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For all you Kevin Levin fans out there, I'm sure you've noticed that Kevin has undergone a severe character regression. In Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Kevin slowly and steadily began to reform to the point that he has become a true hero. In the abomination known as Ben 10: Omniverse, however, Kevin is now a selfish coward who cares more about his car than Ben, who he left to deal with Princess Looma. I bet you're wondering what Kevin's future holds in store for him, and I have terrible news (the following information came from a chat I had with SilverLady7, the founder of the Ben 10 Original Series to Ultimate Alien group, a group that supports everything about Ben 10 excluding Omniverse, which they criticize in a civilized manner);

It's a foreshadowing of what Omniverse intends to do to Kevin...make him a villain like he was in the original series, but poorly written. I have 2 pieces of evidence that supports my theory;

1. Derrick J. Wyatt was asked if Kevin was a mutant, and he said yes. Kevin's Osmosian heritage has officially been retconned by Derrick J. Wyatt so he could be a mutant again.

2. Weapon XI, the Rooters' secret weapon. XI is the Roman Numeral for 11, and Kevin's nickname is Kevin 11.

Considering how I was right about Sonic returning in SSB4 LONG before it was confirmed, and how Capcom's financial troubles (which may potentially cause the video game market to crash again) are because they emulated Call of Duty (which I believe will instigate a second video game crash), I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm right about this. 

Either way, I will NEVER forgive Omniverse if they do that to Kevin, because you're right. Kevin went through HELL to redeem himself. He took extreme measures that would shatter his credibility just so Ben could get the holo-viewer from his grandfather, he risked his life against Michael Morningstar to save Gwen, he went up against Verdona so that Gwen could stay on Earth, he shielded Gwen from a Highbreed, he helped Gwen pull Ben out of the Null Void, he helped Gwen come to her senses, he protected Ben from Vilgax after the Omnitrix was destroyed, he sacrificed his sanity to stop Aggregor, he created helmets for Gwen and Ben to keep Diagon from controlling them, and he took a beating from a Giant Mechamorph to see Azmuth to save Ben from the Sentient Ultimates.

But does Omniverse care? NO WAY! After everything Kevin has done to redeem himself, Omniverse makes him a selfish, lying, shady, useless coward just so he could be closer to his original series' self, even though Kevin has evolved since then and they already tried to make him look like his original series' self. Why can't Omniverse understand that some Ben 10 fans accepted Alien Force and Ultimate Alien and have grown up since the original series? 

I am a very big Ben 10 fan. I watched and was entertained by the original series. I watched and LOVED Alien Force, including Season 3. I watched Ultimate Alien to the very end, even during the Seasonal Rot of Season 2/3. I watched Heroes United and LOVED it, even though I wasn't interested in Generator Rex. I watched all the films, though I only saw a chunk of Destroy All Aliens due to me not paying attention to time. I have toys of Cannonbolt, Benwolf (I refuse to call him Blitzwolfer), XLR8, Upgrade & Stinkfly (whose parts can be interchanged), Ghostfreak (Zs'Skayr), Ripjaws, Chromastone, Big Chill & Spidermonkey (from the short-lived LEGO line of Ben 10 toys), Echo Echo, Goop, Rath, and Armodrillo. I even played some of the Ben 10 video games. However, Ben 10: Omniverse is the biggest insult to Ben 10 as a whole, from the horrible art to the derailed characters to the stupidity of the plot, and I will never defend it as long as I live.

Sorry about that. I got carried away

...Yeah, I figured I should post this.
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My DeviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 8:21 AM

I had been aware of deviantART’s existence for years and years before actually joining. I think I first saw a link there when I was browsing someone’s personal website and they mentioned they had an account in a big art site. I visited it but didn't understand a bit about how it worked or what was it’s purpose. Slowly, as I became a bit better (or at least less awful) at understanding English, I started to figure it out and became curious. I was afraid of joining for a long time because I knew it might result someone misusing my art, which was the absolute worst thing. I also knew that my English was far from fluent, and internet can be surprisingly harsh towards those who don’t speak English as their first language. I was terrified of writing descriptions to my pieces, because they had to be understandable for people all around the world and I simply lacked words.

In one late evening in September 19, 2010 (the year I started high school) I got tired with undecisiveness and gathered enough courage to register an account. I chose the name I had been using on a couple of forums, GhoulShoe (Ghoul because I was crazy about Near-Eastern folklore and Shoe because it kind of rhymed, eh). Years later I changed my username to something more personal, CanisAlbus, which means ”white dog” in Latin.

The oldest piece in my gallery was submitted September 19, 2010:
Masque's and Radon's debut.

Circle Of Madness by CanisAlbus

September 24, 2010.
One of the first completely digital pieces.

Cherrytree Snarl by CanisAlbus

December 12, 2010.
Making things stare at you since 2010. Yes.

