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:iconohmyglobplz: aqui quedo la caga ...... XDDD

FI: and well .. I think that's the whole story ...

Gum: I think it's a bit late and the candy people didn't resist.
You should also go some rest.

Fi: ahm, yeah!
Cake Hey let's go home!

Cake: Eh? Oh, I'll stay a little longer time dear.

Fi: Well, whatever ..

Marshy: Then I'll take you home ~!

Fi: Sure! but I can walk galan.

Marshy: So I walk with you.

Fi: No fair if you fleets.

Home sweet home! Oh bed! i miss you!

Marshy: haha welcome Fi, good night.

Fi: Wait, don't go.

Marshy: Are you crazy? if your cat sees me here she kills me.

Fi: Stays here!

Marshy: Wow, quiet.

2:00 Am

Hey ... Fionna? 're awake?
this ... is very uncomfortable.

Toxika: fionna Hey, are you comfortable?
C'mon wake up!
been a long time, do not you think?

Hello Fionna.

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Hey chicos me pidieron que anunciara unos grupos mios que me hicieron en facebook ;w; por si les interesa unirse x3 [link]

y este: [link]

muchas gracias x3!!! :heart:


The next night ...

Mizz helped train me, his ability was similar to toxika ..
So I thought I would be helpful.

however cost me much to touch even a hair off her.
Sometimes .. I was a little afraid, but would soon prove how strange she is ..

I'll never give up.

The training was hard and only had a few hours to sleep,
in my spare time I could not stop thinking about the sweet kingdom and Marshall, I missed him so much.
so I decided to send my hat ..

Fi: I hope you are taking good care of the kingdom, Marsh ..


Three years had passed and finally I had become invincible,
Mizzi was no match for me.

Cake came with the strange clothes on their hands

Cake: Take this Fionna, this will make you look cool!
Fi: Where'd you get that?
Cake: Ahmm .. out there (?)

Suzzi: Hey are you okay?
Mizz: hehe course if ..

In recent years, two girls opened the doors of your home .. Well more or less,
I was forced to stay in a strange castle where they don't want me
but if you look at the pretty side, everything was fine.

Thanks for all girls, ever forget them.
But it's time to go home.

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uyegwdhjkagsyudhaskmlasduhasdjkadiuhads QwQ
POR FIN! adadsdsds lo sientoo TuT bueh fue el cumpleaños de mi suzzita y tuve que pintar shall we dance y cosas asi que creo que se entiende(? bueh mas Mizzix Suzz >:3!!
espero que les guste wa QWQ

La cancion que aparece es esta: [link] es la unica que encontre traducida QwQ, aunque yo amo mas esta version: [link]

Suzzi: aghh

Suzzi: Ouch Ouch Ouch

Mizzi: Hey girl what's your fucking problem?!

I ... I have so hungry ...

Suzzi: I was forced to feed, before she will eat all my kingdom.
I thought when she being happy,she return to her home or something ..

But never was, ever since she came here and help me with the chores of the kingdom.
I get used to this here I guess ...

fI: Hummm ..

Suzzi: Well,Fionna you can stay as long as you want ..

Fi: Oh yeah! thank you very much!
What a strange way to love someone, don't you think cake?
hehe, good night ..

song: [link]

Why do I keep thinking of you?
Why I can not forget you?

I close my eyes to sleep ~
seeing your face in my dreams, Oh ~

It seems that there is nothing
to calm my heart ~

Not so simple, is not temporary
Clearly this is love
This is love, Oh ~

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Perdonar la demora!! PERDONAAAAR Q v Q

Marcy: Ok, who are you? Why dress like me
and you look so much like me?!

Marshy: I'm Marshall Lee the vampire king, I have no idea and this fuck*ng coincidence. scares me

Marcy: Vampire King you say?, I'm the only vampire queen ..

Marshy: Could be something like my twin .. I understand nothing.

Marcy: Neither I better go with the princess Nerd.

Marshy: Wait! is Day here?! Hiiisssssssss

Marcy: I have umbrella, let's move!

