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This is a collection of renders of my finished model of the R-9 Arrowhead spaceship from Irem's classic shooter, R-TYPE. I didn't want to clutter or spam deviantART with multiple images so I decided to shove them all into one image.

I originally chose the R-9 for an assessment task requiring a vehicle modelled in 3d. It was my first time modelling something from scratch without using any tutorials. After submitting a rushed version of the ship by itself, I wanted to redo the texture and model the Force and Bits. I got rather lazy and spent most of my mid-year break working on it on and off.

My R-9 Arrowhead model and textures are based on many reference images I gathered from the internet. These included images of models from R-Type Tactics, Shooting Game Historia and R-Type Final wallpapers. Every depiction varied slightly. From these, I selected the shape and details I preferred or had the patience to recreate. I may later add more detail, such as weathering. To be honest, I prefer the current nice, shiny and clean look.

The entire model consists of 10643 triangles in total. The ship is 3864 triangles, the Force sphere is 1984, each of its four parts are 764 each, and the Bits are 868 each. I got a bit lazy here and there, and lost track of how much time it took me to model and texture everything. The modelling was done in Autodesk Maya and the texturing in Adobe Photoshop.

Here is an updated version of the model and texture composed upon a space backdrop: [link]

A work-in-progress image can be seen here: [link]

Full showreel: [link]
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I recently had took the opportunity to fix up the model a little and redo the texture somewhat. More changes may be made later.

Since this was originally meant to be a wallpaper for personal use, I just threw in a random image from Google images for the background. I'm too lazy and don't have time to make my own space background. When I decided to post the image here, I did some research using TinEye and found that the background's original artist seems to be here: [link]

R-9 work-in-progress image: [link]
Collection of renders depicting the R-9: [link]

Full showreel: [link]
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Here is an animated GIF of the full, much smoother video available on YouTube. For the full description, see the still shots, linked below.

Still Shots

Animated - Vanilla

Animated - Fun Time

Animated - Stargate [Hi-Res]

PDF of Pieces

PePaKuRa (PDO) Files

Mechanical Iris Guide


Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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Photoshop CS5 | Wacom Tablet
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At least for now... i still have to tweak some of the texturing for those decals... well, that would be too long and i have to pay for my long absent in dA.

So, here it is the 3D model of R-9AD3 "King's Mind" from side scrolling shooter game "R-Type Final"

Gonna make this into papercraft soon. Sorry for the crappy "decoy". I'm too lazy and too sleepy to make one.

Cheers. I hope you like it.
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Catbus, or Nekobus/Nekobasu, from My Neighbor Totoro [Tonari no Totoro in japanese]. I watched this movie all the time when I was little, and it was always my favorite. I always loved Catbus.. but the only papercraft I found was a hako-level one, so I made a more detailed version.

Download here!

Two sizes included.. a 20 cm and a 37 cm model, so you can build whichever you like! Two different 'destination' textures included.. Mei and Shichikokuyama [Hospital the girls' mother is at].

Catbus & My Neighbor Totoro (c) Studio Ghibli
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Revised version of my Vic Viper model. Basically I reworked the fuselage shader to get a more convincing look. Also some darkening was added to panel edges. Procedural battle damage was left mostly untouched, since it looked fine already.

Modeled with Blender 2.68 and rendered with Cycles.

v1 can be seen here.
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Bin the Bunny:


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Pixel art of the R-Type R-13A "Cerberus" .
I like R-Type games and their ships too!
This is also my fave R-Typer of all!

:bulletgreen: Information
This fighter from arms maker Warrick Inc. was radically different from all the previous R fighters. The ambitious design incorporated innovative technologies, such as a Wave Cannon with homing ability and a cable-type Force. The pilot interface also introduced groundbreaking technology. The pilot's nervous system connects directly to the fighter's system.

- The Legend Of Kayla R. Typer
Legend has been told of one of the best female fighter pilots of an R-13A was sent to investigate the Bydo Seed Indecent in 2164, but all communications ceased just as the mission was completed. The military never made an announcement about the lost. The story also goes as far as saying the female of the R-13A is still alive somewhere in the area and has been seen in recon missions with photos. Every ship ever sent to the same location never returns and all images/pictures show a somewhat R-13A inside a Bydo tree. Reports from video show that the R-13A is able to break lose from the tree and attack those that come close. Some say that the female pilot of the R-13A is the one inside the ship that attacks incoming hostiles and resides in the Bydo tree when not active. Most claim she isn't dead but only left there as a "Last Standing" Bydo forest guardian. Other researches have indicated she is also under the control of the Bydo and is aware of her actions. But no one knows for sure why the Bydo keeps her alive.

:bulletyellow: Stats
H = Armor resistance.
S = Thruster Speed.
P = Main weapon damage.
F = Force released weapon.
C = Wave cannon damage.

:bulletred: Force Type
Anchor Force.
Red: Shade a.
Blue: Search B.
Yellow: Terminator Y.

:bulletblue: Wave Cannon
Lightning Wave Cannon with two loops maximum charge.

:bulletblack: Bits
Round Bit.
Shadow Bit.

:bulletorange: Support Weapon
Proton Missile.
Depth Bomb.
Scatter Bomb.

The R-13A Cerberus was 1st introduced to the series in R-Type Delta, play it here for free:
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The model is almost finished now, but there's still like 30% detail left to do.

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