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Wow! So it's been over a year since I started my puppet project and I'm still getting messages and questions about Wheatley every week. You guys are nuts! In the best way. <3 I can't thank you enough for all the interest and kind words. It's been a great year taking Wheaters to conventions and getting to know fellow Portal fans. :3

If you've sent me a message on devart, my blog or youtube there's a good chance you've learned that I'm really really horrible about answering messages. You guys have been so patient with me and I've  been meaning to sit down and write a better faq for a while now. I've got my coffee so let's do this thing!

- - - - - - -

Q: Can I make my own Wheatley puppet based on yours?
A: Sure! I've seen a few folks take a stab at their own Wheatley puppets since mine went up. It's really flattering that people like my weird ideas enough to give them a try.

Q: Can I buy a puppet from you?
A: I'm afraid I still don't have any plans to start selling Wheatley puppets. I know a lot of you guys have been telling me that I'd make a lot of money, but there's a few problems with that. The biggest problem is that I'm not really comfortable trying to make a bunch of money selling a big expensive model of a character that doesn't belong to me. I don't know what Valve's policies are on that sort of thing but I'd need their permission first. Second is the time and expense that goes into the puppet. Even with a final price of $1000, if you consider parts and labor, it's really not as lucrative as you think. Lastly, cosplay is a hobby for me, not a business. Will that always be true? Maybe not! I'm not saying I'd never like to start selling props. If I do I promise you guys will be the first to know.

Q: Will you be making any more puppets? Space Core? Rick?
A: Up until now I've said no, but that was mostly cause I was worn out from making the first one. I'm still really new to the prop-making scene and the whole process sorta stresses me out. Now that some time has passed I think the chance of more puppets is better. That's not a promise, and future puppets still won't be for sale, but it's not impossible I might throw together a few more some day. We'll see!

Q: I don't understand the instructions in your blog. Please write a tutorial/draw up plans/tell me how you made this part.
A: This is the question I get most and I always feel bad when I don't answer. I never really made the blog to serve specifically as 'instructions'. I was just sort of sharing the wacky process I went through. I know some of the pictures and explanations are clearer than others. I guess I'm a little more open to explaining some things than other things.

I think I poured all the creative thinking I have into a few parts of the puppet. Sorting out the movement rig took a ridiculous amount of trial, error and time spent drawing out plans. The thing is it's not even that mystical or complicated; I just had no idea what I was doing. Some of the eyelid mechanics are so crude that I could hardly explain how I got it all to fall into place. I wish I could show you the shocked face I made when it worked, cause I'm pretty sure it shouldn't have.

The blog does show about 85% of how to make the puppet and to be honest there are just some parts I worked really hard on that I'm not comfortable spelling out every single last step for. I have no doubt that anyone building their own Wheatley can sort out a way to make the bits not clearly defined in the blog work. If I could figure it out anyone can figure it out. And I seriously mean that. I'm not an engineer, I'm just a nerdy graphic designer. Besides all that, if you puzzle through some of the design process yourself I think you'll feel a lot more rewarded in the end. I'm a big believer in the process as part of the fun. <3

Q: How much did it cost to make?
A: I'm terrible at math and tracking expenses, but I made an effort to total out the costs of all the bits in Wheatley and came to about $500. That's not counting cost of tools or the ridiculous amount of money wasted to trial and error. I don't even want to think about how much money I threw away on stuff that broke, didn't work or had to be sanded off. It was lots. D:

Q: How big is he? How much does he weigh? Can you share his measurements?
A: He's about a foot across and weighs roughly 6 lbs. I have a saxophone strap that clips inside him that I wear around my neck when I'm carrying him at cons. 6 pounds gets heavy after a few hours, especially when you're trying to handle controls inside the thing and have arms like toothpicks. As for his measurements, I could share them but trust me, you don't want me to. Cause they're all wrong. I eyeballed most of the things, which is such a huge no-no. The consequences were a lot of inaccuracies and uneven bits that've been the bane of my existence. Don't do that to yourself. If you want accurate measurements I recommend loading up the Wheatley model in the Portal 2 Authoring Tools (free if you own the game on Steam) and taking measurements from that. It'll definitely be better than what I'd give you.

