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Colored it, Not truly happy with the background, but better than nothing. Subject to change. But I like how Ms Marvel turned out though!!
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Oh you so tiny and cute~!

drawing cartoony things again is so relaxing... I love it.. <3

1hr sai
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Felt like coloring this today to try and give my brain a color theory exercise. I dig it. I did not draw or ink this, done by the greats Michael Turner and Tim Townsend. I only colored it.
The Flash copyrighted by DC.
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На близком расстоянии полно косяков,так что лучше смотреть издалека XD

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Another commission piece finished and as the title implies, he wanted Captain Marvel Vs Black Adam. Now I will be the first to admit I hate doing fighting pictures. Why you ask? well for two reason, one being that I fight is like a dance with various progressions happening, one person gaining the upper hand and then it reaches its conclusion. How do you make one scene sum up a whole fight? Secondly, because sometimes for the one of the characters you have to do a backshot of the character and in the case of these two men, their strongest part of their costumes in the lightning bolt on theirs chests. I think I found a good compromise tho, what do you think?
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Little back story on this one. This commisioned me to ink a set of drawings but never paid also I saw a lot of peopel from devant art complaing about this individial so I'm posting this a and inking BUT also (mainly because I do not think this person actually drew these drawings) would like to know who drew these so they can get credit for the work they did. I do not approve of people doing others wrong and the person who did this drawing originaly deserves the credit and not this jerk

the link to the person that doesn't pay as a warning to anyone who gets a note from them [link]

found a link to this guys history of scamming people on devant [link]
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Batman is Awesome!
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4 little creatures looking for new homes :heart: please take a look through and find one who suits you :)

Rules: (READ)
:bulletred: All are free and anyone can adopt.
:bulletred: 1 per person only.
:bulletred: Not first in first served.
:bulletred: You MUST comment with the adoption certificate filled out to adopt.
:bulletred: Once you have adopted one of these, the one that you have adopted becomes solely your property to do what you want wish, you may have them as a whole species, Change design, or even make adoptables sheets from them.
:bulletred: Have fun adopting everyone :D

:star: Adoption certificate (Please fill to adopt):star:


Designed by me and now have loving homes with:

1: Has been adopted by :iconneonhusky:
number: 1
name: fern
age: 13
gender: female
personality: while fern looks poisonous, fern is actually great at helping others and nursing them back to health. she always puts others before herself but she loves healing others and doing her job gives her joy. fern is a very heavy sleeper, and she's always a victim of pranks because of it, also because she is incredably forgiving and she will just laugh and move on. fern can make the fungi on her body glow like a portible lantern, which helps greatly when someone has to go out at night, because she lives in a dark,mossy forest. after a long day, fern likes to lay down outside, useing her tail as a pillow, and watch the sun go down. she longs for adventure, and she is a great listener to stories full of action

2: Has been adopted by :icondogsinaskirt:
Number: 2
Name: ronchy
Age: immortal
Gender: female
Personality: loving caring sweet, sort of strange and kind of a baby

