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Recently, Darinas commented on my previous anti-Omniverse journal, thinking I was being a bit too paranoid about my fears for Kevin's fate. While I'm probably a bit paranoid, my faith in Omniverse is that low. Here's why I'm justified in my thinking, with a sad announcement afterwards;

Sadly, I'm just expecting Omniverse to make Kevin a villain again. 

I mean, Omniverse undid Charmcaster's character development because Derrick J. Wyatt, and I took this from TV Tropes but DJW believes this, said he didn't think Charmcaster becoming a "homicidal maniac who is obsessed with her father and from a race of magic space elves" worked at all, that it ruined everything that was special about her in the Original Series.

Yeah, because a generic evil sorceress is so much better than a character who LOST HER FATHER TO THE CRUELTY OF AN EVIL TYRANT AND IS TRYING TO ATONE FOR THE GENOCIDE SHE COMMITTED TO TRY TO BRING BACK HER FATHER BECAUSE SHE MISSED HIM! No, we need Charmcaster to be crazy and more like her original series' self.

There's more! The Petrosapiens were revived in The Secret of Chromastone...which is likely to have been retconned since Sugilite couldn't have gotten to Petropia's remains without his NATURAL FLIGHT ABILITY! Why bring back the Petrosapiens from the dead and have Tetrax finally redeemed himself (in his eyes) for helping Vilgax destroy the Petrosapiens, when we could just have Tetrax be the last Petrosapien because...GUESS WHAT, PETROPIA WAS DESTROYED IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES AND OMNIVERSE NEEDS TO BE MORE IN LINE WITH THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!

Remember when Ben was a mature, badass hero in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien? He had gone from being a bratty, immature kid who constantly ran to his Grandpa Max for advice and wasn't against using his powers for himself to a grown-up, independent, responsible, and LEGENDARY hero...What's that? Fans are complaining that Ben has no personality?! OK. Let's just make Ben a bumbling, arrogant, conceited, incompotent, selfish, and immature teenager who cares more about video games than his ex-girlfriend Julie, is perfectly willing to date another girl while under the impression that he's still in a relationship with Julie, and has no problem abusing his powers to permanently turn Will Harangue (who admittedly deserved it) into an alien, therefore taking away Harangue's humanity forever, just because he didn't like him. IT'S PERFECTLY FINE, BECAUSE BEN HAS A PERSONALITY AGAIN LIKE HE DID IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!


 Waaaah! Laughing Crazy 

As someone who has been following Ben 10 since the original series and has collected a decent amount of merchandise, Ben 10: Omniverse just outright offends me because it could have been a great sequel to Ultimate Alien and could have made up for the slow pace of Season 2. Instead, we get a show that completely derails Ben's character just so he can be like he was in the original series' despite being a teenager, takes every chance it gets to disrespect Dwayne McDuffie by retconning his contributions to the series, wastes potentially good plots for the sake of humor, and has no respect for everything the Ben 10 franchise has established. FOR GOD'S SAKE, OMNIVERSE IS WORSE THAN SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY AND JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE!!! You have to try really hard to be worse than One More Day and Cry For Justice, Ben 10: Omniverse. I can't even avoid Ben 10: Omniverse completely because Beware the Batman has been put on hiatus, meaning it will most likely get cancelled by Cartoon Network so they can shove more Ben 10: Omniverse down my throat. Netflix doesn't have Omniverse, but it isn't much comfort when Netflix only has the first two seasons of Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force and only the first season of Ultimate Alien, which is only worsened because some people on Netflix are ENCOURAGING them to add Omniverse. YEAH, BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE MORE OMNIVERSE SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT! I plan on getting the DVDs for the entire series pre-Omniverse (including the movies) and some of the video games because I am just that desperate to escape from Ben 10: Omniverse. Other than the Internet, the only other way I'm going to follow Omniverse is by getting the toys.

I'll stick around for the Ultimate Albedo Arc, but after that is done, I'm quitting Ben 10: Omniverse. It still has 47 more episodes to air, and I just can't sit through Omniverse any longer. Cartoon Network, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I used to come to you for quality entertainment, but you've fallen so low. The fact that you're treating Ben 10, probably one of your best shows ever, in such a poor manner is just sickening. The only reason Omniverse is so successful is because little kids and a majority of the Original Series' fans love it so much. Not me, though. I'm not stupid enough to fall into your traps. Until Cartoon Network and the Ben 10 team can get their act together with Ben 10, I'm officially done with Ben 10 after the Ultimate Albedo Arc and whatever Khyber episodes are left until Omniverse ends.

NOTE: K.I.R.T.V. means Kevin's Inevitable Return To Villainy.
Ever since Omniverse first aired, I've sometimes wondered if the events in Omniverse are taking place in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE that separates it from the last 3 installments. I mean it is possible given the following reasons why.

    My first evidence is that the title of the show is called omniverse, which is an actual theory of their being more then one universe, each one having minor to major differences, which also explains why things are different in Omniverse then in the other Ben 10 shows, kinda secretly giving us the clue that OV is in a different universe. My second fact is how they pronounce Albedo's name in Omniverse, in AF/UA they pronounce his name Al-bee-do but in OV they say it as al-bay-do , the only logical way you can go from calling someones name differently is if that person had that name since birth, also Albedo never showed signs of being disturbed by the mispronunciation or points out to people that they were pronouncing his name wrong. The third is how no one questions the shows new designs for old characters and aliens, for example Ben doesn't say anything about how Albedo's ultimate forms in OV look different in appearance from his ultimate forms from UA, and why Albedos devolved aliens are entirely red when they weren't in AF/UA, probably because his forms were exactly like his in THAT Universe's timeline. This also counts for Ben's aliens to, in the episode "Charmed, I'm Sure" he noticed that Swampfire was different off the bat but never for  other aliens that changed entirely, like Eatle and Jury Rigg. I also want to point out that some of Ben's old aliens showed new powers and abilities that were never showed in the other series, for example Armadrillo's drill hands, Water Hazard's visor, and Ditto's enhanced digging skills and weakness when one clone dies all the others do to, and how he uses theses abilities with ease. Its possible he learned these abilities between the time gap between UA and OV or was just lazy writing by the staff to add specific abilities for Ben to win, but I should still count it as a factor.

     Another is Ben's history with the character Mr.Baumann, in UA he was nice to Ben (this could be because they rarely did business together) but in OV they've met so many times in that universe's timeline that he hates Ben. How can a person go from hating Ben as a young kid go from liking him (especially when he know that Ben changes into aliens) to hating him again with a pure rage? The answer is their different people from different universes. Besides it seems the OV Baumann wore glasses for along time and not the one in the UA universe (probably cause he is very dependant on wearing the glasses to see). I also believe that Ben not knowing about Undertown is another clue that OV is in another universe, because how could Ben, Gwen, and especially Kevin miss an entire city full of aliens, and alien tech that live underneath their hometown, especially with Gwen's Mana detecting power that she has used constantly in AF/UA.  Another example is that in Ultimate Alien, Colonel Rozum said he was assigned to investigate alien activity AFTER Ben's identity was revealed but in OV he was already working on alien cases before Max became a plumber. One more clue is Gwen's ability to go Anodite in OV. In AF/UA it was said that Gwen wasn't good at being in control of her Anodite form and that it would take years to control it, without proper training she would lose her humanity but in OV she seems to be in good control of her form like she has had years of experience. How can she be in so control of it even though she has only been in her Anodite form only 3 times? (I believe that is the right amount).