Q: What makes the eye light up? How did you get it to look like that?
A: This is a question I get a lot that I'm happy to answer. Inside his eye is a small LED light disk like this. The part of the eye that you see is just a circle of plexiglass with the eye design glued to one side. If I remember the layers right, I put a sticker with the printed eye design on the plexiglass, then glued a transparency with the same eye design print over that, just to make the colors richer. If the sticker doesn't diffuse the light from the LEDs enough you can put a white surface like wonderflex or paper on the back of the plexiglass circle. Your supplies might be different than mine so don't be afraid to play around with different things like clear vs frosted glass.

- - - - - - -

Welp. That's a nice little wall of text. I hope that helps answer questions for the folks out there who've sent me messages and been waiting patiently for me to peek out of hiding and reply. If you have questions not on here don't be afraid to send me a note. I can't promise I'll always reply directly, but if I don't send you a response it'll probably end up added to this list.

PS: I totally joined the name change bandwagon. Thank you so much devart for finally adding this feature!! Now if I could just change my youtube name too. I'd be so happy.
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Be the diference

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 1:27 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
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want exclusive movie posters? [updated, full list]

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 11, 2014, 1:51 PM
here's the full list of posters I have.
I am also very willing to provide any pictures of any posters so you don't have to buy something without seeing it first.
so don't be afraid to ask!

as for prices, I have checked all kinds of websites and compared prices, and my prices are the cheapest i've seen.
I also haven't seen these exact poster designs for sale anywhere else, so buying from me is a win win~

even if you have no cash, read the whole journal, and check out the info about the free poster!

the numbers in the brackets are the number I have available, not the total number, just so you know~

$25 The Avengers [3]
$20 Pirates of the Caribbean, on Stranger Tides [4]
$10 People Like Us [5]
$9 The Help [8]
$5 Tinkerbell, Secret of Wings [1]
$15 Tangled [5]
$12 War Horse [5]
$10 Odd Life of Timothy Green [7]
$16 Brave [3]
$18 Tron [2]
$7 The Muppets [1]
$18 Pirates of the Caribbean [3] [generic poster, could be for any of the movies]
$15 Wreck It Ralph [4]
$12 Oz, the Great and Powerful [21 total, three different types]
$8 Lincoln [7]
$18 Monsters Inc 3D [5] [the poster isn't 3D, it just says that] 
$22 Iron Man 3 [7]
$12 The Lone Ranger [7]
$6 Cinderella [2]
$10 Arrietty [1]
$10 Secretariat [1]
$14 Real Steel [1]
$6 Frankenweenie [5 total, two different types]
$16 Finding Nemo 3D [2]
$10 Cars 2 [5]
$8 Lady and the Tramp [1]
$12 Fright Night [2]
$10 John Carter [2]
$20 Monsters University [5]

/I am also open for offers if you don't have enough money/
but please, if you're going to offer, don't offer me a few points, and some art.

all of these posters are just like the ones that you see in movie theaters, to advertise movies.
they're all in very good condition, since they've never been in a theater, and just have been sitting around my house.
most of the posters are 26x40, give or take a few inches.

shipping cost will be around $10, if you live in the US, give or take
I will ship internationally, but it will cost you more, depending on where you live

Sweet Deals
-If you buy one poster, you can get another one half off it's original price.
-If you share this journal with friends, family members, or random people on the internet, I will enter you in a drawing to win a free Oz poster, an exclusive one which that I am not selling!

Order List
1 War Horse poster for Amaranth18
1 Secretariat poster for Amaranth18
1 Tinkerbell poster for dumplinq
1 War Horse poster for SexyDragoness101
1 Arriety poster for SoulLessEasternDrago


okay, so while I was packing up Samsung stuff for my mum's work, I remembered that we still had a bunch of Disney movie posters from a few years ago, cause my mum worked for Disney.

sooo, we have nothing to do with them, and we have quite a few, from lots of different movies (ones for little kids too).
so I think i'm gonna try to sell them to you guys, if you're interested.
if not, i'll sell them on eBay or something.

these are the kinds of posters that they hang in movie theaters, or ones that they put in stores to help sell the movie, so they're big.
most of them are 26x40.

we've got posters of movies like Secretariat, Pirates of the Caribbean, Brave, Tron, Real Steel, and a bunch others.
would any of you be interested in buying some?
I don't have any pictures or complete lists of what I have right now, but if enough people are interested, I can gladly provide~
they make great gifts, i'm just saying.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Many of you may not know but year's ago I had an account here on DA that I was no proud of. I made mistakes and I was disappointed with myself. I deleted the account and backed away from Deviant art for awhile before finally getting some good pieces of art together and creating my account :moralchaos: on March 12, 2011. I started there and did all of my own work and felt happy that people where starting to like it. My first picture I posted on that account was this,

Swamp Dragon by MoralChaos

I felt proud of it and I have come so far from that. Getting out of my comfort zone and getting into Transformers and creating wonderful piece, but I never thought I would be drawing Transformers.

