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This entry was made specifically for the Still Life Photography Contest.

Between my laptop breaking, my baby teething, going broke and having really crappy rainy weather, I haven't had much time to think about cooking or baking for the contest. Hope this is original enough for the rules.

One thing that I always have the time to do is think about how much I want to eat ice cream (seriously, I think about it ALL the time). So Saturday when I finally got a few minutes to myself, I looked at what ingredients I had. I saw the peanut butter staring back at me. Thunder struck and I started laughing like a villain (this all happened very quietly because I didn't want to wake my baby).

Confession: This is the last bowl... SURE! shake your head at me but IT WAS WORTH IT!

The Food
This ice cream was made with 1 part heavy cream, 1 part whole milk, peanut butter, vanilla sugar, reese's chips, belgian milk chocolate chunks and a whole lot of awesome.

The Photography
The camera I use is actually an HD video cam (I know, I know don't have anything better).

Today for the first time in what seems like years, the sun came out for literally 10 minutes, then it started pouring again.
I set everything up, less the ice cream and took a few shots with my camera to see what it would look like. When I felt confident, I grabbed the ice cream and struggled with the container a bit until the sun started to retreat (nooooo!! I exclaimed *very quietly*). I took a few shots and felt that this was the best one (you should see the ones of the empty bowl, THEY ARE PERFECT! guh).

Wow! You actually read all of that? sheesh, I wrote it and I wouldn't even read it all. muahahahaha! Thanks :)
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Oreo drink that is a delight with every bit. :)
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I love these cheese pastry ,, they're more than yummmy :love:

My entry for Culinary Creations contest by DA ,, even I don't think I'll win , it's enough to participate :$

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I didn't make this cake myself I just took photo of it. Hope you will like it
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I know that this may not be the prettiest bouquet, but my mom thought it was beautiful. And that's all that matters. ~~ :]
(not to mention that it was delicious too!!)

You can have it, look at it, and eat it too!!

I woke up early for Mother's Day to create this for my mom. (It was the first food item I've ever prepared!)

Ingredients/Materials: strawberries, dark chocolate kisses, skewers that I dyed green, and mint leaves as foliage.

:damphyr:Complete photos and detailed process of making it here in my :facebook: album.

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This is my entry for the culinary arts still life contest. They asked for creative so that is what i tried to do. I really wanted to make something creative, not just food wise but in the presentation and staging too.
I also wanted to show that art doesn't have to be a painting or drawing to be interesting, art comes in all shapes and forms and i feel that the culinary arts and still life photography section gets over looked far too much. It can take just as much time and planning to create and photograph the perfect dish/photo as it does to paint for example.

On to the food. Two tiny cupcakes the size of a 2p coin filled with vanilla sponge in a silicone mold, topped with chocolate butter cream and sprinkles.
The canvas is a square homemade shortbread cookie decorated with rolled white and pink royal icing, piped with more chocolate butter cream and sprinkles. On the "table" (a box covered with a table cloth) is some left over sprinkles as creating art is a messy business, well it is for me anyway!

As always i got my idea at 3:30am this morning and baking by 6am!

food gallery [link]

my recipes [link]

Polymer Clay gallery [link]

my Etsy store [link]
UPDATE with new photo, better lighting and different cloth
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These is my entry for the "Culinary Creations" contest. I figured that Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee would be a brilliant time to create something for this contest. I could spend ages listing what I WANTED to do for this, but the baking gods were against me and that list is very long... so instead, this is what you see in the photo:

The cupcakes are white chocolate with blue, red and white vanilla buttercream frosting, and strawberries.

Personally I don't like white chocolate, but it's the stuff of gods when it's in cake. Honestly, I encourage you to try it.

The decision to use strawberries, in all honesty, was not just because they're a "British" fruit; it was to make the cake less blue. (My red food colourings aren't very good, and gave me disappointing, aka non existent, results.) Originally I was going to make a second batch of cupcakes, and use the strawberries in those. However, when my grandad commented about how these looked "like my patriotism was absorbed in Doctor Who" I decided to rethink my ideas. I'm glad he did point this out to me, because I'm much more impressed with my end result than if they'd been left without the strawberries.

The weather let me down, as I originally wanted to cover my garden in bunting and photograph the cakes outside. So instead, I had to settle for digging out a roll of white wallpaper to create a clean backdrop. It took me a while to get the composition of the photo, because of how empty a white backdrop is, and due to the lack of suitable props in my house. After half an hour of trying to position cupcakes in the background, and someone letting my cat into the kitchen ( <_< ), I settled for the 2 tier cake stand because I feel its design fits in well with the idea of tea and cakes. Which, as we all know, is a bygone Sunday afternoon tradition - so I suppose I'm also honouring that in this photograph.

Taken on a broken digital camera, then touched up in Photoshop.

Comments and critique are more than welcome!

EDIT: I got second place! I can't believe it!

Facebook: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
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self-made vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce made of grandma's garden strawberries. Tastes like heaven.
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My submission for the Capture Your Pumpkin Contest! :la: [link]

I'm so proud of my Oreo Pumpkin Tarts; these cheeky little calorie bombs are full of autumn flavours and colours :pumpkin: :heart: and perfect to celebrate my favourite season!

The original idea is from the gorgeous Lauren and can be found here [link] ! :)

Here are my changes to the recipe:
Makes 4-6 Tarts, depending on the size of your tart pans. Be careful not to make too big ones as they are really rich.
20 Oreo Cookies; You can always use other cookies if you don't like Oreos !
4 tablespoons melted butter

200g homemade pumpkin puree
100g lowfat quark
30g cream cheese
80g granulated sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
a dash of cinnamon

100g heavy cream, whipped
Some pumpkin seeds

You may have noticed that I changed the recipe a lot, that is because I used her recipe only as an inspiration for my own creations. :pumpkin:
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