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This was an art trade I had with :iconsupasilver:

Her part:

I really hope you like it! ^u^
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Time taken: 10 minutes.... lol

I was bored and decided to test out some journal dolls.

EDIT: This reminds me of a Pokémon sprite! XD
EDIT2: Yes, after lots of thinking, this will be her official look from now on!
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:star: Yeah, you heard it right! This little fellow is up for grabs!! Yaaaaay! You can win him, all shipping paid! all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below! :star:

How to enter:
:bulletred: You have to be a watcher to be in the running :)
:bulletred: Make a journal advertising this contest (linking to this deviation) and then put the link to your journal in a comment on this page!
:bulletred: The winner will be randomly selected with a random number generator one week from now! (the 21st of november, Australian time. more or less.)

Please enter and good luck! I like giving people gifts, especially when it makes someone's day. That someone could be you! :)
This little guy was needle felted. He sits nicely in the hand :3 Note: he is delicate, and is not for children due to small parts. He is an "ornamental" plush, for display, not play. :3
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Honeyspots of ShadowClan Reference NEW by Konarika

Here's the main character, Honeyspots <3 I decided to keep that name. And, yes, here are some spoilers included: Cloudstar's mate, Birdflight, is Honeyspots sister who stayed behind as well (in ThunderClan, as you know). Honeyspots doesn't know that yet btw. Also, her kits will be named Sparrowkit and Robinkit. And her closest friends will be Clovertail and Suntail :meow:
As you can see, I changed her pattern a bit. This one is much more organized and looks prettier, too... Or that's what I think.

Bullet; Red Name: Honeyspots
Bullet; Red Past names: Honeykit | Honeypaw
Bullet; Red Gender: Female
Bullet; Red Rank: Queen
Bullet; Red Mate: In the past, her mate was Owlgaze. Right now she doesn't have a mate, but she wants to find a new one (because she does not want her kits to grow up without having a daddy :meow:)
Bullet; Red Mentor | Apprentice: ///
Bullet; Red Past Apprentices: None
Bullet; Yellow Personality: Honeyspots is a kind, loving cat. She is very intelligent and organized. Honey plans on being a good mother to her kits, but she doesn't want to ever tell them about their traitorous father. She is usually a forgiving nature, but she has sworn to always hate Owlgaze.
Bullet; Yellow Description: She is a beautiful, lean she-cat with golden-creamish fur. Her tabby pattern is almost invisible. Honeyspots' eyes are dark and purple-grey. 
Yellow Square Bullet Family: Her sister Birdflight was the mate of her former leader, Cloudstar, who was much older than her. Her nephew is Gorsekit, her niece Spottedkit. Her father, Sorrelwhisker, died one moon ago in the twolegger's trap when they destroyed the SkyClan territory. Her mother is Crystalshade. Honeyspots' mate was Owlgaze, and her kits will be known as Robinkit and Sparrowkit.
Yellow Square Bullet History: Honeykit was born about one year and three moons ago in the early newleaf. The first clan gathering she went to was the apprentice ceremony of Owlkit and his sister, Frostkit. They were five moons older than her and Birdkit, but Honeykit always admired Owlpaw. When she became an apprentice and trained together with him, this admiration became stronger every day and soon turned into love. In the night after his warrior ceremony, Owlgaze watched the camp as every new warrior does. Honeypaw joined him, because she couldn't sleep, and he suddenly told her about his feelings for her. They weren't official mates until she was a warrior, but when Honeyspots was fourteen moons old, the medicine cat Fawnstep told her that she expected kits. One week later, Honey went to live in the nursery. Even though the twoleggers kept destroyind SkyClan's forest, to Honeyspots and Owlgaze it was a time of pure happiness. They imagined what their kits would look like and how they would be a wonderful family. But then the monsters reached the camp, and SkyClan was forced out of their territory. You all know what happened after that: SkyClan left the forests, leaving Honeyspots behind. With her heart deeply broken, she joined ShadowClan.

Enjoy the comic ^^

:iconfading-starlight-fc: Fanclub 
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Not even sorry~ =w=



Info! :dummy:

-Name: Aela

-Rank: Apprentice

-Specie: Iberian Lynx

-Starting age:4 months, Born November 22
-Current age: 1 year old

Genetics || [[dominant]] Dark spots [AA]; Markings on her face [Aa]; somewhat thin body (for speed) [Aa]; rather fluffy [AA]; [[recessive]] long fangs [aa]; Dark color pelt [aa]; small size [aa]; dark nose color [aa] [[carrier]] Rubie-ish eyes; dark color pelt (tba)


Training: Finished

[X]Meet Your Mentor EBC: Apprentice assignment: Meeting your mentor
[X]Hunting EBC: Apprentice assignment: Hunting
[X]Offensive Training EBC: Aela assignment: Offensive training
[X]Defensive Training EBC: Aela assignment: Defensive training
[X]Capture the Gem EBC: Aela assignment: Final task

Cub Training: Finished

[X] With Family/Caretaker…
[x] Playing…
[x] Meeting Someone New…



:bulletwhite: She's a bit smaller than other Lynx

:bulletwhite: The necklace was given to her by her mother the day before the group of cats attacked. It is a symbol that she will always be with her, even when Aela can't see her.

:bulletwhite: The rock in the middle of her necklace is a Jade stone. Her mother's name was Jade

:bulletwhite: Big cats scare the soul out of her, big cats like tigers, lions, leopards, etc. She's managing to control this fear

:bulletwhite: she hates to be alone for too long

:bulletwhite: she has nightmare about the day when she last saw her mother


-Personality: ||Shy|| ||Playful|| ||Obedient|| || Positive || || Adventurous ||


" uhh.......*almost whispering* .....h-hi? "

It takes her time to open up to someone, she usually is timid in the company of others and she can't help but to get scared when meeting someone new, and even more when it's a grown up.
She's not so shy when meeting other cubs though.


" oh come on! it's going to be so much fun!!"

She LOVES to play, it wouldn't matter who you are if you say 'play' she's all ears. And she loves to bother her friends too, and have playful harmless fights.


" y-yes, I will"

She will always do what she's asked to, mostly when it's a grown up, and wont hesitate to question said request, only if it's something too big or too complicated.

|| Positive ||

" hey,come on, it's better than nothing! it could be worse,you know"

She has been through so much in her life than now she's determined to have a better one, she wont allow bad things to get to her or ruin a perfectly good day, of course she does not take this to the extreme or anything, but if she has the chance to be happy and laugh she will chose that

|| Adventurous ||


Aela LOVES adventures, she's always up to do something new and exciting,discovering secrets, facing danger, you name it.



There isn't much to this little cub, she was born in the wild, a few feet away from one of the empires actually. Her mother was alone when Aela was born, her father left them when he found out her mother was pregnant and has never returned since. Life was going pretty good for the two until one day a group of strange cats came out of the blue and chased Aela's mother away, or tried to. The young Lynx tried to put up a fight long enough for the small cub to scape or hide. That was the last time she saw her mother, and the last thing she remembered of her past life. She doesn't remember how she ended up in the lands of the Air empire, but she did remembered that someone brought her there. A huge cat as dark as the night sky itself with eyes that seemed to be able to hypnotize, with a deep calming voice and as strong as a bull. She isn't sure if that was a dream or if it did actually happened, but either way she is grateful for being saved and having been brought to a place where she can be free and feel protected.

(She doesn't have a big background seeing she's just a cub)



Current Mentor: Vayea

Past Mentor: none

Current Apprentice: (not a gladiator yet)

Other Apprentices: ^



Father: unknown (believed t be dead)

Mother: Jade (believed to be dead)

Siblings: none

-Friendships/ Relation ship statues
Bullet; White = Neutral/No opinion
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Best friend
Bullet; Yellow = Uneasy/Unsure
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Sadness/Pity/Guilt
Bullet; Red = Dislike/Annoyance
Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hatred
Bullet; Pink  = Attraction (doesn't really understand the full meaning of the emotions in pink)
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink = Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink  = Love (romantic)
Bullet; Orange = Love (platonic)
Bullet; Black = Slightly Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Envious
Bullet; Purple = Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple = Complete Admiration

Heart = Mate
Star! = Mentor
No Star = Past Mentor
Death = Dead / Unknown

:bulletwhite: :iconebc-air: :bulletwhite:

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: / :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: / :bulletorange: Praxidike He was the first cat I talked too since I joined the air empire, at first I didn't know what to think of him, but he was sweet and funny, I'm glad that the first cat I talked to was someone as good and as awesome as Prax.