In about 2012 I discovered the Chat rooms and after finding one I was interesting I met my best friend :icontf-jazz: When I met him and :icondogi-crimson: my whole world seemed to change. I got more into Transformers then I ever thought possible and I got into role-playing.

Then this account was born on March 9, 2012. I never thought this account would come this far or have had found so many great and wonderful friends. :icontf-sides: :iconmiss-autumnrose: :iconneutral-rou:  to name a few from the very begining. Everyone who's names on my profile page is worth being commended in helping me become who I am. My first Transformers work was my Character Chaos,

Chaos (unfinished) by TF-Chaos

And I have grown to that to this

Chaos's New Upgrade~ by TF-Chaos
Ever since that first picture of him. He is my baby and I will love him always and he has gotten so much love from all of you and you helped create who he is today. 

I have also learned from some of my hero's and I will all be so gratefully for them as I watch and learn from them.

:iconauroralion: I have always looked up to you ever since I have seen your work. Your my idol and my hero. You tough my textures I never knew could make a picture all the more beautiful. Your know one of my best friends and one of the greatest person i have ever meet~

VAIN by AuroraLion

:iconraderizo: :iconimber-noctis: :iconcuriouscucumber: :iconera-7: :iconexileden: :iconchasingartwork:
You have all been people i have watched from the very beginning. I have seen all of your works since i had joined the first time on DA and i have learned and watched your art grow and become more astonishing with every post you make. I have always wanted to commission you and learn more from all of you. You all and many more are my Idols. I look up to all of you from when i started. A few of you have Transformers works that i cant even explain how amazing they are. I have followed you and will continue to follow you till the end of time~ I look up to all of you and love all of your work. I Thank you for everything you have done and you all mean so much to me.
The Auto Avengers by ChasingArtwork Jagers by Imber-NoctisMighty Dragon after Eating at KFC by ExiledenSpace Dragon Argont by ERA-7OCTF : Carniwar by RadeRizoTFP Sneak attack by CuriousCucumber

I have come far from even these short years, from Painting, to digital artwork to even sculpting! I have enjoyed every pit of it and i can see myself going even further then this. Even if i don't have many watchers on my other account, i have many others here watching me and i thank all of you. Every comment you make and every like and Watch everyone makes wither it just for watching my artwork or role-playing it is something that makes me better at what i do. Being on DeviantART has gotten me further as an artist and a person from all my friends to watchers to idols. I have connected around the community and plan on doing more. 

I love DeviantART and even through all the drama i have been through along with mean and rude people, to the nice and loving i couldn't ask for a better site to be on.

I have always thought about having this party. A party where i bring everyone, friends, idols and watchers of mine together and talk, chat and have fun as well as meet all the people who have changed my life and have a little fun and say thank you. Not sure when this would happen, but i wish it would happen~

Thank you DeviantART and Thank you everyone who has been on this journey with me.

This is My Story.

Chaos~ :iconblurrlaplz:
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Reading: Transformers: Retribution
  • Watching: Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer
  • Playing: Transformers Universe
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MOVE on Identity: A thing about Art and so called 'talent'

[My Opinion Versus Everyone] Please remember these are simply my opinions and are not meant to imply that you should agree or disagree nor should these prove to be offensive in any way; if I do come across displeasingly then you have my apologies beforehand, thank you.
EDIT: I added the project MOVE header ^-^ 12/18/12~ This was written a while before that though but it falls under the category :)

I'm writing this partially because of a situation I'm in right now with an artist who I will keep anonymous... and partially because I've wanted to get this out for months now.. And I assure you I probably will not sound like the same person you've known as 'Capu' for my 10 months here now..

Although I ask that if you do care, you'd read this, all of it.
And can I say that my emotions while writing this are non other than a simple need to have as many people understand what I'm trying to say. That skill isn't achieved through talent, but by work. Just work. 

