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Gwen: Perfect, Ben! Nice sliding! (Press shutter )

Ben: Go away n' don't bother me...
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XLR8 Licky requested by :iconcoolvanillia:, hope you like it :D
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What is better than filling a Meme? Creating your own Meme, of course!

I've seen many Ben 10 fans out there with inumerous fan-made alien species... but we all know that the Omnitrix starts with just 10 aliens in it, so my question to you is:
If you could get a whole new Omnitrix for yourself, which 10 aliens would you like to start with?

And that's how The My Own Omnitrix Meme was born!!!

Now the RULES of this Meme:

:bulletgreen: First of all, tell Azmuth your name (username)... He doesn't talk to strangers.:XD:
:bulletgreen: Write the names of your aliens, or their species (or why not both?) on the lines next to the little numbered Omnitrixes.
:bulletgreen: Draw your alien form inside the white part of the big Omnitrixes.
:bulletred: You're NOT ALLOWED to add or remove any Omnitrix slot. It's 10 aliens.... no more, no less... And remember, XLR8 is observing you!
:bulletred: DO NOT remove my name in the end of the Meme and claim it your own.
:bulletgreen: Give me credits on the description of your filled Meme. :aww:
:bulletgreen: Link back your filled Meme to me because I wanna see your chosen species! :D
:bulletgreen: Have fun!

:bulletblue: You can fill in this Meme, by drawing or using screenshots of the aliens... (Watch out for copyrights tough, I'm not responsible for them)
:bulletblue: If you're using only the aliens from the show, you could draw how you would look when you turned into them. :D
:bulletblue: If you're using your own, or any fan-made species, a brief description of them on the Picture description would look nice! :D
:bulletblue: You can draw your aliens in an order using the numbered Omnitrixes, like: from the one you most like to the one you like the less. Or just in no order at all!!
:bulletblue: Why not filling this Meme using only the aliens from the show, then filling it again with only fan-made aliens?
:bulletblue: You can change the colours of the Omnitrixes.

Have fun! :iconimhappyplz:
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This is my XLR8 figure from Ben 10.
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I was so angry about that one person who disrespected curled (I know, I know, I'm super crazy, okay?) that I made a new base. Yeah.

She's a nautical kemonomimi.

Starting bid is 50 :points: / $0.50 USD
>>Autobuy is 500 :points: / $5 USD <<
Minimum increase is 20 :points: / $0.20 USD

Bid under the bidding comment or else I won't count your bid.
Bid Here: [link]

Bought by :icondork-knight:

Unwatermarked version will be given to the winner. You can edit/trade/gift/resell, but please tell me if she's going to a new owner. If you're reselling, you must contact me first as well.

Auction ends on Tuesday, May 21st 2013 5 pm EST.

Base by me (I might sell it later if you guys tell me you want it)
Art by me
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ask me for more, if there is something in my gallery you would like c:

100:points:=1 euro/ 1 USD

the prizes in USD:

chibi: $6

flatcolor: $15 + $5 each

shaded: $22 + $5 each

sketch: $10 + $5 each

TF: $25 - $30 + $5 each


All art (c) me

Trades - Closed by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeCommissions - Closed by SweetDukePaypal Stamp by artist4com
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yayyy my first collab with :iconotowei:!

look at my shit coloring and lines sob

She lined the top and colored the bottom,
I lined the bottom and colored the top.

Starting bid for each is 50 :points: / $0.50 USD
Minimum increase is 20 :points: / $0.20 USD
No Autobuy (may be added later~)

Please bid under the proper bidding comments~
Bidding Links:
1- [link]
2- [link]
3- [link]
4- [link]
5- [link]
6- [link]

1- bought by :iconkuku88:
2- bought by :iconserephime:
3- bought by :iconmeggtoeee:
4- bought by :iconglass-moon-neko:
5- bought by :iconglass-moon-neko:
6- bought by :iconcrispysketch:

I don't know if Otowei has unwatermarked versions of the bottom row, but I have unwatermarked versions of the top row. You may edit/trade/gift/resell your adopt, but always tell at least one of us who the new owner is! If reselling, do not resell for more than you bought it for, and you must redraw the adopt.

Auction ends June 17th 2013 10 pm EST.

Base by :iconsockjuice:
Lines and colors by :iconotowei: and :iconflarechess: ;w;
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