Rotten Brain by CanisAlbus

January 18, 2011.
Some of my newer watchers may not even know that Machete's bandages used to be light brown, not red.

Lack of Breath by CanisAlbus

May 21, 2011.
The first Okami fan art.

Cherry Bomb by CanisAlbus

May 27, 2011.
I was so proud of this. To be honest, it still looks kind of neat to me.

Dance with the Devil by CanisAlbus

June 11, 2012.
I think this was one of the first pieces where I tried something different with the stylization.

Corruption by CanisAlbus

August 18, 2012.
Full backgrounds, even as simple as this, are a lot of work when you work with traditional media.

Chase Your Dreams by CanisAlbus

October 8, 2012.
Around the time I made this, I finally found an efficient way to combine traditional sketches or inked lines with digital coloring and shading. This increases the amount of mixed media art in my gallery, but sadly there's less completely traditionally made pieces from now on.

Not much to wait for by CanisAlbus

November 26, 2012.
Strange style experiments.

Russian Tea by CanisAlbus

February 25, 2013.
My first animation.

Machete run cycle by CanisAlbus

May 26, 2013.
Textile printing, or more like textile painting.
It's still in frequent use.

Foxtrot by CanisAlbus

June 24, 2013.
Not much to say about this, except that it gathered tons of notes on Tumblr for some reason?

Machete expressions by CanisAlbus

August 21, 2013.
One of my personal favorites. Sighthounds are taking over...

Fever Dream by CanisAlbus

August 29, 2013.
One of the rare completely digital pieces. Digital inking is still my nemesis.

Untouchable by CanisAlbus

October 25, 2013.
I need to make more silent comics like this. I really enjoy them.

Once in a Thousand Years by CanisAlbus

November 3, 2013.
During this year I doubled or tripled the number of my OCs and started to pay more attention to their connections and relationships and the world they live in. The warlord story was my main headworld.

Marrakech by CanisAlbus

December 3, 2013.
First self portrait with exposed face! Also halos. Halos are my trademark.

Sylikoira by CanisAlbus

December 15, 2013.
Finnish mythology and folklore served as an inspiration for this.

Inkere by CanisAlbus

December 26, 2013.
This is currently my most popular deviation.

Raising Shadows by CanisAlbus

January 16, 2014.
And I keep mirroring things for the sake of symmetry.

Circus by CanisAlbus

January 27, 2014.
Another personal favorite.

Sudenmorsian by CanisAlbus

March 16, 2014.
Products with this image on them seem to sell fairly well on my Society6.

I'm Not Done by CanisAlbus

July 21, 2014
I want to make more masks too.

Fake Leather Fables by CanisAlbus

And this is the newest addition, submitted August 6, 2014.

Saga of Lord Emil by CanisAlbus

I think I started gaining followers slowly but surely right from the beginning. I remember how grand it felt when the hundredth watcher joined the crowd, back then I used to thank everybody individually for watching me :’3 if I were to pick the moment of ”surfacing”, it would most likely be December 2011, when my page views crossed over 8,500 hits per month. I received my first Daily Deviation around the same time:

New Divide by CanisAlbus

The main subject of my drawings were and still are canines, anthropomorphic or not, but I've also tried to include other animal species to my pieces. I love creating my own original characters and plotting out stories for them. Most of the animals that make appearances in my works have names, personalities and back stories. I enjoy variation, trying out new techniques and styles, it keeps an artist from stagnating and makes one’s art less easier to imitate, I think. Ever since I started taking a less strict approach to what and how I draw, I haven’t had a single major art block. Drawing humans is something I’m still a bit hesitant to do, but this weakness doesn't bother me that much. I don’t enjoy portraying humans as much as other things, so I don’t see a reason to force myself to draw them unless I have to. I think I should try to focus more on developing an ability to create scenic backgrounds in the future, and it would be wonderful to learn to paint digitally someday. Generally I’m very content with the direction my art is going at the moment. I doubt that this kind of improvement and development would have been possible if I just kept my art to myself and never showed it to anyone.

At the moment I joined dA, some of my biggest idols here were
:iconisismasshiro: :icongrypwolf: :iconhakaishi: :iconsashatiainen: :iconwildspiritwolf: :iconminnasundberg: :iconwhitespiritwolf: :iconkyoht: :iconlhuin: :iconculpeo-fox: :iconskia: :iconleppu:.  

During my four years here, I’ve come across a number of other artists worth admiring,
:iconcoyotemange: :icontschahri: :iconnovawuff: :iconscrewbald: :iconshinerai: :icontatchit: :iconsmolderbone: :icongaudibuendia: :iconshadow-wolf: :icontuonenkalla: :iconkipine: :iconphobs: :iconlilaira: :iconbeastofoblivion: :iconmacgreen: :iconvekke: :iconpocketowl: :iconninjakato: :iconevelmiina:
just to mention some top picks! There's plenty of more. For some reason, many of the mentioned people watch me nowadays, I’ve had a chance to talk to them and somehow befriended quite a few of them. They never cease to amaze and inspire me with their art, same goes for all the rest wonderful artists that I’m watching!

