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Alex Rayne and Leon London watched Krystal Garcia stretch in preparation for her Catfight against Kylie Marker later. The Latina was bent over, touching her toes in a pleated black mini skirt, cropped London Rayne tee, and black boots. Her charges quietly argued behind her, trying their best not to interrupt her warm up routine.

"You say something." Alex hissed.

"No, you say something!" Leon whispered back.

Alex rolled his eyes, "Uh, Krystal?"

"Hmm?" their manager asked, raising her head to see what it was he wanted.

"Are you sure challenging Kylie Marker is a good idea?" Alex asked carefully.

Krystal slowly stood up and turned around, in a way that made Alex and Leon take a step back, closer to one another. "What is that supposed to mean?" Krystal asked before placing her hands on her hips, waiting for an answer.

"Well, she did beat you before..." Leon reminded her.

"That was a fluke!" Krystal shouted. She was already in her angry place, complete with wide eyes and bared teeth.

"Of course it was!" Alex agreed, smiling in hopes that it would calm her down. "We just really don't want anymore flukes, especially to some bimbo interviewer." Alex scoffed, disregarding Kylie as someone to be taken seriously.

Krystal laughed to herself and shook her head. All this time, and they still didn't know what she was about. "Tonight isn't about winning, it's about teaching Kylie Marker a lesson." Krystal informed them. "After being forced to compete against an untrained, and reckless interviewer like Kylie, some people found it unfair. An injustice, if you will." the Latina teased, her lips curling into an evil smirk. Though London Rayne were sure they didn't know what she was getting at. "You can hang out back here tonight, boys." Krystal patted Alex's chest condescendingly. "This wont take long."

With that, Krystal squeezed past the duo and slipped out of their dressing room, leaving the tag team champions with confused expressions on their handsome faces.


"The following contest is a Catfight! It will be contested under no disqualification rules, and the only way to win is by throwing your opponent from the ring, and both feet must touch the floor." Justin Roberts announced before Only Love Can Do It hit the speakers. "Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas, Kylie Marker!"

The audience applauded the interviewer as she stepped out on stage. Dressed in an ensemble that consisted of a midriff baring orange baby tee with low rise black shorts and a wide leather belt, sexy yet practical, Kylie made her way down to the ring. Unlike the other instances where she stepped out from behind the scenes and in front of the crowd, she wasn't smiling or high fiving fans this time. Tonight she was all business. Climbing up the steel steps, Kylie stepped over the middle rope and into the ring, where she waited for Krystal.

"And her opponent!" Fans began to boo, already knowing who her opponent was. "From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Krystal Garcia!"

Krystal stomped out on stage, never stopping to hit her usual pose. Instead she marched down the ramp with her intense, brown eyes fixated on Kylie. The issues between the two of them were well documented, and they both knew this wouldn't be much of a match, but a straight up fight.

Krystal ducked under the middle rope, and immediately stomped up to Kylie until they were toe to toe. The referee called for the match to begin as Krystal bumped her chest against the blonde, backing Kylie into the rope. The Latina stared up at the 5'10" interviewer, attempting to intimidate her with her vicious, vicious words. That was easier said than done however, because Kylie retaliated by placing her hands on Krystal's shoulders and shoving the former SmackDown! General Manager onto her butt.

The crowd went crazy for the act of defiance, while Krystal on the other hand, looked up at Kylie with an expression of absolute shock.

Kylie took a step forward and Krystal immediately began to back up, but before the blonde had a chance to follow through with her offense, her attention was drawn to the ramp when the audiences' boos alerted her to the three men making their way to the ring. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The group known as The Shield circled the ring so that the women inside of it were surrounded. Kylie brushed her hair behind her ear nervously. She tried to keep her eyes on all three men at once, which meant they weren't on Krystal.

Kylie focused her gaze on Seth Rollins, who leisurely made his way around the side of the ring closest to her. With her back turned to her opponent, Kylie paid for her rookie mistake when Krystal grabbed two handfuls of the interviewer's hair and tossed her out of the ring like the trash she thought Kylie was. Kylie flipped over the middle rope, hitting the ring apron on the way down, before crashing to the ground, prone at Rollins' boots.

"Here is your winner, Krystal Garcia!"

Krystal's music hit, but before the referee could even find the Latina to raise her hand in victory, she was already on her way up the ramp. Krystal'd already made good on her end of the deal by delivering Kylie to The Shield, now it was up to them to take care of the rest. Which she would enjoy, from a safe distance.

Kylie pulled herself to her knees on the outside and brushed her hair out of her face to see the three Shield members closing in on her. Standing directly in front of her was Roman Reigns. The big man leaned forward so that his dark hair fell around his face, making him look even more intimidating than he already was. "Boo." Reigns smirked. Kylie tried to crab crawl backwards, but she only made it a few inches before bumping into the steel steps. She was surrounded.