    Their are also some small paradoxes in the series but I bet they are just small mistakes probably made by the writers, but I still want to bring up. One is that younger Ben and the gang knew Z'skarys name even though Z'skary never reveal his true name till Ben was 16, and he told it to Ben and Rook so how could Gwen know his true name! Another note is about Charmcaster, in AF/UA, she, along with Hex, were with better terms with Gwen (except in "Enemy of my Frenemy") at the point that Charmcaster treated Gwen as an equal, yet Charmcaster's main goal in Omniverse is to destroy her, that and the way she went a bit crazy in Omniverse. One bigger paradox in Omniverse, the villain Servantis said that the planet Osmos V never existed, Osmosians originated from Earth, and he and his team had a base in the Null Void. If planet Osmos V never existed where did the villian Aggregor come from then ? (since he canonly isn't human, I know on his wiki page Wyatt was gonna make him a human but since that never became canon in the show, he is still technically an unkown species). Derrick Wyatt said that Omniverse follows the Ben 10,000 timeline from the original series, but this isn't true because in the orginal Ben 10,000 future, Ben has a daughter (Kenny's older sister) named Gwendolyn Tennyson, but Derrick says Ben 10,000 from the Omniverse doesn't have a daughter. He would be better if he said that Omniverse will be following a future timeline that is similar to that of the future timeline from the Original Series.

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree with me that Omniverse could have taken place in an alternate universe all along?
I've mentioned Ben 10: Omniverse a lot but I've never did a journal entry on how much I don't like it. Here's why. 
  1. New design - Reason: I've never liked the design because it's just too campy and also I would've watched the show if the design from Alien Force/Ultimate Alien remained. Come on, Ben being a 60's Dick Grayson guy, Gwen being a Velma Dinkley ripoff and Kevin being an Eric Draven ripoff?!
  2. Replacing Glen Murakami and the late Dwayne McDuffie with Derrick Wyatt and Matt Youngberg - Reason: Murakami and McDuffie made Ben Tennyson from a foolish hero to more Clark Kent from Smallville-esque character, but Matt Youngberg and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and Transformers Animated art director and producer Wyatt "flanderised" the character into an idiot hero. Just no to idiot heroism because those two guys (Murakami and McDuffie) worked with Man of Action for the DCAU-influenced two sequel series and made it more serious and serialised. If Cartoon Network had Greg Weisman instead, then I would watch it because Weisman has created some of the best animated shows of all time: Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice
  3. Demoting Gwen and Kevin to supporting role - Reason: What the heck?! Those two characters are important to the storyline, not because of the romantic subplot but they serve as part of the triumphant trio.
  4. The theme tune - Reason: Dear goodness, that theme tune is one big sack of crap. It's too techno and too cheesy.
  5. Eighty episodes for the show - Reason: Why eighty episodes of one of the most TV shows treated as Marmite? Honestly, that's too much.
  6. Re-recasting roles - Reason: I really enjoyed James Remar's voice role of Vilgax in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien as he was portrayed as an antihero/antivillain, but re-recasting the role back to Steven Blum wasn't a good thing at all. Recasting several alien forms on Ben's Omnitrix to Eric Bauza - HECK TO THE NO!
  7. Breaking up Ben and Julie - Reason: I supported the couple when I watched Alien Force/Ultimate Alien but when Wyatt took over, he broke them up. It's no wonder that Ben's love interest Ester is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal's wife Tara Platt, who is also his Naruto co-star. Plus there's hints of Ben and Kai being a couple, given the latter's return in "An American Benwolf in London".
  8. Seasonal rot - Reason: Yes, I know Alien Force had a weak season, which was season three with Vilgax as main villain and Ultimate Alien had season two with the same villain, but this show is definitely put the franchise to be rotten.
  9. Jumping the shark - Reason: The show has officially marked a jumping the shark moment for the franchise.
  10. Villains not better than the other ones from the previous three - Reason: There's a good reason why I killed off Khyber in my fanfic that retcons Omniverse titled Plumbers of Bellwood because he's a dull villain compared to some of the best. Plus Looma is a ripoff to Mandie from Fairly OddParents.
  11. Dull characters - Reason: Let me see, we've got Blukic, Driba, Looma, Khyber, Amur Transyl, Malware, Billy Billions, Mazuma, Khyber's dog, Fistina, Nyancy Chan and Rayona. Non-dull characters debuted in the series are just Rook and Ester, those two are main characters in my fanfic Plumbers of Bellwood but these versions of them are not Ben's partner-in-crime and girlfriend, respectively.
  12. Flanderising characters - Reason: Ben's an idiot, Kevin's a jerk, Gwen's a Velma ripoff and the rest of the characters that returned from either of the three shows are idiots. Most notable characters from either The Original SeriesAlien Force and Ultimate Alien are absent in this series, referring to Manny Armstrong, Helen Wheels, Alan Albright, Cooper Daniels, Pierce Wheels, Verdona Tennyson, Eunice, Sonder, Elena Validus, Aggregor, Michael Morningstar / Darkstar, DNAliens, Highbreed, Simian, Sixsix, Sevenseven, Joey / Rojo, Jennifer Nocturne, Carl Nesmith / Overlord, Cash Murray, JT, the Forever Knights and last but not least Reinassic III aka Reiny (UPDATE 02-12-2014: The Forever Knights have made a return in "Return to Forever"; Darkstar has made return in "Mystery, Incorporeal"; Overlord has made a return in "The Vengers"; Manny, Helen and Alan all have made a return in the sixth story arc conclusion "Weapon XI"; Eunice returned though in a non-speaking cameo that lasted for a few seconds during the eighth story arc)
There's a bunch of fanbases to the franchise and here it is:
  • Fanbase 1: Likes all four TV series
  • Fanbase 2: Likes the first three series, but despises Omniverse (I'm in this fanbase)
  • Fanbase 3: Likes The Original Series and Omniverse, but despises Alien Force and Ultimate Alien
  • Fanbase 4: Likes the first two series, but despises Ultimate Alien and Omniverse
  • Fanbase 5: Likes only The Original Series, but despises all three sequel series
Either like it or hate it, Omniverse is definitely Batman: The Brave and the Bold but replacing Batman with Ben and I'm one of the fans that defend the retcons from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien (i.e. Gwen's powers not magical but alien). For fanbase 3, even though they hate the retcons from the last two series, those are retained in that series.
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An elephant goes to China

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 7:33 AM
This journal was made in conjunction with this photo gallery. Meanwhile, the thumbs you see in this journal are just there to break up the walls of text, but they're just conveniently renamed Scraps. Enjoy.

Ni hao, everyone. Allow me to introduce you all to my MOC and travelling partner, the Elephant!
Hey guys. This keyboard is far too wide for my little legs.
The Elephant and I have spent the past two weeks on holiday in China. I thought I'd share what happened!

