons of money, his grandmother left him all of her inheritance money and her estate, and even if he's annoying as hell, he has tons of friends. He has girls swooning after him everywhere he walks, and you only once had a boy interested in you, but he ended up moving away to a different country before anything happened.

Right now, you don't want to waste your time and efforts on dating, especially when it is on this drunken bastard. He says he loves you, but you've heard him tell this to hundreds of other girls. He's only going to get you, use you, and then leave you.

You're sure of it.

"(Name)…?" he asks softly, catching the hesitant look on your face.

But you've always thought him attractive, especially when he's speaking his native language. You would give anything up for him to say those words to you and actually mean it.

"I need to go," you told him, trying to sound rather forceful. "I have to get to—" You cut yourself off, reminding yourself that you don't need to tell him anything. He's not your boyfriend, your father, your keeper. Besides, you really should just go and change into normal clothing now. "Goodbye."

He doesn't say anything else, just watches you go.

And he wishes he had said something, had done something, but by the time he starts to regret that, you're already too far away.


"So, that party was really wild last night, love."

Your eyes shoot up at your manager, the owner of the bookstore you work at. Arthur Kirkland cracks a smile as he starts unloading boxes of fresh, new books.

"My God…I am so sorry," you mumbled.

"That American idiot shouldn't have introduced alcohol to the party, really. Besides, your drink was spiked, wasn't it?" Arthur and you are really good friends, and seeing the rut you were in when you failed to find a job after graduating from college, he offered you a job at his new, quaint bookstore. You love working here, even if the pay isn't as high as you would like it to be. "I can't believe that Dane took such good care of you though," he continues. "He put his coat on you after you…er…tore your clothing off."

"My God," you complain as you hide your face with your hands. "I can't believe I di—wait. Matthias gave me his coat?"

Arthur nods. "He made sure none of the guys took advantage of you and took you home. He even tried to stop you from drinking too much and held your hair as you vomited all over Gilbert's shoes." Arthur laughs at that, remembering the event.

Matthias took care of you…but he hadn't made it sound that way.

"I guess I should probably go thank him after this," you whisper, more to yourself than to Arthur.

Arthur smiles at your words, but he says nothing else, simply continues to unpack the boxes.


There is no one at Matthias's place. You huff out a ton of air and decide to head home. It'll be a long walk in the dark, but you really can't afford a cab.

Your eyes rise from the sidewalk and meet a man's. He sits on a sidewalk bench, doesn't say a word, and you move past him.

But he starts to follow you, slowly and softly.

Your walk cuts through mostly residential places, so there's no where you can go to get away from this guy.

And then you realize that halfway home, there is the bar. The bartender, Allistor, is someone you know quite well. He'll let you wait out the creepy guy following you, and if he doesn't leave, you can wait until Allistor's shift ends. He'll get you home safely, you're sure of it.

You speed up a bit, and the minutes feel like hours. You're surprised he hasn't tried to anything yet, seeing as how it's a twenty minute walk to the bar, but you're glad he isn't trying anything.

Your heart hammers inside your chest, and your ribs feel bruised from this action, from the short, choppy, quick breaths you keep taking, as if you're running a marathon.

When you see the bar, you try hard not to break into a run, but when you're only a few feet away, you're definitely quick to rush to it and throw the door open, stepping inside. And it smells like a hell of a lot of beer in here. The smell is repugnant, but it's better than the possibility of getting raped by some stalker.

You hear the man enter after you, and you quickly find a seat at the front of the bar, by the counter. He finds a spot three stools down, and your eyes desperately search the bar before falling on Allistor. You wave at him, telling him to come over, and he excuses himself so he can talk to you.

"What you doing here, lass?" he asks you.

"There is a man three stools down to my right. He's been following me since Matthias's house." The expression he makes asks you all the questions he needs to ask you. "I got hella drunk last night after Gilbert spiked my drink, and Matthias took care of me, even got me a change of clothing, kinda, and letting me crash at his place."

"Oh, Mark, you do it so well~"

Your head turns to the voice of that, hoping that by "Mark", this lady doesn't mean "Matthias".

Annnnd…she does mean Matthias.

You find yourself staring at the drunk Dane as he runs his hands over the bimbo bitch, and you feel fury hitting you from all sides. He tells you he loves you and then he goes, gets drunk, and drapes himself all around some woman he has probably never met and will probably never seen again after tonight?

He has a ton of nerve…

But wait…your stalker is a bit more of a pressing matter.

"Do you mind taking me home, Allistor?" you ask him, but your voice has lost all the cordiality that was left behind. He nods at you. "Thank you. And can I possibly have some to drink? Anything nonalcoholic."

He hands you a glass of water, and you find yourself drinking it all in a few seconds.

Stupid Dane.

Stupid stalker.

Today just sucks ass.

"Hey, Allistor, can I get another round for me and the sexy Maria—"


"Miriam!" he corrects himself with a loud laugh. "And…and…and…holy shit, no way…" You hear a thud, and Miriam starts to let out a string of whines and swears, and steps are coming your way. A warm hand touches your shoulder, and you jump, sucking in a large mass of air sharply. "Calm down, min kære. (Name), it's just me. You're not drinking alcohol, are you?"

He just called you "my love"!

But…but he's here with Miriam.

You stand to face him, your eyes flickering over to your stalker, and you find his eyes are seriously focused on you, wondering what you're going to do next.

An idea hits you.

You pull his arms around your waist gently before you wrap yours around his neck, and you bring your voice down to a whisper, "I went to your place, but you weren't there. I need to talk to you... m-min kære." You're pretty sure you just butchered those two words, but Matthias's eyes widen. "I'm sorry about how we left things off this morning."


"Of course."

His face lowers down slowly, his breath spreading down to your neck, and he then nuzzles your neck.

While you're feeling guilty about using him, you're also enjoying this immensely.

You hear someone mutter a few curse words, and opening your eyes, you peer over Mathias's shoulder, your eyes following your stalker straight out the door.

"He's gone," Allistor mentions, and Matthias pulls back in confusion. The perplexity in his expression only deepens when you pull away from him, turning to your old friend. "You still wanna head home with me, lassie?"

"Of course. It's safest."

"Creep?" Matthias asks.

You turn to him as your cheeks turn a crimson color. "Your…your girlfriend looks like she'd like you back now." Your gaze hits the floor. "Thanks for playing along. I really did go to your house to thank you for last night and to apologize for acting so horrible to you this morning. Some man followed me, so I stepped in here so I could head home with Allistor, to escape from that guy."

"You think I was playing along?" he asked, and Matthias's voice is slowly rising in anger and volume.

Allistor shoots you a look before he sneaks away to attend to his other costumers and get away from the drama bomb that is exploding.

"Can we talk about this elsewhere?" you ask as you take notice of the growing number of eyes falling on the both of you.

"No, we will talk about it now!" he shouts, and the whole bar silences, everyone staring at you two. "I've been in love with you since seventh grade, and the one moment I get the courage to finally confess to you, you blow me off and then use me? I wasn't playing along!"

"Matthias," you hiss. "Please, don't speak so loudly."

"I am in love with you, (name)! Jeg har altid elsket dig!"

And something inside you starts to tick. If Matthias wants a show, then he'll damn well get a show!

"Then how about all the whores you've been with?"

Your sudden burst stuns him, and Miriam makes a sound. It takes Matthias a while to regain from it, but he then quickly jumps in.

"You've never looked my way except to call me a failure and shake your head in disgust about anything that has to do with me! Of course I went out with a lot of girls! I wanted you to notice me! I wanted you to be jealous!" He grasps your face. "For once, I wanted you to be the one looking at me, to wishing you were the one next to me. You're so insanely beautiful, (name), and I love everything about you. All your guy friends—they've all had crushes on you at one point, did you know? And they were tons closer than I'll ever get to you."

"Matthias…" you whisper. " Selvfølgelig har jeg bemærket, at du." You suck in all your arrogance, deciding honesty is the best here. "When you kissed me this morning…you have no idea how you left me feeling, do you? I wanted to say that I loved you back, but I couldn't…because you've been with all those girls, and I thought you'd only break my heart."

"Kære," he murmurs as his lips brush yours, " Jeg vil aldrig knuse dit hjerte."

And then he pulls you in for a real kiss, sweeter than this morning's. And this time, you respond with the same amount of fervency. Everyone at the bar breaks into hollering and applause, rooting on your silly, blind romance.

And through the kisses, you find yourself smiling.

This Dane is a lot sweeter than he wants others to see, and you love it.

Extended Ending
You two are on his couch, nursing his head on your lap as you hold up an icepack to his cheekbone. After the whole confession at the bar, Miriam had gotten pretty pissed, and when he and you pulled back, she had marched up to him and punched him before shooting you a crude look.