Now where shall I begin? First. I want to start of with my progress in art this past year.

Sky: reference by Capukat This everyone, was my very first deviation on Capukat. 10 months ago.
I don't need to be told to know I was far more 
un...artistic? Than every one of you.
And how, you ask? Does this deviation turn into this
Snips of Light by Capukat
which is my latest full art submission...? Well read on, fellow reader, and I shall spill my secrets~
Yes I've had a few accounts before this, of which I've stayed on for about a week each because not in my wildest dreams did I ever feel I'd ever create art that would gain more than 4 views and 0 favorites.

on Whimsy I stayed a bit longer, for 2 months, this was when I first got more serious and decided digital art, was something I wanted to pursue..

If there is one thing you must know about me, it is that I'm narrowminded, and once I set my mind on one thing, I do whatever it takes to satisfy myself.

And I've found that one thing.

I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't make friends.
I will admit I know a lot of people just want to be friends with the popularity but I couldn't care less.
My closest friends? Online. How many watchers? About 50. These two people know who they are. And you will see me talk to them on my stream, in comments, on skype. I don't need 50 friends, or 20, or 10. I have two best friends and they are the real people I look to for everything you'd categorize as 'friend'

At school? I've been the loner. The weirdo. The sociopath.
I've been called the Grudge
The Witch
The ~female dog~
Oh the list goes on~

I used to sit by myself, opposite side of the kick ball wall so I would get shade while I wait out recess. 
That was in 2nd grade.

I write this as I'm in 10th grade.
And today I sat for the lunch period against a brick wall outside of my class with my lunch locked in the room, as I study the shadows cast upon the blue lockers and while sitting there, I try to see how I might improve my shading by studying the way the lockers are... 'shaded'

I sit there, head low, rested on my arms, legs crossed, hugging myself tightly as I daydream to pass time.
I'm the new kid. For the 9th time. 

And it's been this way as long as I can remember.
I could go on, venting about my lack of the normal social teen life; how I've never worn makeup or go shopping for clothes once a year if I'm lucky or have my hair cut every six months with no style except for straight. Thin. Or a lot of things I could go on about. But I won't, because I will be honest and say I don't need hollow sympathy or attention. So let's continue~
And where do I look to for salvation? A happier ending? I suppose you could say that’s where my online life fits in~
The only thing I can do is draw. And deviantArt has allowed me to make something of a life out of it and I'm more than grateful.

It's not uncommon for me to spend 2 hours
3 sometimes
possibly 4 just sitting idly doing almost nothing
thinking about new art ideas
new concepts
new designs
New ways to ... improve~
I've deprived myself of sleep
Skipped meals
All without meaning to of course
But meaning to better myself in what I do.
I don't give up once I start. And I never mean to. I may be negative in just about anything else, you can ask my friends! But there is not a single moment where I've compared my work to another artist's without thinking:
One day I'll bring myself up to your level. And that day will come sooner than later. 

I believe 
Believing isn't everything. You have to 

Sound familiar? Maybe a flicker of recognition is sparking somewhere?

Yes. Hard work. Hands on.
I spent a good 10-15 hours. Every. Day. During summer vacation this year. Dedicated that time to art.
You'd think oh! My parents allow me so much freedom. They don't love the fact I'm ruining my back.
Or my eyes.
Or my health.
No, and I get lectured and punished fairly for it. As I should. But this doesn't stop me.
I've been grounded. Yes.
But I want art. I want to get better. And I'm not letting anything get in between me and what I want.

I've spent over 600 hours alone during my summer break. I livestreamed everything. There's proof. You can ask. You can view the videos and check the dates. I assure you they're there.
And now with school? That gets reduced to about 30-40 hours weekly digital art. And add on another 5-10 hours traditional, procrastinate, not-focusing-on-lecture, art. Yes I've risked bad grades, more punishments, everything and anything.

But to me? It's worth it. And even now I'm not satisfied with my art. And they say your harshest critic is yourself and I say that's true. Because so long as there's room for improvement, I will never be truly satisfied. And there's always room for improvement. And it doesn't matter what I'll have to get through to get what I want, because I'll never stop wanting to get better. And that ultimately has brought me here.