:bulletgreen: The Journey
I hate to start with something uninteresting, but the travel to Beijing was relatively uneventful. A brief stop in Zurich followed by The Avengers on a screen too small to do it justice… yeah, nothing of note.
Oh goodness, the journey was horrible. For a start, I didn't even know I was going until the night before; my shelfbuddies must've been worried sick about me. Given that I was to be travelling in Hand Luggage Class, Aiden put me in something he fittingly calls 'the brace position', involving my head being transplanted onto my tail. He was concerned for the safety of my otherwise exposed trunk, yes, but for hours on end? Painful.
Flying Elephant by Rahiden

:bulletpurple: The Scene
I'm from the UK; I'm used to grey skies. Those of China, however, are grey due to pollution rather than weather (they even display national pollution levels in charts on the subway, but how this helps the people I do not know). You are constantly surrounded by smells of smoke, sweat and seafood, accompanied by a cacophony of car horns in the city and cicadas everywhere else. Buildings from dynasties past look out onto pristine skyscrapers, whilst on the roads, red lights and street markings are nothing more than inconveniences to drivers and pedestrians alike. I think I even saw the very direction of traffic reverse briefly, simply because one impatient taxi driver felt like it. Every junction has to be crossed with the mindset that you simply won't get run over, which is a scary change from the pampered life at home.
Oh, different for you, was it? Tell me about how you spend your days doing literally nothing aside from the occasional photoshoot.
To be fair, doing nothing but being a photo model was exactly what you spent the two weeks doing. And hey, lighten up – this is a happy fun journal, after all.
One woman versus the road by Rahiden

:bulletpink: The Language
Now, I should probably say that my family is from Hong Kong, in southern China, where they speak a dialect of Chinese called Cantonese. Meanwhile, a dialect called Mandarin is spoken in northern China, which was where we spent the two weeks. I can speak imperfect Cantonese at home (my Chinglish is flawless), but my Mandarin is passable at best.
I'm glad that globalisation is taking root in countries like China. The English subtitles underneath anything important make things so much easier, and the fact that a few of the locals speak English helps too.
During our tour of Beijing's Summer Palace, we had a guide called Joey who was incapable of saying his own name. We spent the entire day wondering if Joy could be a man's name.
The problem is that, because of our Chinese appearances, everyone in China simply assumed that we all spoke fluent Mandarin. Sometimes it wasn't too much of a big deal; once, I confidently relayed information about the whereabouts of the nearest train station (vigorous pointing on the woman's part also helped). At other times, though, the confusion was hilarious. The Beijing National Museum has incredibly strict security, making you drink from your own water bottles in case it was poisoned, as well as a final search of everything on your person. I had to explain to the security guard why I had a plastic elephant in my pocket, without knowing how to say 'toy', 'mascot' or 'I have an account on an art website where I make stuff out of Lego and take pictures of them'. Needless to say, he did not seem convinced.
He touched me. ;__;
Literal translations by Rahiden

:bulletred: Beijing
Beijing alone has a population of about 20 million; it seriously seems like more.
It's difficult to describe in words, but the sheer number of people is staggering wherever you are. From children urinating on the pavement to cherry-loaded street vendors; from military young men with cropped hair to elderly women coughing up spit; from disfigured beggars writing calligraphy with their heads to incredibly cute Chinese girls flanked by their equally cute friends.
A bonus was that, as tourists, we were often in the most concentrated areas. At the Great Wall, for example, there seemed to be more flesh than stone, and all notions of personal space vanished. This claustrophobic sense was even more amplified in the Beijing subway, where on particularly busy lines you're clamped in a fixed position for two or three very intimate minutes. Feel free to insert your own perverted comment about touching strangers (particularly the last of the six types mentioned earlier) here.
The people were annoying. They made Aiden conscious about taking me out for a picture, and when he did, a lot of them stared at us weirdly. Have they never seen a 17-year-old kid with a camera before?
At the Forbidden City by Rahiden

:bulletorange: The Sites
China has an obsession with keeping as much of its old stuff as it can. It's a shame really, seeing the aged temples of the Forbidden City laced with red tape and the Great Wall with people's names carved into it, but I guess those are symptoms of any self-respecting tourist area. At least there is some variation – the vast Tiananmen Square, the Capital Museum and a particular favourite, the Bird's Nest of the 2008 Olympics. Having also visited the Tiantan Shrine, the Summer Palace and the 13 Ming Tombs, though, I must admit that 'exploring my roots' did get a little tedious after a while. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it for the most part, of course. In fact, I spent a lot of time thinking about future MOCs and journal ideas. What I really want to build is an articulated Chinese Lion Statue MOC; their proportions are so unique and laughably impractical.
I'm not particularly interested in history or art. What I did like, though, was talking to the locals! Admittedly the Lions weren't particularly sociable – they said something about guarding against evil spirits, and how that was more important than talking to a plastic foreigner like me – but my similarly-sized associates at the abundant souvenir shops were very friendly. And there were so many elephants too!
At the Great Wall by Rahiden

:bulletyellow: Shanghai
After spending the first week in the capital city, we then decided to visit Shanghai, where the environment seemed pretty much identical. While we did make full use of our time there – we saw the skyline from the Oriental Pearl viewing tower and even managed to visit the nearby water village of Zhouzhang – I do regret not going on the Maglev train. It's one of very few electromagnetic levitation trains that have been made commercial, but unfortunately it goes from one station in the middle of nowhere to an airport that we wouldn't be using. Instead we travelled around in taxis commanded by what seemed like ex-Formula 1 drivers, weaving in and out between cars as if we'd respawn if anything went wrong.
I think my favourite part of Shanghai was the Nine Zigzag Bridge outside the Yu Garden. When asked about its shape, the tour guide told us that the evil spirits of superstition could only walk in straight lines, and so anyone in the building halfway along the bridge would become pure. Essentially the ancient Chinese were already preparing themselves for a zombie apocalypse.
The zombieproof Nine Zigzag Bridge by Rahiden

:bulletwhite: The Cuisine
Our choice of cuisine was pretty varied. On one day we would watch our personal Peking Duck being made into Jiao Zi filling by the tableside, and on the next we'd be picking sushi from conveyor belts. I shall admit that McDonald's was also visited on occasion. Meanwhile, the restaurants were very good places to see the exploitation of Google Translate; I shall let the photos speak for themselves, but 'testicular cabbage pot' is by far my favourite. After all that, though, I remain underweight, so I shan't complain.
I wasn't too impressed by the food. Too oily for my liking. To be fair, though, I didn't eat any, being plastic and all. As a result I am still at a healthy 38 grams!
Preparing the duck by Rahiden

:bulletblue: Hangzhou
Hangzhou is neither as large nor as well-known as the other two, but it earned two days of our trip, if only for the change in scenery. The tourism in the city revolves around its one and only attraction: Xi Hu, translated as West Lake. You could almost say that Hangzhou is to lotus plants as Beijing is to people, and it is truly beautiful there. Additionally, we decided to opt for rental bicycles instead of the usual public transport, so everything was much calmer and more relaxed (if you ignore the much higher chance of us becoming roadkill).
Here's a fun anecdote. Upon arrival in Hangzhou, Aiden's father was convinced that his wallet had been pickpocketed on the train, resulting in an hour at the police station signing forms and taking fingerprints. Then came the embarrassing moment when he privately discovered the pocket that was so secretive that he himself had forgotten about it, complete with wallet. Naturally we kept that quiet, not wanting to be charged for wasting police time, and so we spent the next hour suppressing our elation and essentially wasting more police time. That's not the important part, though – in the two hours of nothing to do, Aiden drew me!
At West Lake by Rahiden

:bulletblack: The Memories
I shall take this moment to show my appreciation for being able to go on such a trip. Not only was I the first of Aiden's MOCs to accompany him abroad, but I am probably the last too; he gets paranoid about Chinese kids stealing me. It truly was an honour. I shall never forget the scenery, the culture…
…and the souvenirs! I've broken a personal record this time. A pinecone to add to my growing international collection (I've long forgotten the origin of most of them; a good few are simply labelled 'Europe'), a green cone-topped water bottle to partner my blue one, and a fifth member to my family of Mario mushroom memorabilia. If anyone's interested, this consists of a Super Mushroom plushie, a 1-Up Mushroom T-shirt, a Mini Mushroom keyring, a Propeller Mushroom phone charm and, most recently, a Mega Mushroom money box. And that's not including the hoard of T-shirts I acquired whilst there! My two favourites are a designer eco-brand depicting the characters 'Do not destroy' (or, as I prefer, 'Do not disassemble') and another displaying the Doppler Effect popularised by The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon. I have his lines from that particular episode memorised.
(y) by Rahiden

And there we have it, our trip to China.
Thanks for reading.