"I am not a whore," she had hissed at you both before dramatically exiting the bar.

The Dane sighs from his spot and says, "Maybe I should have confessed back in seventh and saved me all this trouble. But back then, it felt so much easier to tease you for your dorky braids and perfect grades than confessing."

You hit his shoulder. "My hair was not dorky!" He sticks his tongue out at you. "Watch it, Matt, or I'm going home."

"But I secretly liked it," he murmurs as he snuggles close to your stomach. "Don't go, (name). Stay the night with me, please."

You kiss his forehead and tell him yes.



I felt like writing about Denmark, and I read like fifty Denmark reader inserts while I wrote it.

This doesn't feel like my best work, guise. :u Denmark feels too OCC. :c

And I'm too lazy to give you translations. P:

:icondenmarkplz: and the rest of the Hetalian characters here don't belong to me, but they do belong to this guy: :iconhimaruyaplz:.

You...will soon belong to :iconsexydenmark2plz:...once you become one with him, of course.

Thanks for reading~
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You sat on the river bank, reading Hans Christian Andersen's work "The Little Mermaid". It was such a sad story, but you loved it anyway. Though it was hard to concentrate with the racket that was taking place down by the river.

Your buddy Alfred Jones had invited you to a picnic with his friends, Gilbert and Mathias, all of whom were currently thrashing around in the water.

Alfred climbed up onto one of the rocks. "CANON BALLLLL!!!!!"

The other boys attempted to run for cover, but alas, none could escape the American's enormous tidal wave. Alfred popped his head back out of the water. He looked over at you, waving excitedly.

"How was that (Name)?!?!" He shouted.

"Ginormous, Al!" You laughed back.

Gilbert let out his rather strange laugh. "Kesesesese!!! Ja! It's from all of ze fast food!!!"

"HEY!!" Alfred yelled at the German, before he began swimming after him.

"You cannot catch ze Awesome me!!!!" Gilbert cried as he swam away.

You nearly died of laughter at the sight. You shook your head and turned your attention back to the book. The little mermaid was just now saving the prince from drowning.

"(Name)!" You looked up to see Mathias jogging up the sandy bank toward where you sat.


In just his swimming trunks, Mathias looked FINE. Water droplets streamed down his sculpted chest, along his abs. His hair, which usually stood straight up, was now sopping wet and clinging to his forehead. The sun caught his damp skin casting a sort of glow around him.

Your face quickly heated up as he approached. He flopped down next to you, giving you a cheerful grin.

"Don't tell me you wear a sexy bikini like that and don't intend to get it wet?"

You looked down at your (color) (pattern) swim suit, a blush crawling across your face. "I—I can't swim…" You murmured a bit shyly.

The Dane's eyebrows rose. "Oh…Well, I'll just sit here and keep you company!"

The cheeriness in his voice caused you to smile. He reached over to the ice cooler beside you, grabbing a beer, his bare skin grazing your back lightly. He smiled to himself as he noticed your cheeks growing pink.

He leaned back, opening the bottle and taking a swig. His eyes traveled over to your book.

"Hans Christian Andersen?"

You looked up. "Hm? Oh yeah! He's one of my favorites."

"He was Danish, you know." He said with a grin.

You nodded. "I know."

Mathias scooted closer. "I'm Danish."

You blushed at the sudden closeness of him. "Y-yes. I'm aware."

He leaned his head into the crook of your neck, whispering against your skin. "You know what this means, don't you?"

You shook your head vigorously, your face a dark pink now. "No…What?"

"It means… we're both…. Danish."


You giggled. "Yes?"

"So then, logically, I am one of your favorites, too." He said with a huge grin.

You let out a laugh at the Dane's flirting attempt. "One of my favorite 'whats'?"

At this Mathias made a confused face, his cheeks turning a bit red. "I—uh—Well, I don't know-- What is it you like?" He stuttered.

You thought about it for a moment. "Well--"

"HEY (NAME)!!!"

The two of you looked up to see Alfred running toward you. "Come on, you've had enough reading time!"

You looked up at him when he reached you, a bit confused. "But Al--"

Before you knew what was happening you were suddenly slung across Alfred's shoulder, bouncing up and down as he jogged back down the bank. You swatted at his back squealing.


"No chance!" he laughed as he climbed up onto the rock he had jumped off of earlier. "You are getting soaked before the day's over!"

Panic suddenly seized you. He wasn't really going to, was he?

"Alfred, wait!"

"One!" He counted down.

"No wait Alfred put me down! Seriously!" You struggled against the American's strong grip.


"Alfred, I can't--!"


Mathias watched the splash as you entered the water. His eyes widened.

"(NAME)!" He shouted, rushing up from his spot. He ran down the bank, searching for a sign if your presence in the water.

Alfred scratched the back of his head. "She should have come up by now."

Mathias looked up at him. "She can't swim, stupid!"

Alfred let out a nervous laugh. "Oh yeah. I keep forgetting that…WELL DON'T WORRY (NAME)! THE HERO WILL—GAH!"

Alfred landed with a splash as Mathias pushed him off of the rock. "Out of the way, yank! The King of Northern Europe has GOT THIS!"

He dove into the swift river water, his body mass taking him deeper than he expected. He opened his eyes looking around. He spotted something on the river floor and swam down to it. It was (Name), her eyes closed, drifting loosely in the water. He gripped her around the waist attempting to pull her up but met resistance.

A fallen log had her ankle in a merciless grip. Mathias felt his lungs begin to ache for oxygen as he swam down deeper to free (Name's) ankle. He grabbed her waist and lunged back up to the surface, breaking the water and letting out a desperate gasp.

"Dude is she okay?" Alfred asked, worry in his voice.

Mathias looked down at (Name), limp as a ragdoll. He hurriedly  waded to shore, setting her down gently on the sand. He bent his head down to her chest, listening for something.


"Bro, give her ze mouth to mouth!" Gilbert demanded in a panic.

"No bro, you gotta push on her chest first!"

"WOULD BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP?" Mathias let out a frustrated growl. He looked back down at

(Name), tilting her head back, opening her mouth slightly. He leaned his head down, pressing his lips to hers and gave an exhale of air.

He pulled back, placing his fists on her chest, pushing it down in a rhythm of 1-2-3-4. He leaned back down, connecting their lips and exhaling again.

1-2-3-4. Exhale.

1-2-3-4. Exhale.


He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers one last time, exhaling. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open. She began to cough, water making its way out of her mouth and nose.

"(NAME)!" The boys cried in unison.

You looked up at them, confusion riddling your expression.

"What…KHOFF!!.....happened?" You mumbled, your head feeling dizzy.

"YOU DIED!" Alfred laughed nervously.

"Zanks to ze Yankee." Gilbert added. "But ze Dane brought you back."

You looked over at Mathias, a light blush all the way to your ears. You smiled. "Thanks…"

He blushed, too. "No problem."

After a moment of silence, Alfred cried "I don't know about you guys, but I've had enough of the water! Let's head back to my place for some video games and food!!!"

"Ze Awesome me agrees!!!"

The American and German grabbed up the cooler and towels and bolted for the car.

You looked up at Mathias, and offered him your hand. "Help me up?"

Mathias grinned. "Sure."

But instead of helping you stand up, he simply scooped you up bridal style into his arms. You giggled as the two of you began walking toward the car.

"You realize I technically kissed you, right?"

"Shut up, Dane."
Stupid America. Drowning the reader and what not. So irresponsible.
Request for :icontobi-chann:
Hope it pleases you~
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~In Time~

It was strange of Mathias to suddenly invite you out to lunch today. Then again, you couldn’t complain since it was a lovely day, and the restaurant he was taking you to was particularly fancy when compared to your usual standards.

“Alright, Mathias, what’s the special occasion?” you asked as you took a seat across from your boyfriend. “It’s not our anniversary. That’s not until three months. Did you win some sort of scholarship or something?”

“How about I tell you after we eat?” Mathias suggested as he began to scan the menu for his meal.

“Hmm, okay…” you agreed and started to look through your menu as well. All the while, you couldn’t help but think that something was wrong, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

Lunch went as typically as any ordinary meal. The two of you chatted as you normally would, the food was delicious, and there weren’t any signs of any good or bad news—not until after you had finished dessert.

“_____________,” Mathias said as he reached across the table and wrapped his fingers around your hand, “I have something important I want to tell you.”

You looked up and studied your boyfriend’s expression. Unlike most times, his face was completely unreadable. There weren’t any hints of excitement, apprehension, or concern.

