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From the left:

Dante Vale
Zhalia Moon
Sophie Casterwill
Lok Lambert

The main characters from the italian cartoon Huntik Secrets & Seekers.

100% handmade with fimo-cernit.
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FX frenzy!!!
Huntik requires a considerable amount of work on special effects, such as summonings and magic powers, which are bound to look very similar to the tv show. So battles tend to get a little crazy sometimes, such as here :)

Drawings by Marco Failla
Flat colors and shading by Chiara Fabbri Colabich
Final colors (and fx) by me
Huntik Magazine (C) Rainbow & Kappa Edizioni
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This is the cover for issue 2 of the official comic book adaptation of the tv show Huntik - Secrets and Seekers.

Drawings by :icondenism79:
Colors by me

Huntik © Rainbow S.p.A., 2009
Published in Italy by Kappa Edizioni
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Cover art for my latest issue, Cerberus! :)

In this issue Dante has gone missing and the rest of the Huntik team, led by Zhalia, descends in the Sybil's Dungeon to get him back.

Although his name didn't make it to the credits because of a mistake, :iconshiprock: helped me out with the colors as a shader assistant.
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Here's the Original Huntik Dante Vale Wallpaper.
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EDIT April 7, 2015: Found a good voice actor and a sample of his work with the voice he'd use. 

So I've been feeling nostalgic lately about an old show from the first decade of 2000 called Huntik: Secrets and Seekers. It was an awesome show and I really wish they had made a third season for it. But either way I felt the need to add this fandom to my expanding list of avatars. I was having some difficulty with the bodies of both the Seeker and the Titan shown here so I traced the official art for a character from the show named Lucas Casterwill and customized him for my avatar. As for the Titan I used GiusCB's golem design that can be found here:…. I then proceeded to blend his design with characters like Ben 10's Diamondhead and two other Titans named Jokoul and Metagolem. And before anybody asks I tried getting in contact with GiusCB before using his design as a base but it seems he never responds to comments so I took a gamble and used it anyway as a reference. In the top left is Rookmate's icon that appears when he is summoned and in the top right is his Amulet. It's more three dimensional than most amulets and curves outward, though the back it flat-ish and therefore does not form a complete castle turret. Onto the info! 

ATTENTION Please note in advance that a number of famous historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Nikola Tesla have been intertwined into the magical world of Seekers though this series and I have no intentions of offending anybody by including Saint Patrick among these famous Seekers or by making my avatar a descendant of him.

 Name: Tobias Succat 
 Gender: Male 
 Group Affiliation: The Huntik Foundation
 Base of Operation: His family's mansion/castle in Suffolk. 
 Voice Actor Behind The Voice Actors - Keith Silverstein
  Other Roles Monsuno Dax from Monsuno (The dark skinned one with a blue hat)
 Bio: Tobias Succat was raised from a young age to know about his family's rich and fantastic history. This included the fact that the Succats come from a long line of Seekers, all the way back to his ancestor the famous Saint Patrick a.k.a Maewyn Succat, and that their family has been protected by a Legendary Titan since Maewyn first bonded with her all those years ago. Nobody had ever really seen the Legendary Titan of Fortune, Lady Adh Mor, in centuries but they always kept the artifact that she used to enter Earth placed proudly above the family room's mantle for all to see. When Tobias first showed signs of inheriting his family's gift at the age of six he was given his first Titan as a bodyguard and close friend. It was later that year that he became the first Succat in over a 1,000 years to see the Legendary Titan of Fortune. It was a cold winter night and Tobias was napping by the fireplace when he awoke to the sound of a lamb bleating. He opened the door and the startled lamb ran off into the woods, followed by a concerned young Seeker; but, it was not long before Tobias got lost in the woods surrounding his family's home and he eventually came face to face with a hungery wolf. Too frightened to call upon his Titan friend, it seemed like the end for young Tobias until, out of nowhere, a strange lady appeared in front of him. She had skin like silver, hair as red as gingersnap, and eyes and a dress as green as a spring meadow; although what made her stand out were her four pointed ears, two on each side fo her head, and the dragonfly-like wings that took the place of her arms. For a moment time stood still as the wolf's glowing eyes met those of the mysterious being who came to Tobias's rescue, and when time moved once again the wolf ran off into the night as the lady turned and smiled to Tobias before fading away with the night wind. The next thing Tobias knew, he woke up in his bed the morning after his encounter and told his family about it at the breakfast table. They almost didn't believe him but knew that the woman he met was the Legendary Titan of Fortune that had invisibly protected them for all those years. And so Lady Adh Mor started to act as a sort of guardian angel for the young Seeker, coming and going in an instant when Tobias most needed her help. Fast forward to present day and Tobias is a strong young man who is ready to use his skills to make the world a better place by joining the Huntik Foundation. He was to meet up with a team of experienced Seekers: Lok LambertDante ValeSophie Casterwill, and Zhalia Moon from the Foundation in the nearby town and be escorted to headquarters. But as things should be in the life of a Seeker it was not that simple; along the way they were ambushed by a group of Suits from The Organization who planned to "recruit" Tobias themselves. The two sides fought for more than an hour and things were looking grim for the Huntik Foundation members when the name of a spell popped into Tobias's head: Fortuneright. With no better plan in mind, Tobias focused his remaining energy and casted the spell and found that his family's crook had suddenly appeared in his hands (his family's abode was over 10 miles away by this point). It was then that he knew what to do as if it was second nature and summoned Lady Adh Mor who having been reconnected with the object of her link to Earth returned to her colossal size from her weakened state as a human sized spirt. The battle was won and Tobias became a loyal and valuable member of the Huntik Foundation, helping those in need and putting a stop to those who use Titans for evil. 
 Personality: Tobias is a good-natured fellow who follows the knight's could of chivalry and only truly gets angry when people harm other life. He himself refuses to take a life no matter how terrible the person might be and sees the Titans as having just enough of a right to live as anybody from Earth, as a result he hates spells like Powerlock and Powermark and it drives him crazy to even think of the power wielded by the Legendary Titan of War, Legion. He is rather creative and is quick to improvise and even comes up with a new spell here and there. He is loyal to his friends and family and hopes that he'll never have to pick one between the two. He never blames Titans for their actions, knowing very well that their alignment was decided by the Seekers who summoned them. He sees Titans as his friends, not just another tool in the Seeker arsenal and refuses to let anybody forget it. 
  "I'm never alone so long as I have my Titans." 
   -Tobias's response to whenever somebody, friend or foe, comments about him being alone 
  "Guess I'm just born lucky." 
   -Tobias's answer to anybody who is amazed by him almost never having a bad day. 
  "You might want to take a few steps back" 
   -Tobias before summoning any of his larger Titans 
  Rookmate (seen here) 
  Lady Adh Mor (WIP) 
  Retromolar (WIP) 
  Ra-Tet (WIP) 
  Centimane (WIP) 
  Miasma (WIP) 
  Dactyle (WIP) 
  Kamaitachi (WIP) 
  Khenopic (WIP) 
  Agaric the Alleviator (WIP) 
  Bledmall (WIP) 
  Hyakume (WIP) 
  Spells (In no particular order) 
   Fortuneright- A spell similar to Lok's Bladecall. Only difference is that Fortuneright is used to summon the Crook of Lady Adh Mor and not the Willblade.
   Soulsalvage- A spell of Tobias's own creation. This spell allows its caster to create a second amulet for a Titan should the original be destroyed. Unfortunately, it does not work on Titans that have been absorbed by Legion (Tobias tried using it to bring back Dante's Solwing but to no avail.) 
   Sorrowbond- Taught to Tobias during a team-up with Dante Vale and his group. He often uses it on other Seeker's titans if he feels they are being treated horribly or are enslaved. 
   Bubblelift-Taught to Tobais by Sophie Casterwill.
 Slipsnare- Another spell taught to Tobias by Dante. 
   Stopglue- The second spell taught to Tobias by Sophie. 
   Hidesight- Taught to Tobias by Den Fears
   Augerfrost- Taught to Tobias by Zhalia Moon. He often uses it to make ice packs for injuries. 
   Bristlevine- Taught to Tobias by Lok Lambert.    
   Rockforce- Picked up this spell by watching Hoffman use it. 
   Windrush- Picked up this spell while spying on some Suits
   Armorbrand- Like Zhalia and The Professor, Tobias prefers this spell over its more common counterpart, Honorguard
   Blasteater- Picked up this spell by watching Rassimov use it. 
  -Tobias has a weak spot for just about any dish with potatoes. Doesn't matter if their baked, mashed or fried, he'll eat it. 
  -When having one of his Titans perform an attack he'll always end with "please". 