Entry 2: Revamped Ike has been there from the moment I came here, if it wasn't for him I don't know what would've happened to me. He has become more than a friend to me, he's like a brother in some ways. Just as he feels the need to protect me, I feel the same need to protect him.

:bulletblue: / :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple:Titus: One night I was bored and decided to explore the outside of the cave, that's when I meet Mr. Titus. When I first saw the big gladiator I almost died of a heart attack, he's HUGE, one touch from that massive paw would've been enough to end me. But, to my luck, he had no intentions of doing something like that to me, he was so kind. He's so amazing too! Instead of making me go back to the cave he even offered to com- uh.......I mean, yeah, he's an amazing gladiator, and awesome, and huge, I hope I can run into Mr. Titus again one of these days

:bulletgreen: / :bulletpurple: / :bulletpink:Thrantos :
I had no idea Mr.Tituts had a son, and even less, that this son of his was a lynx, LIKE ME! 8D well......lynx and cougar hybrid, but lynx in the end! *chuckles* He's really cool, and really funny too! I like him, he's one of the few friends I have around here, even tho he haven't spent that much time together, which I hope it changes sometime soon because he's cool. Oh! I almost forgot, he's an apprentice like me too! I'm so glad about that, I like having someone who I can count on with this whole apprentice thing =P

Entry 2:

I genuinely thought that we would hang out more with each other once we became Apprentices but....I rarely see Thrantos around, only occasionally around camp but other than that,no. I miss him, to say the least, he has always been one of my good friends......and there's something about him that......that makes me feel......weird,not bad weird,just..........weird..............I don't know what to do about it........I should tell Vayea but.....I don't know.........I don't know *sigh*

:star: / :bulletpurple: :bulletpurple: / :bulletgreen: / :bulletorange: Vayea:
My mentor, the silver gladiator herself, it is an honor to be her apprentice, an honor I still feel unworthy of. From the moment we meet she has shown me nothing but kindness and understanding, training with her is the best thing I could've asked for. I swear, I will make her proud, I will become a great Gladiator and fight by her side.

Entry 2:

Vayea has become more than just my mentor, or the Silver Gladiator....or currently my leader. She has been there for me in ways that no one else has, she made me believe in myself, she helped build courage.....she made me feel worthy of the love that I receive and of being her apprentice......she told me not to doubt myself.........I-I know that no one will be able to replace my mother, not like this is the case but..........I can't help but feel a similar connection with her......maybe it's just me, but nonetheless.........I am grateful to have someone like her in my life, I will never let her down, and I will always be there when she needs matter what.

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: / :bulletpurple: Tiberius
He save my life on our little adventure, I will always be grateful to him for that. He's sweet and kind, and he taught me how to fish back when I was younger.......hence me almost drowning.....but hey, an adventure is an adventure, and no matter what happens, it is always worth it.

:bulletgreen: / :bulletpurple: Rogira

I ran into her, literally, a ling time ago. She was kind, sweet and just plain awesome. She was one of my first friends in this place, I'm glad we have remained that way until now.

:bulletblack: ???? :bulletblack:

?????: Dark cat: I-uh........I still don't know if he.......or she......actually exists.......but if he/she does I will be eternally grateful for what he or she did.

Wanted status

Not currently wanted by bounty hunters

Empire statistics

EP: 137

Stealth: 24
Strength: 21
Stamina: 23
Speed: 21
Defense: 23
Intelligence: 25

EP Tracker:

EBC: Be brave little one + 5 EP… + 4 EP… + 5 EP


EBC: Aela assignment: Defensive training + 16 EP(?)
EBC: Aela assignment: Offensive training + 16 EP
EBC: Apprentice assignment: Hunting + 14 EP
EBC: Apprentice assignment: Meeting your mentor +16 EP… + 16 EP… +15 EP… + 16 EP… + 20 EP




EBC: Air Mistletoe: Uhh...... + 3 EP… + 7 EP

there, done =w=;

I hope this is complete enough :P

yeah, new EBC char :dummy: cuz why not, ya know?

anyway, enjoy~

Aela and art(c):iconcobu96:

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I can't wait to start using this kitty! <3

Vivian; the eternal flame

╰☆ O T H E R  N A M E S ☆╮
Her real name is Viviana, but she likes Vivian better.
Close friends call her Vivi, Vi, or Viv.
╰☆ A G E ☆╮
12 [started at 12 months]
╰☆ G E N D E R ☆╮
╰☆ S P E C I E S ☆╮
Jungle Cat [Felis chaus]
╰☆ V O I C E ☆╮
A smooth but high pitched voice, sharpens when she's angry.
When I write with her, she has simple speech, and she uses mostly small words.
Her voice is really exaggerated when she's angry, excited, sad, ect
She tends to say things she doesn't mean from time to time, 
and also uses sarcasm a lot
╰☆ R A N K ☆╮
╰☆ T H E M E S ☆╮
Unbreakable by Fireflight
One More by Superchick
One Girl Revolution by Superchick
Suddenly by Superchick

Family & Traits

If you'd like your cat to play some part in her history, or be related to Vivian, please let me know.  :] 

Sister: Unknown; Jungle Cat [alive]
Sister: Unknown; Jungle Cat [alive]

Grandmother: Asha; Jungle Cat [most likely deceased]
Grandfather: Mosi; Jungle Cat [killed  by trappers]
Mother: Carlina; Jungle Cat [Breeder; alive]
Aunt: Jocelyn; Jungle Cat [Fighter; whereabouts unknown]

Grandmother: Sanura; Jungle Cat [skinned for her pelt]
Grandfather: Enzi; Jungle Cat [skinned for his pelt]
Father: Badru; Jungle Cat [Noble; alive]
Uncle: Kondo; Jungle Cat [Sailor; alive]


Dominant: 50% Chance
Bullet; White faded stripes
Bullet; White rusty areas
Bullet; White broken stripes
Bullet; White face markings
Bullet; White darker lower legs
Bullet; White slight ear tufts

Recessive: 25% Chance
Bullet; White large size (longer legs; retained from maternal grandfather)
Bullet; White rusty muzzle 
Bullet; White greyish brown fur
Bullet; White belly spot pattern
Bullet; White green eyes
Bullet; White black toes

Carrier: 15%, 10% or 5% Chance
Bullet; White dark blue eyes [paternal; 15%]
Bullet; White brown fur color [maternal; 10%]
Bullet; White no stripes, aside from lower legs [maternal; 15%]
Bullet; White melanism [paternal; 5%]

Physical Attributes

When she was born, Vivian was smaller than her two sisters.  She wasn't a runt, she was just smaller.  Some time after she had left her parents, Vivi started to have frequent growth spurts; though she was born small, she would, will continue to grow more than a normal jungle cat, resulting in a larger individual.

I wouldn't call Vivian frail... she definitely has a lithe, slender build but she's not weak either.  She's capable of taking down cats larger than she is by herself.  When it comes to larger cats like leopards, jaguars, and cheetahs, she can usually fight them when someone's with her.  Giants like tigers and lions she avoids; though with her speed an agility, she may be able to assist an attack by delivering blows and avoiding the worst her enemy dishes out, it's risky and she is better off avoiding them unless she has good back up.

Viviana has long legs and a thin, tapering tail that is about a third of her length from her nose to the base of her tail.  Her ears are very large and spaced close together on the head, and have slight ear tufts.  The faded tripes and spots are highly restricted to certain areas of her body, particularly her head, neck, ears, legs and tail.  Her ticked fur may give a slight speckled appearance.  Her general fur color is tawny grey with areas of rusty brown pigment.  Vivian has red muzzle spots, white spots on her ears, and black ear rims.  Her muzzle and chin are also white.  Her legs have white stockings with black toes, and the very tip of her ringed, faded tail has a black tip.

