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Hydreigon Papercraft
Edited by :iconz8-0:

Happy New Year :D

We have a lot of dagons today, don't we? Just one of the models posted today is a bit different, can you tell which one and why?
This is an amazing papercraft of an amazing dragon :D Btw, I had no idea that this year is the chinese year of the dragon, so Hydreigon fits the year :D I don't like the 5th gen a lot, but there are some pokemons that I think are amazing, and Hydreigon is one of them! This model ain't an easy task, not a hard one either, the worst is closing it, which gave me a small headache XD Also, remember to add the weight only before closing it and close at the indicated place at the pdo, this will make the building way easier. Keep in mind that on Hydreigon is really important to follow the numbers, it's unfolded on a different way, since it can't be closed at the legs or the tail, they are very detailed to close at them.

Btw, it's staring me right now, it does it everytime, I think it wants me dead XD

My pictures usually have a bigger picture and some smaller ones showing other angles, but this one is amazing on every angle so I created the picture like that. Hope you like it :D

Download it here: [link]
Also, if you liked this one, you may also like Fraxure: [link] that can be downloaded here: [link]

Have fun building :D I sure did :D
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You have no idea how hard it was to make this picture.

1. The frickin crafts are ENORMOUS!
2. there's not a big enough piece of paper to make them both fit

I had to get o pieces of each color, and put them both together to get the background.

Nevermind that, i need to scale these down anyways. They are too big.

Both of these designed and built by :iconsabi996: AKA me :P

Will be released sometime on [link]

Please check out my first made from scratch video [link]

Also please comment :D ....
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Torterra Papercraft
Really cool model, in fact, I love it :D
This one Is way easier than the old one, WAY EASIER!
:iconz8-0: did a wonderfull job on this one, show how much he enhanced his skills, and me too XD

It took me a whole day to build, not too much, compared to the other one.

What else can I say... I love this model and this poke, or I wouldn't have build three Torterras. I also plan on building more of them, maybe a whole team of Torterras?

Can be downloaded here: [link]

Have fun with it, I sure did!
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It seems I've been pretty active here on the past month... Not really, I built a couple of models on the past few months, to be honest. These models are older than Arceus, built and edited on the 1st semester of 2013. 

They all are pretty simple to build, the things that can offer some problem are only the tails and maybe placing Uxie's hat. Note that Mesprit's big base is only used to make it stand on the position shown in the picture. Azelf is the trouble guy on the standing issue, if you have troubles, place some weight inside, or in last case, glue it to the base. Uxie's head textures are different from the one on the pdo, so it closely resembles official art, i made a mistake while editing :P

All of them are available at Paperpokes:

Have fun ^^

P.s.: I really like Uxie's tail:P
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Noctowl papercraft by :iconsabi996:

Rather easy build, attaching the wings is a bit tricky though.

You can download it (not sure when) here: sabi96papercraftbox.blogspot

About Paperplaza [link] the owners split up, which makes me unemployed :P
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Well, summer time and time to make some

It is Hitmonchan only

At the first time, I want a boxing battle field with Hitmonchan and Primeape, after checking the height of both models, it is good. But after making over 90% percent, I realize Primeape is much bigger because of his width .... WTF

Now need to build another rival for Hitmonchan, and do not know who he is ~ Need to find out

Hitmonchan can be found here [link]

and Primeape can be found here

Have fun
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Hi guys. Long time no see. Again. ^^

Happily we managed to finish this model to celebrate halloween, so I hope everyone have a nice night and enjoy this outstanding model!
It's a hard one, and can be very stressfull with the small parts, so be careful and remember: have fun!

It's already up in :iconpaperpokes: [link] , so go for it!

Thanks to Brandon for editing this tough guy.
Happy Halloween!
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Steelix: "If i eat this, I won't have to be inside anymore"

I've built the Steelix papercraft from Paperpokes using some stones inside the base. I love the pose, but was very tough to built.

After that, I painted it with metallic grey and many coats of varnish. last, I built the rock/sand terrain base.

Steelix and pokeball is property of Nintendo.
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Hello papercrafters!Hi 

Well, what better way to show such a rare pokemon to find, unique in its kind, beautiful and not shared anywhere, but making it more unique as a shiny pokémon. Sylveon Icon 
The model is originally designed by :iconsabi996: and measured 30cm (he didn't share and don't ask me to share it, please :please: ). We reduce it to 9 pages per sheet and finally measured about 8 cm. This is hand-painted to make a shiny Sylveon.La Sylveon 
We now have a complete collection of eeveelutions, at least until Nintendo think make a metal, rock or fighter type eevee Inferno nod emoticon XD .

Maybe next time we take a picture of my complete eevee's family. Eevee2 laVaporeon La iconFlareon La iconJolteon La plzUmbreon2 laEspeon la iconLeafeon laGlaceon2 laSylveon La 
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what you see here is not only the evolution tree of Guilmon
it shows also my own evolution after three years of papercrafting :)

from Guilmon, one of my first papercrafts, where i used the lined sheets and doubled-tape
to Gigimon what i build still with scored folding lines
over Jyarimon, where i tested out the shaded crafting method
up to Growlmon, a really great model what i build for the digipapermon blog

and finally Wargrowlmon, my very own model (and the biggest *bleh* ;P )
what i build from ground base (except the 3d mesh)
and when i look at this picture
i defenitly know why i'm doing this
is there something cooler then this? :D

and for all Digimon fans
yeah, i know it's not the whole tree
i didn't said that i'm done here :D
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