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yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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Ok, I know what you're thinking, but I used to hate zucchini too. This is the first thing I ever made in which I enjoyed the stuff. I made it with squash from our farmshare, so I can only vouch for using the freshest produce... but it came out very tasty, and it's pretty easy to make. Really healthy, too!
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I've been busy lately so this will be my post for the week. This is an older poem from about a year to a year and a half ago. I changed the piece to make it more clear and concise.
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A slightly darker poem than usual but I really wanted to write about this.

Lately, more so than ever I have been working my butt of in life. I know a lot of people accept me for who I am with my average work but I don't want that. I've seen the crap and monotony average work leads to. I'm done with that.

I choose to work hard as I have been to get the things and the dreams I want. It's selfish and in some ways morose but it's the truth. Work has become my outlet for every emotion though I still have time to rest and play as well so I won't burn out and crash.

I know a few of you have noticed and have seen the change in me when it comes to my work ethics. This gives some explanation as to why.

Also, the work is paying off. Getting lots of rad opportunities and my first article on an online women's magazine will be up tomorrow now at this place: [link] :D

EDIT: Front page for literature again? Thanks all~
EDIT x2: asdfjkl;a Front page of DeviantArt now too. That's a first. :faint:
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this is what I do with writer's block. I suppose that's a good thing...



Quite honestly I'm feeling so scattered right now....I mean, everything that happens in my life happens to somebody else, and I'm just that boring bystander that gets to watch it all happen...I don't know. I'm just ranting to anyone who will read it I guess. I thought I had made an identity for myself, but I don't know what I want to be focusing on right now. I feel kinda...lost. That's the word for it. Not depressed, not angry, just sorta lost, and I just need a pointed back in the right direction.

Just go on with your happy lives. I'll be over it in the morning most likely.
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From Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
All credit goes to Hans Zimmer and Jerry Bruckheimer (plus disney, etc.)
This is the song that the men and the mermaids are singing in the White Cap Bay scene. Totally beautiful. Gemma Ward's voice was stunning and absolutely perfect for it.
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Yay, my first Gokudera thing! This is sort of 5927-ish. Hope you like it (:

I do not own KHR.

Original post: [link]
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Woohoo, another almost-independent chapter! If this is your first sight of my fic, feel free to read right away, for this chapter will tell you about the epic stand-off at the end of the NaNaNa video, told from the point of view of none other than Korse himself!
Otherwise it's chapter 21.

If you wonder what happened to 742, by the way, you could have a look at his report:

Next chapter: here

Previous chapters: see below

Info, disclaimers, etc
Danger Days and all things related © MCR
The name Dangerverse stolen from courtesy of *saturnangel aka Girl Automatic.

Previously on Dangerverse Chronicles:
Section 1:
Chapter 1
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Section 5
Chapter 1(19)
Chapter 2(20) (aka Dear Mommy...)
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Okay, to clear things up: this is a parody. I don’t hate creature-fics or M-pregs, because I actually WRITE them, and I freely admit that I have used some of the things mentioned in this example…
What I REALLY hate, though is when writers have no interest in the characters, but only in what they themselves think is COOL… That piercing/tattoo-thing is so common that it should be a drinking-game…
and no, I don’t necessarily think that just a pit of piercing and a tattoo or more is “self mutilation”; it’s your body, do what you please, but is the CHARACTER into those kinds of things all of a sudden? I mean, this is not something you randomly just DO, is it?

It’s OKAY to have not-perfectly beautiful characters, it’s OKAY if they don’t like all the things you like, and for the love of god, what’s with the butt-long hair! (almost wrote long butt hair, but, of course, no character ever has butt-hair).

Again, I’m as guilty as these writers are; Slade is always ruggedly attractive and Robin is maybe a bit feminine at times, and, of course, has wonderful pretty eyes, but can you see a line here somewhere? No? Okay, sorry then… My point was obviously lost along the way, but I hope at least this “story” made you chuckle a bit.
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