I've spent over 1,000 hours this year so far on digital art.
I dare you to tell me you topped that and ask why you didn't improve because if you did, and you tried hard, and you squinted at that screen, tensing your hand, tilted your head, skipped food and water on occasions and even held off bathroom breaks, I dare you to tell me you didn't see improvement.

I dare you to tell me that you sincerely did all that and I dare you to show me your work, past and present, and I dare. you. to tell me to my. face. that you didn't see progress.

If you've read everything up to this point, I'll admit, I'm impressed~ :meow: But a little more, bear with me shall we?

Now at the moment, you may be wondering what my art thoughts are. Well. I want to draw humans. And if I've gotten to where I am in animal anatomy in a year, I believe I can do so with humans too. And I've started making extra time sketching humans on the corners of my class work pages or my schedule. And I'm determined to never stop.

I'm still not satisfied with my animal art, never will be fully, but this is what fuels me. Keeps me going. Feeds my ambition. I may try to come off as calm, reserved, nonchalant, and controlled. But the side of me knows better that I'm ambitious and I'm not afraid to admit so. 
Because if there's a will
there's a way.
And with my ambition and desire to improve, my will to do better, I've done it.
And I'm here to show you, to show everyone, it's possible. And that I'm not the limit.
There are others yet just waiting to do better than me. Put even more time. More effort. 
I'm doing the best I can with what I have.

But what you may ask is my ultimate goal in writing this?
I want to make sure that a few things are clear:
-I'm socially awkward; yes.
-I really never have been popular in real life; most likely never will be. (who knows, if I want it enough maybe there'll be a way with my will, but as for now I'm content, and used to it)
-I'm an artist through and through. And what makes me one is my passion for art, and never my skill.
-Talent is another word for the ability to put work into what you love. In this definition, you cannot do anything without the talent. If it's defined as natural ability to do things phenomenally, then let me tell you I didn't come here by snapping my fingers.
    a) because I can't even snap them /facepalm/
    b) you're probably head-desking due to my sarcastic and fail-of-a sense of humor
    c) if it wasn't clear, magic doesn't exist in the 21rst century therefore talent isn't what you think it is
-I may seem harsh, rude, or insensitive, uncaring. But I didn't put this up for my pleasure. So the least I can ask if that you be considerate before making judgmental thoughts.
-Art isn't for everyone. That's why we have singers, actors, dancers, engineers, scientists, you name it~ Find your passion. Pursue it. Live it, breathe it.
-And finally, be yourself. And realize that you're special in your own way but yes, work really is what's going to bring you somewhere.
-And really? If you love it, then it won't be work. Art is never work for me. It is in the literal sense, but to me, when people ask how I get the patience to draw so much? I reply simply: I love every moment of it.

:heart: So please, I thank you, everyone who's read this, for your time. And may you all have a wonderful night~

And morning/afternoon/evening.
Thank you,


By the way, here's an improvement meme if you'd like to check it out :aww:
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Recently, Darinas commented on my previous anti-Omniverse journal, thinking I was being a bit too paranoid about my fears for Kevin's fate. While I'm probably a bit paranoid, my faith in Omniverse is that low. Here's why I'm justified in my thinking, with a sad announcement afterwards;

Sadly, I'm just expecting Omniverse to make Kevin a villain again. 

I mean, Omniverse undid Charmcaster's character development because Derrick J. Wyatt, and I took this from TV Tropes but DJW believes this, said he didn't think Charmcaster becoming a "homicidal maniac who is obsessed with her father and from a race of magic space elves" worked at all, that it ruined everything that was special about her in the Original Series.

Yeah, because a generic evil sorceress is so much better than a character who LOST HER FATHER TO THE CRUELTY OF AN EVIL TYRANT AND IS TRYING TO ATONE FOR THE GENOCIDE SHE COMMITTED TO TRY TO BRING BACK HER FATHER BECAUSE SHE MISSED HIM! No, we need Charmcaster to be crazy and more like her original series' self.

There's more! The Petrosapiens were revived in The Secret of Chromastone...which is likely to have been retconned since Sugilite couldn't have gotten to Petropia's remains without his NATURAL FLIGHT ABILITY! Why bring back the Petrosapiens from the dead and have Tetrax finally redeemed himself (in his eyes) for helping Vilgax destroy the Petrosapiens, when we could just have Tetrax be the last Petrosapien because...GUESS WHAT, PETROPIA WAS DESTROYED IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES AND OMNIVERSE NEEDS TO BE MORE IN LINE WITH THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!