Marshy: By the way, what's your name?

Marcy: Marceline,

Bonnieeeee Hey! Where are you?!

Pb: what happens?
Wow ..

Marcy: Appeared in my house, I have no idea where it came from,

Pb: Ummm ... I once read on a strange portal that appears every night at 3:00 Am
supposedly .. takes you to another dimension.

Hey Marcelino boy , in your home there is someone who looks like me?

Marshall: Yeah, Gumball .. You look like a transvestite version of he
and as for the portal, I think you're right, I crossed it for curiosity.

Pb: Okay ... you know that this is the alternate dimension to your home .. then-

Marshy: Wait! here's some guy with a name like Fionna? with a weird hat
or something?

Marcy: I guess it must be Finn ..

Marshy: Can you take me with him?

Marcy: Well, I'm not sure where to find it. should be with his girlfriend ..

Marshy: Eh? you two don´t? .. well never mind, I need your help, my home is in danger
and not sure if Fionna can solve that problem alone .. is very nervous and I'm
somewhat concerned.

Pb: Danger you say?

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5:31 AM QwQ

sueño sueño mucho sueño QwQ
lamento tardarme tanto y mas dejarlos hiper colgados QwQ!!!!
pero tranquilos todo estara bien con nuestra hermosa Fionnita Waaaaa no quise exagerar mucho con su casi-semi muerte..
lamento si les trauma igual QwQ guaa tengo sueño!!!

buah buaaa *huye*

Fi: What the ? ...

Cake! quickly transform into a for dropping! CAKE?!
CAKE Cake please answer! she is unconscious?

cake: Fionna here we have to leave the cave crumbles!
just let me make sure this thing .. EK!

Fi: no matter how land .. anyway .. I will die?
hope it works ..

* WORKS *!

: Young lady, what are you doing in this place so dangerous?
do not you know that this city catches you?

Fionna: I know, I have fond memories of this place.
but this time is important, it is for the good of all ...
I am looking for the book wicca.

: With the book Wicca .. my girl that's an adventure
very risky, are you sure you do?

Fi: I am!

: In that case, know that with the book
is "the bottle of immortality"
only an immortal could survive such madness ..

Fi: bottle say? ...

: So .. that book you're looking for is just across the bridge in
a strange cave is one of the protected sites with an energy
anti thieves, but you can get your insurance ..
do not forget when you get drink the bottle .. is very important that you do ..

Fi: really? not think it necessary or think it works, paff

* Works! *

Fi: Mar..................shall


suzzita te amo >:c! :heart:
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Episode 2: What's matter with me?

Candy People: huh?
*Boom Boom Boom Boom Pow Pow* Wow!
Fionna: "Okay."
"It all started with the search of that strange book."
"That was our mission, robal's book called "Wicca" and we check if the bottle of immortality existed."
"Can we stop? I'm a little exhausted"
Cake:"No joke! No time to lose!"
"You're almost there."
"when we finally arrived we had to kick some butt to whom not let us through .. (typical) "
Red Haired Womanityyyyyyy!
Fionna:"And when I was in front of the "precious" and bottle
Book of "immortality"
Candy People:"EEK!!!"
Fionna:"The cave began to collapse.. "
"And before I knew it, the cave had vanished and I was floating."
"Rather was falling..."

thanks for translate!! ;U; :heart:

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Bueno me dieron ganas de colar a Mizz xDDD porque asdasda me gusta dibujarla y queria que conocieran un poco mas de su personalidad, espero que no les moleste buah QwQ

para el que no sabe quien es ella, ps es mi Oc de hora de aventura C:

cake: WOOHA
Fi: That's great.

Fi / Cake: a train!

Fi: The first thing we did was to read the whole book forwards and backwards.
and when we "understand" a little trying, we start to practice.

It was full of all kinds of spells,
cake and helped me with their
Training crazy ideas.

I can launch
small flames ..
but with great power.

I can even use magic
to increase my strength!.

Fi: Did you see that cake!?
Cake: Like a ninja sister!

I think it was enough for today ..
go to sleep.

