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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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Lo the winds howl "Never you roam the mist"
Wander you far across lands, forest & desert sea
Or dream you deep in a cloudless sky ...
Yet a presence looms & beckons, spirits unseen
For they are the Djinn, silent and ever watching,
embalmed into seasons of mortal blood-flow
And beware, for I shalt not speak of this again,
lest darkness unto thy flesh they quest and sow

Eons adrift in smokeless fire did they slumber...
Befallen to Earth's domain, they undressed fate
The Djinn, ancient dwellers humans would fear
Betwixt worlds they linger, shimmering in fire
Thru parallel dimensions they reach, seducing
dreams and reality, life... You!
Peering eyes thru the veil of time and space;
shape shifters of any form, stalk and hunt
Thoughts & flesh canst not escape their magick
Besieged and shadowed, the human race —
til they are sent back to whence they came
And death became a wanton treasure,
where Angels pillage & Demons lust in flame

"You should never have come human"
— spoke a voice in the winds
"I have been here since the dawn of time,
and I shall cast thee out in tempest!"

Artisans weep in hallucinations of the Sun
Silhouettes bejewel valleys and mountain peaks
Roots of trees swirl beneath fields cast in dew
— patterns of chaos woven into Nature's fabric;
incantations leeching into the bones of men
        — eternal whispers summon —
"dream deeper... drink you my wine"
As Serpents gaze thru constellations sable,
perfumed tongues flicker dread and fable

The wilderness of the spirit world ebbs & hums,
like a kaleidoscope of mysterium
A supernatural feast, duels of light and dark
Only where the sweetest pollen dwells,
the Djinn gather intoxicated and tamed —
fleeting moments of love bestowed
But seek you neither hope nor silk of splendor
Alas, when the Sun bows to Night's pitch,
mythical beasts enchant the world anew
Destiny bleeds in estuaries of liquid horizons,
— an exodus of souls in darkest serenade  
Ash & lullaby's falling softly into the abyss
Spirits covet and devour, unto we fade

— Arthur Crow © 2012
Part of a short series I have been asked to do for publication


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Visions of madness shimmer in silvery skies
Horizons of passion drown in timeless beauty
There is a voice so pure that can melt a Sun,
a fragrance so luring that can reap mortal breath
Once thou hath gazed into the eyes of a Siren,
love befalls in a kiss, upon whispers of death
An endless ocean swirls, ethereal waves bewail
— the sound of her cry haunts eons of dreams
In the deepest abyss, my soul shall forever sail

For a thousand years, I drifted in her song —
lost in restless fever of wanton seas
Gently I reached towards her long silvery hair;
embroidered in tempest of Love's odyssey
Tears of sapphire jewel oceans deep ...
luminous thoughts seeking the nectar of bliss
Among flesh and shadows, I crave evermore
Lips unveiled, blackness approaches —
my destiny entombed by the Siren's lore

— When the world turns forever still,
only the sound of her fleeting whispers remain,
like echoes of rain, suspended over the sea

— Arthur Crow © 2012
Image is my own art


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It hurts.
How can you tell? 
You feel that?
A soft happiness coming from the depths of your heart.
Suddenly, a bullet hits.
Shattering glass hearts.
Broken dreams.
Everything bleeds away. 
Now you have nothing.
No life. No hope.
No love. 
You are alone.
A cold, dark presence forms where the love once was.
What now?

Yeah. I'm kinda heartbroken. Get over it.
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One of my favorite places to be
Is also my worst fear
All the life I see
Is shadowed by the death here

The waves call me
Begging me forward
Into the sea
Only to drag me downward

What a beautiful contradiction
It's hard to tell the difference
Between death and life
Day and night
Sinking to the bottom
It was you, not them
Beauty turns to scars
Can't erase these marks
Save me from what I've done
Save me from the monster I've become

Swallowed by the ocean
I'm calm, I'm calm
My heart is broken
This is how I move on

It's better this way
I'm out of the picture
No longer causing you pain
Thinking of you now
A tear rises to the surface
Wrote this in 5 minutes last night. Not sure it makes much sense.
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Baby wipe your tears,

let go of all your fears.