I'd also ask you to take a close look at the markings on her forehead that stretch between the ears... they're darker than the other stripes on her face, and have a darker brown beneath them.

Vivian's shoulder plates, stomach guard, neck brace and chains are all made out of nickel.  However, the largest pieces are thin, and the chain pieces are small, so it doesn't hinder her two much.  She has a light blue cloth cape that hangs over one side; it's not long enough to trip her.  She also wears three feathers from her first kill attached to her cape.  Two empire markers are on her neck brace, and the empire crest is on each of her shoulder plates.  

She also  a white blanket with a golden rim that she brought from the city.  Except for gatherings, she usually keeps it in the den.  She uses it mostly to keep warm.


Where are the people that accuse me?
The ones who beat me down and bruise me?

Vivian never knew her parents' history in detail, to be honest.  Her grandparents all came from the same general area of the Kalahari Desert is southern Africa.  Her maternal grandmother was pregnant at the time, and his mate died trying to rescue her.  Her father and his brother were very young at the time.  Their parents were captured successfully, but both were skinned for their pelts, because they were too wild to be pets and not big enough to fight, their cubs hand raised from that moment on.  Her mother became a fighter who was frequently bred, her father became the pet to the same nobleman.  At some point, they were bred, and the proud parents grew quite close.  Two of their daughters pleased them, but one was smaller than the other two, and for that reason she did not get the same attention they did.

She wasn't a runt, she was just smaller than the other two.  There was nothing she wanted more than to please her parents, but she embarrassed them, and they didn't think anything good would come out of her.  She was smaller than her two sisters, so she was picked on a lot, and teased for her smaller size.  Vivian became timid and lacked confidence in herself.  She probably would have given in and let herself perish if it weren't for her other family members, her Aunt and Uncle, who would sometimes look after her and were not as proud as her parents.  Aunt Jocelyn was the kind, nurturing figure that Vivian needed desperately.  While that was important for the growing cub, Uncle Kondo had a much bigger impression on her.  He always told her exactly what his parents had told him, what it was like being a truly wild cat, what it was like to be free and independent, and told her of his parents' adventures, the same stories they'd once told him.  This filled Vivian with hopes and dreams of her own, and despite being very timid, she kept telling herself that she would have adventures too.  All the games she played with Kondo were based on their ideas, and though she didn't feel happy at home, Vivian was able to grow into a good cat by the time she was weaned.

They hide just out of sight... Can't face me in the light...
They'll return, but I'll be stronger!

Soon enough, Vivian was weaned and ready to go to her new home.  She openly welcomed her chance to leave home, but was greatly disappointed when she was bought as a pet instead of something more exciting.  There were many things she quickly learned, one of those being avoid the big, scary snow leopard at all costs.  Slowly, though, she began to enjoy her new life, although she longed for so much more.  She remained rather timid though, especially when living in the presence of Enril, a cat she had branded dangerous.  Even though she was on edge in her comfortable life, she was starting to get accustomed to it.  When her aunt Jocelyn discovered she was pregnant, she planned to run away to the empires, and take young Vivian with her.  Afraid of what might happen if she were to attempt escape, she refused.  Vivian never saw Aunt Jocie again, and before long began to regret her decision... she'd certainly heard the stories about the free and adventurous life of a cat living outside the city walls, and from that time on, it became a dream that her experiences and imagination nursed inside her mind.  One of those such experiences was her friendship with Danegan.

Danegan was Enril's son, but he didn't appear to be like his father it all.  He was younger than Vivian, but it wasn't long after she had arrived to the merchant's home that she began to get to know the young snow leopard.  She found him upset by his father's behavior; Enril really wanted his son to be a hunter, but Danegan didn't want to be.  Vivian had heard about the hunters, and it was always just another dream to her.  She didn't understand why the snow leopard would rather have a boring life than one filled with excitement.  Upon hearing his reasons, however, and learning more about the hunters themselves, she began to agree with him, but her striving to have freedom and adventure only increased.  

Danegan's personality had a positive effect on Vivian.  Steadily, she grew more confident and decided that she would do everything she could to be much braver and bolder, and she found it all that much easier when she was around her friend.  She loved to spend as much time as she could with him, whether that be playing games, joking with eachother, the occasional playfight, or just talking about whatever suited them.  She would also sneak out of the city with him whenever the chance arose.  Before long, it became very difficult to separate her from the snow leopard.

God, I want to dream again! Take me where I've never been! 
I want to go there... This time I'm not scared!

By the time their occupance in the city began to come to a close, Vivian and Danegan had a close relationship.  This, however, did not sit well with Enril.  He was upset with his son's rebellious, adventurous behavior, and might have even blamed Vivian for her various dreams and aspirations, and taking his son away from him.  He began to attack his son out of frustration, trying to get him to train to fight, and once or twice he even attacked Vivian in his anger.  Vivian and Danegan were on the same page; Enril was making it increasingly difficult for both of them to live happily, and threatened their friendship.  Despite living a free, comfortable life, Vivi was quite enraged and upset with how things were turning out.  They'd spoken about the empires before, about escaping the city.  They'd managed to do so many times already, after all... it seemed like an ideal option now.  So the two of them escaped the city and ran as far as they possibly could, later being found by an Air Empire Patrol.  Vivian has taken well to life in the empires.  She knows she has duties, and she can't shirk them trying to have her very own adventures, but that doesn't mean she wants them any less, or won't try to make life an adventure whenever she gets the chance.

Now I am unbreakable! It's unmistakable.
No one can touch me, nothing can stop me!

-- Fireflight, 'Unbreakable'


Easily Offended - "DID YOU JUST CALL ME SHORT?!" <-- catch phrase
Unfortunately, Vivian has a tendency to be sensitive and easily offended.  Part of it comes from the fact that she doesn't want to seem weak or vulnerable, but in any case you might want to be careful what you say around her, or you'll be getting a bit of a tongue lashing from this jungle cat.

Social - "Hi there! What's going on? I hope life is good for you."
Vivian has a very friendly nature, sometimes even to a fault.  She's always trying to meet new cats and learn more about them, especially those who seem more shy or timid, or might need a little cheering up, because she was like that when she was younger, and doesn't want others to feel that way.  She's definitely the type who likes to talk and carry a conversation, and may gossip mildly unless she feels it might be harmful.  From time to time though, she may find it hard to keep a secret.

Nosy - "Hello! What's your name? Where'd you come from? I like rabbit the most, how about you?"
Vivian tends to be a little too curious and friendly, to the point of imposing on others.  She doesn't mean to, of course, but it can take quite a bit to make her realize that her constant questions and prying can be annoying, or even make others uncomfortable.  When she does, however, she's going to feel really bad about it, and apologize immediately.

Optimistic - "I think from here on out, things will get better.  For both of us!"
Vivian has always had a very sunny outlook on things.  She almost always tries to see the cup as half full, except in the worst or more tragic situations.  She's almost always hopeful, holding on to the belief that the next day could always be at least a little better, partially because she doesn't want to lose faith and lose herself in her own doubt.  

Adventurous - "We're finally here! Can you believe it? Soon we can explore the territory and start hunting for the Empire!"
For as long as she could remember, Vivian has always liked the idea of freedom and adventure.  Her wild-born relatives told her of times when they had the world all to themselves, which is where this desire came from.  Even as a pet kept inside her owner's home, the jungle cat dreamed of exploring, running, and playing out where the world was hers to find.  That's not exactly what she got when she joined Air Empire, but she still has that same longing and mindset in her everyday life.

Curious - "What's that you're doing? Can you show me how?"
Vivian has always been very inquisitive and curious.  She's the type to go towards things that seem strange and unusual, is always trying to learn, and wants to know as much as possible when it comes to what's going on around her.  This can sometimes make her seem a bit annoying, and often gets her in trouble too, often of the dangerous variety.  After all, curiosity kills the cat.

