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:bulletgreen: Please follow my STOCK RULES

The pack includes:

:bulletgreen: 4 premade backgrounds made in CS5, of resolution 3264x5000
:bulletgreen: Terms of use in .jpeg form
:bulletgreen: A preview image

If you can't download the .zip file, feel free to contact me so I can send you the backgrounds seperately.

All images used are my own.

Main account: :iconartorifreedom:
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You guys are free to use this brush; all i ask is...
Fave this deviation if you download it :)
Link back to this brush if you use it on any of your deviations or work
If possible, I'd like comments and suggestions <3 but I know that takes a little bit more effort to do.

If you guys create a picture using my brushes I would love to see them! I hope you guys enjoy these brushes :)

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XLR8-Ben 10
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Hey everyone :) I have finally made this tutorial after like ... *checks watch* FOREVER? So yuhp, that's my 2 cents about the topic ;D

I did enjoy making this tutorial again because I do love to help people achieve certain effects :) So I really hope this does help some people :D!

For people who don't know what this tutorial is for it's for these effects -

Tutorial Rating - Intermediate

Information -
In this tutorial you will need to know how to open photoshop files, have decent knowledge of the layer styles menu and what it does, a good knowledge of how to blend tones (shadows/highlights) also a good intuition of what looks good is always helpful :)

If you have any questions about this tutorial feel free to ask and I shall answer your questions :meow:

- Made in photoshop cs4

Pinnacle of Dance Wallpaper -
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Please full view!

I made this tutorial, both in English and Spanish, so that everyone can do this technique!

Enjoy! =D
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Because so many of you mentioned wanting to make one or asked for a tutorial, here it is!
Feel free to ask me anything about this binding or bookbinding in general.
You can pick your own size and colors or copy these.
I would love to see some results, and if you post it up here I'll ad yours to the previews below!

If you have (or will) add this to your favourites, I probably won't be able to thank you on your page. So let me say it now: Thank you! :D

So I think the official name for this binding should be: "long stitch though a slotted spine with woven cover".
I prefer to just call it "woven long stitch".
Books with this binding by other deviants:
Book by Christabelluv
Rainbow Book by gf-lady
Journal by Ephemeroptera-Gnome
Rainbow Notebook. by splash-light
Deviations inspired by this tutorial:
Puzzle Book starry sunset WIP by Toxicated-kisame52

If you want to make your own signature punch tool, click here.

This book is also for sale in my shop!

Please visit for:
- My handmade books store,
- Information about custom ordering books,
- More information about me,
- A blog about all of my hand-bound books.
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.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
some pastel colors La la la la

Star Divider - Free by etNoirPlease +favStar Divider - Free by etNoir

Do you have a favorite color scheme?
Do you want more of that?

It is free to use. Use them for designs and characters and stuff ^^
I would love to see the results La la la la
Free Color Schemes by MetterschlingelFree Color Schemes by Metterschlingel
Maybe you want to color these:
Lineart Dog Adopt (PSD,SAI,MSPAINT !) by Metterschlingel<da:thumb id="331721453">
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You don't need talk english to understand! xD
all you need is

glue uhu could be
Fake nails
and foamy :,)

Tutorial for cosplays like Viral, Grell, Soul AND MORE

Thanks to :iconunwanted-13: because her nails was my inspiration :love:

:icondatass:FINALLY :icondatass:
Mucha gente asi MUCHAA XD
me ha preguntado como hice mis dientes de grell...
y les explicaba... y no entendian xD
ademas varias personas me mandaron a hacer dientes :/
y pues gane dinero :heart: ahhaha

bueno, tmb batalle mucho cuando yo queria acer dientes por que no hay tutoriale en dA :/
ay como editar en photoshop XD
pero no para cosplays
soo!! espero k le ayuden a alguien como me HUBIERA GUSTADO QUE ME AYUDARAN A MI :,DD
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So...this was sparked by my desire to see exactly what I could do with a photo taken by my Toshiba Netbook's webcam. And also by the fact that when I went looking for a tutorial on this subject to share with someone, and I couldn't find ANYTHING useful. :(

Anyway, as an admin of several groups, I've come across the issue many times of poorly taken photos being submitted and subsequently rejected. The art itself is just fine...but the photo itself seems to scream, "I don't care enough about my art to put any effort into photographing and/or editing it."

And please don't give me the "I have no money for nice things" excuse. As you can see from this tutorial, I was able to cobble together a decent image (although a bit on the small side) with just a handful of relatively cheap supplies readily available in most households.

I imagine this tutorial applied to camera phone photos, too...but it's so much harder to NOT get a blurry shot when your phone is hovering in your constantly-moving hand. Yes, that's a scientific fact - look it up! [link]

Anyway, I hope that someone out there finds this tutorial at least mildly helpful. :aww: Oh, and don't forget to DOWNLOAD for full-view. :)

EDIT - 7/16/12 - I redid some of the spacing for easier reading, added some info in Step 2, and fixed a couple of typos. :aww:

PLEASE NOTE: Although my tutorial says the webcam photos are "actual size" - they won't appear actual size on your screen unless you actually click "Download". Just saying... :)
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Download the free action from my website:…
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