Surely showing your art online has it’s downsides and I would be lying if I said that the often occurring cases of copyright infringements and persistent style copycats never made me lose my sleep or think about leaving the site completely, but I try to stay positive and remember all the sweet and encouraging comments I've received. Apparently my scribbles genuinely brighten someone’s day every once a while, and that’s what keeps me going.

Lastly, I want to thank all my friends and supporters, I wouldn't be here without you! Those active watchers who frequently comment, contribute and offer their help deserve a special thank you, so do those who watched me when I was still a newbie artist larva and have stayed around for all these years. You know who you are, thank you for existing `v´ I know I’m not good at replying at your messages and lately I've really failed at showing my appreciation towards the fantastic gift art people have made for me (I’m so terribly sorry, I’ll comment eventually!). Even if I didn't respond your message, I want you to know that I’m not purposely ignoring you so please don’t be discouraged! I always read everything that ends up in my message center and your feedback means a world to me! I’ll do my best to keep making art that pleases your eyes~

All in all, this site has offered me a way to bring out my best sides and share my enthusiasm for art with the community. I’m eternally grateful for that! Happy birthday DeviantART!

And here's a small selection of my all time favorite masterpieces on this site


Prayer's Wings by kyoht

Pooka by tschahri

Of Shape and Shadow by MinnaSundberg

Honeysuckle Moon by CoyoteMange

Bound by Skia

Infinity by Tuonenkalla

we are here by evelmiina

Friend or Foe? by Valhalrion

Owl who gets the moon every night from the river by GaudiBuendia

Washed Away by ElizabethBeals

A Time Long Past: Reworked by pallanoph

blood.lust by Shinerai

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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I liked The first Ben 10 series. The Second series was good Ben was a little more mature and was shown to have some hidden intelligence. and Kevin became a good guy. And the story in general became darker and edgier and more interesting. The third series ok, the whole ultimate alien transformation was kinda campy.

But Ben 10 Omniverse series Ben has taken a huge Level in Dumbass as well as general flanderistion, and has become too dumb to live and Lethally Stupid, granted he was always a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass but now they over did it . In fact it's a wonder how Ben as not destroyed the world yet. and Ben has become extremely cocky and arrogant just downright annoying. A another thing in the original series Ben did most of the fighting himself occasionally getting some help from Max or Gwen, but in Omniverse Ben is comply helpless without Took or someone watching his back all the time (or adlest it was that way in early episodes of Omniverse) Rook even lampshades this.

And Ben as no controll over what alien he become (1 out of 10 it miss fires, the show even lampshades a few times,) and the wiki says it never miss fires (yeah rigjt ) I know it miss fired a lot in UA and the original show but OA take it up to eleven. And there are some really stupid new aliens especially Bloxx (giant lego man), Chashhopper (who's power is jumping high and chasing in to things), Kick in Hack (who is redundant).

And what's with the sudden  Art Shift. The new animation is terrible. The design of all the character is terrible especially Big Chill, Kevin Levin, Vilgax, and Gwen.  

only descent villain is Malware and even he got down played. His plan and goal is extremely sketchy at best and was never given a clear motive. (still he was one of the most badass villains in the Ben 10 series. But he could have been so much more.) The entire villain gallery become a bunch of incompetent jokes.

and Vilgax looks just downright stupid when compared to aperience is in the previous series and isn't even the main villain ( and not even Ben takes the guys seriously anymore.) and in general this shows attempt to make this series lighter and fluffier is just ridiculous and is created quite a few plot holes and refrigerator logicit that is too obscure to comment on. what are the only things I like about this show would be

Malware which I said earlier I could've been better and Rook (which is interesting because I'm not very much into lawful good characters) It sames like the makers of OV never saw the other three shows.
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November Giveaway [Winner Selected]

Thu Nov 1, 2012, 6:47 PM

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Congratulations JayLPhotography!

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With how bad Omniverse has become in the wake of the Duel of the Duplicates event, and with inspiration from Darinas, I have recently begun planning a fanfic that will reboot the Ben 10 franchise. This story is called Ben 10 Reboot: Redemption Crossover, and it will be a tribute to and a retelling of the Ben 10 mythos. Here are some important factors of this series.