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Farewell by MahmudAsrar

Dear friends,

As apparent from my absence in the last few issues of Supergirl I am no longer the series artist on the book. I will no longer be drawing the book and #20 was my final issue. I will however remain the cover artist on the book for just a few more issues.

What kept me from drawing the book initially was some health issues after which I had to rest for a bit. In the meantime I was offered some other projects which I took into consideration. Offers that ultimately had me make some important decisions. Unfortunately one of these decisions was to resign from art duties on Supergirl. Believe me, It was not an easy decision but one I had to make for the sake of several things in my career and life.

Over the past couple of years I've had an amazing time defining Supergirl for the New 52 with my collaborators in DC Entertainment. It was an honour to be a part of this bold new direction for DC. I was probably among the lucky few who had a wonderful team of collaborators throughout the whole thing, some of whom I've come to call good friends. My creative partners Mike Johnson, Michael Green, Michael Alan Nelson, Dave McCaig, Rob Leigh and some awesome others - My editors Wil Moss, Matt Idelson, Eddie Berganza and Rickey Purdin - The whole crew at DC Entertainment who've made everything work smoothly and was helpful throughout. I thank each and everyone sincerely.

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank you all so much for sharing your appreciation towards my art on this book. Can't tell you how much it means when I hear somebody say they've been buying the book just because I was drawing it. You guys are awesome.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my career and I'll look back fondly.

Now other things await me. Exciting new things that you'll find out about soon enough. See you in the funny books. Here's a sneak peek on what's next:

 Indestructible Hulk Annual Cover by MahmudAsrar

The above image is a piece I did for a friend and thought it was appropriate for this topic.

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Ma by techgnotic

Journal of Stars by Erisiar

Today's Inspiration

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

— W. Clement Stone

Road Trip on Mars

After more than 11 years on Mars, NASA's Mars Rover has completed a full marathon across the surface of the planet. This video was compiled from images taken between January 2004 and April 2015 and through it you can experience the whole journey! This mission was initially scheduled to last only 90 days but the persistent rover keeps going and has now lasted about 45 times longer than expected while continuing to transmit data back to Earth. You go little Rover!

Star Raptor by Jeetdoh

Riding Dinosaurs

If your life-long dream is to ride a dinosaur, you may be in luck. According to this ad on Portland's craiglist, for a mere $2000 you can own your very own giant T-Rex bike. Also, her name is Sue. Happy riding!

The keeper by crutz

Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated can sometimes feel absolutely impossible — especially when your old pal procrastination comes to visit. However, if you find yourself needing some extra tips this journal by Suzanne-Helmigh, may prove to be very helpful.


The Healing Power of Tetris

Recent studies have shown that Tetris may be mroe than just a fun game. Playing Tetris may acutally reduce the frequency of flashbacks caused by traumatic events, according to a study by Cambridge. It seems that manipulation of Tetris blocks uses the same pathways that traumatic memories do, so by playing a game of Tetris, you can actually train you brain away from those bad memories! So go ahead and play, it's good for brain!

Race for Life 2012 by BeccaJS

Support A Cause

BeccaJS is participating in her 7th year of Race For Life — a Cancer research chartity run — and she needs our support! She's so committed to the cause that in 2012 she participated while pregnant! Learn more about the event here and if you can donate, you can do so here. Even if you're unable to donate, helping to spread the word is always appreciated. Go Becca, Go!

Deadpool by PhantomxLord


Ryan Reynolds continues to fuel fan anticipation for the upcoming Deadpool movie with both costumed tweets and interviews. Filming has already finished, and Reynolds has confirmed that the movie will carry a "hard-R" rating, those under 17 will definitely need their parents permission for this one! Reynolds has also said that he does not plan to play any more super heroes, but hopes that the Deadpool movie will be a hit at the box office so he can dawn the iconic red and black mask again!

Commission - Amiibo Party with BxR by JamesmanTheRegenold

The Future is Phygital

New tehcnologies are making the intigration of physical objects into digital games accessable to all game developers. Skylanders and other big name companies have already capatialized on these "phygital" toys, a method in which a purchased figurine unlocks digital content. 3D printing and ambitious new business platforms have the potential to allow even smaller game developers to create and distribute their own phygital toys. Expect your favorite figurine to come with a neat digital bonus in the near future!

Undine 3 by Sturmideenkind

Feature Things

Mrs-Freestar-Bul really loves features and you can tell because she puts together quite a few of them! In this journal she shares why she feels they are so awesome and challenges you to start one of your own. Do you accept?

Symbiotic Relationships

Borneo's peat swamp forests aren't exactly the most welcoming places when looking for somewhere to sleep but Hardwicke's woolly bats have scored themselves a pretty sweet arrangement. They sleep inside the Nepenthes hemsleyana  aka Pitcher Plant which is a carnivorous plant that literally feeds off of bat poop. It turns out that these plants are absolutely terrible at catching insects so this reciprocal relationship suits both entities just fine. The only downside is that the plants can be hard to find but fortunately, due to their pitcher shape, the bats can use echolocation to find them -- like a built in bat signal. Nature, you're so cool.

Jugger Nog Machine IRL - Miniature Wooden Replica by faustdavenport

Stay Frosty With Black Ops 3

Activision is producing a special edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 according to a leaked product listing on retailer Mighty Ape's website. The Juggernog Edition includes a whole bunch of in-game and real-world items, but its highlight is the -- wait for it -- working mini-fridge. You read that right folks -- a fridge. The fridge is modeled after the in-game Perk-A-Cola machine, features lights and sounds from the game and can hold up to a dozen 12oz cans.

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Ummm.... Where to start?

Well, i just finished the whole trailer video, (wanted to watch it for a while to see how bad they fucked it up,) and i thought i might comment about it here.

Well, first of all, I want to stress that i do not like this animation style. Ben still looks like a kid, even though he is supposed to be sixteen, and Kevin.... No. Also, Gwen just looks weird to me.

Second, I really don't think that they should have taken Kevin and Gwen off. I mean, they just spent two series building up their relationship and showing how well they and Ben work together, and now, they take all that hard work, and they just throw it away? I think that is a stupid move. Dwayne McDuffie did that hard work for a reason.

And why is young Ben back? that is not explained at all in the trailer. Is there a hole in the space/time continuum? Did someone cross the streams? Are they telling the story from different points in time? It just seems weird.

I also do not wholeheartedly approve of some of these redesigns. I like some of them, but in the case of some of the aliens, I say, "Hey, if it ain't broke, then don't 'fix' it."

But, under that, I believe i saw a diamond in the rough. This new guy, Rook, or whatever his name is, actually interests me. And from what they said about Rook being all training and no experience and Ben being all experience and no training, I am genuinely interested in how they would match up. But still, I don't think you need to get rid of Kevin and Gwen to show off that. Also, that kind of multi-tool that he uses? Seems pretty legit, i want to see how he uses it.

But most interestingly is the new villain, that alien hunter, Kraven-esque guy whose name escapes me right now. The way that he can actually make his little hunting dog into predatory species that prey on Ben's aliens really makes for a rather interesting challenge that i did not expect, and that, honestly, pleases me quite a bit.

Im also enjoying those new aliens, especially young Ben's new one. I like him a lot. And Blocks.