As soon as she screamed, Dean Amrose and Seth Rollins grabbed Kylie's arms and pulled her to her feet. Roman Reigns made quick work of the Spanish announce table, throwing the desktop aside and tearing the monitors from their cables.

Jerry Lawler tried to intervene in an act of chivalry, but the Hall of Famer was no match for Reigns, who shoved him back into his chair with excess force, sending him crashing into his broadcast colleagues.

With no one else standing in their way, Rollins and Ambrose hoisted Kylie onto Reigns' shoulders. Kylie tried to fight against his grasp, but Reigns spun around and powerbombed her through the stripped Spanish announce table. Despite her petite body, Reigns drove Kylie through the announce table with so much force that she tore through the desk like a hot knife through butter. Her scream came to an abrupt stop when she hit the floor, having been knocked unconscious by the deplorable assault.

A "Holy shit!" chant immediately broke out, lead by former TNA Knockout, Remy Martin, who was sitting in the front row. It made her proud to see her fellow former Knockout not only take such a nasty bump, but take it like a champ. The camera zoomed in for a close up of the blonde. It almost looked as if she were sleeping peacefully, with her hair fanned around her face and her arms strewn overhead. The camera slowly raised and pulled back to show the three members of The Shield staring down at their victim. In their minds, justice had been served, but their moment of righteousness was about to be interrupted by a Superstar who planned on delivering a little payback of his own...

The crowd roared as Ryback sprinted down the ramp as quickly as the big man could. Rollins alerted his stable mates that the man they'd been feuding with was on his way. For a second they thought he might keep on his path and tear right through the ring like The Hulk, but before Ryback could make his way around the squared circle, the trio jumped the fan barricade and darted into the crowd.

Despite his impressive speed, Ryback hit the brakes before crashing into the barricade. The Shield were already at one of the exits at the top of the stairs, but stopped to see if Ryback would pursue them. When they saw that he wasn't, they stopped to boast over their actions, which Ryback planned to make them pay for, sooner rather than later.

All though Ryback's intentions were valiant, he was still too late. Turning his attention to Kylie, Ryback kneeled next to the blonde, where the referee, a handful of trainers, and Kylie's BFF and Divas Champion, Rachel Jackson, were hovering over her. The big man's presence alone caused the trainers to back up. With surprising delicacy, Ryback slid his arms underneath Kylie's neck and legs, before carefully lifting her into his strong arms. The image was surreal, but Ryback cradled Kylie so that the interviewer's head was resting on his shoulders, and without a word to the others, he carried her to the back.

Rachel was right underneath Ryback, following him to make sure that Kylie was okay. As they made their way up the ramp, the Divas Champion raked her fingernails through her blonde hair and sighed. This was exactly why she'd been apprehensive about Kylie wrestling. And all though she knew she couldn't do anything to The Shield and would have to leave them to Ryback, there was someone she could make pay: Krystal.

And she planned to.
If you've been following my work you've probably got the impression that Kylie's becoming more active as a Diva, but I'm really trying to go about it carefully and not thrust her into doing too much too soon. That's why I went with a gimmick match, for starters. Since Krystal and Kylie's characters aren't full time wrestlers (even though they're both trained) I didn't want to write them busting out these moves out of nowhere. So even if gimmick matches aren't your thing (and shit, I write a ton of them) hopefully you'll understand the reasoning behind it. As for The Shield thing, I just really love them and Ryback. Even though I haven't been following wrestling as closely as I used to, I find them both interesting and thought it would be cool to have Kylie become one of their victims. Again, since she's so new and people might still brush her off as another blonde, I wanted to give her a moment that would hopefully allow her to be taken more seriously. I always admired when Kelly Kelly took that Singapore cane shot from Sandman, so I wanted this to be a similar moment for her that people could look at as Kylie paying her dues. I have a few more plans for this Krystal/Kylie mini-feud, but obviously Kylie will be written off for a few weeks. Hopefully I'll still be motivated to do them when she comes back. :P

As for the title, I just really love that song right now and thought it would be ironic. ^__^

Kylie's outfit: [link]
Krystal's outfit: [link]

Krystal Garcia, Alex Rayne & Rachel Jackson belong to *astrozombie50.
Leon London belongs to *xJordynary.
Remy Martin belongs to *RatedVickie.
Kylie Marker belongs to moi.
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Paul Bearer was on my wrestling to do list I but decided to move him up after his untimely passing this week. Such a memorable over-the-top character...OOOOHHH YES!!! Acrylic painting on illustration board.
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I know, I know... this scene is almost 2 years old at the Money in the Bank PPV... but watching some Raws, inspired me to paint one of my favorite moment in the WWE for the past 5 years or so. Not to mention, that PPV was probably the best one I've seen in a lllloooonnnngggg time! (Not just this awesome match, but when D. Bryan won the Money in the Bank contract! I was on the edge of my seat! :D)

Anyways, this was painted from a reference, but it is 100% painted. The BG... everything. I didn't use any filters or easy way to do it either. I used only 2 brushes too (basic hard brush and my fav the smudge tool). And if you can't tell what that fuzzy amalgamation of a person is, it's Vince.