1. While it takes place during summer like the original show, Ben and Gwen are 15 rather than 10, and Kevin is 16 rather than 11.
2. Julie is a main character, having been invited to join the Tennysons on their summer roadtrip.
3. The Omnitrix's design is a combination of the prototype Omnitrix, the recalibrated prototype Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix, and the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix is also sentient, serving as a guide for Ben.
4. The starter aliens are Humungousaur, Swampfire, Spidermonkey, Big Chill, Cannonbolt, Echo Echo, Wildmutt, Grey Matter, Arctiguana, Gravattack, and XLR8.
5. There will be crossovers with series that have been treated poorly recently (my own fanmade series, Super Smash Bros. Crossover being one of them), although Generator Rex is the exception (spoilers).
6. The tone will be a mix of the original series/Omniverse and Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, with more emphasis towards Alien Force/Ultimate Alien's tone in the later half of the series' run.
7. Vilgax is not injured during his attempt to retrieve the Omnitrix, with his cybernetic form being introduced after his invasion fails (spoilers).
8. Vilgax is the central antagonist, with every other antagonist eventually working for him. Vilgax is also much more dangerous, as he purposely doesn't go after Ben because he doesn't want to be caught off guard
9. Several characters and aliens have been redesigned. Ben's initial design is based off his Omniverse design, albeit in the AF/UA art style and with blue jeans. From Vilgax's invasion onward, Ben's design will default to his AF/UA design. Gwen's design is a combination of her second Omniverse design (cat shirt and glasses, although not as horrendous as DJW's Gwen) and her Alien Force Season 3 design (ponytail and blue jeans). Kevin's design is a combination of his original series design (sleeveless black shirt, padlock, and combat boots), his AF/UA design (gray undershirt and blue jeans), Kevin 11,000 (upper body armor), and his Omniverse design (Kevin will have a tear in his jeans on the right leg; THAT IS THE ONLY ASPECT OF OMNIVERSE KEVIN I WILL ALLOW). Julie's design is based on how Kapaychan draws her. Vilgax's primary design is based off his design from the flashback in The Secret of Chromastone. Later, when he gains cybernetics, Vilgax will have his second OS design, albeit in blue armor rather than red. Big Chill's design is identical to his AF/UA design, although he wears the Omnitrix symbol on a belt like in Omniverse. Gravattack's design is mostly unchanged from Omniverse, although his Omnitrix symbol is relocated to the belt like Big Chill. Spidermonkey's design is identical to his AF/UA design, although he possesses the green straps from his Omniverse design. Feedback (who will be unlocked later) has been redesigned heavily, as his tail has been removed, the gold parts on his fingers and tentacles have been replaced with golden diamonds, the golden bolts have been removed, and a belt has been added with a 10 in the middle (the Omnitrix symbol is still on the chest).
10. Kevin will be an anti-hero rather than a villain, as he will clash with Ben from time to time but teams up with him when necessary. Think Vegeta from DBZ.
11. The Omnitrix symbol will be located on either the chest or a belt and nowhere else.
12. Ben 10 Reboot: Redemption Crossover will be comprised of 80 episodes divided across 4 Seasons.

Below is a list of the series/franchises/universes I intend to feature in crossovers, with the reason for its inclusion included. In addition, the franchises that Ben 10 Reboot: Redemption Crossover will crossover with are all apart of the same universe, with the exception of Number 1 and Number 6;