Remember when Ben was a mature, badass hero in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien? He had gone from being a bratty, immature kid who constantly ran to his Grandpa Max for advice and wasn't against using his powers for himself to a grown-up, independent, responsible, and LEGENDARY hero...What's that? Fans are complaining that Ben has no personality?! OK. Let's just make Ben a bumbling, arrogant, conceited, incompotent, selfish, and immature teenager who cares more about video games than his ex-girlfriend Julie, is perfectly willing to date another girl while under the impression that he's still in a relationship with Julie, and has no problem abusing his powers to permanently turn Will Harangue (who admittedly deserved it) into an alien, therefore taking away Harangue's humanity forever, just because he didn't like him. IT'S PERFECTLY FINE, BECAUSE BEN HAS A PERSONALITY AGAIN LIKE HE DID IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!


 Waaaah! Laughing Crazy 

As someone who has been following Ben 10 since the original series and has collected a decent amount of merchandise, Ben 10: Omniverse just outright offends me because it could have been a great sequel to Ultimate Alien and could have made up for the slow pace of Season 2. Instead, we get a show that completely derails Ben's character just so he can be like he was in the original series' despite being a teenager, takes every chance it gets to disrespect Dwayne McDuffie by retconning his contributions to the series, wastes potentially good plots for the sake of humor, and has no respect for everything the Ben 10 franchise has established. FOR GOD'S SAKE, OMNIVERSE IS WORSE THAN SPIDER-MAN: ONE MORE DAY AND JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE!!! You have to try really hard to be worse than One More Day and Cry For Justice, Ben 10: Omniverse. I can't even avoid Ben 10: Omniverse completely because Beware the Batman has been put on hiatus, meaning it will most likely get cancelled by Cartoon Network so they can shove more Ben 10: Omniverse down my throat. Netflix doesn't have Omniverse, but it isn't much comfort when Netflix only has the first two seasons of Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force and only the first season of Ultimate Alien, which is only worsened because some people on Netflix are ENCOURAGING them to add Omniverse. YEAH, BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE MORE OMNIVERSE SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT! I plan on getting the DVDs for the entire series pre-Omniverse (including the movies) and some of the video games because I am just that desperate to escape from Ben 10: Omniverse. Other than the Internet, the only other way I'm going to follow Omniverse is by getting the toys.

I'll stick around for the Ultimate Albedo Arc, but after that is done, I'm quitting Ben 10: Omniverse. It still has 47 more episodes to air, and I just can't sit through Omniverse any longer. Cartoon Network, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I used to come to you for quality entertainment, but you've fallen so low. The fact that you're treating Ben 10, probably one of your best shows ever, in such a poor manner is just sickening. The only reason Omniverse is so successful is because little kids and a majority of the Original Series' fans love it so much. Not me, though. I'm not stupid enough to fall into your traps. Until Cartoon Network and the Ben 10 team can get their act together with Ben 10, I'm officially done with Ben 10 after the Ultimate Albedo Arc and whatever Khyber episodes are left until Omniverse ends.

NOTE: K.I.R.T.V. means Kevin's Inevitable Return To Villainy.


Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 2:08 PM

M'mama took me shopping today,
ever since i moved out things are cool between us again,
and to top this awesome day off,
some people said some really really sweet stuff to me
and i just--



"Trusting you is my Decision.
To prove me wrong, is yours. - Patrick star

On a sidenote,, I love you!
Have a wonderfull day! ♥
Journal CSS comfykitty

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Ever since Omniverse first aired, I've sometimes wondered if the events in Omniverse are taking place in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE that separates it from the last 3 installments. I mean it is possible given the following reasons why.

