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entry for :iconfashionillustrators: Purple theme monthly competion

I thought I had until monday to do this then last minute I noticed it was tonight! Pulled an all nighter because that's always fun.

But in all serious I loved working on this piece, i wanted to do purple anyway :D

Snake skin pattern (bag):
Butterflies: =ForestGirl
Floral pattern: ~gvalkyrie
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okay thought I should put this in bold since people seem to not read the artist comments xD THESE ARE NOT FREE.

sooo I'm still totally in an outfit designing mood, I drew up these 6 over the course of like 6 hours or so so yuss they are 3$ each, if you don't have paypal but you still want one if you note me I'm sure we can work soemthing out :3

outfits for your OCs or whatever you want it for, when you buy it, it's yours, just please don't take credit for making it -3- like you don't have to cred me everytime you draw your OC in it, but once or twice would be niceee :3

template used: [link]

1 = BOUGHT *LadyLoriel
2 = BOUGHT *kd8lmno
4 = BOUGHT *kd8lmno
5 = BOUGHT *LadyLoriel
6 = BOUGHT *LadyLoriel

I has drawn male ones now tooooooo
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Designing Frenzy #2. enough said.

though i was lump-ranked with some of my favorite looks, so im ok...

whenever im upset, i design quick couture looks. because they're fun. and i dont have to put in a lot of energy.

#wish i could design like :iconanotherphillip:
->so jelly of some of his clothing fold techniques, and layering.

the gown is in two parts, its layered with purple lace underneath, and sheer mint chiffon fabric underneath structural lose interpretation of a peplum. draped chains on the shoulders. ice blue sandal-heels.

hope you like! and yes, her boobs would probably be exposed. though you can always remedy that with a nude strapless bra. high fashion isnt for the boob-phobic.
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Practicing folds.... Still a long way to go :C

Finally got off my lazy bum and decided to scan something
(_ _")

Pen and ink
an hour maybe?
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I'm actually really pleased with this design and if I don't win this challenge, I would be a tad bit upset, because I was meant to design red carpet wear ;D

design for :iconcatwalkchallenge: Project Runway All Star's,
we were supposed to repurpose fabrics, trims, etc...used by us fellow designers throughout this season, as well as an AirDye fabric as our "main fabric" for our red carpet look.


first, the fabrics I "re-purposed"
1) lace used in :iconphiebialoffecy:'s first challenge look ->[link]
2) left-over cutouts from my fourth challenge look ->[link]
3) leather from, like, all my old looks-> [link], [link], [link] ...what can i say. i love leather...
4) black fabric used in:iconwondagirl: first challenge look here ->[link]

second, details of my design:
i wanted to play up the hourglass figure, so to do this, I decided to design an optical illusion gown, formed with structural black fabric (numero 4 above) and leather sides (numero 3 above). the back is entirely lace (numero 1 above) with peekaboo lace cutouts from the front view. lastly, cutouts (numero 2 above) form the detailing in the front. hope you lovveeed this design as much as i do XD my main fabric is the fabric Joshua used [link], i like how subtle the fabric is as i found all my other options to be rather...loud

accessories: black suede Piggy by NineWest...the shoe should not compete with the look [link]
->simple "black" diamond earrings
->3D flower cocktail ring
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The heels are just a design don't mean YOU have to wear them also it is not a question who will wear them as I haven't designed them for a specific person. If you would wear them that is awesome! I design extremely high heels because I think they look Hot and also I love to create a different shape in the heel. This goes to all my other heel designs.

I thought of doing something different for my update today so i decided to design a dress (knowing i have that fabric) And then making it into a doll size dress (i didn't have enough for a real size model). I haven't got a doll i can use as a model (want a ball joint doll so much) so i decided to use a barbie size mannequin. I am hoping to do more projects like this as i really enjoy dress making as well as designing :) I hope i have done well <3

Designed by Me and Made by Me

Tools: Colour Pencils, A4 Cartridge Paper and a Sketching Pencil. Photoshop for the Boarder and Brightness.
My Nikon Camera <3


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from the group :iconcatwalkchallenge: "Your challenge is to design - not one - but TWO! looks. One for a man and one for a woman. These must be androgynous. They must be Avant Garde. You have to do both."

well, let's just say, while watching this episode, I really wanted to chuck the TV out a window. They need to get rid of Laura. Like seriously. And also, when they said "avant garde androgyny" and i was already thinking "oh f---" and then they brought out the male models.........*flips table* knowing FULL well that menswear fashion is my weak point and I have a very girly-girl aesthetic. Well then.

the whole time i was designing this, i was mentally thinking "ohcrapohcrapohcrap" ANYWAYS


-from the NineWest "wall" Black Leather Perfectpr link [link]

um, kind of hard to describe the details, but i'll try

For the androgyny look, i wanted to combine the typical men's suit with a typical women's jacket to produce this. the avant garde comes from the interesting angles that haven't been done before, plus the unique high collar (it's raised in the back). The women's look has a strap in the front that kind of connects the top portion to the bottom portion. the men's jacket, vest thing is more open (reversal of genders in play here). The girl is wearing a chiffon dress shirt thing underneath (sheer panel above chest, sleeves normal material, torso portion flowy), and the dude is wearing a cowl-neck draped sweater (more gender reversal fashion going on!) i kept the bottom the same for both (and taking a page from emilio sosa) it's done in a typical men's suit fabric but the cut is like women's fashion. the women's pants fit looser than normal skinny pants, whereas the men's pants fit tighter (HAHA MORE GENDER REVERSAL though very tough to tell...OH WELL the intention is there)

oops forgot to mention, that, yup, those little dots are STUDS

AS for the jackets, fabrics include wool suiting, leather, and men's fabric. links used (for fabric texture): [link], [link], [link]

details on the side like always

Hope you like <3

sorry i cant draw male croquis. at least i do a sick face and fist. also sorry for the lengthy description. but seriously. avant garde androgyny?!?! UGH! i'd rather chuck my laptop out a window, but whatever.

edit: oh yes, feedback is much appreciated please :3
edit: OH and to "prove" this is androgynous, please check this out---->[link] where the models are wearing each respective's clothing ;D
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Just a collection that I made...
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Commission for :iconprincesskit-kat:
A ball gowns or a dress similar to "The Girl on Fire",
resembles the theme "Queen of the Jungle".
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Some Snow Would Be Nice Capsule 3 piece collection


Inspired by raindrops on my window, and the abstinence of snow in place of continuous rain in Singapore

Read more about the inspiration and the pieces on my blog here: [link]

(c) rednotion, lizzi lim 2009-2012
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