“What’s wrong, Mathias?” you quietly asked. Your heart was fluttering from the anticipation. This wasn’t like him at all. You weren’t able to read what he was thinking this time around. Whatever it was, it had to really be important.

“______________, we’ve known each other for a long time…” Mathias began.

Your heart skipped a beat. Was Mathias going to ask that? But you were still so young. You wanted to be free for just a little longer. Was he really going to do that right here and right now?

“…and I can honestly say that the time we’ve spent together has been the best time of my life.”

“Y-Yes…” you nodded feeling the blood rush to your cheeks.

Is he really going to do it? you thought. You couldn’t breathe. So this is what it felt like to be put on the spot. At least he had the courtesy to do it after you had finished eating.

“So…I’ve decided to let you be the first one to hear this.”

“Wh-What?” This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, was it?

“_________________...” Mathias pressed his lips together and let out a sigh. His head was hung low, and his eyes were lowered to your hand. This wasn’t going to be good news.

“_________________, I have cancer.”

The world stopped. Your heart sunk to the bottom of your stomach. You couldn’t breathe. Everything you had ever known suddenly just left your brain like an off switch cutting off your thought processing.

“I went to my doctor yesterday,” your boyfriend explained, but in your condition, he was better off just talking to a brick wall. “There’s been something wrong with me for a while, so I finally went to check it out. Sure enough, they said I have cancer.”

You blinked once. Finally the spell of the first wave of realization hit you and passed.

“How long?” you asked.

Mathias gently squeezed your hand and gave you a sad smile. “Give or take about three years.”

“Three years…” you breathed. “That’s it? B-But, you’re so young. We’ll be barely out of school by then. Mathias, that’s not enough time. What about all those things you told me you wanted to do?”

“That’s why I decided to tell you first,” your boyfriend said. “I wanted to be able to spend the rest of my remaining life with you.”

“Of course!” you instantly agreed and got up out of your seat. “Mathias, whatever happens, I’ll be there with you. I’ll do anything to make these years count.”

Then, Mathias sighed in relief like a huge burden had been lifted off his chest. You didn’t even flinch when he moved his hands to the back of your neck and pulled you in for a kiss.

“I’m glad you’re willing to think that way, ______________,” he smiled. “I wouldn’t have picked a better woman to fall in love with.”

“Y-yeah…” you whispered. Perhaps it would have been better if he dropped this kind of news in a private place. It was embarrassing to start tearing up now.

“______________, there’s one more thing I wanted to say to you before passing,” Mathias said in a tender voice.

You sniffed and looked straight into his eyes. “Y-Yes?”

Then, your boyfriend moved his lips to your ear and whispered into it.

“April Fool’s.”

It took you a while to realize what had just happened.

“Oh…” you mumbled. “Oh…”

Just then, a large grin spread across Mathias’ face.

“Pfft,” he snickered. “I’m sorry, _____________, but you should have seen the look on your face. I’m happy you’d be willing to stay with me for the rest of my life, though.” He then raised a bemused eyebrow. “Hey, don’t be like that. I had to get you back for the super glue you mixed in my shampoo from last year.”

“Mathias, you idiot! You stupid, clueless idiot!” You covered your face in embarrassment. “I really thought…I really thought…”

It was then that Mathias realized you were crying, but the damage had already been done.

“______________, I-I didn’t think it was going to affect you like this…” he stammered. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your body. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.”

All of a sudden, you pushed him away and delivered a half-hearted blow to his stomach.

“Damn right you’d better be sorry!” you shouted causing the other dinners to look your way. “Mathias, you blockhead! It’s still March! April Fool’s Day isn’t until tomorrow!”
Of course, this kind of prank is actually really mean. I've had family members die from cancer.

Technically, it's already "that date" in other parts of the world, but since I'm in the U.S., I decided to put this out today.

This is my first official one-shot for Denmark despite how many I've written for him. All the others were either requests or for contests.

Denmark belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu.
This story belongs to me, *GydroZMaa.
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"Hey, Juliet!"

You groaned and smacked your face on your desk. Great, he's here. You peeked to the side and spotted the tall, spiky blonde haired man you hoped to not see today. Mathias Kohler was his name, an obnoxious and ignorant Junior. He was also considered to be the biggest man whore in the entire school, because he's always seen with a different girl. On a daily basis. You were probably the only girl he hasn't dated, and you wanted it to stay that way. Never will you see yourself going out with such a moron.

"Mathias, you idiot. I've told you millions of times that my name isn't "Juliet!" It's ______. You've known me long enough now, you should have it down," you snorted at him, lifting your head from the desk and massaging your forehead. Mathias' lips curved up in an amused smirk, but said nothing. He only sat in the empty desk next to you, and bored his sea blue eyes into your (e/c) ones.

"So, Juliet," he started, using your nickname which caused you to snarl menacingly, "I have something to ask you," you immediately knew what he was going to say, so you put your hand up to stop him from saying anymore.

"I already know what you're going to ask, and the answer is no. You attempt to ask me out every day, and every day you're going to get the same answer. No," you stated in a firm tone. It seemed no matter how threatening you were to the Dane; he was still the same person to you. Cheeky, full of himself, a total dunce, and just plain idiotic. You didn't know if it was an act or not to get your attention, but you were getting tired of it. Mathias stiffened up in his seat and his smirk dropped down to a serious frown.

"Actually, I was going to ask you why you don't like me, _______," you blinked. He used your real name, so you knew he was dead serious about what he was asking. You seemed to have taken advantage of the situation because you responded with:

"You are an obnoxious, selfish, ignorant moron who never seems to know his place,"

Mathias' heart snapped into two. Your words were like knives into his chest. You felt a small tinge of guilt in what you said, but the damage was already done. Mathias' finally knew how you truly felt about him, and that was all he needed to know.

"I......see, _______. Well, I promise not to bother you anymore," and with that, the bell rang. The blonde Dane stood up from the seat and shuffled to the back of the classroom, shoving his fists into his pockets. You sighed. I guess I shouldn't have been so harsh. Mathias' ego is as fragile as glass. I'll apologize to him whenever I see him again. You turned your body to face the front of the classroom, and awaited the arrival of your teacher.

After School
The day just seemed to drag by. You were so used to Mathias bugging you to death about something or another, but it was different today. It actually seemed like he was avoiding you. Now you were really feeling guilty. Mathias was always trailing behind you like a lost puppy. You sighed sadly. Maybe.....should I give him a chance? No! I can't! I'm not going to be that man whore's next victim.

You were walking home from school currently. It was uncomfortably quiet. You hastened your pace and clutched the strap of your purse. You were a very paranoid person, so the silence scared the hell out of you. You were about to relax a bit, when you heard the sound of footsteps behind you. You gasped. Is someone...following me? You stopped in your tracks and glanced over your shoulder. No one was there. You sighed in slight relief. You still had the feeling someone was on your tracks, but you tried to push it aside. You turned back around and started walking again. Then, the footsteps started up again, and they were closer than ever. You gulped. Once you knew the footsteps were right behind you, you whirled around and aimed at punching the stalker in the face. Instead of landing the blow, your fist was grabbed. You gasped.

"Bad move, ________," the perpetrator chuckled. You narrowed your eyes, recognizing who it was immediately. Red hair, red eyes, a red bomber jacket and sunglasses propped up top his head. No doubt, it was Fred Jones, a Junior from the school. You had heard that he was the "darker twin" of Alfred Jones, and now you can see why. They looked so similar, yet so different. This twin looked like a demon.

"Fred, you bastard! Let me go!" you screamed, struggling to free your fist. Fred chuckled in amusement at your failed attempts to get free. You stopped cold when you felt him cup your chin and force you to look at him. You snarled at the pleased smirk on his face. You would have spat in his face, but you weren't sure what he would do if you did. Fred was pretty much insane, and was often at the mental hospitals. One slip and you could wind up dead.

"So, I heard you rejected Mathias again? Calling him a cruel name, on top of that. You sure are hard to please, huh?" he chuckled. "I'm sure I can change that," once again, you screamed and hollered for help. You were soon silenced by Fred's lips being pressed against yours. Your screams were now only a muffle. You used your free hand to punch the redhead in the chest. You were stopped short when he also used his free hand to stop yours. You started to become very lightheaded from the lack of oxygen, and you knew you would pass out at any moment.

Suddenly, the kiss was broken after what felt like ages. Your eyes were shut, so you didn't know what was to happen next. That was, until, your ears picked up the sound of punches and cursing. Once everything was silent, you slowly opened your eyes. Your hero stood with his back to you, but you could tell who it was in a heartbeat.

"M....Mathias?" you managed, still trying to get your breath back. The Dane looked over his shoulder at you and smirked softly.