    My first evidence is that the title of the show is called omniverse, which is an actual theory of their being more then one universe, each one having minor to major differences, which also explains why things are different in Omniverse then in the other Ben 10 shows, kinda secretly giving us the clue that OV is in a different universe. My second fact is how they pronounce Albedo's name in Omniverse, in AF/UA they pronounce his name Al-bee-do but in OV they say it as al-bay-do , the only logical way you can go from calling someones name differently is if that person had that name since birth, also Albedo never showed signs of being disturbed by the mispronunciation or points out to people that they were pronouncing his name wrong. The third is how no one questions the shows new designs for old characters and aliens, for example Ben doesn't say anything about how Albedo's ultimate forms in OV look different in appearance from his ultimate forms from UA, and why Albedos devolved aliens are entirely red when they weren't in AF/UA, probably because his forms were exactly like his in THAT Universe's timeline. This also counts for Ben's aliens to, in the episode "Charmed, I'm Sure" he noticed that Swampfire was different off the bat but never for  other aliens that changed entirely, like Eatle and Jury Rigg. I also want to point out that some of Ben's old aliens showed new powers and abilities that were never showed in the other series, for example Armadrillo's drill hands, Water Hazard's visor, and Ditto's enhanced digging skills and weakness when one clone dies all the others do to, and how he uses theses abilities with ease. Its possible he learned these abilities between the time gap between UA and OV or was just lazy writing by the staff to add specific abilities for Ben to win, but I should still count it as a factor.

     Another is Ben's history with the character Mr.Baumann, in UA he was nice to Ben (this could be because they rarely did business together) but in OV they've met so many times in that universe's timeline that he hates Ben. How can a person go from hating Ben as a young kid go from liking him (especially when he know that Ben changes into aliens) to hating him again with a pure rage? The answer is their different people from different universes. Besides it seems the OV Baumann wore glasses for along time and not the one in the UA universe (probably cause he is very dependant on wearing the glasses to see). I also believe that Ben not knowing about Undertown is another clue that OV is in another universe, because how could Ben, Gwen, and especially Kevin miss an entire city full of aliens, and alien tech that live underneath their hometown, especially with Gwen's Mana detecting power that she has used constantly in AF/UA.  Another example is that in Ultimate Alien, Colonel Rozum said he was assigned to investigate alien activity AFTER Ben's identity was revealed but in OV he was already working on alien cases before Max became a plumber. One more clue is Gwen's ability to go Anodite in OV. In AF/UA it was said that Gwen wasn't good at being in control of her Anodite form and that it would take years to control it, without proper training she would lose her humanity but in OV she seems to be in good control of her form like she has had years of experience. How can she be in so control of it even though she has only been in her Anodite form only 3 times? (I believe that is the right amount).

    Their are also some small paradoxes in the series but I bet they are just small mistakes probably made by the writers, but I still want to bring up. One is that younger Ben and the gang knew Z'skarys name even though Z'skary never reveal his true name till Ben was 16, and he told it to Ben and Rook so how could Gwen know his true name! Another note is about Charmcaster, in AF/UA, she, along with Hex, were with better terms with Gwen (except in "Enemy of my Frenemy") at the point that Charmcaster treated Gwen as an equal, yet Charmcaster's main goal in Omniverse is to destroy her, that and the way she went a bit crazy in Omniverse. One bigger paradox in Omniverse, the villain Servantis said that the planet Osmos V never existed, Osmosians originated from Earth, and he and his team had a base in the Null Void. If planet Osmos V never existed where did the villian Aggregor come from then ? (since he canonly isn't human, I know on his wiki page Wyatt was gonna make him a human but since that never became canon in the show, he is still technically an unkown species). Derrick Wyatt said that Omniverse follows the Ben 10,000 timeline from the original series, but this isn't true because in the orginal Ben 10,000 future, Ben has a daughter (Kenny's older sister) named Gwendolyn Tennyson, but Derrick says Ben 10,000 from the Omniverse doesn't have a daughter. He would be better if he said that Omniverse will be following a future timeline that is similar to that of the future timeline from the Original Series.