1. Generator Rex: Being a tribute to the Ben 10 franchise, I am obligated to recreate the awesomeness that is Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United. To allow Generator Rex to fit into the context of Redemption Crossover, the E.V.O. incident was more or less contained by Providence. Rex, Agent Six, Bobo, Dr. Holiday, and White Knight will first appear in Rise of Alpha, where they will team up with Ben to stop Alpha. Rex, Agent Six, Bobo, Dr. Holiday, and White Knight will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrive to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.
2. The Secret Saturdays: T.G.I.S. was not a good episode, let alone a good crossover, and it ruined the emotional impact of the finale of the Secret Saturdays. Therefore, I intend to remake this crossover from scratch. The Secret Saturdays will first team up with Ben Tennyson to stop Abbey Grey, who has been hired by Dr. Animo to break him out of prison and exact revenge on Ben. The Secret Saturdays will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrive to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.
3. Sonic the Hedgehog: I feel that Sonic has undergone a severe case of Character Derailment that is not so different from Ben's derailment in Omniverse, and I plan on fixing Sonic so that, while still a cool and confident character, he isn't too arrogant. Sonic will first team up with Ben in The Fastest Hero Alive, where he helps Ben take on the combined assault of Dr. Psychobos and Dr. Eggman, who is recruited by Dr. Psychobos at Vilgax's request after seeing the potential that Earth's villains have to offer through the Sinister Six and the Green Goblin. Sonic will later come to Ben's aid in Vilgax Closes In, and is part of the resistance against Vilgax's first invasion during The Invasion, Ben Times Two, Vilgax's Secret Weapon, Sacrifice, Avenging the Fallen, Heroes United: Part 1, Heroes United: Part 2, Showdown, The Ultimate Osmosian, The Final Showdown: Part 1, The Final Showdown: Part 2, and The Final Showdown: Part 3. Sonic will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrives to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.
4. Teen Titans: Teen Titans has been disgraced with the abomination known as Teen Titans GO!, which I found so bad I didn't even want to watch it until I forced myself to watch one episode, which left me with the disturbing mental image of a buff Robin. The Teen Titans featured in Redemption Crossover will be based off the 2003 cartoon, as that was the version that TTG was based off of. The Teen Titans (consisting of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven) will first team up with Ben in The Youngest Heroes to fend off Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson, who has teamed up with Rojo, who wants revenge on Ben for humiliating her. The Teen Titans will later come to Ben's aid in Vilgax Closes In, and are part of the resistance against Vilgax's first invasion during The Invasion, Ben Times Two, Vilgax's Secret Weapon, Sacrifice, Avenging the Fallen, Heroes United: Part 1, Heroes United: Part 2, Showdown, The Ultimate Osmosian, The Final Showdown: Part 1, The Final Showdown: Part 2, and The Final Showdown: Part 3. The Teen Titans will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrive to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.
5. Marvel Universe: I feel that the Ultimate Marvel line has declined in quality ever since the Ultimatum event. However, rather than limiting myself to the Ultimate Marvel Universe before Ultimatum, I have decided to simply adapt elements from the Ultimate Marvel Universe along with the mainstream Marvel Universe and the animated adaptations.
6. Super Smash Bros. Crossover: This is my first fanmade work, and I have handled it poorly three times to the point that a Continuity Reboot was required to rescue it from stagnation, which it is still recovering from. Due to having an established universe, plotline, and mythos, Super Smash Bros. Crossover is not in the same universe as Ben 10 Reboot: Redemption Crossover. The Super Smash Bros. Crossover universe will crossover with the Redemption Crossover Universe in Ben Times Two, where the SSBC Ben Tennyson travels to the Redemption Crossover Universe to stop the Albedo of his world from conquering the Redemption Crossover Universe, teaming up with the Ben Tennyson of the Redemption Crossover Universe to combat Albedo. The Super Smash Bros. Crossover universe will crossover with the Redemption Crossover Universe again in Ben Times Three, where the SSBC versions of the Heroes of Legend, Batman, Superman, Zero, Sonic.exe, Wolverine, and Superior Spider-Man are pulled into the Redemption Crossover Universe along with Omniverse Ben by Professor Paradox to help the Redemption Crossover Ben move on from the death of Grandpa Max (spoilers: This occurs in Sacrifice). This leads to a clash between the Redemption Crossover Ben, the SSBC Ben, SSBC Superior Spider-Man, and Omniverse Ben in Clash of the Omnitrixes and Ben vs. Ben, which ends with the Redemption Crossover Ben learning that being a hero means you have to make sacrifices, which Grandpa Max understood, in Acceptance.
7. Beware the Batman: The recent hiatus that Beware the Batman has been put on has convinced me that Cartoon Network intends to cancel this show like Green Lantern: The Animated Series when they get the chance. Batman and Katana will be contacted by Robin to help free Ben from Vilgax in Vilgax Closes In, and the duo are part of the resistance against Vilgax's first invasion during The Invasion, Ben Times Two, Vilgax's Secret Weapon, Sacrifice, Avenging the Fallen, Heroes United: Part 1, Heroes United: Part 2, Showdown, The Ultimate Osmosian, The Final Showdown: Part 1, The Final Showdown: Part 2, and The Final Showdown: Part 3. Batman, Katana, and Alfred will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrive to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.
8. Green Lantern: The Animated Series: I did not really see much of this show (although I do like it), but I feel that it could fit in the same universe as Beware the Batman due to the similar art styles. Hal Jordan will first appear in The Invasion, where he attempts to stop Vilgax's invasion, but is defeated by Vilgax's armada and crashes near a training field where Grandpa Max is helping Ben train, where he warns Ben, Gwen, Julie, Grandpa Max, and the Andromeda Aliens that Vilgax is coming. Unable to contact the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan joins the resistance against Vilgax's invasion. Hal Jordan will later respond to Ben's call requesting the assistance of his allies during Vilgax's second invasion in Calling All Heroes, and later arrives to help Ben in his final battle against Vilgax in The End.

Below is a partial list of episodes, particularly the ones I intend to write. The numbers do not indicate episode order.

1. The Birth of a Legend
2. A Spectacular Hero
3. The Rival
4. The Fastest Hero Alive
5. Fusion Disaster
6. The Youngest Heroes
7. The Secret of Kevin Levin
8. Vilgax Closes In
9. The Invasion
10. Ben Times Two
11. Vilgax's Secret Weapon
12. Sacrifice
13. Avenging the Fallen
14. Heroes United: Part 1
15. Heroes United: Part 2
16. Showdown
17. The Ultimate Osmosian
18. The Final Showdown: Part 1
19. The Final Showdown: Part 2
20. The Final Showdown: Part 3
21. Requiem
22. A New Generation
23. Ben Times Four
24. Clash of the Omnitrixes
25. Ben vs. Ben
26. Acceptance
27. Vilgax Returns
28. Secret Heroes
29. Rise of Alpha
30. Calling All Heroes
31. The End

Below is a partial list of the episodes Darinas will write.

