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let's mlp-ify this omg
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Alright so
I started off joining DeviantART in 2011 or so with the account 3passw0rd3 after hearing about it from a friend.  I had been drawing a lot of traditional before this point but was too lazy to scan it (99% of the time),Blue Wolf by 3passw0rd3 so I only uploaded pictures I drew in the only digital art program I knew how to use--Ibis Paint(odeer)
This is also when I could show everyone the character I had made to represent me before I even knew anything about fursonas--And she was disgustingly simple.
Scream Wolf by 3passw0rd3#emokid
And then I used a mouse pad to draw for what I reason I have no idea since I had Ibis paint
Wolf Mirror by 3passw0rd3oh yes and this was another one of those painfully simple characters named Dasuto.  Which translates to 'dust' in Japanese...xD
I used Ibis paint until my parents realized that I kinda liked to draw and bought me my first Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch tablet and I was literally pissing myself in joy.  I was so happy--plus, it caME WITH PHOTOSHOP.  
From then, I began to use Photoshop Elements to draw all of my pictures which I loved--I really loved it.
Xert and Shadow by 3passw0rd3
But with this new program came a new character-since now I was getting more into the whole 'character' and 'oc' thing and his name was Xert.  (the brown one above) and somewhere during this I made my first DeviantART friend, TheShadowedGrim. (my second most best friend was DerpiCorgi and me and her worked on an original species together that she had created c: ) She was also the first person I ever watched and I ADORED HER ART because I love creepy and twisted things and I just thought her fursona was the most cool thing I've ever seen.  And then I did my firstt art trade with her as well c:
Mell .:Art Trade with TheShadowedGrim:. by 3passw0rd3(wasn't too lazy to scan this one)
And then for no apparent reason, I moved to SecretsSecret 
And then I got my first commission which was one of the sketchiest occurrences ever considering I never announced I had commissions open and I'm SUPER unsure as to exactly how it happened.
But here it is:
AnnaBell by SecretsSecret
With the amazing surmount of points (probs like 15) I had from the commission, I went and bought probably one of the most plain adoptables ever.
Just Adopted Him by SecretsSecret And I loved him so much that I never drew him.
The, throughout my time as SecretsSecret, I got VERY into Oc's, fursonas, commissions, ect.  This is also when I made my longest lasting and most awesome OC ever, Rover:
Where not a Single Soul Gets Though by SecretsSecret
I actually made him by accident--This is the second ever picture I drew of him and the first one was creepy as hell.  But what happened was, I had seen people with really cool characters with like ink dripping from every orifice.  And that's how rover was born.  He was the first character that I managed to make that didn't have my personality (He's still the only one that doesn't have my personality oops) as he is a sexual maniac, cannibal, devious, angry, aggressive, loud, and a bit of a ladies man (From what I've heard my watchers say xD)  I will say that he is by far, the OC that I've bonded with the most out of all my characters and I love him to death.  
After that I did a lot of playing with style and such.
ALong the way I made 1,001 fursonas so I'm not going to cite each one's occurrence in my gallery.

AND THEN I SPONTANEOUSLY ABANDONED 700 WATCHERS AND MOVED TO KONOAHK.  I got 225 of them from my old account to my new one.
And I had that name for like A super short time before changing it to OffBlackSecret.
Then I changed it to Secrezl.
And I kept this one for a very long time--this is also around the time I started having more interest into creatures and things of that nature rather than wolves, but I still loved to draw them.
And then I changed my name to Virusaurus and here we are now.
And then I did this dumb thing called My DeviantART Story.

All in all, deviant art has consumed my life.
The end.
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That's how long it's been since I posted a DeviantART journal asking for my watcher's skype names back on my old account, SecretsSecret.  Being the terrible person that I am, I only ever talked to one of those people who commented.  I had talked to this person before on DeviantART through comments after they'd fave-spammed me and I had crawled through ever crevice of their profile.  Their comments always made me nervous and I was always afraid I'd say something to scare them away.  Being the creepy little dufus that I am, I had saved a picture of this person on my phone-You could say I had a minuscule internet crush.  
You can all probably guess who this person is.