So, all in all, it has some problems that i will find hard to deal with, but i think that maybe -just maybe,- I might be able to get over them in anticipation of the few things i think they did oh, so deliciously right.
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I don't like the new Ben 10 series due to a stupid redesign and storyline. Because of this, I think Cartoon Network would bring back the classic style from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien for the fifth series. My title for this would be Legacy. This is my concept of the fifth series that may never happen.

This is how the storyline is:
*Ben 10: Becomes an unlikely hero.
*Alien Force: 5 years later, returns to heroism.
*Ultimate Alien: 6 months later, becomes an international superstar.
*Omniverse: A year later, goes solo.
*Legacy: 3 years later, team reforms.

Here's my possible idea for the fifth series:
1. It takes place three years after the fourth series, as Looma will return in Legacy when she tries to marry Ben so her appearance will indeed take place 3 years after "Many Happy Returns".
2. Kevin has shorter hair.
3. Charmcaster redeems herself and joins Team Tennyson.
4. Ben works at Mr. Smoothy's during the time skip.
5. Azmuth dies during the time skip.
6. Gwen becomes Lucky Girl on a full time basis.
7. Albedo becomes the main antagonist of the series.
8. Pierce is revealed alive after his death was a coverup.
9. Descendants of Plumbers (Kai Green, Manny Armstrong, Pierce Wheels, Helen Wheels, Elena Validus and Alan Albright) join Team Tennyson.
10. Michael Morningstar and Argit are perished in a blast during the time skip.
11. Dr. Animo is killed in a explosion, also killing Hex, Vilgax, Aggreggor, Khyber and Vulkanus.
12. Ester becomes a Plumber.
13. Kevin rekindles his relationship to Gwen.
14. Max retires his duties as Magister and handing it to Ben.
15. Rook goes solo and becomes an honorary Plumber.
16. The Forever Knights are gone for good.

*Summary: Three years after going solo, Ben Tennyson later realises life as a solo superhero is not great after all. After Albedo escapes, Tennyson reunites the team to defeat Albedo once and for all.

*Setting: The show is set in the year 2015, exactly ten years after Ben 10. The Plumbers are stationed in the spaceship Eclipse (in style of Star Wars and Star Trek).

*Main characters (Plumbers of Eclipse)
-Benjamin Kirby Tennyson / Ben 10 (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal as 20-year-old Ben, Bradley Steven Perry as 10-year-old Ben, James Marsden as 30-year-old Ben and Mark Hamill as 50-year-old Ben): The main protagonist of the show.
*Clothes: Similar to his clothes from the original series and Omniverse, but the T-shirt is coloured green and retains the jacket from Alien Force
*Hair style: Same as Alien Force/Ultimate Alien
*Hair colour: Light brown
*Eyes: Green
*Age: 20
*Star Wars counterpart: Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
*Star Trek counterpart: James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard
*Omnitrix Forms: Every Omnitrix form (same voice actors)
*YJ design based on: Superboy (2016)
-Gwendolyn Jane Tennyson (later Levin in the third season) / Lucky Girl (voiced by Ashley Johnson as 20-year-old Gwen, Bailee Madison as 10-year-old Gwen, Natalie Portman as 30-year-old Gwen and Kate Mulgrew as 50-year-old Gwen): I added "Jane" as her middle name because it fits well. During the second series, Gwen becomes engaged to Kevin and marries him in the third series opener "The Wedding". I dislike the idea of having Anodites DNA-less, so I'm retconning the storyline by mentioning that the Anodites do indeed have DNA and with his, their DNA code is embedded on the Omnitrix Prime.
*Clothes: Tomboyish clothes from the original series excluding the trousers, now substituted by a skirt.
*Hair style: Same hairstyle from Alien Force season 1 and 2 with a green hair band, a nod to the original series.
*Hair colour: Auburn
*Eyes: Green
*Age: 20
*Star Wars counterpart: Padmé Amidala and Leia Organa
*Star Trek counterpart: Christine Chapel and Deanna Troi
*YJ design based on: Tigress
-Kevin Ethan Levin (voiced by Matt Lanter as 21-year-old Kevin, replacing Greg Cipes, Daryl Sabara as 11-year old Kevin, David Faustino as 31-year-old Kevin): I feel like Kevin needs a new look with shorter hair the goth side from Omniverse being too gloomy.
*Clothes: Orange T-shirt with the number 11 in Roman numerals.
*Hair style: Similar hairstyle as Ben's.
*Hair: Black
*Eyes: Brown
*Age: 21
*Star Wars counterpart: Anakin Skywalker (prequel trilogy) and Han Solo
*Star Trek counterpart: William Riker and Leonard McCoy
*YJ design based on: Superboy (2010)
Reason for change of voice actors: I think Lanter's voice fits well for 21-year-old Kevin because he voices Anakin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
-Hope Saucerer / Charmcaster (voiced by Ashley Eckstein as 26-year-old Charmcaster, replacing Kari Wahlgren, Danica McKellar as 16-year-old Charmcaster, Grey DeLisle as 36-year-old Charmcaster): I think Charmcaster is one of the villains that were never actually pure evil, so I decided that she would be a redeemed character. For her civilian clothes, she would have a goth-like personality with dark eyeshadow and a black T-shirt saying "Roadstar". In this series, Roadstar is a gothic rock/psychedelic rock band led by Miranda Hotchkiss (based on Amy Lee and Hayley Williams).
*Clothes: Throwback from the original series, black T-shirt and denim jeans (in civilian form)
*Hair style: Same hairstyle from Alien Force/Ultimate Alien but without the crown.
*Hair: Silver
*Eyes: Blue
*Age: 26
*Star Wars counterpart: Aayla Secura and Ahsoka Tano
*Star Trek counterpart: Beverly Crusher and Kathryn Janeway
*YJ design based on: Secret
-Manny Armstrong (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, replacing Khary Payton): Manny would become a main character than being a Plumber's kid.
*Clothes: Same as Alien Force/Ultimate Alien
*Star Wars counterpart: Kit Fisto and Owen Lars
*Star Trek counterpart: Worf and Leonard McCoy
-Helen Wheels (voiced by Grey DeLisle, replacing Juliet Landau): I decided that Helen would have long peroxide blonde hair and pointy ears (a nod to :iconvenetia-th:'s character VLR7).
-Cooper Daniels (voiced by Evan Sabara, replacing Chris Platt)
-Kai Green (voiced by Malese Jow, replacing Bettina Bush)
*Star Trek counterpart: Miramanee
-Pierce Wheels (voiced by Adam Wylie)
-Elena Validus (voiced by Vanessa Hudgens, replacing Tia Texada)
-Alan Albright (voiced by Khary Payton, replacing Zeno Robinson)
-Julie Yamamoto (voiced by Jessie Flower, replacing Vyvan Pham): After watch a bit of Omniverse, I've decided that Ben would move on, ending his relationship with Julie (she does appear in "Rules of Engagement") and Kevin would reconcile with Gwen. Unlike the stupid "Julie broke up with Ben because he playing video games", I've retconned the break up into that Julie and Ben mutually ended their relationship as they would be unable to continue due to Ben's on-off disappearances. Since her last name is Japanese, I have decided to write a subplot for her in the first part of the first season finale "Horizon of the Lost Desert", where she is in a dream where she meets her ancestor from the feudal Japan era, Kimiko Yamamoto (a reference to one of my favourite characters from Xiaolin Showdown), based on Lady Saigo (…) and Fa Mulan. She would also wear a kimono in one of the episodes in the third season. During the time skip, she broke up with her boyfriend Hervé (voiced by Nolan North in Legacy).
-Eunice Tennyson (voiced by Molly Quinn): Eunice would become a possible love interest for Cooper.
-Dylan Tennyson (voiced by Nathan Kress): Like Eunice, he is a clone of Ben Tennyson but with black hair and blue eyes.
-Edwin Grandsmith (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Matt Bomer as 35-year-old Edwin)
-Tack (voiced by Wil Wheaton)
-Ester Glacierfall (voiced by Tara Platt): Though I have not seen Omniverse, she would appear in my possible fifth series. In Legacy, she is half Kraaho (from her father's side) and half human (from her mother's side).
-Jimmy Jones (voiced by Jesse McCartney, replacing Scott Menville)