1. Knight Begins
2. And Then There Were Twenty
3. Rise of Albedo Corp
4. Conflict
5. Renegade
6. Corp War: Part 1
7. Corp War: Part 2

However, I do not wish to work on this alone, so I am offering a position as a member of the creative team to anyone who is interested in being a writer or artist for this series. Post in the comments what you think.

In addition, feel free to list any series or franchise that has been treated poorly in the comments if you want to see a crossover, but provide me with information about your choice since I may not know about it.
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:star: THEME:

The super easy theme for our very first contest is: Draw any character (an OC, yourself, a character from an anime/movie/video game, etc.) in your own, unique style using traditional and/or digital art!

Please be sure to submit your contest entry into the Character Contest folder here:…. The folder will be open from now until the deadline, which is Wednesday, August 1.

After that, my admins and I will pick three semi-finalists from all of the submitted entries, which will (hopefully) only take one or two days. Then all of the members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artwork, and we will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner!

Please follow all of the rules below, otherwise, your artwork may be disqualified. :(

:star: RULES:

1. Each member can only submit one contest entry. There's no need to sign up for this contest--anyone who is a member of this group can participate!

2. You may use any style of traditional and/or digital art, so get creative!

3. Contest entries should be completely your own work. Please do not use someone else's line art, bases, etc. We want to see your work. Collabs are also not allowed.

4. Your character must be human or mostly human. Things like anthros are perfectly acceptable, but no completely animal characters please.

5. Your contest entry must include most or all of your character's body. If just a small part of the body is missing, that is fine just as long as almost all of the body is there.You can also only have one character in your artwork.

6. You may draw someone else's character from an anime/movie/video game/etc, but be sure to use your own style of art. While you may use someone else's character idea and designs, you may not copy their style of drawing.

7. Artwork must be recent. Although I would prefer if your contest entry was drawn after this contest was announced, I will accept artworks that are up to 1 week old (from Sunday the 8th). So if you have just recently submitted something to this group that fits all of the criteria for this contest (I know this applies for a lot of you), then don't worry because you can submit that to the contest as well.

8. No mature content please. There may be a lot of young artists in this group, so for their sake, let's keep everything kid-friendly.

:star: PRIZES:

And now--the prizes! I wanted to thank all of the wonderful members who donated to this contest. :hug: We've got some seriously awesome prizes, so I hope you all participate!

:iconribbonblueplz: Contest reward gif by Antebus88 First Place:
:bulletblue: Gets the 1st place ribbon as well as the fabulous trophy from Antebus88.
:bulletblue: Contest entry will be displayed in the Featured folder.
:bulletblue: Gets llamas from each admin.
:bulletblue: 50% of the prizes from the list below.
:bulletblue: Digital drawing with shading, color, and background OR a basic animation from TheBugcatcher.
:bulletblue: Half-sized ink portrait and feature from SprinkleSprankles.

:iconribbonredplz: Second Place
:bulletred: Gets the 2nd place ribbon.
:bulletred: Contest entry will be displayed in the Featured folder.
:bulletred: Gets llamas from each admin.
:bulletred: 30% of the prizes from the list below.
:bulletred: Digital drawing with colors and shading from TheBugcatcher.
:bulletred: Feature from SprinkleSprankles

:iconribbongreenplz: Third Place
:bulletgreen: Gets the 3rd place ribbon.
:bulletgreen: Contest entry will be displayed in the Featured folder.
:bulletgreen: Gets llamas from each admin.
:bulletgreen: 20% of the prizes from the list below.
:bulletgreen: Digital sketch (flat colors optional) from TheBugcatcher.
:bulletgreen: Feature from SprinkleSprankles.

:star: The List of Prizes:

:iconfloralfantasy: Free commission
:iconconklestothemax: Art request
:iconnvmsodi: Art request
:icontrivixa: Art request
:iconchangingmeeble: Art request (no animals or anthros)
:iconumeko: Art request: Digital character
:iconsimplysilent: Art request: Digital chibi
:iconanimetrixmaster: Art request: Digital or traditional (markers or colored pencil) chibi
:iconmaplelatte: Art request: Traditional from thighs or hips up
:iconlocalnewsdude: Art request: Traditional headshot
:iconhotchilipenguin: Pixel art request
:iconnyahs2-sayuri-chan: Pixel art request: small job or avatars
:iconaquaticmoose: MMD art request
:iconantebus88: Will ink a drawing
:iconnyinxdelune: 3D pic of a digimon/pokemon and background
:iconnyinxdelune: 3D pic of a digimon/pokemon and background


:iconconklestothemax: Art request for personal favorite

I also have about 40 :points: that I will donate to this contest. If we have a lot of participants, I will hand out between 5-10 points to my personal favorites, the runner ups, or maybe random participants, who knows?

