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[ G E N E R A L ]
Name - Takumi Hoshino
Age - 16, January 18th
Avatar Name - Pale Lancer
Legion - Oscillatory Universe
Current Level - Level 2

[ A B I L I T I E S ]
Weapon - Mighty Lance
Strengths - Special Attacks, Far and Mid-way Distance
Weakness - Close Combat, Berserker, Water (He can't swim)

Primary Attack -
- A medium radius, he can use his Mighty Lance to thrust and stab his opponents and he can also wield it like a longsword.

Special Attacks -
- Dragoon Strike : His special attack can be done on both the ground and in the air. His Mighty Lance glows white and with striking speed he thrusts forward stabbing directly through any part of his opponents body. In the air he strikes downward with his lance like a dragoon with the same outcome. Only a Avatar with a high defense would not get stabbed straight through.

Incarnate Skill -
? ? ?

Skills -
- Dragoon Specialists, Takumi's avatar is specialized with dragoon's techniques and can jump to great heights, how greatly far he can jump is unknown for he keeps it a secret. (But it is not greater than Sky Raker).
- Hidden Speed, in battle his Avatar's armored appearance is suppose to trick his enemies thinking he can't move very fast, but his armor is actually light and he is able to move with great speed, he uses this to trick his opponents, especially if they're close combats or berserkers.
- Twin Lances, Takumi's Mighty Lance can split in two which helps him to attack faster and a defend better, but if he uses his Dragoon Thrust with only one of them it only does half the damage than if they're together. He does not gain this skill until he's Lv. 6.
- Magnetic Field, it's a technique that only effects Avatars that are Metal or any other avatar that wears metal type armor, does not effect weapons or Takumi's avatar, it creates a magnetic field of a 10 mile radius, that makes it feel like x10 gravity, it reduces his opponents speed and movements by half. This only lasts for 50 seconds and can only be used once per battle. Does not gain this ability until he's Lv. 9.

[ C H A R A C T E R ]
Personality - Fearless | Quiet | Kind |
Takumi's personality, he is mostly quiet and finds nobody of interest to talk to except for his only friend. Other students usually don't communicate with him because they're bit scared of them. Takumi is also not easily scared. Horror movies don't even scare him at all he mostly thinks they're dumb. Another side he has that he rarely shows off is his kindness towards other people. He always like to think some of Haruki's kindness has rubbed off on him. When he walks by a person who needs help, he doesn't stop to hesitate and helps him/her out straight away. He sometimes shows this side outside of school or in Brain Burst but likes to keep it hidden.

Takumi's personality in the Brain Burst is a bit of the same. He likes the thrill in Brain Burst when it comes with fighting. It's not something he can feel in the other games he plays. In the Unlimited Neutral Fields he can never turn his back on someone who needs help, like when a Burst Linker is getting ganged up by other players. He is also never scared about the amount of players he has to face. Luckily he somehow comes out victorious. But still even on Brain Burst he's quiet. After the battle he always jumps away and heads to the nearest Escape Point.

Likes - Anime | Manga | Brain Burst | Video Games | Drawing | Girls with white hair
Disikes - Jerks/Bullies | Broccoli | Loudness | Smoking | Cheaters | Water/Pools/Beaches

History - Takumi's childhood hasn't been very great. Takumi is a single child and had to deal with physical and mental abuse from his father when he was 5 years old. Takumi and his mother were seriously depressed and hurt. His mother finally couldn't take anymore of the abuse and his parents had a divorce. Takumi hasn't seen his father since. After two months later since the divorce his mother received news that the father died from alcohol poisoning.

In his in elementary school Takumi wasn't very sociable and didn't have friends. Some of the kids bullied him and said terrible things about him being quiet or about his parents. Until one day another kid stood up for Takumi, her name was Haruki Suzuki (She's 2 years older than Takumi), she stopped the bullying on Takumi and wanted to be his first friend. After that they've been great friends ever since. She helped Takumi to go through everything that has happened with his father. She was nice, kind-hearted, and always worried for Takumi and wanted him to be happy. Eventually she helped Takumi get over the past and look forward to a great adventure they would have together. They visited and played with each other usually everyday since then.

Some years have passed and when he was 15 years old, Haruki told him about the world of Brain Burst. When she told him what it was, he was very excited about it and he really liked the fighting part. She installed it into Takumi's Neurolinker and thus the pact between the guardian and the protégée was formed. At first Haruki was very surprised when she saw Takumi's Duel Avatar, Pale Lancer, for the first time and he did too when he saw Haruki's Avatar and everything else (Haruki's Duel Avatar was Steel Tiger), she then taught Takumi about Brain Burst. They had more fun together than ever before. They have fought many opponents together in a Tag Team battles but only one of them was tough for Takumi. His opponent's Avatar name was Royal Armor a soldier/member of the Blue Legion. Haruki was fighting against Royal Armor's partner while Takumi faced him. Takumi fought hard but Royal Armor was the near victor, until Haruki came in and lowered his health. Time ran out and Takumi and Haruki won barely. Takumi and Haruki thanked them for the good match and Takumi said to Royal Armor that he's his Arch-enemy now and hopes to fight him again someday. He chuckled a bit and said "I hope so too kid" then they bumped fists.