We started talking on March 21st of last year.  I don't think either of us knew exactly how much we had in common; but man, did we have a lot.  And plus, I was happy as a clam-My internet crush was talking to me.  I'm glad I ended up talking to him at that very time-and he knows what I'm talking about.  I had no idea that 5 days later, I'd end up dating this little butt.  Despite the fact that I said "No." To his first attempt in asking me to be his.  And to think that I was completely against the idea of dating someone online-let alone halfway across the world with a 6 hour time difference.  

Since then, everything has gone uphill.  Azin brought me from a sad little girl to something a little bouncier.  He gave me self-confidence, motivation, and support when I needed it, and even when I didn't.  I got out of bed knowing that my babe was waiting for me half across the world.  And now, I believe him when he tells me I'm beautiful, pretty, smart, cute, and anything else he may say. (youbutt)  But what's more important is him.  He's the most amazing guy I've ever talked to.  There's never a dull moment with him-whether he be laughing so hard he can't breathe or discussing plans for the summer.  He can always cheer me up, no matter what my mood.  When I cry, he can make me smile.  He gives me those warm fuzzies that make me feel like nothing can go wrong.  Everything suddenly seems warmer-more familiar- and safer.  He's incredible and he can do things no one else can.  He's got the best personality of any person I've ever met.  He's funny, smart, logical, down to earth, and can give me a reality check when I'm not at 100% or acting immature.  As terribly cheesy as this sounds, he's my rock.  He knows just what to say no matter how I'm feeling or what's going on.  I wish I could do the same for him, but I have a hard time spitting words out.  (I've been typing this for 3 hours now xD)  He knows how I'm feeling without me even having to say anything.  He knows me like the back of his own hand.  AND SPEAKING OF THOSE HANDS, MISTER.  You're adorable.  I love everything about you, even if you don't quite think it's perfect.  Your body is perfect.  No matter what you say, or how many times you say it.  You're perfect.  Every little bit of you.  Watching you shuffle around your apartment and listen to you bang your way across the floor as you worked your way to surprise me at the computer.  

And now to think that in 2 1/2 months, you'll be here and we can hug and kiss and do all of that couple stuff.  It's mind-blowing.  I can't wait.  This is all working out so much better than I expected it to, to be honest.  Especially under the circumstances in which it happened.
I love you hun.  Don't you ever forget that.  No matter what happens, I'm right here.  I've never liked someone this much in my entire life♥
~Your Super Secret Admirer ;D
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**ENTERING TO WIN? Post your entry in the comments on THIS JOURNAL ENTRY only! If you post your entry on the home page, it will not be counted.**
Skip down to the bottom for all entry details and rules.

I know you've been waiting for this one, folks. Our Featured Artist this week is :iconearthenpony:


>So, we've all seen your fine work across the ponysculptverse. Who are you, Hoikarnage?

:iconearthenpony: “I'm just a lazy, self employed & single (and therefore [with] lots of free time for sculpting) guy from Maine.”

>When did you start sculpting ponies?

:iconearthenpony: “I got into ponies right at the beginning, before any of the fan sites like EQD, so there were not very many people making pony sculptures. Basically I was browsing ebay one day and happened to stumble onto a terrible sculpture that had no business being sold for as high as it was, but yet people were bidding on it (probably because it was the only pony sculpture on ebay at the time). I thought to myself, "I can do that!", and so I did. People seemed to like it, so I kept on doing it!”

>You certainly did – how many ponies are you up to now?

:iconearthenpony: “I had to go back and count, but 149 completed ponies it looks like. I have posted almost all of them to my DA, but there are a few which were not posted because either they were too explicit for DA, or because they were a gift and I was asked not to post until the gift has been received by the intended recipient. I also have about 16 unfinished ponies lying around on my desk.”

>Tools of the trade?

:iconearthenpony: “I use Super Sculpey, acrylic paint, and an exacto knife. That's pretty much it.”