"Hey, Juliet," his smirk turned into a crooked, but nice smile. You felt tears well up in your eyes. Without even thinking twice, you ran up and threw your arms around the tall man, sobbing into his chest.

"Oh, God, Mathias! Thank you so much! I-If you wouldn't have come, h-he...he would have...!" you couldn't finish your sentence, but you didn't have to. Mathias nodded sympathetically and stroked your (h/l) (h/c) soothingly. You sobs dropped down into small whimpers.

"It's okay, ______. I'm here for you. And I always will be, no matter what," you looked up at Mathias with tear stained eyes and red cheeks. He was looking down at you, the same crooked smile on his face.

"Mathias...I'm sorry about earlier....I...I didn't mean to be so harsh to you," you said, your bottom lip quivering. Mathias chuckled and whipped away a lone tear making its way down your face.

"It's alright, Juliet. You know I could never take what you say seriously," he laughed. You smiled softly and rolled your eyes. No matter what incident he's in, he's always the same, happy-go-lucky I know and love.

You pulled out of the embrace and took a hold of his hand. "Mathias, can you walk me home?" you asked, your voice that of a frightened child. The blue-eyed Dane nodded and griped your hand lightly.

"Of course. It would be an honor," you smiled and you both started to your house. It was silent for a while before you spoke.

"Hey, Mathias? Why do you call me Juliet when you know my name is _______?" you looked up at him, waiting for his facial expressions. He chuckled and looked at you, his blue eyes dancing with glee.

"Well, I consider myself to be the Romeo of this school, and I happen to consider you my Juliet," you blushed softly and smiled at him. Feeling courageous, you wrapped your arms around Mathias' neck and brought him down to where his lips met yours in a warm and joyful kiss.
Okay, so this is my first try at 2P!Hetalia and it was only for like a paragraph or two~ XD I honestly love 2P!America even though he does scare the shit outta me~ :XD:

I got inspired by the song "Hey, Juliet!" by LMNT [link] ^^

I would like to thank ~TearsOfRubies, ~Demons-Princess, ~ryoubakurano1fangirl, and partially ~BabyDaisyNo-1 for watching me write this~ O u O I hope you guys also like this~ ^-^
So, enjoy everyone~
Side Note: If your name is anything related to Juliet, than just go with a different name~ XD

Mathias = Denmark
Fred = 2P!America

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) :icondenmarkplz: and partially :icon2pamericaplz:
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~Perfect two~

*Denmark X Bestfriend!Reader*

~Age 5~

"Matthias,this is (Name)!She moved in with her parents to Copenhagen and she is going to be our new neighbour!" the blonde female explained as her son's ocean blue eyes grew wide in curiousity.
The girl tightened her fist onto her mom's dress material,wrinkling it in the process.She bit down onto her lower lip and almost cried as the female untangled her hand from the dress and guided her towards the small boy who watched in amazement,as if everything was new to him.
"Hey (Name)!I'm Matthias.But you can call me Matt!" the boy spoke up,his voice loud,a goofy smile placed upon his pale features,stucking his hand out.
"I-I'm (Name)!Nice to meet you Matt!" the small girl responded,shyly catching the edge of his hand in her soft grasp.
"Good!Now you are my best friend!" the Danish boy burst into laughter,enveloping the (h/c) into a warm,caring hug.
Little by little,(Name) hugged back as well as she could,taking into account he was larger than her,a boost of confidence rushing through her system and making her all warm on the inside - because the blonde seemed indeed like an awesome friend to have.A small smile played at her lips as Matthias didn't let go,his heartbeat lullying her slowly to sleep - though she tried to keep her eyes open even if they felt heavy,not to be impolite.
Something about him made her feel confident - but she was way too young to know by then what - she just felt,not questioned.That's why children are way happy than adults - because they don't question themselves,don't care how they look or what to wear,they are all the same - willing to play and make friends.
As the blonde boy dragged (Name) towards his room,she couldn't help but giggle - he was indeed kind.

~Age 7~

"Matthias,(Name)'s here!" the blonde female called from downstairs.
In the next instant the rushed steps of the small boy could be heard,as well as his quick stomps against the wooden stairs.
The (h/c) was soon tackled into a hug - and if it wasn't for Steffenie,she would have fell to the ground.
The adult cocked a light eyebrow at her son's attitude,giving (Name) a plate of danishes at which the girl smiled and muttered a thanks before being dragged upstairs.
"So...what do you wanna play?" Matthias asked,already sitting down near the round table and urging for the girl to do the same.
(Name) barely gapped her mouth,but the blonde cut her short,his whole face brightening up - meaning that was nothing good.
"Let's play house!I'm going to be the daddy,you the mommy and Sttephen our kid!" he suggested,already reaching for his younger brother's room and dragging him along too.
"Matt,maybe Steff doesn't want to play with us!" (Name) interrupted the Dane's rant - which was an explanation towards his little brother.
"It's okay (Name)!" the shorter boy reassured her,a small smile playing upon his features,dimples forming into his rosy chubby cheeks.
"Great!Now I,as the daddy,I can kiss you,the mommy!" Matthias proclaimed,not even thinking twice before catching (Name)'s boney shoulders and pressing his lips sloppily to hers.
The Greenlandic boy gasped in surprise,storming off as soon as he had seen what his older brother was doing,yelling at the top of his lungs.
"Mom,Matthias has kissed (Name)!On the mouth!!!" he shouted the last part,hearing his mother's rushed steps and a horrified expression crossing her features.
"Matthias KØhler,get down here in this instant!" the blonde female angrily spoke,making herself clear - using his whole name meant only one thing - he was in great trouble.
Whimpering as he had heard that,the Dane let go of the girl's shoulders,her face a crimson red and her beautiful (e/c) eyes hid behind her bangs.

~Age 12~

"Yo (Name)!Let's go swimming!" the blonde suggested,his ocean blue eyes pointed upon the girl's small frame.
"I can't!Go away Matthias!You boys know nothing!" (Name) angrily refused his suggestion,closing the door with a loud bang.
The Dane stood in the door's frame dumbfounded,not getting what had he done wrong this time - he could even hear the teenager's stomp against the wood of the stairs and another door carlessly closed - the one to her room,he assumed.
"Well,okay!I hate you too!Girls!Who can understand them?" Matthias cursed under his breath,hopping on his skateboard and heading towards his house.
"Mom,I'm home!" he yelled after he finally reached his house,the thought of (Name) rejecting him like that bothering him his whole way home.
"Home?Are you sick or something?What about (Name)?" the female asked,unfastening her red and white apron,a look of concern upon her features.
"She yelled at me and said that us boys know nothing!And I haven't even done something to upset her!" the blonde explained,scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
"Oh!I get it now!" Steffenie let a small laugh escape her lips,as she sat onto the wooden floor.
The Danish female patted the place next to her,motioning for the boy to come.
He sighed and did as requested - obviously hurt by the fact that his best friend acted like that towards him.
"(Name) is growing up sweety!She didn't want to act like that towards you.You know how patient and caring she is towards you.So please,don't feel down.Some danishes and your support will help her,trust me!" the female explained,gesturing in order to put emphasis upon her words.
The boy's eyes grew wide,sparkling in excitement.He dashed towards the kitchen,grabbing a plate of the sweet treats and kissed his mother goodbye.
He thought that maybe everything would turn out good and he might make up with (Name).The blonde couldn't bear staying without her - she was his partener and he didn't will giving up at her.
Gathering his courrage,he knocked twice into the front door which soon opened,revealing a pale (Name) in the frame of it.
"I'm sorry Matt ...!" the (h/c) spoke up,capturing the boy into a hug.
"Shh,it's okay!You still are the Queen of North!" Matthias playfully said,brightening the atmosphere.
The girl chuckled as she heard that,their smiles growing with every second and the argument long forgotten.

~Age 16~

The female sighed,swirling her (h/c) locks onto her slender finger,taking down notes sloppily.It wasn't the fact she didn't enjoy mathemathics - well,forget that,she hated the subjects and avoided it as if she was chased by a bunch of wild animals.
It gave her headaches,wasted a lot of her precious time and bored her to the point she felt she was literally killing her time - stabbing the poor flow with a sharp knife,as Mr.Beilschmidt went on,writing down several ridiculously long equations onto the blackboard.
The phone buzzed into the pocket of her navy blue skirt,announcing she received a message.
Checking the sender,(Name) sighed inwardly to herself - but also felt happy.
'I can't go home with you (Naaaame)!I got dettention after school! TAT - Matt'.
'Why?What have you done this time,you idiot?!!! (/-.-) - (Nickname)' the female furiously pressed the send button.
'Had a fight with Berwald.' (Name)'s straight line dropped into a frown as she read it,but as she went on,her smile grew wider.
'He said I don't deserve you!Idiot.;-; - Matt'.
"Ahem!" the German adult tried to capture the teenager's attention - which he did as she perked her head up only to meet his angry baby blue gaze,a small squeak escaping her lips - for the class' amusement.
"Miss (Last Name),you vill stay after school in order to learn zhat in my class students don't send messages,ja?" Ludwig explained,receiving an ashamed nod of (Name)'s head.