P.S.: I'm so super excited to watch Punk face Undertaker!!!!!!!! I think that this is one of the best taker rivalries in a long time as well. (I can't believe Punk splashed taker with the ashes of his dead "father." Those are some awesome ca hones. I feel that might be another pic of Punk, perhaps...? My boyfriend is rife with WWE pic ideas....

Other WWE Pics:
The Last Supper (Champion): [link]
Jerry "The King" Lawler Tribute: [link]
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: [link]

All painting BananaWork 2006-2013 all rights reserved
All characters are property of the WWE and themselves.
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BANZAI!! This is the tenth in a series of drawings dedicated to my childhood heroes, the WWE Fallen Superstars. Rodney Agatupu Anoaʻi aka Yokozuna was a two-time WWF champion and two-time WWF Tag Team Champion with Owen Hart. Even though Yokozuna entered the ring with Mr. Fuji under a Japanese flag, he was the first wrestler of Samoan descent to hold the WWF Championship and the first Royal Rumble winner who as a result of a direct stipulation received a world title shot at WrestleMania. He was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. A true WWF legend. BANZAI!!!
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Happy birthday Selenalunarox! Acrylic painting on illustration board.
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Fast acrylic painting of CM Punk. Don't know if I captured his likeness because he's changed his look many times over the years. Thought I'd do him for the newer fans of the WWE Universe. What do you think? Painting is dedicated to Selenalunarox.
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My poster for the team known as 'Hell No' with Kane and Daniel Bryan.
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So about a week ago or so I had this dream that I was going to go to a wrestling live event (ironic, because a few days later my boyfriend, me, and a few of our friends all got tickets to see Monday Night Raw in Detroit) and I was looking through my closet for something to wear. Unlike real life, my closet was stocked full of awesome wrestling t-shirts, however in my dream all of the shirts I had were really really cool, not just regular tees like they sell on the site. I really wanted to sketch them out before I forgot what they look like.

The logos on the shirts, from top left and clockwise, are Wade Barrett's, CM Punk's, Sheamus', and Zack Ryder's. The logos are the actual wrestler's logos, but the shirt designs are mine.

The CM Punk and Zack Ryder ones looked exactly like that in the dream, but I adjusted the design of the Wade Barrett one a tiny bit from what I remembered. And the last design actaully had the Divas logo in my dream, but I was like Nah bro, Sheamus.

Id really like to either make shirts like these or alter the actual shirts someday. You know. When Im not poor and can afford things.
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Created by Phenomenon | Artyom Karyakin
The Shield is a professional wrestling stable in the WWE, consisting of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The black-clad group debuted in November 2012 at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

The group was formed on November 18, 2012, at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, when the debuting Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins interfered in the main event, a triple threat match between champion CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Championship. They powerbombed Ryback through the announce table, allowing Punk to pin Cena to win the match and retain his title.
The group would reveal that it was called "The Shield" and vowed to rally against "injustice" in the WWE. Despite claiming that they were not working for CM Punk or Paul Heyman, over the next few weeks on both Raw and SmackDown they would routinely emerge from the crowd to attack Punk's adversaries such as Ryback, The Miz, Kane and Daniel Bryan, who had attempted to save Kane. They also attacked Randy Orton after he defeated Brad Maddox; Maddox was the referee who helped Punk defeat Ryback during their Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship. This led to a their first sanctioned fight at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view, facing Ryback and Team Hell No (Kane and Bryan) in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, which they won.
After TLC, despite continuing to attack Punk's and Maddox's adversaries in Ric Flair and Brodus Clay, the Shield soon expanded their ambushes to other faces, such as Tommy Dreamer and Ricardo Rodriguez. The Shield's attacks were also used to write off wrestlers from television via injury angles, in the case of Randy Orton and Sin Cara, both of whom who were already suffering from legitimate injuries.
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Let me just say how happy I am that the AJ Lee RAW General Manager character is dead and we can get back to competing.
When she was doing the GM schtick for the past couple of months or so, I couldn't stand her. It simply wasn't in her character to be in a position of authority, no matter how popular she was. At least now we can see the girl wrestle because aside from Natalya and Eve, AJ's spot as one of the best females wrestlers as of present is cinched.

Lyrics courtesy of I Fight Dragons.
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