>Do you sell your ponies?

:iconearthenpony: “Almost all of them are commissions, so they are already sold by the time I post them, but every once in a while I make something and put it up for sale. So yes.”

>You've had some sweet DA watcher giveaways, too! Are more of those in the works?

:iconearthenpony: “Next giveaway is at 3,000 watchers, and at the rate I have been gaining them, that may not be long to wait! Be sure to stay tuned to my journal entries for more chances to win!”

>Do you have a favorite sculpture?

:iconearthenpony: “My favorite was Screwball, just because she was one of the few I have made for myself (most of my sculptures are commissions for other people), and because I based it off a picture that was made for me by someone who's art I really respect.”

>What about least favorite?

:iconearthenpony: “My least favorite are OC's. No offense to OC characters, but they are not as fun to make and I don't get much feedback on them because nobody really cares about OC characters except the person who commissioned it.”

>What's the hardest part of the sculpting process?

:iconearthenpony: “For me it's painting the finished sculpture. If it was just one layer it would be fine, but some of my sculpts I swear I've had to put about ten layers of paint down, and it gets tedious sometimes.”

>We get a lot of questions about the painting process.
:icondevilsreject493: asks: “What's a good durable brand of paint to use that doesn't chip or get scratched easily?”

:iconearthenpony: “Any acrylic paint over $5 (I use Premier'e) should do nicely. Stay away from that dollar crap they sell at Walmart. I've never had much luck with it.”

>Let's take another one from the watchers!
:icongraffegruam: asks: “What's the preferred size for your sculptures?”

:iconearthenpony: “Most of my sculptures are 3-4''. It's a good size to work with and I can get one finished in a short period of time. Plus it compares well to the size of Hasbro brushables. Of course larger sculptures are fun to make, but they take more time and are more expensive to ship, more fragile, ect ect.”

>But every now and then, you can make exceptions, right?

>Do you have any advice for aspiring pony-sculptors?

:iconearthenpony: “Practice! Your first sculptures will probably be terrible (mine were), but as long as you're having fun, keep at it and you'll improve in no time!”

>What's your next major project?

:iconearthenpony: “I've got something In the works, but I'd like to keep it quiet until I've got something to show.”

>I don't know what it is, but I'm stoked! One last thing: Best pony?

:iconearthenpony: “Pinkie Pie.”


Hoikarnage is offering a free pony sculpture of your choice, up to five inches tall. Any character you'd like. Can even be an OC if you'd like. Hoikarnage will pay to have it shipped to the winner.

Here's how to enter:

1. Make sure you're watching PonySculptors on DeviantArt.
2. Leave a comment on THIS JOURNAL ENTRY by Thursday, May 23rd.
3. On Friday, May 24th, we will draw a random winner from the eligible entries!

Feel free to share this contest - each time you link to PonySculptors, you're helping expose the work of talented artists!

Other info: You must both comment on this blog entry AND be a watcher of the PonySculptors group on DeviantArt to win.You only need to comment ONCE on this journal - each person who enters will be given ONE chance to win per week. Artist will contact the winner with additional details. Winner must respond to claim prize within 7 days of notification - if the winner can't be reached within that time, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn.

Thanks and good luck!
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In response to my most recent poll- here is some information regarding the contest!

I haven't done one of these before, but I am so exited to host one!

What do I have to draw?

This contest will have two categories: Pony art, and anthro art. You can either choose to draw Zyx, Kat or Soul Soar- which ever caters more to your artwork style.


-Textile artwork is allowed! Plushes, sculptures and pony customs will be accepted into this contest.

-You may draw Zyx and Katt together or separate.


-No crossovers please, do not draw Soul Soar with Katt or Zyx- they live in totally different worlds.

-Nudity and any NSFW artwork IS ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED for Zyx and Katt ONLY. If you have anything that goes against Deviantart's nudity guidelines you may post it on an outside source and it WILL be taken as an entry. Any NSFW artwork involving Soul Soar will not be accepted.