Active - "Hey, if you're not busy, would you like to do something? I'm bored!"
Vivian is almost always full of energy.  She always needs to be doing something during her waking hours, otherwise she'll be easily bored and very irritable.  She'll usually fix this by doing whatever the others are doing, whether they like it or not.  She also likes to be involved in the activities that are having the most action.

Cheerful - "Silly! Pigs can't fly! It's just an expression."
Vivian has a very bright personality, as hinted above.  Most of the time, she's usually smiling and trying to share her happiness with the rest of the world.  She'll often joke around and generally enjoy her life, even enjoying races and games as if she were a much younger cat.

Just - "As much as I might want to, we shouldn't kill another cat unless it's completely necessary."
Vivian has a strong sense of justice.  She'll help cats in trouble, doesn't tolerate cruelty, and won't do things she views as immoral.  This is a major driving force in Vivian's personality.

Protective - "Oh, no! That cat's in trouble! Come on, we gotta help them!"
Vivian has a loyal and defensive personality, and won't hesitate to protect her friends.  This also expands to any weak cats, or those in danger.  She has a sense of justice and won't let someone defenseless remain so.

Loyal - "Don't worry! As long as you need me, I'll be by your side."
Vivian has extremely strong loyalty, to her empire, friends, acquaintances, and just about anyone else whom she feels deserves it.  This loyalty, once formed, is extremely hard to shake.  She will believe in and trust these cats even if someone is trying to tell her that they're using her.

Daring - "I'm not scared! You're on!"
Vivian doesn't like to seem as if she's a coward, and for that reason she's always trying to prove herself.  Vivian will take dares and challenges without hesitation, especially if someone taunts her, saying that she's too scared.  This often ends badly for her.

Jumpy - "GREAT SATOR! You scared me! Don't sneak up on me like that."
Despite being braver than she used to be (or in some cases, acting as if she was) Vivian tends to be very easily startled and on edge.  She always seems to be very alerted, tuned to the smallest sounds, moves, and scents.

Hot-tempered - "How dare you call me that?!"
Vivian is quick to anger.  Paired with her sensitive trait, this can be rather disastrous and/or amusing.  Her anger will often cause her to act without thinking, especially in a battle, and is easily her biggest flaw.

Determined - "We all have too much to lose! I've come way too far to give in! I refuse to fall! Not now, not ever!"
Vivian has an iron will.  She knows what she wants.  She will shoot for it till the end, won't give up until defeat is inevitable, and will keep it up for long periods of time if she has to.  This is often seen as stubborness, which is often true.  Once she's made up her mind, while not impossible, it's difficult to change it.

Judgmental - "I'm heard about you! I'm not sure what you're up to, but I won't let you take advantage of me."
Vivian takes things for their face value.  She thinks that first impressions are very important, and so is your reputation.  Once she's judged you, it can take quite a bit of effort to change her mind.  She's unlikely to take well to cats with bad reputations.

Dreamer - "I was taken in as a pet.  It was a good life, but it was never enough for me.  What I really wanted was adventure and excitement! It's a big world, and I'd like to see it all."
Vivian holds fast to her aspirations.  She sets her goals for the stars, no matter how impossible her dreams may seem to achieve.  She's always had big dreams and desires of her own, and always strives to make them come true, despite what anyone else might say.

Likes to Fight - "Hey, why don't you and I go a couple rounds?"
If it weren't for the whole 'fight to the death' thing, Vivian would have loved to be a coliseum fighter.  She used to learn from and spar with Danegan occasionally, and came to enjoy it rather quickly, so now she's happy to do a little practice fighting anytime she gets the chance.

Unforgiving - "'Well' nothing! I will never forgive him for hurting you! And you still choose to trust him? What's wrong with you?!"
If you do something to offend or hurt Vivian, especially if you do so multiple times, she's likely to hold a grudge forever, and want nothing whatsoever to do with you.  She'll take every opportunity to remind you of this too.

Responsible - "Don't worry.  I know my empire expects me to do my part, and I won't fail them, even if it means a little less adventure than I'd like."
One thing that Vivian learned quickly about empire life was her obligations to the empire.  She wanted adventure and freedom, but it comes with a cost, and she accepted that immediately. Once an apprentice, she's willing to become as responsible as possible to prove that she was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dream.  She won't usually do extra work unless she's asked, because she likes to have fun too.

Intelligent - "We should think about this carefully.  A good tactic will give us the advantage!"
She's always been rather smart.  Vivian is good at looking at a situation from different angles, forming plans of action, and learns quickly.  Sometimes her hasty behavior will block out this trait, though, when it comes to her judgement.

Reckless - "No more sitting around! Let's go already!"
Vivian has a tendency to just rush into situations, even if she knows it's a stupid decision.  She's not very patient in general, and always tries to be brave, not knowing when to draw the line.  In addition to actions, Vivian also is reckless in the things she says.  She may often say things she'll regret.

Cocky  - "Guess you‘re not as good as you thought you were!"
Though she's not overflowing with self confidence, Vivian can sometimes be a little cocky and sure of herself, which can sometimes lead her to make bad decisions, but it doesn't cause her to think she's better than anyone else, and will tone it down a bit if someone asks her to stop.

Brave (or tries to be) -  "Take one more step and I'll shred you.  You're not getting past me!"
Vivian always tries to have courage and bravery, no matter the situation.  A lot of it, though, is a mask, because she was not originally a brave cat.  She's often more scared than she seems, and someone who knows her well enough can tell when this is the case.  

Immature "What?! He started it!"
Vivian can get a bit petty sometimes, and will often act less than her age when it comes to arguments and her behavior, but will still listen to her superiors when they tells her to stop, if not a bit annoyed in the end.  (note: sometimes Vivian can be slightly irritable)

Compassionate  -  "What's the matter? It's ok, you can tell me.  What's on your mind?"
Vivian has a very kind and caring nature.  She doesn't like to see others in distress, whether they be scared, hurt, or depressed.  She's always a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or the one to cheer you up when you need it.

Excitable  -  "Ooh, this is gonna be awesome!"
Vivian gets excited very easily.  It quickly motivates and energizes her when she's excited by something, and she might even start acting a little silly and hyper if she's looking forward to something enough.  It can take a bit to calm her down.

Jealous "Wish I knew what that was like..."
Though this trait isn't strong enough to really control her actions, it does exist.  Vivian tends to get a little jealous when it comes to cats who have strong family bonds, because she never had good relationships with her mother, father or siblings, and probably never will.  However, she doesn't let her jealously rule her.  She won't bully these cats because of it, and she does try to respect and appreciate others' family relationships.

Skeptical "I can‘t believe you! I won‘t! I don't understand why he's acting this way… But he‘s our friend! And he promised!"
When it comes to her beliefs and friendships, it takes a lot for her to change them, even if it's quite obvious that she's wrong.  Vivian is very opinionated and feels very strongly about pretty much everything, which is why they're hard to shake.

Needs Support - "I won't give up anymore.  Not while you're here.  Come on! Let's go home, together!"
Although she's very outgoing and bold, Vivian doesn't do well without support.  She always prefers to have a trusted friend or acquaintance by her side which, with her friendly personality, isn't hard to do.  She can function when she's by herself, but she feels much more comfortable and motivated when she's not alone.

Afraid of Tragedy - "'re kidding right? They... they're coming back, right?"
Although she didn't have the most ideal childhood, her entire life before coming to the empires was rather simple.  Vivian hadn't experienced much tragedy, but when she does now, especially concerning the Hunters she doesn't take it very well, and would much prefer to dismiss it.  In truth though, she is heavily affected or even discouraged by such things.

Sarcastic "Ha ha! Very funny.  A pebble? I‘m so scared, my fur is falling off!"
Vivian tends to use a lot of sarcasm, which comes in both flavors; she can use it to make a joke, when she angry, or even rather casually.  She often forgets to stop being so sarcastic around cubs or other cats that take things literally, and therefore have a hard time understanding sarcasm.