*Supporting characters
-Rook Blonko (voiced by Bumper Robinson)
-Jennifer Tennyson (voiced by Mae Whitman): Ben's 24-year-old sister. She shares the same birthday as her cousin Ken. I really think it would be a nice idea if Ben has a sister.
-Kenneth Tennyson (voiced by Will Friedle)
-Paradox (voiced by Dietrich Bader, replacing David McCallum)
-Max Tennyson (voiced by Tom Kane, replacing Paul Eiding)
-Calvin "Cash" Murray (voiced by Daniel Logan, replacing Matt Levin)
-James Tyler "JT" Roberts (voiced by Matthew Mercer, replacing Scott Menville)
-Joanne "Joey" Saucerer / Rojo (voiced by Tara Sands, replacing Kari Wahlgren): I have decided that Rojo be revealed as the long-lost older sister of Charmcaster. She would redeem herself in "Rojo's Revenge" and after that she would become a supporting character and one of the technical crew members, but is not part of the main crew.
*Hairstyle: Similar hair as Charmcaster.
*Hair: Dark red
*Eyes: Brown
*Age: 32
-Looma Red Wind (voiced by Emanuelle Chriqui, replacing Kimberly Brooks)
-Jennifer Nocturne (voiced by Janet Varney)
-Vreedle Brothers (Octagon voiced by Dwight Schultz and Rhomboid voiced by James Arnold Taylor)
-Reinassic III / Reiny (voiced by John DiMaggio)
-Tennyson Extended Family:
•Carl Tennyson and Sandra Tennyson (nee Miller) (voiced by Neil Flynn and Patricia Heaton)
•Frank and Natalie "Lily" Tennyson (nee Miller) (voiced by Daran Norris and Amy Jo Johnson)
•Verdona Tennyson (voiced by Marina Sirtis)
•Joel Tennyson (voiced by David Faustino)
•Camille Mann-Tennyson (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
•Lucy Mann (voiced by Cricket Leigh)
•Charlotte Saucerer / Charmcaster (voiced by Ashley Eckstein): Hope's identical twin sister and the true Charmcaster. Her sister took over her position as she went in hiding in an unknown place so that her uncle Hex wouldn't find her and brainwash her into his apprentice.
-Veteran Plumbers
-Mr. Jingles (voiced by Tim Allen)
-Probity (voiced by Bella Thorne)
-Orb (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
-Attea (voiced by Victoria Justice)
-Emperor Milleous (voiced by Matthew Wood)
-Galatic Enforcers (Ultimos voiced by Kevin Conroy, Tini voiced by Emanuelle Chriqui, Synaptak voiced by Patrick Stewart, Myaxx voiced by Jennifer Hale and Tetrax Shard voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson)
-Chronon (voiced by Hayden Christensen): Paradox's son.
-Mr. Baumann (voiced by Ken Jenkins)
-Baz-El (voiced by Ewan McGregor)
-Ship (voiced by Ben Burtt)

*Villains (Dark Alliance / The Anti-Plumbers)
-Albedo / Dark Lord (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal): I really liked Ben's evil counterpart and I think he needs to be given the main villain treatment. In my fanfiction, Albedo is severly injured in my finale for Omniverse and three years later, he becomes the evil Dark Lord.
-Sunny Tennyson (voiced by Ashley Johnson)
-Angelo Levin (voiced by Matt Lanter): I would love to see Kevin having an evil counterpart of himself (although his arch enemy was Darkstar, but I decided to kill him off because I never really liked him due to his dark powers which I thought of "Meh." and he has got to go).
-Circus Freaks (Frightwig voiced by Rose McIver, Acid Breath voiced by Steven Blum and Thumbskull voiced by Khary Payton)
-Psyphon (voiced by Sam Witwer)
-Zombozo (voiced by Bruce Greenwood)
-Antonio (voiced by Steven Blum)
-Zs'Skayr (voiced by Steven Blum)
-Simian (voiced by Mike Irwin)
-Dr. Alexander Viktor (voiced by Rick Medina)
-Archibald Reginald / Enoch (voiced by Patrick Stewart)
-Captain Nemesis (voiced by Jonathan Frakes)
-Clancy (voiced by Troy Baker)
-Khyber's dog Metalhound (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): Now in care of the Dark Lord. Retains the Nemetrix.
-Eon (voiced by Wil Wheaton)
-The Queen (voiced by Susan Silo)
-Ragnarok (voiced by Dwayne Johnson)
-Mark Thompson / Sixsix (voiced by Temeura Morrison, Jason Spisak as Thompson): I decided that the bounty hunter would have a backstory in my sixth series. Here's my backstory: Thompson was Carl Tennyson's best friend and potential Plumber partner. One mission, caused Thompson to be captured by Vilgax and he was experimented with super-strength chemical causing him to become Sixsix. After his defeat in "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10", he was cryogenically frozen by Kraab to use his DNA, causing the creation of Sevenseven.
-Sevenseven (voiced by Temeura Morrison)
-Kraab (voiced by Brent Spiner)
-Jarret (voiced by Tom Kenny)
-Billy Billions (voiced by Greg Cipes)
-Mazuma (voiced by Tara Strong)
-Will Harangue (voiced by Bruce Greenwood)
-Sonder (voiced by Eric Bauza)
-Ssserpent (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)
-Bambi (voiced by Jolene Blaylock): She is Ester's older sister who is a bounty hunter.
-Malware (voiced by Nolan North)
-Fistina (voiced by Stephanie Lemelin, replacing Morgan Lofting)

I don't think 10 episodes isn't enough for a season (it's been revealed the 6 10-episode seasons for Omniverse is actually a year-long season), so I decided to do 26 episodes instead. In my fifth series of the show, it would last 6 series and 156 episodes, making it the longest series of the franchise. Plus it would include crossovers from various Cartoon Network original series such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Secret Saturdays, ThunderCats, Generator Rex, Xiaolin Showdown, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Dragons: Riders of Berk and much more. Each season is split into 2 sub series with first consisting of 13 episodes and the second consisting of 13 episodes. In the fourth season finale, Max and Verdona sacrifice their lives, this making the Ultimate Ben timeline non-canon and during the fifth series, Ben meets his 30-year-old (now beardless since the timeline has been altered) named Captain Ben Tennyson. The sixth series will have a major Borg-esque story arc called the "Nanite" storyarc. Also in the final episodes, the story will wrap up all of the unresolves storylines and Ben battles against Albedo in the finale inspired by The Dark Knight Rises, Power Rangers episode "Countdown to Destruction", Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Star Trek: Nemesis, Jack the Giant-Slayer, Teen Titans (volume 3) #98-100 and Avatar: The Last Airbender - Sozin's Comet.

Plus the show will end with a time-shifted epilogue taking place 10, 30 and 500 years after the series.