Somewhere around the beginning of next year though there was a car accident when Haruki was on her way to school. He ditched school and went straight to the hospital to see her, hoping she was okay. The doctors said they did all they can but her body was seriously damaged in the accident. She wasn't going to make it. He went into her room to talk to her. Haruki gave him a patch she made just for Takumi, it was a Flaming Skull, she said she just finished it late at night yesterday for a present. He took it and continued talking with her until the end. She passed away late at night and Takumi tried to hold back the tears for the loss of his best and only friend(also his guardian).

He was in deep depression and skipped school for a week. He remembers back the days he spent with Haruki and what she said to him when he was in depression from his father. So the next day he sows on the patch Haruki made for him onto his school jacket and goes back to school and still holds his dear friend close to his heart. Sadly though he was alone again and didn't communicate with the other people. He still goes on Brain Burst and fights alone.

One day though when he was walking back home from school in the White Legion territory, a girl who looked depressed with dark red eyes, and white hair passed by Takumi. After a few seconds later he stopped and said "Wait a second did that girl have white hair?" to himself. He attempted to look back at her but she was already out of his sights. He took a minute to look for her but it was to no success. He felt odd after all of these days he has never met another person he had took interest in even before Haruki's passing. He hoped he would possibly see her again.

Trivia -
- Takumi visits Haruki's grave three times a month.
- In middle school Takumi learned martial arts.
- Takumi doesn't know how to swim.
- He likes the challenge when he fights more than one Brain Burster.
- Other people don't talk to Takumi because they're scared of him due to his (scary) serious look.
- He talks to no one on Brain Burst (for now).
- He had heard rumors about Silver Crow and hopes one day he can fight him.
- The person who Takumi has a crush on is Fuyuka Shirai…
- The time when Takumi saw her was when she had just lost her friend Yuuto.
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This is a concept of how Id like the Mac OS X themes for Windows to look like. Based on the iTunes 10 UI for Windows.
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"Ultimate Custom Clock Widget" skin for your Android devices.

Love the look of the Lumia 920 or Windows Phone 7/8 in general; but don't wanna give up your Android device? Now you can have best of both world. Bring the Windows Phone 8 (Metro) look to your Android mobiles and tablets.

  • This pack contains 25 skins in total.
  • The skins that have solid color background, you can change their tile color to anything you want.
  • So, you can have all blue or all green tiles or you can mix 'em up as you like.
  • Each skin can launch one dedicated app. Assign your favorite apps to them.

The skins are -

Skin/Function - Optimal size
Battery Level - 2x2
Missed calls count - 2x1
Camera - 1x1
Chrome - 2x1
Contacts - 1x1
Date - 2x1
Dropbox - 1x1
facebook - 1x1
Gmail - 1x1
Google Plus - 1x1
Instagram - 2x1
New Text - 2x1
Music - 4x2
Play Store- 2x1
Quickpic - 2x2
Search - 1x1
Settings - 1x1
Talk - 1x1
Tasks - 1x1
Temperature - 2x2
Time - 2x2
Twitter - 1x1
Voice - 1x1
Weather - 2x2
YouTube - 1x1

* Windows, windows Phone 7, windows Phone 8 are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corp.
* Lumia 920 is trademark of Nokia. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nokia.

DOWNLOAD and More screenshots -…
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The current design of WhatsApp is not really nice.
So I was busy for a few days to create a new design.

And here you can see the result.
Watch it on Behance: [link]

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clue is like Alias, well-known classic word guessing game. This game is played in real life, so get out there and play some games with your friends!
The goal of the game is to guess as many words correctly in 60 seconds.

Download from windows store

More @
If you like my works, like my page @ facebook
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Made as a finnal project for forth year at graphic design (or asthey like to call it "Visual Communications"), worked on it a whole year (!)

It's an interface design for a virtual hindu temple, where the first step is to design the temple by your self (choose the god, decorations), after you're done, you can download it to your desktop, or to your cell phone, and there pray, light candels, through flowers or put a garland on your god :-)

If there's anyone here from india, or is hindu, or just loves india/hinduism, i would love to hear what you think!


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this is the thing i have worked the last 2 weeks for, after one whole week it is get approved and ready for sale ! hope you like it !

you can purchase it here: [link]

GUI elements & background : Fireworks CS5

if you add it to your fav+, thx for your support !
comments and critics are always welcome !

:peace: :D

thx for watchin' !
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In celebration of what is practically Silent Hill Month...

All artwork, sound effects, or otherwise are property of Konami...

Thanks to Cerberus071984 for an HD image in the theme...
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Well....LEVEL 2!
This is my Nintendo DS (made by NINTENDO)
-I draw on a slip of paper Silver the hedgehog (by SEGA) and I put this on DS with scotch tape.... *w*
Peluche of Oshawott and Oshawott made by Nintendo (I LOVE IT)

Music-Inspiration: [link]
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DarkMatter: Subspace for Hyperdesk Vista is now on sale at [link]

Also available: Versions for Windows 7 and XP.

Here is a shot of the Windows 7 version here at dA. Much more themed: [link]
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