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree with me that Omniverse could have taken place in an alternate universe all along?
I've mentioned Ben 10: Omniverse a lot but I've never did a journal entry on how much I don't like it. Here's why. 
  1. New design - Reason: I've never liked the design because it's just too campy and also I would've watched the show if the design from Alien Force/Ultimate Alien remained. Come on, Ben being a 60's Dick Grayson guy, Gwen being a Velma Dinkley ripoff and Kevin being an Eric Draven ripoff?!
  2. Replacing Glen Murakami and the late Dwayne McDuffie with Derrick Wyatt and Matt Youngberg - Reason: Murakami and McDuffie made Ben Tennyson from a foolish hero to more Clark Kent from Smallville-esque character, but Matt Youngberg and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and Transformers Animated art director and producer Wyatt "flanderised" the character into an idiot hero. Just no to idiot heroism because those two guys (Murakami and McDuffie) worked with Man of Action for the DCAU-influenced two sequel series and made it more serious and serialised. If Cartoon Network had Greg Weisman instead, then I would watch it because Weisman has created some of the best animated shows of all time: Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice
  3. Demoting Gwen and Kevin to supporting role - Reason: What the heck?! Those two characters are important to the storyline, not because of the romantic subplot but they serve as part of the triumphant trio.
  4. The theme tune - Reason: Dear goodness, that theme tune is one big sack of crap. It's too techno and too cheesy.
  5. Eighty episodes for the show - Reason: Why eighty episodes of one of the most TV shows treated as Marmite? Honestly, that's too much.
  6. Re-recasting roles - Reason: I really enjoyed James Remar's voice role of Vilgax in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien as he was portrayed as an antihero/antivillain, but re-recasting the role back to Steven Blum wasn't a good thing at all. Recasting several alien forms on Ben's Omnitrix to Eric Bauza - HECK TO THE NO!
  7. Breaking up Ben and Julie - Reason: I supported the couple when I watched Alien Force/Ultimate Alien but when Wyatt took over, he broke them up. It's no wonder that Ben's love interest Ester is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal's wife Tara Platt, who is also his Naruto co-star. Plus there's hints of Ben and Kai being a couple, given the latter's return in "An American Benwolf in London".
  8. Seasonal rot - Reason: Yes, I know Alien Force had a weak season, which was season three with Vilgax as main villain and Ultimate Alien had season two with the same villain, but this show is definitely put the franchise to be rotten.
  9. Jumping the shark - Reason: The show has officially marked a jumping the shark moment for the franchise.
  10. Villains not better than the other ones from the previous three - Reason: There's a good reason why I killed off Khyber in my fanfic that retcons Omniverse titled Plumbers of Bellwood because he's a dull villain compared to some of the best. Plus Looma is a ripoff to Mandie from Fairly OddParents.
  11. Dull characters - Reason: Let me see, we've got Blukic, Driba, Looma, Khyber, Amur Transyl, Malware, Billy Billions, Mazuma, Khyber's dog, Fistina, Nyancy Chan and Rayona. Non-dull characters debuted in the series are just Rook and Ester, those two are main characters in my fanfic Plumbers of Bellwood but these versions of them are not Ben's partner-in-crime and girlfriend, respectively.
  12. Flanderising characters - Reason: Ben's an idiot, Kevin's a jerk, Gwen's a Velma ripoff and the rest of the characters that returned from either of the three shows are idiots. Most notable characters from either The Original SeriesAlien Force and Ultimate Alien are absent in this series, referring to Manny Armstrong, Helen Wheels, Alan Albright, Cooper Daniels, Pierce Wheels, Verdona Tennyson, Eunice, Sonder, Elena Validus, Aggregor, Michael Morningstar / Darkstar, DNAliens, Highbreed, Simian, Sixsix, Sevenseven, Joey / Rojo, Jennifer Nocturne, Carl Nesmith / Overlord, Cash Murray, JT, the Forever Knights and last but not least Reinassic III aka Reiny (UPDATE 02-12-2014: The Forever Knights have made a return in "Return to Forever"; Darkstar has made return in "Mystery, Incorporeal"; Overlord has made a return in "The Vengers"; Manny, Helen and Alan all have made a return in the sixth story arc conclusion "Weapon XI"; Eunice returned though in a non-speaking cameo that lasted for a few seconds during the eighth story arc)
There's a bunch of fanbases to the franchise and here it is:
  • Fanbase 1: Likes all four TV series
  • Fanbase 2: Likes the first three series, but despises Omniverse (I'm in this fanbase)
  • Fanbase 3: Likes The Original Series and Omniverse, but despises Alien Force and Ultimate Alien
  • Fanbase 4: Likes the first two series, but despises Ultimate Alien and Omniverse
  • Fanbase 5: Likes only The Original Series, but despises all three sequel series
Either like it or hate it, Omniverse is definitely Batman: The Brave and the Bold but replacing Batman with Ben and I'm one of the fans that defend the retcons from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien (i.e. Gwen's powers not magical but alien). For fanbase 3, even though they hate the retcons from the last two series, those are retained in that series.
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