 Name: Rookmate 
 Summoning Commands
  "Time to Rock" when on the offensive 
  "Defend thy castle" when protecting Tobias or anything/one else 
 Attack: 5 
 Defense: 6 
 Type: Litho-Titan Sentinel 
 Size: Medium 
 Special Abilities
  Grand Barricade- Rookmate breaks himself apart and reconstructs in the form of a nigh indestructible wall or dome, protect others from oncoming attacks from any direction. 
  Gravelanche- The chunks of rock around Rookmate's arms float off and fire themselves at the enemy like very large, very hard ammunition. 
  Rookmate is a very strong Titan, rivaling Metagolem in strength at only a fraction of the latter's height. Rookmate's body is built like the walls of a medieval fortress and can withstand almost any attack, attacks from Seekers and titans alike, even the mighty Dominator's spikes, bouncing of him like rubber play things. Although rather slow moving as a whole, Rookmate can break himself down into smaller chunks of rock and scatter, only to quickly reform in a spot of his choosing. His size, strength, and durability make him an excellent battering ram substitute and can quickly send Small Titans back to their amulets with a single punch. 
 Personality: Despite Rookmate's big and imposing appearance, he is really a gentle giant and loyal to a fault, continuing to fight by Tobias's side long after he should have been sent back to his Amulet. He doesn't make much noise but when he does he let's himself known to the world with a mighty roar or a deep throated growl. He loves the innocent and has been known to act as a jungle gym for little ones when just relaxing. 

All material belongs to the rightful owners.
Do not use Tobias Succat, Rookmate, Lady Adh Mor or any of the other Titans or spells I've come up without my permission
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Huntik magazine #4 cover! :)
This episode is set in Alessandria where the Huntiks will seek out 4 amulets with a sea titan named Triton.
(What's got Prague to do with Alessandria anyway?! I have no idea why they asked it in the cover art :D)

Cover art by :icondenism79:
Colors by me
Original artwork here [link]

This issue's story: drawings by Denis Medri, colors by Daria Cerchi.
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A 40 pages episode of the comic book serial "Huntik" published by Kappa Edizioni and based on the cartoon serial by Rainbow.

Draws by Andrea Cuneo and colors by Daria Cerchi.
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Cat and mouse play with Zhalia Moon.

The new titan here is called Silver Hunter, sort of a wolf/sabertooth can hybrid.
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Avevo promesso tempo fa che avrei caricato un po' di pagine delle storie di Huntik a cui ho lavorato perciò eccole qui.

Sfondi del super-talentuoso :icongiacomopueroni:
Di nuovo la bellissima città subacquea di Ys.
colori di Daria Cerchi e Davide Cencini
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