-Artwork must be your own, no traced work or base work will be accepted! Pony vectors will be the only exception.

-Do not draw your OC's with these OC's for this contest- I will be organizing a contest for your own OC's soon :3.

-Image must be fully colored, no lineart or sketches please. We want to see your best work!

-No more then 3 submissions of work please. You may do 3 of each character, but no more then that please :3.

-For prizes to be applicable more then 10 people must enter the contest. So tell your friends.

Each category will have its own separate prizes to be won.

That's right! So it is kind of like two contests in one, one category being ponies, and the other anthro.


There are 2 of each to be won in the prizes: One for Soul Soar art and One for Zyx & Katt artwork.

The prize list will be updated frequently- if you would like to donate a prize I would very greatly appreciate it!

The more entries that are submitted- the more places we will add. For example:

Less then 20 entries: 3 winners
21-35 entries: 4 winners
36-50 entries: 5 winners
50+ entries: 6 winners

For some prizes a certain amount of entries must be met before they can be rewarded. Entry amounts are listed in brackets beside the prizes.

1st Place:
- 3 month membership or 636 Points :points:
- Large personal widget feature on front page of your work
- 1 Full Colored Commission
- 1 Chibi piece
- 1 Chibi piece by DarkShioriYukai
- 3 Charms of your Choice Examples:… (25)
- 1 Perler Bead art by Oxide08 (25)
- 1 Hour Livestream doing session for artwork of your choice ontop of the full commission.

2nd Place:
- 300 Points :points:
- Shared widget  feature on front page of your work
- 1 Full Colored Commission
- 1 Colored Commission from Feathertho
- 1 Chibi piece
- 1 Chibi piece by DarkShioriYukai
- 2 charms of your choice Examples:… (25)
- Small perler bead art by Oxide08 (25)

3rd Place:
-100 Points :points:
-1 Bust Commission
- Shared widget  feature on front page of your work

Character References and Personality Traits:


Clicky Click to see a bigger image!

Clicky Click to see a bigger image!
(Please note: ABOVE IMAGE IS OLD FROM 2011- please base her colors, hair, arms and tail on the image above this one- this picture is to show how the designs on her feet look)

Species: Some sort of cat?
Age: 21
Height: 5'1
Zyx is a spunky, unruly character. She is very open to speaking her mind, strong willed and has 'a big attitude problem'. She spends most of her time in the internet, playing video games, watching anime and bugging Katt as much as possible. She is very clumsy and loud. She may be rude- but will always be loyal and defend those that mean the world to her.
Key Features:
She has deep red hair that drapes down to the arch of her back. Her tail is as long as she is tall. She has pointed ears with small dark tuffs on the back. She is short, a tad bit chubby, and curvy.


Clicky Click to see a bigger image!

Soul Soar

Clicky Click to see a bigger image!
Clicky Click to see a bigger image!
Species: Pegasus
Age: Young Mare
Key Features:
She has deep red hair that drapes to one side. She usually has a feather falling out of her wings simply because of the stress she deals with (teaching fillies to fly is hard!) She does not like to walk on the ground, she prefers to always be hovering.  She is a very determined character, very loyal and very sociable.

You may begin drawing the characters if you wish- I will have full reference images up soon!

Any questions? Please ask! :D :happybounce:

The contest will run until November 29th.



Soul Soar

The Last Call by blueblitzie Soul Soar Entry by mc10215Soul Soar contest entry 1 by GeekygamiSoul Soar by Jojuki-chan


Katt for a contest! by Feathertho


Zix Soul-soar Contest Entry by Geekygami

Katt & Zyx

Katt And Zyx by AlexanderSie Katt And Zyx Contest Entry For Soul Soar by RanaTatsumia
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Wow! So it's been over a year since I started my puppet project and I'm still getting messages and questions about Wheatley every week. You guys are nuts! In the best way. <3 I can't thank you enough for all the interest and kind words. It's been a great year taking Wheaters to conventions and getting to know fellow Portal fans. :3

If you've sent me a message on devart, my blog or youtube there's a good chance you've learned that I'm really really horrible about answering messages. You guys have been so patient with me and I've  been meaning to sit down and write a better faq for a while now. I've got my coffee so let's do this thing!