~Vivian's defining factor is that she fears, technically, fear itself.  She's a lot braver when she was when she was younger, but she's still rather nervous and skittish, and constantly pushes herself to be braver.  She doesn't want to become that timid, sulking cat again, so she always tries to have courage.  She hasn't learned where the line should be drawn though, and always feels like she has to prove herself, causing her to always make rash, sometimes even stupid decisions.  She's the type who will go above and beyond to prove she's not a coward.

~Vivian doesn't appreciate being judged for her smaller size, and will always get offended, sometimes unnecessarily.  She knows she can't fight as well as, say a tiger... but that doesn't mean she's worthless.  Part of this is due to her being smaller as a cub; her parents and siblings judged her for that.  It also comes from her will to prove herself, and not to seem like a coward.

Roleplay Examples

[Penelope; 599 Words]

There was a full moon tonight. The light bathed Ice Empire's camp, casting a soft, bluish white glow on the landscape. For the most part, things were very peaceful aside from some small sounds emitted from the Apprentice's Den, barely heard over the sound of crickets chirping all around the Massilian escapees.

Little Penny turned in her sleep. Little, uncomfortable sounds came from the lynx cross occasionally, until eventually the apprentice sat up, her eyes wide and pupils dilated. Sighing, she looked down at her paws, playing lightly with the moss and grass underneath her. She'd never been one to have nightmares often... much less about the death of Master. That was a day she tried not to look back on, if she could help it. And after all, it'd been months since that day... she didn't understand why she couldn't forget it. It was over. She had a new life now. That should be enough to let it go... right...?

The pale lynx laid down again in her nest, but as she tossed and turned, memories both good and bad conflicted in her mind; sleep simply wouldn't come. Eventually, her fears turned to the darkness around her, almost feeling consumed by it, as if it might swallow her. Wincing in fear, she immediately shot up into a standing position and darted outside, hoping that it might be at least a little lighter away from the enclosed space of the den.

Once outside, she took a deep breath, and glanced around real quickly. Alone.

...perfect. Just what she needed right now. At times like this, when she felt rather distanced from her empire mates... Penelope needed to be alone. Though a small part of her still wanted a friend or two, right now it was better to feel lonely.

Then she took notice of her surroundings. It was funny... there were patches of lighter color on the ground. Was that... snow? Slowly and cautiously, the lynx approached the patch, and gingerly stepped on it with her paw. But when she did, she felt no cold sensation on her pads. In fact, her paw also got lighter than in was when she wasn't touching the patch of grass. She had to repeat this a few times before she realized that this wasn't snow... it was light. Penny gazed up at the sky, to see a bright orb shining above her. So, that was it, then. Moonlight.

She'd really never seen the moon before... even when she was with Master. Because of her experiences in the cages of Massilia, the darkness had always terrified and threatened her... but with such a large and bright moon... she felt it was tolerable, to be out here... and it was kind of nice... and now that she was able to get a look at them, the stars were pretty. It was certainly brighter out here than it was in the apprentice's den. It wasn't always like this, but... for some reason, today the moon was bigger. That must be why she was less unnerved by the darkness. It didn't stop her from moving her ears in different directions or looking over her shoulder often, but for the moment, she was mesmerized enough by the brilliant sky overhead that she wasn't going to run away just yet. And besides, it would be even darker in the den... where else was she going to go? The only place with light was the city, and she most certainly wasn't going there. No... for now, all she could do was enjoy the moment until she got sleepy again.

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:new: Updated!

omg ;; I spent so long on the anatomy...

 Well, here is Mace's update app, geez, I think he's grown a little, hey? xD

Yes, he grew his full mane.
That's why it's bigger lol.


Name: Mason (Mace)

Gender: Male

Species: White African Lion 

Rank: Gladiator

Age: 2 years

-Very sharp claws and teeth
-His parents died when just as he was finishing his apprentice training
-Mace was born along with his brother, though his brother died shortly after birth
-His mother was nearly a white lion, but his father was a regular brownish African lion. Yet, both his parents carried the recessive gene for a white lion
-Before his mother died, she told him to live life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment. 
:new: - Mason now wears the fore-cuffs on his front legs that once belonged to his father 
:new: -He still wears the brown sleeves under his armour on his fore-arms 
:new: - Mason now has his full mane

Empire Statistics

Empire Points: 31 EP
Stealth: 2
Intelligence: 5
Strength: 8
Defence: 7
Speed: 3
Stamina: 6


{Gentile/Caring} {Powerful} {Curious} {Brave} {Trust Issues} 

"Be caring to everybody you only get one chance at your life. Enjoy every moment of your it..."
Right before Arah died, she told Mason to live his life to the fullest. To love everybody, be gentile, and kind. From the smallest cub, to the eldest Gladiator. There has been many times, when Mace has been tempted to snap, and lose his it. Though his mothers words always flow through his head, and he some how manages to find the strength to calm down. So, since the death of his mother, Mace has done his best to hold his tongue, to be respectful to everybody, and become somebody his parent's could be proud of.

"Thrust your hind paws out to throw off your attacker!"
Despite having a more gentile personality, Mason was born with strength of his father, when he fights, he uses all the strength that his father taught him, as well as using his greater size. Ki trained with Mace for hours. When Pike became too old to do rough training, Ki took over, teaching his son in the same ways his father and mentor. But muscle isn't all strength for this young male. He also wants the mental strength that his mother had, her wisdom and cunning.

"Mace get back in camp, you know cubs aren't allowed outside of camp!"
Ever since Mace was a cub, he was curious. His father often caught him at the entrance of the camp, trying to sneak out. The young cub would look under every bush in camp, inside every den, there isn't an inch in camp that Mace doesn't know about. When Mason became an apprentice, he was eager to learn more. Even when his father pushed him to learn as much as he could, until he fell exhausted ever night in his nest, Mace wanted to learn more, he wanted to explore, learn about everything, and everyone. As Mason grew older, his curiosity died down slightly, though the male is still eager to learn about new things, and explore new places.

"Mace charged past his mentor, racing up next to his father, before launching himself  at one of the Gladiators."
From the second Mason's father was born, he was heroic, brave, and strong. But, as a cub, Mace had the stupidity of youth, yet with the training that his father and mentor gave him, Mace's stupidity drained, and was replaced with bravery, and his willingness to sacrifice to make sure that others were safe. The day of the battle, which Ki died in, Mace's bravery matched his fathers, he was ready for battle, ready to face any enemy. When Ki was struck down, Mace hesitated, before acting, flinging himself at the cat who had killed his father. Now, as a young lion, Mace wonders around ready to show courage and sacrifice, for hid empire.  

Trust Issues:
"After my parents and Pike died, I found it hard to get close to others, for a fear they'll die too."
As a young cub, Mace had much trust for his family and the members of Air Empire. He grew up as his father had at a young age, carefree and trusting of everybody. The day his father died, Mace was saddened, but it was the days when the rest of his loved ones died, when the young male began to isolate himself from the Empire. What is the point in friendships and love, when everybody you love dies. Of course though, Mace will always be loyal to his Empire, as well as being kind, and gentile to others, but the male avoids close relationship bounds with other felines. 


Masons father was a powerful African lion, his mother was not as strong, but she was quick and clever. Both his parents had been born in the city, abused and tortured by humans for moons. When Arah gave birth during a snowy winter night, she begged Ki to help her escape, for the safety of her cub, and the safety of them, as one of her cubs, Storm, Masons brother had been taken away from her and killed. The two once sleek and healthy lions, were filthy and scrawny, and Ki feared they would not be srtrong enough for an escape. However, a few weeks later, the couple managed to escaped from the city, they slept outside, and for a few weeks, roamed the outskirts of the city, never staying in one spot for a fear they would be found or capture. 1 moon later, the lions stumbled upon the Empire territories, though they were now desperate for protection, Ki and Arah were reluctant to join such a big group of cats. Though after a few days of watching from outside the borders, they decided on joining Air Empire, a strong but noble looking group. Here, they were accepted into the Empire. 