~Time skip~

" babe wanted to join me in bad too?" the blonde male laughed loudly,capturing everyone's attention.
"Idiot!It's only because I've texted in Maths class.Because of you!Gah!" (Name) responded,planting her face into the desk.
"Hei,I don't want your pretty face to get damaged!" Matthias places two long fingers under the female's chin,bringing her head up.
"You mean it?" the (h/c) asked,her eyes wide.
"Mean what?" he questioned,his own blue eyes following hers.
"When you said I'm pretty." (Name) completed,impatiently waiting for an answer.
"To think now,nah!I was wrong!" Matthias answered,causing the female's mood to drop,as well as her whole expression morphed into a saddened one,tears gathering into her (e/c) pools.
"You are the most beautiful female in the whole wide world!" he exclaimed,laughing once again with echo.
"And you know what?You are mine.And that makes me more than happy!" the blonde finished with a whisper,capturing (Name)'s delicate hands into his and kissing the back of them gingerly.
"KØhler and (Last Name),we don't need your lovey-dovey scenes in here!" the programming teacher,Mr.Von Bock complained,causing the two to inner laugh.

~Age 20~

"Hej babe!" Matthias winked towards his lover as she was sorting papers in order to study.
"Hey Matt!What are you up to?" (Name) asked,her (e/c) eyes fixed upon the different portofolios she had to complete.
"What about you take a break and we play house?" a face cracking smile was placed upon his features as he said that.
"You know what?I could never say no to that!" the female giggled,catching the Dane's hand as he helped her up.
"But I warn you,I'm going to change the rules this time!" he explained as he dragged her along their shared bedroom.
"Matt,when have you changed the..." (Name) started as she scanned the room,but breath hitched in her throat,her heart beat dying for mere seconds as she had seen Matthias on one knee in between small pillows and red and white rose petals.
"When I meant I wanted to play with you house,I was speaking seriously about it.And because you're my all,I want you also to be my whole life partener and to play every day our childhood game.There is no one better than you at filling that place and doing it like a queen." the blonde made a small pause,untightening his fist in order to let visible the velvety red box which opened with a small sound,revealing the silvery band with delicate sapphires.
"Will you marry me?" he whispered the last part,his words reaching the female's ears who only did to throw a palm over her mouth,tears flowing down her cheeks.
Falling to her knees,she embraced the Danish male muttering an 'I do',audible enough for him to hear - and as soon as he got his answer,a genuine smile replaced the worry of being rejected.
Matthias caught (Name)'s hand into his,slipping on her ring finger the silvery band which meant that now she was officialy his.
"Jeg elsker dig,(Name)!" his words cut through the silence,accents rolling off smoothly of his tongue.
"Jeg elsker også dig,Matthias!Forever!" she responded in a sweet tone,kissing the tip of the male's nose.
He laughed at the small game she started,placing his lips upon hers.It was as their first shared kiss,now though more expert than back then,his lips skillfully pressing upon hers as they lost theirselves into the bliss of the moment.
Nothing could brake them apart.Because if it haven't until now,it wouldn't in the future - Matthias would make sure of that,keeping their bound as powerful as ever - or make it even more attached so they could stay the same.
Because they were the perfect two!
Matthias KØhler – Denmark
Sttephen – Greenland – OC
Steffenie – Scandinavia – OC
Ludwig Beilschmidt – Germany
Eduard von Bock – Estonia
Berwald Oxentierna – Sweden © Hetalia , Hidekaz Himaruya
You – You


‘ja’ (German) = ‘yes’
‘hej’ (Danish) = ‘hey’
‘Jeg elsker dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you’
‘Jeg elsker også dig’ (Danish) = ‘I love you too’

Yep,another sappy,superfluffy thingy. xD I know it`s quite cliché and all,but let`s be honest,who wouldn`t like Den as a bestfriend and finacee ?
I wrote this after a small song I composed some time ago,which I named perfect two.Sounds like this:
‘We are the perfect two
No matter what we do
And if you think she is the one
Just tell me and tomorrow I`ll be gone.’.

Ahem.Enjoy!~ Love,Suu! :heart:

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Comments are appreciated. :3 :iconstolenkissplz:
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Request for ThexDarkenedXLight.~

By the way, I just saw how awesome she is. Her cosplays. Just-- a;dkjlaksfjakfs. I feel honored.


~ ~

Oh no.

You groaned as you saw HIM walking into YOUR favorite bar. The person- No, wait, COUNTRY and self-proclaimed king of Europe that has been bugging you for at least two months straight already.

Mathias Køhler.

He took the empty seat next to you and grinned. ''I see you're still ignoring me~?'' You simply glared at him. This guy just couldn't pick up hints, could he? You sighed deeply. ''How much will it take me to tell you that I don't like you, I don't 'love' you, if that's even possible, and I don't want to go out with you. What do you not understand in those words?'' He smiled even more. ''A lot, since you didn't shake me off just yet.''

You were about to smack him, when he interrupted you. ''Tell you what. You'll go out on ONE date with me, and if you still don't love me afterwards, which is almost impossible, I promise to never ever bother you again.'' You frowned. One date... That couldn't be so bad, right? Plus, afterwards, you could just tell him he's a dick and ditch him! ''I... I'll consider it.''

''Great! That's a yes~!''


''I'll pick you up at 9 A.M. tomorrow~!''


Aaand he was gone. You growled in annoyance, slammed some money down on the counter and walked home, angry at yourself and that stupid Dane.

~ ~

That lazy bastard won't even get up that early. You angrily thought, and started brushing your teeth. He's a good-for-nothing alcoholic jerk. I can't expect more from him than him getting drunk at the end of the day and me dragging him home. Quickly spraying some deo on yourself and brushing your hair, you picked some clothes for the day. But if I know for sure he's so useless, why did I get up early anyway?

''Yo, _________!!'' Recognizing Mathias' voice outside, you peeked out of the window. Sure, there he was. You opened the window.


''Hurry up! I'll need all day! So come on!''

''Stick that 'hurry up' up in your ass, idiot.'' And with that, you closed the window again and slowly prepared for the day, ignoring Mathias' impatient yells.

~ ~

''...The Zoo? Really?''

You stared at his grinning face. ''Yeah! There's something I wanna show ya.'' He dragged you along trough the whole zoo, towards the carnivores.

THE ZOO. REALLY?! He could've picked something a LITTLE MORE romantic!! Your thoughts were interrupted by his voice.

''Look there. Between the lions.''

You squinted your eyes and gasped as you saw them. Three lion cubs were playing around in the grass. Being absolutely adorable.

Mathias smirked and started dragging you off. ''H-hey! I didn't finish looking at them yet--'' ''Here, take this.~'' He pulled a shirt over your clothes and pushed three bottles of milk in your arms. ''Mathias- Hey!'' He took your hand and walked into the lion's territory. You gasped and held your breath. What the hell is he thinking?! Slowly, the lions advanced towards the two of you. ''Whatdidyoudoomgwe'regoingtodiethesearefreakingcarnivores!!'' You squeaked as the male lion sniffled on your clothes and hands. He let out a low growl before flopping down in the grass, appareantly a sign of approval. The lionesses joined him and gently pushed their cubs in front of you, looking at you in expectation.

''This... This is impossible.'' (A/N: Yes, it is. Luckily, this is a Reader-Insert, so anything is possible~! Hip hip, hooray!)

''C'mon, I didn't give you those bottles for nothing!'' Mathias pulled you down in the grass next to him, then carefully picked up one of the cubs, took one of your bottles and started feeding it. ''You take the other two.'' A bit dazed, you did as you were told, holding the two fuzzballs in place as they eagerly drunk the milk.

''The lionesses aren't able to feed the cubs, so we need to do it by hand.''

''I didn't know you actually cared for something.'' You mumbled, struggling a bit to keep the little lions calm.

He let out a laugh and sat down behind you, reaching to your arms- practically making it a hug. He took your hands before you could protest and kept the cubs silent as they finsihed their milk. You felt pretty secure in his strong, skilled arms and unconsciously scooted a bit closer to him. He smirked and released the cubs when the bottles were empty, then hugged you tightly, causing you to blush.''Mathias!! Let go of me! There are people watching!'' He only laughed. ''I know.~ I'll release you if you gimme a kiss.'' He quickly turned you around, grabbing hold of your hands.