- - - - - - -

Q: Can I make my own Wheatley puppet based on yours?
A: Sure! I've seen a few folks take a stab at their own Wheatley puppets since mine went up. It's really flattering that people like my weird ideas enough to give them a try.

Q: Can I buy a puppet from you?
A: I'm afraid I still don't have any plans to start selling Wheatley puppets. I know a lot of you guys have been telling me that I'd make a lot of money, but there's a few problems with that. The biggest problem is that I'm not really comfortable trying to make a bunch of money selling a big expensive model of a character that doesn't belong to me. I don't know what Valve's policies are on that sort of thing but I'd need their permission first. Second is the time and expense that goes into the puppet. Even with a final price of $1000, if you consider parts and labor, it's really not as lucrative as you think. Lastly, cosplay is a hobby for me, not a business. Will that always be true? Maybe not! I'm not saying I'd never like to start selling props. If I do I promise you guys will be the first to know.

Q: Will you be making any more puppets? Space Core? Rick?
A: Up until now I've said no, but that was mostly cause I was worn out from making the first one. I'm still really new to the prop-making scene and the whole process sorta stresses me out. Now that some time has passed I think the chance of more puppets is better. That's not a promise, and future puppets still won't be for sale, but it's not impossible I might throw together a few more some day. We'll see!

Q: I don't understand the instructions in your blog. Please write a tutorial/draw up plans/tell me how you made this part.
A: This is the question I get most and I always feel bad when I don't answer. I never really made the blog to serve specifically as 'instructions'. I was just sort of sharing the wacky process I went through. I know some of the pictures and explanations are clearer than others. I guess I'm a little more open to explaining some things than other things.

I think I poured all the creative thinking I have into a few parts of the puppet. Sorting out the movement rig took a ridiculous amount of trial, error and time spent drawing out plans. The thing is it's not even that mystical or complicated; I just had no idea what I was doing. Some of the eyelid mechanics are so crude that I could hardly explain how I got it all to fall into place. I wish I could show you the shocked face I made when it worked, cause I'm pretty sure it shouldn't have.

The blog does show about 85% of how to make the puppet and to be honest there are just some parts I worked really hard on that I'm not comfortable spelling out every single last step for. I have no doubt that anyone building their own Wheatley can sort out a way to make the bits not clearly defined in the blog work. If I could figure it out anyone can figure it out. And I seriously mean that. I'm not an engineer, I'm just a nerdy graphic designer. Besides all that, if you puzzle through some of the design process yourself I think you'll feel a lot more rewarded in the end. I'm a big believer in the process as part of the fun. <3

Q: How much did it cost to make?
A: I'm terrible at math and tracking expenses, but I made an effort to total out the costs of all the bits in Wheatley and came to about $500. That's not counting cost of tools or the ridiculous amount of money wasted to trial and error. I don't even want to think about how much money I threw away on stuff that broke, didn't work or had to be sanded off. It was lots. D:

Q: How big is he? How much does he weigh? Can you share his measurements?
A: He's about a foot across and weighs roughly 6 lbs. I have a saxophone strap that clips inside him that I wear around my neck when I'm carrying him at cons. 6 pounds gets heavy after a few hours, especially when you're trying to handle controls inside the thing and have arms like toothpicks. As for his measurements, I could share them but trust me, you don't want me to. Cause they're all wrong. I eyeballed most of the things, which is such a huge no-no. The consequences were a lot of inaccuracies and uneven bits that've been the bane of my existence. Don't do that to yourself. If you want accurate measurements I recommend loading up the Wheatley model in the Portal 2 Authoring Tools (free if you own the game on Steam) and taking measurements from that. It'll definitely be better than what I'd give you.