When Mason was finally old enough to begin his training, he was given an older tom, known as Pike. Despite his older age and experience, Pike was not the best fighter, but he was smart and quick. As Pike grew older, he began slowing down, unable to give Mason the proper training he deserved, the older lion went to Ki, asking for him to help train Mace. Ki instantly agreed, taking over the more dangerous and aggressive training, while Masons mentor supervised. Under his fathers training, and Pikes wisdom, Mason became a formidable fighter. But Arah however, wasn't in as good of shape as her mate and son. Not 3 moons after a long and difficult recovery, the beautiful lioness fell ill, unable to continue her training, she kept to the healers den. As Mason was nearing the end of his training, his father was called for an early dawn patrol. The young white male had begged his father to let him come, but Ki had refused, telling his son that he needed to sleep. Ki never returned, the patrol however did, returning with devastating news, that the brave African lion had been shot by humans on the outside border of the Empire. Devastated of the death of her mate, Arah fell even more ill, refusing to eat, and in return, passing away half a moon later. Mason continued his training, he had made a promise to his father, to follow in his paw steps, and become the best Gladiator he could be.

Training, Mentors, & Apprentices 

Past Mentor(s): Pike (Dead)

Current Mentor: None

Current Apprentice: None

Past Apprentice: None

Armour + Items

Currently has no items

Currently has armour:
Shoulder Amour/Back Armour/spikes on armour



Father: Ki (Dead)

Mother: Arah (Dead)

Siblings: Storm (M, Dead)

Crush: None

Mate: None

Cub(s): None



Bullet; White = Neutral
Bullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow = Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Crush
Bullet; Pink= Love
Bullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; Orange = Family
Bullet; Black = Jealous
Bullet; Purple = Respect

Outside of the Empires 

Bullet; PinkBullet; OrangeBullet; Purple Arah
Oh mother, I miss you so much. I know one day we will be re-united. I hope you are proud of everything I have done for out Empire.

Bullet; OrangeBullet; PinkBullet; PurpleBullet; Blue Ki
Father, you were one of the best fighters in the Empire! I miss you so much, that last battle when you were killed...I'll never forget anything you taught me.


Ari Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green

AHAHA, you are amazing! I love hanging out with you, we gotta chill more often. 

Blair Bullet; YellowBullet; BlueBullet; Purple
Well, you seem very nice. I was happy to eat with you, and perhaps we could be good friends one day, but without trust, there can be no friendship, it's up to you whether you want to accept me, and trust me.

EP Balance

31 EP

Drawing Record

.:The drowned cat:. by exclusiveWolves

EBC Empire Assignment 6/13/2014 by exclusiveWolves

Wanted Status

Mason is currently not wanted by the bounty hunters

Roleplay Example

A cool breeze ruffled through the young lions mane. Above head, the sun had barely risen over the horizon. With a yawn, Mason padded out of the Air Empires camp, his tail flicking slightly. Shacking his white mane, the male let out a sigh, raising his head, whilst enjoying the breeze ruffling his fur. "A lovely morning for a stroll," he murmured quietly, continuing on his way. Arriving at a near by stream, Mason bend down, lapping up the fresh water as it flowed by. The sun had risen father in the never ending sky, causing the clouds to change to a pink-purple colour. Bushes rustled behind the male. Whipping around, he bend down, a low growl in his throat as intruder scent hit his scent glands. "Come out! I can scent you," Mason growled dangerously, his claws unsheathing. With a hiss, a large snow leaped out from behind a bush, donging to one side, mason swiped a blow at the slightly smaller feline. Roaring angrily, as the other cat sprung up and sank his long claws into the white lions fur. Dropping to roll onto his back, Mason felt the cat gasp as if it's breath was driven from him. "Stay out of my territory!" With a mighty swipe at the felines head, Mason backed up, allowing the snow leopard to flee with a hiss.

Mason(c) me

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Fyi, what she is wearing isn't rly armor material. I forgot to cross out the text there and i'm too lazy atm to do so...orz

Name: Minerva
||In Greek it means "wise" In Latin it means Roman goddess of "wisdom"||

Gender: Female
Species: Serval
Rank: Apprentice of Fire Empire 
Age: 1 1/2 moons

Theme Song
"Who's that chick??" 

Personality & Background


{Self-confident} – {Flirtatious} – {Tease} – {Wisdom} 
  • Self-confident
    "Why, of course! I'm can easily make that jump. You, on the other hand...not likely~"
    Her confidence on her own abilities are pretty high. Even if there's an obstacle that clearly looks impossible to do, she will never look down on her abilities. This tends to happen a lot when big cats pick on her, sure her size makes her look like the underling. However, her boast of self-confidence makes her stand out.
  • Flirtatious
    "Hello there, dear. Do tell me, how do you keep your fur so firm and beautiful~?"
    Whether you're female or male, she will flirt most of the times. It's not an attempt to find a mate, but for her own pure entertainment. She finds it rather funny to make anyone flustered, and sometimes, if need be, she might attempt to seduce her opponent in order to escape a battle or a death situation. 
  • Tease
    "My, careful now. If you eat that whole deer carcass-- you'll lose your fabulous figure." 
    Just another personality trait he tends to loves to do, again, for her entertainment. One of her many bad habits, and it's inevitable for her to change her ways. 
  • Wisdom
    "Come now, what kind of shortcut is that? It would be beneficial for us if we took the Center Isle. We'll run into less hassles there than taking the other route." 
    She's not afraid to correct others with her knowledge, and sometimes this snobby quality of hers makes others find her irritating. And since she used to be a loner Serval, before encountering the empires, she's kinda used to being alone. If your cat happens to befriend her, she may open up. However, it all depends if your cat can put up with her insufferable personality.


Minerva had vague memories of her family, due to that she was separated from them at a young age. In Rome, when the humans acknowledged her parents for having cubs, they took the four cats out of the pits and somewhere safe/warm so their cubs could be better taken care of. However, roughly around 3 months of age she curiously ran away from her family when she spotted a rat. The rat lured her away from her family and just when her prey was about to lung at her- another feline came to her rescue. Of course she was young so she wasn't aware that she was in any danger, fortunately the other feline came when she did. However, the older feline was unable to trace Minerva's parents. Two months later she came so close to track them down-- but it was far too late. Rumors said they had escaped the city thanks to Minerva's dad, Aron. Nonetheless, around a week after the news of her mother, Mabel, being cooped up in the pits were spread. By then Minerva was 5 months old and thanks to the other feline, she was able to slip past the guards and visit her mom in the Colosseum pits. Her mother was still caring, lovable, everything you would perceive in a mother figure... really. Nothing change except the additional bruises she got when she went back to the city to help out Aron. Sadly they didn't have much time left and Mabel urgently informed Minerva to go to the empires where her brother, Niam, could be found. The other feline reassured Minerva that she would look after her mother, but it was still hard for the 5 month old Serval to leave them behind. She wanted to stay but the sound of human footsteps caused her to be alerted and run off, like she was told. Thanks to her cub size, she was able to be undetected and slip through the city's wall. And with a heavy burden weighing her heart, she padded towards the wild- away from Rome. Least, her real mother knew that she didn't ran away from the family. Furthermore, Mabel had someone to comfort her. That alone eased Minerva's heart...some.

Once the cub reached 11 1/2 months of age, the young Serval had grew to be a insufferable snot. Her personalty changed from being all 'sweet' into turning to a self-confident feline. She was alone for 5 1/2 months so- nobody can really blame her, right? This new personality of hers did made it difficult to gather friends, but she was no longer the type to sulk. If anything, she grew used to being alone to really care about it.  

Through her alone travel, she managed to live by eating small things, like rats and fishes from certain lakes. Whenever she encountered a bigger threat she tended to use her speed to her advantage, most of the time. She's wasn't the type to engage in fighting, since she found it unnecessary to get her fur/claws dirty. However, if need be she will defend herself against big predators. Along her journey her brother's and dad's memory crossed her mind, due to growing up with them for 3 months, though her mother's image was more stronger. She missed everyone a bit but not enough to turn back or look for them, her seeking knowledge for what was beyond the wild was more of an importance for the young serval. Least, she kept telling herself that. Assuming that they were all already dead. Within a few weeks of traveling several miles she eventually turned 1 yr old and then stumble upon the empires. The Fire Empire. This is where the newcomer serval has yet to experience her journey within the empires, and that of the bounty hunters. AND- to perhaps reunite with her long lost brother and father.