''Wha- That's unfair! You're blackmailing me!''

''I know~!'' He said in a sing-song voice and smirked at you as you struggled in his arms and tried to ignore the wholf-whistling crowd.

''FINE!'' You gave him a very quick kiss on his lips and blushed even more as you got up and the crowd started laughing and clapping.

~ ~

''So this is your 'job?''' You asked a while later, during lunchbreak.

''Yep. I'm the headkeaper of the cats.'' Mathias took a sip of his beer and smiled. ''Not everyone is supposed to know I'm a country, after all. Besides, I wanted a cool job. I seem to be handling dangerous thing pretty good. And wrestling with tigers is pretty cool, right~?''


''Okay, okay, playing around. Stop taking things so seriously, ________. Live a little!'' You huffed and took a bite of your doughnut. ''I think you live a little too much.''

''Admit it, feeding the cubs was pretty awesome.''

''...They were cute.'' You mumbled and glared at him. ''Don't look so angry, _________. Don't think I didn't notice you scooting into my romantic embrace.~'' Blushing, you threw the remnants of your food at his face- which he dodged, unfortunately. ''I-I did not!'' He just smiled a lovingly at you.

He actually looks pretty cute like that.

Wait, WHAT??

Come on, ________, stick to the plan!!

Ditch him, remember?

But he was so caring about those lions... Maybe he cares about me like that...

NO HE DOESN'T!! He's MATHIAS KØHLER! The infamous, handsome, good-looking alcoholic!

''Helloooo? Earth to ________!'' Said infamous handsome good-looking alcoholic waved a hand in front of your face. ''Y'alright? You're kinda spacing out. What'd they put in those doughnuts, Iggy's cooking?'' Chuckling, you shook your head. ''I was just thinking.'' He took hold of your hand and started dragging you off once again. ''Well, you don't have time to think. It's time to feed the cheeta's!''

~ ~

''Man, I'm pooped...'' You sighed and walked trough the streets of Kopenhagen. Mathias grinned. ''What's the matter, can't handle the awesomeness of today?'' Smacking him on his head, you huffed and shook your head. ''I'll have to admit, it was fun.'' During the day, you had learned more about Mathias. He wasn't really that bad underneath his shell of 'awesomeness'. ''Hey, there's our bar! Come on, let's go!''

''Mathias... I'm tired, I can't feel my feet, I just wanna go home...''

''Drink's on me.''


After ordering your drinks and sitting down at a table, a silence fell.

Shit, now what. I actually had a wonderful day. He isn't even that bad. It might not be love, but... Maybe?

No. Wait. Plan. Ditch him. But...

He looked at you and flashed a toothy smile, looking way too adorable.

Screw the plan.

''...Hey, Mathias? I want to... thank you. I had a fun day after all.'' You quietly started, staring in his sparkling blue eyes. ''Heh. I'd like to say 'I told you' right now, but I suppose an 'I love you' would fit better.'' The dim light of the candle and the soft music on the background made you feel a bit fuzzy inside. ''I... I love you too...'' You mumbled, realizing it actually felt good saying that to him. ''I think I really do.'' He didn't waste his time and leaned over the table, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. Just when he pulled back, you grabbed his collar and kissed him back, ignoring the yells and whistles of the others in the bar.

''I love you, Mathias Køhler.''

''Love ya too, __________.''

~ ~

It was 23:47 p.m. as Mathias ran up some hill in the outskirts of the city, urging you to follow him. You panted a bit as you finally reached the top, and smiled at the beautiful view. The whole city was nothing more but thousands of lights, some moving and in different colours. ''It's started to snow.'' Mathias noticed, looking up at the slightly clouded sky. ''It's getting colder as well- Hey!'' He hugged you tight to his chest, resting his chin on your head. ''Better~?''

''Just a bit.'' Smiling, you hugged him back. A clock in the distance rang. ''It's officially a new day.''


''You won after all.''



''Wanna sleep with me tonight? Your house is on the other side of the city and-'' He cut you off with a kiss. ''Of course I will.''

As the two of you walked down the hill towards the house, the snow became thicker and soon started to cover the city.

''I didn't mean having sex with 'sleeping with me', by the way.''

''WHAT?!? B-BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!! You tricked me!''

''''I know~! You mad?''


~ ~

The End.~
Request for zhe lovely :iconthexdarkenedxlight:

Yesh. Again, not really happy with the ending BUT WHATEVS ENJOY.~



wait for it...

NUTELLA!! :iconnutellaplz:

Oh and DARY!!
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Before, he was walking around the street, trying to find the place Tino had told him to go. He was supposed to meet up with him and Berwald, but it seemed he was lost. Next thing he remembered was getting jumped, and a sack went over his head.

Groaning, Mathias rubbed his head and realized the space he was in was very cramped. His shoulders and head were leaning against the back of the space, and his legs were sprawled out, pushed against the other side. One was towards the top, while the other on the bottom.

He then realized there was something lying on top of him. His hand touched fabric and that’s when it hit him. There was another person in here with him. That person moved, fingers gripping the front of his shirt and pushing against him.

“Ugh, what the hell…?” The voice was a woman, and he knew exactly who it was. Her body tensed up and she started touching his chest.

“______?! Are you alright!?” Mathias felt for her, unable to see her because of the darkness. He ended up grabbing each of her thighs, but drew them away. She tried to get away, but due to her position, she only rubbed against him. “No, don’t do that.” His breath hitched at the sensation, though he forced it away.

“Mathias, what’s going on?”

She sounded desperately scared, and he grabbed her hand. “Calm down, it’s alright.”

Angry, she pulled her hand away and slapped him on the chest. “No! It’s not okay!” She snapped at him, her fear getting the better of her. There was silence, for the Danish man didn’t know what to say. She’s never yelled at him like that, not even when he had thrown her into the pool at Tino’s. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, smiling, even if she couldn’t see it. “Don’t worry about it. I know you’re scared. This was probably all Lukas’s idea.” At the name of the Norwegian, her body seemed to relax. Mathias’s heart sank, he knew she liked Lukas, it was obvious.

More silence, except the sound of their breathing and of the girl, pushing at the top of the space. Mathias squirmed, uncomfortable with her moving, since she was pushing against him as well. A soft moan escaped him, and she jerked up, her back hitting the top and her head smacking against his. Her breath was hot on his lips, as they were now inches apart. Her arms were by his shoulders and his hands were now on her stomach.

Her hair tickled his face, and he tried to shift his body, but it only scared her. She hit her head against the top, making him worried as he reached up after her. It only resulted to their lips colliding. Pushing away from him, she backed into his raised leg, sitting back on him. When she sat back down, she sat on his bare skin as his shirt was now messed up.

Mathias stopped breathing as he felt the warmth and something else under her. His cheeks heated up and he tried pushing her away, at least so she wasn’t on his skin. Everything stopped at the moment, and both of their hearts raced. He moaned suddenly, and he grabbed her arm. She had moved closer to the region he didn’t want her to be near.

Grabbing the back of her head, he pulled her down to his face, both already expecting each other. Their mouths sucked on one another, tongues moving with the hunger they felt. She grabbed his tie, pulling it towards her. He chuckled, sliding his hands down to rest on her lower back.

The both let out moans as she rolled her hips and he sucked on her neck, each receiving and giving. Right now, nothing mattered, except the two being trapped inside the space. His hands moved to her thighs, nearing dangerously close to an area he shouldn’t touch, but she only breathed deeply and slid her hands up under his shirt. The buttons of his top broke off and his chest now had air it was dying for.

In their small space, it had grown extremely hot. Each were panting and out of breath, but also their bodies were heating up. She dug her hips into his and moaned into his mouth. He grinned and pushed her closer to him, wanting more. He started unbuttoning her shirt from the top when light filled around the darkness, causing them to close their eyes.

“Well this isn’t want I had in mind.” Mathias looked up after his blue eyes adjusted to the light, and saw his friends looking down at them. Tino’s cheeks were pink and he was looking really guilty. Berwald stared at the two with a blank expression, though there was a hint of laughter in his light blue eyes. Lukas and his brother stood beside them, mouths gapping open.

The girl sat up, making Mathias moan and sit up, kissing her jaw, down to her neck. He wasn’t going to let Lukas take her away from, not after she made him feel like this. But at the moment, he realized why they were staring. Her (h/c) hair was a disaster, clinging to her face, her shirt was showing way more than it should, and the skirt she was wearing was crooked, showing her leg and part of her panties.

Getting off his jacket, the Danish man wrapped it around her and hugged her close to his chest. Standing, he picked her up and carried her away from the men, walking to out of the room to see he was back at his place. Sighing, took her into his room, laying her gently on the bed so she could calm down.