Q: What makes the eye light up? How did you get it to look like that?
A: This is a question I get a lot that I'm happy to answer. Inside his eye is a small LED light disk like this. The part of the eye that you see is just a circle of plexiglass with the eye design glued to one side. If I remember the layers right, I put a sticker with the printed eye design on the plexiglass, then glued a transparency with the same eye design print over that, just to make the colors richer. If the sticker doesn't diffuse the light from the LEDs enough you can put a white surface like wonderflex or paper on the back of the plexiglass circle. Your supplies might be different than mine so don't be afraid to play around with different things like clear vs frosted glass.

- - - - - - -

Welp. That's a nice little wall of text. I hope that helps answer questions for the folks out there who've sent me messages and been waiting patiently for me to peek out of hiding and reply. If you have questions not on here don't be afraid to send me a note. I can't promise I'll always reply directly, but if I don't send you a response it'll probably end up added to this list.

PS: I totally joined the name change bandwagon. Thank you so much devart for finally adding this feature!! Now if I could just change my youtube name too. I'd be so happy.
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Very Important! Please Read!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 7:34 PM


Its me, Murphyslaw159 :iconmurphyslaw159:

If you don't remember me I'm Akili's business manager and special someone The reason I've hi-jacked her dA account today(don't worry, she's ok with me using her account) is to draw your attention to this:…

As most of you may already know, Akili has been going through a tough time for a while now with her laptop. Recently it has almost completely kicked the bucket. I've done what I can for it, but it's at the end of its run.

I've been trying to think of how to help her get a new computer for a while and recently it hit me. Crowd funding. With all of your help we can both get her a new computer and fill out her schedule with commissions. And don't worry about overwhelming her with commissions either. The reason she has been so off and on about open commissions is because even when her laptop wasn't dead, it would take her forever to do a single one. With a new device however, she could get them done with record speed and little to no frustration.

So if your interested in a commission or just want to throw a few bucks her way to support this effort, head over to the RocketHub page and show some love. Together we can get her the tools she needs to make even better art!

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FAQ- Costuming

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 28, 2010, 9:55 AM

CanineHybrid's FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are divided up into several sections for your convenience. (CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRES. Thanks for your patience) Last updated November 17, 2011

Pick a topic:

<- Go back to the main FAQ…


Subtopics: General | Foam | Tutorials/Resources | Process Overview | "How did you...?"


Q: Is it ok to make my own Pokémon costume that looks like yours? Can I use your costume designs or progress photos to help me? Can I make similar patterns? Etc.

A: Yes! I highly encourage others to use my concept design and progress photos as inspiration and ideas for creating their own, unique projects. The techniques I show are the important part; they can be helpful in any creature costume of any design. But keep in mind that in the artisan world directly copying my work "to a T"- attempting to make the same patterns and following my design as exactly as you can- is no different from tracing... and people will probably call you out on it.

So if your Pokémon costume will be heavily influenced in its aesthetic design to my concept art and creations- then I simply ask that you do me the honor of crediting my work by stating it was "based off/inspired by the original costume by CanineHybrid". A link would be appreciated too. I get messages all the time linking me to yet ANOTHER Lugia costume that looks exactly like mine and the creator doesn't acknowledge the source material. I really appreciate the flattery guys! I'm not gonna bite if you copy my work because I love to see what you come up with too- but I'll like you, and your art, a whole lot better if you aren't afraid to support my art too ;p

Other than that, best of luck with your project! (And please share your work with me, I'd love to see)


Q: What kind of foam do you use and where can I find it?

A: Urethane upholstery foam used in couch and chair cushions. It comes in two varieties: normal and high density (green color usually means high density). The foam is an incredibly forgiving medium to work in, is easily shaped, and very squishy. You can find foam at most fabric stores (for USA try Jo~Ann, Hancock Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby). Other helpful places to look are upholstery repair and/or supply stores as well as automotive/boat repair. Or simply search the keywords "upholstery foam" online.

