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I love these cheese pastry ,, they're more than yummmy :love:

My entry for Culinary Creations contest by DA ,, even I don't think I'll win , it's enough to participate :$

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I know that this may not be the prettiest bouquet, but my mom thought it was beautiful. And that's all that matters. ~~ :]
(not to mention that it was delicious too!!)

You can have it, look at it, and eat it too!!

I woke up early for Mother's Day to create this for my mom. (It was the first food item I've ever prepared!)

Ingredients/Materials: strawberries, dark chocolate kisses, skewers that I dyed green, and mint leaves as foliage.

:damphyr:Complete photos and detailed process of making it here in my :facebook: album.

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My submission for the Capture Your Pumpkin Contest! :la: [link]

I'm so proud of my Oreo Pumpkin Tarts; these cheeky little calorie bombs are full of autumn flavours and colours :pumpkin: :heart: and perfect to celebrate my favourite season!

The original idea is from the gorgeous Lauren and can be found here [link] ! :)

Here are my changes to the recipe:
Makes 4-6 Tarts, depending on the size of your tart pans. Be careful not to make too big ones as they are really rich.
20 Oreo Cookies; You can always use other cookies if you don't like Oreos !
4 tablespoons melted butter

200g homemade pumpkin puree
100g lowfat quark
30g cream cheese
80g granulated sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
a dash of cinnamon

100g heavy cream, whipped
Some pumpkin seeds

You may have noticed that I changed the recipe a lot, that is because I used her recipe only as an inspiration for my own creations. :pumpkin:
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I love this contest.
Really, I do.
Simply because it showed me the fantastic variety of food and still life photography.
I began loving this genre, and got a new goal for my own photography.

Thank you.

About this photo:

Self-made cookiedough icecream topped with splitted dark chocolate.
Even though cookiedough in vanilla icecream is nothing new, I believe that self-made is always best.
Especially the mix of dark chocolate on top and sweeter chocolate in the cookiedough makes this creation round and unique.

Showing the most important ingredient at the side of the plate: cookies! :dummy: Who doesn't love them?
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I grew up in Arizona, where fall is not so much a season as a lessening of summer. We had a few trees that lost their leaves, but I always used to dream of a place where there were endless piles of leaves, as brilliantly colored as they were in the story books, and endless kids like me to jump in them. They'd make the perfect leaf explosion -- FWOOSH! We were called the International Society of Leaf-Jumpers, of course.

Stuff used: polymer clay, tissue paper, wire, beads, watercolors, paper.

The shoes she's wearing are supposed to be these: [link]
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Inspired by the lipstick faced demon from the first insidious film.
This piece is made primarily from polymer clay.

Other photos of sculpture here:[link]
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Zombiewalk Santiago, Chile, 2011.

Photographer: Nicole Fredes, check her gallery here: [link]

Model: me


Chracter:Zombie Fionna the human, from Adventure Time --> [link]

Full body :)
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They can survive on the ground and under the water.
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--- That Day ---

When I was younger my dad always wanted to take me with him to go on hikes through the southern germanys forests. Back then most of the time I wasn't very motivated to come with him. I had my C64 at home and playing games with friends was much more attractive than walking through the forests with my dad. You know how kids are...

But one day we we're on a hike. It was a warm autumn day, almost no wind blowing so it was very nice to walk.
I still remember the strong colors of the leaves and as our hike was almost over my dad showed my a sunset I will never forget. It was on a small ledge, birds we're flying through clouds and the sun was shining onto the forests in front of us. It was so amazing, all those colorful trees and leaves, and the smile on my dads face.

It must have been one of the best sunsets I've ever experienced!

Phew, I finally finished this project. When I saw the contest I began thinking about taking part and what memory would be suitable. After some time I remeber the hikes with my dad and this special hike.

I started sculpting the two figures out of Super Sculpey and I really have to say I had a hard time getting used to the scale. Normally my projects are in a much smaller scale.

But finally I finished the forest right on time :)

Some how-to infos:
- The figures were sculpted with a wire dolly and Super Sculpey, dad is around 10cm high.
- The trees were glued together from twigs and roots I collected in summer
- The leaves were small sponge parts that have been shredded and colored
- The forest ground was build with foam and given some structure with plaster.
- The backplate and sideplates were first airbrushed than painted with watercolors
- The shadow and light on the whole scene is painted, the backplate is not glowing in any way.

If you like this work you should really check out my Artbook project on Indiegogo!

A lot of project photos (on a smaller scale) and right now we're adding a second book with tutorials, work in progress photos and a huge step-by-step for free!

Best wishes,
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