“I’m sorry that Lukas had to see you like that. I know that you like him.” He turned away from her, not want her to see his pain.

She gave a short laugh, still out of breath. “Mathias, when did I ever say I liked Lukas? If I remember correctly, I have always liked you.”

Mathias turned quickly, and gazed at her with wide eyes. Her (e/c) were still glazed but they held truth in them. Jumping up excitedly, he kissed her full on the lips, and then proceeded to kiss every part of her. “I love you too, ______!”
So sorry for the shitty title. Not really sure what to call this. But as I said, I'd post another story tonight, and then tomorrow I'm babysitting, so there wont be time for posting or writing. Denmark is one of my favorites, so you'll be seeing a lot of him, but not more than Prussia or Russia <3
As you can tell, I am in a smut mood, but I promise there will be fluff and others soon. If you think it needs a 'cover' tell me and I'll put one on it. Enjoy, don't die on me, loves.
If there are any mistakes, I'll go back over it and fix it later.

Characters belong to: Hidekaz Himaruya~<3
Story belongs to me~
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Longest fic ever!!

Please comment and enjoy ^^

Also Belgium and the Netherlands as kids made me squee!! >.<

You squealed as a splash of freezing water drenched you. Loud childish giggles followed it and your eyes shut, you searched for the source of the laughter and grabbed hold of it. "Stop it! Put me down, down!"

The small child yelled at the top of her voice. Her brother laughed so hard he tilted over backwards, creating more waves on the tiny pool. "Bella! Zus!Help!" He called, spluttering. The blond girl turned and rescued her brother, pulling him to his feet.

You giggled as they splashed about. This wasn't the first time you'd babysitted the two, but it was definitely the first time doing it during the day time. Before their parents had left, their mother'd told you you could use a bathing suit of hers.

You picked a neutral black one-piece, of which the back was quite low down, several criss-crossing straps giving it an elegant feel.  After closing your eyes, you leaned your head back to enjoy the feeling of the golden sun's rays on your face.

"(y/n), so you know the story of the little mermaid?" Feeling weight on your lap, you creaked one of your eyes open to face an excited Bella bouncing on you. You stroked your chin, knowing from that expression that she wanted dearly to tell you. "Hmmm, I don't think so."

"I'll tell you then!" She settled on your lap, stars in her eyes. "Me too, me too!" Tim sloshed through the water to sit behind his big sister on your legs. Your back slid down a bit, your legs buckling slightly under their combined weight.

They laughed raucously as you adjusted yourself so you could comfortably accommodate the two of them. "Okay, so there's like this really pretty girl living under the sea. And then there's this really big party 'cuz it's her birthday right oh did I mention they like live under the sea? Broer, stop met bewegen!"

You chuckled, ruffling their hair at the same time, tensing your muscles to keep you from sinking again. Tim was constantly squirming and splashing, obviously trying to annoy his sister. She folded her arms, sulking and not continuing her story.

"Tim, if you're not quiet now, no pizza." You cautioned, a gentle but firm tone in your voice. He pouted, but ceased his antics. That is for about two minutes. By now Bella was getting into her story, using her dimpled hands to help express the emotions.

She paused. "..... so, the princess falls in love with the prince, but her daddy's a meanie and smashes all of her things! Even a huuuge statue of the prince! And he's all like: "You're never ever allowed to a party again!" and so she starts crying and gets really sad and..."

"Bella, breathe between sentences." You patted her back as she gulped air. "And then, and then....." she trailed off, staring over your shoulder. "Bel? What is it?" "Look behind you." She whispered loudly, giggling.

So you craned your head around to see a young man in the next garden, leaning against the wall of the house. Grinning at you. You could easily see each other as the fences separating the gardens were of very thin crosshatched metal.

You remembered your attire and blushed. Fanning himself he stepped out of the shade and propped his arms on the fence. "Hot ain't it?" His hair was amazing, the way it completely and utterly defied all laws of physics standing up like that.

You nodded in your embarrassment, hoping you looked vaguely decent in any way. "Say....Mind if I join you? It is bleeding hot after all, I could use some cooling off."
"Err, sorry but I'm just babysitting them, I don't think their parents will like it if I invite some stranger to their house without them knowing. Sorry."

He pouted adorably, lifting his T-shirt up to get some air on him. "I'm not some stranger; I'm Mathias!" He replied, indignant. "Also if you let me in, I'll tell you the real story of the little mermaid."

"Yaaay!" Bella cheered, jumping up and drenching you again. You sighed, well he WAS their neighbor, maybe they wouldn't mind. "Fine." He did a victory dance, looking like a complete dork. A cute dork at that.

He disappeared inside and you got out of the water to open the gate to the garden for him after instructing the kids to 'behave'. He quickly ran out of his house and met you at the now open gate. He grinned after looking you over and gave you a thumbs-up. "Nicee~" he commented and you shook your head exasperatedly.

Locked the gate and you made your way back to the pool, where Mathias was already splashing about like an idiot, much to the great pleasure of the children. "Tells us the story, Tell us!" Bella and Tim pleaded, jumping around his feet.

"Alright, alright but first, could you but some sun-cream on me? I don't want to burn and on a day like this...." "Alright." Sitting down, he followed suit, his back towards you and the children bouncing on his knee. You squirted some of the pale liquid on your fingers and started rubbing it into the skin of his back.

As he couldn't see your face, you reveled in the muscles he had, not allowing a single inch going unattended. He smiled, liking the gentleness of your fingers. "Mattieee~ (y/n) he isn't telling us the story!" They complained, poking him in turn.

"Well then," you chuckled poking his cheek," you should start now eh?" He blushed rather darkly, but cleared his throat. "Once upon a time there was a young mermaid who lived in an underwater kingdom with her father, the king of all the seas."

"When a mermaid turns 15, she's allowed to go the surface to see the human world –"  "That's us!" Tim said proudly, slapping his chest, then cringing. "That's right." You murmured, pulling Tim in for a hug. "Carry on." You told Mathias, who was staring at your comforting.

"Err yeah, so when finally the little mermaid turned 15, she went up and saw a boat. She watched the people on board and fell in love with the prince who was on the ship. That night though, a terrible storm broke out and the little mermaid saved the prince from drowning." His voice was so atmospheric, all three of you were drawn by him, eagerly waiting for the rest.

"She took him ashore near a little temple. But he was unconscious so he didn't remember anything, but a girl from the temple found him and nursed him back to health. But the little mermaid longed to see him again and wanting to be able to live with him, wanting an eternal soul to be able to do that, she went to the Sea Witch."

Bella gasped and whispered: "Ursula." under her breath, frightfully. "That's right." Mathias patted her head, smiling at her. "The Sea Witch sold her a potion to give her legs in exchange for her speech. Ursula warned her though that she can only get an eternal soul if she finds the true love's kiss."

With those words, his blue gaze pierced you, making it seem they were meant for you. You looked away, your face red. His mouth twitched into a lopsided grin. "And if anyone else married the prince, she would turn into bubbles and disappear into the sea. So the little mermaid drank the potion and finally met her prince. They became good friends, so good in fact that when the King ordered the prince to marry another princess, he told the little mermaid that he didn't love the princess. That he could only love the girl from the temple, because he thought that she was the one who rescued him on that stormy night."

"But as it turns out, the princess is the girl from the temple and very soon the marriage was announced. The prince and the princess get married and-" "Nooo! What about the poor little mermaid?!" Bella wailed, interrupting the flow.

"Her heart broke and she gave up, thinking death awaited her in the morning. But at dawn, her sisters came to her with a knife from the Sea Witch, telling her that if she slayed the prince and let his blood drip on her feet, she would become a mermaid again, and live her life as if nothing had happened."

You froze at his words, not knowing of this story was as suitable for little kids as you had previously thought.  "When the little mermaid saw the prince and his bride sleeping side by side, she couldn't bring herself to kill him and so she threw herself out, into the sea. Her body dissolved into bubbles, but instead of disappearing she felt the warmth of the sun. She'd turned into a spirit, a daughter of the air. And the other spirits told her that she became like them because she yearned with all her heart to gain an eternal soul. And she would get one, all she had to do was good deeds for 300 years. And she would eventually rise up, to the Kingdom of God."

A tear fell from your cheek, your hand quickly rising up to wipe it away. Tim cocked his head. "(y/n)? Why are you crying?" Mathias' head snapped around to see yours, a couple more tears escaping your eyes.

"It's so saaaaad!" You wailed, wiping your nose with your hand. "It is, isn't it?" Mathias said sheepishly, scratching his head. "Sorry I didn't mean to make you cry (y/n). You alright?" "Uhu." You carried on sniffling a bit, but quietened down.