There is also a specialty foam known as reticulated foam that is especially porous, great for airflow and it doesn't hold water which is ideal in costumery. It cannot be found in stores open to the public and therefore must be ordered online or bought wholesale. Both upholstery and reticulated foams are known as "open cell" foam- there is also a closed cell foam. These are hard, dense, and rubbery- think of the material of children's crafts foam, or a thick puzzle floor mat. These can be used in costumery as well for various applications and structures.

Q: What size of foam do I need?

A: This varies greatly depending on what project you're doing, there is no perfect number. I've found that is commonly comes in 24" width in fabric stores and anything 2" or thicker is much harder to work with and cut evenly (in half or otherwise) For this reason I suggest 1" foam to start with, and you can easily double it up to make 2" pieces. You'll rarely need anything thicker than 2". I also love using 1/2" foam as a final cover over large rough patches of my shaped foamwork to help smooth it out.

You commonly buy foam by the yard (some come pre-packaged, or online in set lengths) and when I make a standard size head, usually 1 yard of foam in a half sheet is plenty (36"x24"). Most projects do not require large amounts of foam; I tend to buy it in large quantities so I'm always stocked. Typically the only parts that require foam are heads and toes, possibly extended to include fingers and tails, maybe some spikes. Digitigrade leg padding and body sculpting will require a lot of foam however. If you don't have enough, you can always buy more so no worries. And save your scraps! If nothing else you can shred it down to use as a stuffing inside your tail or other projects. (Homemade LovSac anyone?)

Q: What brand of foam do you use?

A: You don't need a specific brand to make your project work, but it may help you search for it online. "Airtex" is found at Jo~Ann, "Confortaire", "Sew Perfect's 'Make It Green'" line and currently "AIR LITE" is at Hancock Fabrics, and "Polyfoam" is the brand Hobby Lobby carries. Common name for reticulated/treated outdoor foam I've seen as "Dryfast Foam".

Q: What do you cut foam with?

A: For large carving or cutting out shapes from a foam slab, use an electric kitchen knife. An exacto knife/box cutter will also work. The main carving tool is simply a pair of standard scissors. A hot-wire cutter can be used, but it is very dangerous, can give off toxic fumes, and not recommended. Hot knifes may be a little easier to work with, but still just as dangerous. I do not know of a builder who needs anything more than scissors and electric knives to do their job- just stick to that.

Q: How do you sculpt foam?

A: You use the same methods as if you were creating a sculpture: combining additive and subtractive techniques. Gluing several pieces together (additive) builds up your structures or makes them one larger piece to work with. Each one of your pieces will start as blocky objects and you must smooth and round it with small snips from the scissors: gradually cutting off the 90° edges and corners, beveling them more and more (subtractive). With practice you'll learn how to properly shape your foam pieces efficiently. I'll try to cover different foam sculpting techniques in future videos.

Q: How do you attach foam together?

A: Hot glue is the standard adhesive for foam projects. Both high temp or low temp will work, but it's recommended that you use low temp to avoid melting the foam and of course burning yourself. High temp bonds stronger but takes longer to cool insider the naturally insulating foam as well as risk melting and more severe burns. Also you WILL burn yourself, it's almost unavoidable, so be extra extra cautious. My favorite gun is a industrial gun from Home Depot because it melts glue very fast so it's always ready to go and because of the larger size more is melted at a time. The trigger is extremely comfortable and easy to squeeze because it's a whole hand lever and not a little finger trigger.

Mini and full size glueguns work fine as many people like having several different guns, including smaller ones to get into harder-to-reach places, but I recommend an industrial/full sized glue gun that can be found at home improvement stores rather than the cheap $5 ones at craft and hobby stores. Cheap guns may break or short out more easily, but any gun is at risk... though it IS rare. Use multi-temp gluesticks, the melting point for these kind is ideal and you can use them in any gun without worry... but not all brands are created equal. Experiment to find one you like at the pricetag you can live with. The potential downside to using hot glue however is that when it dries, it leaves a hard clump of glue between your foam is also not very efficient for attaching large pieces together.