Let me take your pain,

and put it in my pocket.

I'll put a lock on it.

You'll never have to see it again.

Let my hold you close,

and wrap my arms around you.

Let me warm you up,

and take away the cold

and put it in my soul.

I'll take away your anger,

Your not a hater baby,

your a lover.

I'll take the hate,

and reform your fate.

I'll put your anger in my fist

and crumble it into bits.

Let me take your sorrow

and throw it away.

You'll never see it again.

Not today,

not tomorrow.

Let me kiss you on the lips,

I'll hold your hand,

and put a smile on your face.

Let me color your heart

I'll push away the darkness

and let the light shine through.

I'll walk you out of the shadows

and bring you to the sun.

I'll walk you onto the moist grass

and take you away from the desert.


I can do so much for you.

If you were to give me the chance.

I can love

and love you right.

Let me show you,

you don't have to be lonely,

because I'm right here standing by your side.
I thought of this, and a friend I guess. I'm not entirely shore but the words just came out and flowed. You think I should turn this into a song and put a beat to it?

Like I was reading a fanfic on Jacob and Leah before so I guess it kinda goes with it also maybe a jake and bella kinda thing I guess
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I see her face when my eyes are closed
She lives in my heart and I in hers
My dark-haired beauty, my soulmate
A lifetime of love; given, accepted
Cherished beyond measure
A love so deep it creates its own space
Where none other dare intrude
A love story for the ages
But some stories are never written
Never put to the pen
For others to marvel and sigh over
To shine through the future as beacons
Of the truth of love
She died before we met
These are the great love stories never written
Lives lived out in the sorrow of the soul
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Another crumpled sheet thrown on the floor,
Another shout, a thud, because she can't get rid of the sore,
The deaf poem of her broken heart is maybe too degraded,
She's not able to write it down, her soul is jaded,
The phrases of her life are burning on the inside,
A description about the moment when her dreams died,
It's smashing her heart and her tired mind.

From nowhere she hears a sardonic voice,
"- You're not able to hear the words anymore, in fact you never really did,
   You have shed some scraps on pages, lies your soul to feed with",
She covered her ears, closed her eyes,
To stop hearing the demonic voice she tries,
"- Shut up!" she yelled again like every day,
It's impossible to escape this abomination that came in her way.

Maybe this is an already lost fight,
A decommissioned road to the healing light,
Her pathetic flounder makes no sense,
She's laying on the floor holding a broken pen.
Torn by the fall from grace,
She will leave behind just a bloody trace,
No big words, heroic deeds,
She's maybe too selfish, a new soul she thinks she needs.

What a great disclosure,
I think I recognize those scarred eyes,
Those whacked whishes, lost in the ocean of despair and lies.

I gave her a hand,
But it seems like she won't get up,
Her eyes are dry and dead,
She's laying in a pool of blood,
In her chest the broken pen is stuck.

I breathe deep inside, because her face clearly now I see,
I can't believe, because real it cannot be,
But I'm not dead, am I?
Because the bruised corpse – is me …
This poem will seem a bit weird, but reading carefully will help to understand the subject

I worked on this one since 2 January, finished it kinda fast. I hope you'll like it ^^
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And the ache of soul carried the torch of dreams into the sky
Upon scent of mortal thirst — destiny whispered in myriad
rapture of folding tides..
Lo the mythic shore, where I a phantasm of love bleeds
into the ether of velvet sky & ocean hymn...
Lost in the wine of omni-dreaming, for our passion tis but
the humble audience of eternity
In jeweled horizons the Goddess feasts; her gaze I cannot flee
I have crossed oceans of time & drank the song of worlds
My spirit forever slain in the beauty of her immortal sea

Arthur Crow 2012
elixir of soul - drink it and sail to eternity


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