I wrote the crossover ("Galaxy Far Far Away" with Star Wars: The Clone Wars) before the show moved to Disney XD, this is the farewell for the Disney-owned Lucasfilm-produced show before moving. I decided to kill off Vilgax, Hex, Vulkanus, Khyber, Darkstar, Aggregor, Dr. Animo and Argit. I thought it was time to kill them off by being perished in an explosion because I think those villains would not try to find Ben by killing them off. Only remains of them is Vilgax's prosthetic arms, Hex's cloak, Vulkanus' Armor, Khyber's shield, Darkstar's helmet, Aggregor's long vest, Dr. Animo's goggles and Argit's clothes and gun.
Here's my episode guide plus with pictures that go with the episodes.
-Season 1 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "Three Years Later, Part 1: The Fall"
NAO U JUST HATIN by Kapaychan
2. "Three Years Later, Part 2: The Rise"
3. "Three Years Later, Part 3: The Aftermath"
Ben 10: Size Scale (1/2) by illuminate01
4. "Enter the Omniverse"
Ultimate Alien Ben by BloodWolfGurl
5. "Charmcaster's Origin"
crying Charmcaster by lukio5000
6. "In Plumbers We Trust"
HELEN by TheDocRoach
7. "The Trust"
'You Got Caught Mr. Tennyson' by GoldenGirl954
8. "Going Rogue"
9. "The Secret"
10. "Before the Fall"
11. "Cryptic Shock"
12. "Alternate History"
13. "Gwen's Darkness"
14. "Welcome to Bell Lane"
15. "Innershadow"
16. "Mileous Returns"
17. "The Wrath of Albedo"
18. "Meet the Daniels"
19. "One Big Mission"
20. "Stratasphere"
21. "And Then There Were Nanites"
22. "The Plumber Menace"
23. "Horizon of the Lost Desert, Part 1"
Make Believe With You by Kapaychan
24. "Horizon of the Lost Desert, Part 2"
25. "Horizon of the Lost Desert, Part 3"
26. "Horizon of the Lost Desert, Part 4"

-Season 2 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "The Uprising, Part 1"
2. "The Uprising, Part 2"
3. "Rojo's Revenge"
4. "Occult of the Ghostfreak"
5. "Mirrored"
6. "Mission to Anodyne"
7. "In the Paradox"
8. "Clones"
9. "Unknown Idea"
10. "Island of the Lost Dreams"
11. "Clash of the ThunderCats"
12. "Fly Away"
13. "Ghosts of the Ship"
14. "Galaxy Far Far Away"
15. "Stealth"
16. "Kevin's Mind"
17. "The Return of Enoch"
18. "The Search for Xylene"
19. "Mutiny"
20. "Lost Hope"
21. "The Plumber Alliance"
22. "Attack of the Plumbers"
23. "24 Hours Later"
24. "Shattered, Part 1"
25. "Shattered, Part 2"
26. "Shattered, Part 3"

-Season 3 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "The Wedding, Part 1"
2. "The Wedding, Part 2"
3. "About Time"
CharmCaster V2-By Rurther by Rurther
4. "The Wild Run"
5. "Total Combat"
6. "Knights of Incarceron"
7. "Stasis"
8. "Let There Be Light"
9. "Harangue's Conquest"
10. "The Sealing"
11. "Friends of Providence"
12. "Submarine Zero"
13. "The Voyage Away"
14. "You Only Relive Once"
May be he is... by 4eknight11
15. "What's Wrong with Alan Albright?"
16. "The Vreedles' Last Stand"
17. "The Highbreed Returns"
18. "The Forever Knights' Final Frontier"
19. "Ben Tennyson: Plumber, Superhero, Magister, Writer?"
20. "Mind Cellulars"
21. "Exiled to Mars"
22. "Revenge of the Dark Lord"
23. "Generations"
24. "The Motion Dimension"
25. "Rise of the Order, Part 1"
26. "Rise of the Order, Part 2"

-Season 4 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "Battle for Khoros, Part 1"
2. "Battle for Khoros, Part 2"
3. "Fallen Empires"
4. "Hillbilly Romance"
5. "Reversed into Children"
6. "Exiled"
7. "Deploy, Delete, Destroy!"
8. "Secret of the Plumbers"
9. "Into the Tomb"
The second queen by CheshireP
10. "Speared for Luck"
11. "Xiaolin Plumbers"
12. "Chronon"
13. "Dinosaurs in Vilgaxia"
14. "The Ship"
15. "Losing Risk"
16. "Message from the Future"
17. "Aquarium"
18. "Search and Destroy"
19. "The Other Side"
20. "Meet the Wangchens"
21. "The Undiscovered History"
22. "A New Challenge"
23. "For the People"
24. "Betrayal"
25. "Fatality, Part 1"
26. "Fatality, Part 2"

-Season 5 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "Remembering the Plumbers, Part 1"
2. "Remembering the Plumbers, Part 2"
3. "Remembering the Plumbers, Part 3"
4. "Remembering the Plumbers, Part 4"
5. "The Robot Plumbers"
6. "Lil' Gwen"
7. "The Child"
8. "Hidden Palace"
9. "Eunice Goes Mad"
10. "Dear Ben"
11. "Jump City"
12. "Plumber Justice: Road to 2018"
13. "Julie On Radar"
14. "Secrets of the Dark Lord"
15. "Incarnations"
16. "The Plumber Wars"
17. "Last Contact"
18. "Resurrection"
19. "Quantum of Berk"
20. "Ragnarok's Revenge"
21. "The Destruction of Primus"
22. "The Team Strikes Back"
23. "On the Mode, Part 1"
24. "On the Mode, Part 2"
25. "On the Mode, Part 3"
26. "On the Mode, Part 4"

-Season 6 adrenalinerush1996.deviantart.…
1. "Redemption Day"
2. "Nemesis"
3. "How to Erase"
4. "Evil Twins"
5. "The Nanites"
6. "Billions' Robots"
7. "Warped to Japan"
8. "To The Medieval"
9. "Nanite World"
10. "Nanite in Space"
11. "Naniteology"
12. "The Hive"
13. "On The Hangar"
14. "Clones"
15. "Doomed"
16. "Save Our Shuttle"
17. "Plumbers' Origin"
18. "The Nanite's Last Stand"
19. "Heralding the Lost Symbol, Part 1"
20. "Heralding the Lost Symbol, Part 2"
21. "Destined to Fly"
22. "Return of the Plumbers"
23. "Final Mission, Part 1"
24. "Final Mission, Part 2"
25. "Final Mission, Part 3"
26. "Final Mission, Part 4"

I think the fifth series could be a possible epilogue of the franchise in case Cartoon Network would reboot it in the near future. The show would mention more of the first three series and mention less of the fourth series. Plus it would be designed by Young Justice creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman using the same style as Young Justice, which I will manipulate screenshots from the show to reflect the Ben 10 characters. ThunderCats reboot creator Michael Jelenic would coproduce plus characters from Generator Rex would make a cameo as well. I'm also planning to post it on on my blog after my plot details for all six series is complete, but I will not do any scripts. Plus it will crossover to my sequel series concept for Generator Rex called Nanite Force.