"Say Mathias?" "Yes Tim? What is it?" "You said it in the story, but I didn't know what it meant. What's a true love's kiss?" "You don't know? Gah, you're so innocent!" He grinned.

"Well a true love's kiss is a kiss between you and the person you're fated to be with. When it's written in the stars, you're attached by the red string of fate, ..." He continued to sum up the clichés, when he shrugged. "You get it right?"

Tim smiled radiantly. "Nope!" Mathias sighed. "It's a kiss that you do with someone you love with your entire heart and always want to be beside." His eyes glanced over you, a layer of pink creeping up to his ears.

"Ah! In that case," Tim looked at you along with Bella, who came over to your side. They nodded at each other and simultaneously kissed your cheeks, then wrapped their arms around your stomach, clinging on to you like nobody's buisness.

"Hey me too!" Mathias complained, leaning over to kiss your nose. "Ma-Mathias..?" "Yes (y/n)?" You frowned a bit, contemplating your next move. It was true, he was cute and the way he'd told the tale had made your heart skip a beat. And well he started it, so it was his own fault!

You gently brushed your lips against the corner of his mouth, smirking when he froze up and fell backwards as Tim tackled him.

"No! (y/n) is mine!" He sat up, grinning like a maniac. "Looks like I have some competition eh?" He ruffled Tim's hair, then got a brainwave. "Stay here Tim," Mathias fiddled with the young boy's hair, making it stand on end not unlike his own.

"You look much cooler now!" Tim ran his hands through his hair and turned to you. "Am I cool?" you giggled at his excited expression and kissed his forehead. "Very cool!" He stood triumphant, until Bella soaked him with the water gun.

"Calm down now, otherwise no pizza." You pulled out your threat again and all of them whined, including Mathias. "Now Mathias, tell us another one." "Yeah!" The kids chimed in, looking at him expectantly.

"Alright, alright. Only if I get paid. By you," he pulled you closer by the waist, nudging his hips at yours,"I want a kiss for every story I tell."

You blushed and looked at the swirling water. "They better be some good stories then!" You sat in his lap and the children sat on yours, waiting for the story. He grinned and told every one he knew.
Shiha: *sighs*
Denmark: What's up?
Shiha: I'm trying to find a preview pic of you, one that hasn't got you making out with Norway or Sweden.
Denmark: O////O

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy and please tell me what you think ^^

Something similar happened when I was babysitting for a straight twelve hours, not that some Danish guy turned up or anything
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You played with your hair, examining the tips for split ends as you jolted along with the bus. The music playing in your ears was loud, but not loud enough to leak out of your ears and annoy the people around you.

Feeling a gaze trained on you, you sneakily glanced around to see where it came from. Your eyes fell upon a blond guy, who seemed about your age. Though the moment your eyes met, he quickly made his gaze drift to a group of other people.

So that’s who’d been staring at you.

Giggling slightly, you shook your head and returned to look at the winter scenery. You grimaced as you saw how icy the roads were. You knew pretty much that you’d slip and fall instantaneously. You were like that.

Sighing at yourself, you rested your palm on the window pane, watching as your handprint materialised on the glass, evaporating quickly. The bus halted, making you nearly fall out of your seat due to the over-usage of the breaks.

Huffing in frustration, you flicked back your bangs as they were covering most of your face, having fallen during the stop. A man came to stand in front of you and you averted your eyes as his behind just at eye-level.

Mathias growled, the man had grabbed hold of your shoulder when he almost fell. You winced at his strong grip but shook your head at his apology, there wasn’t anything he could’ve done about it after all.

The plastic bags rustled as you moved them to a place where their safety was guaranteed, behind your legs. You really shouldn’t have gone on a shopping spree. You should’ve at least got someone to help you carry the damn things.

Oh well! You stretched slightly, cracking your stiff neck and rubbing it. Your stop wasn’t a too popular one, which meant that by now most people had already gotten off. Standing up, you swayed to the movement of the bus, your bags in hand.

The ring of the bell sounded, indicating that someone else was getting off too. You glanced up to see the blond guy who’d been staring at you, get to his feet, bouncing a bit as he waited for the stop to come up.

When the bus finally did stop, you two staggered to the side, nearly crashing into each other. “S-sorry.” You mumbled, a gust of cold air with seemingly Antarctic temperatures blasting past you as the doors slid open.

Shivering, you waited for him to go first. Well, he was too. When you realised what was going on the two of you laughed. His sniggering having come to an end, he bowed to you. “Please, ladies first.” You smiled and graciously stepped out.

Or at least you tried to. The moment your foot came in contact with the frostbitten ground, you keeled over backwards, as you didn’t have stable footing to call your own.
“Watch it!” Something warm stopped you from falling and you craned your neck back, seeing the face of the grinning blond.

“Sorry....again.” You said, blushing when he set you on your feet and even straightened out the hat on your head. “No problem.” He replied, stepping off the bus. Catching sight of the strain your bags bought to you, he glanced up at you.

“Need some help? I don’t want you to fall again.” You chuckled sheepishly, scratching your cheek awkwardly. “Yeah, I tend to do that a lot...”

He grinned and puffed out his chest. “Then I’ll make sure you won’t!” You passed him a couple of bags and cocked your head in the direction of your house. With that the two of you started walking, well you were more slipping and holding onto him for dear life.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Mathias. And yours?”


“That’s pretty.”

The bus driver smiled to himself, it wasn’t often that his job gave him the chance to see a blooming romance.
Written because apparently guys stare at me on the bus! ...

Is that good?

Well anyways, you know the drill!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated!

Also if you want to help decide which character and plot you read about next, please vote in the poll
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You bit your lip, wanting the line of fangasming girls to shorten already. You could hardly believe your luck being able to come to one of Mathias Kohler’s signings! The Mathias Kohler!

You knew he’d just smile and make some small talk with you as he was expected to, but you couldn’t help but hope, wish that he’d notice you beyond the fact that you were his fan.

Most of these girls were only standing in line because they adored his looks and while you couldn’t deny you felt a certain attraction to the handsome Dane, you simply loved his acting skills.

You’d probably watched everything he’d been in, even the small, pretty much unknown shows when he was still young. Smiling you thought of the progress he’d made between his fist show and the one he’d promoted a few weeks ago.

He certainly has improved..... you hopped from one foot to the other, wanting to meet him more and more each second.

Mathias stretched his arms behind his back, getting some kinks out of his neck. Not that he didn’t like some publicity and meeting girl after girl drooling over him, but keeping up the indefatigable guy act up sure was tiring.

Oh well, he sighed, ruffling his hair up. Here come the next lot...

You smiled warmly at your idol and he took your slip of paper. “So, what’s your name love?” He chirped, giving you his teeth-shining celebrity smile. “I-It’s (y/n).”

“Thank you.” He murmured, peeking at you curiously from the corner of his eyes. You weren’t breaking down in gasps, nor crying, nor well anything his other fans usually did. In fact you seemed perfectly calm and radiating happiness.

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed “My four brothers”. It really made me laugh.” You commented, chuckling just remembering the show. He blinked in surprise. Most girls knew him from the action films and romcom’s he’d been in.

“We-well thanks!” For once, he was tongue-tied in front of one of his fans. Seeing the bodyguard waved his hand to tell you your time was up, you quickly leant down and kissed his nose. “Thanks!” You called, waving over your shoulder and holding the paper with his autograph carefully.

His body refused to move for a moment, then the colour of his flag adorned his cheeks. He stood up gruffly despite the protests of his guards. “I’ll be right back...” he mumbled, pushing through the crowd of people, desperately trying to look for you.

When he spotted the back of your head he made a bee-line for you, pausing only to make a girl let go of his arm. “Hey! (y/n)!"

You raised your eyebrow and turned, face-to-face with the Dane. You turned red as he leaned on your shoulders to catch his breath. “Say,....err....” He rubbed his neck sheepishly, wondering what on earth made him do this. Not that he wouldn’t do it again of course.

“Wanna get some coffee?” He managed to say, glancing up at you in time to see you nod happily and smile again. “Of course!”

He breathed a sigh of relief and grinned, an expression you hadn’t seen before on his face. The girls around you squealed and you winced as you felt the flash of cameras.

Chuckling, he offered you his arm which you took and snuggled up to, much to his delight. “Won’t you get in trouble though?”

“Naaah,” he brushed the thought away with a wave of his hand,” they’ll survive.”
Looks like sometimes wishes do come true.
Heheheheh ^^

An idea that popped in my head as I hoped for something~

Please enjoy and tell me what you think! I love reading comments~

Sequel: [link]
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