Niam's experience and more details about Aron||Mabel can be found HERE
For Aron's experience and more details can be found HERE

Random Facts, Quirks, and Fears

- She hates it when she gets her fur all dirty. Especially her fabulous mane. 
-She loves feathers. In which case, you'll never see her attack birds. They are wonderful creatures, in her opinion.
-As for armor- she would wear something fashionable instead of 'fighting' material. Above in the ref she is wearing something 'basic' that has lots of feathers, and the symbol of Fire. Most of the times she would also have one left earring feather on her. 
-Her strength is nothing powerful, but one of her battle tactics is to use her claws. It's one of her favorable weapons. 
- This serval is light on her feet/paws. Meaning she can run quite fast, climb trees with ease, and jump at high lengths. 
- She starts to feel a bit uneasy if a bug is on her. It's one of her biggest fears because she considers them as 'filthy things'. 

Family & Relations


Mate: None
Cubs: None

Family Lineage

Father ; Serval ; Strategist ; TRD ; Unknown 

Mother ; Serval ; Strategist ; TRD ; Unknown

Brother ; Serval ; Apprentice ; EBC ; Alive 

[[-insert feline's name-]]
Mother-figure ; ??? ; ??? ; TRD ; Unknown

[[Relationships:]] ( Minerva's quotes below will casually change/get an update depending if anything with great impact happens in our RPs)


Death dead
Star! Mentor
jsenn the beloved Mate/true love  
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Red Dislikes
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Fear
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Distrust/discomfort
Bullet; Black Uncomfortable
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Admires/looks up to
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Respects
Bullet; Yellow Trust
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Jealous of
Bullet; Orange Annoying/Irritation
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Attraction/Crush
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Blue Comfortable with 
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Purple Family

:iconebc-fire: Fire Empire :iconebc-fire:

??/?? Milon "...TBA..."

??/?? Niam "...TBA..."

??/?? Ethan "...TBA..."

??/?? Cicero "...TBA..."

??/?? Aven "...TBA..."

??/?? Valuri "...TBA..."

:iconebc-air:Air Empire::iconebc-air:


:iconebc-lightning:Lightning Empire::iconebc-lightning:


:iconebc-ice:Ice Empire:iconebc-ice:

??/?? Chara "...TBA..."

:iconebc-shadow:Shadow Empire:iconebc-shadow:

??/?? Seidon "...TBA..."

:iconebc-hunters:Bounty Hunters:iconebc-hunters:


Empire Statistics & Empire Points

Empire Statistics:
Empire Points: 3 EP 
Stealth: N/A
Intelligence: N/A
Strength: N/A
Defense: N/A
Speed: N/A
Stamina: N/A

Wanted Status


Armor & Items

Minerva believes armors aren't that useful for battles. She's more interesting in the 'beauty' appearance than anything. Items you would usually see on her are things like; feathers, necklaces, diamonds, ect. You would hardly ever see her wearing something 'heavy'. This is a trait was possibly carried from her father, since he didn't believe in armors as well. 

Minerva © 2wolfan 2014

Group © :iconempiresbeforeclans: 
Minerva and Art by 2wolfan
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“I’m not good with children. Or people. Or any organic life forms, really.”

~Basic Info~

Name: Spurius

Gender: Male

Species: Snow leapard

rank: Blacksmith

Age: 6 years

~: Personal Info :~

Personality & backround


Shy: Spurius is quiet and nervous around the other gladiators in air empire. Trying to keep himself out of trouble is an excuse from meeting new people

Gentle: Spurius is amazing with his work, but he may make hard armor but he is gentle with the cubs.

Loyal: Spurius is dead on loyal, he will not stop making armor for the empire.

He has a fear of rejection from others, he lacks self-trust.

Born within a quiet den within an refuge of felines, Spurius was named after a great blacksmith and was trained to be one. Though his mother wasn't the nicest cat. She never wanted cubs, and when he was born a runt. It lead to him being thrown by her. His back legs would be injured in the process. She rejected him, though Spurius never held it against her. He loved her no matter what. She left him with his father and the others with the rest of the litter. He would never see any of his siblings again. Later In his cubhood he was picked on for being a bit different and that made him cut off from others. He refused to be violent though towards these bullies. His father took noticed and began training in advanced armor making, his father created his first back leg braces. Spurius began to hide away in the little forge, tinkering with ideas.

There were small nameless battles once he was into his teen years. He had written the battles as a scribe, and being the blacksmith when his father passed on, he was very much needed. On a cold winter day in the mountians the refugees were attacked by a group of young bounty hunters causing everyone to scatter in different ways. Spurius gather as much as could from his den and ran from the slaughter. He ran and ran until he lost sight of his former haven. He would travel for days down to the sea where it was warmer. The young snow leopard made his way to the edge of the village of humans. From what Spurius understood there was a coliseum breakout. In the corner of his eye a liger ran getting corner by guards. Spurius panicked, he knew he had to do something. So he grabbed a torch and lit the village on fire. The liger saved Spurius as the fire surrounded him. The two felines ran off, this older feline and the young snow leopard became a group. Spurius told titus most of his story. And to this day Titus doesn't know everything.

As the entered a new area they were ambushed being accused for being bounty hunter spies. But the liger who was named Titus, was pretty tough to bring down. So the first leader of air empire himself came down to confront the two. Finding out they were just looking for a place both were accepted.

Now Spurius uses his skills as a blacksmith to help the air empire.

:bulletblue: Fatal Flaw :bulletblue:

Spurius has great talent, but he doesn't really put much trust in others. He is timid to try new things. He is very hard on himself and has a low self confidence. But he clings to the power of the blacksmith in fear of being forgotten.

"The only reason why felines know my name is because I am the blacksmith. If I wasn't, I would left for dead. I will die first before I give up being a blacksmith"


Father: Calasar (decreased)

Mother: Atheanus (decreased)

Siblings: unknown

Cubs: None


Markings: comes in different colors in different shapes and sizes

Back legs: powerful and solid.


:bulletwhite: = Neutral
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Close Friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Dislike/Hate
:bulletorange: = Family
:bulletblack: = Jealous
:bulletpurple: = respect

:Air empire: :iconebc-air:

Valon :bulletpurple: / :bulletblue: : I believe he is a normal feline and we all make mistakes. He is the leader I simply obey and show up when needed. Cause that's all I am good for, making stuff. He leads us, everyone looks up to him. Even Titus. I only can hope he knows what he is doing And now he is injured himself and had to step down. I only pray for his health now.

Ash :bulletblue: : she is a very talented healer, I bet my left paw that she could save anyone

Avita :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow: : erm uh well this AHEM arkward, yes I used to have a crush on her. But she is now the mate of Valon and I have moved on... I really do enjoy her son Vulcan. He and his sibling are welcome to my den anytime.

Crisma (dead) :bulletwhite: : I miss this old silver gladiator may she be at peace

Cierra :bulletwhite: :bulletpurple: I have seen her in dismay and I have noticed someone takes a liking to her. She is really nice to cubs, she has my respect. A certain liger I've seen you know what do you call it? Ah yes "checking" her out.

Velafor: :bulletwhite: :bulletblack: : He seems not to always obey but he does what he does I guess. I envy him, he has this connection to Vayea and isn't a social retard.

Vayea :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: : After I..fell for Avita who as everyone knows.. has a mate. I found myselt lonely..and and..then she..came. She actually talked to me, I found myself falling for another feline. And I began to make things, wonderful things just for her. Though I..will never tell her.. but she got my love out anyway. And...well..she doesn't care. Like my mother, like those felines in the mountains. She probably looks at me like a defect..a weak spot in armor. A cripple. 
Vayea...oh Vayea.. I just.. I know I am not...nevermind. I just... I...nevermind.

Titus :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: : My best and first friend in the world, he has been trying to get me to step out into the world and make some conversations.... he is always looking after me. He is like my brother to me. But I wish he didn't push me so hare as to ask Vayea to go on a walk or something. He has enough to worry about, besides he shouldn't be talking he is a single father. He is afraid to fall in love and loose them.