If I have forgotten anyone on this list, or if you would like to donate a prize, please let me know!

:star: I hope you guys participate--it's a great way to share and promote your art, and maybe you'll win a little something for yourself! I'm very excited to see all of your contest entries!  :la:

Don't forget, the deadline for this contest is August 1st!
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I don't think I should be a Ben 10 fan anymore. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I just think Omniverse sucks so bad. The main character Ben Tennyson is such a fucking moron, it's unimaginable. And do you know the sucky part? I don't think Cartoon Network gives a shit. I can write how much I hate the Ben 10 sequel shows all I like, but no matter what I'll always find some fans who think Ultimate Alien was awesome or Alien Force was cool or Omniverse is the greatest show ever. I feel like it's a losing battle. I was a little excited when I heard about a new Ben 10 comic series from IDW but when I saw an Omniverse episode (Rule of Engagement) I just don't know if I'm going to pick up a copy. What do you think? Please leave a comment if you think my outburst was justified or if I'm being an idiot.
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:pokeball: UPDATE :pokeball:
Ok we're back, sorta. School is a terrible environment for art. And I have a lot of people who can vouch for that XD Anyway, the point is, I won't be working on it at 10 a day. Not for now, anyway. What is going to happen instead, is, I'll be drawing the remaining Pokemon first, then :iconaldenlite: will vector them. After that I'll color them all at one go, and you guys will see the complete collection. :P About time, I know. It's coming to the end of a school term, after which I have a week to rush up my homework, and of course, the project. Hopefully I can get it up by then.

Anyway due to the new sequence of actions, we'll actually need 3 progress bars to handle this.
Sketched: 644/725 (Reuniclus)
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: - 89%
Vectored: 600/725 (Seismitoad)
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: - 83%
Colored (And Complete): 560/725 (Serperior)
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: - 77%

Hey guys, I'm working on a new Pokemon drawing project with :iconaldenlite:. This project involves the sketching of all 649 Pokemon there is to date. What happens is, I sketch each Pokemon, Aldenlite will vector the outlines, and I'll color them in.

I'll update our progress frequently on this post, so come back and check every few days. We're working at a speed of around 10 everyday, and we plan to finish by early March. That's quite fast considering we started on 30th Nov in the evening.

We have 649 Pokemon to finish, but since we're working on all the different forms (E.g. Unowns have 28 forms, Castform has 4, etc), this brings the number up to 725.

Here's a list of all the additional forms we are going to do:
:bulletblue: Unown (A-Z, ! and ?)
:bulletblue: Castform (Normal, Sunny, Rainy, Snowy)
:bulletblue: Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defence, Speed)
:bulletblue: Burmy and Wormadam (Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, Trash Cloak)
:bulletblue: Cherrim (Overcast, Sunshine)
:bulletblue: Shellos and Gastrodon (West, East)
:bulletblue: Rotom (Normal, Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, Mow)
:bulletblue: Giratina (Altered, Origin)
:bulletblue: Shaymin (Land, Sky)
:bulletblue: Arceus (Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel)
:bulletblue: Basculin (Red-Striped, Blue-Striped)
:bulletblue: Darmanitan (Standard, Zen)
:bulletblue: Deerling and Sawsbuck (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
:bulletblue: Meloetta (Aria, Pirouette)
:bulletblue: Genesect (Normal, Shock, Burn, Chill, Douse)

Numbers in brackets includes the extra forms we'll be drawing
:bulletpurple: Generation I: 151/151
:star::star::star::star::star: - 100%
:bulletpurple: Generation II: 127/100(+27)
:star::star::star::star::star: - 100%
:bulletpurple: Generation III: 141/135(+6)
:star::star::star::star::star: - 100%
:bulletpurple: Generation IV: 137/107(+30)
:star::star::star::star::star: - 100%
:bulletpurple: Generation V: 4/156(+13)
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: - 2%

Overall progress: 560/725
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: - 77%

And some previews of the collection:
:bulletgreen: 004 - Charmander:
:bulletgreen: 038 - Ninetales:
:bulletgreen: 052 - Meowth:
:bulletgreen: 078 - Rapidash:
:bulletgreen: 113 - Chansey:
:bulletgreen: 117 - Seadra:
:bulletgreen: 172 - Pichu:
:bulletgreen: 162 - Furret:
:bulletgreen: 164 - Noctowl:
:bulletgreen: 237 - Hitmontop:
:bulletgreen: 241 - Miltank:
:bulletgreen: 245 - Suicune:
:bulletgreen: 255 - Torchic:
:bulletgreen: 310 - Manectric:
:bulletgreen: 330 - Flygon:
:bulletgreen: 335 - Zangoose:
:bulletgreen: 359 - Absol:
:bulletgreen: 384 - Rayquaza:
:bulletgreen: 416 - Vespiquen:
:bulletgreen: 417 - Pachirisu:
:bulletgreen: 430 - Honchkrow:
:bulletgreen: 455 - Carnivine:
:bulletgreen: 470 - Leafeon:
:bulletgreen: 479 - Rotom (Normal):

They are in no way the best or the worse of the collection. It's just an idea of what to expect when the full thing is out.