3: Has been adopted by :iconpoint-adoptables18:
Number: 3
Name: Devilu
Age: 1 (15 in human years)
Gender: Female
Personality: She looks sweet and caring on the outside, but she can be nasty, and is always thinking of a devious plan for her own amusement. She loves some sports, mainly American football and Rugby.
Bio: Devilu used to live with others like her, a large pack of Battes (Pronounced like "bats"), of about 20. They never usually ventured far from the pack, but one day Devilu was exploring everything around her and thinking of ways she could scare the few campers that sometimes etered their territory, when she walked into an open field that smelt of smoke and meat. There was a faint smell of decay in the air, but there was mostly a weird unfamiliar smell, kind of like gunpowder and feet. The smells caught her curiousity, drawing her towards them, as she came out of the longer grass she could see at least 27 ceatures walking on two legs carrying strange long things made from metal. One of the creatures spotted her, the contrast of pink to green was too noticable and the creature shouted over to some of the others in the herd. The creatures started to crowd around the place she was crouched in, and she suddenly started to feel like something was off, and when one of those horrible creatures pointed the metal thing at her she darted into the woods again. The creatures suddenly became active, and she turned around, hearing them crash through the bushes behind her. She had to find the rest of the Battes and tell them what had happened, and that there were some strange animals following her. She ran into the dense bush, where the trees were thickest and the sun light was filtered out by the trees, this is where the Battes lived. She found the part where some trees had bunched together and bent down toward the ground, and crawled under on her belly. It was silent in the hollow, and she suddenly felt scared. She had never felt this way before, she had never actually been scared in her whole life, and here she was, worrying about the rest of the Battes she lived with. The sounds of the things behind started to drift towards her, she heard barking noises and shouting, which caused her to panic slightly. She looked around the hollow, most of the Battes were asleep, so she tried to wake them up, but they all just pushed her away and told her that nothing could find them in this place. She wanted to cry, again, a feeling she had never had before, but she shook her head and told herself that they were safe where they were, but the crashing sounds suddenly got louder and her wings started to quiver. Devilu didn't want to stay, she had just had enough, all of her life, she had been ignored, so she had started to drift away from her fellow Battes, and this even changed her appearence. Unlike the others, she had small wings, although she could still fly, and her ears were long and she was fluffier than the others. But she didnt care, she didnt like that the other Battes were more bat-like, but she liked being more wolf-like that the others. They called her a demon, said she was evil and that she didn't really belong there with the others. She shook the thoughts from her mind and ran out the back entrance of the hollow, she had now jsut abandoned her own kind, her family, her friends, but this was necessary for her survival. She needed to leave behind her old life and start a new one. The creatures had reached the hollow as she slipped out, and numereous shots sounded from inside, as well as the shocked cries of the Battes. She smiled evilly to herself, as she ran. She never turned back once, no hesitation, she just ran. She was eventually caught by one the creatures, bu this one was different, he felt friendly, but ina dark way. She was wary of him though, but the man just grinned darkly and put a chain around her neck. She did not struggle, for this man would lead her to her new life, this was destiny. The man ddi not want her because he was a hunter, which he was not, but because he felt a connection with the animal, and he took her to his home and kept her, where she lived with hima nd his dog....

4: Has been adopted by :iconumbralordofshadows:
Number: 4
Name: Jay
Age: 14
Gender: Female:
Jay is shy and elusive. She doesn't like talking to others, although she does have a few friends.
Jay prefers to sit on a random river bank and catch fish to pass the time.
She was often mocked because of her past-life.
Jay relies on friends a lot, especially since she has so few. She sticks to her friends side always, as if they were taking her life in their paws.
Besides that, Jay loves to watch jay's, her namesake, rummage through the bracken for food.
Jay was named after the bird jay, because of her beautiful beige and teal coloured fur.
At birth, Jay was abandoned at the side of a road.
Some kind people found her in a small box with no food, water, or air holes to breathe. They adopted her and made sure she was well fed. They were her new family. Jay has no siblings, and of course, never met her parents.
Jay's life was comforting and cosy, but she left it all behind on the 31st of December.
Jay woke up in her favouite nest in the kitchen.She rose, stretched luxouriously and padded over to her food bowl. She ate what was left in it, and wandered outside. It was a hot day, and she stopped to lap up some water from a rain puddle.
Some neighbouring cats saw her, and made their way over to her.
They bagen to mock Jay, her past-life being so tragic.Wher's your real family, Jay?" they jeered. "Are they dead?" The cats broke off purring with laughter. Then they stalked off, throwing mocking glances behind them.
Jay feel overwhelmed by these comments, and without knowing what she was doing, she dashed to the fence of her garden. She leapt over the top and into the forest beyond.
Jay made a new home in the forest, now way was she going to face those bullies again!
Jay had to catch her own food, like mice or birds, and made her own nests out of twigs and leaves.
Jay was startled to find that other cats were living in the forest. She was wary of them, for she thought they would ask about her childhood and make fun of her. But these cats were kind, and they soon became good friends.
As the days went on, the bonds between Jay and her friends tightened. Jay loved her friends so much, they meant the world to her.
Jay felt a spark of warmth watching her friends go about their daily business, and in this spark was a bit of defiance at the cruel cats at her old home.
This is my real family, she thought.
And with that, Jay threw her past far behind her, and watched the rise of a new year, a new life.

Thank you for giving them wonderful homes :heart::heart:

And please don't get upset if you miss out on the one you want this time, there will be plenty more sheets to come :)
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- I dont want to eat! I ate two days ago already. Leave me alone, sinister lion!
- Pity... I would have carried you in my arms..
*Purrr* *Purrr* <3
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done...for now... I need to look at it in a couple of days to see if I'm truly happy with it or if I need to tweak and alter it in anyway. what do you think?
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