Here's the series and film that the voice actors appeared:
*Legion of Super-Heroes: Yuri Lowenthal (Ben / Albedo, voiced Clark Kent / Superman), Tara Platt (Ester, voiced Nura Nal / Dream Girl)
*Teen Titans: Ashley Johnson (Gwen / Sunny, voiced Tara Markov / Terra)
*Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Matt Lanter (Kevin / Angelo, voiced Anakin Skywalker), Ashley Eckstein (Hope / Charlotte, voiced Ahsoka Tano), Kevin Michael Richardson (Manny, voiced Jabba the Hutt)
*Xiaolin Showdown: Grey DeLisle (Helen, voiced Kimiko Tohomiko)
*The Batman: Evan Sabara (Cooper, voiced Dick Grayson / Robin)
*The Troop: Malese Jow (Kai, played Candence Nash)
*Winx Club: Adam Wylie (Pierce, voiced Tritannus)
*Thunderbirds: Vanessa Hudgens (Elena, played Tintin)
*Young Justice: Khary Payton (Alan, voiced Kaldur'ahm / Aqualad)
*Avatar: The Last Airbender: Jessie Flower (Julie, voiced Toph Beifong)
*Castle: Molly Quinn (Eunice, played Alexis Castle)
*iCarly: Nathan Kress (Dylan, played Freddie Benson)
*How to Train Your Dragon: Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Edwin, voiced Fishlegs)
*Star Trek: The Next Generation: Wil Wheaton (Tack, played Wesley Crusher)
*Naruto: Tara Platt (Ester, voiced Temari)
*Young Justice: Jesse McCartney (Jimmy, voiced Dick Grayson / Nightwing)

Here's the Ben 10 episodic list:

*Ben 10 (2005-2008, 4 seasons and 52 episodes)
1. Season 1 (2005-2006, 13 episodes, number: 13)
2. Season 2 (2006, 13 episodes, number: 26)
3. Season 3 (2006-2007, 13 episodes, number: 39)
4. Season 4 (2007-2008, 13 episodes, number: 52)

*Alien Force (2008-2010, 3 seasons and 46 episodes)
1. Season 1 (2008, 13 episodes, number: 65)
2. Season 2 (2008-2009, 13 episodes, number: 78)
3. Season 3 (2009-2010, 20 episodes, number: 98)

*Ultimate Alien (2010-2012, 2 seasons and 52 episodes)
1. Season 1 (2010-2011, 26 episodes, number: 124)
2. Season 2 (2011-2012, 26 episodes, number: 150)

*Omniverse (2012-2014, 8 story arcs and 80 episodes)
1. Story Arc 1 (2012-2013, 10 episodes, number: 160)
2. Story Arc 2 (2012-2013, 10 episodes, number: 170)
3. Story Arc 3 (2013, 10 episodes, number: 180)
4. Story Arc 4 (2013, 10 episodes, number: 190)
5. Story Arc 5 (2013, 10 episodes, number: 200)
6. Story Arc 6 (2013, 10 episodes, number: 210)
7. Story Arc 7 (2013-2014, 10 episodes, number: 220)
8. Story Arc 8 (2014, 10 episodes, number: 230)

*Legacy (2014-2020, 6 seasons and 156 episodes)
1. Season 1 (2014-2015, 26 episodes, number: 256)
2. Season 2 (2015-2016, 26 episodes, number: 292)
3. Season 3 (2016-2017, 26 episodes, number: 318)
4. Season 4 (2017-2018, 26 episodes, number: 344)
5. Season 5 (2018-2019, 26 episodes, number: 370)
6. Season 6 (2019-2020, 26 episodes, number: 396)

The franchise will end with 396 episodes.
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A Spirit Day monologue

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 19, 2012, 5:16 PM

Spirit Day, on October 19th, is an annual day for people to speak out against bullying.

The scene is a primary school classroom in 2004, and one of the other kids is being mean to 8-year-old Aiden. The teasing is unprovoked and meaningless; if I remember correctly, he called me a square.

That wasn't very nice, thinks 8-year-old Aiden. I didn't do anything wrong. What the hell is a 'square' anyway, aside from the quadrilateral? I don't know, but he definitely meant it as an insult. Well, I shan't let him have his fun. I shall simply ignore him and get on with my sums. In fact, maybe he did that because he's jealous of my maths, and that he wants to feel superior. Yeah, that's it. I hold the upper ground here.

Hold on a second. "I'm good at maths, therefore he is wrong"? That doesn't sound right. If anything, that makes me sound big-headed. I really do wonder what pleasure he gets from saying stuff like that. I guess he's just mean. I don't like him.

I suppose that this leaves me with a few options. Option 1: Do nothing, as I am currently doing. Not such a bad idea, really – his attention span is so pathetically short that he'd disappeared by the time I could've reacted. Still, that does open the possibility that he'll carry on saying mean things to me later on, and I'm already developing a bad habit of simply tolerating my problems instead of actually dealing with them.

This brings us on to Option 2: Stand up to him, tell him that I am upset, make him be nicer in the future. Hah, good joke. Me, say something of moral value to him? Yes, it's what the Facebook photos and Disney movies tell you to do, but as if he'd change his mind, realistically. I daresay absolutely nothing goes into that troglodytic head of his. Perhaps this is a pessimistic view of things – the notion that bad things cannot be fixed, that is – but I've seen and met lost causes on the Internet before. He's probably not much different.

Option 3 is on a similar vein: Get someone else to stand up to him. Someone like a teacher – I like the teachers. Well, I suppose that's a start, even if 'he called me a square' would sound so incredibly pathetic without the edge that he put on the words. I can deal with being called a snitch, at least. The teachers' sanctions are much more substantial than any moral lessons that I could offer; lines, perhaps, or even detention. But wouldn't that make them stop bullying for the wrong reasons, though? "I won't say bad things because if I do, I will get lines." No no no, that can't be right. That's what prisons and capital punishment are for. Surely it should be "I won't say bad things because it upsets people, and upsetting people is mean." That sounds better. So incredibly unrealistic, though.

Yes, I realise that not all 'bad people' stay bad. I've seen news stories of prisoners doing vast feats of community work after being released, which is commendable, certainly. I just think that trying to force a bad person to become good is, more often than not, a lost cause. It's a conclusion they should come to by themselves, surely.

More than anything, I just wish that these bad people weren't there. I don't mind their existence, but without wanting to sound selfish, I just wish they wouldn't bother me. And so, I propose a new fantasy crime and punishment system, one that has neither the apparent luxuries nor wasted resources of living indefinitely in a prison, nor the human rights issues of capital punishment.

The procedure is simple: We set aside an island, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Through some kind of filtering system, we handpick every (if you'll pardon my language) arsehole in existence - the kind of people who fling insults, won't accept other peoples' opinions, and push in lunch queues - as well as the standard murderers, rapists, thieves and what have you. We then send these people to the island, never to be seen nor tolerated ever again.

I realise that this plan is riddled with flaws (and fuelled by grudges), but hear me out. For starters, life for the rest of us would be so much easier. Classrooms would be quieter, streets cleaner, life expectancies higher, population generally happier. And, of course, the islanders would probably enjoy it too, since they'll be with all of their equally-arseholey friends; from experience, school bullies and internet trolls alike tend to hang out in packs. Maybe they'll end up insulting, trolling, killing, raping and stealing from each other, but they'll be having their fun. The way I see it, it'd be a win-win situation.

Of course, there are the myriad of flaws to consider. What kind of supplies do we provide them with? Who (or what) chooses the people who are sentenced to the island? Isn't the whole thing a breach of human rights already? What if they band together to form a violent drug-enhanced army? What about those people who turn out to be 'good', like the community-working ex-prisoners? How the hell do you define 'good' and 'bad' in the first place?
I have one answer to all of the above: this is a fantasy hypothetical situation, one that is impossibly ideal, and so complications like these don't have to be considered that seriously.

And so, I shall finish with Option 4: Accept that the world is far from perfect. If reacting to the problem helps the situation, then great; if nothing is achieved, simply move on. Formulate a crazy idea that manages to mix retribution with pacifism. Send that kid (who has already returned, laughing, to his arseholey friends) to an imaginary island, not caring about his fate there. Finally, write a deviantArt journal about it which, after all, doesn't really evoke the 'stand up to bullies' notion as initially intended. Ah well, such is life.

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