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An interactive cookbook I made. :3
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(UPDATED to flash)

The adventures of :iconcoffgirl: 's Coffgirl begins. Our little collaboration which involves using minor animated sequences within a sequential page.

:iconcoffgirl: is a very talented animator and having the chance to work with her to bring her character to life would be an awesome experience. Supposedly this was all a little experiment but we both seem to be having a lot of fun so we've decided to push forward and see where it'll lead us. We will be working on the 2nd page soon and Coffgirl is ready to give it her all.

Page 2
Coffgirl page 2 by bleedman 

Also don't forget my comics too at
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:iconcoffgirl:'s misadventure continues, introducing her trusty sidekick Marble.
Been awhile since I used flash, I'm very rusty with it especially with the new CS version. I think I'll go back to learning it again.

You can check out Coffgirl page 1, I think I'm gonna convert that to flash file as well.
Coffgirl page 1 by bleedman  

Also check out the newest page of
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Part One of my Fairytale Dress-Up line. :heart:
It starts with Little red Riding Hood! ^_^

Going back to my rather mediocre style of dress-up games here. :) Just wanted time to let loose, relax and try something cute. :aww:

LOL at creeper wolf!!!! Wtf. XD

Some answers to things you may be confused about:
(*) You can cycle through her different red hoods at the bottom right of the screen. You can also choose to have the hood down or over her head.
(*) There are patches, bows and miniature charms to decorate her clothes with. (The charms can be used over and over again!)
(*) You can change her eyes, mouth, facial features and hair-style too.
(*) The weird checkered-looking things to the girls' right are picnic baskets to hang over her right arm (your right).
(*) Reset the entire scene by clicking the circular arrow at the top left.

-- RULES --
:butterfly: DON'T submit any pictures of this game as your own deviation.
:butterfly: That means DON'T upload any snapshots/saved pictures of the girl you have dressed up, or any other pictures that you may have made with this game, as your own deviation.
:butterfly: On that note, DON'T upload any pictures you have taken of this game to ANY website.
:butterfly: Also, DON'T reupload this game to this site or any other website! It is to be seen and played on my DeviantArt account only! (but feel free to give a text link to this page ^_^)
:butterfly: And please, DON'T claim any creations that you have made on this game as your own work. (And don't claim ANY part of this game as your own work!)

- I have exceptions of these rules for me and my friends ONLY -

(Sorry for the strictness- but there has been too much fraud with dollmakers/dress-up games! >_< )

This game is both copyright Ruth Brain. (me! XD)
Inspired by the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Brothers Grimm.

Inspired by ~cheshirepanda to do the animated preview picture! ^_^
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A commission for The commissioner was fine with me posting this on my DA account as well.

First time using menu buttons like this since... Nami dress up v2? And even this time it was because the text buttons just wouldn't fit. But actually I like these a lot more, they're a lot cuter than just plain text.

For once the hair and flowy hoods look even somewhat ok because I bothered to first sketch them by hand instead of trying to draw them in Flash, which never works out too well.

(no, I didn't make this in two days; the previous game was almost finished when I started this, but this one got finished first but not posted until now while the other one was left on a hiatus.)
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iOS: AppStore

Surprise! A new game!

A quick one I made out of boredom.

Sweetie Belle sprite from :icondesktop-pony-team:

The link to the music is in the main menu of the game.

Version 1.1 changes:
* Added a right click menu to disable background animations (reduces lag)
* Added an explosion counter

You can use this game on your personal website if you like.
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