I will be editing this post to update our progress, so just keep coming back every few days, and check on our progress. And please comment, or give suggestions  This support will really be appreciated, so take your time and comment. Or fave, if you really feel like it.  Either way, feel free to show support. It means a lot  Just go ahead and click the fave button, check out our previews, and maybe give a watch if you like it  I'll update you guys on major updates only.

Thanks for all your support. (:
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  • Mood: Disgust
  • Watching: Ben 10 Omniverse: Rules of Engagement
So. I'm watching the Ben 10 Omniverse episode where Julie FINALLY comes back after 20+ episodes of being gone.... And she broke up with Ben. Off-screen. In a flashback.

This. Is such a waste of a character like Julie. She was FINALLY getting some good character development in the previous season. She was shown to be able to deal with Ben very well, and was very close to him, Gwen, and Kevin (well, Kevin somewhat). And she just disappears, only to reappear BROKEN UP WITH BEN AND WITH A NEW BOYFRIEND. WHAT THE HELL, WRITERS. WHAT THE HELL. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT CHARACTERS.

Yea, I know there wasn't really a chance of their relationship lasting for very long, but for it to unceremoniously end just like that, and without any true mention about until this episode, JUST MAKES IT SO FREAKING AGGRAVATING. It had its problems, like any other real relationship, but they understood each other, and really did care about one another. For goodness, THEY'VE FOUGHT VILLAINS TOGETHER BEFORE. So this breakup makes LITTLE SENSE.

I overlooked a lot of things that the writers have done to the show. I've overlooked some design changes like Big Chill's change into a bulky bug when I think he looks better with his original skeletal-motif, casting changes like how Gwen and Kevin left and were replaced by Rook (if only because Rook's a good character himself), and even the art style (which is kinda hard to get use to for me after the more "realistic" one used before). But this. This is a really huge waste of a character. She still had a lot of potential leftover from Ultimate Alien, and yet, the writers managed to screw that up. Yes. I get that Ben can be immature and prone to bad mistakes. But the way he broke up in the episode is SO STUPID, that even Ed from "Ed, Edd, n Eddy", would be "You are so stupid".

And I can't even stand her new boyfriend. He just seems to be pretty one-dimensional, and all he really has for him is that he's Julie's boyfriend and cares about her. That's it. We don't really find out more about him, he's just there to replace Ben as her boyfriend. Hell, after all of this, I don't even think we'll be seeing him again, along with Julie, since HER POTENTIAL HAS BEEN WASTED.

The writers made some mistakes here and there before with the sequel seasons. But is a really big one. Not only does it derail the ENTIRE FINALE OF ULTIMATE ALIEN, it derails a relationship that showed that despite some mistakes, they understood each other. And they derail it in the STUPIDEST AND UNCEREMONIOUS OF WAYS. Why? Just so that Ben can be freely flirted by Ester without any real repercussions about being in a relationship with Julie. That's what it feels like to me. It feels like they just broke up the two just so that he could be flirted by Ester. And even though I like her, I'm just frustrated about how they did this.

I thought I couldn't be angry with the show since it took a few liberties that I like. But this breakup is a waste of a character, when they could have continued developing Julie. And if they end up making it so that they get back together at some point, I will be furious then, too, because it makes this episode TOTALLY POINTLESS OUTSIDE OF GETTING RID OF PRINCESS LOOMA.

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I made my best, but had to cut off the first part, like in Susan Boyles version.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When fun was high
And Ben 10  worth watching
I dreamed that Gwevin would never die
I dreamed that CN would be forgiving
Then I was optimistic and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No joke unsaid, no smoothie untasted

But Derrick J. Wyatt comes at night
With his ego as big as a mountain
As he tears your hope apart
As he turns your dream to shame

And still I dream Kevin'll come back to me
That he and Gwen will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are stupid people we cannot weather

I had a dream Ben 10 would be
So different from this hell we´re living
So different now from what Omniverse is
Now CN has killed the dream I dreamed.

The Kevin part is confusing, I know - I meant I still dream Kevin will come back the way he was in UAF, or at least ressembling these good old times, in another cartoon. But how to rhyme this?
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