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Click on a preview image for a better view and details.

Pack includes icons for the most commonly used gallery folders + PSD file with the possibility to set the desired color of the flag.

*Due to copyright issues, used font - Gotham Medium is not included in the pack.

To see how they look "in live" simply visit my personal gallery or favs gallery.
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Here's my little contribution to `ginkgografix' annual Christmas Calendar Project! :meow:

Paperstrip isn't the most fancy/complex Journal skin, but that's because it's not meant to be. Sometimes, you simply don't want to write an entire essay, but rather make your point in a few compact sentences. This skin is explicitly designed for such short and concise notices, in order for them to not automatically look like the beginning of a novel due to variable width, a super-extensive header section, and all the other common shenanigans of custom skins.

Sounds interesting? Great! Be sure to click the Install to Journal button and check out the instructions below! Enjoy! :peace:


Due to an error on the submission screen, I cannot currently update this skin. I've contacted the help desk, but for now you'll need to replace the skin's CSS code with this code for the below instructions to work properly.

General note:
Because of the fact that adding a line break in the Journal editor leads to a real HTML line break (<br />), you might have to remove empty line breaks between certain items in your text (between a separator and the following text, for instance) to achieve the right spacing between the elements.

How to use separators:
<hr />

How to use headings:
<h1> —Heading title— </h1>

How to use inline headings:
<h2> —Heading title— </h2>

How to use lists:
    <li> —List item— </li>
    <li> —List item— </li>
    <li> —List item— </li>

How to use two columns:
<div class="columns">
    <div class="left"> —Left column content— </div>
    <div class="right"> —Right column content— </div>

How to use images:
<img src=" —Image URL— " />

You are free to use this work without prior permission.
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Free avatars for groups, contact me if you want one of them.
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Icons in .png format + .psd file.

It look like this: Gallery.

Hope you like it :peace: !
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newdAlook v1.4 No-Sidebar One Click CSS

although these CSS journals make our life easy it does not mean that we don`t have to work at all :P so i`ll say some things you need to know here and please fallow the instructions. you can find them here :

ok so this one click journal does not add the divs and all the stuff needed to make the css look good so here`s the part that is missing. You need to copy paste this section in the : Content Box of your journal and then just edit the text :P it`s important remember if you don`t copy this there it will not look the same as it does in the preview. Once more you can ask me anything i will gladly help you as soon as possible, you can contact me though a comment on this deviation or a simple note :P

here is the code you need to copy and paste in your content box of your every new journal (btw once you did this once you can just copy paste the code from your old journal) : [link]

just click the link it goes to because i can`t paste the code here. you will find at that link the text you need to add to your content box.

Instructions about what you can delete and what not can be found here : [link]
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Did you start with something but never finished it? And you still have it saved between your PSD files or somewhere else,
but you think it's worth showing to other deviants?

Then show us your unfinished work! :star: Copy the template and fill it with your unfinished art, and link to the template so others can show their work too.:star:

:star: Click on download to get the original size template.

If you fill it in, I would love to see it! So send me a comment below with the link to your filled in template :rose:
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:D mi nuevo ID *-* super bello con mi nueva muñeca.
Créditos a: Isfe, por que la idea de este ID lo saqué de uno de sus tutos :D
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This script adds a symbol next to the deviants name that shows if the user is online, some days offline, offline for a longer time or invisible.
It also shows you if the user is watching you.

This is a working script! Install it if you want this!


--> adds a symbol next to the deviants name that shows his status:
red - Offline longer than a week
yellow - Offline shorter than a week
green - Online
grey - Invisible
--> GM-Menu lets you set if there should be a Not-Watching-Button and since when a Deviant is in red-status!
--> displays a new button "Watching You" when Deviant is watching you, otherwise "Not watching you"
--> only works on their profile-page!
--> uncheck "extra watch-button"to change the present +watch-button instead!
--> if the clock-symbol is shown, the script currently updates your watcher-list! Hover over the symbol to see how many are already updated! (something about 600 Watchers/second)
--> if you go to another profile/actualize while the script is updating, it will resume updating on the new site
--> clicking on the button will get you a setting-window to choose:
- - - >when a Deviant is not yellow but red
- - - >if the button should be visible when not watching you
- - - >after which time the watcher-list should be updated
- - - >If you'd like the long text-watch-button or a shorter one
--> Click on the Friends-button and then "Manage friends". In the upcoming list, hover over the names of the people you watch. After some seconds there should be a little Icon like on their profile-page, when they were last active. Now you can just remove all that are inactive for some years or something^^


Should work with Firefox, Opera and Chrome! For Opera and Chrome see my Howto… to install properly. It may also work in Safari, but is not tested.


Again, it was a visual suggestion, located here:…
However, I know there is a script that already shows if you are watched.
Well, I wanted to create my own and heard the other stopped working.
But don't think, I just copy some parts from there! This script is fully written by myself!

Some errors using Firefox are fixed with some rewrites.
Errors with Chrome are fixed by switching to tampermonkey-extension.

Update v3:
I changed the watch-button instead of adding a new one.
It changes to "mutual watchers" when you watch each other.
The profile-page contains now a settings-button.
The Friend-list will now get Icons depending on the user's last activity on hover.

If you update from an earlier version it may display the buttons wrong until you let it refetch your list.

Click here to create a critique!
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Please read this!


A new skin I made, and this time I really like it! :3
I tried to put *your name* at the top instead of "Devious", but I couldn't do it, dunno why. D:

Anyway, I hope you like it!
Live Preview Here.

Q: How do I make those gorgeous blockquotes?
A: It's easy! Simply use the following code when doing one:
<blockquote><p> Text here </p></blockquote>
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»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Exclusively for Premium members only «««««««««««««««««««««««««««


Some codes were having missing background colors in it. For those who have purchased this, kindly download the updated package again.

Want to buy my premium resources?

Check my gallery folder: Premium Content.

Live view:

Usage Policy:

1) No Derivation is allowed from this Skin without my written permission
2) You are not allowed to re-sell this Skin to anyone in deviantART or outside deviantART
3) You are not allowed to modify the code of this skin to make a new one without my prior permission
4) You are allowed to modify the code only for your personal use

Inside the download package:

When you download the package after purchase, you will receive a .rar file (which is a zipped file) containing all the necessary codes and instructions to use the profile menu. You may use any unzip software to extract the files in the package such as Winrar or Winzip, etc.

Circular Profile Menu - Redefined

Circular Profile Menu - Redefined by CypherVisor

Other Profile Menu navigation

3D Click - Profile Menu by CypherVisor Press-Down Effect Profile Menu - Template by CypherVisor

I take commissions to make custom journal CSS too. Check out my Journal CSS folder or send me a note

Want to customize your profile page?

Check all my free resources + tutorials: [LINK]

Having any doubt with Custombox or Journal CSS? Please read this F.A.Q. + Tips n Tricks

I am a free resource provider for the deviantART community. If you like my free customization resources you can donate some points :points: to me as an appreciation or support.

Skin design & coding Copyright © CypherVisor
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