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Sven from Disney's "Frozen."

Use & enjoy.

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What is better than filling a Meme? Creating your own Meme, of course!

I've seen many Ben 10 fans out there with inumerous fan-made alien species... but we all know that the Omnitrix starts with just 10 aliens in it, so my question to you is:
If you could get a whole new Omnitrix for yourself, which 10 aliens would you like to start with?

And that's how The My Own Omnitrix Meme was born!!!

Now the RULES of this Meme:

:bulletgreen: First of all, tell Azmuth your name (username)... He doesn't talk to strangers.:XD:
:bulletgreen: Write the names of your aliens, or their species (or why not both?) on the lines next to the little numbered Omnitrixes.
:bulletgreen: Draw your alien form inside the white part of the big Omnitrixes.
:bulletred: You're NOT ALLOWED to add or remove any Omnitrix slot. It's 10 aliens.... no more, no less... And remember, XLR8 is observing you!
:bulletred: DO NOT remove my name in the end of the Meme and claim it your own.
:bulletgreen: Give me credits on the description of your filled Meme. :aww:
:bulletgreen: Link back your filled Meme to me because I wanna see your chosen species! :D
:bulletgreen: Have fun!

:bulletblue: You can fill in this Meme, by drawing or using screenshots of the aliens... (Watch out for copyrights tough, I'm not responsible for them)
:bulletblue: If you're using only the aliens from the show, you could draw how you would look when you turned into them. :D
:bulletblue: If you're using your own, or any fan-made species, a brief description of them on the Picture description would look nice! :D
:bulletblue: You can draw your aliens in an order using the numbered Omnitrixes, like: from the one you most like to the one you like the less. Or just in no order at all!!
:bulletblue: Why not filling this Meme using only the aliens from the show, then filling it again with only fan-made aliens?
:bulletblue: You can change the colours of the Omnitrixes.

Have fun! :iconimhappyplz:
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Gwen: Perfect, Ben! Nice sliding! (Press shutter )

Ben: Go away n' don't bother me...
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XLR8 Licky requested by :iconcoolvanillia:, hope you like it :D
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thilmetoth is a little demon creatur , that provides the user of useful informtions , the only mistake is that her look cause immediate death
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以前一直都挺喜歡快閃之星的說~~ :)




也有些靈感來自<創 光速戰記>這電影,畢竟裡面有太多東西跟快閃之星的感覺很類似... :iconimthinkingplz:


Recently I had a lot of inspiration, and this’s second painting,

I assume that perhaps his outer armor may has glass fiber-like texture, and refraction of light occult paint, then when him in high-speed, almost impossible to make people aware of its existence. :)

Yea I also reference some inspiration from《Tron》, ‘cause I really think there’re many design n’ detail alike XLR8…:iconimthinkingplz:


XLR8 (C) Ben10, Man of Action
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As mentioned earlier, I've been testing out some potential goods from Zazzle and deviantART. This bundle is mostly from the former and includes a poster, mugs, badges and a magnet. Let me review these a little for those of you who may wish to purchase from Zazzle at some point or, indeed, set up your own Zazzle shop.

The images on the mugs are printed all the way around but do have a small border top and bottom. It's pretty unobtrusive but I would prefer it without. The Pixel Avengers mug, in my opinion, works best because of it being on a white background and so it works pretty seamlessly with the way they are printed. The mugs themselves are of a decent size and feel sturdy and, for some reason, coffee tastes wonderful in them - especially when accompanied by Pop-Tarts and an issue of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye

There's not much to say about the badges but the print on the magnet (the square one) could perhaps be a bit sharper. The smaller badges work better with a close up image but the larger ones can handle a more detailed picture. They are what they are though and for a pound or so they're pretty nice.

Zazzle's service is pretty good though I did have to order a reprint of the sketch mug. The image had printed wonky, a little blurry and had two black marks across the lip of the mug. I e-mailed their customer service team a couple of photos that showed the faults and they organised a replacement that was here in days and that had printed perfectly. So, good times.

Now, the third mug from the top (feat. The Asgard Plains) was from deviantART. There's more of a border on the dA mugs so the image really looks like a little strip across the middle. It also wasn't centered with there being a wide space between the left of the image and the handle. I set up the image correctly when submitting it as a print so I guess this is just how dA mugs come out. Has anyone else bought a full-wrap mug from dA with this issue? I think that quotes or logos would work wonderfully with these but I'm not convinced about a full image with the weird gap. The print quality's nice and bright though, so that's good. If you are designing your own mug you might want to... mind the gap, as it were.

So, in summary, both Zazzle and deviantART provide nicely printed items. Both of them have a nice selection of goods and print types to print on. Both services seem to work really well, with any problems being resolved promptly and with no real effort on my part. Would I recommend them? Yes. For both buyers and artists alike. So set up your prints now, or dive into the shops and treat yourselves to something. You won't be sorry you did.

And that concludes my merchandise reviews for now. I hope you've found it a little helpful. If not, let me know what you want to know about these print services or goods and I'll let you know.

Oh, my Zazzle shop, for those of you who might be interested, will be open at the beginning of next year :dance:

Apologies for the terrible photo again... I fail at cameras. But, look, snazzy filter!
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because Unit 01 is the best :headbang:

it's a major cut of the original szene with only the good parts left
and it's still 2MB big
so, sry about the huge size for this stamp :blushes:

please don't ask for the original image, you don't wanna know how big that one is :faint:
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jake the dog 'n finn the human by irmirx
I intentionally kept the colors and the level of detail so that it's easier to compare!
tumblr link
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