The alternative to hot glue is spray adhesive: it takes an hour or so to completely dry, but they are very helpful in bonding foam together smoothly and covering large areas. Their downside is that the fumes are toxic so please spray it outside or in a well ventilated area. If you're using this glue in any part of your costume head, be extra cautious about airing it out- the foam can hold onto the toxic fumes for weeks or even months and you don't want to be exposing that on yourself for long periods of time while wearing the costume.


Q: I'm completely new costume building and don't know where to start. Can you help me?

A: You're in luck! sgtknifeman and I recently released a video series on my YouTube channel that covers all the basic topics to help get you started in making your own creature costumes!

Creature Costuming

  • Part 1: Design & Planning
  • Part 2: Materials
  • Part 3: Tools, Duct Tape Dummies, and Foam
  • Part 4: Patterns, Fabric, and Tips for Heads
  • Part 5: Head, Moving Jaws, and Eyes
  • Part 6: Finishing, Performance, Safety, and Care

I also document all of my building process of my costume projects, they can be found on my Flickr gallery here:…

Q: Where is the best place online to find tutorials or people to help me?

A: Hands down, the best place out there is the Fursuit Community on LiveJournal; no other resource can I more highly recommend than this website-…

Process Overview

Coming soon (check out the Creature Costuming video tutorials and Flickr photos for now:…)

"How did you...?"

Coming soon

Need to ask a question?

If you feel that your question was not answered here, you are more than welcome to submit a new question! Click here to ask me anything you'd like; I try to respond to all of them. If your question is good enough I'll include it permanently into the FAQ :3

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Contest time + scroll down for free art

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 4, 2014, 4:22 PM
EDIT;; deadline is Feb 18

since my last contest didn't go so well, I thought i'd have another one now. 
ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?
oh, of course you are.


Drawing my fursona in any form you'd like [just animals, animal-like original species (like monster dogs, etc.) and humans please], in whatever way you feel like represents him best.
I've done something similar in the past, but hey, lets have another go at it.


-To participate, you must watch me.
-The piece must feature Ostadar, in one way or another.
-You may include your character[s] if you'd like.
-You may draw Ostadar as any kind of animal, anthro, or human, just please make sure that he's male.
-You may enter as many times as you'd like.
-Any kind of violence, gore, nudity, or other mature content is allowed.
-Remember, the goal is to represent him [me as well] best.
-Have fun. xD


Osta's personality:

Sad, somewhat caring, somewhat bipolar, get's pissed off easily, tired, fairly depressed, excited when something good happens, anxious, dislikes pain, self harms, gay, affectionate, doesn't trust easily, has insomnia, sexually frustrated.

Osta's likes:

Sleeping, cuddling [mostly with males], pot, blankets, spring, animals, kittens/cats, being shirtless, sagging his jeans, tight jeans, scars, his hair, music, pirates, Portland, belts, drinking.


Anyone who promotes this contest will receive a small, free sketch of a character of their character of choice. 
I'd like it if you would feature it in a journal, but a poll is fine too.
To prove that you featured this journal, give me a link, and I'll get right on your sketch.


1st place:
-Fully shaded full body piece of any character of choice. 
-Shaded headshot sketch of any character of choice. 
-Shaded pixel icon of any character of choice.
-Journal feature from me.

2nd place:
-Fully shaded headshot of any character of choice.
-Headshot sketch of any character of choice.
-Non shaded pixel icon of any character of choice.
-Journal feature from me.

3rd place:
-Headshot sketch of any character of choice.
-Non shaded pixel icon of any character of choice.
-Journal feature from me.


If you're wanting to enter, it would help me out a ton if you would comment below please. :heart:

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My Art was used in a HUB commercial!

Wed Nov 23, 2011, 2:04 PM

and you bet your socks that I'm freaking out (but I should probably e-mail them to thank them. Before you ask, they did not ask permission, but I don't mind, I have no reason to.)

My drawing:

my drawing with Monochromatic's coloring

my face right now

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