Mizzi: Hey ....

It is dangerous to sleep out here ..

Fi: Hmmm
Who is?!

Mizzi: Wow quiet ..

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hola gente bonita que no me matara por tardar tantu! ;A; x//DDD bueh, ustedes ignoren(?) la parte donde sale mizz,
lo que pasa es que he tenido algunos problemas en facebook
por ausencia de creditos plagios y cosas :l

espero que ahora todo quede mas claro! ;A;
saben que los quiero ¬u¬ asdadssa
en fin! a traducir! (que weba xDok no(?))


Fi: we finally arrived!
ignore mizz says xD)

cake: Mono!

Gumball: Fionna! We miss you! and see how much you've grown!

Marshy: nhhg! Keep away your pink hands off her!
Gum: Oh, it's you Marshall Lee

Cake: OH HONEY! I miss you so much!

Gumball: C'mon Fionna we have to tell everyone!
Fi: ah, ok.

Gumball: we will make a great welcome party!
Fi: c'mon prince let no big deal!

Gumball: Where did I leave my ... here it is!
PEOPLE OF CANDY KINGDOM ! Our beloved heroine

candy people: that nice!
Fionna as you been?!
Hey Fionna!do you have magic?
Tell us, what have you learned?!

Fi: well,I thought you never would ask me.

(esta pagina me rompio las manos(?))

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acabo de notar que puse la tierra de Ooo
por favor fingid que dice Aaa xDDDDUU(me equivoque, no es OOO es AAA .w.

Oh gosh, lamento no haberlo subido antes ;W;
ayer me quede en casa de un amigo con mi hermano y mi suzzi, entonces no tuve tiempo de terminarlo TuT
en fin, espero que la espera valiera la pena(?)

esoo bye ;w;


Toxika: You know what I want?
I want a great rival,a good a witch like me
would not be fun?
and the only one with an energy as strong as for to become a witch.
it's You, Fionna.

And to do that,

you must go to the darkest of Aaa and ask for the book "Wicca" when
you found it your training started right away!
easy right?

Fi: And why I want to become a mad witch like you ?

Toxika: Well, because if you don't do it ..
I'll have to destroy the candy kingdom for fun.

you know, would not be bad either become the new queen, right?

you don't have choice.

Fi: I do it!

Toxika: KYA! we will have fun~!

Marshy: Then I will go!

to protect Fionna, I'll go wherever.

Toxika: What?

<-- prevll Next -->!!

acabo de notar que puse la tierra de Ooo
por favor fingid que dice Aaa xDDDDUU(me equivoque, no es OOO es AAA .w.

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subiendo desde la pega ;A; perdonen si escribí algo mal, no pude revisarlo T-T sdadssdaa

en el proximo cap si que sale Finni~ no mas esperas >:3

Pb: Well now you know what happened .. but do not talk to Marceline theme is
gets very strange .. and has only lately been avoiding to see Finn.

Marshy: I understand, we went through the same thing but she it did not interfere ... I just..
I could not stay looking like Fi to hurt him.

hey .. have something to eat?

Pb: Uhh sure,

just let me get some meat ..

Marshy: great!

Mizuo, Ju Ju Bonnie and Marcy ~!
How are my princess pink?

Pb: Mizuo, what was missing.

Marshy: Who is this guy?

Mizuo: Marcy? ... MARCY NOOOOOOO! w-what the hell happened to you?! Where is your boing?!

Marsy: I am not Marceline ..

Mizuo: Moment! you must come from Aaa, is not it?

Marshy: If .. as you know that? ..

Mizuo: hehe, I've been there before .. But are you doing here? ..
Marshy: Long story ...

Pb: There is still plenty of time to 3am guys, eat this I will continue working in the kingdom.

Marcy: I can not believe this actually doing this ...

It seems that nobody here

Jake: Marcy? What are you doing here? ..

Marcy: Uh! jake! I looking for Finn'm .. the kingdom need him..

Jake: aaah ... he is on a date, but I do not think it takes to get .. want to spend?

Marcy: Sure,

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