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Last Updated 11/24/2014

Name: Danegan (Dah-Neh-Gahn), AKA Danny, Dan
Age:  11 months (as of 11/20/14)
Gender: Male
Species: Snow Leopard
Rank: Apprentice
Traits: See Below
Join Date: 10/20/2014 at age 10 months

NOTE: Danegan DOES NOT have any white "shine" in his eyes. Just pupil and iris xD

Snow Leopard spots/rosaries [AA]; Dark nose [AA]; Large ears [Aa]; Golden eyes [Aa]; Thick Fluffy Tail [Aa]; Light toes/paws [AA], Back stripe [AA]; Tail Rings [AA]; Single Tone Pelt [Aa]; Head tuft [Aa]

Dual Tone Pelt [aa]; Dark ear rims [aa]; Fluffy cheeks [aa]; Neck marking [aa]; Cheek stripes [aa]; Grey/Silver Eyes [aa]

Carrier: Blue eyes [Aa]; Multiple color variance [Aa]; White spot behind ears [Aa]



[Playful / Flirty / Rebellious / Protective / Outgoing / Cocky]


Play, play, play! That's all this guy wants to do! No motivation at all to better himself! This guy loves to have a good time, much to the irritation of his father and owner. He loves to play pranks on other cats or joke around. Not necessarily meaning any harm, Dan finds it hard to stay still or listen to those long boring lectures of his father. He'd rather go out and see the world! He's been saved the horrors of the colosseum battles due to his roaming nature. He's not afraid to meet new cats and is very outgoing.


Danny LOVES the ladies!! He greatly prefers girl kitties to males (though he loves a fun band of males to joke around with.. once he gets to know them). During his time in the city, he use to roam around talking to all the girls he could. He'd even flirt with some of the bounty hunter females (WHOA MAN YOU GOT A DEATH WISH?!). Despite his flirty outwardness. 


Danegan is NOT very respectful of authority. Due to his pressuring father, Danny prefers to pave his own path, and may need a stronger paw to come down on his head than a gentle nudge. He will be less receptive to males than females. Danny cannot be strong armed though. If he catches wind that another is trying to "bully" him, not give him an option, or force him to follow orders, he will actually become harder to get to cooperate and become closed off. You can't make this kitty drink from a river even if you shove his head underwater (unless he drowns, lol!) A cat will need to be very persuasive or make it seem more beneficial or "fun" to this guy if they want him to follow through. Don't worry, it's actually easier than it sounds.


Despite being a seemingly, non-reliable, flirty little thing, Danegan will always do his best for the ones he loves. His protectiveness may come off as jealousy sometimes though (though he may try to hide it). He's not afraid to stand up for those he cares about!


Danegan is VERY friendly and willing to talk to anyone (but he thinks grumpy cats are full of BS and steers clear). He is the first to strike up conversations with other cats. He loves to hang around others who are friendly as well, and makes a great team with goofy kitties that just want to have fun.


Despite his fun-loving and playful/friendly nature, Danegan is a spoiled brat. He is not one to be modest or meek. If he has something on his mind, he'll say it (he has horrible foot-in-mouth syndrome..) He thinks he will be awesome at anything without having to put much work in it. This is mostly due to being brought up on a silver spoon, having most things handed to him. Even his own father couldn't make him practice fighting skills! Why did he need them anyways, he's awesome as he is! Danegan usually ends up learning the hard way, but that doesn't deter him from ridiculing other cats that fail before him.



Danegan is born to a very wealthy merchant in Massilia. His father was an older cat, a silver-grey snow leopard who went by the name of Enril. Enril was a champion gladiator who, in his younger years aspired to join the Bounty Hunters. Unfortunately, when Enril finally had his chance, he got too cocky and ended up losing his most important battle, and his front right leg. Fortunately for him, his master decided to use him to breed, but Enril's shame would never outlive him. Forced to watch the proud forces of the hunters from a cushy lifestyle, Enril found an outlet for his depression. Enril didn't have a very good opinion of females. He considered them the weaker sex in ALL aspects. He even hated seeing females in the bounty hunters and grumpily made claims that if it wasn't for his missing leg, he would have become leader of the bounty hunters and ousted all female hunters, because of course, females were only good for producing heirs. One day, he was mated with a gladiator female, and the outcome looked to be very promising! Enril vowed that his cubs would not fail where he did. Soon, a tiny bluish grey snow leopard cub was born, and Enril proudly named his son, Danegan.

Danegan was the apple of Enril's eye, following in his footsteps wherever he went, trying to do everything he did, and even saying how much he wanted to see his father fight. It was a proud time for Enril. As Danegan got older and came of training age, Enril began to train his boy to take up where he left off and do what he couldn't, become a bounty hunter. Danegan followed through, doing all he could to impress and obey his father.

One day, on a whim, Enril and Danegan's master purchased a new and smaller cat as a pet. It was a female, jungle cat who went by the name of Viviana. Enril turned his nose up at the younger female, and growled at her if she came near. However, little by litte, Danegan began to take less interest in training and doing what his father wanted. Danegan took a lot of interest in the little female and abandon his training to go and play with Viviana. Day after day, Enril would have to scour the mansion and drag his son off to train. However, this method of hide and seek put a wedge between the two cats. 

Danegan soon discovered more to life than training every day for a father he just couldn't seem to please. Harsh training, nothing to encourage him, his father would only scold and correct him when wrong and say nothing for his improvements. Danegan grew weary of being unable to make his father proud and took to sneaking out of the mansion to explore the city. He got very good at sneaking past the humans and bounty hunters, after being caught a few times (luckily he had a collar to show he wasn't an escaped empire cat, and the hunters grew to recognize the familiar, dumb cub and his antics). He stayed out late, flirted with females, and became disinterested in honoring his unrelenting father's wishes to live out Enril's dreams.

Finally, Enril became so enraged with Danegan that he would seek out and attack Danegan every day, to try to force him to train, even going as far as attacking Viviana, the one who took his son away from him, to force Danegan to defend her.

Danegan and Viviana spoke about leaving Massilia, and one night, they succeeded, running as far away as they could. After living a very short time in the wilderness, just barely scraping by, Danegan and Viviana were found by a passing Air Empire Patrol.


Interesting Facts

-Danegan is the younger half-brother of Damasen. He is related through their mother, Araceli.



Father: Enril
Status: Alive (in Massilia)

Mother: Araceli
Status: Alive (in Athens)

Siblings: Damasen, Iapetus (both half-brothers
Status: Alive (They are unaware they are related)

Mate: None
Cubs: None
Crush: N/A


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain / Nervous / Confused / Guilty
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Non-Romantic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Strong Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious / Slight Dislike
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond (Can mean betrayed feelings or just a falling out)French Vanilla Bullet
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Dead / MIA / Captured
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration 
Star! Past Mentor
Half Star Current Mentor
No Star Lost/Dead Mentor

Bullet; Green:iconebc-air:Bullet; Green

Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Enril

Roleplayed by :icon:

Bullet; White[entry 01] "...."







EP Balance

Empire Statistics:
Empire Points: 36 EP
Stealth: 10
Intelligence: 5 
Strength: 4
Defense: 7
Speed: 7
Stamina: 3

Drawing Record:

Training, Mentors, & Apprentices

Mentor(s): Tiberius owned by Alphaorange

Apprentice(s): None yet

Training & Experience:

:bulletgreen: Have your apprentice meeting their mentor for the first time (COMPLETE) - www.firewolf-anime.deviantart.… +19 EP
Bullet; Red Have your apprentice practicing "offensive" type moves
Bullet; Red Have your apprentice practicing "defensive" type moves
Bullet; Red Have your apprentice hunting
Bullet; Red The apprentice in question needs to get to the top of a rock only Avita knows how to climb and steal the white sapphire from her.


Training Pictures:

Activity Check:

Events:… +8 EP

Roleplay Stories:
N/A +0 EP

Other Writing:


Wanted Status:
Would be wanted for running away, returned preferably alive to become a breeder or gladiator.

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